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Comedy is a mask of tragedy

Written by Rano Iskandar on 08 November 2012.

Cyber Security Awareness Week

Royal Brunei November Promotion

BIBD: Blessing Rewards Part III

BIBD Blessing Rewards returns

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) launched BIBD Blessing Rewards 3 at a ceremony held yesterday in the Indera Samudra Grand Hall of The Empire Hotel & Country Club in Jerudong. BIBD Blessing Rewards 3 is the third installation of the immensely successful Blessing Rewards campaign initiated by the bank in 2011.

Earlier this year, a BIBD customer won a brand new Lexus IS300 convertible, the grand prize of the Blessing Rewards 2 campaign. During the ceremony yesterday, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Hjh Noraini Hj Sulaiman unveiled a sporty Toyota 86 as the grand prize for this round of the campaign.

The other five prizes in the campaign were also revealed. The second place winner can choose between a holiday package for two to Melbourne, Australia, or a travel package for two to perform umrah in Saudi Arabia. The packages include air tickets, accommodation and spending money.

The third prize is a package to furnish a home with Samsung household electronics such as a refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, a 46-inch LED 3D TV and a Samsung Home Theatre system to complete the prize.

The fourth place winner will walk away with 1,000,000 AirAsia BIG points, which will allow the winner to fly to destinations such as Tokyo, Melbourne or Beijing, among others.

The fifth prize winner will receive Apple products, such as a MacBook Pro, an iPad and the latest iPhone 5.

Lastly, the sixth prize winner will take home a Samsung package consisting of a Samsung NX11 kit, a 32GB Samsung Galaxy S III and a 16GB Samsung Galaxy Note.

This campaign is open to new and existing customers of BIBD who sign up and maintain personal accounts with BIBD or successfully sign up for BIBD facilities from now until February 28, 2013. The CFO also emphasised the prizes for this round's Blessing Rewards, saying that the prizes are much more exciting than in the previous rounds.

Entries for the campaign are generated and entered automatically by the system upon approval or activation of the product or service, without the need for customer to fill in forms or vouchers manually. Ammirul Adnan of The Brunei Times.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Hjh Noraini Hj Sulaiman in her welcoming remarks

The Grand prize is the Toyota 86

The 2nd and 3rd prize are still awesome!!

….Or the AirAsia points is still a good catch

I <3 Bali

Sometimes it's best not to negotiate with these guys on the street

I think this is their version of 7-Eleven

We had our lunch here around Ubud. I give it 7/10

Loads of dishes being served

They even have this deco at the restaurant to show the Balinese tradition

I saw this around Kuta, Bali

Be careful when you visit the money changer. Some are opportunists and some tend to give counterfeit ones. Do ask the driver for suggestions.

Loads of foreigners rented bikes there

Pirated DVDS are pretty common and you can even rent them

They have a 5D simulator but we never tried

*LOL* Smart idea of a restaurant but way too smart for my liking

I see a huge bird cage in one of the restaurants (Am I being naive?)

We had a short break at this cafe at Legian, Kuta

The gado-gado dish at Alang-Alang cafe

There were tons of motorbikes along Legian street

So I paid a visit to this shop and the process was easy to rent a motorbike. No licence required or whatsoever. All you need is BND 10 for the whole day or less than BND10 for two days. So darn cheap!!! I only went for one round but I still had to pay for a full day charge.

I realized I'm not ready to ride one as I was already struggling in the beginning. I rode through the traffic with a lot of start-stop moments in between *lol*

The Bali Momument where the bombing happened a decade ago. RIP.

I saw this at one of the Quicsilver shops at Kuta

This is an actual radio station and it's broadcasting through this mini-bus.. How cool!!

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