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Seriousl fun?

Written by Rano Iskandar on 23 January 2013.

My scalp needs treatment *lol*


I A Salon conducted a few workshop for I A Salon hairstylists using new approach scalp check-up technique. There is this new way where you can use an indicator from La Biosthetique that will test your Sebum (oily) and dandruff level and also the pH level of your scalp. This indicator will let you know the condition of your scalp within minutes and from there, they are able to know what treatment to use for your scalp.

Well, I have to admit that my scalp wasn't in top condition to start off with. I have a very sensitive scalp to begin with and yes, a few redness as well on my scalp. I had a small fear that they would know how sensitive my scalp is *lol* It seems that I take for granted that my scalp will always be ok and allow it to be in a sensitive state for quite some time.

So it was such a timely manner that I A Salon brought in two associates from Malaysia La Biosthetique - Sara Ong, Sales Executive and Victoria Lam, Educator who were in Brunei to brief the staff of I A Salon as well as the media during the workshop. Hence, I was one of them that was being tested on and I also had my hair treatment using La Biosthetique.

They also brought in the new batch of La La Biosthetique products from Paris which are not available yet in Brunei but the new products will be coming in soon. For your info, these high quality products have a great track record and I have used it before a few years ago. I just happened to get one again to repair my scalp and it's about time I do take care of my scalp too.

I highly recommend you to try out La Biosthetique products (from Paris) and you can even have your scalp treatment at I A Salon. Do call 242 3232 or 873 8232 and the salon is located at The Mall.

Group photo with I A Salon with representatives from La Biosthetique (Malaysia)

Cecilia Lee of I A Salon explaining the La Biosthetique products

Victoria Lam, Educator of La Biosthetique (Malaysia) briefing the media

Lai had her scalp tested and she kinda passed the test *lol*

Once tested, you will see the level of cebum and dandruff on your scalp

These are the indictors used for checking your scalp

I had a quick scalp reading and my oh my, it's pretty sensitive...

So I had this treatment applied on my scalp first. This is the Epicelan Clarifant which is a gel for intensive removal of dandruff

So I had these applied with a good 5 minute scalp massage

Then I shampooed my hair with this

... and this too

Rachel has fine hair indeed. Awesome!!!

The new La Biosthetique product which will be coming soon to Brunei

The new La Biosthetique product which will be coming soon to Brunei

The new La Biosthetique product is also organic



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