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Rano360.com » Day 10. Social Media Purge.

Day 10. Social Media Purge.

Written by Rano Iskandar on . Posted in Social News


I woke up and read a text from my friend and she was cornered, watching More than Blue. So have you?

Kudos to the RB crew for handling a dangerous situation calmly and making sure safety is the number one priority.

Day 10. Two more days and the feeling is just mutual. Nothing high, nothing low. Just like any other day. I’m referring to the day when I am back on social media this Sunday. I felt like catching a movie today but ended up chilling at home, netflixing and playing mobile games. I did say that I wanna do something productive such as clearing my junk emails, clean my room before the renovation, read my unread books before they collect more dusks and do more exercise.

Speaking of exercise, I plan to do more of it this year. To be more active and even pro-active in burning calories. Oh yea, typing doesn’t count as burning calories. I really need to sweat. I have gained a few kilos and my medical check up also shows that my cholesterol is still above borderline even though it’s lower than before. Now I have to be careful with my diet and I know I am big fan of curry especially curry chicken from Teazone and I really love fried chicken. This one, I won’t put it as a challenge but more like a discipline and I know I can do without curry chicken or if I do, have them in moderation. My goal now is to improve my cholesterol and make it below the borderline by August 2019.

Today’s my friend’s birthday Pranika and I hope you had a wonderful day today. Hope you enjoyed the lunch treat with your buddies. Thanks for being an awesome friend and coping with my lameness.

In other news, there is always a reason why power banks are always a no-no in luggages when checking-in. One of the passengers flying on RB had a power bank blown off in mid-flight and good thing the RB steward managed to handle the situation with great care and all the passengers and crew were safe on flight BI636 (Hong Kong to BSB). So there you go. Always important not to store your power banks in the luggage, instead carry them with you on the plane.

I also heard a shocking, good news. Well, that’s a wrap for January the 3rd.



My routine medical check up every six months. Even though, I’m a Permanent Resident, I’m still feel privilege for able to experience good medical check up at government clinic. We have to pay like BND 3 fee which can costs more in private clinics. I will definitely do an extensive one soon. It’s about time the Gen X should be checking out their health status.

Lunch with birthday celebrant at Flour & Butter. I don’t know why it’s my go-to-place for birthday treats. Just love the environment and especially the food.

Happy birthday Pranika 😀 and she must have been happy to receive two bouquet of flowers.


It’s paying bill time. I realised why don’t I simply pay my bills online rather than wasting my energy visiting counters which I have been doing for the past year or so.

A quick visit to YMRM to see this tauke #herefortesh and he was hyped up for the new YMRM signature store, opening soon in January. It will be the first of its kind in Brunei. Can’t wait.

Guess who sent me this pic? Amirul Adli…. He is now in midst of taking driving lessons and soon enough, he will be driving here and there. Just make sure, I will be one of your passenger list once you’re a legit driver

My go-to-place for dinner at times. Even after two months of opening, the queue is still there. Not many healthy joints have the same hype as Fuel’d. If you ask me, it’s more about affordability and healthy and still tasty.

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