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Written by Rano Iskandar on 14 November 2012.

Drive safe peeps!!

Promotion at Tasek Brasserie

Royal Brunei November Promotion

Water Rafting in Bali

Telaga Dewata Rafting

This was truly amazing!! I've always love water rafting but then again, you will need a lot of people or perhaps a group of 3 or 4 so it would be more fun to raft. Last Monday, we had the opportunity to do so and there were 40 of us who chose to give it a go and it was great learning experience for me because I kinda learned my strengths about my well being and it's not just purely fun. I learned about my leadership and also bringing laughter to people. I've hardly acknowledged my strengths and that experience during the rafting journey made me realised that I'm capable leader and I also learn about my other rafting buddies - Alvin, Lona and Grace :D

If you happened to be in Bali, I highly recommened you the Dewata Rafting and it was quite a long ride to the area as it's not far from the mountains. The Telaga Waja River is one of the best place for water rafting and it has a stretch of 14 km from start to finish which took us about 2 hours and lunch is also served right after you finish you session.

That time, grade of the river flow is 3 which is safe for rafting. I enjoyed the scenic view especially the tropical forst adn the water falls along the river side. There were many water falls to be impressed with and we had a pitstop and enjoy the fresh water fall. Each raft will have a professional river guide and we had one named MaDe who has been rafting for over 15 years. He took care of us well and we just have to listen to his instructions otherwise our raft can get stuck between the rocks. Our group did amazing and we showed great teamwork and we only got stuck just because we got distracted by this lady who was wearing a bikini in the other raft *lol*

The costs of the water rafting is USD 75 per adult, USD 55 Child or USD 215 (2 adult + 2 child). Telaga Dewata Rafting is located Sanur, Bali and you can call their hotline +62 361 289467 or you can visit their website for more details.

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