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Fearless Love

Written by Rano Iskandar on 10 August 2012.

Another cause for celebration

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HSBC - Home loan needs

Pazzion promotion at The Mall

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IA Salon also focuses on Make-up

I was given a quick run through on the make-up accessories brought in by Cecilia of IA Salon

I always wanted to know the importance of make-up or how much difference it can make one appear. I know of a friend where their peers won't recogniser her because she didn't apply any make-up. I never thought that would a make-up would make a difference.

Last week Cecilia of IA Salon presented a brief explanation and demo on the make-up brands she brought it for the benefit of their customers. She believes in the quality of the products that M•A•C and Make up For Ever deliver and it's also an advantage to use a high quality brush to get the best effect.

So if you want to get some make-up done, IA Salon (located at The Mall, next to Guardian) can do wonders and this is ideal if you want to do some photoshoot session or preparing for an occasion. Cecilia also conducts classes for make-up for those interested.

The brush from Make Up For Ever and it's so delicate

Tons of brushes to choose from

You can blend this colour and use it as lipstick too

You can make uses of this palettes and create a mixture of colours to tailor to your needs

Another good product from Make Up For Ever

These are water-proof and cream based. Lasting for 18 hours.

Cecilia did a quick 5 minute demo

See the difference from the right and left eye?

One of Cecilia's portfolio for her make-up

High demand for O&G

YB Pehin Dato Hj Mohammad Yasmin, The Minister of Energy inspiring those attended the session last month

You need to start somewhere. You need to be aware too if such opportunity arises. The Minister of Energy at the Prime Minister's Office urged the umemployed graduates to commit rather than treat the recruitment as a transitional period last month during the open dialogue session which received an overwhelming response from the public.

Brunei as we know is driven by the "Oil and Gas" sector and the opportunities are there if you make the effort and put your heart to it. It was a very demanding industry said the Minister and business is a reality for the oil and gas players.

It seeems that a lot of companies are facing similar issues where commitment has been questionable. The same goes to the local SMEs in Brunei where job hopping is quite common. Perhaps it's all about educating the public and also shifting their mindsets of individuals.

It was good to see the Minister visiting the students from one table to another and asking any questions put forth by the graduates. He also encouraged the graduates to even set up their own businesses and be entrepreneurial.

The previous dialogue session was successful where 50 of them have secured jobs as apprentices and full-time employees. Let's hope for a better return in the recent dialogue session.

The Minister asking students of their interest and see how they contribute to the Oil & Gas sector

Intership programme at TOTAL

Total E&P Borneo BV and Total E&P Deep Offshore Borneo BV invite qualified, energetic and passionate graduates interested to gain knowledge and experience and get exposure in the oil and gas industry to apply for position in the following department under its Intership programme.

1. Corporate Communications
2. Information Systems and Telecom
3. HSE
4. Operations [Engineering]

You can submit your resume and a non-returnable passport to the Head of Human Resources and Corporate Communications to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and closing date is 13 August 2012 and this is only open to Brunei Citizens and Brunei PRs. Oh yeah, don't be mistaken that this is a recruitment programme but more of a intership programme.

Cecilia spent two months in NY

I never knew my friend Cecilia Lee is very passionate of her work. She really dedicated her two months in New York for one thing - an international workshop on make-up. Now she has more knowledge and new techniques for make-up.

The workshop classes she attended cover aspects such as lamour make up, lash,lip and brow excellence,perfect beauty and understanding airbrush make up. You can visit IA Salon at The Mall if you are interested to learn make up.

Below are pictures of Cecilia during her make-up workshops in New York.

The exhibition that Cecilia attended in New York

Educational books at Fun Bee Park

I'm amazed by the things that kids can benefit from Fun Bee Park. It's like a day care centre but with a bonus of educational stuff such as books and games. What I'm impressed are the books they brought in from overseas and this can create interest in kids to be more curious and wanting to learn more.

For more information on Fun Bee Park, call 2467729 or send a text to 7178232. Fun Bee Park is located at A6 & A7, Ground Floor, Sempurna Complex, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam (near Happy Star, Batu Bersurat).

Kids can choose the books from Fun Bee Park

The books are quite educational and kids will definitely love them

I love the facts that the books have pop-ups to bring create more dimensions and interests to young readers

Check out this book!!

And this too!!

Fun Bee Park is a great place for kids to learn new things

Fun Bee Park is located at Batu Bersurat.

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