Private Session with Honia

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It was such an amazing experience yet it was also an honor when i get approached by one of the model just after ku mencover AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2017 masa Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week baru-baru ani.

Her name is Honia, originally from Poland, she got amazed at some of my shots at the runway event when she spotted some of her photos on my Instagram(kurapak). She private messaged me via IG and asked me weather i want to photoshoot her. We’ve set a session and the pengambaran were located di Pavillion itself. Well, it didn’t take long, dalam 30-40 minit saja kami photoshoot pasal ia gagas jua masa atu kan buat barang lain. Ia kan mau second session pulang lagi tapi aku inda belaku  due to banyak lagi kraja kan ku buat masa ku di KL atu. Walau apa-apapun, i feel so proud that i had the opportunity to photoshoot an international model and the outcome are also so unexpectedly marvelous!

Some facts about her, she’s friendly, easy to direct, bukan lagi easy, macam sanang lah mengambar ia ani, inda payah banyak arah, like she really knows how to pose like this and that, and yes, she’s so tinggi, i think kalau laki-laki Asian yang tinggi macam aku ani kan beGF kan kedia, baik tah biskita mambali kasut Spicegirl yang tabal atu, ada tu bejual arah eBay, at least kurang labih jua sedikit height.

All in all, she’s one of a heck great photogenic model. Thank you so much Honia & hope to see you again someday!


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