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Good Home enjoying good biz on opening

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Dato Seri Lau Kung Ching, the chairperson of Townview Sdn Bhd handing over a token of appreciation to Mr. Jackson Ting, chairperson of D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd and the president of the FuZhou Shiyyi Association

Good Home celebrates its opening at the newly built Aman Hills Shopping Centre in a four-day festival from the 3rd May 2018 to 6th May 2018 in an event organised and coordinated by Babakimpo Sdn Bhd.

Established in 2017, Good Home is set up with DIY and home-improving concept: to provide affordable home & living commodities; set a higher bar for the home and living industry in Brunei; and at the same time, increasing home comfort, standard and value. Their major products will be household, kitchenware, sanitary-ware, home and industrial product, building materials, building construction and furniture products. Good Home continually adds quality proven brands to its catalog in line with its mission to “ensure that products are of outstanding quality and are good value for money”. Currently, the store not only supplies Good Home brand, but also well-known brands such as – but not limited to – Beger, Figo, Amercook, AOTL, Eco Breeze and many more in the future.

The opening of Good Home’s new branch will also be in parallel with the start of a 6-month lucky draw – ending 31st October 2018 – to win a Proton Saga for customers who shop at Aman Hills Shopping Centre, including Good Home.



Jackson and Dato Seri Lau toured Good Home’s latest branch at Aman Hills







The opening ceremony were attended by Dato Seri Lau Kung Ching, the chairperson of Townview Sdn Bhd. and Mr. Jackson Ting, chairperson of D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd and as representative of the Fu Chow community. Also present will be the founder of Townview Sdn Bhd, Ak Zaini bin Pg. Othman, General Manager of Townview, Mr. David Lau, Mr. Tan Kah Boon, representatives of supplied brands, team members of Good Home and Babakimpo.

The ceremony began with an opening remark from David Lau, General Manager of Townview Sdn Bhd. In his speech, he introduced the Good Home brand as Townview’s very own local brand: with a promise to serve the people of Brunei by providing variety and quality in homeware, kitchenware and bathroom accessories whilst delivering outstanding customer service to achieve complete customer satisfaction. With a motto of ‘Quality Makes a Difference’, Good Home aims to improve the standard of your home and therefore, living – supplying products affordable for all and high in quality to make a difference in all who choose Good Home as the go-to provider for necessities to complete a home.

A variety of fun games and activities are scheduled to be held by Babakimpo during the event, including – but not limited to – carnival games and DIY classes which are free and open for the public to take part in with prizes including Good Home cash vouchers, Good Home products and Good Home merchandise. Activities held will be in line with the theme of the new shop such as ‘Find the Lucky Key’ where participants will race against time to seek out the correct key to unlock a door and ‘D-I-Y-rior (D-I-Y Warrior)’ where participants will attempt to be the quickest to assemble a boltless cabinet available at Good Home.

Good Home is implementing a membership program whereby for BND5, members will receive a membership card to collect loyalty points and redeem prizes. Members will additionally enjoy access to exclusive members-only discounts.



Have you visited Aman Hills?

Some of the vendors during the 4 day event at Aman Hills

DIY pillow case activity yesterday organised by Babakimpo

DIY pillow case activity yesterday organised by Babakimpo

Jackson Ting deliver his welcoming speech in inspiring entrepreneurs of the future

Jackson’s speech during the opening:

Being an old acquaintance of Dato Seri Lau Kung Ching, Managing Director of Good Home, who first started through all the constant hardships, challenges and failures and now successfully establishing himself as an accomplished and well-respected businessman, it shows that despite the limited education, it is his spirit, courage and determination that moved him to where he is today. Furthermore his principled morale mindset where he is not discouraged by the economic downturn and instead he sees in every difficulty lies opportunities.

An individual’s success and achievements shall not be put in parallel to how high an individual’s education is but also the spirt and the mindset that one holds. Such titles like professors or doctors show one that have all the theoretical knowledge but without the courageous spirt to push him/herself towards the limit and the eagerness to strive for what he/she wants, he/she will forever maintain in the same position.

The launch of Good Home was duly inspired by the current and still prevalent consumer trend for convenience; the desire to be a one-stop for easy comparison, product variety and even providing business opportunities. The business also hopes to increase employment opportunities.


Aman Hills Residence

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Pen this date. Well, pen this month – August 2017. Why? Because a new shopping centre is coming to town.  You may have been familiar with my updates on social media that Aman Hills is near its completion in a few months’ time. Awesome, huh?

The new shopping area called the Aman Hills Shopping Centre offers a plenty of varieties, notably recreational facilities such as an ice-skating ring, bowling and premium cinemas. Of course, there are standard commercial shops to rent out.

But today, I’m gonna focus just on Aman Hills Residence (apartments). This is the first ever integrated development which compromises of apartment and a shopping centre. The common one we have seen are hotels and shopping malls being integrated. Hence, it’s something different to have an apartment and a shopping centre next to each other.



Aman Hills Shopping Centre & Residence


Staying in apartments is relatively a new concept in Brunei but it’s a common practice in neighbouring countries. Aman Hills Residence gives a different experience to owners or renters. Everything is just at your finger tips – a cozy apartment, a shopping mall for grocery shopping needs and more, easier access to entertainment such as heading for the movies, heading for recreational activities such as ice skating and bowling and not to forget a wide variety of eatery places to dine. Yes, you will be definitely be spoilt for choices within walking distance from your apartment.

I have just shared you one of the perks of being an occupant at Aman Hills Residence. Well, actually there are a few plus points if you go beyond than renting a space at Aman Hills Residence. There are also options for investing in Aman Hills Residence.

In other countries, apartments have been a preferred choice than (renting) houses. This demand is notable among higher income group and it has become a trend, a lifestyle worldwide. Introducing this new concept in Brunei, investors who are interested in buying rental properties, this is the best time to invest to cater to the new trend and lifestyle for families and residents in Brunei Darussalam.

During my short visit during their showcase, I’ve noticed how young families are opened to the idea of investing in apartments due to the returns of investment. Investors can benefit 5% per annum rental income which is guaranteed for 5 years and furthermore, this plan is also available to foreigners. So basically you can be a landlord and earn a 5% guaranteed rental returns per year for 5 years and to add to that, you will get 5 years free maintenance fee.
The price range starts from BND 288,000 for a two bedroom apartment which I feel it’s a good deal to begin with. Aman Hills Residence have up to four bedroom apartment.

Apartment residents will enjoy a dedicated covered car park with security access, modern amenities such as a well equipped gym and swimming pool, maintenance and not forgetting the access to shops and dining places.

I believe the maintenance and cleaning needs are vital when it comes to rental. These are the major perks for residence of Aman Hills and these allow occupants to focus more on important matters and have a peace of mind.

Now for the month of June 2017, Aman Hills Residence is having a special promotion with a few units left. They are having a special deal that if you sign up for the three-bedroom package, it comes with a new Proton Saga or Proton Exora depending on the package. Check out the poster for more details. Contact +673-8827887 for more details.

The Aman Hills Properties Management, PROLAND, has been very active in promoting the apartments and shopping complex. For more information, you can contact 882 7887 for details and you can also follow them on instagram @amanhills_brunei for updates. They also have their official Facebook Page if you want to follow.



Aman Hills Residence

Aman Hills Shopping Centre should be ready by August

The progress so far

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