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Weekend full of expos

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A taste of 4G


Idris T Vasi, DST's CEO announced the trial period for 4G broadband called MiFi (mobile WiFi) during DST Carnival 2012 launch last evening

I believe neighbouring countries are already introducing it and finally the public will get first hand experience of 4G. Though this is only test pad where the public is more than welcome to try out the 4G experience at DST Future booth.

As part of the "DST 4G Broadband Experience Programme", DST has invited a number of its selected subscribers to experience Internet speeds of 100Mbitls downlink and 50Mbit/s uplink peak rates. However, speed may vary depending on among other things, location and number of users currently using the network. Participants can enjoy the 4G service at several strategic locations including parts of Gadong, Kiulap, Beribi and Seria.

At the carnival, laptops and gaming consoles (such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox) have been set up for members of the public to experience the rapid speeds of the 4G network.

Under the "DST 4G Broadband Experience Programme", selected subscribers will be asked to share their feedback on the network capabilities. This is to help DST continue to innovate in delivering optimum capacity and performance so as to address the growing demand for mobile bandwidth.

Idris Vasi CEO of DST, Lai Pei-Si, CEO of SCB and Abdul Latiff, a member of DST Board of Directors officiated the launch of D*Card, DST new loyalty card

During the DST Carnival, the first 1,000 D*Card subscribers will enjoy a waiver of the normal registration fee of $25, said DST last night on the sidelines of yesterday's official launch of the new loyalty card at the Jerudong Park Amphitheatre.

The D*Card is a co-brand card in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank. It is part of the DST Loyalty Programme and also Electronic Cash Card which provides customers with access to privileges through participating merchants in the form of attractive discounts a loyalty points. Customer can opt for the D*Card at their own choice and preference.

According to Suzana Ahamad, the Senior Manager of Group Product, DST, she said, 'This is another milestone for DST in enhancing its customers' loyalty programme. We are parting away from the norm of flash card concept for a loyalty programme that is also cashcard enabled. We are all very excited with our launch of the D*Card acts as a cashcard that also offers lots of attractive discounts at various places. both locally and globally."

Suzana added, "The benefit of having a D*Card is not only having easy access to cash at over one million MasterCard or Cirrus ATMs worldwide, it is safe with its cashless transactions online or at over 30 million merchants worldwide. It also earns rewards points towards gift and cash redemption from your expenses at DST.

"Our D*Card customers can also enjoy the convenience of paying utility bills or purchasing prepaid electricity and mobile top-ups through Standard Chartered Bank's bill payment website. In the future, we are hoping that D*Card will accelerate or boost for mobile payment or commerce transactions in Brunei through mobile Apps."

Check out the D*Card booth at DST Carnival 2012

A great response to the D*Card

Meanwhile, Lai Pei-Si, CEO of Standard Chartered Bank, said, "We are grateful to DST for their support and we value this partnership with them. Our Standard Chartered eCash card is a great product that offers our customers great convenience and benefits. We are delighted that this will now extend, to DST customers to enjoy and will add to the fantastic customers loyalty programme that DST has in place."

To emphasise further, DST redemption points obtained through the DST loyalty programme can be used to make Prima bill transactions, purchasing of Easi Starter pack or recharge card, or convert the points to redeem for cash back. With D*Card, DST makes it more convenient for their customers, they can choose to swipe or flash the card at merchants.

During the DST Carnival, the first 1,000 D*Card subscribers will enjoy a waiver of the normal registration fee of $25. Subsequently, the subscribers will be charged a promotional registration rate of $420 for the whole three years of the card validity. In addition to the sign up promotion, D*Card users will stand a chance to win lucky prizes for everyone and $20 loaded to D*Card from now to February 28, 2013. The prizes include three Mini iPads and cash rewards.

DST loyalty programme was launched in April 2003 with free registrations for all DST PRIMA customers and there are more than 80 per cent of DST Prima customers participating in the loyalty programme to date. As for existing DST Card holders, this will continue to remain as a flash card for those who wish to retain until further notifications from DST Loyalty Unit.

Stacking game is back!!!

Lots of lucky draws to be given away

Visit Incomm booth at DST Carnival

DJ Tina on Kristal FM

Fakhrul Razi was the emcee of the night

..And he was also the entertainer right after. Amazing energy!!

The grand prize for the DST Dare Challenge

Kids will enjoy the carnival very much

Check out GetFitCrossFit Battle Royale

The 4G experience on XBox

This is powered by 4G already

Awang testing out the 4G last evening


Promotion at Deals Restaurant

Icon Design Store


Click image to enter website


Yum!! New sogood meals from KFC


Sneak peek for Techxpo


Are you ready for Techxpo 2012?

The "Before" scene

The Aiti Paviilion

The "After" scene

Huawei's presence yet again at TechXpo 2012

HSBC is also taking part

Hui Chiet multitasking during the preparation for TechXpo 2012

BIBD will their own ATM machine there too. Interesting...


bFIT winner to be announced


b•mobile Carnival and bFIT finale

This is it!!! The moment of truth.. Tonight the winner will be revealed. Last week 10 contestants were eliminated from bFIT challenge which leaves with 10 more contestants. So now there are 10 finalists where they just completed the final task today which is the 5km run.

Last weekend, 10 contestants were eliminated - Lufti Nul Hakim, Pg Hj Hamdilah, Dk Hjh Hazlina, Ak Md Firdaus, Ak Mohd Saharul, Lim Hock Yong, Sumardi, Nurul Hidayah, Dk Roz Aliya and Nurhanisah. Though they are eliminated, they were given Fitness Zone passes as part of their retention programme.

Tonight (1st December) the closing ceremony will be held at Indoor Stadium and the final contestants are zzat, Majdudeen, Farah Dibba, Azim, Muiz, Hj Bahrin, Nadhirah, Nasiruddin, Norazalina and Ak Mohd Hasyim and one of them will be declared the bFIT challenge champion.

B.Fit Challenge is a programme organised in collaboration with Fitness Zone and Health Promotion Centre, Ministry of Health, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. Members of the public, including family, friends and ex-contestants are welcome to attend B•mobile B.Fit Challenge's closing ceremony at the Indoor Stadium at 7.30pm onwards.

However, the B•mobile carnival will be from 10am to 10pm for only one day today. So bring your family and friends along to the event.

Pictures leading to the finale



Gadget Plus brings air ionizer


I'm pretty sure you have some sort of air purifiers in your llving room or your bedroom or somewhere plugged in your house. I never had one but I tend to come across whenever I visit my friends' place. Recently I was introduced to Air Vita brand which is pretty cool stuff. It does more than just an air purifier. These three air ionizer that I'm gonna post comes all the way from Korea and the devices have won many awards.. So don't be fooled by its small size and yes, I'm using both of the products - one for my room, one for my car.

Let me introduce to you first Air Vita Neo (see images below). I have yet to try this product since I'm still using the other (S-AirVita) but this is still a great product judging from its functions. Well, both Air Vita Neo and S-Air Vita have similar functions. Perhaps the most important function is the health improvement factor by enhancing body activation.

I won't go to technical with its function but basically it will find a way to generate the safest sterlization ion (+-) to the human body through finding the optimal combination of air and maintaining the ion balance. It also an electric dust collector and it purifies the air with absorption into the dust collecting panel maintaining powerful dust collection before ionizing the contaminant in the air.

I will explain one of its awesome advantages of having this product later on.. but first some images of the Air Vita Neo Gold below which is one compact air cleaner and yes, it can be washed too. And you also don't have to spend on filter because it's washable. Hence, you save some money on that. You can plug this device all day long and it won't overheat. Awesome stuff!! If you want to know get hold of the product or want more info, you can contact Aaron directly at 710 9929.

An award winning product from Korea

Air Vita Neo can be plugged and you don't need to change the filter and it's washable

You can detach the component and insert a bulb here.. Interesting

S-Air Vita

Ok, this is the product I've been using in my room and I could sense a different smell in my room which is quite refreshing after 2 to 3 days. It won't happen overnight but you will be able to feel the difference and I was impressed by S-Air Vita.

Here's an interesting thing.. I know I have yet to experience this but my friend who uses this find this very useful. He's a heavy smoker and he tends to smoke in his room and his maid kept complaining that his room just stank of smoke. Then he used this product in his room and guess what? the maid stopped complaining though my friend still continue his habit. Some how, this device managed to sterlize the scent of smoke and purify the air environment in the smoky room. Now that is impressive for what a small gadget can do to a room.

I highly recommend the S-Air Vita and at the same time, it promotes good health, clean air and it's anti-odour. This is also good for those who have sinus as well. You won't be sniffing as much because of the clean air around. This product is RA certified *lol*

Awesome gadget this.. I've been using this in my room

It's pretty compact and it does wonder for such a small air ionizer

Rinse these every week and you don't need to buy a filter

Carvita-II S

I also have this product - Carvita - in my car. This is a version for the car and it's pretty compact and smaller of course compared to the other two. I've been using this for two weeks and it does a great job too. I know I stil have to fix my aircon filter which kinda affects the air flow in my car.

This is the cheapest model of the range and this also doesn't require filter. The functions are the same as the other products. Another recommended product especially when you are on the road most of the time.

If you want to know get hold of the product or want more info, you can contact Aaron directly at 710 9929.

I have this for my car

You can use cotton bud to clean and yes, no need to replace filter


Check out Concepts Computer pavilion at TechXpo 2012


The best series of Acer Ultrabook - S7

There are tons of great promotion at Concepts Computer

I was helping out for a bit

A hardworking and dedicated team from Concepts Computer





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I am bullet proof

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Catch Titan the Robot tomorrow


Titan is 8 feet tall and it's amazing!!!

I caught a sneak preview of Titan the Robot and it was awesome to start off with.. To see it walk from one spot to another and sensing its environment around, I thought the AI of Titan is top notch :D I've always seen these types of robots on hollywood movies but to see one in real life is pretty unreal and I had that moment of "sakai-ness"..

Looking at the website, Titan has been to many countries such as China, USA, Thailand, Dubai, Hong Kong and now Brunei and Titan hails all the way from the UK. Titan was introduced back in 2010 and ever since, Titan has been a popular (robot) figure and even performed with Rihanna at the Kids Choice Awards *cool*

According to the website, you cna book a Titan for many purposes such as TV appearances, parties, film premiers, award shows, corporate events (which is why Titan is featured at Techxpo 2012), fashion shows, family fun days, agricultural shows and many more. So if you plan to book one, you can click here and of course, this is a robot all the way from the UK. So do mind the charges and the fare.

Anyway, the schedules for Titan the Robot demo is Saturday 1st December at 2pm, 5pm and 7pm and Sunday 2nd December 2:30pm, 5pm and 8pm at the ICC in conjunction with Techxpo 2012. The live demo show will last 30 minutes and you will be able to see the spectacle of Titan. Thank you to the organisers for bringing this iconic machine to Brunei. I'm pretty sure this will be a crowd puller. You can watch some of the videos here and here. And for your info, Titan the Robot's trip to Brunei was sponsored by Royal Brunei Airlines (RB).

The guy is controlling the robot from his remote

The media was awed by its presence

Titan has its own docking system and it can sit on its dock without any assistance.. Awesome!!

Thomas get up close and personal with Titan


Musical Garden Wedding Fair II


For couples planning to tie the knot and seeking advices for their perfect wedding, the 2nd Musical Garden Wedding Fair is the right place to visit. The fair will be held at The Mall, Gadong from yesterday (November 29) until Sunday (December 2).

The exhibition, which will be officiated by Datin Paduka Hajah Rokiah binti Haji Zakiah, the President of Women's Business Council at 11am, serves as the foundation for bride and groom-to-be to choose from a wide range of choices, services, as well as interesting bargains.

The visitors will be able to find both international and local bridal houses showcasing their collections and packages for weddings and help visitors in planning out their special day. Apart from wedding photography, visitors would also be exposed to trendy home interior plans, beauty packages, DIY wedding favours, utilities and decorations that promise to make your wedding an unforgettable one and exclusive local wedding experience such as underwater photography.

The Most Photogenic Couple Contest (MPCC '12) will be ongoing throughout the event. People are encouraged to visit the fair and show their utmost support to the Top 5 MPCC '12 contestants by voting for their favourite one. Last year, Stephanie and Victor were crowned the MPCC '11 winner and took home a fabulous pre-wedding photography package by our very own talented local photographer, Devin Kho Photography. There will be a fun-filled photo contest open to the public - MGW_InstaPhoto_Contest.

Expression Music will provide live musical performances in addition to the theme and concept of the exhibition and a lucky draw event will be on with amazing prizes to be won. The Musical Garden Wedding Fair 2012 promises to be a wedding exhibition that is unique and will give visitors that special heartfelt feeling.

The highlight of the fair is the MGW Lucky Draw where shoppers stand a chance to win an exclusive Underwater Wedding Package which includes boat passage for bride and groom along with six guests; diving equipment; wedding official; photographer with one DVD of 50 images; videographer with one DVD edited version of 10-15 minutes; flower bouquet; and basket of flowers for guests or a holiday to Kota Kinabalu or a stay at The Empire Hotel & Country Club. There are more amazing prizes to be won.


MG Instagram Contest


Visit the insta booth at Musical Garden Wedding Fair at The Mall and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes

Registration is only $2

The setting at the insta booth


Prayers for Gaza today


Mass Sunnat prayers before Friday prayer for residents of Gaza at SOAS Mosque today


Sketch Club starting next Thursday


Now this is interesting. Click image to find out more.


APICTA 5 more days!!

Download the APICTA 2012 apps on IOS

Events are now 'going mobile'. Mobile users enjoy having all the information they need about a certain event at the tip of their fingers, while at the same time, it also serves as good news to sponsors as they see event apps as a valuable channel in reaching busy clients.

For any type of event, the right mobile app can transform an event to become more popular through instant sharing of news between people. The APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Awards) 2012 app fits in this category, where the idea is to "allow first-hand information to spread to the public as it happens", said a local developer from Infindo technologies.

The app, he said, will not only allow the participants but also attendees and visitors from participating countries from other parts of the world to get instant update about the APICTA events schedules, results and news.

It helps to promote Brunei to these countries, along with its culture, people, heritage, as well as boost the tourism industry, as one of the features include a photo gallery of places of interest in the Sultanate.

APICTA's 16-member economies include Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

Hj Hadi Iskandar with Pg Sarimah, CEO of InfoCom Federation Brunei (IFB) during the press conference of APICTA 2012

CEO of InfoCom Federation Brunei (IFB), Pg Sarimah Pg Hj Abd Latiff lauded the mobile app, saying that it is convenient for people nowadays, especially in Brunei, as they are "mobile trendy". She also said that the app depicts what is available on APICTA's website, including event schedules and information that are "very useful for all participants".

The app includes everything one needs to know about the upcoming APICTA 2012, including the latest news and updates, background of this year's 156 nominees, as well as guidelines. Currently, the free app is available for download for iPhone users, while the app for Android users will follow in the near future.

Seventeen categories comprise eGoverment to eLearning, Tertiary Student project, Tourism and Hospitality, Media and Entertainment, Security, Tools and Infrastructure Application, Research and Development and Sustainability and Green IT.

The event is an international awards programme aimed at increasing ICT awareness in the community, and assist in bridging the digital divide. By providing networking and product benchmarking opportunities to ICT innovators and entrepreneurs in the region, the programme is designed to stimulate ICT innovation and creativity, promote economic and trade relations, facilitate technology transfer, and offer business matching opportunities via exposure to venture capitalists and investors.

Participants of the awards programme comprise members of the APICTA Alliance. APICTA 2012 is organised by the Ministry of Communications and is supported by The Authority of Info-Communications and Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) and InfoCom Federation Brunei (IFB).

The event will be held from December 2-5, at The Empire Hotel and Country Club. The judging session for all nominees will be for two days, starting December 3, followed by the awards presentation on December 5. Text by Aziz Idris of Borneo Bulletin.


Peter Pan the Musical


More than 4,000 people showed last Sunday at Seri Mulia Sarjana School (SMSS) Musical Play, Peter Pan the Musical at the Jerudong Amphitheatre. It was a sell-out concert and I'm pretty sure most of them are families. I'm impressed with the performances by the students especially Wendy Darling played by Kristel Hanna D. Arce. Mind you that the main character Peter Pan was played a female lead Dessa Lorraine Burca.

The musical was arranged by Samuel French and International Threatre and Music (IT&M London) and they even brought in special equipment where the actors are able to float off the ground for the flying scenes during the play. I thought that was spectacular feat from the play and I have to salute the courage by the young students and pulling the flying stunts to good effect.

Perhaps the downside was the technical glitch that happened occasionally but other than that it was a spectacular show. Well done to the production crew and all those involved in the musical play. Thanks to Leonard and Jackie for the best view seat too :D








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"Buku Kampong Ayer"

A new extraordinary opportunity to voyage inside Bruneian history. “The state is built entirely on water. It is big and comprised of 30 to 40 thousand people who are predominantly Malay… The Sultan’s palace, the church or mosque and most the main buildings are built on dry land…” (Report of the Colonial Office in 1906 recorded a population of Kampong Ayer at about 10 000 people from 11 villages)

In conjunction with His Majesty 66th Birthday, a new book will be launched this coming Saturday, 1 December 2012 by the Acting Minister of Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Datin Paduka Hajah Adina binti Hj Othman.

Kampong Ayer, Kenangan Abadi or Living Memory is the first photographic book ever published about the historical area of Kampong Ayer in Bandar Seri Begawan.  This fascinating publication of 252 pages will take the reader back to how the Sultanate of Brunei looked many years ago. There are more than 300 pictures from the olden days to present, including some photos from the early 20th century and they will remind people what an important part of the country’s history, Kampong Ayer has played.

Dato Paduka Dr. Haji Abdul Latif holding the "Buku Kampong Ayer" book

Post card & gift bag for every purchase of "Buku Kampong Ayer"

"There can be no doubt that Brunei is the “Kampong Ayer” and “Kampong Ayer’ is Brunei.  The growth of water villages is a historical phenomenon, without which the state of Brunei Darussalam would not have existed” said the author Dato Paduka Dr. Haji Abdul Latif bin Haji Ibrahim. Retired government officer, he worked as Curator of Ethnography at the Brunei Museum, Deputy Principal of the Brunei History Centre and also Assistant Vice-Chancellor at UBD. His last post was Director of Balai Kenangan at His Majesty’s Office. Dato Paduka Dr. Haji Latif has always been fascinated by the history and has been working on this project for many years. 

This book is a must have for all Bruneians. A wonderful gift to share. An opportunity for the older people to help their grandchildren understand how people lived in Brunei for the last fifty years ago. 

 A book that will bring together to all generations. The launching will take place this Saturday 1 December 2012 at the Seri Q-Lap Mall, from 2:30pm onwards.

The author will sign the book during the promotion days at Café Au Lait. Between Saturday 1st to Monday 3rd of December and get it for more than 25% less! Promotion price: $35 (Hard Cover) and $28 (Soft Cover) Normal price: $50 (Hard Cover) and $35 (Soft cover).

Senior citizen of 80 years old and above must be born in Kampong Ayer will be entitled to a complimentary copy from the author by producing a copy of his/her IC. (Please collect at Café Au lait at Seri Q-Lap Mall, from 1 – 3 December 2012)

This book was design by Pentagram Design Sdn Bhd. Press release and images by Pentagram Design Sdn Bhd.


New delivery point at Bunut

Pizza Hut Delivery, the market leader in F&B delivery announces its opening of its newly remodelled store in Bunut. This is the first of the Delco (Delivery and Carry-Out) stores to have undergone a major remodelling and renovation to transform into the new Pizza Hut Delivery look. By quarter one 2013, all Delco stores will have been converted to this new look.

 “We believe that renovations talk to our customers and to our staff. When we made the decision to renovate all our existing Delco stores, it is showing faith in the future of our stores. Thus, moving forward, we are offering more than just great pizza; we’re offering a whole new experience in delivery,” said Johnny Liew, Chairman of Olive Tree Corporation, owner and operator of Pizza Hut Brunei.

In view of market expansion, Pizza Hut Delivery has invested in new cutting edge technology ovens which now deliver pizzas in shorter time. “Our new ovens in all our remodelled and renovated stores will change the game in the F&B delivery business. It reduces the baking time required for pizzas; which essentially means hot fresh oven food served quicker to customers”, Johnny said.

Pizza Hut Delivery which serves  hot fresh oven food will have a total of 14 stores by March 2013. Known for its innovative  F&B promotions, it will be launching exciting new menu items soon.


Cheesy final days!!

Pizza Hut is bringing you their latest product that will surely cater to pizza lovers out there who have an even bigger love for cheese. Pizza Hut Primo at The Mall in Gadong introduced their six-cheese pizza creations for the past few months.

The cheesy pizza topped with a unique blend of six exotic cheeses; Mozzarella, Cheddar, Romano, Provolone, Parmesan and Monterey Jack, all in one served on an all-time favorite crust, the Pan Pizza.

"The aroma of the six cheese is a bonus from the tastiness and cheesiest of the pizza itself," said Reagan F Arquio, Local Store Marketing Manager for Pizza Hut. He added,"We served it in the Original Pan Pizza because it is our signature pizza and really compliments the taste in the pan pizza."

"It is crisp on the outside, soft, light and fluffy on the inside, baked to golden perfection in our signature pan," he explained.

According to Pizza Hut, the cheesy pizza comes in four flavours; the Classic Cheesy Six, the Cheesy Pepperoni, Cheesy Beef Mushroom and Cheesy Chicken Mushroom. The promotion will last for two months starting mid of September until mid November at $14.90 for regular and $21.90 for large.

For the Double Cheesy Deal, two regular Cheesy Six pizzas will cost $24.90 while the Cheesy Triple Deal with three regular Cheesy Six pizzas will cost $39.90. For both deals, customers can also choose which toppings from the four flavours they would like to have.


Fly2UK via cooltones


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That creative juice

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Promotion at Deals Restaurant

Icon Design Store


Click image to enter website


Yum!! New sogood meals from KFC


Top 5 Photogenic Couple

CONGRATULATIONS!! For the 2nd time organizing the Most Photogenic Couple Contest (MPCC), PDCA events is delighted to inform the public that FB voting has now officially closed. They would like to show our gratitude and thanks to all lovely couples who showed their sincerity in supporting and participating at the MPCC'12.

Once again, well done to the Top 5 Couples with the highest votes as following: Sumardi Hedus & Amy Cheong -1084 votes, Teo Kui Liong & Kelly Ng Swee Moi - 934 votes, Keegan & Charlene - 709 votes, Cornelius Cheong & Eva Ong - 655 votes, Ling Yong Quan & Hazel C - 620 votes.

Photos of the Top 5 Couples will then be displayed at the Musical Garden Wedding Fair at The Mall, Gadong from this Thursday (29/11/12) until Sunday (2/12/12) for final round [Final voting close at 5pm on the last day of the exhibition]. So do visit the fair and show further support to your favorite couple!


Teriyako or Percik from KFC

b•mobile Carnival and bFIT finale


TechXpo 2012 this weekend

With an emphasis on fun and education, this year’s TechXpo seeks to offer its participants and visitors a valuable insight into the latest global trends in technology and related areas.

Brunei’s premier technology fair will have its third showing at the International Convention Centre in Berakas from 1 to 4 December.

A wide range of displays, activities, and bargains will be on offer for young and old alike at the TechXpo.

The main attraction is sure to be Titan the giant robot. Flown in to Brunei all the way from the United Kingdom by Ifini Sdn Bhd exclusively for the TechXpo 2012, visitors are warmly welcomed to go to the fair to meet the 8-ft tall gigantic robot to see its amazing abilities up close and personal. Titan is well-travelled across the world, and has performed with celebrities and appeared on television.

More than 80 companies will be taking part in the TechXpo. Among these are well-known local brands such as Sony, Acer, Microsoft, Canon, Dell, Samsung, Akira, Huawei and many more who will be offering dazzling displays, comprehensive information and exclusive promotions on modern gizmos and gadgets.

The STEP Centre of the Ministry of Education will be conducting its “Innovative learning is fun” activity. This is in collaboration with several agencies to introduce innovative learning to school leaders, teachers, students and other prospective stakeholders. There will be opportunities for students to learn in a fun way through KODU, a game-based learning programme for students for Years 4-9. Visitors can also try out the innovations and robots created and exhibited by the winners of the Brunei Robotics Olympiad (BRO) 2012.

Well-established organizations Tech One Global & Microsoft will be running free literacy training during the TechXpo. Qualified instructors and computer units will be available to allow those interested members of the public to have hands-on training sessions.

Visitors to the TechXpo can also avail themselves of exclusive discounts and offers on a wide range of products and services. Amongst these great items will be free health checks, free installations, and one-off discounts.

And as simple as filling in the event’s survey form, lucky early visitors’ will stand the chance to win limited TechXpo door gifts in the daily Spin and Win activity on Plenary Hall Stage.

The TechXpo is a must-visit for everyone. Technology influences all our lives on a daily basis, and where better to be updated on the latest technology trends and have fun doing it than the TechXpo 2012.

The TechXpo will run from 1 to 4 December at the International Convention Centre, Berakas. Opening hours for visitors will be from 12 noon to 10pm on 1 December and for the following days, opening hours are 10AM to 10PM. A convenient free shuttle bus service will run from the Indoor Stadium on a daily basis.

The TechXpo is supported by the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Communications, and Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI). It is organised by InfoCom Federation Brunei (IFB), and managed by Sunlit Advertising Sdn Bhd.

DST Carnival 2012

There are so many events that are happening this weekend!! and I just don't know where to start. One for sure is the upcoming DST Carnival 2012 though the only setback is that there won't be guest appearance of Malaysian celebrities. Nonetheless the DST Carnival 2012 offers tons and tons of activities and I'm wondering how I'm gonna describe one by one in my entry *lol* Maybe I will just highlight some of the main activities and by the way, the theme for this year is "Sports and Lifestyle"

DST will unveil their new Prima Serive where you can have a Prima Multi SIM - 1 Primary and up to 4 supplementary using one single number.. So this means you can different SIM cards using the same number for your mobile and tablet devices.

There will be D'Chef Challenge which is similar to Master Chef (Friday 4pm). On Saturday, 10:30pm, there will a firework display with Dinda performing Katy Perry's Fireworks number at the Amphitheatre. There will be a Zumbathon workout on Sunday 2nd December 7:30am so it's open to the public participate. There's also a DST GETFIT Crossfit Battle this weekend.

Apart from that, there will be local live performances - KFM Acoustics sessions and Open Mic events. There will be lucky draws every single day and the prizes are awesome too. On the 1st day, you might win a iPhone 4s, a Nikon D5100 kit, Macbook Air 11", Astro Beyond with 3 months subscriptions and many more. On the 2nd day, you might win a MacBook Air, LG Home Theatre, Samsung SIII, iPhone 5, New iPad 3G and many more. For the final day of the lucky draw, you might win yourself a Nikon D3200, Macbook Pro 13", D*Card with Top Up, Canon EOS 1100D and many more.

The management of DST at yesterday's press conference

Matnarudin Ibrahim, General Manager KRISTAL and Chairman of DST Carnival 2012 briefing the media on the exciting programs

One of the highlights of DST Carnival is the launch of their new loyalty DST card. This is not just an ordinary card like before. It's a new one and the great thing is it's a cash card, a prepaid Mastercard cash card to be exact from Standard Chartered. You can earn points through Pirma usage, EASI starter pack and EASI recharge purchased at any DST branches. There is a $20 fee when you apply the D*Card but for the first 1,000 applicants, you get a waiver fee and it will only be availalbe during the DST Carnival 2012 right after the official launch on Friday 30th November 8pm.

SCB and DST joined forces and now your DST loyalty card can be a cash card too and the new loyalty card is called D*Card

This is how the D*Card looks like

Perhaps the big one is the DST Dare 2012 which is the highlight of the event. The winner will walk away with a Hyundai i30 though you guys have to split among 4 people. You can find out more on their website and the registration has been extended to 29th November. The maximum number of teams (of four) is 200.. For more info, you can call 877 5506 - the DST DARE hotline but do call during office hours. Per team is $60 and there will be consolation prizes for the Top 10 teams.

Once you register, you will get your entry pack at the registration area. Above is the official t-shirt for DST Dare participants!


Acer announced new range

Acer just kept introducing new products this year and yes, Acer has an aggressive strategy for their commercial products. The latest product is the F2 generation of server products which was being displayed last week during Acer Malaysia's presentation at Rizqun International Hotel to retailers and government officials.

Acer has advanced its server line with a whole new line up of refreshed server products. This time around, Acer has not only updated the specifications to support the latest Intel Xeon processors E5 family, but has expanded its business portfolio and management tools to provide greater flexibility in modern datacenters. .

The new product designs feature Intel's latest line up of Intel Xeon processor; the E5 family of CPUs, which give up to two times the performance for certain benchmarks, and up to eight cores per CPU. .

The F2 generation, also provides greater expandability and more robust specifications built into every platform.

Richard Soo of Acer Malaysia (centre)

Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer

A great turn out from government officials and resellers of Acer

The two products below are the ones that will be one of the main attractions for Concepts Computer during the upcoming TechXpo 2012 at ICC this weekend. The recent release of the Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook will be a big hit due to the strong demand for light weight notebooks.

Lately more than 200 units of Acer PCs equipped with Microsoft's Windoes 8 have been sold through Concepts Computer and the numbers are expecting to rise with the TechXpo around the corner. So do drop by Concepts Computer booth during the TechXpo 2012. For your info, Concepts Computer is also the only store in Brunei that is officially certified as a genuine Microsfot software reseller.

One of the latest gadgets from Acer

A great line up of Acer notebooks

Now this is one handy tablet


Movember Tweet Up

It's happening tonight at Gadong Central

The event is co-organised by Movember BN, BruneiTweet and KFC Brunei. "Movember" (i.e. Mustache + November) is a growing worldwide campaign involving the growing of mustaches through the month of November. The symbol for "Movember" is the mustache, but the campaign goes much deeper. It is purposed to raise awareness about Men's Health issues (e.g. prostate cancer, testicular cancer, depression, etc) affecting millions of men across the globe. 

The "Movember Tweet Up" is open to everyone - young and old, women and men from the general public. It is supported by representatives from B: Read, Muzikaliti, SCOT Brunei, UBDFM, Counter Attack, Brunei Cosplayers, Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council, etc.


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ZO fever?

. Posted in RA News

New quality tyres

Visit Carmotor Auto Parts Company and check out their new quality tyres. Best time to buy since the offer only last a week

Celebrating Winnie's day

Winnniieeee... Hope you enjoyed your birthdaydinner last night and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a wonderful friend. So much have changed over the years and it's for the better. You have grown very much from the day I knew you and thanks for your guidance and support through our friendship. Good luck in your thesis and enjoy December when it comes ;) Love you tons and take care!!

We had an enjoyable dinner at Kitaro Japanese last night. It has been a while since the four of us hung out for dinner.

An interesting cake because of its striking pinkish colour and yea, this reminded us of the old days how cakes look like then


This was the only knife available *lol*

My short stint as a chef of Kitaro Japanese *lol*

Seminar on property

Seminar at Seaview Hotel, KB and Rizqun Hotel on Thurs and Friday respectively


Well done, travel agents!!

Top Travel Agents - Air Booking with management and Board of Directors of Abacus Brunei

Over 200 movers and shakers of Brunei’s flourishing travel industry will gather at the Centrepoint, Gadong tonight as Abacus, Asia’s leading provider of travel solutions and services celebrates the achievements of local travel agents.

“This annual event is anticipated by travel industry players. It provide travel industry players to meet up with their colleagues as well as an opportunity for Abacus to thank and recognise our travel agency partners in Brunei for their contribution to our growth, not just over the last year, but over the last 22 years,” said Irene Soon, General Manager, Abacus Brunei.

“Year on year booking comparison made through the Abacus system remain strong and is growing despite the challenges from the Airline Direct and the Low Cost Carrier. We are optimistic that this trend will continue and travellers will continue using travel agent as the channel to book their travel arrangement.” Ms Soon added.

Irene Soon also thanks partners; Abacus International, Royal Brunei, Baiduri Bank Berhad, Cityneon Brunei, Malaysia Airlines, MASwings, Royal Brunei Catering Singapore Airlines, Tokio Marine, Tourism Malaysia and TTCO Enterprise for sponsoring the lucky draw prizes for this evening’s event. The Guest of Honour at tonight’s function is Mr Dermot Mannion, Chairman of Abacus Brunei, who will present the coveted top11 travel agent awards.

Also present are Awang Aji Putih and Awang Maswadi bin Haji Mohsin, Directors of Abacus Brunei.

Freme Travel Services Sdn Bhd, Kuala Belait - Top Travel Agent - Non-Air Booking received the award from Mr. Dermot Mannion of RB and Ms. Irene Soon of Abacus Brunei

Century Travel Centre Sdn Bhd (Bandar) - Top Travel Agent - Air Booking received the award from Mr. Dermot Mannion of RB and Ms. Irene Soon of Abacus Brunei

Freme Travel Services Sdn Bhd (Bandar) - 2nd Place Travel Agent - Air Booking received the award from Mr. Dermot Mannion of RB and Ms. Irene Soon of Abacus Brunei

Ms Lim Yah Hui from Century Travel Sdn Bhd, Top Travel Consultant received the award from Aji Putih of RB and Ms. Irene Soon of Abacus Brunei

JPKE Scholarship

BPTV JPKE SCHOLARSHIP for FEBRUARY 2013 intake is still open for registration, kindly drop by Laksaman College of Business to register. Closing date is on the 10th December 2012. For more info, you can call 223 8816 or 223 8818. You can also follow their updates on Facebook here.

11th Birthday Bash for AirAsia

 Now book your flights :D

It's AirAsia's 11th Birthday Bash and there will be awesome promotional fares from as low as BND12 (inclusive of airport tax and fuel surcharge) for various destinations like Bali, Clark, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Johor Bahru, Hat Yai, Langkawi, Surat Thani, Singapore and many more destinations.

The booking will be from 26th November to 2nd December 2012 and the travel period is from 3rd December to 31st March 2013. And you can fly from Brunei to Kuala Lumpur for only BND 40 (all-in fare) and of course, terms and conditions apply.


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