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The best and the good

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SCB’s investment promotion


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Online transaction with HSBC PIB

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  Concepts Computer

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The new 1.6L Turbo 408

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A Better View

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BIBD Barakah 5

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Testing the waters for MFIII


This is the thing I realized about Brunei and even worldwide, health and beauty are their priorities and consumers are spending millions, if not billions, in this category. I am no stranger to health products as I have consumed different types of supplements in the past few years, though I won’t say I’m a regular when it comes to supplement consumption.

Recently I was briefed by a company that brought in one of the most reputable companies that deal with MFIII products and this particular company from Switzerland has been around for more than 25 years. So that says a lot about the company’s existence and in ASEAN, they have a strong presence in Singapore and Malaysia. So this something new to Brunei market for MFIII and I believe there is a market for soft gels here in Brunei.

Now they are currently showcasing their products at the Consumer Fair and the Principal from Singapore is in also in Brunei to help the consumer and public understand more about the product they offer and why their product stands out more than the rest. I have to say that I’m beginning to learn more about cell therapy which helps to regenerate new cells in your bodies so you will not only look younger but feel younger.

So if you feel like you growing too fast (or aging too fast), I highly recommend the MFIII products and yes, they are scientifically proven with over 25 years of history and furthermore, this is a Switzerland product and it uses “cold procressing” so that the bio activeness of the vegetal placenta is preserved.

Do drop by MFIII booth at the Consumer Fair and they will be there until Sunday. Ask for Tracy or Morrie and they are quite friendly and ready to answer and consult with you with regards to health and beauty.

Morrie Chern, Sales Director of MFIII Singapore (2nd from left) with the Brunei counterpart, Tracy Glam, Director of Skin Lab Beauty (3rd from left) at the MFIII Booth at the Consumer Fair

The MFIII Vegetal Placenta softgels on display

I had a quick interview with the principal of MFIII, Singapore, Morrie Chern, who is also the Sales Director in Singapore market. According to Morrie, the soft gels are quite ideal even for the younger crowd and they will make you age gracefully and still have that youthful energy. In her younger days, Morrie used to be involved in the beauty line and she has been in this line for over 30 years. Only recently that she realised that most of us forget about the internal part of our body while focusing too much on the external (facial and skin).

Morrie explained that now MFIII have come up with two Softgels. Previously MFIII came up with the MFIII PE Softgel which are made from sheep placenta. Now they have another version which is MFIII VP Softgel which made of vegetal placenta (plants). She highly recommends the MFIII VP Softgel to our Brunei market as this product doesn’t contain animal products and Bruneians might be a bit fussy when it comes to animal content in supplements.

Morrie shared that there is no difference in terms of results. The Vegetal Placenta works effectively as the Sheep Placenta. Morrie Chern will be here for the rest of the Consumer Fair. Do catch her at her booth and tell her that Rano recommended you. Thanks Morrie for your time and all the best in helping the awareness in Brunei.

Morrie Chern sharing her experience of MFIII history and its product


Who’s gonna win??


The lucky 21 have been chosen. The draw was done yesterday at Jati Transport Showroom and the names were drawn by Phil Myhre, General Manager of Jati Transport Sdn Bhd and Shazali Sulaiman, a partner of KPMG. A total entry of 358 were recorded and place in the clear box for witnesses to see the draw. Members of the media and the sales agents of Jati Transport were present during the draw. The sales agents were also hyped up when their customers’ names were being announced *lol*

Those eligible for the lucky draw are those who bought a Mercedes-Benz passenger car, Vito or Viano from January to December of 2013. According to Phil, last year was the best responses in terms of sales for Mercedes-Benz. He highlighted the E-Class and the C-Class were hot sellers. The same went to A-Class last year.

The final draw of the winners will take place on January 17 at Jati Transport’s Mercedes Showroom. I remember covering last year’s draw and it was full of suspense. This year will be no different. The 21 shortlisted names will be contacted by Jati Transport and it was nice to hear some familiar names being announced.

This year, Jati Transport organised a similar promotion and this time, the grand draw will be the Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 AMG Line. All you need is to purchase a new Mercedes-Benz passenger car, Vito or Viano and the promotion ends on 31st December 2014.

Any enquiries or information can be acquired from Jati Transport by calling 2441763 for its Beribi Showroom or 2441777 for its Gadong Showroom.

Mr. Ho of Jati Transport, making sure all the eligible names are in order

Shazali Sulaiman unlocking the box before the draw

Recounting the receipts to make sure all 21 names are being drawn

Shazali signing off all the 21 names being shortlisted

Shazali and Phil Myhre exchanging hand shakes after the draw

Daniel Loo making sure the media personnels are being taken care off :D

This is the actual car for the grand draw next week - The A250 Sports.. Awesome car this!!!

The grill for the A250 looks awesome!!

Hjh Haliza bte Hj Abdul Hamid was last year’s grand draw winner, winning the Mercedes-Benz SLK AMG Roadser

The excitement after she was announced the winner last year. Who will be the winner this time round?

This is for the ongoing promotion from Jati Transport


Baiduri Deals winner


To mark the start of the new year, Baiduri Bank hosted a prize presentation at its Head Office for 2 customers who had won themselves an iPad Mini each in the December Baiduri Deals promotions.

Miss Shonna Lee won the device by redeeming a $10 discount at Charles & Keith, while Mr Khairul Anuar HMD won when he redeemed $25 off from his purchase at through Baiduri Bank’s marketing app, Baiduri Deals. Ms Dorothy Newn, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing of Baiduri Bank presented Ms Lee and Mr Khairul Anuar with the iPad Mini at Baiduri Bank's Kiarong Branch recently.

Ms Newn mentioned, “Baiduri Deals is a great app with which our customers can redeem the best deals in town, from food and cuisine, to travel, technology and lifestyle. We have an exciting array of e-coupons lined up for our customers this year and exciting new features and functionalities coming up as well!”

Several exciting promotions on Baiduri Deals are being planned over the next few months. The public can look out for e-Coupon alerts on Baiduri Bank’s social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for instructions on how to win exciting prizes such as the Apple iPad Mini. The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Ms Dorothy Newn, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing of Baiduri Bank presented Ms Lee and Mr Khairul Anuar with the iPad Mini at Baiduri Bank's Kiarong Branch


CF13 at ICC


The highly anticipated 13th Consumer Fair opened today at the International Convention Centre, Berakas this morning, which was officiated by Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Utama Dato Seri Setia Haji Yahya Begawan Mudim Dato Paduka Haji Bakar, Minister of Industry and Primary Resources.

During the opening, the Brunei Wushu Association gave a short demo  which included a stunning display with weapons, by the gold and bronze medalists from the recent SEA Games. There was also a Taekwondo martial arts demo from CF event partner ADN MMA Gym.

After the opening ceremony, Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Utama Dato Seri Setia Haji Yahya Begawan Mudim Dato Paduka Haji Bakar visited the various booths, which includes a Asean pavilion, featuring vendors from the BIMP-EAGA sub region of ASEAN. 

One of the biggest attraction is The Enchanted Fairy Garden with an entry of $3 per person. This is ideal for family to bring their kids and enjoy the scenery created by dSunlit creative team. This is also ideal for photography with family and friends.

The consumer fair starts today and will end on 12th January 2014 and it’s open from 10am to 10pm. It will close on Friday from 12pm to 2pm. I shall be posting more pictures tonight or tomorrow. I bought some things too by the way. Hahaha.




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Zombie Run Part II (coming soon)

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I like this lamb


Lamb Mandy, a Yemeni dish introduced at Seasons Restaurant last year is back on the menu following popular demand from January 6 until January 31. Sous Chef Rosli Che Aman said the dish will be served from 12pm to 10pm daily and this dish is actually good for two pax because of its 1 kilo portion.

The dish uses uses lamb shoulders braised with stock, herbs and spices for at least five hours to bring out its full flavours. I tried this dish yesterday for lunch and I was impressed. I didn’t eat that much either since I had some food prior to the food coverage *bad idea*

Rosli also said the best way to enjoy the lamb is by mixing it with the special homemade yoghurt, vegetables, and the flavoured basmati rice. He added those who like their dish spicy can dip the lamb in chilli sauce.

This dish is valued at $18 and like I said it is ideal for two person. However, RBC Dining Privilege Card holders can enjoy the meal at only $16.20.

So don’t miss out on the anticipated return of the delectable Lamb Mandy at Seasons this month. For reservation and finding out more about the dish, call Oscar at 8912470 or Matul 8255679. Seasons Restaurant can also be contacted at 2422291 and 2422292. This is one dish that I do recommend you to try out. No joke :D


Sneaks: 13th Consumer Fair


The 13th Consumer Fair kicks off today and it will be another busy week to look forward to. The event will take place from 8th to 12th January at the ICC. Only today it will be opened from 12pm to 10pm after the opening ceremony. Tomorrow onwards it will be from 10am to 10pm daily until Sunday. The best part about consumer fair is the attractive prices and prizes in store for consumers.

There are tons to look forward to - lucky draws, interactive fitness activities by Reebok 673 and ADN MMA Fitness Gym, an Enchanted Fairy Garden mini theme park, Capture and Caption contest and many more. So make your way to ICC this time (not BRIDEX) for the 13th Consumer Fair of 2014. You can also click here for details.

CF13 official launch will be this morning

I heard the Epson mascots will be around again at Concepts Computer booth

Concepts Computer will be having Brunei Salebration discounts at their booth

This time round the Banquet Hall is being used as the Plenary Hall is not being used

Hmmm this is will be a popular booth for sure

Ephyra have their own booth at the Consumer Fair and you can find them at the Main Conference Hall. More about them soon.

dBookhaus has always been active during Consumer Fair

Practicing for the official opening this morning

Bits and pieces inside the Enchanted Fair Garden

You can pose with the flowers

The entrance of the Enchanted Fair Garden

Have you been insured? I just got myself a few brochures to read more of their info

ADN MMA Fitness Gym area

Want to learn more about the Syariah Code? Books are available both English and Malay at the Mufti State booth at the Banquet Hall

I shall be covering on this new phone later from Alcatel

This will be another appearance from and you will get to experience first hand online shopping with at their booth

Click image to know more about

MFIII Softgels are making their first presence at Consumer Fair. Many great things about these soft gels. Check them out at the Main Conference Hall. I shall be interviewing the principal from Singapore today. More updates on that.

Brunei Halal will be selling their popular baskets with Brunei Halal items once again. These items run out pretty quick.

They also have activities such as spin the wheel for Brunei Halal

Borneo Bulletin the media partner for Consumer Fair

The food court area at the ICC

Lucky draw at ICC

An ongoing problem


Maybe we didn’t put up a good fight. I have been in this situation for almost 15 years. To be more precise, ever since I had my purple IC then back in 2000. Although I appreciate that my application for being a permanent resident (purple) was successful back then, I notice the difficulty that I had to go through especially when I fly quite frequently.

For your info, permanent residents of Brunei Darussalam are only entitled to International Certificate of Identification (ICI) and yes, they make look like passports (well, I do call them passport) but they are not actually passports. I’m still grateful that this document can allow me to travel here and there but in recent years, some countries don’t recognized ICI holders (the brown coloured passports). These countries are Vietnam and Dubai and I am glad that I have been two those countries before for holidays.

Would this a bad thing in the future when other countries will follow suit? I just hope the Brunei Government can assist ICI holders in some way so we won’t be at a disadvantage when it comes to travel. Perhaps a suggestion is to have a passport dedicated to permanent residents rather than a ICI document that looks like a passport wannabe.

Comments were raised on my IG when I posted the image taken from The Brunei Times headline yesterday. Feel free to drop some comments on my IG post or you can email me if you feel like sharing your thoughts. This is an issue I believe that needs to be highlighted in the LegCo this year.

Click the image to read more from The Brunei Times


What was the actual cause?


I don’t exactly know the feeling but according to a witness, the mood was sombre though there were no screams but sheer silence when the Airbus A380 Singapore Airlines descended without warning. The flight was from London to Singapore and I have my relatives and my friends on that flight as well and the most important thing is that no one was injured on that flight.

Reading the news online and hearing the audio from a witness gave me some goosebumps and I have this fear of flying when I was young. It was a good call for the pilot to turn the plane back and executed an emergency landing at Azerbaijan. The captain informed the passengers that it was due to loss of cabin pressure.

You can read more of the article here from BBC. It was good thing that Azerbaijan has a big runway to handle the A380 as not all airports have big runaways to accommodate the A380s. Brunei Darussalam doesn’t have one for sure. I pray that all the passengers will reached their final destination and be grateful and blessed that they are safe and alive. To my relatives, I’m glad that you all are fine. Alhamdulillah.

The question remains what cause the loss of cabin pressure. I hope they will carry out a thorough investigation on this incident.

Click the image to read more.


KFC CNY Treats 2014


Members of the media posing with Richard Chin, Ambuyart’s illustrator, for the upcoming Chinese New Year red packets

Following the successful run of the Hari Raya Green Packet in 2013, KFC once again teamed up with local artist Denny Ambuyat and his team to come up with  Chinese New Year Red Packets which are now available at all KFC outlets.

As per last year’s green packets, this year’s red packets comes in 4 different designs which will be released each week with the first design out on 1st January and the rest will be out on 8th January, 15th January and 22nd January respectively. Placing all four designs side by side will also complete an artwork.

As a bonus, KFC with the help of Ambuyat’s illustrator Richard Chin featured 10 members from various news agencies in the red packet design in the form of cartoon version of themselves. “News reporters play a very big role in our life if you think about how every day we see their work in the newspaper. On a daily basis, their works (articles) are being read whereas they themselves are rarely seen or heard. As such, we (KFC) would like to feature some of them, as a way of thanking them for their contribution” said Jonathan Bong, Senior Marketing Manager, KFC (B) Sdn Bhd. “We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Borneo Bulletin, The Brunei Times, Media Permata, United Daily News, Sin Chew Daily and See Hua Daily News for their support throughout the years as well as for bring news to the public” added Del Goh, Vice President, KFC (B) Sdn Bhd.   

Have fun spotting the cartoony version of James Kon, Debbie Too, Sim Y.H., Chun Leong, Jensen, Tom, Tiger, Vincent, Alex and Miss Lai on KFC’s Red Packets. Spend B$20 and above in a single receipt and get the KFC Festive “Ang Pau” for free at any KFC outlets in Brunei for a limited time only while stock last.

The KFC Chinese New Year red packet


Vacancies at Concepts Computer


Check out the vacancies at Concepts Computer





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Wiser it is

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SCB’s investment promotion


Click image to find out more

Online transaction with HSBC PIB

Wanna win a chance to fly to Japan? Click the banner to find out more


  Concepts Computer

Click image to enter Concepts Computer Facebook page for updates!
The new 1.6L Turbo 408

And only $383* per month, what more with many standard features like Bluetooth connection, 6 airbags, 17" rims and more! Click image to find out more.
A Better View

Click image to enter website

BIBD Barakah 5

Wanna drive a Jaguar XF? Click more to find out!!


DPMM FC’s first training


It’s a new era for DPMM FC. Out goes former coach Vjeran Simunic and in comes Steve Kean as the new head coach of DPMM FC. It was made official last December as DPMM FC appointed the former Blackburn Rovers manager as their head coach. This afternoon DPMM FC had their first training session as they are gearing up for the S•League season starting in February 2014.

All the local players from DPMM FC were on the field especially Sairol, DPMM FC’s experienced fullback who was out half way through last season due to injury. He seemed to be gaining back to his best and he will be one of the crucial players for DPMM FC’s campaign this season.

DPMM FC are set to feature in the Saksee Phuket Cup tournament in Thailand as part of their 2014 Singapore League (S-League) pre-season training. It was reported on the club’s official website that they have been invited to participate in the January 25-27 tournament, and it was also reported that DPMM FC are slated to host Malaysian FA Cup Champions Kelantan FA on January 31 at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in Berakas.

so far DPMM FC have signed three new players, Boris Raspudic(Bosnia), Roberto Alviz(Croatia) and Joe Gamble(Ireland). The only retained import player is Rodrigo Tosi (Brazil) and DPMM FC are still scouting for one more talent to complete the foreign legion.

So far Steve Kean was impressed with their first training of the season and he was happy to see all the players back on the field especially those with long term injuries. He will be increasing the intensity of the training schedules as weeks go by. Let’s hope for better things for DPMM FC after a poor outing last season.

DPMM FC’s training session earlier on this afternoon at Jerudong Mini Stadium

The new import gelling in during training

Steve Kean being interviewed after training

Caleb Colman Folan, 31, last played for Bradford City, is on trials for DPMM FC and he plays a striking role. Good luck to you :D



Relentless drew in crowd


Relentless Studios is located at Unit 32, first floor, Kompleks Madang

I paid a quick visit to Relentless Studios Performing Arts Centre (RSPAC) which had its open day yesterday and they offered five free classes conducted by the Relentless dance instructors. They had K-Pop, Street Jazz, Lyrical Hip-Hop, B-boy and Zumba free lessons for all. The studio was quite packed and it was nice to see new faces and joining the demos.

This gave the attendees the opportunity to study with professionals and benefit from a pool of extensive knowledge in the performing arts world. All the classes are specially designed and constructed to strengthen both technique and performance skills. RSPAC is the perfect choice for dancers and aspiring performing artists of all ages.

According to Mardi, the co-founder of Relentless Entertainment, the new studio is another avenue for them to train themselves as well as teach students at their own studio. Previously classes were held at Pusat Belia though Relentless will still be involved in using their facilities from time to time. With their Relentless dance instructors, Mardi and his team made a brave decision in opening a studio and I believe this is an excellent move indeed.

Relentless Studios is located at Unit 32, first floor, Kompleks Madang. For more details, please contact Mardi at 7186225 and Amy at 824322 or by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Relentless is also available on Facebook at or follow them on IG @relentlessent

Chee with his K-Pop moves and giving some lessons to the walk-in guests yesterday


Still pending investigation


The Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources advising public not to consume the clams. CIick image here to read more.

There were even rumours circulating that it was due to tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. Read more of the news by clicking the image. Image courtesy of The Brunei Times.

I must have been at the wrong beach yesterday… hmmmmm..


A meaningful reminder


Thanks #CHC for this reminder :D



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VMY 2014 launched

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Visit Malaysia Year 2014


The Grand launch of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 was heralded with an all-out ceremony at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur filled with musical performances, dances and fireworks. Officiating the fourth edition of the grand tourism event was Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Dato' Haji Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin. Hundreds of locals, officials , delegates from various countries and invited Megafam participants were there to witness the great spectacle and were in awe of the fireworks that lit up the night sky. Also present at the event was the Minister of Tourism & Culture Malaysia, Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri Tan Sri Abdul Aziz.

He called on all Malaysians to join hands to make VMY 2014 a great success. He highlighted the “We are the Host” campaign where the acronym for HOST stands for Heart, Open, Smile, Together. He said that VMY 2014 has a target of attracting 28 millions tourists and hoping to generate RM 76 billion tourist receipts in 2014.

The event had a star-studded line up with names such as Dato' Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim lending their vocals for the signature songs of the tourism campaign, and other local artistes including Amy Search, Hafiz, Nash, Awie, Najwa Latif and many more giving crowd pleasing renditions of their famous hits. The performances by dancers in brightly coloured costumes represented the various ethnicities in Malaysia, with the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, an iconic landmark in Kuala Lumpur, providing the perfect backdrop as images were projected on to it. The Probocis Monkey is selected as the official mascot for Visit Malaysia Year 2014 as a symbol for ongoing conservation efforts and to bring more awareness towards the environment. Reported by Aliya Zin, Chief Reporter for Rano360.

Cultural performances last night at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Guests enjoying the fireworks display

Guests enjoying the fireworks display

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza belting a song for the crowd last night

Goodies from Tourism Malaysia

Recently the media representatives attended a Destination Seminar held at Shangrila-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. A total of 219 international travel agents and media from 26 countries were invited and this objective is to promote and give more awareness of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 to the public in their respective countries.

Brunei Darussalam is definitely one of the important markets for Malaysia despite its small population. Last year alone, in just a span of 9 months in 2013, Brunei is ranked Top 4 in terms of tourists to Malaysia alone. The figure of almost 900,000 visits is amazing, considering that is more than half of the population of Brunei. Singapore is understandably the highest because of the border between Johor and Singapore. I believe the recent exchange rate is also favourable for Bruneians as at one stage, the exchange rate hit a high 2.6 in late December. I’m not pretty sure what the rate is now but nonetheless the currency value is still in favour for us Bruneians to travel, shop and dine in Malaysia.

If you happen to upload pictures on instagram, do include the hashtag #VMY2014 

The Destination Seminar held at Shangri-la Hotel for the media

Amazing statistics from Brunei alone

A memento from Tourism Malaysia to the Brunei delegates. Image courtesy of Rokiah of Borneo Bulletin




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The first weekend

. Posted in RA News


RE opens first studio tomorrow


Happening tomorrow (Sunday)

Relentless Entertainment is opening its first studio, the Relentless Studios Performing Arts Centre (RSPAC), after celebrating its fifth year anniversary. The public is invited to RSPAC’s open day this Sunday, from 1pm - 6pm at Relentless Studios, Unit 32, first floor, Kompleks Madang.

Five free classes will be conducted by Relentless dance instructors and coaches at the open day. Special launch discounts will also be available to those who purchased the monthly class packages.

RSPAC aspires to provide performing artists a venue where they can practice and perfect their art. The centre has classes for different levels of competency, from beginners to experts.

It gives the attendees the opportunity to study with professionals and benefit from a pool of extensive knowledge in the performing arts world. All the classes are specially designed and constructed to strengthen both technique and performance skills. RSPAC is the perfect choice for dancers and aspiring performing artists of all ages.

Since its establishment in 2008, Relentless has been actively involved in introducing, training and nurturing dance and the arts to the youth of Brunei. Apart from conducting regular classes, performing and events management, Relentless also has a scholarship scheme where talented young dancers receive free training and opportunities for paid performances through the Relentless talent agency.

For more details, please contact Mardi at 7186225 and Amy at 824322 or by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Relentless is also available on Facebook at or follow them on IG @relentlessent. Text courtesy of The Brunei Times.

The cast and crew of Relentless' 'Enchanted Forest' musical production in May 2013 with His Royal Highness Prince Haji 'Abdul 'Azim (back row, 7th R). Image courtesy of Relentless Studios Performing Arts Centre.


The clam phenomenon


People scouring for the unidentified white clams at a section of of Lumut Beach, in front of the Liang Lumut Recreational Club. The Fisheries Department advised caution as the origins of the clams had yet to be determined and thus not deemed safe for consumption yet. Image courtesy of Ubaidillah Masli of The Brunei Times.

This happened yesterday at Lumut Beach and I also been receiving rival pictures of the mysterious clams that have appeared on the shores of Lumut Beach. Investigation has been carried out on this phenomenon by the Fisheries Department and they also recommended that those who picked the clams not to consume them as yet.

Apparently this incident was noticed as early as 5:30am yesterday according to The Brunei Times. The Fisheries Department had been informed of the “flooding” of a species of clam on Lumut beach, in what it described as an extraordinary event.

“Considering that the Fisheries Department is still investigating the cause of this morning’s event, including (thorough) analysis of samples of the clams, the public is advised to not eat the clams of which its safety is not known,” the authority said in a statement yesterday.

Acting Fisheries Director Abd Halidi Mohd Salleh in a message to the paper said clams were known to eat anything on the beach including toxic material, and could thereby pose a danger if consumed. Click here for the full article.

Image courtesy of Whatsapp


Low expectations for HBT?


In today’s The Brunei Times

I read the paper recently that the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy team for Brunei were scouting for players and organising trials. In my opinion, at this stage, they should be already be in preparation and having friendly matches by now to be in shape for the upcoming Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy sometime in April 2014 which is just four months away. The other problem I see here is who does the HBT team belong to - The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports or National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD)? I didn’t see a word mention of NFABD in the article written in The Brunei Times today.

Is sports politics taking the spot light again? After all the celebrations and the fans’ meeting, there haven’t been much progress from the squad to excel to better heights. The DST National League hasn’t happened over a year and this means there’s no league competition which then means the football players have no outlet to showcase their talents for national selection. The only active league that I can recall is the TelBru U-16 League, the You.C1000 Brunei Chinese League and of course, our only professional club, DPMM FC which has consistently compete in the S•League and DPMM FC even have friendly matches prior to the new season.

So the question mark here remains what are NFABD’s objectives to promote the football here in the country. Their recent outing in the Asian Football Confederation Under-19 three months ago doubted the public on their objectives. The national U-19 team only scored one goal and conceded 16 goals in three matches. Are we going to see the same faith for the upcoming HBT team? There were many criticisms on the previous tournament but the Brunei HBT defied all odds and were crowned champions.

Will they be able to repeat the same performance with these challenges ahead?

Will there be another Adi Said for the new HBT team for Brunei? This was his infamous flip when he scored for Brunei against Indonesia

The local fans’ best moment in 2012. Can Brunei defend their trophy this April?




The most viral image of Whatsapp

Have fun snapping photos with the props provided and post them on Instagram, or have your photo taken with your comments on the Consumer Fair, and receive a pack of special eggs free in the process!

The 13th Consumer Fair, to be held from 8 to 12 January at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Berakas, will be having a grand egg giveaway. These eggs will be given out in packs of four during 2 sessions every day of the five-day fair, once in the afternoon and then at night.

There are two ways to receive this pack of eggs, and the method will depend on the day and time you visit the giveaway area. The first method is to post on Instagram pictures of yourselves using the various props at the giveaway area with the hashtag #cfacts4eggs and show this to the staff to redeem your pack. The second method is to write down a few words on a board and paper provided about what you think of the Consumer Fair, and then pose for a picture with your comments.

Each person is entitled to redeem only one pack of four eggs per method of redemption at any one time while stocks for that session last. Eggs are the perfect protein, and make a healthy snack for everyone. The cooks and bakers among you might be especially glad for the extra eggs around this time as they are usually in short supply in the run-up to any festive season.

Whether you’re a cook, baker or an instagram enthusiast, this egg giveaway is for you. Head on to the 13th Consumer Fair from 12 noon to 10pm on Wednesday (after the opening ceremony), and from 10am to 10pm until Sunday to snap great pics and go home with these” eggsciting” goodies.



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