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Another edition of Timeout with Liz next weekend 26th April and it will feature our very own @enyabioux and @vanillakitchen. Get your tickets now at timeoutwithliz@gmail.com

Film Festival UBD 2014

It's happening this weekend. Follow them on instagram @filmfestivalubd2014 or visit their website at filmfestivalubd2014.com for updates

Sukan Ria 2014

Are you ready for the Sukan Ria Inter-company 2014 event? The event will kick off with a hiking challenge. Check out sukanriabrunei.com for updates

Courage & Love

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The Dugout Treble 

Wanna win a pair of Adidas Predator boots? Listen to our (delayed) podcast to find out more


HRH graduates

HRH Prince ‘Abdul Mateen receives a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in International Politics, from Kings College London in the United Kingdom on July 21. Image courtesy of His Majesty’s Office.

The most liked photo on my IG in many months and I can see why. His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Mateen recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in International Politics, from Kings College London in the United Kingdom.

The son of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam received the conferment of his degree at a graduation ceremony held at the Barbican Centre in London two days ago, His Majesty’s Office announced yesterday. Other members of the Royal Family who were present at the graduation were His Royal Highness Prince Hj ‘Abdul ‘Azim, Her Royal Highness Princess ‘Azemah Ni’matul Bolkiah, and Her Royal Highness Princess Fadzilah Lubabul Bolkiah.

Congratulations to Your Royal Highness on the achievement :)



 Zakat contribution


BIBD today handed over two mock cheques to the Islamic Religious Council of Brunei for the purpose of Zakat contributions for BIBD and its customers. The event took place at the Ministry of Religious Affairs Office in Jalan Menteri Besar, Berakas.

BIBD’s Zakat contribution for 2013 amounted to B$ 2,355,519.40, whilst Zakat contributions from the customers of BIBD for the period of 2013-2014 amounted to B$ 241,816.24.
The mock cheques for the contributions were handed over by the Chairman of Shariah Advisory Body for BIBD and its subsidiaries, Yang Dimuliakan Pehin Orang Kaya Paduka Setia Raja Dato Paduka Seri Setia Awang Haji Suhaili bin Haji Mohiddin to Yang Berhormat Pengiran Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Mohammad bin Pengiran Haji Abdul Rahman, Minister of Religious Affairs on behalf of MUIB (Islamic Religious Council of Brunei).

Also in attendance were Yang Mulia Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Abdul Aziz bin Orang Kaya Maharaja Lela Haji Yussof, Deputy Chairman of the BIBD Shariah Advisory Body along with BIBD Managing Director, Yang Mulia Javed Ahmad.


Handover of donations to Yang Dimuliakan Pehin Orang Kaya Paduka Setia Raja Dato Paduka Seri Setia Awang Haji Suhaili bin Haji Mohiddin to Yang Berhormat Pengiran Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Mohammad bin Pengiran Haji Abdul Rahman, Minister of Religious Affairs on behalf of MUIB (Islamic Religious Council of Brunei)

The concept of Zakat is to donate a portion of one’s wealth to the eligibility group of people named as asnaf Zakat mentioned in the Holy Book of Al- Quran in Surah At-Taubah: Verse 60. The act is considered highly honorable as Zakat is not only to cleanse one’s wealth but also provides spiritual purification, drawing Muslims closer to Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala.

The significance for Zakat in society is that to eradicate the poverty via an approved methodology in providing and managing the society’s economy and finance. Zakat is the 3rd pillar of Islam, making it is compulsory on Muslims, provided they meet the conditions which are the required nisaab (the minimum amount of wealth i.e 85 gram of gold or their equivalent in cash that one must have before Zakat is payable) and haul (the possession of assets for the whole hijrah year).

In order to help its muslim customers meet this religious obligation, BIBD strongly urges its customers to utilize their branches to pay their Zakat at its many counters at its many strategic locations in Brunei Darussalam. Press release and image courtesy of BIBD.


Dinner feted for Panini lovers 

Brunei Panini Collectors’s Group with representatives from Adison Marketing at Hadfa Catering Restaurant

Last evening, Brunei Panini Collectors had a sungkai gathering at Hadfa Catering restaurant. It was organised by the Brunei Panini fans themselves and the event started off with a prize presentation for their quiz competition. There were some interesting prizes including ‘tiga ikat durian tempatan”. Following that is a lucky draw for every one present at the event. Adison Marketing also gave out prizes for the winners of our facebook contests.

The Panini Collectors group also gave out a token of appreciation to The Brunei Times and Adison Marketing. Images courtesy of Adison Marketing.

The head of the group giving his speech



Marathon enthusiast Danny also won a prize

Nice shirt

Ready to break fast

Check out Bert Khtree’s collection of World Cup Panini 2014. Amazing!!


Liyana and Nadiah lead the way 

You still have chance to catch Yasmine and the crew tomorrow

Liyana and the crew recently at Kaka Restaurant with Pusat Ehsan. Image courtesy of @yasminethemovie

Students from Pusat Ehsan greeting the stars of Yasmine. Image courtesy of @yasminethemovie

Liyana with her young fans at Brunei Hotel. Image courtesy of @yasminethemovie

Liyana with Aman. Image courtesy of @yasminethemovie

Sungkai-ing with Yasmine and the gang

The customary Yasmine pose

Check out the Yasmine fan club. Click image to enter.


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DPMM FC squeezed to the finals

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Almost there… 

Wardun Yussof the hero with his team mates after the victory. Image courtesy of Wardun

Both sides couldn’t defeat one another. Another two draws (home and away) in the S•League, this was more like a decider of who are the better of the two. Geylang International FC are not pushovers and they have improved from last season and they even made it to the semi-finals of the Singapore League Cup. But they can only be one winner since it’s a play-off tournament.

After a stalemate match that went on for 120 minutes, there was no other choice than the lottery of the penalty shootout. This then became the battle of the goalkeepers with Wardun Yussof the important key player for DPMM FC. He became the hero of the night thwarting two penalties from Geylang International FC, first from Leonel Felice and Hafiz Nor while Khairulnizam smashed his effort onto the crossbar.

Then Irish Joe Gamble had the less pressure of the lot as he scored the winning penalty to make it 3-0 on penalties. Roy O’Donovan and Alviz have earlier converted their penalties.

Here was what Wardun Yussof had to say during the interview with The Brunei Times.

“I’ve seen the first penalty taker before in a previous game,” he told The Brunei Times after the triumph. “I knew that the first save was important because it is a big confidence booster for the team. Overall I thought we played well. Geylang were very stubborn in defence and looked to go on counterattacks.”

Now DPMM FC will face Tanjong Pagar FC in the finals of the Singapore League Cup after they defeated Hougang United FC through penalties. The finals will be played some time this week at Jalan Besar Stadium.


Roy O’Donovan couldn’t find net in 120 minutes but he scored the first important penalty during the shoot-out. Image taken by Abel Khoo.

Joe Gamble made it certain that DPMM FC reach the finals. Image taken by Abel Khoo

Celebration in order. Image taken by Abel Khoo

DPMM FC fans in jubilant mood. Image taken by Abel Khoo

Can Steve Kean win his first silverware in his first season? Image taken by Abel Khoo

Highlights between DPMM FC and Geylang International FC



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Okay? Okay.

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Acer Liquid Smartphones


Check out Acer Liquid smartphones


Sales at Icon Design Store


Click to enter website


BIBD Delights 

Click image to enter BIBD website


Peugeot Hari Raya Promotion 

Click image to enter Peugeot Brunei’s website



Citroën Brunei 

Click image to enter Citroën Brunei 


Glow in the dark 

Ramadhan Special for SKECHERS until 30th July

Have you seen the glow in the dark running shoes by SKECHERS for their performance shoes? SKECHERS Brunei has the latest Nite Owl Performance Shoes for Men and Women with photo luminescent technology. Go check them out especially for runners who enjoy running at night. You won’t need those blinking mini lights attached to your running shoes anymore. Won’t that be totally cool to see a glowing shoes especially when you jog around the stadium area?

Primarily known for their fashion and lifestyle shoes, SKECHERS is now slowly making their mark in performance footwear with the renowned Runner’s World Magazine recently awarding the SKECHERS GOrun Ride 3 as the “Best Buy”. Also, their top spokesman, Meb Keflezighi, became the first American male to win the Boston Marathon in 2014.  We are starting to see other top marathoners slowly joining the SKECHERS Performance Team.

Brunei market has been seeing a steady increase in sales and this shows the branding of SKECHERS is getting its reach among the public. Those who haven’t tried SKECHERS, you won’t really know the experience but once you tried it on, you will think twice about owning another sneaker brand because SKECHERS are just plain comfy and it does the job too when you are running.

And for all you last minute Raya shoppers, make sure you check out the current Ramadan promotion. From now until 30 July 2014 (a week left), all SKECHERS members will receive 20% off all regular price items. Membership is free and available upon purchase.

Visit their branches in Kiulap (8744689), Seria Plaza (8733435) or Kuala Belait (7198355). More info can be found on their Facebook page (Skechers Brunei) or their Instagram (@skechersbrunei).


The latest SKECHERS store in KB

The Night Owl for Mens

How it glows for the Mens Night Owl

The Night Owl for Womens

How it glows

Meb Keflezighi, became the first American male to win the Boston Marathon in 2014 and he’s a spokesman for SKECHERS



What a beautiful wedding of Zheng and Jelphine last weekend at Indera Samudra Grand Hall. Click image to see other pictures of #ZHENGJELFTR from Devin Kho’s blog. Image courtesy of Devin Kho.

It was a full house at the wedding

Nice deco and props too. Apparently most of the designs come from Jelphine and it paid off

The happening table of No.37 and these ladies are taken *lol*

Adeline and Eve

A photobombed pic

The entrance of the wedding event

Another popular area for the guests at the photo booth

The guys also wanted to be part of the memorial wedding

Nice prop indeed

Thank you Zheng and Jelphine for the invite and I wish you both the best. Amazing slides and effort by you and your team and I enjoyed it so much


BrubayStore Savanna 

Check out the store

Are you guys into car accessories? I recommend you to check out Brubaystore Savanna which has now been relocated to Berakas area at Spg 145, Jalan Pasir Berakas. Previously it was located in Serusop.

If you are looking for rims of different sorts, Brubaystore also brings them in different sizes and colours. I also learned some new which is the Samco Sport hoses which are silicon base and this item is pretty popular and this is even used in F1 and NASCAR racing. So these hoses are vital for your radiators and Samco Sport brands are pretty durable and lasting and you are paying quality as well.

At the store, you can find gauge meters for your car. You don’t have to be a racer to have too but just looks ultra cool to install one. Brubaystore brought in a few different brands for your liking.

The store is also popular for their wheel nuts and it comes in different colours and sizes if you want to beautify your rims. They carry the Blox brand too and they looked pretty cool.

Brubaystore is also known for its car wrapping and you can choose different types of design to your liking. Depending on the type of car your drive, the price for car wrap varies. So if you want to feel unique while driving, have your car wrapped by Brubaystore :)

It was cool to know how the story of Brubaysotre Savanna came about. It started from a hobby by the owner Pg Musmahbobyhardi (Bobby) who has a passion on car accessories. Once in a while he will order accessories and parts for him and his friends and suddenly the demand just kept coming when he started the business online. Hence he though it will useful to open up a small shop to make it convenient for his friends and customers to view the product before purchasing.

Previously the shop was located at Serusop before it was relocated at Berakas. The Brubaystore now has bigger space and this is also ideal for the business owner as they can store more accessories and products for display as they feel that they are ready for expansion.

I admire Bobby’s passion and he is one of the few bumiputras that is in this particular line and he surely can pull it off. This shows if you have the passion and the trust of people, that’s already a good business formula.

You can also follow Brubaystore on Facebook by going to Facebook.com/BruBayStore for updates on products and promotions. You can also follow them on instagram @brubaystoresavanna

By the way, they are also hiring and they are looking for sales assistance.

Plenty of accessories to look for at Brubaystore

Samco Sports silicon hoses ideal for radiators and they are durable

Gauge meters are popular too


Buffer is one of the most sought accessories for many and it makes your suspension last longer

How the buffer fits in the spring

Something for your rims

Blox Wheel Nuts

Rims for your car

Brubaystore got a distributorship for this brand

Phone accessories also there

The look of the new store

The different types of car wraps

The different types of car wraps

Check out the car wrap by Brubaystore

The map of Brubaystore Savanna



Almera Shopping Dash Challenge 

Lim Han Lie taking items from the shelves during the Nissan Almera Shopping Dash Challenge. Image courtesy of James Kon of Borneo Bulletin

Last Sunday, Boustead Sdn Bhd showed off the spacious trunk of its affordable Nissan Almera after three lucky winners managed to fill the car’s trunk with loads of shopping items in the Nissan Almera Shopping Dash Challenge held at the Beribi Supa Save.

The three lucky individuals that were picked last Friday for the Nissan Almera Shopping Dash Challenge were Siti Ajeerah binti Awang Rosli, Lim Han Lie and Siti Aqilah Mohamad. Each participant had to complete the shopping dash within eight minutes and also fit all the shopping items inside the trunk of a Nissan Almera.
Siti Ajeerah binti Awang Rosli who hauled in around $1,300 worth of items thanked Boustead Sdn Bhd for the promotion.

Looking exhausted after the shopping dash, she said “I just grabbed whatever I could from the shelves. I was surprised I managed to collect such an amount.”

The promotion aimed not only to reward Nissan’s customers who have test-driven or purchased a Nissan Almera but also to give them a better understanding of the Almera’s 490-litre trunk space capabilities. Another Nissan Almera Shopping Dash promotion will commence from July 16 to August 31. Members of the public will need to visit Boustead’s showroom in Beribi or Kuala Belait to purchase or go for a test-drive in order to be eligible to be picked for the shopping dash. Text by James Kon of Borneo Bulletin.


Participants trying to fit their shopping items into the trunk of a Nissan Almera. Image courtesy of James Kon of Borneo Bulletin.

Drawing for the selected participants a few days earlier

The witnesses during the draw



Dreamz Living Concept 


Located at Units 2, 3 and 4, Ground Floor, Simpang 41-1-12 in Jalan Kiarong (Blue Building)

A new furniture shop just opened its door and if you think that Brunei is lacking in variety, then I advise you to explore at this new furniture store, located at Kiarong Complex. A good idea for home deco and if you also hunting for quality mattresses, this is the place.

Madam Kong, General Manager of Winmotion Trading, has been in this field for more than a decade and now she’s running the show at Dreamz Living Concept. She shared about the awesomeness of the Dreamz Mattresses since they are made of 100% memory foam which doesn’t use the typical springs. Awesome, right?

The Dreamz products are made of natural latex and memory foam. Sleeping on advanced turn-free technology pillow top mattress, for example, will not affect or wake your sleeping partner while you turn in your sleep.

This is also ideal for those with back problems and also eliminates the risk of injury to the spine. The best part of this product is that it responds to your weight and shape of the body and you will get the sense of comfortness.

The store also sells bed from single to queen sizes. There’s even on single bed that allows storage underneath. Different types of sofas are also available as well as wardrobes.

For now, as part of their opening promotion, they are giving discounts up to 20% of selected products. It’s open from 10am to 9pm during Ramadhan and you can contact 242 8879 for details.



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The medal haul

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Citroën Brunei 

Click image to enter Citroën Brunei 


YMRM soft opening 

The first customer of YMRM Serusop today

Guess what peeps? It’s finally open. Well, a soft one actually since the other floors are not ready. However, the ground floor is ready for business and now you can shop at Galleria YMRM Serusop at Unit B24-25 at Delima Jaya Complex and you can call 233 3743.

They will have a special sale tomorrow (Tuesday) 8pm to 12am only at Serusop Branch. Cara Melayu and Sinjang will go for $24 for 2 set. Moroccan cotton which is usually $12.90 will go for $3.90 per meter. The regular sale $1 meter is back again for your cara melayu. Tudong and door mat also going for $1. If you want cucul for Hari Raya, this is also the best place to buy.

I kinda like the new interior of YMRM Serusop and it feels refreshing and unique as well. This is a great way to entice their regular patrons and appreciate them for their continuous support. The upper floor will be opened after Hari Raya. For now, enjoy the freshness of YMRM at Serusop branch which went for 2-3 months of renovation.


The new interior at YMRM Serusop


For shirt making

Italian silk textiles

Exclusive textiles for the ladies

The stairs leading to the first floor but it’s not opened yet

Nice lighting

YMRM building at Serusop but it’s not fully completed


285 balls inside KIA Sportage 

Guess the number of balls competition

Recently KIA Motors (Brunei) had the final count of the number of KIA-FIFA Footballs inside the KIA Sportage as part of the guessing competition in conjunction with the World Cup 2014. The management of Grand Motors with the assistance of the representatives of the local financial institution counted the number of balls.

After two rounds of counting, it was confirmed that the number of balls inside the KIA Sportage was 285. Present were the Managing Director of Grand Motors Frankie Ho and Executive Director of Grand Motors, Pg Hj Abdul Qahar PSD Major General (Rtd) Pg Hj Ibnu Basith,

The lucky winner was Hj Mohd Tusiw Momin who guessed it correctly among the four contestants. The contest of ‘How many Kia-FIFA Footballs are there in the Kia Sportage?’ started on March 1 and ended on July 14.


Recounting the balls inside the KIA Sportage

The Executive Director passing us a ball :D

Jacquline also did some counting

The red and white KIA FIFA football

Sitting on a stream of the red and white

Hundreds participated in the draw

The eventual winner of the $500


Brunei bring back 38 medals 

The participants from Brunei Darussalam after the WCOPA finals in Los Angeles

Last year, only one made it the finals – Fakhrul Razi in the Senior Vocal category in the World Championship of Performing Arts 2013. This year, Brunei representatives went a step further. Three Bruneians made it to the finals – Joanna Kwan, Shian Li Esther Chiam and Maria Grace Koh also known as Eia. One Brunei won the Junior Grand Champion for instruments at the WCOPA 2014 edition.

Only 15, Shian Li, is no stranger in the Brunei music scene. With the guidance of her family especially her mother Lily Chiam who runs Expression Music, Shian Li have been getting praises for her talent and she has been performing for private functions and I ever hired her once for a birthday party and I was just amazed. I had no doubt that she will excel in what she does and after knowing that she will be representing Brunei in the WCOPA this year, I knew her time has come and all that hard work paid off.

Shian Li shared, “This week has been absolutely amazing and it went by so fast! Being here in Los Angeles, I just want to tell the talents out there if you believe you can do it and work towards it an and you are keen of performing arts, this is a great opportunity that many open many doors for you.”

Shian Li was the top of the crop as she won all gold medals in her respective category in Junior Instrumental – Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Open and Original. She won her sixth gold for being in the finals of the WCOPA 2014.

Another finalist was Joanna Kwan who won gold for reaching the finals in the Senior Acting category. She also won four silvers in Classical, Contemporary, Open and Comedy and one bronze medal for Drama. Furthermore, she was the only Bruneian to be awarded with a BND 10,000 scholarship to the New York Film Academy and one industry award. I have seen her performed in Brunei and she’s just amazing. What a great choice to select her as a Brunei representative! Much deserved though Joanna was only aiming for the experience. Awesome!!

Starlet Maria has finally reached greater heights as compared to her previous outing last year in WCOPA 2013. This year she went two steps better by reaching the semi-finals and the grand finale. What’s best is that her original songs were recognized and made it to the finals. This really shows that we Bruneians have talents. Maria earned herself 4 gold medals including being a finalist. She also earned 1 Silver for Pop and 1 Bronze for Broadway in the Senior Vocal category. I’m proud of you, Eia :D I can imagine the sight of your parents when you touch down Brunei next week.

Other Brunei participants were Elizabeth Sim, Eden Chiam, Dayat, Ruby Chong, Bridget Ang and Adi Farhan which is a pretty good line up from Brunei Darussalam. Imagine this – we are one small nation and during the live coverage event, Brunei Darussalam was mentioned quite a few times on the event – firstly because of our participants for being in the finals, the announcement of the winner for Shian Li and two more mentions by Jeff the host because of our tweets from Brunei. Awesome!! Now I was wondering why Brunei Tourism only had a small involvement in this project as this show is watched by millions of people online. This would have been a superb opportunity to invest in this project hopefully for next year and to get that tiny percentage of the millions of people to be aware of Brunei alone is already considered a big achievement. Brunei Tourism managed to sponsor Bridget Ang’s ticket to Los Angeles. I do hope there will be more involvement from the relevant agency on this matter as it was proven that our talents can go that far and when they go that far, more names of Brunei Darussalam will be mentioned as it did during the finals of WCOPA 2014.

Enough of the small rant. But I’m happy to see local sponsors supporting the participants such as AEWON, Baiduri Bank, KFC and Laneige Brunei. The participants also managed to source their own sponsors such as Laily’s Bridal, Sab Five Five, Low family, Projecttunes, @brugraphic, Reyn’s Touch @ Bridal Collection, Mylol.info, Fitnesszone, @kingomar412, @haqimie267, Sri Maju Sawit and PL Sawit Sdn Bhd, Suci, Cedar Management Services and many more.

Those missed out on the finals still didn’t come empty handed. First timers Eden Chiam and Elizabeth Sim made it to the semi-finals. So overall, there were 5 Bruneians who made it to the semis. Eden won 5 medals – Original Works (Gold), Broadway and Pop (Silver) and Open and Soul, R&B and Jazz (Bronze) for the Junior Vocals. Elizabeth Sim competed in the Senior Acting Category and she earned Gold for Open and Drama and Bronze medals for Contemporary, Comedy and Open. She also won overall winner for the Drama category.

Dayat Hj Ahim competed in the Senior Vocals and he earned Silver for broadway, contemporary and World and Bronze for Open and R&B, Soul and Jazz category. Adi Daini earned one silver of Rock and Bronze for Open and R&B, Soul and Jazz for the Senior vocals with instrument.

Bridget Ang earned two Silvers for Open and Originals category in the Senior Vocals category while Ruby Chong earned two Bronze in Open and World category in the Senior Vocals category.


The participants from Brunei Darussalam after the WCOPA finals in Los Angeles

The finalists that made an impact for Brunei at the big stage – Joanna Kwan, Maria Grace and Shian Li
Summary of Awards:

1 Grand World Champion for Jr Instrumentalist

3 Grand Finalists

2 Industry Award

Recipient of 10,000USD Scholarships from New York Film Academy

12 Gold Medals

13 Gold Medals

13 Silver Medals


This is considered another great achievement and milestone for Brunei considering we are a small nation but with a big heart and voice. I’m still amazed that we have 3 Bruneians featured in the finals alone and we are competing against a number of talents around the world. I also want to applaud Jeffery of Prismworks for making this possible for all the participants for another attempt at WCOPA. It’s never easy to organise and the logistics and all. I do hope I can plan for next year’s WCOPA for coverage purposes (Didn’t I say that last year? haha).

Overall, I’m just truly amazed that we can make a difference and by them just being there, it’s simply unbelievable to represent Brunei. I do hope one day that performing arts will have more recognition in Brunei and this will help to bring in more support not just the private sponsors but also the relevant government agencies in Brunei Darussalam.

For more updates, you can follow them on instagram @officialwcopabrunei


Shian Li’s reaction after being announced the winner for the Grand World Champion for the Junior Instrumental

Shian Li receiving her award

Shian Li and Jeffery (of Prismworks) the man who made Brunei possible in WCOPA events


KFC treats YASKA kids 

James Kon of Borneo Bulletin interviewing one of the parents at KFC Yayasan last Saturday
Last Saturday, I had the privilege to see YASKA kids paying a visit to KFC Yayasan branch to play some games and activities. For your information, YASKA is a charity organization for Yayasan Kanser Kanak-Kanak or a foundation for children with cancer where the non-governmental organization aims to provide children diagnosed with cancer and their patients the information required to understand their diagnosis as well as provide them with moral support throughout their treatment and beyond.

Yes, guys, even kids and children still can get cancer at a young age and it can happen whether you are young or old. It was such a heart warming sight to see the kids play along during the games and being present at that very moment as if they are enjoying and cherishing that moment. It’s good to see KFC being involved with YASKA and not many attention has been given to the children, judging from the press releases in the media.

At the event, the kids were also given a meal so that they can break fast with. “Fasting is not compulsory for children and especially for the children with cancer. Though the children are undergoing treatment, the paediatric oncology ward is often decorated to celebrate for this festive season so they would not have to feel left out or often home leave is given whereby possible,” Tsara’ Nawwarah Abdullah Chen, Senior Occupational Therapist, RIPAS Hospital\Treasurer of YASKA.

YASKA’s mission is to provide information and support for children with cancer and their families, when we got to know them, we were touched by what this organization is doing and make it a point to promote them so that others in Brunei can reach out to them,” says Jonathan Bong, Senior Marketing Manager, KFC (B) Sdn Bhd.

Everyday the children are made to feel special especially during the treatment and at home and parents are often very aware of how precious these children are and the environment in the paediatric oncology ward has been filled with generous donations of educational toys and books and DVDs( often requested by the children for the latest cartoons and children movies) so the children are “entertained” and kept busy and distracted with activities. These are only possible through the various amounts of donations and activities carried by the occupational therapy staff and non-governmental agencies, added Tsara.


YASKA kids playing games at KFC Yayasan

Playing passing parcel

Passing the parcel activity

Musical chair time

Group photo with YASKA kids and KFC team


An Eco-Smart City? 

Edwin Khew will be in Brunei in August to share his idea on Eco-Smart City in the 7th National Environmental Conference. Image courtesy of CTI PFAN website.

In a session entitled “Bandar Seri Begawan as a Model Eco-Smart City”, guest speaker Edwin Khew, will share best practices on Singapore’s journey towards becoming a sustainable city; the challenges to anticipate, and strategies to overcome obstacles.

Edwin Khew is the the Chairman of Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS), a non-profit organization that assists the growth and development of cleantech businesses in Singapore and the region. He is also Managing Director of Anaergia Pte Ltd, a global environmental waste to energy technology and management company with its headquarters for Asia based in Singapore.

“Being smaller than Singapore and having more resources”, Khew said that Brunei has an advantage over Singapore to become an Eco-Smart state, and remarked that there can be areas of possible collaboration between the two countries to develop and implement green technologies. Brunei can excel and surpass Singapore in developing and implementing these new technologies and can start working with Singapore at test bedding these technologies as Singapore is just starting to test bed them now.”

Asked how a small country such as Brunei can make a difference, Khew remarked that the future for all urban cities is to be sustainable, and turning its capital city into an Eco-Smart City “will ensure sustainability, where energy, waste and water will be a nexus for which an Eco-Smart City must consider and achieve”.

Khew has 35 years of experience in the industries of water and waste treatment, energy and cleantech. In the last 15 years, he began to focus on waste management, after becoming concerned about the challenges of growing volumes of rubbish and the lack of landfills in a highly consumerist and disposable economy.

In the conference, Khew will share ideas with local industry experts from the government and private sector on effective strategies to create a sustainable city with topics ranging from waste management, urban planning, and green buildings.

Now on its 7th year, the National Environment Conference will discuss pertinent issues, revolving around the theme “Brunei’s Green Future: Ideas, Strategies, Possibilities.” The conference is open to all members of the public, and will be particularly worthwhile for overnment leaders, corporate and business leaders, environmental practitioners, eco-conscious consumers and students, among others.

The Conference is organized by Asia Inc Forum in partnership with Total E&P Borneo B.V., Butra Heidelberg Cement, Baiduri Bank and Brunei Press, with the support of the Ministry of Development and Ministry of Education.

For more information, please contact Low Leng May at may.low@asiaincforum.com, or call 2226555 ext 10. Press release by Asia Inc Forum.


National Environment Conference. Click image to find out more.


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All of me

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The Popcorn Panel 


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Final day for Grand Sale 

Drop by today as today’s the final day
I just paid a visit to Honey Carsmart Hari Raya Grand Sale and most of the top items have been bought on the spot yesterday. There are still plenty of cars available at Honey Carsmart at Spg 635 at Jalan Tutong (Bunut) and you can stand a chance to win items sponsored by the company, even for visitors.

For your information, Honey Carsmart have experience being a dealership with several Japanese brands before evolving into a full time dealership of local used cars. or your convenience and also with an affordable price.

So today (Sunday) is the final day of the Honey Casmart Grand Sale and it closes around 4pm. Too bad the Nissan 350Z has been taken already but there are still good quality cars for your perusal. the venue is at Simpang 635, Jalan Tutong at Bunut area before the petrol station at Jalan Hj Halus. You can also call their hotline for more information at 265 4131.


Some of the cars that are being sold

There are still plenty of cars

Every visitor gets a lucky dip

Hui Chiet got herself a sunshade

Some of the lucky prizes up for grabs

Bikes also on sale and it comes with 2 digit numbers

The associates of Honey Carsmart working hard during the Hari Raya Grand Sale

BIBD At-tamwil is there for the car financing

It’s at Simpang 635 Jalan Tutong at Bunut area


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DPMM FC heads to semis in Singapore League Cup

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DPMM FC in semis 

The first team line up from DPMM FC

Woohoo.. I salute DPMM FC for their resilience. They are back in business. Few weeks ago, they suffered a minor slip which allowed other teams to play catch in the S•League. However, now they are on a roll. They are still on the summit in the S•League and now they are in the semi-finals of the S•League Cup after beating Woodlands Wellington 3-1.

Why I said resilient is because they came back from behind with 10 minutes left. Once again, prolific scorer Rodrigo Tosi scored twice, once the equalizer and the winning goal late in the game. DPMM FC were already on the verge of elimination and scoring away from home is a big ask especially with limited time left. DPMM FC finished off the job with substitute Adi Said adding the third goal in injury time.

DPMM FC head coach Steve Kean praised both Tosi and Alviz for their performance two nights ago.

“Once we scored our first goal, we wanted to get it finished before extra time, and thankfully we did. They had their two strikers very wide upfront and that caused us some problems in defence,” said Steve Kean, who was slightly disappointed with his club after allowing Chang Jo Yoon to score in the 56th minute to break the deadlock.

Now DPMM FC will play Geylang International FC in the semi-finals which will be a tough one. Why? Because DPMM FC drew with Geylang International FC twice (home and away) with a 1-1 score line earlier in the S*League competition. Now this is a different ball game as winner takes all to go into the finals as the winner of this tie will meet either Tanjong Pagar United FC or Hougang United FC in the finals.

Good luck, DPMM FC, and it’s never easy for them especially those who are fasting during the month of Ramadhan. You can read more of the stories here and here.

Image courtesy of Haiqal.

Woodlands Wellington scored first before going down to DPMM FC

Tosi scored twice with the help of Alviz

DPMM FC in action against Woodlands Wellington

Highlights of the match between DPMM FC and Woodsland Wellington


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