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Progresif Pay is out

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Click image to enter website to learn more

Yang Berhormat Abdul Mutalib bin Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Setia Dato Paduka Haji Mohd Yusof, Minister of Communications, launched Progresif Pay last week at Rizqun International Hotel. Progressive Pay is brought to you by Progresif and powered by BIBD NEXGEN.

Other countries have implemented it. I know China is known for their WeChat. Today, it is made possible by Progresif powered by BIBD NEXGEN known as Progresif Pay. It is definitely a stepping stone in terms of cashless payments in Brunei Darussalam.

It was launched by Minister of Communications Yang Berhormat Abdul Mutalib bin Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Setia Dato Paduka Haji Mohd Yusof who applauded both Progresif and BIBD for the collaboration in pursuing to be a smart nation in this era of digital economy. The minister shared that Brunei Darussalam is ranked 53rd in the world in the ICT development index.

Also accompany the Minister were Mubashar Khokhar, Managing Director and CEO of BIBD and Paul Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Progresif who both had inspiring quotes from Henry Ford and Michael Jordan respectively. Mubashar re-quoted, “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” while Paul mentioned, “Individuals win games while teamwork wins championships”.

Powered by BIBD NEXGEN, Progresif PAY creates an alliance between Brunei’s most innovative mobile operator and the country’s best digital bank at the forefront of branchless banking and mobile commerce by improving access and creating opportunities for greater commercial efficiency, diversification and development of Brunei’s digital economy.

Now what can be useful when you use Progresif Pay? A few things. You don’t need to bring a thick wallet, or even better a wallet. You don’t need a bank account to begin with to. You will still need to be a Progresif subscriber to be eligible for Progresif Pay.

Having said all that, first thing’s first – download the app, both available on IOS and Google Play. You will need to pop down to a Progresif Store or BIBD Branch for identity verification and registration. Then you will get your own virtual card (just like a virtual debit card). The maximum value that you can put into the virtual account will be BND 3,000 and the great thing about it is that your Progresif Pay virtual card is not tied to any of your bank accounts or credit cards. In other words, it’s safe and secured.

Once you have activated your Progresif Pay, you can pay your bills such as utilities or make donations. You can send money to other Progresif Pay users. You can even use your Progresif Pay to shop online, just like a credit card. Since you are a Progresif user, you can even top up to add data or minutes through Progresif Pay. Awesome!!

Marketing strategy will be a key component in helping others to adopt to the newly introduced Progresif Pay, according to Devin Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer of Progresif Pay. He envisioned that their neighbours at the popular Gadong wet market will make use of Progresif Pay among the vendors so it will be totally convenient and cashless.

It will be interesting to see the adoption rate of Progresif Pay because once they are many Progresif Pay users, it have a domino effect as users will find it very convenient in making transactions.

For more info and FAQ, you can click here to learn more of Progresif Pay.



Paul Taylor, CEO of Progresif, mentioned how the Progresif Radio app has around 17,000 downloads since its release a few months ago.

The minister touring BIBD NEXGEN outlet at The Mall

Press conference hosted by BIBD and Progresif on the launch of Progresif Pay




Cakes and Biscuits from RZ Lynz Bakery

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Some of the cakes and biscuits from RZ Lynz Bakery. They are taking orders until 25th May 2018.

The Tapak Kuda. Everyone’s favourite.

It’s the time of the year again. Cakes, biscuits and cake rolls, you name it. It’s the time of the year for you to make your orders in time for Hari Raya. This time round they have newer batch of biscuits such as the “Nutella Stuffed Red Velvet Cookies”, “Butter Swirl Shortbread Cookies” and “Salted Egg Yolk Cookies”

The pictures below are just a few from the list available from RZ Lynz Bakery and they are ready to accept orders and the final order will be on 25th May 2018. The numbers to contact on whatsapp – 886 6245 or 8370100. You can also download the order form here.

What can you expect from the list?

Cake Roll

1. Roll Bueno Marble (Kinder Beuno) Size 8” BND 8
2. Roll Durian Monthong Size 8” BND 8
3. Roll Choco Peppermint (Mint + Buttercream) Size 8” BND 7
4. Roll Nutella Delight (Nutella) Size 8”BND 7
5. Roll Lady Diana (coffee) Size 8”BND 7
6. Roll Purple Raspberry Size 8” BND 7
7. Roll Batek Choco Chip Size 8”BND 7
8. Tapak Kuda Ovomaltine Size 9” BND 8
9. Tapak Kuda Kit Kat Size 9” BND 8
10. Tapak Kuda Size 9” BND 6

Cake Lapis

1. Cake Lapis Favourite Nutella (Coklat Emulco + Nutella) Size 6”x 9” BND 36 or Half Size BND 18
2. Kek Batek Kenyalang 6”x 9” BND 36 or Half Size BND 18
3. Cake Lapis Sisik Ikan (Hawflake) Size 6”x 9” BND 30 or Half Size BND 15
4. Cake Lapis Strawberry Chocolate Rice Size 6”x 9” BND 30 or Half Size BND 15
5. Cake Lapis Begawan Solo (Banana) Size 6”x 9” BND 28 or Half Size BND 14
6. Cake Lapis Coffee Princess (Coffee) Size 6”x 9” BND 28 or Half Size BND 14
7. Cake Lumut Cheese Size 7” x 7” BND 25
8. Cake Kukus Lumut (Tepung Suji) Size 7” x 7” BND 20
9. Cake Kukus Mata Kucing Size 8” x 8” BND 20
10.Cake Lapis Kukus Cream Cheese Size 6” x 9” BND 25
11. Cake Batik Empire Size 8”x 8” BND 28
12. Cake Lapis Cheese Size 8”x 8” BND 18
13. Cake Batik Vico Size 8”x 8” BND 22
14. Cake Batik Size 8”x 8” BND 16


Cerelac biscuits

Crunchy Nutella

Tops Crispy Choco

Nutella stuffed red velvet cookies

Butter Swirl Shortbread Cookies

Salted Egg Yolk Cookies


1. Nutella Stuffed Red Velvet Cookies
2. Cranberry Almond Cookies
3. Almond Nutella Thumbprint
4. Nutella White Choco
5. Crunchy Nutella
6. Butter Swirl Shortbread Cookies
7. Tops Crispy Choco Cookies
8. Cerelac
9. Tart Nanas (Pineapple)
10. Rainbow Cookies
11. Salted Egg Yolk Cookies
12. Biscuit Sarang Semut
13. Bubblerice Cornflake Rainbow
14. Cornflake Madu
15. Kush Mor Kacang
16. Kueh Mor Cornflake
17. Kueh Mor
18. Popia Gulung Nestum
19. Popia Simpul
20. Popia

Cake Batik

1. Cake Batik Padang Golf
2. Cake Batk Red Velvet
3. Cake Batik Yam/Strawberry/Chocolate
4. Brownies – Walnut/Almond/Cheesy/Marble/Nutella Brownies
5. Nutella Gunung Berapi
6. Frambozen Kenari
7. Cake Velvet Classic



Cake Lumut Cheese Size 7” x 7” BND 25

Cake Lapis Sisik Ikan (Hawflake) Size 6”x 9” BND 30 or Half Size BND 15

Tapak Kuda Kit Kat Size 9” BND 8

5. Cake Lapis Begawan Solo (Banana) Size 6”x 9” BND 28 or Half Size BND 14

Have you found your “sound” yet?

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Trying out the Final TANE Silver IEM earpiece and fine tuning it during a DIY Workshop hosted by AV Electronics last weekend

An audiophile specialist who conducted the workshop

Last Sunday, I attended the DIY Workshop hosted by AV Electronics where I was given a pair of Final TANE Silver IEM (refer to picture below). So I had the privilege to see how construct and fine tune a Final brand earpiece which was conducted by an audiophile specialist from Singapore.

The Final TANE Silver IEM (DIY set) costs around BND 99 and it included the workshop. I found many interesting things about what goes inside the earpiece. There are these little tiny sponges, filters, stickers and many more that can actually make a difference in an earpiece. The un-tuned earpieces in the DIY Kit gives you this raw sound that lacks in treble, bass and mid. So this is where we learn on how the little components can make a difference and improve the quality of the earpiece.

The workshop made me feel more appreciative on earpieces and headphones as so much engineering is required to bring the best of these gadgets.

It’s also great to see that AV Electronics at The Airport Mall branch is now bring different range of brands on headphones and earpieces. The one I was impressed was the Stax line. I tried the demo at the Sound Experience Centre and I was blown away with the crisp and quality. Of course, the price is out of my budget but man, was I really impressed.

If you opting for a more affordable earpiece, then you can start with 1More brand which starts as low as BND 19 and you will still be amazed for the price you are paying that it still has the quality.

If you are thinking of getting a good set of headphones, head down to AV Electronics and they will be able to assist and even consult you according to your preferences and budget.



Final TANE Silver IEM start pack

How the inside of the earpiece looks like



A few of us attended the DIY Workshop

Some of the audio brands at AV Electronics. Check them out at The Airport Mall branch

The Sound Experience centre

Special discount on 1More earpiece/headphone


I’m loving the CHORD Electronics Mojo which is like a portable amplifier that helps to amplified the sound from a headphone

Audi Brunei to hold weekend showroom open day

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Audi Brunei to hold weekend showroom open day

As the month of Ramadhan is just around the corner, TCY Motors as the local Audi dealer welcomes the public to its Kiarong showroom this weekend to have a look at what’s on offer and test drive any of the Audi models available.

Special seasonal offers on almost all Audi models include free oil-service packages (worth $250.00) and shopping vouchers valued from $500.00 to $3000.00 (for purchase of the Audi TT Coupe). The promotion is valid until end of June.

The weekend open day will start from 9.00am to 6.00pm on Saturday and Sunday, everyone is welcomed with coffee and snacks available.

Asia Rugby Championship

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Brunei will be hosting the Asia Rugby Championship on 8th, 10th and 12th of May 2018. Teams that will be participating are Brunei as host, Guam and China. This will be the 6th Asia Rugby Tournament that Brunei has hosted since 2007, and the last one was against Mongolia and Laos in 2014, where Mongolia emerge as champion for this division.

Brunei Rugby is hoping to make this event an annual event, as it will be a holistic approach to promote rugby in the country, by having such regional marquee rugby event to the sultanate. We are also hoping to organize a Asian 7s tournament and Asian age group tournament in the near future.

The organisers would like to thank our partners & sponsors Ministry of youth and sports, RYS entertainment, Head Hunter sport, Asia Rugby, Rhino, Asian Flair, Youc1000 Isotonic drink and Rainfresh water for the support in this tournament.

Brunei Rugby will also be organizing Level 1 Medic First Aid in Rugby (L1FAIR) course during the tournament. It will be conducted by Dr Azril Syazwan bin Mohd Ali, a World Rugby Medical Educator, from Malaysia’s Institute of Sports. Brunei Rugby not only hope to produce rugby players, coaches, referees and administrators, but also medical professionals to become more professional in their approach to promote Rugby.



Handing over of the official jersey sponsored by Head Hunter sport for the Brunei national team to Mohd Azahar b Timban, Captain of Brunei Darussalam while Dr Haji kamaluddin, Acting President of Brunei rugby union looks on



Fun ride with Mercedes at Sepang

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Mercedes-Benz Brunei customers with the management of Jati Transport at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia recently


This was an event that I totally missed due to unforeseen circumstances. Mercedes-Benz Malaysia hosted a Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience #MBDE at Sepang Circuit, Selangor, Malaysia in the final week of April 2018. As part of the appreciation from Jati Transport, the authorized dealer for Mercedes-Benz for Brunei Darussalam, the said company invited a few of their customers to join the Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience during that weekend.

The customers were able to test drive many Mercedes-Benz models such as the awesome AMG C43, the AME C43 Coupe, the AMG GLC 43, the SLC 300 and the AMG GLA 45 to name a few.

The Brunei Mercedes-Benz owners were treated to a special driving session such as drifting and AMG Slalom to name a few. There were even lapping sessions starting from basic at 120km/h to 150km/h to a no speed limit session.

There were also certified driving instructors – Mikko Nassi, Nathan Antunes, Jake Fouracre, Dom Storey and Peter Hackett.

The selected Brunei customers were part of the Mercedes-Benz promotion where any passenger who registered a Mercedes from January 2018 to March 2018 will stand a chance for a driving experience in Sepang, Malaysia.






Hari Minggu Yang Ke-Empat, an upcoming local film

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Terry Wong, Chan Man Ching, Kai Anwar, Siti Kamaluddin, Liyana Yus, Munji Athirah, Dhimas Amanda, Ian Zulkifli during the press conference of ‘Hari Minggu Yang Ke-Empat’ (HMYK4)

Following the success of its first film Yasmine, Origin Artistic is set to release its very first Bruneian Hari Raya flick in local cinemas nationwide on June 14, in time for the start of the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations.

Directed and produced by award-winning director Siti Kamaluddin, the new film, ‘Hari Minggu Yang Ke-Empat’ (HMYK4), is a heart-warming drama-comedy about family forgiveness and second chances. It is the first Hari Raya movie to be produced by a local filmmaker.

The film stars Kai Anuar aka Babu Si Nur, Liyana Yus, lan Zulkifli and Terry Wong.

News of the film release was announced yesterday at a press conference at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT). Among those in attendance were HMYK4 cast members and production crew, including director and producer Siti Kamaluddin.

HMYK4 is the culmination of experience gained from producing Yasmine, and sees many firsts.
According to Siti Kamaluddin, she said, “This new film is different from Yasmine, as in Yasmine a mix of standard Malay and Bruneian Malay was used, but HMYK4 is very Bruneian,” she said, adding that the idea of doing the movie came up while she was working on her new script just right after Chinese New Year.”

“I thought, why not make a movie on Hari Raya as there has never been one on it, and it will be a good topic of conversation during our Hari Raya visits.”

“I hope everyone will come and support the film and get it trending with the hashtag #liatsekampung come in groups to watch it as it is always fun to have a good laugh together,” said Siti.

“Unlike Yasmine, this film is also a very interesting model for me, as I worked with a Brunei-friendly budget and our cast is fully local. Hopefully we can draw a good response for the film and maybe progress to making a few movies a year.

“What I find as a director and writer – and I am also involved in the production side – is that I have to work extra hard. We multitask and we work with a much smaller team compared to Yasmine and this is a much scaled-down project.”



Liyana Yus is back once again. Image courtesy of Bahyiah Bakir of Borneo Bulletin.


On the choice of the cast, Siti said the new actors were selected after viewing audition tapes. However, Kai Anuar’s (Babu Si Nur) talent was spotted by her during Brunei Film Blitz, which Origin Artistic participated in as part of the Brunei December Festival held in collaboration with Brunei Tourism.

“During Brunei Film Blitz, I got to watch a short film of one of the winners – Kai – in the open category. I got to see Kai as a different character from Babu Si Nur, and I was amazed to see how talented he was… I had him in mind (as part of the cast) for the script,” she said.

Talking about local films in general, Siti said making movies is not just simply shooting and screening them in the cinema, but the film profession requires a lot of career responsibilities and involves many interconnected disciplines and skills.

“It is a very technical job but is also very creative and corporations play a big role in supporting the local film. This (HMYK4) is not just a one off television show… 10 years from now you can still refer back and see the movie,” she said. “For me HMYK4 is very iconic as it our very first Hari Raya movie and it will probably be popular in other countries as well. We look forward to the screening.”



Siti Kamaluddin with Babu Si Nur on the set

Dhimas Ananda, Director of Photographer on the set

The production team in deep focus during the shoot

Main cast member Kai Anuar beamed that it has been a pleasure to be part of the film and that it has been one of the best experiences he’s ever had in his life.

“I’ve learnt a lot in the filming process… from pre-production with rehearsals and script reading, right up to sessions with the director and the other cast. All this was done to build chemistry before the actual shooting, and to get a feel of the emotional states we should be and to familiarise ourselves all the filming dos and don’ts,” he said.

As for the star of Yasmine, Liyana Yus, the new film was a much less nerve-wracking experience and more of a chance to display the acting skills she has honed in the previous production.

“I just applied what I’ve learnt from Yasmine, and at the same time shared my experience with the new actors. For me perhaps the next challenge will be to progress from playing a teenager role as in Yasmine to a character aged in the 30s,” said the actress.

Siti expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support for the film from various corporations such as Progresif Cellular Sdn Bhd, Brunei Press, Radio Television Brunei, Jollibee Brunei, Archipelago Development Corporation, Tiong Jaya, Sri Sentosa (Hertz), Cuckoo Brunei, Nazmi Textile Mall, Aiking Trading Co, Harwood, Golden Corporation, Colourland and Smart Paint, Rainfresh, and Brunei Halal.
She also accorded appreciation to the MPRT, Department of Civil Aviation, Royal Brunei Police Force, Fire and Rescue Department, the Ministry of Health, as well as her Brunei fans for their support of the film.

“I love making films for Brunei and wish to thank the Brunei audience for their continuing support. I hope to produce more films from Brunei to continue sharing our stories to the global audience,” she said. Source: Lyna Mohd of Borneo Bulletin.

You can follow updates of their production on social media @harimingguyangkeempat


DPAUSE Peugeot Shuttle

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Be treated like superstar with our Pick up and Drop off DPAUSE Peugeot Shuttle Service. Every time you want to service your Peugeot car in our Service Centre, you can enjoy a VIP ride back in our International Awardee New Peugeot 3008 along with a Peugeot driver. Ask your respective Peugeot Sales Consultant or call Kiarong Showroom 242-6868 Service Centre 239-5101 to 02 for more details. T&C Applies.

Good Home enjoying good biz on opening

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Dato Seri Lau Kung Ching, the chairperson of Townview Sdn Bhd handing over a token of appreciation to Mr. Jackson Ting, chairperson of D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd and the president of the FuZhou Shiyyi Association

Good Home celebrates its opening at the newly built Aman Hills Shopping Centre in a four-day festival from the 3rd May 2018 to 6th May 2018 in an event organised and coordinated by Babakimpo Sdn Bhd.

Established in 2017, Good Home is set up with DIY and home-improving concept: to provide affordable home & living commodities; set a higher bar for the home and living industry in Brunei; and at the same time, increasing home comfort, standard and value. Their major products will be household, kitchenware, sanitary-ware, home and industrial product, building materials, building construction and furniture products. Good Home continually adds quality proven brands to its catalog in line with its mission to “ensure that products are of outstanding quality and are good value for money”. Currently, the store not only supplies Good Home brand, but also well-known brands such as – but not limited to – Beger, Figo, Amercook, AOTL, Eco Breeze and many more in the future.

The opening of Good Home’s new branch will also be in parallel with the start of a 6-month lucky draw – ending 31st October 2018 – to win a Proton Saga for customers who shop at Aman Hills Shopping Centre, including Good Home.



Jackson and Dato Seri Lau toured Good Home’s latest branch at Aman Hills







The opening ceremony were attended by Dato Seri Lau Kung Ching, the chairperson of Townview Sdn Bhd. and Mr. Jackson Ting, chairperson of D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd and as representative of the Fu Chow community. Also present will be the founder of Townview Sdn Bhd, Ak Zaini bin Pg. Othman, General Manager of Townview, Mr. David Lau, Mr. Tan Kah Boon, representatives of supplied brands, team members of Good Home and Babakimpo.

The ceremony began with an opening remark from David Lau, General Manager of Townview Sdn Bhd. In his speech, he introduced the Good Home brand as Townview’s very own local brand: with a promise to serve the people of Brunei by providing variety and quality in homeware, kitchenware and bathroom accessories whilst delivering outstanding customer service to achieve complete customer satisfaction. With a motto of ‘Quality Makes a Difference’, Good Home aims to improve the standard of your home and therefore, living – supplying products affordable for all and high in quality to make a difference in all who choose Good Home as the go-to provider for necessities to complete a home.

A variety of fun games and activities are scheduled to be held by Babakimpo during the event, including – but not limited to – carnival games and DIY classes which are free and open for the public to take part in with prizes including Good Home cash vouchers, Good Home products and Good Home merchandise. Activities held will be in line with the theme of the new shop such as ‘Find the Lucky Key’ where participants will race against time to seek out the correct key to unlock a door and ‘D-I-Y-rior (D-I-Y Warrior)’ where participants will attempt to be the quickest to assemble a boltless cabinet available at Good Home.

Good Home is implementing a membership program whereby for BND5, members will receive a membership card to collect loyalty points and redeem prizes. Members will additionally enjoy access to exclusive members-only discounts.



Have you visited Aman Hills?

Some of the vendors during the 4 day event at Aman Hills

DIY pillow case activity yesterday organised by Babakimpo

DIY pillow case activity yesterday organised by Babakimpo

Jackson Ting deliver his welcoming speech in inspiring entrepreneurs of the future

Jackson’s speech during the opening:

Being an old acquaintance of Dato Seri Lau Kung Ching, Managing Director of Good Home, who first started through all the constant hardships, challenges and failures and now successfully establishing himself as an accomplished and well-respected businessman, it shows that despite the limited education, it is his spirit, courage and determination that moved him to where he is today. Furthermore his principled morale mindset where he is not discouraged by the economic downturn and instead he sees in every difficulty lies opportunities.

An individual’s success and achievements shall not be put in parallel to how high an individual’s education is but also the spirt and the mindset that one holds. Such titles like professors or doctors show one that have all the theoretical knowledge but without the courageous spirt to push him/herself towards the limit and the eagerness to strive for what he/she wants, he/she will forever maintain in the same position.

The launch of Good Home was duly inspired by the current and still prevalent consumer trend for convenience; the desire to be a one-stop for easy comparison, product variety and even providing business opportunities. The business also hopes to increase employment opportunities.


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