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PSY does history

Written by Rano Iskandar on 22 December 2012.

Charles & Keith promotion


Boba Tea 2nd outlet

Boba Tea, a Taiwanese franchise, opened its 2nd outlet in Brunei, located at Gadong

The craze is still here. So far I know of four brands of bubble tea that have a strong presence in Brunei. I have yet to try Boba Tea though I have been viewing some of the pictures on people's instagram. This morning was the first time that I tried Boba Tea and I kinda like it too. If you ask me, my personal favourite flavour for any bubble tea is always coffee based.

For your info, I visited their second branch located at Gadong, same row with Pizza Hut Gadong. Their first outlet is located at Kiulap which was opened last year. I highly recommend the sweet sour drink at Boba Tea because of its refreshing taste. I also enjoyed their coffee based ones and I won't mind coming back for more.

They also served new items such as the frozen yoghurt. Boba Tea has quite a lot of flavours to choose from the menu. Congratulations to Becky Li, the owner of Boba Tea, on the opening of your 2nd outlet. All the best!!! By the way, you can follow Boba Tea on instagram @bobateabrunei

Becky Li, the owner of Boba Tea, holding my favourite drink - Coffee ice-blend :D

The logo of Boba Tea

The sweet sour Boba Tea is super refreshing!!

Becky being interviewed by Syazwani of Borneo Bulletin

There's seating area at the Gadong branch

Some of the frozen yoghurt at Boba Tea


PSY has done it again


Woww!!! Two months ago he broke the record for the most watched video on YouTube. If anyone do it, then it's PSY who famously known for his Gangnam Style video. The video has just surpassed the 1 billion mark views on YouTube. Now it will be a tall order for anyone to reach that milestone set by PSY. Now the pressure is what will PSY next video be?

By 21st December, PSY's Gangnam Style video hit the 1 billion views mark


Belluno's new flavour


Belluno is located at Times Square

Have you tried Belluno's gelato mochi?? It's really good stuff because of its flavour and it feels quite refreshing as well because they (mochi) are chilled. My favourite flavour has always been the mango ones. And yes, they have quite a few flavours including durian. The new flavours that have just been introduced this week are Taro Queen (yam) and Banoffee Pie which are really tasty. I believe the Banoffee Pie will be a popular flavour among the rest and I highly recommend you that too.

Belluno is located on the 1st floor at Times Square, near the food court area. You can also follow them on instagram @bellunogelatomochi

So what flavour are you?

The Taro Queen flavour - Yam taste

I think this will be a popular one - Banoffee Pie flavour

I had both new flavours and I love it!!


iPad Mini at AV Electronics




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