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Get lucky

Written by Rano Iskandar.

HSBC New Year Special Deals

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The Peugeot Prosperity

Peugeot Prosperity drive is back!! And they are giving away iPhone 5s and iPad minis on select Peugeot models. Click image to enter Facebook page.
A Better View

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BIBD Barakah 5

Wanna drive a Jaguar XF? Click more to find out!!
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Congratulations Leonard and Jackie


I had the privilege to be invited for Leonard and Jackie’s wedding two weeks ago. Well, I missed the first reception since I was outstation and attended their second reception. I’m quite impressed with the reception as well as the entertainment value they had that night. Kudos to the wedding planner and you guys look stunning too. Great job by the performers from SMSS and SMSIS. I love the performances especially the black theatre one. Super touching :D I wish the newly weds the best in your new journey and thanks for hosting me lunch the other. I deeply appreciate your kind gesture.

How the journey began

Welcoming the wedding couple

The dancers are pretty energetic

The traditional chinese “Yam Seng” but not to worry, the drinks here are non-alcoholic

Toast to a prosperous marriage

As you know Leonard is into sports while Jackie is into fashion

Hi Jackie, sorry, I forgot to reply your text about CB last night :p

Their nephews were pretty sporting

One of the highlights of the night

Leonard and Jackie thanking those involved in the preparation

They hired great videographers and they deliver pretty efficiently

Photo session with Jackie


PMUBD Showcase


PMUBD Showcase @ Campus at the CLT Foyer & Taman Rakis. Tomorrow’s the final day at UBD


Daft Punk bagged Grammy


Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories won Best Album of the Year

I’m pretty happy that Daft Punk won the Grammy last night. I’m a big fan of their music ever since the 90s and still amazes me that they are still around and more successful than before. Daft Punk is a French electronic music duo consisting of musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. You will normally see them dressed as robots in events and gigs. It was no surprised that both of them appeared in their robot helmet attire, living up to their reputation.

Daft Punk won 5 Grammy Awards including Album of the Year for Random Access Memories and Record of the Year - Get Lucky. I enjoyed the other performances too during the Grammy. You can check out Daft Punk’s performance here at the Grammy Awards featuring Pharrell and the legendary Stevie Wonder. Perhaps this was the best performance of the night followed by Imaging Dragons & Kendrick Lamar’s performance.

So if you haven’t downloaded Get Lucky, please do. It’s pretty catchy and it’s also featured in this year’s Just Dance 2014 game on the PS3/4. Awesome!!


Concepts Computer



Thumbs down to RR


The worst booking in a long time when WWE allowed Batista to win the Royal Rumble and he looked our of sorts even entering at No.27. Appalling indeed by WWE.

I was simply appalled by the product delivered by WWE for yesterday’s Royal Rumble. Yea, you guys can laugh at me for actually talking about the sports entertainment (in other words, wrestling is fake) but I feel in love with the sports ever since Hulk Hogan was in his prime in the late 80s. Royal Rumble has always been an above average Pay-Per-View and I’m thankful that Kristal Astro have this PPV in their box office. However, the overall experience wasn’t that great because of a number of things. One is the missing link in the actual 30-man Royal Rumble which was Daniel Bryan who can draw huge attention from the crowd. However, he was snubbed and booked in singles match instead.

Secondly, I was pretty tired of the John Cena vs Randy Orton feud. The match was not bad actually but I was kinda tired watching them. And guess what? The crowd showed their dissatisfaction by booing during the match and I could hear loud chants “boring” to “this is awful” and even “end this match”. Wow, this was very interesting coming from the crowd of Pittsburgh and this looked very bad for WWE when you see the fans of wrestling booing their own favourite show.

I guess the one that had the icing on the cake (being sarcastic here) was the actual Royal Rumble match. How in the world Batista won the Royal Rumble? Why did WWE risk in giving him that spot? He returned to wrestling after many years of absence and my oh my, he looked pretty rusty indeed. The saddest part of Daniel Bryan missing from this event and the crowd chants just went negative and booing on Rey Mysterio who was the 30th entrant with no sign of Daniel Bryan. This was definitely an embarrassing moment for WWE and I do hope WWE can rectify this problem before the fans take actions with their own hands.

Roman Reigns deserved this for his new record setting of eliminating 13 wrestlers but he got dumped by Batista



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Written by Rano Iskandar.

Heart felt event last week


Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Kerna Dato Seri Setia Haji Awang Abu Bakar bin Haji Apong, Minister of Education with the 65 recipients of the BIBD’s ALAF at Jerudong Riding and Polo Club. Image courtesy of Hanisham.

Last week, BIBD handed over the ALAF scholarships to the first batch of sixty-five recipients for BIBD’s ALAF (Advocating Life-long Learning for an Aspiring Future) programme at the Royal Berkshire Hall, Jerudong Riding and Polo Club. This was a follow up event to the agreements signed between the recipients and BIBD. I have to admit it was an emotional moment for me to see the students receiving these special gift - education - as I believe education to be one of the most important journeys of our lives.

Present as the guest of honour was Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Kerna Dato Seri Setia Haji Awang Abu Bakar bin Haji Apong, Minister of Education, who consented to present the scholarships to the selected recipients. Also present at the award ceremony was Yang Mulia Javed Ahmad, BIBD Managing Director, as well as Deputy Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Deputy Permanent Secretaries, Directors, Head of Departments from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Religious Affairs, along with members of the BIBD Board of Directors, Shariah Advisory Body and BIBD management.

The event started with the recital of the Al-Fatihah, which was followed by welcoming remarks by Yang Mulia Pg Hajah Sarah binti Pg Haji Kamaluddin, Director General of Education at the Ministry of Education. The event continued with speeches from the BIBD Managing Director and the guest of honour, the Minister of Education.

In his speech, Yang Mulia Javed shared his delight at the inauguration of the ALAF programme’s scholarships which will help alleviate the difficulties incurred by these respective families by helping their children maximise their potential from the education they receive.

Under BIBD’s Corporate Social Responsibility’s efforts, since the launch of the ALAF initiative last year by Her Royal Highness Paduka Seri Pengiran Anak Isteri Pengiran Anak Sarah, it has managed to raise just over B$ 661,000 from two previous charity expeditions and donations from the public.

The Minister of Education giving his welcoming remarks

Yang Mulia Javed Ahmad, BIBD Managing Director

The sponsorship for the sixty-five selected students includes provisions for school and tuition fees, stationery, transportation and food requirements along with mentoring and counseling necessities amongst others. All this is to help ensure the absolute commitment of these students towards the development of their education, and not let them be bothered by the other commitments that come with. The ALAF programme will also continue to provide support and assistance to these students until the end of their respective educational requirement needs.

The ALAF programme was developed in close partnership with the Ministry of Education. It will constantly involve efforts and close collaboration of both parties to ensure the successful implementation and provision of assistance to the ALAF programme.

This includes the facilitating of identifying underprivileged and orphaned students from all schools in the country using a meticulously set selection criteria. Some of the selection criteria included the necessary nomination and support of respective school personnel along with the requirement of a maintained performance and attendance level. The initial scholarship project today includes recipient students of the ALAF fund identified from various schools in all the four districts in the country.

Through ALAF, BIBD hopes to align its support to His Majesty’s 2035 vision of obtaining a 100% level of education to everyone, which in turn is hoped to help reduce poverty, Insha’Allah leading Brunei towards a more prosperous and peaceful future, making Brunei populated with educated, highly skilful and successful individuals, in line with internationally set standards.

Members of the public can still donate to the fund via the BIBD Mobile application, donations over BIBD ATM machines or even using a BIBD Standing Instruction to ensure a monthly donation to the ALAF fund.


Another award to BIBD


BIBD representative Hak Yeung receiving the award on behalf of BIBD

BIBD, along with DBS Bank and Maybank Kim Eng, were awarded with the Best Local Bond Currency Deal of the Year in Southeast Asia at the 7th Annual Alpha Southeast Asia Deal & Solution Awards 2013. On hand to jointly receive the award for BIBD were representatives Hak Yeung, Head of Corporate Finance and Advisory and Deputy Manager, Abdul 'Azim bin Hj Mohammad at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

The award was for BIBD’s participation as Joint Lead Managers along with Maybank Kim Eng and DBS Bank in Swiber Capital’s first ever Islamic Sukuk worth SG$150 million. Maybank Kim Eng was also the role Sole Lead Arranger, Bookrunner & Global Coordinator.

BIBD, in their capacity as Joint Lead Managers, managed to secure almost half of the 150 million Singapore dollar deal. According to Reuters, this has helped Swiber clinch pricing that was more competitive than conventional debt1. The Sukuk is based on the Wakalah Bi Al- Istithmar principle. The Sukuk will be used to refinance debt and support capital expenditure, for working capital and general corporate purposes which are Shariah-compliant. BIBD Head of Institutional Banking, Haji Minorhadi Mirhassan commented, “Alhamdulilah, this speaks volumes in terms of BIBD’s regional presence as we continuously stride towards putting Brunei and BIBD on the map in terms of showcasing our capabilities.”

Since its highly successful January 2007 launch issue, Alpha Southeast Asia has published monthly bank sponsored reports on wealth management, equity strategy, macroeconomic outlook, cash management, trade financing, local currency bond markets and Islamic finance in Southeast Asia. Unlike most other financial magazines that publish overwhelming coverage on North Asia and dedicate one-tenth or less of their yearly editorial on Southeast Asia, Alpha Southeast Asia is 100% committed to the region. Press release and image courtesy of BIBD.



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but I'm nice

Written by Rano Iskandar.

HSBC New Year Special Deals

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The Peugeot Prosperity

Peugeot Prosperity drive is back!! And they are giving away iPhone 5s and iPad minis on select Peugeot models. Click image to enter Facebook page.
A Better View

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BIBD Barakah 5

Wanna drive a Jaguar XF? Click more to find out!!
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His Majesty visited Tutong


His Majesty the Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah, the Sultan and the Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam accompanied by His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office paid a visit to the flooded areas of Tutong last Saturday.

Prior to the visit, His Majesty visited the Incident Control Post (ICP) at the Lamunin Fire Station for the latest updates of the developments and the relief operations and actions taken by the government agencies and volunteers in managing the situation. For your info, ICP comprises of fire fighters from the Lamunin Fire Station, Fire and Rescue Department and members of the Tutong District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC). Let’s be grateful that there is a relief team to help those affected during the flood and keep up to the good work.

His Majesty drove with his Mercedes 4WD through the flooded areas and the first stop was Kg Panchong in Mukim Lamunin and for your info, around 20 houses have been affected since December last year. His Majesty proceeded further to Kg Panchong Kuala Ungar with a small boat before heading to areas such Kg Penapar, Kg Ukong and Kg Layong which are not accessible by road. Good thing the military airboat was able to transport His Majesty and HRH the Crown Prince later on at these affected areas.

His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam driving through the flooded area in his Mercedes 4WD

His Majesty greeted by the residents of Tutong

The small boat used earlier on for His Majesty and The Crown Prince

His Majesty and the Crown Prince checking out the affected areas in Tutong

The military airboat used at the Penapar, Tutong

Tutong residents sharing their grievances with His Majesty

Tutong residents sharing their grievances with His Majesty

It was nice to know that our monarch was also concerned with the welfare of the flood victims. His Majesty observed how the preparation and delivery of the food by the volunteers and the youths. His Majesty advised the relevant agencies to expedite the delivery of relief efforts and food to the victims. Some of the victims shared their grievances to His Majesty on this matter mostly.

More than 130 houses are affected in Tutong area. Let’s hope for the better and thank you once again to the relief team involved in helping out the victims. I’m also very grateful for His Majesty for his kind and down-to-earth gesture, showing concern to the residents of Tutong.

Images courtesy of Dean Kassim.

More pictures from the flood



DPMM FC 1 win, 1 loss


DPMM FC had two friendly matches in the Saksee Phuket Tournament and they had a great pre-season matches leading up to the upcoming S•League tournament starting this February 2014. DPMM FC won their first match against Nakhon Si Heritage 3-1 two days ago but eventually lost to Phuket FC 2-0 last night. The three round robin format will determine who will be the winner of the tournament. Phuket FC will need a draw to win the invitational tournament.

Steve Kean has selected 24 players including 3 goalkeepers for the friendly tournament. The warm up matches will give the head coach a rough idea what’s best for DPMM FC in the S•League tournament. He highlighted that even the 24 selected players are not finalised with one more friendly match to take place this Friday, 31st January against Kelantan FC at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium.

Kean has been very happy with the progress for his players during training in the pass few weeks. They have been training aggressively during mornings and afternoons. Kean believes the improvement of their physique and fitness will make a difference in a long run.

DPMM FC will fly back tomorrow to Brunei and prepare for their next friendly match against FA Cup holders Kelantan FC this Friday. The entry is free and you are more than welcome to watch DPMM FC in action before the S•League kicks off.

The pictures below are courtesy of DPMM FC management.

DPMM FC being hosted by the organizers of the Saksee Phuket Tournament

Warming up before they took on Phuket FC yesterday

DPMM FC’s first time line up against Phuket FC yesterday

Phuket FC with former DPMM FC player Tales

The crowd last night catching Phuket FC vs DPMM FC

DPMM FC’s first team line-up against Nakhon Si Heritage two days ago

DPMM FC in action against Nakhon

DPMM FC in action against Nakhon

DPMM FC in transit from LCCT to Phuket via AirAsia

DPMM FC checking in through AirAsia heading to Phuket from Brunei

Check out AirAsia’s promotion in conjunction with Chinese New Year


Memo Beauty Studio


The shop is located at Kiulap, on the first floor, just above Thien2 and Ref Station Kiulap

Memo Beauty Studio. A few months ago, I heard this particular beauty studio. Until I actually visited the physical studio for a quick photo shoot, I remembered where that image of Memo Beauty Studio came from. It was from a discussion from my #suckmed group chat where both my friends @maurina and @emmagoodegg shared their good experience at Memo Beauty Studio and soon after, they shared their experiences with their friends and families.

Now I kinda understood why the newly opened beauty studio have positive reviews. Firstly, because of the friendly staff (Jiecel and Michelle) who make their patrons feel comfortable and that’s always important when you are running or in a service industry. Secondly, the services they provide are very reasonable and quite competitive as well. You will definitely get your money’s worth at this studio.

The services they provided are quite straight forward. First is the hair category and they provide hair wash, hair rebonding, hair styling, hair coloring (Obsidian), simple hair trimming and of course, hair treatment (scalp, dandruff etc).

They also provide mani + pedi services such as nail art, nail polish, gel polish (which lasts longer from 3 to 4 weeks) and also callus remover using Bario machine which the customers love. They also do foot spa and threading too.

With Chinese New Year around the corner, beauty salons are high in demand. So if you are looking for one, make Memo Beauty Studio an option and you will enjoy your pampering time and hopefully you will be back there again.

Memo Beauty Studio opens daily from 8am to 7pm and you can reach them at 223 0173 for enquiries. You can also follow them on instagram @memobeautystudio or Facebook page here

It was quite a cozy place for ladies to pamper

The products they use on their customers

Winnie and Coey enjoyed their pampering session

Some of the services at Memo Beauty Studio

Aziimah getting her hair washed and blown

She was one of the first to finish

Winnie loves these colours on her nail

Winnie was super happy with the result

Coey getting her hair done

Lots of sample to choose from for ideas on the nails

Coey chose red and white

There are gift vouchers available for sale

Siena had her hair cut at Memo Beauty Salon

You will enlightened at Memo Beauty Studio because of their positive messages on the featured wall

You can read books while being pampered

So ladies, do get pampered at Memo Beauty Studio


Le Doux CNY promotion


This January 2014 celebrate this festive season with Le Doux’s Pineapple Prosperity Cookie and Orange Fortune Cookie. Each cookie is uniquely fruit flavored to match the traditional custom of Lunar New Year that happens to be on the 31st January this year. 

Both pineapple and orange are chosen as they contribute to a great tradition. Pineapple represents prosperity and orange represents fortune. 

Orange Almond cookies come with a delectable crisp and buttery texture. The combination of the orange and almond favor comes from freshly squeezed orange juice and powdered american almonds, a taste of good fortune. Pineapple cookies are made out of blenched ground almonds with finely chopped fresh pineapple pieces and white chocolate chunks, a sure cookie favorite among all ages.

USHER in the Chinese New Year with Le Doux Patisserie’s festive selection of treats, the Pineapple Prosperity Cookies and Orange Fortune Cookies.

The cookies are fruit-flavoured to match the traditional custom of Lunar New Year Pineapple and orange fruit flavours were chosen as they represent prosperity and fortune.

The Pineapple Prosperity Cookies are made out of ground almonds, with finely chopped fresh pineapple pieces and white chocolate chunks, sure to be a favourite among friends and family.

The Orange Almond cookies have a delectable crispy and buttery texture, made from freshly squeezed orange juice and powdered American almonds.

The cookies come in three packages: beautifully decorated jars for $18, festive boxes ranging from $28 to $48 depending on the size, and an eye-catching hamper gift basket consisting of two cookie jars and two gift boxes, priced at $100. All are decorated with a little personal touch to make it ideal for gift giving.

Reserve your orders by calling Le Doux Patisserie at 245 7722 or visit the store at No 1, Block C, Ground Floor, Sempurna Complex, Jln Batu Bersurat.

Follow Le Doux Patisserie on facebook at And Instagram @ Ledouxpatisserie



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State of subconsciousness

Written by Rano Iskandar.

A great ride - C 200 Edition C


The promotion for the C 200 Edition C

What an awesome car!!! I had a test drive for a week and the C 200 Edition C is an awesome ride and this class really suits me. I was just a bit worried the fact that Brunei has been experiencing continuous rain, causing flash floods in certain areas. But not to worry, I managed to avoid the hazardous routes.

The C 200 Edition C was introduced last November 2013 and this is considered an upgrade version of the Edition C of the C 180. The C edition is a special edition of the Mercedes Benz, the C edition interprets the strong character of the C200.

The C200 is also fitted with the Mercedes AVANTGARDE body kit which is evident with its front and rear apron, the side sillpanels and the unique “Edition C” badge displayed proudly at the wing of the C200.

Now Jati Transport is having a special promotion where new purchasers of the C 200 Edition C will get a 2-year insurance and 2 year service package at Jati Transport. That’s a pretty good deal indeed! And this is inclusive of labour charge plus a Paint Protection Package.

Jati Transport is also having a lucky draw where you stand a chance to win a CLA 200 AMG line when you purchase any Mercedes-Benz passenger car, Vito or Viano and the promotion ends 31st December 2014.

Any enquiries or information can be acquired from Jati Transport by calling 2441763 for its Beribi Showroom or 2441777 for its Gadong Showroom.


Malppy Roadshow


Click banner to find out more is entering the year of Horse with Speed.

Following a great start of year 2014, will be making another public appearance at the Telbru Road-show this weekend from January 24 to 26 at the Yayasan Bolkiah Complex.

Throughout the road-show, will once again open new membership registration to members of public but this time around, with an introductory discount on their new range of products, Mayuki Tokyo Fashion. For those who register during the road-show are entitled to a 10 per cent discount for their first purchase.

To top it up in conjunction with the celebration of the Lunar New Year, will be given out the first 50 customers who purchase any Mayuki's products to entitled to a FREE Fortune Horse, a prestigious and festive collectible plush keychain from Taiwan that is highly in demand and selling like hotcakes. The promotion will be only last from January 24 to February 7 or while stocks last.

On a side notice, would also like to remind all shoppers that all orders during the festive period are welcome and will be attended to immediately as soon as the operation resumes from their selected suppliers. As most of Malppy’s suppliers are will be having their long awaited break during this big holiday, hence certain orders may be experiencing slight delay. Hope for all understanding.


Malppy booth at Telbru Road-show this weekend from January 24 to 26 at the Yayasan Bolkiah Complex

Click banner to find out more


Awesome dishes at cooking competition


A grand chinese new year cooking competition, organized by Fun Bee Park and Pilihan Mandarin FM was held at Fun Bee Park last Sunday with the aim of encouraging culinary art in the sultanate. The competition was sponsored by the following companies who have been very supportive and innovative to make way for success: Fun Bee Park, IA Salon, Radio Televisyen Brunei, Grand Top enterprise, and Handsome enterprise.

A total of 13 teams with 21 contestants showed off their excellent culinary skills, passion for cooking, and determination to bring home the grand title. Contestants were eager not only to win but most importantly to bust the crowd with their very special chinese recipes that were really festive and satisfactory good.

Panel of judges consists of famous personality in the food industry in the sultanate. Chef Salvo Salvatore, owner of Sorriso restaurant based in Kiulap was the head judge. Ridwan of Pondok Sari Wangi, a food blogger – Thannis Lim, and Pelangi FM’s DJ Ashraff Rannil were judges too. Judges were pro healthy eating and gave extra points for healthy ingredients and those went out of their way to cook hearty and presentable dishes.

My favourite dish of the lot.. Then again, I didn’t try the rest *huhu*

Mixed veges.. yummmmm

This is pretty creative with the horse design to signify the Year of the Horse

The judges of the cooking competition

The response to the contest was positive, organizers were looking out to maximum of 12 participants yet surprisingly more than 20 applicants competed in the contest. The applicants were all amateur and non – professional cooks.

“We’re trying to spread awareness and information about the chinese culinary industry, as there is a misconception here that it does not constitute a profession, while in reality there are many undeveloped opportunities in this domain within the sultanate. With this cooking contest we are trying to encourage local talents and working on introducing a new concept, as this is the first time we are having such a live grand cooking contest in Brunei”, said Anna Bunyi of Fun Bee Park.

Along the cooking competition were fun games organized by Fun Bee Park staffs to entertain the crowd and media people. A maggi mee and mashed potato cooking competition were held giving away Maggi products sponsored by Grand Top enterprise.

Cash prizes of $300, $200, and $100 was sponsored by Cecilia Lee of IA Salon. Hampers were sponsored by Handsome enterprise for top winners. All contestants brought back goodie vouchers and mandarin oranges sponsored by Fun Bee Park and IA Salon, The Mall Gadong. Fong Sia Sun and Tan Kian Leong were chosen as the first place winners, receiving a $300 cash prize, while Ling Ai Hui and Linda Cheng were given $200 cash for second place, and Wong Mer Kor and Lim Yan Fen were given $100 of cash prize for the third place as well as a hamper each.

Chinese new year is always a festive year, and series of traditions and customs were followed to welcome good luck, health, wealth, and happiness for the entire year.

Cecilia Lee, cooking maggi with her special recipe using coconut. Interesting taste

The contestants preparing their food

The contestants with Cecilia Lee

Interesting stuff here

Lai trying her best to cook her version of Maggi

The contestants with the judges of the competition


HSBB Roadshow in town


Happening this weekend

This weekend TelBru will be having their own roadshow called the High Speed Broadband Roadshow at Yayasan from Friday to Sunday. Those who have their FTTH at home you can take part in the survey and you can win exciting prizes. Some of the prizes are such as AData Portable 500GB HHD, Apple iPod shuffle, Samsung Galaxy Tab, DVD player, Return trip to Kuala Lumpur and Return trip to Singapore.
Have you upgraded your espeed to FTTH? Do check out their roadshow at Yayasan. There are also other vendors especially from the iCentre such as NIAT (Telbru), DotRoot, PHMD Publishing and SocialBuzz Advertising to name a few. And also for this weekend, Telbru will waived the registration fee ($50) if you subscribed for their internet (eSpeed or FTTH) and also you will waived for the first month of rental for both eSpeed and FTTH.

Look out for the tent at Yayasan

Some of the goodies to be given out

The TelBru Tunnel. Do learn about their history.

The fibre cable. How it looks like.

The modem for FTTH

If you feel lost, you can enquire here

Something new I saw - Telbru Cloud

The area to subscribe for eSpeed or FTTH

The rates for FTTH and only for this weekend, the registration fee is waived and so is the first month of rental

Dotroot Technologies showcasing their latest prototype app - Food Fuel



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Curiousity almost killed the cat

Written by Rano Iskandar.

Icon Design Store

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New MA degree for Princess ‘Azemah


Her Royal Highness Princess ‘Azemah Ni’matul Bolkiah in her graduation recently at Kings College London in the United Kingdom. Image courtesy of The Prime Minister’s Office.

Her Royal Highness Princess ‘Azemah Ni’matul Bolkiah graduated with a Masters of Art Degree (MA) with merit in Geopolitics, Territory and Security, from Kings College London in the United Kingdom.

The daughter of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam received the conferment of her degree at a graduation ceremony held at the Barbican Centre in London on Monday.

In 2011, Her Royal Highness graduated with a Masters of Arts Degree (MA) in Global Media and Postnational Communications with merit from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, United Kingdom.

Other members of the Royal Family who were also present at the graduation was His Royal Highness Prince Hj Abdul ‘Azim, His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Mateen, and Her Royal Highness Princess Fadzillah Lubabul Bolkiah. Text courtesy of The Brunei Times.


Mint Museum of Toys


Late post from Singapore. In early mid January, I was in Singapore and as usual, visiting places of interest and Sophia had some good research here and there of things to do in Singapore. So one of them is a visit to the Mint Museum of Toys. Imagine this - a museum that has a unique collection of vintage toys from more than 40 countries and the toys are with a total of BND 5 million *gulp*

You probably recognize some of the toys in the pictures that I’m gonna post. If you want to know more in depth about Mint Museum Toys, you can click here to find out more. Tickets are $15 for adult and half price or lower for children, senior citizens. It’s open from 9:30am to 6:30pm daily. The museum is located next to Raffles Hotel and Bras Basah Complex, Singapore.

There’s a cafe at the basement of the Mint Museum Toys

Our ticket costs $15. Yea, it’s worth it to see the million of dollars worth of toys.

This was taken inside the lift

There are four levels of collectible toys though it’s only a narrow stretch

This toy is one of the most expensive ones


Batman and Robin classic toys

Dr. Who

Star Wars

As tall as Sophia :p

The Beatles

I remember having one of this before when I was a kid

The Green Hornet

Tin Tin


2 Degree Ice Art


Another late post from Singapore. 2 Degree Ice Art 2013/2014 — the largest ice art exhibition in Singapore yet and we decided to see what’s the big deal about it. The price is kinda pricey if you ask me because we didn’t last even 10 minutes at the exhibition. It costs each $32 and it doesn’t include the cost of renting the coat. Hmmm..

There are 30-odd pieces of ice art feature the likes of regional and international landmarks such as the Singapore Merlion, London’s Big Ben and France’s Eiffel Tower. The exhibition will be around until May 2014 if I’m not mistaken. And yes, it’s freaking cold inside the exhibition. It is like -15°C inside and it’s perhaps the closest thing you can experience a winter in Singapore.

There’s a mini slide for those who like to slide down. Apart from that, there’s nothing much to give me that value worth of $32 + $5 inclusive of the rental of the coat.

We were suited up for the icy experience at 2 Degree Ice Art 2013/2014

The Eiffel Tower


TelBru Time Tunnel


In conjunction with our HSBB Roadshow this weekend, @telbru is conducting an Instagram and Facebook Contest for members of the public.

The contest criteria will include:
1. Participants must follow TelBru’s official Instagram and Like TelBru’s official Facebook page.

2. Photos posted in Instagram must be made public, visible and accessible by TelBru. This will help us to make you eligible.

3. Participants will need to participate in BOTH Instagram and Facebook.

4. The photo taken at the Time Tunnel background must be legitimate and current, therefore previous Time Tunnel photos from TelBru roadshows will not be considered for this contest.

Here you go.. Good luck!!


Fly AirAsia


Click image to enter AirAsia website


In love with Hue Lights


The amazing Hue lights from Philips

Hue lights rock!!! My recent purchase of the Hue Philips lights has been satisfying. I bought it recently in Philips, Singapore and I’m not sure if these lights are available in Brunei here. These lights were launched mid December last year in Singapore and I’m pretty sure it will be available here soon.

Anyway, what’s the big deal with the Hue lights? One thing for sure they can change to different range of colours and it can be controlled through my iPhone. Amazing, aye? You can check out this video I posted on instagram here and here and see what I meant. You need to get a Hue light starter kit and it costs me $318 which comes with a router and 3 Hue LED bulbs. If you want to buy an extra Hue bulb, it will cost around BND 89.

The set up is pretty simple and straight forward and I have to admit that lightings do have an impact on your work efficiency. I feel more present and efficient when I blog or do my work on my computer. This is definitely the best purchase in December :D

Comes with the router and 3 LED lights

You will need to download the app to control the lights

I’m toying with the Hue lamp lights *huhu* Click image to see video.

Recharging myself before I do some night work



The launch of Inspire magazine


Congratulations Shaun!! The great thing about Shaun Hoon is that he keeps his word. He’s an amazing entrepreneur with inspiring ideas and he has a good portfolio that keeps building from time to time. Despite the challenges he faced last year, his vision hasn’t changed and that is to inspire the people in Brunei and also using the magazine Inspire as a medium to make a difference in the community and further more, ignite the passion of the readers.

It will be a quarterly magazine and it will be available on newsstand starting 1st February at $5. This is a magazine sponsored by Aewon and published by Catalyst with Shaun Hoon as its editor. The first issue features Brunei’s creative industry which highlights people in the entertainment business and those in Art and Commercial Design such as Fakhrul Razi Ibrahim, and an exclusive interview with Brunei-born Taiwanese superstar and founder of Fitness Zone, Wu Chun. Contributing partners to the magazine include leaders in the business community, bloggers and renowned personalities such as Founder and Chairman of Asia Inc Forum Dato Paduka Timothy Ong, local bloggers Rano Iskandar and Thanis Lim.

Present for the launch was Pg Hj Salleh Ab Rahaman; Managing Partner of Syarikat Perniagaan Malar Setia, Hj Abdul Rahman Hj Metassim; Director of Aewon Garment and Embroidery, Lau Chai Seng; and Aewon Senior Manager Ken Kan. Also present at the event was YAM Pg Anak Hj Abdul Wadood Bolkiah Pg Lela Cheteria Sahibun Najabah Pg Anak Hj Abdul Aziz.

You can download the free version here.

Kevin Lau Xue Qian the Assistant General Manager and Head of Marketing, Aewon in his welcoming remarks

The invited guests during the official launch of Inspire magazine

Pg Hj Salleh Ab Rahaman unveiling the Inspire magazine with Shaun Hoon, its editor at the Aewon Gallery

The Guest of Honour signing on the cover of Inspire

It was quite a huge turn out last Wednesday

Brunei’s Prince of Soul, Fakhrul Razi, signing the board

Lau Chai Seng, Director of Aewon Garment and Embroidery, signing the cover

Shaun Hoon the editor of Inspire signing the cover

Sarina Chieng, a fashion designer, signing the cover

Elizabeth Sim, founder of Time Out with Liz, signing the cover

Isabel Valle of Global Coach signing the cover

Foodie blogger Thanis Lim signing the cover

Greg Chin, editorial associate of Inspire signing the cover

Shaun sharing the objectives of Inspire and his vision

Hj Abdul Rahman, Managing Partner of Syarikat Perniagaan Malar Setia (right) handing over donation to Dato Alimin of Pusat Ehsan

Handing over of appreciation to the sponsor - Butra Heidelberg Cement

Handing over of appreciation to the sponsor - DST

Handing over of appreciation to the sponsor - BIBD



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