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Halloween Horror Nights 5

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Halloween Horror Nights 5


With Jeremy of Asia361.com, Singapore blogger Tiffany Yong and Dominic at the Media Preview of Halloween Horror Nights 5 at Universal Studios Singapore at Resort World Sentosa

What a “trippy” experience!! I have always hear about the Halloween Horror Nights event in Singapore but I’ve never had the privileged to try it out because of my travel commitments. On the good note, whenever I posted stories contributed by Tiffany Yong’s experience on this particular event, my hits went up so a big thank you to Tiffany for contributing these stories (you can read here) for the past two years. Only recently I had the privilege to attend the exclusive media preview last Monday and thanks to Tiffany as well.

According to the press release, there are 4 haunted houses and 3 scare zones. The latter are all held outdoors so for those people who are afraid of the dark, that might be just some consolation news for you :p I managed to bump into a few friends from Singapore at the event and even popular blogger from The Philippines @itscamilleco was there with her clique.

It was really tough to take photos even with my SLR due to the lack of lighting which makes focuses pretty difficult. The successful attempts were quite minimal but I supposed that’s a good thing so there won’t be too many spoilers (right?).

According to the calendar, the Halloween Horror Nights 5 only available on weekends of October (Friday to Sunday). Tickets are running fast for this weekend and the next weekend. So to the Bruneians out there who are in Singapore or planning to visit Singapore, don’t miss out this spectacular experience of horror 😀



The representatives from the media locally and internationally

We were divided into groups according to the number

The bloggers from The Philippines. I only recognized @itscamilleco (2nd from left)

Tiffany getting ready for the tour

The theme for this year is Blood Moon

It was good to see SuperAdrianMe who is a jet setter

We have a scary visitor to welcome us at the entrance

A few words from Resort World Sentosa

My media pass that night

My personal favourite (haunted house) is the Siloso Gateway Block 50. Why? Because of the simulation from the role players – the police and the zombies. It seems as if I was in a real scenario. The highlights, for me, were the chained zombie by the wall and the over-sized hysterical lady zombie with both hands tied to the bed. Classic!!! Those moments alone warrant another visit if you can bare the long queue.

Now for every haunted house, there is a story behind it to make it more interesting for the “horror” goers. So for the Soliso Gateway Block 50, there was a water contamination with the so called HHN-5 virus that infected the residents, hence they were transformed into zombies. I love how this area was designed and decorated and attention to detail as well. A bit of warning that there will be a slight moment you will be sprayed with water but it was no harm to my camera equipment 😀 Let’s see if you have the same sentiments as me for Siloso Gateway Block 50.


The Siloso Gateway Block 50

Can you trust this person?

The first haunted house we braved was the “Tunnel People”. Now I’m not sure about the story for this one but apparently the Tunnel People have been bidding their time for the rise of the Blood Moon. So as you walk through the tunnel, will you be able to spot them? I really had a hard time taking photos as it was too dark. Even my periscope attempt failed to capture some horrifying scenes. Nonetheless you will be spooked because of the terrifying sound effects and the screams from unexpected spots. Those with the weak hearts will find this slightly more traumatizing because of the dark feel. I was more entertained by Tiffany’s body language as she cupped her ears throughout the tunnel :p


Tiffany Yong covering her ears at the Tunnel section

I kinda enjoyed the “Hell House” and it has an Asian feel to it. Again all the themes of the Halloween Horror Nights 5 relates to the Blood Moon. In this house, the moon has awakened all the “Paper Servants” of the Effigy House. There’s plenty of ingenuity here on how they set up the props. Yes, it may look less elaborated and dark than the other haunted houses but man, this was the first spot that got my nerves tingling especially the narrow corridor that has plentiful arms jutting out of the walls. Nicely done and effective enough to test your fears. I also have to salute one role player in the “Hell House” (do refer to photos below). Cool stuff..


It looks simple but very, very creepy

I salute this particular person for taking this particular spot

Wuusssuupppp….!!! (at the Hell House)

The next one was the MRT spot and it is labeled as True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT. The story depicts a scenario of an underground train station built at a Malay burial site and it was cursed by the Blood Moon. Expect to see the likes of Toyol, Pontianak and Hantu Rayas at the MRT. The scares are plentiful and they managed to trick the audience thinking some are just mannequins. Nice one!! It was probably my least favourite of the lot but doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. All in all, the Haunted Houses were nicely decorated to a specific themes and they all have their own purposes on how to startle their victims. As a first timer, I am totally impressed and I highly recommend my friends to take the courage to be part of the Halloween Horror Nights 5 (#HHN5).


The ghosts at MRT area

This is very trippy



The Scary Zones

Let’s not forget that apart from the Haunted Houses, there are also three scare zones – The Invaders (New York), conTerminated (Sting Alley) and Hungry Ghosts (Lost World). All these are outdoors and I really applaud all the role players as they gave it their all to make our experience worthwhile. I even see the senior citizens taking up this role as a ghost and the oldest scare actor is 70 years old. Impressive.. For your info, there are more than 500 people who auditioned of this year’s HHN5. Another interesting fact is that they used 10 gallons of fake blood for the event.

There are also 10 rides, shows and attractions that will be operational during the event. Do check out their official websitefor more details. The general admission is $68 and they have plenty of different prices for different packages.


At The Invaders

At The Invaders

At The Invaders

At The Invaders

At the Hungry Ghost

At the Hungry Ghost. Ok, this is very creepy indeed.

At the Beast Club

Lots of dancing beasts *lol*

Watch some performances at the Beast Club with some rave music

There are four cities in the world that hosting Halloween Horror Nights this year

Check out the dates on the weekends for Halloween Horror Nights 5. Click image to see more.


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