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The long weekend is over

Written by Rano Iskandar on 12 August 2013.

Hari Raya continues


Today's the fourth day of Hari Raya and I feel that it has been a sombre kind of celebration all around. I ended up going to more than two houses per day as that was my initial target for Hari Raya. That didn't go as planned. The second day I went to three houses. Yesterday I visited 6 houses. Today I am only heading to one house and I actually slept in this morning which was great. The only guilty part I had was devouring all the dishes for the past two days though I managed to skip eating at certain houses.

So how have your hair Raya been so far? If you plan to share your Hari Raya photos, you are more than welcome to email me your photos and this also goes for those studying abroad such as the UK, Australia, the States.. well everywhere :D So do buckle up and drive safe while on the road because RA cares.

 Our Suckmed Hari Raya gathering and it was a great catch up session

 We had lobster last night and it was awesome!!!!

 My ritual every year to visit Fana and thanks for the Rendang and oats

 Fana and Nana and let's catch up before you fly back to Singapore, Nana :D (I'm Titanium)

 My first visit to Saiful's crib ever since he moved. See you guys in two weeks' time :D

 Thanks Amal for hosting us and I love your extended area.. Magnificient!!

 Thanks Mel and T for the ride and the company

 The guys wearing similar colours that night

 Usually his place will be the first house on my list on the 2nd day of Raya. This time I was Idham's last guest and it finished by 1am. It was a great catch up and thanks to Sheikh Abas for entertaining me that night :D

 His place is well know for "lidah" dishes but I opted for the nasi combing

 It has been a while since all my sisters were at one place at a given time. Well, a few are still missing from yesterday's gathering.

 My extended sibling family :D

 I love this father and daughter relationship. Such a great moment - Idris entertaining his daughter Tasha

 Zari Idris and her daughter. We will catch up pretty soon yea? I know I have been delaying it *lol*

 The final shot at the Jaafar's

 It was nice to see fans wanting a photo opportunity

 Hello Aziimah.. I made it and thanks for the invite

 Now both of us have something in common - we collect Blu-rays :D Thanks Soffian for hosting

 LOL this is such a cute pose and the joke was about restrooms and doors

 Yusrina (far right) hosting Raya with her friends

 This was actually my first house for Hari Raya :D


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