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Gadget Plus

Written by Rano Iskandar on 01 December 2012.

Smart Pass useful for "Stop & Go"

The Smart Pass do come in handy

I was introduced to this unique gadget by Aaron Sitai, the owner of GadgetPlus Store (GPS) and he showed me a quick demo on how convenient a Smart Pass can do for car owners.

Let's give this scenario. I drive down to "kedai runcit" and I normally buy my goodies or newspaper and it's just a 30 second pitstop. We have the tendency not to turn off the engine and just leave it on and take for granted that Brunei is a safe place. Well, you will be surprised. It happened to my friend and in a matter of seconds, he lost his valuables in the passenger seat.

So now, with Smart Pass, you can safely lock your car with your engine still running by tapping the Smart Pass on the censor of the device (Smart Pass RF Reader). Now these are pretty ideal especially those who fall in this category and also companies that does a lot of delivery services to their clients. Of course, it's still convenient for the usual drivers like us too.

Not to worry, peeps, as it won't harm your ECU as the fitting won't tamper with it. The best part is that if you have your existing central locking system, it is still compatible with Smart Pass.

The Smart Pass locks the car by just tapping it on the Smart Pass RF reader

You can even put the Smart Tag in your smart phone for convenience

If you buy one, it comes with a Smart Pass RF Reader and two tags (a card and one for smartphone)

Each box set comes with the Smart Pass device and two tags - one for your smartphones and the other a credit card sized tag. For your info, each Smart Pass RF Reader unit can allow up to 7 authorized smart tags to be registered onto its system allowing multiple users with an authorized tag to access the same vehicle. Additional tags can be purchased separately.

So far that this awesome gadget works with Korean and Japanese cars. Of course, other continental cars do still work but it might need more work depending on the complexity. So far the cars that have been tested are Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and KIA to name a few. It has also been fitted to Audi, BMW and Chevrolet too.

So what's the pricing for the Smart Pass?

Smart Pass - $399 excluding fitting fee
Additional Cell Phone Tag $28
Additional Card Tag $28
Waterproof Sports wristband $48

So far the authorized fitters are Autopro Typre (behind The Arch call: 242 7242) and Fong Seng & Co (Goodwood Building, Menglait call 245 0780)

You can contact Aaron directly if you want to know more info about the Smart Pass at 710 9929 or add him on Facebook: Hibernator Awake. You can also view some videos for demo here here and here

Gadget Plus brings air ionizer

I'm pretty sure you have some sort of air purifiers in your llving room or your bedroom or somewhere plugged in your house. I never had one but I tend to come across whenever I visit my friends' place. Recently I was introduced to Air Vita brand which is pretty cool stuff. It does more than just an air purifier. These three air ionizer that I'm gonna post comes all the way from Korea and the devices have won many awards.. So don't be fooled by its small size and yes, I'm using both of the products - one for my room, one for my car.

Let me introduce to you first Air Vita Neo (see images below). I have yet to try this product since I'm still using the other (S-AirVita) but this is still a great product judging from its functions. Well, both Air Vita Neo and S-Air Vita have similar functions. Perhaps the most important function is the health improvement factor by enhancing body activation.

I won't go to technical with its function but basically it will find a way to generate the safest sterlization ion (+-) to the human body through finding the optimal combination of air and maintaining the ion balance. It also an electric dust collector and it purifies the air with absorption into the dust collecting panel maintaining powerful dust collection before ionizing the contaminant in the air.

I will explain one of its awesome advantages of having this product later on.. but first some images of the Air Vita Neo Gold below which is one compact air cleaner and yes, it can be washed too. And you also don't have to spend on filter because it's washable. Hence, you save some money on that. You can plug this device all day long and it won't overheat. Awesome stuff!! If you want to know get hold of the product or want more info, you can contact Aaron directly at 710 9929.


An award winning product from Korea

Air Vita Neo can be plugged and you don't need to change the filter and it's washable

You can detach the component and insert a bulb here.. Interesting

S-Air Vita

Ok, this is the product I've been using in my room and I could sense a different smell in my room which is quite refreshing after 2 to 3 days. It won't happen overnight but you will be able to feel the difference and I was impressed by S-Air Vita.

Here's an interesting thing.. I know I have yet to experience this but my friend who uses this find this very useful. He's a heavy smoker and he tends to smoke in his room and his maid kept complaining that his room just stank of smoke. Then he used this product in his room and guess what? the maid stopped complaining though my friend still continue his habit. Some how, this device managed to sterlize the scent of smoke and purify the air environment in the smoky room. Now that is impressive for what a small gadget can do to a room.

I highly recommend the S-Air Vita and at the same time, it promotes good health, clean air and it's anti-odour. This is also good for those who have sinus as well. You won't be sniffing as much because of the clean air around. This product is RA certified *lol*

Awesome gadget this.. I've been using this in my room

It's pretty compact and it does wonder for such a small air ionizer

Rinse these every week and you don't need to buy a filter

Carvita-II S

I also have this product - Carvita - in my car. This is a version for the car and it's pretty compact and smaller of course compared to the other two. I've been using this for two weeks and it does a great job too. I know I stil have to fix my aircon filter which kinda affects the air flow in my car.

This is the cheapest model of the range and this also doesn't require filter. The functions are the same as the other products. Another recommended product especially when you are on the road most of the time.

If you want to know get hold of the product or want more info, you can contact Aaron directly at 710 9929.

I have this for my car

You can use cotton bud to clean and yes, no need to replace filter

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