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A major boost for BruWild

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Marina Laker, the High Commission for Canada to Brunei Darussalam handed over donation to Liaw Lin Ji, President of BruWILD (Biodiversity and Natural History Society) last weekend. Image courtesy of the High Commission for Canada.

Last weekend, the High Commission for Canada presented a donation of B$1,250.00 to the Biodiversity and Natural History Society (BruWILD), demonstrating Canada’s commitment to environmental stewardship and the fight against climate change.

In recognition of BruWILD’s environmental initiatives and partnership with the High Commission for Canada, High Commissioner Her Excellency Marina Laker presented the donation – a gift to her by the diplomatic corps for her farewell – to the President of BruWILD Liaw Lin Ji. The funds will be used to support BruWILD’s biodiversity conservation efforts, wildlife rescue, and sustainable development education.

High Commissioner Laker said, “Brunei has a diverse ecosystem and is blessed with a rich biodiversity. It is home to over a thousand species of plants and animals, many of which are endemic to Borneo. BruWILD is playing an important role promoting the protection of Brunei’s wildlife through its rescue efforts, and by raising awareness through its educational programs of the importance of environmental sustainability.”

“When a species becomes extinct, the resulting ecological imbalance can create a cascading effect that threatens other species within its ecosystem”, she added. “That is why we must all find ways to contribute to global action to help conserve native species and habitats.”

As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary of Confederation throughout 2017, the Government of Canada has committed to engage and inspire broad awareness of the importance of protecting wildlife and natural habitats, while providing leadership in the ongoing stewardship of a clean environment and sustainable economy. Canada is involved with at least seven United Nations environmental groups, and has aligned itself with 152 countries – including Brunei – by ratifying the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Last month, the High Commission for Canada partnered with BruWILD and The Collective to mark World Environment Day. The event provided students and environmental enthusiasts a chance to observe and learn about the various ecosystems that exist in Brunei. For more updates, you can follow BruWild Facebook Page and their IG @bruwildofficial



Last month, BruWild, High Commission for Canada and The Collective held a World Environment Day. Image courtesy of BruWild Facebook Page.

A student showcasing her project to Her Excellency Marina Laker. Image courtesy of BruWild Facebook Page.


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