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Written by Rano Iskandar on 14 August 2013.


Netcom Computer House


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Icon Design Store


New and bigger things at ICON Design Store. Click to enter


Grand Raya Package at Peugeot


Grand Raya Package at Peugoet and promotion ends 15th September. Click image to enter website.



BIBD Barakah 4


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Ribeye promotion at Deals


Black Angus Ribeye is back!! For Two!! Only at Deals Restaurant, Raddison Brunei. Click image to enter facebook page.


Royal Brunei Airlines (RB)


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KFC Cookie Jar


Gold and the original design KFC jar

In conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations, KFC Brunei is launching a celebration bucket version of the Seafood Symphony which consists of chicken, Shrimp Stars, and Chilli Snow Crab sauce, served with KFC's signature sides. A limited edition KFC proprietary porcelain cookie jar will be up for grabs together with this purchase.

The KFC Seafood Symphony celebration Bucket comes in two combos; Family Combo A which is served with 9pcs chicken and 5pcs Shrimp Star at B$42.50 and Family Combo B which comes with 15pcs chicken and 10pcs Shrimp Star for only B$59.00. Both combo meals come with the limited edition KFC Cookie Jar. Customers can also get the Individual Combo at only B$11.10 for the Porcelain Jar which also comes with 2pcs of chicken, one coleslaw, one whipped potato and one bun. The jar is also available for purchase at only B$5, while stocks last.

 The Seafood Symphony Celebration Bucket is now available at all outlets in Brunei. Visit your nearest branch today to get a cookie jar of your very own!

The cookie jar comes in two colours : KFC's signature colours of red and white and the very festive gold colour which reflects the celebratory season. The management and staff of KFC Brunei wish all their Muslim friends and customers a Selamat Hari Raya Aidifitri.


What's good about the 787s


Excited for the Royal Brunei Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

So here's a post about some facts on the Boeing Dreamliner. I've spoken previously of the collaboration of Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) collaboration with Boeing Company and also RB's rebranding programme where the delivery of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be the highlight of the rebranding programme. Boeing expected a market size of up to 3,300 units in over 20 years (2011 to 2030). The cruise speed is at Mach 0.85 similar to the 777 and 747. The Dreamliner is made of 50% composite and 20% aluminium as compared to the 777's 12% composite and 50% aluminium.

Below are some the facts that I'm impressed with the Dreamliner and I've also seen bits and pieces on what to expect inside the Dreamliner. Well, it's sort of a mock up interior of the 787.

• Full market coverage from 100-500 seats. It's most likely RB will be taking the 787-8 which will have 220-240 seats which is economically viable for RB's long term plans.
• Environmentally progressive. It reduces CO2 emissions because of the fuel efficiency improvement and even building the planes have reduced the usage of hazardous chemicals and overall wastage.
• Quieter. In a sense that there's less noise pollution as this is very common in other Boeing models and yes, we do get accustomed to the noise but imagine that being reduced by a significant amount which will make your flying experience a better one. It was also mentioned that takeoffs and landings will be quieter too. This is another measure of environmental performance.
• Long-range, fast and reliable. This due to the fact of the new composites used on the planes and plus Brunei capacity load of 200ish passenger loads makes the journey slightly faster and smoother. Did you know they are 7% better in aerodynamics than today's airplanes?
• Smoother flight experience. This is because of the improvement of the wings and with a more advanced sensor, 787s are able to counter the air level of fluctuations which cause the bumpy rides. This will mean less chances of turbulence which I don't favour as much.
• Low operating cost because of the cost effective maintenance as well as lower fuel consumption by 20% than other airplanes. This can prove vital for RB's economic growth as a national carrier. New engines, an expanded use of lightweight composite materials, more efficient systems applications and modern aerodynamics each contribute to the 787's overall performance.
• Better passenger experience. This is one thing that I would like to highlight more as I learnt during the presentation by Casey's on the 787s and their strengths. Perhaps one of the awesome feature is the electronic dimmable windows which I will explain further. There's also more humidity inside the plane and of course, more leg room for the comfort of the economy passengers. I shall do a full depth review of the experience once the RB's Dreamliner is making its way to Brunei in late September tentatively.
• Humidity and air purification. Don't you always feel dry inside whenever you travel? And there are chances that you will experience throat & eye irritation during flights, right? Now the Dreamliner has a better humidity environment and my friend from Seattle, Wilson, said that even with his contact lens, his eyes didn't feel dry. As you can see the enhancements in the cabin altitude, humidity and air quality offers the optimal solution for passenger well-being.
• "Dimmable" windows. Now they offer better viewing for passengers, even the one sitting in the middle aisle. The research team have done a tremendous job in evaluating the needs and wants and even behaviour of passengers relating to the windows. They are larger and repositioned slightly higher than usual. The best part is that it's electronically operated. No more manual, sliding up and down the window blind. You can also control the tint level of the window. Amazing!!

Now that's enough blabbering for me on the Boeing 787 and time for the pictures!!! This will be my final post for the Boeing 787 until my actual experience on the Dreamliner insyaAllah by end of September. I shall keep you guys posted!! You can also refer to my older posts on the trip to Seattle for the Dreamliner experience here. Enjoy!!

These are the actual seats that RB requested for RB's 787 plane. The seating arrangement at the economy will be 3-3-3 and there will be more leg room area too

How the arm rest looks like at the economy seats of the 787

I forgot to ask if they have USB port but it's nice to see the all the seats will be equipped with a power socket. Save the trouble of using our juice pack too. This is a plus for me!!

My buddies trying out the mock up seats (economy). Btw, all of these shots were taken at the Dreamliner Gallery where Boeing's clients get to choose what specs they want for their Dreamliner

There is even a demo for the "dimmable" windows of the Dreamliner

One of the most important essence during the flight is the lighting and we always take for granted of the lights. They actually play an important role in suiting and acclimating to our moods during flights. Boeing have done tremendous research just based on the different types of lights being projected inside the plane.

This how the economy class will look like inside the 787. This won't be the actual type of seats that RB will be using. It will be the grey seats that I posted earlier. And the seating allocation will be 3-3-3 and not 3-2-3 as show in this image.

Ahhh it's feel that I'm on a private jet, being the only passenger. Btw, this is the business class seating of the 787 but this won't be the actual seats used on RB's 787. This is just a mock interior of the 787 at the Dreamliner gallery.

Haadi trying out the other business class seat

Ok, this is the actual business seat that RB ordered for the 787

I had a 15 second taste of the business class seat

The Dreamliner uses a new system for their brake and it has an electric system

There is a mock up pilot deck that we can fiddle around for photo opportunity

Ok, this one is the actual RB pilot deck taken at the Boeing Everett factory and yes, we were not allowed to touch anything

Sim trying out the simulator and it feels like flying a real plane. Danial Norjidi had the best landing among the lot.

This is how the simulator screen looks like

Haadi didn't fare well but managed to land the plane *lol*

It was nice to see the Brunei flag when Boeing hosted the Brunei delegate at their premises

Maru's favourite plane? No, this is not a Dreamliner :p

I traveled with them guys and it was a pleasure indeed. Kinda miss this trip!!

Our closing dinner with the guys from Boeing. Thank you so much, Boeing and RB for hosting the media. We all are very excited for RB.


Hari Raya at Keriam


As I mentioned before, you can send me images and captions on your Hari Raya experience and I will post them up to share with my readers. So just email ranodidas(a) and don't forget to put a line or two of the whereabouts and some captions will help too :D Selamat Hari Raya and drive safe!!

The pictures below are contributed by Malla Suhailee and taken at Kpg Keriam, Tutong. Thank you so much for your contribution.

Ezzan Elmi, in his baju melayu gear, passionately enjoying his walk while beraya-ing

Aleeysa Elmi looking stunning in red

Family and cousins of Malla at Kg Keriam


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