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Yay!! Bali here I come

Written by Rano Iskandar on 04 November 2012.

The Happenings

Impressive S7 Ultrabook. Yesterday Richard Soo, Branch Manager of Acer (Miri and Brunei) introduced the latest offer by Acer computer which is the Acer S7 Ultrabook which also comes with a pre-installed Windows 8. The features are pretty impressive indeed for a thin notebook and the screen display is also a touch screen. The price of the S7 is the region of $1600+ at Concepts Computer and yesterday, Concepts Computer also had a special two hour "Acer Windows 8 Bonanza" from 11am to 1pm.

The new Acer S7 Ultrabook

New HQ, new uniform. After y 7 years, b•mobile has moved to their headquarters at Jalan Gadong though I'm not keen on the location because of the entry point but it still accessible from my home (3 minutes away). The launch of the building was graced by the guest of honour Abdul Mutalib, Acting Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Communications. He did raise a good point on telcos to lift up their game in order to be competitive due to the social media players such as Whatsapp, instagram and Facebook. There is definitely an increasing demand for ICT services (content and apps) as Brunei is heading towards Wawasan 2035. The staff of b•mobile will be wearing a new uniform at the new HQ where they have let go off the striking red colour and opted for maroon colors.

b•mobile new head quarters at Jalan Beribi

The new Santa Fe. I'm quite impressed with the all new Hyundai Santa Fe launched last night by Setia Motors Sdn Bhd and for those interested to test drive, you can visit their showroom today onwards. This is one of the stylist SUV I've seen from Hyundai. The engine has been downsized to get better fuel economy. The braking system also has improved where it delivers the right amount of braking force. So far the units available are in diesel but you can place your order for petrol. Congratulations on the launch at The Empire Hotel last night. For further information, you can call Setia Motors Sdn Bhd at 245 3506/2/9.

The new Santa Fe

The 10-day holiday trip. This is my first trip to Bali and I'm pretty excited. So I will be away for at least a week but I shall be updating my posts and editorials from Bali itself. I've made sure that the rooms have wifi or internet *fingers crossed* So far I've been reading this "Groovy Map" which gives independent reviews on places of interest, cafes, tips and many more. I have to say that the map guide is too authentic *lol* and tonight we all plan to chill at a jazz cafe around Ubud. Thank you to my readers and sorry for my lack of updates because of the time constraint.

Notice anything ironic about this pic? *lol*

The Groovy Map of Bali

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