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Garuda stung the Wasps

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

AS&TM rocked the auditorium

Simply Woww!!!! Last Monday I attended a gig hosted by Andy Suzuki & The Method with the support of some local artistes. The 3 hour show was very entertaining from the local artistes to the emcees to Andy Suzuki & the Method. I missed some few local gigs where they performed but I guess they saved the best for last and it was a full show as compared to the previous gigs.

For your info, they are a three-men band and they are no stranger now to the Brunei scene as they have been here for the past two weeks or so. Andy Suzuki, 26, whose birthday was just last Tuesday is the lead singer who can play both the keyboard and the guitar. Kozza Babumba who is well known as Kozza is the hand percussionist (on the box drum) and he’s a funny lad I must say. Jason Gorelick is the other trio who plays the violin and he could strum as well. So last Monday, I was blown away by their performances from start to finish and of course a big shout out to UBD FM the organisers and the main sponsors KFC (Brunei) for making this possible.

They had a few gigs around the Sultanate – UBD, Brunei Hotel and The Empire Hotel to name a few and the final two gigs at The Core, UBD, were the best of the lot and the responses were pretty overwhelming to say the least.

It was amazing to know that Andy Suzuki sang a song made popular by Fakhrul Razi, “Salahkah Aku” in Malay and it was the best duet with the local artist himself. The same goes for Jason who also sang a hit from Jazz Hayat’s “I Stalk Your Profile” and both songs had the biggest cheers of the night. Even Fakhrul Razi was so impressed that Andy knew the lyrics in Malay and the sang in tune as well.

There were other local acts from Aziz Harun and Juju and I was also impressed by the emcees Jaz and Safwan the made the night so seamless and I even lost track of time. Thumbs up to UBD FM for delivering another great show. I shall be interviewing the trio soon before they depart Brunei.

For those interested to get copies of Andy Suzki and The Method t-shirts, they are still available at UBD FM’s office at The Core, UBD and it’s selling for $25 a piece.

Aziz Harun opened up the night to the crowd delight

Say to Jason, one of the trio

The vocalist, the man behind the keyboard, Andy Suzuki himself

This is one cool guy, Kozza

…and he’s good with the hands too

The audience was engaged from start to finish

Juju was amazing as well. Respect for you, mate

Bazi with his acoustic guitar

It was the interval, just in time for the lucky draw and these were the hosts – Jaz and Safwan

Mira won herself a t-shirt. Lucky lady!!

Fifah had herself a birthday gift

Seng Yee won a family bucket from KFC and the next night she “belanja-ed” her friends and I at KFC *woohoo*

Angie of Ref Station is one of the sponsors

The CD for Andy Suzuki and The Method

It was the Jazz Hayat segment

Jason and Jazz (Double J) belted out Jazz’ popular song

Kozza snapped some pictures to be posted on instagram (crowd was screaming their heads off then)

I was very moved by this duet on the song “Salahkah Aku”. Three thumbs up!!

The crowd was electric after the end of the song

Fakhrul Razi is not just a great singer but hell yes, he knows how to entertain the crowd

Jason really rocked on the violin. Can you play Secrets from One Republic? 😀

Andy did the guitar too

Stomp-clap-stomp moment brought more energy to the room

Kozza dictating the tempo

Right after the gig at The Core

Right after the gig at The Core

Right after the gig at The Core

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Sweet revenge for Garuda

Irfan Haarys Bachdim scored the final goal while Brunei’s Team Manager Hj Feisal looked on. Brunei lost 5-0 in their warm-up match against Indonesia. It was a forgettable performance from Brunei from a fan’s point of view.

Stage 1 Results

Tour de Brunei 2012


Stage 1

Winner: Mohd Nor Umardi Rosdi of Terengganu Cycling Team
2nd place: Amir Kolahdoz Hagh of Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling Team
3rd place: Lee Rodgers of CCN (Brunei)


Overall leader (yellow jersey): Mohd Nor Umardi Rosdi of Terengganu Cycling Team
Sprint leader (green jersey): Mohd Nor Umardi Rosdi of Terengganu Cycling Team
Kom leader (red jersey): Maxime Francois Sylvian Martin
Best Young Rider (white jersey): Amir Kolahdoz Hagh

The first stage kicked off at ButraHeidelberg Cement Plant at Serasa and the finishing point was at the Waterfront. Thursday route will be from the Waterfront to Tutong District Office which will be a distance of 120 KM. So do take notice of the route as roads will be closed to allow the cyclists to go through. Refer to the map route below. Images below are courtesy of Gavin Chai.

The starting point was at ButraHeidelberg Cement Plant at Serasa

Cyclists getting ready for Stage 1

Team OCBC Singapore Continental Team

Team Lof Bakery

The route for Thursday (Bandar to Tutong)

Loads of homework for Brunei

I’m not sure what will be the headlines in today’s papers. A defeat is acceptable considering the level of preparation and the availability of their squad. However, the performance was very much in question as the inexperience factor was the obvious reason for the drubbing by the visitors, Indonesia, with a 5-0 score line.

Expectations were high from what I could sense. Yes, Brunei won the HBT 2012 Trophy. Yes, they beat Indonesia in the finals. Yes, they were some players from the HBT team that played last night. Yes, they are planning at their home ground.

However, the cons seemed to outweigh all those advantages stated. First of all, I was disappointed of the turnout from last night’s match. The ratio of Indonesia fans/supporters to Brunei was 1:1 and it was the visiting fans that made it more happening throughout the match. Indonesia simply had the 12th man which was the amazing passionate crowd.

Given all these, they should not be used as excuses. Brunei hardly threatened Indonesia’s goal area and they seemed to have lost imagination plus possession especially after the final third. Indonesia, on the other hand, could have netted more goals which would be a tougher wound to heal.

I was actually impressed with Indonesia’s No.10 Irfan Bachdim who scored a hat-trick and he could have scored more. I have to say that Brunei’s defence just couldn’t handle the prowess of Indonesia’s attacking line.

Let’s hope last night’s match is not an indicator of Brunei’s actual potential. The squad they fielded are most experimental and they are missing 8 players (from DPMM FC) who didn’t play last night as they are focusing on their crucial match against Home FC United this coming Saturday.

There is still a lot of catch up to do for Brunei and it’s back to basics. The only major complain I have is the low number of Bruneian supporters that showed last night. We definitely missed the 12th man. Well done, Indonesians for the comprehensive victory.

The officials for last night’s match

Brunei team anxious to get on the field

The Royal family shook hands with the players from Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia

Team Brunei though this is not a finalised squad

Team Indoneisa looked pretty tough

The fans paying respect to the National Anthem

The fans paying respect to the National Anthem

Hendra didn’t seem to have the answers against a rampant Indonesia

I honestly have to say that it felt as if Indonesia was the home team based on the ratio of fans and the endless chants. The Brunei crowd was pretty subdued.

This tackle led to a penalty for Irfan who converted for the opening goal and he was simply outstanding in this match

Both captains on the pitch but it was the visitor that enjoyed a better display on the pitch

Perhaps the best goal of the match. He turned around and scored a dipping shot from 35 yards, giving Brunei’s keeper no chance

Normally water bottles are used as weight. Now the Indonesians used something more innovative.

Superfriends showing their support for the match and stayed till the end

Irfan scrambled the ball into the net and scored his hat-trick against a helpless Brunei

This was the scene with 15 minutes left to play

One of my friend works for the paramedic

…. and they were called for an injury on Reduan Hj Petara. I hope it’s not that serious.

The busiest man on the pitch – Md Fakhrul – was substituted late in the second half

Mohammad Azri felt some cramp with 10 minutes left to play. Some signs of fitness problems for Brunei team.

The unused subs for Brunei team

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