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The new S-Class unveiled

Written by Rano Iskandar.

Vision accomplished


The new S-Class is pure class. The official launch took place at Radisson Hotel last night

I kinda liked the tagline or the motto for the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class which is “Vision Accomplished” and the new luxury line from Mercedes-Benz is the top of the crop of all the car launches this week in Brunei by Jati Transport Sdn Bhd. I was sold by the video presentation during the launch of the S-Class at Radisson Hotel but of course, it may be sometime before I can afford it *lol*

Mercedes-Benz has done it again, improving every aspect of an already awesome “class” line. They have upgraded its “Intelligent Drive”, “Efficient Technology” and the “Essence of Luxury”. I love the fact that it has LED lights illuminating in the interior of the S-Class. It simply looks classy and I can boast so much about the car.

The exterior and interior design was given the accolade the “Best of Best” by the German Design Council. It also won the “Connected Car of the Year” award by readers of AUTO BILD and COMPUTER BILD. You can check out the youtube commercial video here.

If you want to have a feel of the new S-Class, head down to Jati Transport Beribi showroom today and you will be impressed. I can’t wait to test drive the new S-Class.

Mercedes-Benz does live to its motto - The Best or Nothing.


For the ladies


Special promotion going on at Lilli Lingerie and it has been a successful one

Their best selling item so far at Lilli Lingerie

Hanky Panky laces


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Becoming of age

Written by Rano Iskandar.

The rise of Nina Iskandar


The cake cutting ceremony with Nina Iskandar and her family with David Teo and Jane of MIG at CheezBox Cafe last Thursday to commemorate the premiere of Muka Surat Cinta

Major David Teo has built an empire. Metrowealth (MIG) is his baby and now they have produced tons of movies to date and Muka Surat Cinta starring our own local talent Nina Iskandar is MIG’s 88th film. David Teo is the producer and CEO of MIG and he has a simple character but a great visionary.

How Nina Iskandar came about to be part of the MIG family was also kinda simple - just create a conversation on David’s instagram @davidteo99 and the rest is history. I’m quite surprised that a person of his genre will be adapting to social media in reaching more talents and this has been his main channel for marketing and exposure as well.

He was proud to claim that the company’s expenses in terms of advertising and marketing have been trimmed by 30-40% and he hopes that by this year, he is able to cut marketing and advertising costs by 80% as he will be focusing more and leveraging on social media. Wow, that’s an interesting approach indeed and the formula have worked so far.

Nina Iskandar debuted on the big screen last Thursday (in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei) and it was her first major role on film with the title “Muka Surat Cinta”. It was nice to see her back in Brunei to promote her film which is only screening in The Mall Cineplex. Her family and her extended family and close friends came to support the premiere and of course, the presence of Major David Teo and Jane of MIG gave a morale boost for our local talent.

There will be more movies that she will be featured in and David has been impressed with Nina’s progress. Let’s put it this way. MIG has a pool of talents and mostly they are from Malaysia with Nina being the only Bruneian. So you can imagine the hard work and the dedication that Nina has to go through in getting roles under MIG’s production. I’m pretty sure it’s never easy to rise to the top and Nina is heading on that path to be one of the elite film stars. Nina is very appreciate of his “godfather” in guiding and coaching her to greater heights. From the press conference two nights ago, I could tell how much faith David has in Nina and she is one of those hidden gems that has yet to reach full potential.

David is not only monitoring the number of talents under him but he also plays a father figure role to all of them. Currently more than 40 artistes are under the MIG label and of course, the popular one among the lot is Nora Danish. Hence, it’s never an easy task for David to handle all the artistes but he has imposed a good policy in order for the artistes to be disciplined and also protecting their own image as well as MIG’s.

I wish Nina Iskandar the best of luck and this is definitely her biggest break of her career. So guys, you want to be part of the MIG artistes pool of talent, all you have to do is get in touch with @davidteo99 on instagram and who knows you will be the chosen ones!!!

Images courtesy of Dean Kassim.

David Teo and Nina Iskandar during the press conference

Nina Iskandar with her family and cousins during the premiere

It was a full house last Thursday

The islanders.. hahaha.. though we are not related



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The Golden Boy

Written by Rano Iskandar.



SCB’s investment promotion


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Online transaction with HSBC PIB

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The new 1.6L Turbo 408

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The best among the best!!


Click image to listen to our podcast and find out Rano and Del’s Top 10 movies of 2013

Yes, it’s a bit of a delay. Finally we managed to update our Popcorn Panel podcast for our 20th edition which is the Best movies we caught for 2013. So if you want to know what’s our take on the movies of 2013, you can check out our Popcorn Panel on Soundcloud or you can click here to find out more.

i shall be giving away a grand prize sometime in May which will be a PS4 and other prizes as well. So all you have to do is follow @ranoadidas on instagram and check out the insta post that has this image. The question will be set there and you will have to reply your answers on that post. I will be coming up with a proper instagram for The Popcorn Panel soon so it will be easier to track answers.

I won’t be disclosing the ranks here of our Top 10 movies between @delgoh and I but below are the movies that were discussed with the hits and misses of movies in 2013. I shall reveal more of the Top 10 by next week. For now, do check out our podcast and do tell us your review and perhaps share with us your Top 10 movies of 2013.


Abhar wins an A250


The grand winner of the day - Abhar Munawar - who won the Mercedes-Benz A 250 Sports this morning at Jati Transport Beribi Showroom

He was indeed the Golden Boy this morning. He only needed one attempt to turn on the engine of the Mercedes-Benz A 250 Sports and he was among the 21 shortlisted finalists for the Jati Transports grand draw for 2013. More than 350 customers were listed in the draw of the competition and last week, Jati Transport held an initial draw to handpick 21 shortlisted customers of Jati Transport.

So today was the big day and surprise, surprise, there were no female in the top 3 this time round. Last year, Haliza won the Mercedes-Benz SLK Roadster. This time, a master graduate from the UK won the grand draw and he is Abhar Munawar.

The other 20 finalists were given consolation prizes courtesy of Jati Transport Sdn Bhd. The lucky draw campaign was carried out from 1st Jan to 31st December 2013 with purchasers of a new Mercedes-Benz passenger car, Vito or Viano.

Tomorrow will be the launch of another line of the S-Class. More update on that next week.

Pehin Orang Kaya Setia Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Dr Hj Ahmad Hj Jumat with Pg Anak Hj Jaafar ibni Al Marhum Pg Pemancha Pg Anak Hj Mohd Alam, Executive Chairman of Jati Transport Sdn Bhd and Abhar Munawar bin Pehin OKSPDSS Dr Hj Ahmad

Group photo with the finalists

Mr Phil Myhre, the General Manager of Jati Transport handing consolation prize to Hjh Aznah Hj Ahmad

Mr Ho, the Sales Manager of Jati Transport handing consolation prize to Bibi Azura binti Osli

Angella, Accountant of Jati Transport handing consolation prize to Amer Hishamuddin PD Hj Zakaria

Mr Stephen Reid, Service Manager of Jati Transport handing consolation prize to Gavin Chai

Mr. Yong, Parts Manager of Jati Transport handing consolation prize to Siti Naqiyah binti Hj Abd Aziz

Pg Anak Hj Jaafar ibni Al Marhum Pg Pemancha Pg Anak Hj Mohd Alam, Executive Chairman of Jati Transport Sdn Bhd drawing the the three finalists

The crowd waiting in anticipation

Jenny Malai Ali having a few words with the three finalists

Mr. Myhre handing over souvenir to Shazali Sulaiman, partner of KPMG Brunei, for auditing the legitimacy of the draw

The confetti after Abhar was the lucky golden boy

The sales agents of Jati Transport were hoping their customers won the grand prize

The closest thing I would get from winning this car *lol* It seemed like it was a handover of the winner to the new owner (me) hahaha.. *wishful thinking*


Concepts with a new facelift


A new look, a new feel for the New Year at Concepts Computer. Just like my room, Concepts Computer had some facelift before the Chinese new year. You will notice the visual enhancements such as the artwork and adornments on the different floors of the showroom.

According to Zul Abdul Rahman, the Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer, the management wants to give the best in-store shopping experience and furthermore, Concepts Computer staff have been undergoing training to provide a better service to their customers as IT is a very demanding industry.

He thanked the customers for their support and loyalty and promised to always provide reliability, high performance and affordability in their products (Acer and Espon). Check out Concepts Computer branch in Kiulap and they are also part of the Brunei Salebration 2014. For more info, call 223 3551 or 223 3552.

The new look feel at Concepts Computer

There’s a dedicated service centre area for EPSON on the 1st floor

Concepts Computer preparing for the lunar year


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The slow burn

Written by Rano Iskandar.

Nina on the big screen again


Catch Nina Iskandar in Muka Surat Cinta

This is another milestone career for Nina Iskandar (@ninaiskandar) as she is starring in Muka Surat Cinta, one of Metrowealth Movies Production (@migonline) countless movies.

Here’s the synopsis of the movie. Muka Surat Cinta tells the story of married couple Putra (played by Mikael Andre) and Luna (Nina Iskandar). Despite Luna’s best efforts to make their marriage work, Putra feels that things are going nowhere. Luna also faces another challenge in Nurul (Atikah Suhaime), a girl who has a crush on Putra and will stop at nothing to win his heart.

This is another movie by Pierre Andre who also had big hits with Highland Tower. Tonight Nina Iskandar will be at the premiere of Muka Surat Cinta at the Mall Cineplex and she will be accompanied by the management of Metrowealth International Group (MIG), David Teo, its CEO and Jane, its Artistes Management tonight.

I shall be covering the event tonight and let’s show some support to our local talent, Nina Iskandar. Congratulations.

Muka Surat Cinta opens today in Brunei and only available at The Mall Cineplex.

Seriously, doesn’t Mikail Andre looks like me in the pic? haha

Taken back in July last year. How time flies pretty quick


3 Peas in a Pod


It’s out now at The Mall Cineplex

Amazing!!! This is another movie I would recommend you guys to catch 3 Peas in a Pod. It made quite a wave in Singapore last year and it still drew numbers despite its final days in the cinemas in Singapore. My friend Tiffany Yong (@tiffanyyongwt) auditioned for the role but missed out. Instead Michelle Chong (@immichellechong), the producer, chose Jae Liew (@jae7liew) as one of the main leads. The movie also starred K-pop artist Alexander Lee Eusebio (U-KISS) and Calvin Chen (Fahrenheit).

My verdict for this movie is a 7 when I posted this on my website a few weeks ago. Yes, this movie may have its flaws here and there but the theme involved was pretty interesting. There are some strong points which weighed to a more favourable result. The great thing about 3 Peas in a Pod is that it leaves you having more questions in your mind and it is also thought provoking as it opens up for more discussions after the first viewing.

I’m definitely catching this movie again to catch some tidbits that I may have missed out. Thank you to the Mall Cineplex for bringing in this movie.

The ever gorgeous Michelle Chong. Image taken from

The short interview with Michelle


RA: How much of a success was 3 Peas in a Pod in Singapore? As compared to your first movie Already Famous which raked in $1 million at the Singapore box office?

Michelle: Already Famous had a bigger box office than 3 Peas because it's a comedy and audiences generally love comedy and horror more. Also 3 Peas had an NC 16 rating in Singapore and we had targeted the younger audience in our casting of pop idols. They couldn't watch in the end because of the NC16 rating. But 3 Peas had rave reviews from the audiences who watched and shared with their friends on social media.

RA: Judging from the viewers, the movie had brought many talking points. Was that the ideal impression you were targeting among the audience?

Michelle: I really hadn't anticipated that it would get so many people talking about the movie. I knew the subject-matter would be sensitive, that's why we kept it as much a secret as we can. My ideal impression is always for people to enjoy the movie and talk about it afterwards, so yes I am very happy that it actually happened with 3 Peas.

RA: Was it tough to get both international icon stars, Calvin and Alex, to be part of the cast? Was it also a gamble to have Jae Liew a newbie played a big role?

Michelle: It was tough with Alexander because we didn't know where or how to get him. These Koreans are very elusive! And we were passed from one contact to another and everyone who got involved wants a commission for introducing. The fees just got increasingly expensive. Calvin was a blessing. I had the opportunity to meet up with him when I flew to Taiwan for the Asian Film Festival which Already Famous opened. He was perfect for Perry and that's how he was cast.

I never thought of casting Jae as a gamble because she showed that she could act at the auditions and we really needed someone who could act and emote easily. She shone through from the hundreds of girls who came to audition.

RA: What are your thoughts of having your movie released in Brunei? I was surprised that that a few Bruneians heard of your movie and waiting it to be released in Brunei.

Michelle: I am very excited! At first, I thought we wouldn't pass the censors because I had hosted an event there once and knew that they are quite conservative. I am very happy that the movie passed with no further cuts and received the same rating as Malaysia. I really hope Bruneians will take this opportunity to go watch this movie!




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Times Cineplex 2nd location

Written by Rano Iskandar.

Icon Design Store



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BIBD Delights



Sneak peek of Audi A7


This is the new Audi A7 Sportsback with body kit specially ordered by T.C.Y. Motors for car owner Hitesh

The official launch of the new Audi A7 will be this Monday by invitation. But I managed to have a quick feel of the Audi A7 Sportsback a few weeks ago as my friend Hitesh recently bought this monster machine. Apparently, he is impressed with the technology, the power and the comfort of the Audi A7 and it was his best buy so far this year (apart from the PS4 *lol*).

It has a roomy interior, more spacious than their competitors and it also features a large luggage compartment. It has a self-locking crown-gear centre differential (previously offered only for RS models) for higher agility and sportier driving behaviour. It has an Ultra lightweight aluminium hybrid construction with approx. 30% is 45 kg lighter compared to a traditional steel construction.

It has a Powerful V6 petrol engine outputs 228kW/310hp, 440Nm of torque yet consumes only 8.2 litres per 100km with low CO2 emission of 190 g/km. Recuperation actively converts kinetic braking energy thus saving up to 3% of fuel.

The Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TFSI quattro V6 is now available for viewing & test drives by the public, for details please call the Audi showrooms on 2442333 or 2390725.

It’s super charged and it has good acceleration

Hitesh is in love with his new car

Cooking galore


Fun Bee Park will be organsing cooking competition with the cooperation of Pilihan Radio Programme. This is in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year. The objective of this culinary competition is to see if the participants can come up with the best Chinese halal dishes. The cooking event will take place this Sunday, 19th January 2014.

It is open to everyone and the registration costs is BND 25. You can register yourself at Fun Bee Park (Batu Bersurat). The first place winner will take home a $300 cash prize while $200 and $100 for the second and third place winners respectively. In addition, all three winners will receive a hamper each.

The Maggie and Nestle products will be used in the competition and they are sponsored by Grand Top Enterprise while the hampers sponsored by the Handsome Enterprise Company and IA Salon, with the coordination of Fun Bee Park sponsors prizes and certificates. For more information, visit Fun Bee Park at A6 and A7, Ground Floor, Sempurna Complex, Kg Pengkalan Gadong, from 10am to 1pm. The indoor activity centre can also can be contacted at 2457725 or 7178232.

Who knows you can be the first grand chef for the year of the Golden Horse.

Some of the dishes you can cook. Well, let the creativity run wild.

Some of the dishes you can cook. Well, let the creativity run wild.


Times Cineplex 2nd location


My first day on the job at the Times Cineplex @ The Empire

It was finally revealed on social media that Times Cineplex, one of the most popular cinemas in Brunei Darussalam, is expanding their presence and this time, the management of Times Cineplex are taking over The Empire Cinema after six months of closure. The previous management MVision cut their ties with The Empire Hotel & Country Club which ended on a sour note.

Now the big players in terms of cinema are The Mall Cineplex and Times Cineplex and competition is getting tougher now with other player such as Q-lap cineplex which seemed to be dominated by these two giants. With the new management now at The Empire Cinema, they have refurbished the seats which is definitely good news for us movie lovers. They even have drink holders which is a must for cinema goers. I didn’t enjoy the older seats though they looked pretty grand visually but practical wise, nah…

They have change the whole projectors in all the cinemas and Cinema 1 will have a much higher quality than the other screens because of its silver screen - great contrast, brightness and it is also in 3D format for those 3D lovers out there. In Cinema 1, the vip seats still remain.

The prices are slightly higher than the Times Cineplex in Times Square. The price will be an additional $1 from the lower tier prices set at the one at Times Square.

Times Cineplex management has invested quite a heavy amount in reviving the Empire Cinema. Oh yea, for the record, the name of the cinema will be named Times Cineplex@ The Empire. The schedules will be out tomorrow and patrons will get to enjoy their first experience of the newly renovated cinema this Thursday.

Movies that will be screened are Lone Survivor and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Check out the papers tomorrow for details.

The view of Cinema 1. The VIP seats remain unchanged but the screen has been upgraded using Silver Screen as well as new seats.

Happy that the seats have drink holders. Two thumbs up!

Seats are much comfier than before

Busy times, preparing for tomorrow’s opening

Drinks and refreshments will be available too



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