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National Youth Day 2014

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Crime doesn’t pay

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The story so far

Group photo with the guys during Azeez Jaafar’s Bedak-Bedak Mandi. It’s one of the first ceremonies for Azeez Jaafar and Nisaa Suresh’s wedding. Their next event will be the Nikah night this coming Thursday

Yes, I can’t wait to catch Fantastic Four. It’s more of a reboot and they have plenty of shows on Wednesday evening before the actual release on Thursday at The Mall Cineplex. The next few evenings will be very tight and busy for me with weddings coming up with toastmasters in the mix. Speaking of toastmasters, I will be the host (like an emcee) for tonight’s session at the Brunei Speakers’ Club and all are welcome at SEAMEO Voctech starting 7:30pm.

Birthday shouts to my buddies – Aminul, Saifol, Ning and Syazwana – the birthday celebrants earlier this month. I haven’t been up to dates with my greetings but sometimes being late has its perks because they tend to reply to your greetings 😀

I managed to sell of my old lego sets (unboxed ones) because I just lost interest. Sometimes you never know you can lose interest in something in matter of months. I can’t even find some of the old zombie mini-figures that I collected two years ago. So there goes my old collections of Lego but I’m looking forward to @indie95’s collection of Lego 😀 And thanks for buying my old stock of Lego too. Right now, my favourite Lego mini figure is Ant-Man and I know my Rulkie is not impressed *lol* I still love both of them.

I just subscribed to WWE Network on Kristal Astro. So far I am impressed as they are showing the classic shows and also personal interviews with former wrestlers. You will get more insight of what’s going on during those times. The only thing I’m upset is that it doesn’t show RAW live as I thought WWE Network would in the States. But we do get privileges of live feeds of Raw pre show and even Stone Cold podcast. Then again, I’m hoping for a Raw live event which supposed to be aired at 9am Tuesday.

Before I sign off, congratulations to Abang aka Ashadi Nasir and Rafidah on your new born baby last night. I’ve known Abang for quite some time and he’s always a bubbly person. It’s amazing how he now is married and with a healthy baby. All the best to both of you and enjoy the journey of parenthood.

Have a fantastic week, peeps!!


My old time friend from the era of e-circles back in 1999. Yes, our friendship goes way back. Congratulations 😀 You can follow our updates on their ceremonies with the hashtag #nowANforever2015 

Group photo with the whole bunch and missing a few people. Taken after the Bedak-Bedak Mandi function.

You see it when you see it

Getting full attention to the max

So I’m trying different avenues of social media. If you want to get a live update of the Nikah event, it will be live on Periscope this coming Thursday evening. Just download Periscope app on your smartphone and follow @ranoadidas. You will be alerted once I do my broadcast.

A new born baby girl of Ashadi and Rafidah last night. Congratulations and I’m happy for you both 😀

The winner of last night’s table topics Naz who turned up as a guest and didn’t expect to be voted the best speaker.

My new toy paying attention during a toastmaster meeting last night at Inspiring Hall, UBD

He’s been following me around

The article has been read with different interpretation. What are your thoughts?

Too bad the match only last 34 seconds and she is still the champion with a 12-0 record

My iMac was being serviced as it needed my HDD to be replaced. Thankful to Apple Care to cover the expenses and I don’t even have to pay for service charge at AV Electronics.

My new pair making its way from Singapore.

My ray visits at Fauzi and Nana’s recently. Bumped into two retirees who were involved in the telco industry.

The CEO of Pondok Sari Wangi and CEO of Standard Chartered (Brunei) having a talk at my neighbour’s open house last weekend

Selfies at Darussalam Holdings open house at Royal Berkshire at Polo and Riding Club. Thanks for the invite.

My vain buddies at Mizan’s home

Sandwiched between two local celebrities 😀

Our inside joke. Let’s wait for the special edition, bro 😀


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Sponsored banners

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Acer Aspire


Now available at Concepts Computer



Click image to enter website to find out more.


BIBD Barakah 6 

Click image to enter website to find out more.


Up to 50% sales 

Click image to enter ICON Design Store


Cheesy Pockets 

Click image to enter Pizza Hut website


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Squeezing for time

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K-Food & Arts

Deputy MCYS Minister Datin Paduka Hjh Adina, South Korean Ambassador Cho, General Manager of Times Square Amal, Director of Gallery DM Lim, Manager of Setia Motors Chin, and spouse of the South Korean envoy launched the Korean Food & Art Festival at Times Square by mixing the massive ‘bibimbap’

Have you checked out K-Food & Art Festival at Times Square Shopping Centre? It’s still ongoing until Wednesday 5th August. You can learn to do Korean traditional painting and also guess the Korean ingredient when you are blindfolded. This will normally begin in the evening times. On the finale itself (Wednesday), there will be a final eating competition and also guessing the ingredient followed by a closing performance of K-Pop dance performance by ITB Korean Culture Club.

The K-Food & Art Festival was kicked off last Saturday. The guest of honour was Datin Paduka Hjh Adina Othman, Deputy Minister of Ministry Culture, Youth and Sports. She was accompanied by Cho Won-Myung, South Korean Ambassador to Brunei, and his spouse, Grace Lim, Director of Gallery DM, Amal Majidah, General Manager of Times Square Shopping Centre and James Chin, Manager of Setia Motors Sdn Bhd.

The Korean Food and Art Festival will feature fun activities for the public including; Cooking Demonstration, Eating Competition, Learning Traditional Mask Painting, Face Painting by Korean Artist, Guess the ingredient, Learning Korean Fan Calligraphy, Learning Traditional Wrapping cloth (bojagi), Dress-Up & Photo Booth and activities by ITB KCC.

All customers of Times Square are welcome to vote any display artwork based on your choices. From this participation, you will get to join our lucky draw and win amazing prizes. You may come to our lucky draw counter to vote and get your lucky draw coupon.


Amal Majidah delivering her welcoming remarks

A gift to the guest of honour from an artist

A gift of appreciation to the guest of honour from the Korean Embassy

Grace Lim saying a few words

At the Korean art display

The eating competition

Guess the ingredient game

Hello Bomi Oh from Sarang Restaurant.

Busy behind the scene

Silla Restaurant have sitting area for the public

These are the halal food items imported from Korea

Some of the art display

You can dress up in Korean traditional clothes too

You will have a chance to try out Korean traditional painting in the evening time


More greens during Raya 

The grand winner for the Baiduri Bank Multi-Tier Savings Account Promotion and she won herself BND 50,000… Awesome!!

Baiduri Bank has been very active lately during the Hari Raya season. Why? Because of the endless of prize presentation in the past few days. Hence there are many reasons to be a customer of Baiduri Bank.

First up was the Sungkai with Baiduri promotion, secondly is the Multi Tier Savings Promotion where one winner will walk away with BND 50,000 (wowweee) and finally the winners of another Sungkai with Baiduri in collaboration with Starbucks.

It doesn’t end there. There is still an ongoing promotion where you can stand a chance to win a Mini Cooper. Simply shop at Mabohai Shopping Complex and pay using your Baiduri credit or debit cards. Simple, right? And you even enjoy exclusive deals too. The promotion period ends on 30 November 2015.

For more updates, you can check out Baiduri Bank Facebook Page or follow their instagram @baiduribank


Another consolation prize for the Baiduri Multi-Tier Savings Promotion

Consolation winners of the Baiduri Multi-Tier Savings Promotion

Another winner for a flight to Singapore

She’s flying to Singapore

The winners of the Sungkai with Baiduri promotion

One of the winners of the joint promotion with Baiduri Bank and Starbucks

The winners of the joint promotion with Baiduri Bank and Starbucks

Wanna win a Mini Cooper?? Shop at Mabohai and swipe with your Baiduri cards


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Good job, Brunei

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Special enough? 


The Brunei athletes representing in the Special Olympics Summer World Games 2015 in Los Angeles, USA

Special indeed. So far great coverage on the Special Olympics especially for our Brunei representatives who are currently at Los Angeles for the Special Olympics Summer World Games 2015 (25th July to 2nd August). So 11 special athletes from the Special Olympics Brunei Darussalam (SOBD) flew off on the 3rd day of Hari Raya to Los Angeles and the team was led by Hj Mahrub Hj Murni, SOBD’s President.

And guess what? They have done tremendously well in the Special Olympics Summer World Games 2015. Even better than our athletes in the recent SEA Games and previous Olympics. This is in relations to the medals they have won Gold medals to begin with. Awesome!!!

Nurul Mimi Silawati won gold in Long Jump and she also came 2nd in 100M run. Another gold medalist is Muhammad Aminnur Rafie in the 100M walk and he also won Silver for the Softball Throw. So that’s really good to know that we have talents even for the special needs.

There were other medalist as well. Mohammad Nadihie Hj Abas won Silver in 100M run; Mickellyhelmie won two bronze medals for 200M run and 100M run and finally Siti Hazirah Zolkipli won Bronze fro Softball Throw. Mohammad Samri Mahli earned Silver for BC Bocce Doubles and the same goes to Siti Nursyazwani Hj Shamsudin in her BC Bocce Doubles.

Other notable mentions are Ahmad Zharfan Ahmadiah who came fourth in the Golf-Level 5 Stroke with a 317 score. He just missed out on the medal spot.

This shows that Brunei could have won more medals if more athletes participated but due to budget constraint, SOBD could only send 11 athletes and since it is held at Los Angeles, USA, it will be a high cost for the parents to fly over as well. Good job to the President in taking care of the athletes and also the coaches, trainers and a doctor. It’s not easy being away from home especially during the festive season.

It’s just a little sad that none of the senior officials from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports were present during the events just like how they attended the recent SEA Games in Singapore. Maybe it could be down to budget constraint. Even in the photo session (during the sending off at the Brunei International Airport), there weren’t any high senior officials apart from Hj Mahrub who came in the the capacity as the President of SOBD.

There should be a double standard for every Brunei athletes that represent the country in prestigious events such as SEA Games, Asian Games, Olympics and even Special Olympics. They all deserved a proper send off and further more, this is a Special Olympics (same level as the Olympics). This is just my positive criticism two cents.

I congratulate the athletes for their courage to accept the challenge to represent Brunei and you all definitely had a wonderful experience in Los Angeles. A big mention also to Hj Mahrub for leading and motivating the athletes and the other delegates for taking care of the athletes. They are due to be back soon to Brunei and I can feel that they can’t wait to be home again. Images below taken from SOBD Facebook Page and their instagram @specialolympics_brunei


Muhammad Aminnurr Rafie winning Gold in 100M Walk and also getting Silver in Softball Throw

Nurul Mimi Silawati winning Gold in Long Jump and also grabbing Silver in 100M Run

Nurul Mimi Silawati posing for the camera

Mohammad Nadihie Hj Abas, a Silver medalist for 100m run

Siti Hazirah Zolkipli won Bronze in Softball Throw

Mickellyhelmie is a double Bronze winner for 200M run and 100M run

The Brunei delegates with Hj Mahrub Hj Murni at the Brunei International Aiport

The Brunei delegates arriving the States two weeks ago

The sponsors from Wong Chain and Armtrix Enterprise as they sponsored equipment and apparels respectively for the athletes.



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Go Rogue

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Mi5: Rogue Nation 

Review of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation featuring Del Goh and Nee Khern


The Happenings

There are many things that I would love to share here on my blog. The Brunei-Singapore relationship for the past 54 years (Wow) or my first visit to greet His Majesty the Sultan and the members of the Royal Family. Well, just have to find the time to focus on those areas and just type away. I guess it’s easy for me to slack off the keyboard since I’m my own boss. My discipline level can easily waned and it will be tough to get back the groove. I’m climbing back up and I just can’t wait for my iMac to be fixed. Apparently my HDD has a bad sector and it became a hardware problem.

I recently caught Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and I quite enjoyed it. It’s on par with MI: Ghost Protocol and I would highly recommend you to catch it. I shall have a full review of it soon on my blog and of course, on my sound cloud (The Popcorn Panel). I’ve been loving the summer movies so far and next up will be a reboot of the Fantastic Four 😀

Next month will be a busy month indeed. Two big weddings that will steal the show for me and I will be back and forth to help out both my sister’s wedding and also my good buddies Nisaa Suresh and Azeez Jaafar. I even had to forgo my Denmark trip which will be sometime in August.

Anyway, have a great weekend and I’m happy that my family is back so the house won’t feel that quiet 😀


I’ve been catching a bit of the Mum’s Bakery Basketball Competition and I can’t help but admire the mattresses used as a cushion to prevent the players from banging to the wall. The mattress have been there for many years.

Well done to our Brunei athlete of getting bronze medal in the 200m run in the Special Olympics at Los Angeles

I introduced this game to my friends and they were hooked. The Werewolf game is awesome!!

The Heng Tai boys dressing up for the occasion last weekend 😀

My visit to the Tourism Malaysian Open House yesterday. Thanks for the hospitality.

It’s good to be back at the court but my level of fitness needs more work

Have you tried the Tumpi at Tati’s cafe at Jalan Babu Raja? Yummy when crispy

With Ak Danny of JPMC at DST Open House yesterday. Thanks Norliha Din for featuring us in The Brunei Times.

I’m going to the Toy Fair at Hua Ho Manggis. Image courtesy of Stephen Chiam


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The Cruise Effect

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Rogue Nation 

My second periscope live feed and it was a quick review of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Download Periscope app on your smartphone and add me username Ranoadidas and replay my latest video feed 😀


Loft and Co 

I was checking out the office furniture at Loft and Co the other day

It has been around for a few weeks or so. A new furniture shop in town and it’s picking up pace despite the recent decline in consumer spending. Perhaps it was a timely manner when I ran an Instagram competition where the lucky winner will be walking away with a coffee table worth BND 380 from Loft and Co and their sales picked up just before Hari Raya. Even my future bro-in-law bought some items there :)

If you are hunting for home modern-high quality furniture, Loft and Co has it all and they will be bringing in more stock and new batches of furniture. I will talk more in details in my future post on their furniture.

You can check them out at Unit 6 to 9, Ground Floor, Little Soho at Batu Bersurat (the building after Shabulicious up the hill). You can also contact or whatsapp them at 8908778 and even follow them on instagram @loftandcobsb


From dining area to bed space at Loft and Co

Some of the customers that dropped by and bought some furniture at Loft and Co

Modern looking feel sofa for your home

This was taken a few weeks’ ago where I drew the lucky winner with Nicole from Loft and Co for the coffee table prize

And the winner was @el.23 and congratulations

Another winner from @thanislim competition with a voucher worth BND 150


Korean Food and Art Festival 

Happening this Saturday until Wednesday next week at Times Square Shopping Centre

Times Square Shopping Centre will be hosting a Korean Food and Art Festival this Saturday, 1st August 2015 until Wednesday, 5th August 2015. The festival which will be held at Times Square’s atrium is organized by Times Square Shopping Centre and co-organized by Embassy of Republic Korea, Korea Argo Fisheries and Food Trade Corp, Korean Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs and Gallery DM.

The Korean Food and Art Festival will feature fun activities for the public including; Cooking Demonstration, Eating Competition, Learning Traditional Mask Painting, Face Painting by Korean Artist, Guess the ingredient, Learning Korean Fan Calligraphy, Learning Traditional Wrapping cloth (bojagi), Dress-Up & Photo Booth and activities by ITB KCC.

Times Square Shopping Centre also has several upcoming events which include “Times Square 3rd Lucky Draw Campaign” which will take place on Sunday, 9th August 2015. Moreover, on Tuesday 11th August 2015, Times Square will be holding an Open House for the public to celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. There will be fun activities and games from Dress-Up Competition to Lip Sync Battle during the annual Open House. Registrations are free and forms can be obtained at the lucky draw counter. Let’s have an unforgettable experience at Times Square Shopping Centre; a place for everyone.

For further information, please call 2338208 or 2338006 during office hours.


Food demonstration from Silla Restaurant


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In the zone

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Hari Raya updates 


A slow rays. I have mentioned this before that Hari Raya hasn’t been all that this year. I didn’t hear any fireworks since the beginning of Raya. So things have been mellow indeed. Another surprise factor is that many Bruneians opted to fly away during the Hari Raya season. It reminds me of Chinese New Year where my Chinese friends would also choose to travel abroad. I won’t be surprised if this will be the new trend for upcoming Hari Raya seasons.

My raya marathons are over. Friends have been asking me how many houses I have been to and thinking that I would be soaring with high numbers of house visits. Well, I have remained consistent for the past few years – an average total of 10-15 houses total. That’s excluding the corporate Hari Raya open houses. Back in my younger days, I could clock at least 12-15 houses a day and my highest is still 102 visits. Those days, there weren’t even the term selfies and all the pictures I took was with my SLR *lol*

I managed to get my butt off my bed and make my rounds to most of the invites. Yes, it’s tough to get back to the groove when I’m already set in my comfort zone in my room, carrying on from the fasting period. Even my blog has been affected in terms of my updates (sorry, readers) but I feel my mojo is returning and I shall be blogging and updating from time to time.

If any of you want me to pose Hari Raya photos (especially those overseas), you can email me at ranoadidas And for fun facts, I find this rather amusing posted on brublahblah post (refer image below) with regards to our Brunei behaviour during Hari Raya. Classic!!


Taken from















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Congratulations Terence & Mel 

I have to salute Daryl for the commanding job as a “brother”. Now I wonder where my Liverpool bag sack is? *lol*

Yay!! I was one of the brothers for Terence Tahir Han and Melati Yussof’s second reception. Thank you, guys, for the honour and it’s my second experience as a “Heng Tai” and it’s always a pleasure to be part of wedding celebration. So Terence and Mel, you guys rocked and it looked like well smooth wedding dinner. Their first wedding reception was back in December 2014.

I knew Melati way before Terence. She was still studying in Jerudong International School and my first impression when I saw her for the first time at Coffee Zone Gadong was “Woww, she has a resemblance of Janet Jackson”. *lol* And you still do 😀 It was only whenI became familiar with her cousins (Alai and Peah) that I knew more about Melati as a person. She’s like a friend that I could text randomly and she would always reply with a positive energy. What she’s good at is empowering people and she has been quite successful in applying that in the company she’s working with. By the way, your fascination of the “chips” story still leaves a lasting impression on me. Keep on rocking, Mel.

As for Terence, I didn’t really get to know of him until our first encounter in CV a few years ago. I remember he bought my auction item back then and he was always known as “Ken’s brother” because he only entered the “Brunei Market” a few years ago after his working days in Singapore and Hong Kong. My dream one day is to get a game of him in tennis and now would be the best time since he’s recovering from a shoulder injury. He has been a great addition to the team in our project. The only difference about us is that he fell in love with the Gunners. All the best to both of you and I’m grateful for being given this opportunity to be part of your wedding memories.

The ladies did a splendid job despite a few tricks up the brothers’ sleeves

The final task for Terence

Melati with her sisters

It was fun to have little kids in the mixture

The couple with the Hans

Getting ready for dinner

With Sophia Mopiko Siu and Seng Yee Ciara

Even Gary has a nick name

Some of the guests from last Saturday

The brothers in red tie

Terence and Melati

The happy parents of the couple

We kicked off the entrance

Followed by Cheelin and Mike

Best friends of Terence – Ryan and Calvin from Hong Kong. Awesome and sporting lads too. Hope to see you in HK one day.

They have got some grooves as well

Awwwww aren’t they such sweet together?

The entertainers – Del Goh and Leo Kasim

The ASEAN handshake (Missing Siew and Daryl)

The Bersanding dinner of Terence and Melati in December 2014



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It’s hard to re-start

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Be Right Back 


I’m back.. That took a week!!! I’m still sorting out my computer at home. It’s difficult that my main computer the iMac 2013 is acting up. The damn “beachball” keeps appearing and it’s hard to do my work. I even reset the memory ram of my iMac.. 16 gig worth of ram to be exact and I even run a diagnosis with an MRI approach and it still didn’t work. So now most of my work is done on my Macbook Air but of course, I prefer my main desktop for convenient purposes. At this moment, I have no choice but to back up my iMac and sent it for repair.

On a brighter note, I’m back again and I would like to wish you Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin. I know this sounds silly but a few years ago, I put inserted the word “minta” before Maaf Zahir Batin. That doesn’t sound right at all and someone did point that out a few years ago when I posted that on my website. Thank you for that.

I won’t be blogging much again until I get my computer fixed. You can stalk my social media platforms instagram twitter Snapchat at @ranaodidas and I’m quite up to date with that because almost everything is mobile now. Sometimes I gained more traction on my IG than my blog in a very short span of time.

The highlight of my Hari Raya so far is my visit to the Istana Nurul Iman to greet His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei and members of the Royal Family. My family hasn’t been around for the past few Hari Raya so it has been a mellow one for me. Invites have been dry too and quite a handful of Bruneians travel abroad too. Let’s not discount that spending hasn’t been on the high side either which means lesser open houses or smaller scale. A big thanks to my good friend Aaron Goh who was more than willing to accompany me to the Palace for the Royal greet. It was a great experience and even Aaron said that the logistics was way better than his last visit (more than 15 years ago).

Aaron and I visited Istana Nurul Iman on the fourth day of Hari Raya. More stories on that soon.

It has been a slow paced Hari Raya celebration for me

Finally I get to shed off some fats by playing tennis and powering up with my favourite drink Mr. Brown



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Suicide Squad, I can’t wait

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Review of Ant-Man featuring Del Goh and Nee Khern

Justice has a bad side 

Our take on the trailer of Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice featuring Del Goh and Nee Khern

Awang Semaun 

Review of Awang Semaun: Rise of the Warrior. Click play to listen to podcast review


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