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Written by Rano Iskandar on 13 December 2012.


The story this week!!!

I caught up with Joanne who's currently spending her December in Singapore. Yay, she's gonna be my movie partner for The Hobbit later.

It seems the birthday celebrant Amalina had a good 12.12.12 yesterday on her birthday. Sorry I couldn't be there to share the joy and the celebrations.. Catch you next week :D

The ladies suited up for the Licence2Play event at Marina Bay Sands. I kinda like the event and reminds me of the BCG days. If you are looking for something similar, do visit Brunei's TFF EACON this Saturday/Sunday at Kiulap Plaza Hotel. More pictures of Licence2Play soon.

Holy cow…. Keeran Janin has done it again!!! He's not just an app developer but he's also creative in the mind. He was the chosen winner of the 29th Brunei Darussalam National Day Logo Design competition. The theme for next year Brunei Darussalam's National Day is "My Country Brunei Darussalam". Click the image for more and the interview with The Brunei Times.

Congratulations to Herman and Liana on their solemnization yesterday on 12•12•12 and may Allah bless both of you on the new journey. Image courtesy of Jackie.

Our trip to Legoland (Malaysia) was slightly short lived due to the moderate showers. The kids loved it but wanted more. Perhaps round II is calling soon :D By the way, I love Legoland and this is very ideal for families though the prices of Lego are slightly more expensive.

The intake for the PKBN has increased to 200 participants. Yesterday was the oath ceremony for the launch of the third pilot project at the indoor stadium. Click image to read more. Image courtesy of Sabrina Mahmud.

Yay… I'm gonna catch the Hobbit in an hour's time.. And it will be my first time in IMAX 3D.. This should be awesome…. though the movie scored in the 70% region in Rottentomatoes

Yes, it has been a rainy week in Singapore. So it's advisable to bring an umbrella if you will spending most of the time walking outdoors.


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