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Bonus galore

Written by Rano Iskandar on 29 December 2012.

How to spend your bonus (and payday)


*LOL* I know I can be slightly bad, huh? Inticing people to spend, spend, spend on things that are mostly considered luxury. Of course, sometimes we fail to settle our priorities such as debts or loans and it's pretty common in Brunei. I do have outstanding debts to settle and I've been settling them in a moderate pace. But sometimes it's pretty easy to get carried away and spend on something else and forget about your priorities.

Anyway, let's cut some slack and yes, it's the holiday season and it's time to appreciative and be happy for ourselves. Just spend wisely before you burn a bigger hole in your pocket. Below are some ideas that I suggest to spend your $$$ *huhuhu*

I highly recommend you the Superslim PS3 250g or the 500g $439 and $469 respectively. Now available at ETA Games @ Cineplex. Click image to enter their Facebook page.

Look what I bought myself at ETA Games yesterday. This is one awesome game and the suspense reminds me back of the Resident Evil days. Two thumbs up!!

Have you booked or made arrangements for NYE? Otherwise try out Caliente's New Year's Eve promotion

Now this is a cool device and you don't have to worry about carrying your car keys around when you jog. You can check them out at Gadgetplus Store or visit them at The Fair, Indoor Stadium. A useful gadget indeed!!

I think lots of Bruneians want to see this 2 night concert by K-Pop artistes right? It's very likely that I will cover this event in January

So for the fans out there, you can spend your bonus by buying their tickets on or you can click image to buy the tickets online

*LOL* Another DVD store being exposed and I'm pretty sure the owner(s) won't be too happy about it. If you have the money, why not invest in original DVDs or Blu-ray discs?

Lately I've been buying my movies through Amazon so it's good alternative. Maybe I should open up one store here selling original ones!!

Bossini also having great buys at their stores - Kiulap and Mabohai Shopping Complex

Check out the promotions at Bossini

If you're shopping, then why not swipe with HSBC Credit Card and Debit Card and who knows you will win cash prizes

Bebeland has been re-located and re-opened starting today!! Congratulations

Another new kids store - Ohso - located at The Mall, Gadong

Ohso is located next to AV Electronics, 2nd floor, The Mall

Some of the items at Ohso

So how are you gonna spend your New Year's Eve? There's a special promotion at Savy's Brasserie. Just look at the menu below!!


(4 Courses Set Meal)
Savy’s freshly baked bread and
crisp parmesan bruschetta with dip
Citrus Marinated Wild Butterfly Shrimps
in mushroom and chestnut gratinee with
petite of green salad in honey yoghurt dressing
Cream of Roasted Parsnip and Cheese Chowder
MAIN ENTRÉE (choice of)
Oven Poached Sashimi Grade Salmon Fillet
in thyme-olive oil in fresh New Zealand oyster and
caviar sauce with Panini grilled Auvergne and
zucchini rounds served with pesto angel hair pasta
Volcanic Grilled of Spatchcocked Spring Chicken
in tarragon infused seafood supreme sauce with
balsamic glaze steamed vegetables, sweet pea and potato puree
Macadamia and Rosemary Gremolata Crusted Rack of Lamb
with potato and spinach terrine, mix cube vegetables in
sesame seeds served with mint jelly, fruit chutney in roasted
shallots infused red and green peppercorn sauce on the side
Pan Grilled of Rib Eye Steak 
in caramelized leeks, field mushroom and shiitake stuffing
with savory grilled young potatoes, baby onions, haricots’ vert
and Brussels sprout in Dijon-cream pan sauce or thyme-
capsicum hollandaise sauce on the side.
Vittoria Espresso Soaked Sponge
in double Swiss chocolate mousse cake
2222919 (SAVY’S BANDAR) 2240829 (SAVY’S MABOHAI)

If you prefer a much wider space, then go to Savy's Brasserie at Mabohai Shopping Complex

Speaking of Savy's, I'm now craving their home made patty burger :D

Thinking to spend your $$$ on an iPhone 5? Then visit Lara Corp or click on their image to enter Facebook page

If you are thinking to catch a musical movie, I suggest Les Miserables which I will catching tonight at The Mall Cineplex. I heard lots of rave reviews.

I tried out this Car Vita which is an air ionizer and it works wonders for air circulation in your car especially when you are driving. Those who smokes a lot, this device comes in handy and it won't stink your car too. Find out more at Gadgetplus Store or visit them at The Fair, Indoor Stadium, for their products as well as demo.

Yahama U1 models are for sale. Contact Michele/Matet at 223 2600 or 233 8081

iLotus is having a New Year's Eve promotion as well and you can stand a chance to win a Mini iPad too

You can also hang your wishes on the Wishing Tree and there will be live performances brought to you by Expression Music at iLotus

Perhaps you can buy yourself a Mini iPad from AV Electronics

... or you can sponsor me one of my wishlist, this new powerful iMac from AV Electronics :D

Concepts Computer are open

Special promotion at Concepts Computer

For lego fans out there, you can also pre-order the Series 9 Minifigures through Toy Santa. Click image to enter Facebook page.

You can also spend your $$$ on Laneige new products too

Last day to win prizes from Brunei Hotel. Click image to find out more.

If you are craving for something refreshing, try Belluno's newest item Banoffee Pie.. Awesome stuff!!! Located at Times Square, 1st floor.



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