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Written by Rano Iskandar.

Sampling of bruneihalal


Catch bruneihalal sampling session at Supa save Seria tomorrow

bruneihalal will be holding a sampling session at Supa save Seria on Saturday, 1st March 2014 from 1 to 6pm. Any one of those in the area that day are invited to drop by and sample the products that bruneihalal will have on hand.

bruneihalal’s locally-manufactured dipping sauces has already been out on shelves in the country. Very soon bruneihalal will be introducing their frozen range to add to its array of products, which to date include sparkling juices, Dishes of India meal accompaniments, cooking sauces and microwavable rice. Some of these products will be ready for sampling at the session and the friendly bruneihalal team will there to answer any questions.

Supa save is just one of many major grocer chains in Brunei which carry bruneihalal branded products. You can visit their website at or the brand’s official Facebook (Brunei Halal) for a list of supermarkets which retail bruneihalal products.

The list of products that Brunei Halal carries


DPMM FC vs Warriors FC


Catch DPMM FC’s first home match tomorrow. Spread the word!!


More travel fair delights


Evelyn Ang, Country Manager for Brunei, Royal Brunei Airlines, Alirahim Hj Abdul Rani, the Manager Marketing Communications, Royal Brunei Airlines, Abdul Halim Hj Abdul Rahman, the Manager for Sales and Marketing, Abacus (Brunei) and Irene Soon, the General Manager, Abacus (Brunei) at the press conference recently for the 9th Belait Travel Fair. Image courtesy of The Brunei Times.

Looking for deals for your next holiday? The 9th Belait Travel Fair on March 1 and 2 at the Conference Hall of Kuala Belait might be your ticket to the destination of your dreams.

A total of 19 booths from a number of companies related to the travel industry will be on hand to assist customers looking for their next holiday deal.

These include Baiduri Bank Berhad, Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, Anthony Tours & Travel Agency, Century Travel Centre, Darussalam Holdings, Freme Travel Services, Pan Bright Travel Services and Southern Cross Travel Agencies.

These were announced yesterday at a press conference organised by Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) and its subsidiary Abacus Brunei at Seasons Restaurant of Centrepoint Hotel.

The press conference also revealed some of the attractive air fares and packages for Haji and Umrah as well as the prizes to be won from activities such as games and quizzes to be run by DJ Jenny from Kristal FM and DJ Frankie from Pilihan Network.

At the same time, every booking or purchase made during the fair will give customers the chance to win return tickets to Melbourne, Manila and Jakarta. Other prizes to be won include Apple iPhone 5C 16GB, Apple iPod Touch and Momax iPower S3.

Present during the press conference from RB were Alirahim Hj Abdul Rani, the Manager Marketing Communications and Evelyn Ang, Country Manager for Brunei. From Abacus Brunei were Irene Soon, the General Manager, and Abdul Halim Hj Abdul Rahman, the Manager for Sales and Marketing.

At the question and answer session, Abdul Halim said that last year’s response was overwhelming. “This time around, we’ve decided to use a bigger place that is convenient for exhibitors as well as visitors,” he said. In addition, during the launch of the two-day event at 9am, members of the public will get the chance to witness RB’s new heritage inspired uniforms. Text and image courtesy of Ikhwan Salleh of The Brunei Times.

Special deals from Darussalam Holdings. Do check them on their Facebook page.

Special deals from Anthony Tours and Travel Agency. Do check them on their Facebook page.

Special deals from Pan Bright Travel. Do check them on their Facebook page.

Mark this on your calendar




Happening this weekend

Happening this weekend




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Written by Rano Iskandar.

DPMM FC vs Warriors FC


Catch DPMM FC’s first home match tomorrow. Spread the word!!

Kean in for the long run. Only in his game competitive game in charge, the former manager of Blackburn Rovers is loving it in Brunei Darussalam, coaching for the only professional football club in Brunei Darussalam, DPMM FC.

Last weekend, DPMM FC scored a sweet victory over Albirex Niigata FC in a fought close match with DPMM FC winning 1-0. It’s such a huge change from the Premier League to the likes of the S•League but he assured us that he is in here for the “long haul” in Southeast Asia.

According to AFP, Kean said, “I would like to stay here and develop our club and I think football is only going to get bigger here in years to come, so I’d like to stay.”

Prior to his accepted offer in DPMM FC, he had initially turned down offers from clubs such as Millwall after meeting with His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah, the club owner and chairman of DPMM FC.

DPMM FC has a vision of improving the local players and also they want to take the team to a higher level and at the same time, helping the local coaches to excel.

Tomorrow DPMM FC will take on Warriors FC at 8:15 kick-off at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium. Let’s hope for another successive win in the S•League season. For your info, there won’t be seats available at the grand stand area due to the structure and props made for the celebration of the National Day recently. The seats will be available on their next home match.

Steve Kean, here for the long haul. Image courtesy of AFP.


HSBC New Year Special Deals

Click image to read more
The Peugeot Prosperity

Peugeot Prosperity drive is back!! And they are giving away iPhone 5s and iPad minis on select Peugeot models. Click image to enter Facebook page.
Royal Brunei Airlines

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BIBD - Let's Go Mobile!

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Fly to KL via MAS


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Away yet again


Mom went through her procedure at Mount Elizabeth last week and it was nice to see most of her siblings and family came to support her.

Away from the work load but I’m still feeling a slight pressure. Time is against me, well, in some aspects. I’m currently in Singapore and I have been here for more than a week. My mom had a procedure operation to remove a small growth and the good thing is that it ain’t cancerous. So that was a relief too. Even I have this fear once in a while about my health because I hardly take care of my body and it has been a while since I actually had a proper exercise. I miss play all the sports I love (tennis, badminton, jogging) and I will definitely make time for that once I’m back in Brunei.

So my nights have been devoted to Mount Elizabeth where my mom is still being confined until she’s in good shape. Let’s just say she’s probably in the region of 60-70% recovery and she still experiencing some back pain after the surgery. I salute my mom for her courage for accepting the surgery and enduring the pain on her recovery but of course, it’s for the better. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly and it was nice to see most of my siblings especially my sister who’s residing in Hong Kong right now.

If you have been following my instagram, you would probably have a fair idea on what I have been up to in Singapore. Surprisingly I have not caught as many movies as I usually would. I only caught two movies - That Awkward Moment (6/10) and Pompeii (4/10). Don’t worry, I shall put up a full review soon and speaking about reviews, Del Goh and I have been neglecting our podcast review for two weeks now since we are a few hundred miles away. Not to worry as we will be back in business pretty soon.

Singapore has been great and ironically I made appointments with more of my Bruneians friends in Singapore than the local ones *lol* Just that the weather has been quite hot as of late and apparently, it hasn’t been raining for many weeks in Singapore.

My next post will be on the compilation of National Day celebrations that are being hosted by the ambassadors and high commissioners in their respective countries. So if you do have access to the photos of the event, do email me at ranoadidas (a) Thank you to those who contributed the photos for RA and I’m still bummed that the pictures I took last Monday during the Grand Hyatt reception hosted by the Brunei High Commission to Singapore were all gone for no reason.

So peeps, do share, share ya :D For now, I’m just gonna nap off my sleepy head and hopefully I will feel refreshed early.

Our superb team helping to set up the tables and chairs for the comfort of our guests at Mount Elizabeth

My morning ritual has always been on the 15th floor at Royal Plaza on Scotts where I will do my work a little over breakfast

Surprise, surprise.. I haven’t caught as many movies as I wanted to. So far only two and both of them have been at the Platinum Movies Suites. I love the comfort of it.

My recent to the IT Fair at the Singapore Expo and there’s nothing exciting as it was mostly the older models selling at great deals. The hourly deals are best for sure and the promoters are well trained too.

Notebooks, tablets and smartphones are the way to go. I didn’t spend a dime on electronics but invested in a mono pod :D

I ended up going to the another expo which was just next door and they had great bargain on Adidas and G2000. All the Adidas t-shirts were going at $30 a piece. Great buy!!

I recently visited a student’s project on Let’s Not Forget E-Waste initiative which took place at the Funan DigitalLife Mall last Sunday. This is a robot made from Nokia phones. A good awareness to tell the public that old electronics can be re-used in different ways or being sent for recycling. Brunei government can look into this matter too.

This is another art installation using PCs and computers. This is called the H.E.ART, another sculptor done by the students as part of their assessment. Yeah, it does resembles a heart too. Awesome piece!!

Some of the students and volunteers posing with the robot made of Nokia

After a week, my mom was able to get on her feet to exercise at Mount Elizabeth

Before Burger King was officially opened in Brunei, Jessie and I kinda grabbed our lunch at Burger King, Vivo City *lol* It was nice seeing you again, Jessie!

I found my new love for Adidas line which is the Y-3 collection :D

My early haul of Adidas and I haven’t bought any since… *good boy*

Finally I managed to get hold off the Adidas Springblade edition at Paragon. Thanks Azlan for the tip-off. I never realised it has been a month since it was being released. However, only these two colors are available in Adidas Singapore.

Yea, trying out a new profession? *LOL* I didn’t last long for this ordeal but it was a good experience. I had one customer in my 15 seconds attempt. Not bad :D

I caught up these beautiful ladies at Dempsey House at Dempsey Hill

Hmmmm this is so tempting to catch at IMAX 3D but I will be back in Brunei then. We’ll see…

After a lot of confusion who is in the picture, it was clarified that the paratrooper in this gopro shot is KPL Hafizal as he was about to parachute into the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium for the 30th National Day celebration. This, for me, is one of the best shots I’ve seen being captured.

I finally did my medical check-up routine at Quest Laboratories at Paragon and Alhamdulillah, the whole ordeal went well but I just have to watch out for my cholesterol and such. I also have to watch out for taking supplements as they are affecting my liver.

The IT Show that I’m looking forward to today before I head back home :D

Ah, reunite in Singapore and it was good to see you dropping by @rini6676 and hope to see you in Brunei again

I caught up with Karen aka @renzze, a Singaporean blogger whom was sponsored once by Royal Brunei Airlines for a fam trip to Brunei last year. It was great catching up indeed :D

Guess who I bumped into at the Brunei 30th National Day celebration at the Grand Hyatt? My old friend from St. Andrew’s School and we still talked of our old faction that we used to have back in SAS *lol* Enjoy your training in Singapore, buddy, and we should catch up on my next trip to Singapore.

Another catch up session with Lily Chiam and Shian Li who were in Singapore for some recordings. This shot was taken at Bliss House at Clarke Central Quay.

Shian Li showed me how dramatic a performance can be




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Written by Rano Iskandar.

HSBC New Year Special Deals

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The Peugeot Prosperity

Peugeot Prosperity drive is back!! And they are giving away iPhone 5s and iPad minis on select Peugeot models. Click image to enter Facebook page.
Royal Brunei Airlines

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BIBD - Let's Go Mobile!

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Icon Design Store

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More synergies for PMB project


The signing ceremony recently between the partnership of Hengyi Industries Sendirian Berhad (Hengyi Industries) and Hongkng Tianyi International Holding Company Limited and Damai Holdings Limited (Brunei) at the JW Marriott Hotel, Hangzhou, China.

Hengyi Industries Sendirian Berhad (Hengyi Industries) is pleased to announce that the company and Hongkong Tianyi International Holding Company Limited have entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Damai Holdings Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Strategic Development Capital Fund (SDCF), a Brunei government trust sub-fund to undertake the Oil Refinery and Aromatics Cracker Plant Project at Pulau Muara Besar in Brunei Darussalam.

The signing ceremony took place at The JW Marriott Hotel, Hangzhou, China and was witnessed by The Right Honorable Mr Zhang Hongming, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Hangzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of Hangzhou. Also present at the signing event was Yang Mulia Dato Paduka Hj Bahrin bin Abdullah, Deputy Minister of Finance, Brunei Darussalam. Signing on behalf of Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd was Chairman of the Hengyi Petrochemical Co. Ltd. Mr. Qiu Jian Lin whilst signing on behalf of Damai Holdings Limited was Yang Mulia Haji Abu Bakar bin Haji Ibrahim, Deputy Permanent Secretary (Investment), Ministry of Finance, Brunei Darussalam.

In brief, Hongkong Tianyi International Holding Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Hengyi Petrochemical Co. Ltd. will hold 70% equity stake in the joint venture whilst Damai Holdings Ltd will hold the remaining 30%. The parties will conduct the Project through Hengyi Industries as the joint venture company.

The group photo with the stakeholders of the upcoming project at Pulau Muara Besar in Brunei.

“Hengyi Industries is delighted to join forces with Damai Holdings Limited as our equity partner. This joint venture agreement fits the investment strategy of Hengyi Petrochemical Co. Ltd. and marks a significant milestone in the development of the petrochemical project at Pulau Muara Besar. Our commitment in the Pulau Muara Besar project in Brunei Darussalam has given potential partners in the petrochemical industry much confidence in Hengyi Industries as a responsible and competent operator. The signing of the Joint Venture Agreement with Damai Holdings Limited is a testament to that confidence” remarked Mr.Qiu Jian Lin, Chairman of Hengyi Petrochemical Co. Ltd.

Hengyi Industries is planning the investment, construction, operations and maintanence of an Integrated Oil Refinery and Aromatics Cracker plant on Pulau Muara Besar. The investment for Phase 1 of the project is expected to amount to approximately USD 4 billion, creating about 780 job opportunities. The construction for Phase 1 is scheduled to begin as soon as possibile once all conditions for construction are satisfied. Upon completion of Phase 1, the facility will be able to produce petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, Jet A-1 fuel and petrochemical products such as paraxylene and benzene, which would contribute in extending the value chain of the Oil and Gas sector in Brunei Darussalam. Press release issued and images by Hengyi Industries Sendirian Berhad (Hengyi Industries).


KFC Toy Santa “Lego” Contest


KFC and Toy Santa jointly held a social media competition in conjunction with the hotly anticipated “The Lego Movie," sparking the creative minds of Lego lovers in the true spirit of the film. Participants were asked to submit pictures of their Lego toys and KFC items in their most creative ways onto Instagram as part of the competition.

“We had fun running this mini competition and will organize more contests on our social media so do follow us to get updates”, said Jonathan Bong, Senior Marketing Manager, KFC (B) Sdn Bhd.

Taking home 1st Prize was Ampuan Hamid Ampuan Hamdzah who received a $50 cash voucher from Toy Santa and a KFC Meal Voucher, for his delightful entry which featured a burger, fried and a Mini Colonel Sanders made from Lego. Mohd Nazrul Azri came in second, winning a $30 cash voucher from Toy Santa and a meal voucher from KFC, while Simon Woo took home 3rd place.

riginally, there were only supposed to be 3 winners, but due to the overwhelming response and creativity of the entries, KFC decided to award three consolation prizes to Khairi Razak, Redhaauddeen Bostaman and Haliza Abu Bakar for their delightful entries.

Ampuan Hamid Ampuan Hamdzah happily receiving his prize

Runner up Mohd Nazrul Azri

One of the consolation prize winners Haliza Abu Bakar receiving her prize from a representative of KFC

Group photo

The winner with his Lego constructed KFC meal!


Poni Divers making waves


Recently Poni Divers collaborated with Seamonkey Malaysia, launching another division called Seamonkey Brunei under Poni Divers focusing in providing PADI professional courses and to increase local recreational diving career opportunities. Seamonkey Brunei would also promote marine conservation efforts through the Ocean Quest (Malaysia) pioneering coral propagation programs (this program is not related in any way to the dive center, Oceanic Quest, in Brunei). To realize these goals, we are launching 2 products and a groundbreaking event, the PADI GoPro ASIA Explorer, the Poni Coral Propagation Program and Brunei’s first PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and PADI Instructor Exam (IE).

As a local business, Poni Divers has decided to develop its business further through collaboration with dive centers regionally. We have selected Seamonkey Malaysia as a strong partner with similar goals on diver education and marine conservation. This effectively allows Poni Divers to have regional support to grow the local diving industry in Brunei and to open up opportunities for exchange programs between local Bruneian staff and local divers to further increase local awareness of the global diving industry.

Recently, they invited Poni Dive Club members, youths from local schools, and the Fisheries Department to participate in the 1 day introductory land and underwater workshop on the coral propagation event. It was a full day event for both the land and water group, starting in the morning with a program briefing, followed by dives for the water group to collect the broken coral fragments.

On land, the land group will glue the coral fragments to natural live rock. In the afternoon, the water group will return to the site to propagate the coral. Dive instructors and guides from Poni Divers learnt how to instruct this program independently for future coral propagation activities. Anuar Abdullah, the lead person, shared about the success of this 1 day shop at the PADI IE awards and dinner function recently. It was attended by the Minister of Industry and Primary Resources and the the Fisheries Department.

Pehin Yahya, the Minister of Industry and Primary Resources, being shown on the glue effect by Anuar Abdullah, the founder of Ocean Quest (Malaysia) Coral Propagation Program

Fisheries Department with Anuar and Poni divers staff gluing coral

Anuar showing the students how to glue the coral

IE candidates getting ready for confined water examsl

IE candidates during the confined water exams

IE candidates were happy that they passed the exams

Group photo after the coral workshop with their rocks and glued on coral pieces

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the world’s largest recreational diver training and certification organization with over 1 million certifications a year. Poni Divers hosted the first PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) from the 2nd February 2014 to the 14th February 2014 with 3 candidates, Afiq Whalid, Suhaimi Hj Taja @ Hj Duraman, and Maclen Torres. Afiq and Suhaimi will be the first locally-certified Bruneian PADI instructors, while Maclen will be the first Philippine national certified in Brunei. All 3 of them are long-time Poni Divers staff.

The IDC was led by PADI Course Director Arnold Yap from Seamonkey Malaysia. PADI Course Director, Arnold Yap conducted the IDC in bilingual fully in Malay and English language to the benefit of local candidates understanding.

The PADI IDC is followed by the PADI Instructor Exam which will be led by Mr Rommy Chung, an examiner directly from PADI Asia Pacific, Australia on the 15th February 2014 to the 16th February 2014.

After the end of the PADI IE on the 16th February 2014, Poni Divers and Seamonkey Malaysia hosted a PADI IE dinner and awards function where the guest of honour was Pehin Yahya, the Minister of MIPR with the presence of Anuar Abdullah, the founder of Ocean Quest (Malaysia) Coral Propagation Program, Arnold Yap, the PADI CD for the PADI IDC, and Wong Thye Sing, General Manager of Poni Divers to speak on the event. Government representatives from the Fisheries Department, Tourism Department, and the Museum Department along with the media representatives were invited to this function. Press release and images courtesy of Poni Divers.

The Minister of Industry and Primary Resources giving out certificates for coral activities

Group photo with the Minister


Netcom partners with TRENDnet


TRENDnet products being displayed

TRENDnet, a best-in-class wired and wireless networking hardware brand, recently announced, in partnership with a leading Distributor, Netcom Computer House, the availability of the award winning AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router, model TEW-812DRU and the extreme performance AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Router, model TEW-818DRU. These two devices are among TRENDnet’s most up-to-date routers and deliver an extreme wireless performance.

Netcom Computer House is one of the best market leaders in providing IT Products and service solutions in Brunei Darussalam. “We carry a huge range of TRENDnet products available to all channels,” said Ms.Jackie Lim, General Manager of Netcom Computer House. “Adding to our wide range of TRENDnet categories such as wireless solutions, switches and peripherals, Netcom is very excited about the addition of TRENDnet’s new AC Wireless Routers.”

“TRENDnet is so excited to collaborate with Netcom to launch our award winning and extreme performance Wireless AC Routers,” said Mr. Richard Huang, General Manager of Asia Pacific for TRENDnet. “We expect that these value oriented Wireless AC Routers will create a win-win situation for both the customers and our partner.” TRENDnet, a USA based brand offers award winning products that are backed by a three year limited warranty.

Mrs Jackie Lim, General Manager of Netcome Computer House delivering her spteech

Jessica of TRENDnet, Taiwan

Linda Tan of TRENDnet Taiwan

The attendees recently at Centrepoint Hotel

The attendees recently at Centrepoint Hotel

Netcom Computer House with TRENDnet Taiwan






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Written by Rano Iskandar.

Celebration at its best


What a spectacle!! Just by viewing all the photos from the #bruneiku30 and #HK30 in instagram, I was already missing a lot. Being away from Brunei doesn’t make it any easy but I’m grateful for social media and also my friends who are willing to share pictures.

This was the first time (in a long time) that the National Day celebration being held at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium and it looked amazing from the video clips I saw. More than 30,000 people turned up at the stadium to witness the 30th National Day of Brunei Darussalam.

Almost 13,000 students took part in the performances and kudos to them and the trainers in their dedication during their practice session. Same goes to the marchers from various government agencies and private sectors in Brunei Darussalam. Kudos the organiser especially the ministries involved to make this a success.

The grand finale last for almost three hours so you can imagine the hours and hours invested during the practice session. There are quite a few highlights worth noting but let the pictures tell the whole story. Oh, I'm pretty sure many have heard about a participant of the celebration proposing a hand in marriage to his girlfriend on the field. Pictures were circulated and the picture was being mocked at the same time. 

Below are some pictures posted during the celebration at the stadium as well as images related to Brunei 30th National Day celebration. All the pictures below are taken from the #bruneiku30 hashtag where I’m running a small competition and you can stand a chance to win @fizzyfireapparel latest collection - Merdeka 30.

I’m still bummed out because the pictures I took last night at the Brunei National Day reception disappeared from my memory card *boohoo* So I have to rely on other pictures from others. Sorry to those I took photos of last night.

Image courtesy of @nurazmina

This was taken last night at Grand Hyatt to commemorate Brunei’s 30th National Day celebration hosted by the High Commission of Brunei Darussalam in Singapore. His Excellency Hj Awang Saifulbahri Hj Mansor, the High Commissioner of Brunei Darussalam with @nonehbasir’s family last night. Image courtesy of @nonehbasir

Students from the BruEssex family. Image courtesy of @zimmo253

GoPro does come in handy too :D

Image courtesy of @nrazrn

Officers from Brunei Shell Petroleum. Image courtesy of @nazme810

Taken under water. Awesome..Image courtesy of @rk148

Those Sombreros hats will be a great memory for many especially the participants. Image courtesy of @marul69

One of the paratroopers during the jump. Image courtesy of @dil44

Image courtesy of @buja_knight

The Ikrar team. Image courtesy of @wrsbrunei

Image courtesy of @arsiabaswedstructure

From Olivia Nova, Spain. Image courtesy of @pg_nasir

His Majesty with the crowd yesterday. Image courtesy of @Zulfaldi2112

Work brought them there. Image courtesy of @itsazizbah

Nice shot, sis :D Image courtesy of @rini6676

Brunei students studying in Yale - @mingruiii and @waneerah. Click on image to view their youtube greetings. Image courtesy of @waneerah

BruKent Society. Image courtesy of @aliminmatyassin

Image courtesy of @amyphy

Syakir and Waliy :D Image courtesy of @wallballz

Sairol, Tosi and Shahrul holding the Merdeka 30 t-shirt from @fizzyfireapparel. They recently won their first match 1-0 against Albirex Niigata FC

Image courtesy of @fendi_shari

Infofoto photographers. Image courtesy @anehff9 — photo credit by @fathdilina

Students from Brunel University, Castle Avenue, UK. Image courtesy of @asyafiqtuah

Taken during practice. Image courtesy of @ruzainihb612

Image courtesy @fathdilina

From Birmingham, UK. Image courtesy @amiraahh

Image courtesy @marul69



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Written by Rano Iskandar.

His Majesty’s titah


[Taken from RTB website]: His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah ibni Al-Marhum Sultan HAJI Omar 'Ali Saifuddien Sa'adul Khairi Waddien, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, in his titah touched on attempts from certain parties to influence today's young generation to question as well as not to support the implementation of the Shari'ah Penal Code in the country, by using the new media. Apart from that, His Majesty added, the parties had also tried to discredit the monarch, clerics and the Shari'ah Law.

All these pose a challenge to the new generation and law enforcement agencies, particularly those who are directly linked to the Shari'ah Penal Code Order. Hence, His Majesty pointed out that the new generation needs to possess a pure and strong self-esteem that cannot be easily shaken or swayed to jeopardize the country. His Majesty made the titah in conjunction with the 30th National Day celebration, broadcast over radio and television this evening.

In the titah, His Majesty also expressed disappointment over the theft cases affecting a number of mosques in the country. In this regard, the monarch hoped that relevant authorities would take effective and comprehensive measures to ensure this embarrassing situation will not recur.

His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar 'Ali Saifuddien Sa'adul Khairi Waddien, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, delivering his titah in conjunction of the 30th National Day of Brunei Darussalam. Image courtesy of The Brunei Times.



His Majesty's Titah:

We are grateful to Allah the Almighty for being able to celebrate the anniversary of our National Day in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

This 30th National Day anniversary celebration is highly significant, as it marks three decades in which our country has enjoyed full independence. Now it is best that we together gauge the extent at which we have benefited from this independence.

From the aspect of physical development, throughout these three decades, the nation had extensively carried out its development programmes under the National Development Plan. The quality of life of the citizens and residents continued to improve, keeping pace with modern society. Based on international quality indicators relating to life expectancy, Alhamdulillah, our standards of health and education requirements have already brought us a high quality of life, as indicated in the Human Development Index measurement used by the United Nations. All this is immensely meaningful to us.

Nevertheless, the vision and prime objective of independence do not merely entail achieving material gains, but should also fulfil the spiritual aspects.

Aside from achieving Vision 2035 in the physical area, we also wish to receive grace and blessings in all aspects of life. We also wish for a nation that truly fulfils the characteristics of "Baldatun Tayyibatun Warabbun Ghafur", prosperous and content under the care of Allah.

For that reason, the way that we accomplish this independence is exceptional. We do not forget to express our gratitude and perform zikir to Allah by way of mass prayer and by together supporting the doa. Such is the practice of the nation of Malay Islamic Monarchy, our country.

On this unique premise, we continue to strive to reinforce our identity as Bruneians. This matter is extremely crucial for direction in our lives and the process of nation building.

Nevertheless, in my view, MIB represents the one and only formidable 'firewall' that is effective in tackling the various issues and challenges of globalisation.

Globalisation, in reality, has spurred the most rapid change. The use of the Internet and various kinds of social media has allowed for the spread of information that is no longer confined to borders. Information can now be channelled with the greatest of ease, to anyone.

This only means that we must be wise and cautious in obtaining its benefits. Conversely, if we are negligent or if it is misused, the detrimental effects would not just be on the individual, but also the nation.

At present, we have begun to witness attempts by certain parties to instigate today's generation into questioning, and instantaneously to not support the implementation of the Shari'ah Penal Code in the country. They use new media channels, such as Websites, blogs, the WhatsApp application and the like. These are not just accessed by local citizens, but also by users abroad.

All these are undoubtedly challenges, particularly challenges towards our younger generations. They therefore need to possess a strong character that is consistent with the nation's policies. They must not be influenced by irresponsible elements that wish to see chaos within us, or who want us to be at odds with one another, and to not respect the leader and government.

In addition to questioning the implementation of the Shari'ah Penal Code, this group is apparently also trying to insult the monarch, insult the "ulama" (religious scholars) and discredit syara' laws. This matter can be sensed through their various statements when they talk about the monarch, ulama or the syara' laws.

All these pose a challenge to law enforcement authorities, particularly those that are directly linked with the Shari'ah Penal Code Order. These acts are undeniably of the kind that come under the General Offences section. They cannot be allowed to continue to carry on with those insults. But if it is true that there exists factors that qualify them to be brought to court, then the first phase implementation of the Shari'ah Penal Code Order to be made this April is definitely relevant for them. It is imperative that we, as a "generation with a vision", are cautious in facing challenges in any form, including challenges by or from groups that supposedly claim to also support our noble aspiration, only to cast aside such support in favour of other interests.

This is where our generation absolutely needs to possess an identity that is noble and resilient, such that it cannot be damaged or disrupted in a way that could bring harm to the nation.

Thus, in this regard, we are now actively building values of individual resilience through the National Service Programme, PKBN. This programme plays a hugely important role, especially in developing noble values amongst youths.

It is without doubt that such values are needed by the nation and country. Speaking of these values, we have been shocked by a number of burglaries involving a number of mosques in the country. Such incidents are extremely upsetting, made worse by the fact that they were carried out in the Houses of Allah.

In this matter, I am very hopeful that all responsible parties would be able to take effective sweeping measures so as to ensure that these deplorable acts would not be repeated.

This is not limited to crimes in the Houses of Allah, as all crimes in the forms of thefts and burglaries that are carried out in the homes of citizens and residents in the country must be eradicated by all means necessary. It would not suffice to simply record the rate of occurrence of such crimes, as action should be taken by clamping down hard on the culprits so that they could be brought to justice. By the Grace of Allah, the Shari'ah Penal Code Order awaits them.

Like other countries in our region, Brunei Darussalam has not been spared from experiencing extraordinarily long continuous spates of heavy downpour. Several low-lying areas were flooded, affecting property and belongings.

His Majesty the Sultan visited the flooded area in Tutong recently. Image courtesy of Dean Kassim of Borneo Bulletin.


I am thoroughly heartened by the high level of patience shown by the flood victims. They, along with the government authorities, faced the situation with considerable calm. Adding to this were the volunteers who were not left behind in contributing their highly meaningful community services. Indeed, most appropriately, we must deal with this matter with full acceptance, while at the same time continuing to pray to Allah the Almighty for alleviation of burden and for safety.

Lastly I, in all sincerity, record my appreciation and thanks to members of the Executive Committee and other Committees for the Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the National Day of Brunei Darussalam, as well as to all the participants and organisers that are also working to ensure the success of this celebration.

I also extend the highest appreciations to all sections of the community, including all levels of the Civil Service and those who are serving abroad, the Security Forces and also those who are serving with the private sector, accompanied with a doa; may we all receive the blessings and grace from Allah the Almighty. Amin.




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