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Adi Does DPMM

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Travelmania 2012

Are you ready to plan your trip?

Hossein Nateghi won Yellow jersey

The guest of honour was HRH Prince Abdul Malik for the prize presentation of the Tour de Brunei 2012

Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling Team (TPT)

Hossein Nateghi won the Yellow jersey

The winner of the Red jersey

The winner of the Green jersey

The winner of the White jersey

Group photo with the winners

Executive Summary Deadline

Tomorrow's the deadline. Are you ready?

Asanty Collections

Click image to enter Facebook page

Looking for iPhone, iPad or Samsung accessories? There are plenty of choices at Asanty Collections where you can book through its Facebook page. Portable chargers are perhaps the most sought item as there is a high demand for such gadget. I myself have bought it numerous portable chargers for my iPhone alone to see which suits me best *lol* For your info, iPhone portable charters only have a few designs left but for Android phones, there are still plenty.

To check out their facebook page, click here and you can also contact the owner directly at 818 8478. The pick up point will be at a residence at Kg Sg Akar (nearby Hua Ho Manggis Mall).

iPad bags are also quite popular. Click image to see more

The portable chargers for Android phones. There's also instructions on picture 14 to 18 at the Album 300. Click image to see more.

Samsung Galaxy Note covers. Click image to see more.

You can catch Asanty Collections on instagram @asanty8

DPMM FC 3 Home United 2

HRH Prince Abdul Malik and members of the Royal Family were in jubilant mood after the winning goal. DPMM FC came back from 2-0 down and beat Home United 3-2 at Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium last night.

Patrick Da Silva scored the equalizer to make it 2-2 then

The crowd on their feet


Nice Adidas boots, Sai :D

Patrick Da Silva's family (next to Santos) is in town and gave a major boost to his performance last night. Santos, on the other hand, only lasted 20 minutes after being injured. He is now out for the rest of the season.

Osman in mid-air. He hasn't found the net for quite some time.

Disappointing turn out at National Stadium. It was such a great match not to be missed.

Mendy (in white) is what DPMM FC need as the front line. To me, he's almost a complete striker. He scored the opening goal for Home United.

Team Manager was told to leave the bench area by the referee

The crowd weren't happy with the decision

The coach trying to put his act together

The most happening area of the stadium. The Drumline section.

It was again a goal created by Azwan Salleh where he floated the ball into the box and Adi Said pounced on the rebound for the winning goal. DPMM FC won 3-2.

It's a rare to see this hugging moment between the two

Dance the Gangnam way

Coach Simunic already singing the song of being champions

Home United's coach seemed to be upset with their lady physio/medic for some reason. I pity her. Maybe it was the injury that wan't probably attended properly to the keeper who was limping with 10 minutes remaining.

It was a tough interview for Home United's coach. He thanked his players and he was upset that one of his defenders was injured which allowed DPMM FC more room to attack. He looked as if he was almost in tears during the interview.

RasaMas contributes for Climb Charity

Huwaida, Alvin Cheong, Michelle Charlene Basir and Anggie Jong will represent Brunei in the upcoming climb for charity initiative at Mount Kilimanjaro this October. The press conference took place at RasaMas outlet yesterday.

From a team of three, now it has become four, thanks to Alvin Cheong who signed up last minute before the deadline to take up the challenge and to contribute as well for charity. Yesterday a press conference was held for the four climbers who will climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for those under privilege at Africa which will take place on 18th October 2012. They have been training very hard and meet up 3 times a week for training such as hiking and exercises.

It was good to know that RasaMas became involved in raising funds for the climbers who need at least 2,000 pounds per person for the climb as part of their expenses. RasaMas Area Manager Imran Abd Manaf said that this is part of RasaMas' social corporate responsibility and they took the chance when he heard of it from their colleagues at KFC. RasaMas is not the only corporate companies that have been involved. There were others such as RBTS (from charity bakesale) and Netcom Computer House.

If you want to follow their updates, you can join their Facebook page. The four climbers are also represntatives of BARA. They also hinted that they will create an instagram account so people can view their daily updates or logs on their journey :D

The new dishes available at Rasamas now. Yesterday until tomorrow (Monday), Rasamas will donate 70% of the sales from the new dishes to the climb for charity team. Awesome!!!

The Mee Reebus Singapore from Rasamas

Group photo with the management and the staff of Rasamas with the climbers from Brunei

The recent bakesale at RBTS last Friday

The Cool Ride

The Pajero Sports 4x4 demo brought to by GHK Motors Sdn Bhd

Want an adrenalin rush? Well, you have that opportunity to do so today as it's the last day to be driven by a Japanese rally driver from Mitsubishi Motorsports Team, Hiroshi Masuoka who is also a two-time World Dakar Rally Champion. The event is located at Tanah Jambu 4x4 driving arean at the junction of Tanah Jambu and the Muara-Tutong highway.

The 4x4 demo is organised by GHK Motors Sdn Bhd and the public is welcome to register. First come, first serve basis and there are only limited slots available. From the demo, you will be able to see the power and the overall performance of the Pajero Sports.

Hiroshi Masuoka bringing the guests for the 4x4 experience

Hiroshi Masuoka bringing the guests for the 4x4 experience

The 4x4 by the hilly area

The 4x4 by the hilly area

I love this part

Getting close to the action

The muddy fog

Not advisable to be ridden after a heavy meal

Drifting on grass

Remember to put on your helmet and even buckle up when seated at the back too

Tanah Jambu 4x4 arena

Brunei Press reporters signing up for the experience

It was an embarassing moment when I talked to her *lol* She's taking car of Mitsubishi in Brunei and Singapore market.

Refueling this monster

The public parking area is at the opposite side

Guess who was there too?? ---> "Hulkie" :D

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bFIT preview

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B-Class only $55,000

Check out the B-Class at Jati Transport showroom

Tour de Brunei

Click image to enter official website. It's bigger and better!!

Get 5KG Extra on RBA

Student Advance check-in get 5KG Extra. Click to enter website

Promotion at Tasek Brasserie

Alan Inspiration

Executive Summary Deadline Soon

The deadline for you to submit your executive summary.. Normally one page long :D

An effective executive summary should be simple yet compelling if it needs to win over potential investors, said a consultant from Singapore's Money Tree Asia Pacific Limited.

"You must be able to capture the interest and imagination of the investor with your executive summary. Often potential investors will continue reading the rest of the business plan only when they like your summary," said Michael Reyes, who delivered the advice during a workshop on 'How to Write an Executive Summary' at the iCentre recently.

"You do not win by having the best English writing. You win by being simple and easy to understand by investors," he said. "Businesses need to know how to answer, in 25 words or less, when you ask them what their business is,"

He suggest the audience to put Ignite and the iCentre as the investor looking at their business plans and the decider whether to 'invest' in their summaries by putting them into the next round.

Michael Reyes, Director of Money Trees Asia Pacific, has been giving numerous talks at iCentre on business plans

Reyes is currently the director of Money Trees Asia Pacific Limited, a company which offers and conducts programmes on improving financial, investment and entrepreneur skills among youths.

An initiative of the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB), Ignite 2012 is Brunei's biggest business plan competition which is open to individuals with a strong desire to start their own businesses.

The grand prize for the ICT open category is $20,000, whereas $8,000 will be awarded to the winner in the international category and $4,000 for the student and university category. Participants with the most outstanding and creative business plans will also stand a chance to win the Most Innovative Award and $3,000. For more of Reyes' input, click here. Source: The Brunei Times.

Acer from Concepts Computer

bFIT countdown!!

bFIT starting soon!! So who will be the Top 50 contestants?

3 more days to the start of! Since yesterday all registrants who have undergone their bmi test, health screening test and auditions are required to attend the 3 days workout preview as part of the last process to the selection of 50 contestants.

Please take note of following details:

Venue: Fitness Zone, Qlap - Multipurpose Hall
Time: 5.30pm
Dates: 27-29th September 2012

Selection of the top 50 for challenge 2012 will be on the 29th September 2012, Saturday. Who will be the chosen ones??

Workout preview taken yesterday at Fitness Zone

Workout preview taken yesterday at Fitness Zone

Workout preview taken yesterday at Fitness Zone

Netcom's 5th Branch

Netcom 5th Branch is located at Hua Ho Mulaut Branch

Netcom is enchanting its service to its customers in Brunei by opening a 5th Branch at Hua-Ho Mulaut. Netcom is established for nearly 17 Years in Brunei Local Market and becomes one of the largest IT Retail shop in Brunei. Netcom keeps expanding and growing into a powerful team by building more team leaders in order to provide the excellence services, quality products and competitive prices to Netcom valued customers. Netcom’s 5 branches are strategically located in the 3 main districts of Brunei; Netcom HQ in Kiulap commercial area, Netcom Mall in the Most popular Mall Gadong, Netcom KB in Kuala Beliat District, Netcom Tutong in Tutong District and the 5th Branch, Netcom Muluat at Brunei Muara.

Currently, Netcom is the Authorised Distributor of some leading global brands like Dell, Prolink, Kingston (RAM Modules), Trendnet and QNAP. Besides, Netcom is the Authorised Dealer of Acer, the Business Partner of HP, the Authorised Reseller of Canon and the Master Dealer of Kaspersky products.

Other highlights of the opening includes a FREE inspection of Notebook/Desktop, Student Offer for selected DELL Notebooks, Buy 1 FREE 1 for Prolink Mouse, 50% OFF for Kingston DDR3 1333Mhz RAM for Notebook, FREE Dell 18.5” LCD Monitor with LED for selected Dell notebook and many more which is available exclusively at the new Mulaut branch only, from 28 - 30th September only. Also, for customers who purchase a minimum of $100 (in a single receipt) at any of our 5 branches is entitled to redeem a mystery gift at Mulaut branch with the receipt during this three-day promotion period only.

TigerLim and Anwar Rosly checking out what to buy at Netcom

Hassan of Netcom showing a gadget

A cooler for the notebook

The management of Netcom Computer House

Congratulations to Netcom on their grand opening at Mulaut. Click image to enlarge.

Bajutik impressed at "Hackathon"

Three enterprising group participants were presented with prizes at the iCentre yesterday, as they emerged triumphant in the first-ever entrepreneurship 'hackathon' in Brunei, the Entrepreneurship@Campus Accelerator Bootcamp.

First place went to Bajutik, a one-stop online store that allows customers to design their own 'baju kurong'. Customers can select their own fabric, design it online and have it tailored within days of order.

Phoenix Getaway came second, with their 'bootcamp' designed for married couples. The 'bootcamp' is catered for couples who wish to enhance and strengthen various aspects of their relationship.

In third place was DirectMe, with their mobile application that provides information and suggestions of places of interest in Brunei. Deals and coupons are also built into the app that generates a steady stream of revenue as well as providing the benefits of savings to the user.

Prizes were presented to the winners by the guest of honour, Dato Paduka Awg Hj Ali bin Hj Apong, Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister's Office who is also Chairman of the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB).

Elena Lim of Bajutik receiving the prize from Dato Paduka Hj Ali Apong, Deputy Minister at Prime Minister's Office

Group photo with the top three winners and judges

Earlier, Brian Koh, Director of KRC Consulting made his opening remarks and lauded the efforts of all the participants.

The Entrepreneurship@Campus Accelerator Bootcamp was held on September 14 and 15, organised by the iCentre and supported by BEBD and Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD). It was an intensive two-day hands-on course that allowed students to craft their business plans in an exciting way through idea generation, interaction and teamwork.

The students were tasked with identifying everyday issues and were challenged to provide solutions that can potentially be turned into viable businesses.

They were also supported by experienced mentors and speakers, who helped by sharing their valuable experiences as well as extensive guidance to the students. Text courtesy of Ishan Ibrahim of Borneo Bulletin.

Car trouble

Three cars (2 Sirion and 1 Vios) badly burnt

Investigations still on going to find clues

Bizarre indeed!!! The incident of the pictures above took place between 4:30am to 5am today (27th Sept) and apparently six cars were involved but only three cars were seriously burnt (2 Sirion and 1 Vios) and the owners of the three burnt cars are sisters. As for the other cars, they had minor burns only.

According to the Royal Brunei Police Force, they are investigating into this matter and they are working hand in hand with "Bomba" to find the cause of the fire. There might be a suspicion of arson. The victims are seeking the help of public to find the culprits. As of now, no motive can be found.

This is definitely a strange case and one of its kind that happened in Brunei soil. Normally a car would burnt down due to faulty devices. However, it seemed coincidental that all three cars were badly burnt at the same time.

Such acts have made me reconsider about Brunei's tag line of "Abode of Peace". There have been many thefts, break-ins and even causing physical confrontation on innocent people as of late. I've been extra careful with my car and where I park my car too. I do hope the investigation can bring more clues to whose involved in the arson case.

Below are images of cars that also caught the public by surprise. Now with "Whatsapp", news spread like crazy even before it reaches the relevant authorities.

This happened this morning Seria-Lumut bypass. Image courtesy of Lisa.

Another drive-thru incident

....and followed by another.. This image made me think how did two cars get involved... hmmm

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Garuda stung the Wasps

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AS&TM rocked the auditorium

Simply Woww!!!! Last Monday I attended a gig hosted by Andy Suzuki & The Method with the support of some local artistes. The 3 hour show was very entertaining from the local artistes to the emcees to Andy Suzuki & the Method. I missed some few local gigs where they performed but I guess they saved the best for last and it was a full show as compared to the previous gigs.

For your info, they are a three-men band and they are no stranger now to the Brunei scene as they have been here for the past two weeks or so. Andy Suzuki, 26, whose birthday was just last Tuesday is the lead singer who can play both the keyboard and the guitar. Kozza Babumba who is well known as Kozza is the hand percussionist (on the box drum) and he's a funny lad I must say. Jason Gorelick is the other trio who plays the violin and he could strum as well. So last Monday, I was blown away by their performances from start to finish and of course a big shout out to UBD FM the organisers and the main sponsors KFC (Brunei) for making this possible.

They had a few gigs around the Sultanate - UBD, Brunei Hotel and The Empire Hotel to name a few and the final two gigs at The Core, UBD, were the best of the lot and the responses were pretty overwhelming to say the least.

It was amazing to know that Andy Suzuki sang a song made popular by Fakhrul Razi, "Salahkah Aku" in Malay and it was the best duet with the local artist himself. The same goes for Jason who also sang a hit from Jazz Hayat's "I Stalk Your Profile" and both songs had the biggest cheers of the night. Even Fakhrul Razi was so impressed that Andy knew the lyrics in Malay and the sang in tune as well.

There were other local acts from Aziz Harun and Juju and I was also impressed by the emcees Jaz and Safwan the made the night so seamless and I even lost track of time. Thumbs up to UBD FM for delivering another great show. I shall be interviewing the trio soon before they depart Brunei.

For those interested to get copies of Andy Suzki and The Method t-shirts, they are still available at UBD FM's office at The Core, UBD and it's selling for $25 a piece.

Aziz Harun opened up the night to the crowd delight

Say to Jason, one of the trio

The vocalist, the man behind the keyboard, Andy Suzuki himself

This is one cool guy, Kozza

...and he's good with the hands too

The audience was engaged from start to finish

Juju was amazing as well. Respect for you, mate

Bazi with his acoustic guitar

It was the interval, just in time for the lucky draw and these were the hosts - Jaz and Safwan

Mira won herself a t-shirt. Lucky lady!!

Fifah had herself a birthday gift

Seng Yee won a family bucket from KFC and the next night she "belanja-ed" her friends and I at KFC *woohoo*

Angie of Ref Station is one of the sponsors

The CD for Andy Suzuki and The Method

It was the Jazz Hayat segment

Jason and Jazz (Double J) belted out Jazz' popular song

Kozza snapped some pictures to be posted on instagram (crowd was screaming their heads off then)

I was very moved by this duet on the song "Salahkah Aku". Three thumbs up!!

The crowd was electric after the end of the song

Fakhrul Razi is not just a great singer but hell yes, he knows how to entertain the crowd

Jason really rocked on the violin. Can you play Secrets from One Republic? :D

Andy did the guitar too

Stomp-clap-stomp moment brought more energy to the room

Kozza dictating the tempo

Right after the gig at The Core

Right after the gig at The Core

Right after the gig at The Core

RBA Destination Dash

Destination Dash on Sunday 7th October

For residents of #BRUNEI - Stand a chance to win 100,000 Royal Skies Miles in our DESTINATION DASH on SUNDAY 7th OCTOBER 2012 @ 9am at the Abacus Travel Fair next week!

If you're good at solving puzzles, face challenges and love holidays, this may be for YOU :)

For terms and conditions please head over to the link below:

Tour de Brunei

Click image to enter official website. It's bigger and better!!

Get 5KG Extra on RBA

Student Advance check-in get 5KG Extra. Click to enter website

Promotion at Tasek Brasserie

Alan Inspiration

Sweet revenge for Garuda

Irfan Haarys Bachdim scored the final goal while Brunei's Team Manager Hj Feisal looked on. Brunei lost 5-0 in their warm-up match against Indonesia. It was a forgettable performance from Brunei from a fan's point of view.

Stage 1 Results

Tour de Brunei 2012


Stage 1

Winner: Mohd Nor Umardi Rosdi of Terengganu Cycling Team
2nd place: Amir Kolahdoz Hagh of Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling Team
3rd place: Lee Rodgers of CCN (Brunei)


Overall leader (yellow jersey): Mohd Nor Umardi Rosdi of Terengganu Cycling Team
Sprint leader (green jersey): Mohd Nor Umardi Rosdi of Terengganu Cycling Team
Kom leader (red jersey): Maxime Francois Sylvian Martin
Best Young Rider (white jersey): Amir Kolahdoz Hagh

The first stage kicked off at ButraHeidelberg Cement Plant at Serasa and the finishing point was at the Waterfront. Thursday route will be from the Waterfront to Tutong District Office which will be a distance of 120 KM. So do take notice of the route as roads will be closed to allow the cyclists to go through. Refer to the map route below. Images below are courtesy of Gavin Chai.

The starting point was at ButraHeidelberg Cement Plant at Serasa

Cyclists getting ready for Stage 1

Team OCBC Singapore Continental Team

Team Lof Bakery

The route for Thursday (Bandar to Tutong)

Loads of homework for Brunei

I'm not sure what will be the headlines in today's papers. A defeat is acceptable considering the level of preparation and the availability of their squad. However, the performance was very much in question as the inexperience factor was the obvious reason for the drubbing by the visitors, Indonesia, with a 5-0 score line.

Expectations were high from what I could sense. Yes, Brunei won the HBT 2012 Trophy. Yes, they beat Indonesia in the finals. Yes, they were some players from the HBT team that played last night. Yes, they are planning at their home ground.

However, the cons seemed to outweigh all those advantages stated. First of all, I was disappointed of the turnout from last night's match. The ratio of Indonesia fans/supporters to Brunei was 1:1 and it was the visiting fans that made it more happening throughout the match. Indonesia simply had the 12th man which was the amazing passionate crowd.

Given all these, they should not be used as excuses. Brunei hardly threatened Indonesia's goal area and they seemed to have lost imagination plus possession especially after the final third. Indonesia, on the other hand, could have netted more goals which would be a tougher wound to heal.

I was actually impressed with Indonesia's No.10 Irfan Bachdim who scored a hat-trick and he could have scored more. I have to say that Brunei's defence just couldn't handle the prowess of Indonesia's attacking line.

Let's hope last night's match is not an indicator of Brunei's actual potential. The squad they fielded are most experimental and they are missing 8 players (from DPMM FC) who didn't play last night as they are focusing on their crucial match against Home FC United this coming Saturday.

There is still a lot of catch up to do for Brunei and it's back to basics. The only major complain I have is the low number of Bruneian supporters that showed last night. We definitely missed the 12th man. Well done, Indonesians for the comprehensive victory.

The officials for last night's match

Brunei team anxious to get on the field

The Royal family shook hands with the players from Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia

Team Brunei though this is not a finalised squad

Team Indoneisa looked pretty tough

The fans paying respect to the National Anthem

The fans paying respect to the National Anthem

Hendra didn't seem to have the answers against a rampant Indonesia

I honestly have to say that it felt as if Indonesia was the home team based on the ratio of fans and the endless chants. The Brunei crowd was pretty subdued.

This tackle led to a penalty for Irfan who converted for the opening goal and he was simply outstanding in this match

Both captains on the pitch but it was the visitor that enjoyed a better display on the pitch

Perhaps the best goal of the match. He turned around and scored a dipping shot from 35 yards, giving Brunei's keeper no chance

Normally water bottles are used as weight. Now the Indonesians used something more innovative.

Superfriends showing their support for the match and stayed till the end

Irfan scrambled the ball into the net and scored his hat-trick against a helpless Brunei

This was the scene with 15 minutes left to play

One of my friend works for the paramedic

.... and they were called for an injury on Reduan Hj Petara. I hope it's not that serious.

The busiest man on the pitch - Md Fakhrul - was substituted late in the second half

Mohammad Azri felt some cramp with 10 minutes left to play. Some signs of fitness problems for Brunei team.

The unused subs for Brunei team

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Tour de Brunei 2012 kicks off

. Posted in RA News

FIFA 13 in stores now

ETA @ Mall Cineplex has brought in extra copies so grab a copy now.. This is more popular than PES 2013 btw. Click image to enter ETA Facebook page

Brunei vs Indonesia friendly

Some will see this as an experimental match especially for the Brunei's team management point of view since most of their players are not finalised for the upcoming Suzuki Cup in October. Some will see this as a competitive or to an extent, a revenge match, from Indonesia point of view, as they were the beaten finalist in the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy 2012.

Mind you these aren't the Under 23 team anymore and this is the real deal though it's only a friendly international match. Brunei team is under going a few minor challenges especially to the availability of the players from DPMM FC players. Around 8 players are called up for national duty but they haven't been training with the national team due to the commitment with the S•League. Hence only a handful of DPMM FC players will be playing for Brunei notably Adi Said.

The other challenge that Brunei team is facing is that they are only limited to 5 + 1 goalie substitutes during the match. Mohd Noor of Natioanal Football Association of Brunei Darussalam said that they are following FIFA rules in terms of number of substitutions allowed and rejected Brunei team manager Hj Feisal's request for additional substitution. This is because this will be Brunei's first international match with his experimental squad which has yet to be finalised. Hence selection process will be challenging given that they are only allowed 5 substitutes with 20 players to choose from. This would mean that not all Brunei players will be given the chance to play on the pitch.

The organisers advised the public not to bring cans, bottles, banners, flags, poles, umbrellas, fireworks, airhorns, drums, musical instruments and believe it or not, pets *lol* which are printed at the tickets. The security will be beefed up tomorrow night in anticipation of this international friendly match.

The match tickets will be available at all sport complexes at all four districts starting at 8am to 12pm today (Wednesday, 26th September). The other venue is the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium from 8am to match time. The ticket prices are $5 and $8.

Good luck to all the players and let's hope for a good harmonious match tonight.

Representatives from Indonesia thanking NFABD for inviting them

There was a briefing for both Indonesia and Brunei

Hj Taha taking a photo opportunity

Team Captain for Indonesia Elie Aiboy was happy to be back and he's no stranger to Brunei as he ever played for Selangor during the Malaysian League and faced Brunei before

Hj Feisal said that the Brunei team has been preparing for a month

The match officials for tomorrow. The referee will be from Malaysia.

A handshake between Indonesia's head coach Hil Maizar and Brunei's head coach Kwon Oh Son

People were already buying tickets this afternoon

Let's hope there are more "yellows" tomorrow. This Indonesian guy bought a few already

So get your tickets tomorrow at the Sport Complex at all four districts from 8am to 12pm or just go down to the National Stadium

Brunei team will be wearing yellow so don't forget to wear yellow too

Will Adi Said score again against Indonesia? He scored one in the finals of Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy

A bigger, better Tour de Brunei

Are you ready for Tour de Brunei 2012?

More teams, more cyclists. Good signs are coming and so is the pressure to deliver the best. Title sponsors ButraHeidelbergCement (Brunei Cement) are the main reason why Tour de Brunei is made possible with the organisers of the event Brunei Darussalam Cycling Federation and also the assistance from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and Brunei Tourism. This is a good avenue for the local cyclists to improve their standards as they also compete with international cyclists.

Yesterday was the team presentation and the opening ceremony before the 1st leg race this morning which kicks off at the ButraHeidelbergCement Plant at Seresa at 10am later and ends at the Waterfront. So guys, do bear the traffic or the routes that should be avoided while the cyclists are competing.

The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports graced the opening ceremony though there was a long delay as he had an official commitment which coincidently clashed with the event. He delivered his welcoming remarks before acknowledging the participants of this year's Tour de Brunei.

Richard Neo of Lof Bakery Cycling Team said that his team is well prepared and they hope to improve last year's standings. Lof team has also brought in international cyclists to be part of their team.

Terengganu Cycling Team are favourites to win the UCI Asia Tour Title and they are leading by 92 points. Other teams vying for the title are Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling Team, CCN Cycling Team, China 361 Cycling Team, Uzbekistan Suren Team and OCBC Singapore Continental Cycling Team.

Tour de Brunei is an UCI 2.2 sanctioned cycling championship with a total of five stages around the Sultanate. It is jointly organised by the Brunei Darussalam Cycling Federation in collaboration with the Department of Youth and Sports. It is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports as well as the Department of Tourism Development.

It's good to see an international event happening here in Brunei. Now the challenging part is to create more interest in our local community of this event. It has to start somewhere and the journey has begun. With more exposure and interest, this annual international event can be bigger than it already was year by year. For more information, you can click here (facebook page) or here (their official website).

Cyclists resting before the event

Yes, it was a pretty hot day too

Stuart Lee of ButraHeidelberg Cement and Hj Rosli Hj Mohiddin, President of Brunei Darussalam Cycling Federation

Some cultural entertainment for the audience before the arrival of guest of honour

The media taking a break

I think they are Japanese cyclists

The emcee Allen Shim being brief by Dato Paduka Hamid Jaafar on any changes for the programme

The guest of honour, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports

A speech delivered by Hj Rosli

The Minister giving his welcoming remarks

Terengganu Cycling Team

Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling Team

Ain't his glasses pretty cool?

Richard Neo of Lof Bakery cycling team

Lof Bakery Cycling Team

CNN Cycling Team representing Brunei

OCBC Singapore Continental Cycling Team

Brunei Darussalam National Team with their new bikes Cannondale Professional bicycles sponsored by Youth and Sports Department.

A hungry affair right after the ceremony

Some of the LOs for the event

You can catch them on instagram too

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Chatworthy, a great app

. Posted in RA News

The Chatworthy Experience

To all IOS users, you can download Chatworthy for free on Apple Store

Mobile app developer MeSixty is announcing the release of Chatworthy, a free iPhone app full of features that gives its users a variety of new ways to discover interesting Instagrams. The app allows users to select any location in the world and view Instagram posts geo-tagged there with the most relevant posts shown first. With a full featured instant messaging platform built-in, users can share multiple posts that they find chat-worthy with their friends and chat privately about them.

“Chatworthy is a way to discover content that surrounds any location, ranked by its ‘Chatworthiness’, i.e. how likely you are to comment or talk about it. All calculated by our proprietary algorithms, it’s pretty nifty stuff!” said Keeran Janin, co-founder of MeSixty. “Most app news feeds are sorted by time, so unless you’re online 24/7, content is easily missed. Content you discover with Chatworthy on the other hand is about a place you choose and how closely it’s related to you, it could be many months old, but will be relevant to you, that’s the magic of the app.”

More Social Networks Being Added

Support for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Foursquare is also being developed making the already feature rich chat even more powerful with the ability to share posts from multiple social networks in the same conversation with friends from different networks.

Always the Most Relevant Results Available

Posts are ranked using an algorithm that makes sure you are seeing only the most relevant and chat-worthy. The algorithm takes into account a number of factors such as relationship with the author of the post, mutual friends and the popularity of that post.

Extra Functionality Beyond Browsing and Chatting

As well as being able to follow users and like posts, Chatworthy presents the comments like a public chat room letting you easily comment and read comments from others. The app includes a bookmark feature that not only lets you save and check back on posts you have found but also allows you to bookmark locations to see any new Instagrams posted there in future. Start a chat on the iPad and switch seamlessly to the iPhone.

The Walk-through for Chatworthy

The info once you search for Chatworthy on Apps Store

There's an updated version already for Chatworthy

The first home page for all new users and subscribers

So far they have it integrated with instagram and soon for Twitter and Facebook and the rest...

Authorise your instagram account on Chatworthy

You can watch the tutorial too if you want a more interactive information. Awesome feat!!

Reviews for Chatworthy 9 out of 10! - "Chatworthy for Instagram makes an already great service even better." "A really neat application that's going to bring a more social aspect to Instagram"

Feature Summary

• Discover Instagram posts based on their location from anywhere in the world
• Private Chat (DM) with your Instagram friends and share posts with them
• Offline messaging, seamlessly transition from iPad to iPhone
• View Instagram posts in full screen with support for the new iPad in retina resolution
• Like, Follow, Comment on Instagram posts and view your friends latest photos
• Bookmark posts to see them later and bookmark locations to check back for new posts
• Chatworthy generates your contact list based on your Instagram friends

So for instance, I choose a location on Jln Beribi

Then thumbnails will appear of the instagram pictures I've posted at the time of location and the pictures I posted on instagram are mostly from home (Jln Beribi)

A simplified display with usernames for instagram posters

So just click an image and you will see this and you can either post a comment on it or even chat with someone about it

This is the next page should you want to share or chat with your friends about the said picture

This would be how the list of friends on chat looks like

The chat format and you can create a conversation for more information or simply a social chat

The guys behind Chatworthy - Liam Janin and Keeran Janin

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