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Congratulations ISB

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BIBD’s latest promotion

Top up tia. Click image to enter website.



ICON Design Store 

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Test drive or buy a Citroën!! 

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The Big 50 

His Majesty the Sultan dan Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam and Her Majesty Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha at ISB’s 50th Anniversary celebration at Indera Samdura Hall, The Empire Hotel & Country Club

It was a remarkable milestone what International School Brunei have achieved over the past 50 years and knowing of its history gives more significance to the existence of ISB. Last night, His Majesty the Sultan dan Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, Her Majesty Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha, His Royal Highness Prince Haji Jefri Bolkiah, His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Malik and Her Royal Highness Princess Hajah Masna attended the ISB Gala dinner to commemorate its 50th anniversary.

Performing last night were His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Wakeel and Her Royal Highness Princess Ameerah Wardatul Bolkiah. His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Wakeel was part of the Year 3 choir group while Her Royal Highness Princess Ameerah Wardatul Bolkiah had a piano recital to kick off the event.

Prior to the performance, the Board Chairman of ISB Hj Ahmad bin Pehin Orang Kaya Laila Setia Bakti Diraja Dato Laila Utama Hj Awang Isa, delivering his welcoming remarks and he was grateful for the presence of their Majesties and members of the Royal Family in celebrating ISB’s 50th Anniversary.

His Majesty the Sultan presented awards to long-service staff. The long service awards were awarded to Sairah bet Md Taib (35 years and still serving), Raimah bet Md Taib (32 years), Jane Rasani (32 years), Datin Joanna Agaki (29 years and still serving), Ayu Mee (29 years and still serving), Grace Chin (28 years and still serving) and Sheila Anna Crocker (20 years and still serving).

The Gala dinner had performances in between from students of ISB to delight of the guests. It was a memorable night especially for former students of ISB and they were proud to see their old photos during the slide presentation. I had a great night though I wasn’t a student of ISB :D I’m definitely looking forward to the new ISB premise in 2015.


His Royal Highness Prince Haji Jefri Bolkiah and Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Muda Abdul Hakeem

His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Malik

His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Wakeel was part of the Year 3 choir group performing ISB’s anniversary song

Her Royal Highness Princess Ameerah Wardatul Bolkiah performing a piano recital

His Majesty with Executive Principal, Board Chairman, Board of Directors and the long serving staff of ISB

His Majesty handed the award to Datin Joanna Agaki

His Majesty handed the award to Jane Rasani

His Majesty handed the award to Sheila Anna Crocker

Ahmad Isa, Board Chairman of ISB, delivering his welcoming remarks

History of ISB: Did you know that ISB was founded by Datin Glass back in 1964? Datin Glass, a senior government officer’s wife, started a tutorial group for her daughter and one or two friends at her home in Jalan Perayaan. She taught them through correspondence course and it was marked by the South Australian Correspondence School.

Numbers grew rapidly and by 1970 the school was moved to a site provided by the Government of Brunei Darussalam at 34 Tapak Kuda. Numbers kept on growing and by 1974, it reached 160 students. By 1976, the school was named International School (B) Bhd and it adopted by the British education system.

By 1985, they move to the present Jalan Dato Hj Ahmad at the Berakas site which was being leased to ISB. They went through financial difficulties in maintaining the cost of the operation and they were grateful from an anonymous donor through the setting up of a trust fund under the chairmanship of Mrs. Meggie Leong. By 1993, ISB extended its education to lower secondary students.

Only in 2001, ISB reached full stature when it was authorised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation to offer their prestigious Diploma programme. In January 2013, ISB started providing full ugama curriculum.

Soon ISB will be relocated to a new 22 acre site in Kg Sungai Hanching with purpose-built buildings and facilities for a great learning and teaching experience for students and staff alike. The new campus will allow them to enhance their academic and extracurricular activities whilst being true to their green philosophy. It will also contain a large recycling collection centre and examples of sustainable energy conversation methodology in ISB’s new CARE centre.


The Wizard of Oz play

It was a full house last night

Bumped into Shawn Narcis and Seng Yee

Nice starter for our dinner and yes, it’s jelly

Going back through the history of ISB


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Sony newest showroom

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Sony newest showroom 

Dyg Hjh Rosnah Bte Awg Mohd, Director of Masros Electrical Group, Mr. Masaki Matsumae, General Manager, Regional Market Development Centre, Sony South East Asia and Mr. Juraimi bin Haji Masrah, General Manager of Bestvesion Electric Company

The Sony Showroom is under the flagship of Bestvesion Electrical Company and it’s the only retailer that offers the latest and most complete range of Sony products in Brunei. You will see some other resellers come and go but this particular company has a strong commitment in delivering the best range of Sony products ranging from cameras to flat screens to smart phones.

Congratulations to the newly launched showroom at Bangunan Hasbullah 1, Gadong (same row with Nyonya Restaurant) this morning and for customers, you can enjoy their promotion in conjunction with their grand opening.

Present during the opening was Mr. Juraimi bin Haji Masrah, General Manager of Bestvesion Electric Company, Dyg Hjh Rosnah Bte Awg Mohd, Director of Masros Electrical Group, Mr. Masaki Matsumae, General Manager, Regional Market Development Centre, Sony South East Asia and Mr. Wong Kok Phing, General Manager of Multitrons Sdn Bhd (sole distributor of Sony products).

The Sony Showroom will be having an ongoing promotion from 22nd October to 9th November 2014 and you will also get a free gift from Bestvesion Electric Company. In addition, a very “Special Surprise” awaits customers as huge discounts are up for grabs for the said promotional period.


Mr. Masaki Matsumae giving a few words before the opening

Wong Kok Phing, General Manager of Multitrons Sdn Bhd, Dato Paduka Rahman and Jackson Ting, Managing Director of Sunlit Advertising

Check out the latest product from Sony

Sony 4K TV

Blu-ray player from Sony

Of course, the biggest highlight of the event was the lucky draw for the attended invited guests where only one grand winner will win the latest Sony Xperia Z3 smart phone. This is the most powerful Sony Smartphone in Brunei and it does give a fight to the big names such as Samsung and Apple.

The phone itself scored way better than the Apple iPhone 6 (4.9 score) and the Samsung S5 (5.3 score) while the Sony Xperia Z3 scored an amazing 8.3 at the GSMarena website.

The usual is still there such as it being water proof but it has one of the best camera on a smartphone and the selling here is also the battery life (Superb) and the hi-res audio which is ideal for music and video lovers. The other great feature is that you can still see your screen on a super bright day and still retains its sharpness.

I looked at all the features of the Sony Xperia Z3 and I am super impressed with it from the start. You can check out the latest smartphone at their showroom. Congratulations to Greg Chin of Inspire Magazine for winning the lucky draw :p


The latest Sony Xperia Z3. Taken from the Verge

Greg Chin, winning the Sony Xperia Z3


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Less is More

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BIBD’s latest promotion

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ICON Design Store 

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Test drive or buy a Citroën!! 

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Here for good 

It’s great to see another promotion coming from Standard Chartered Bank. This time, it’s the Personal Loan Year End Promotion. Now, picture this, you are thinking ahead for your children especially for their education or perhaps you are planning for your dream home but you don’t have the financial resources. This is where Standard Chartered Bank can come in and assist you to make your journey smoother and of course, Standard Chartered Bank have many options that you can choose from to tailor to your needs. (insert hyperlink)

Here are some of the available options from Standard Chartered Bank.

General Instalment Loan. Sometimes we are in an emergency situation and it warrants for extra funding and Standard Chartered Bank is here to help! Hard cash may come easy.

Home Improvement Loan. Now why is there suddenly a rush of demand for housing and homes? Because the younger generation are thinking ahead even after graduation. That’s the same when it applies to home renovation. We always want a better and feel for our own existing homes. Maybe you feel like extending your house or create a garden at the back or perhaps an extra garage. Check out how Standard Chartered Bank can help you fulfil your wish……

Education Loan. This is something every parents should consider since higher education is a substantial investment for some families. Standard Chartered Bank can tailor an educational loan to your needs so you can send your children overseas to pursue a degree.

Student computer loan. Did you know you can loan up to BND 3,500 in this particular loan? If I were you, I will invest in a Mac since I love Apple products so much :D. Ideal for students pursuing in their academic course.

There you go, peeps, as I have summed up the availability of some of the different types of financing options provided by Standard Chartered Bank. For more information, do call their 24-hour Phone Banking Centre at 265 8000, visit their website or Facebook page


Click image to find out more

Get that extra funds that you need today. From now till 31 December 2014, apply for a Personal Loan and receive shopping vouchers worth up to BND500! What’s more, stand a chance to win an exciting holiday with spending money*.

As stated in the poster, the first prize is a return ticket to Bali plus BND 1,000 cash or maybe you are lucky enough to win a return ticket to Singapore plus BND 750 cash. There are a few attractive prizes if you refer to the poster above.

It’s good when reaching your goal exceeds your expectation. Thank you, Standard Chartered Bank, for this opportunity to your valued customers.



Timeout with Liz 

A message from Liz: Happy October everyone! Liz here from Time Out with Liz.


This month on the show, we bring to you the soulful Singer and Songwriter, multi medalist and World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) 2014 Finalist Maria Grace Koh. I get the utmost privilege to sit down with this beauty and find out more about her life after WCOPA 2013/2014, her new single “That’s the Way” which will be released on the 25 October 2014 (same day as Time Out with Liz show date) and what 2015 holds for her.

Maria aka “Eia” competed in the Vocal Self Accompaniment category at WCOPA 2014 in L.A and came home with 4 Golds and 4 “Champion of the World” plaques and was one of the 3 competitors from Brunei to enter into the Grand finals showing literally the world what Bruneian’s are made of.




If you’re thinking (or salivating) about mouth- watering burgers, I’d like to introduce you to our food talent for the month – Taty’s Café! With a burger menu running from “Original” options to “BBQ Sliders”. Meet the dynamic duo behind the scenes of Taty’s Café since 2010 and join us as we stand in awe admiring their delectable creations between 2 burger buns. In other words, – food demonstration! Who knows? We may even be lucky enough to have a taste test of what they do best.




There will be a table turning experience where for this month only, yours truly will be interviewed & interrogated by TEDx Speaker, Life Enthusiast and curious Bruneian personality, Delwin Keasberry. Del is known as one of the most social twitter users in Brunei with currently over 21,000 followers and who started a campaign called Project Brunei back in 2010. Watch Del as he attempts to uncover the story behind Time Out With Liz, my WCOPA 2014 experience and much more.



Rising Star

I’m adding this special segment in my episodes because the number of talents from a variety of fields in this country is rising at an unbelievable rate. Thanks to social media and regular pop up events I get a chance to meet and bring them to you. This month’s featured rising star is dancer Shannon Osman from Relentless Brunei. Come and see her do her thing and find out what will she be working on next.

Time Out with Liz brings you all these inspiring individuals to the stage this 25 October 2014 at kaleidoscope (Saffron) from 7-8.30pm. Tickets are $10 per person if you book now until 24 October 2014. It will be $15 at the door. All you have to do is step 1 -book your seats by sending in your name and how many seats you would like to or Facebook message us at Step 2- pay at the door. Step 3 – Be Inspired!



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Sentosa Spooktacular 2014

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Sentosa Spooktacular 

Correspondent from Singapore: 2013’s Sentosa Spooktacular was a raving success, seeing a record-high of 15,000 visitors. Thus, Sentosa Spooktacular decided to partner with Thailand’s leading movie studios, GMM Tai Hub Co. Ltd. (GTH) and produce the annual Halloween event for the next three years! So peeps, there are two weekends left to enjoy Sentosa Spooktacular.


My guest blogger Tiffany Yong had a Spooktacular experience recently

This year, the whole of Fort Silos is transformed into the thematic village of Laddaland (GTH’s 2011 award-winning horror hit movie) while seeing three haunted houses based on the movies: Countdown, Alone and The Swimmers. So it’s three movies within one movie (if you get the picture!)


The Sentosa Spooktacular Map

Welcome to Laddaland


Based on GTH’s well-received movie Laddaland; story has it that a family of four abandoned their old lives and moved into Laddaland, ready to settle down in a beautiful home they could call their own and live their dreams. All is well until they found out about the ruthless murder of a Burmese maid in their neighbour’s house. Savagely beaten, her mangled body is found stuffed inside the refrigerator. A wrongful death always results in a vengeful soul. Even the innocent ones are not spared from strange sightings and mournful cries.



Fort Siloso is now transformed into the village of Laddaland. Upon entering Laddaland, you will see rows of old houses until you reach the home of Thee , his wife Parn, his rebellious teenage daughter Nan and lively young son Nat. What seems to be a dream house in the day will turn into your darkest nightmare when night falls. As the dark village (or ex-Fort Siloso) comes to life in the wake of the night, you will start seeing the poor haunted souls who only want to have some fun (and take loads of pictures)


You can never be sure what you will find in your path…or off the path; as ghosts and ghouls play hard and work hard in bringing to you Asia’s Scariest Fun.




Backstory: “4…3…2…1…Happy New Year!” Enter the mad house where insanity and danger come washing over you in waves. Join 3 friends – Jack, Bee and Pam, as they planned to celebrate the start of a new year in style. Lose yourself in their excitement as they wait eagerly for an acquaintance to join them for some fun. The climax draws near when their acquaintance shows up and proves to be the life of the party. However, there is just something about him that you cannot seem to put a finger on. A game master always has a game plan. Can you play the game by his rules, or will that be too much for you to handle? Encounter freak-shows and battle hallucination while you struggle to find your way out of this crazy house. With the mad man hot on your heels, can you make it out alive in this game of countdown?

Horro-o-meter: 3/5

Countdown was not exactly a horror (ghost) film, but more of a sadistic thriller which is still very scary (in my opinion). I realized that the whole experience would be scarier if you’ve actually caught the film and anticipate what might happen in each section of the trail. Countdown was the only movie of the 4 films that I’ve watched before here to see the review which made the whole experience so much more memorable as I felt as if I was going through the “ordeal” like Jack, Bee and Pam.






Backstory: You may think it is cute to have Siamese twins as next door neighbours. Conjoined at the stomach from birth, Pim and Ploy are Siamese twin sisters bounded skin-too-skin, organ-to-organ, for life. They even shared the same affection for a boy named Wee. Always the jealous one, Ploy flew into a blind rage when Wee had eyes only for Pim. Years later, Wee is seen happily married to Pim, and both are leading a decent life in South Korea…without Ploy.

Pim had survived the operation, which separated her from Ploy – the same operation which left her sister dead. Given her vicious personality, Ploy is not one to leave peacefully. Back to haunt her sister with a vengeance, she is about to make sure that her sister regrets ever being separated from her.

Help Pim to survive from the curse of a bond that runs beyond skin-deep. She has detached herself physically from Ploy, now she needs to know how to detach herself otherwise. Do not look over your shoulder, for you are never quite alone too.

Horro-o-meter: 4/5

Look out for the twin-ghosts accompanying you while queuing to enter. People with night blindness might have difficulty crawling through the dark tunnels and eerie rooms with mechanisms that will shock you if you are not careful


The Swimmers



Backstory: Perth is the school’s star swimming athlete. After a fatal accident that killed his long-time crush, Perth is devastated. He turns to the familiarity of the pool, seeking peace and solidarity in being underwater. However, the swimming pool is no longer safe; it is now haunted with ghosts of dead swimmers.

Perth begins feeling a presence next to him as he swims up and down the pool. He pauses, mid-stroke. He sees nothing, yet he feels something constantly next to him. What happens if that happens to you? You can’t see nor hear anything out of the ordinary, but you can feel them for sure. They are the cursed souls of drowned swimmers, and they are on the hunt for new victims to join them in the waters. What would you do then? Remember, you cannot scream underwater…

Horro-o-meter: (4.5/5)

Perhaps the scariest out of the 3, people with claustrophobia might be freaked out when you enter and climb through what seems like the insides of a human? The realistic human (or monster insides) and gory parts actually made my heart freeze for a moment(s), in fear of what might appear at the very end.


This is a good place to walk around and enjoy yourself with the ghost without rushing. You would most likely have ample time if you arrive on time (Took me 3.5 hours without Fast Pass). I really like how each haunted house is a walkthrough into the movie with similar scenes and horribly gross reenactment. But too bad, to avoid over crowding, each ticket only allow entry to each haunted house once.



The “ghosts” are wandering around and hanging around the place where most people would be, meaning the queues and this mean your wait is not at all boring. Take loads of photos and do not try neglecting the wandering souls or you might find them eyeing on you.

If you are wondering if the reduction in the number of haunted houses will mean that it is not as value-for-money compared to the previous year (that’s what I thought initially), you are actually quite wrong. The time spent in each house is actually extended by three to four times as compared to the 2013.

Each walkthrough last about 20-30minutes, and when I go through them with my female photographer friend (who’s extremely scared of such haunted stuff), besides the screams, the words I kept hearing from her was “Why so long? Is it the end?”

P.S. The toilets are located near the entrance (by the haunted playground). Be careful of who’s knocking outside when you are doing your business!







Sentosa Spooktacular Dates:

October: 24, 25 | 31

November: 1

Time 7pm – 1am

Ticket Prices

General Admission Ticket: $66.60/ticket

Fast Pass: Additional $32 (Skip queues for all haunted houses) | $15 (For 1 house)

For more information about the promotion prices, check out the Sentosa Spooktacular Website

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Weekly Recap 

Congratulations to Hafiezan and Aqilah on your wedding day. Sorry I had my emceeing job that particular night and I wish both of you both the best in your marriage life. Amin.

Great well done to Health Promotion Centre and Pat Lee of LANEIGE for making another successful event on the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign at The Mall recently

A great way to spend a Saturday evening, playing Cranium with my toastmasters buddies after the dinner event

The BIBAP performers were hilarious and I thank you the Korean Embassy as well as Times Square for inviting them. I’m impressed that this was made possible. Two thumbs up!!

They had four shows last weekend and it was always a crowd puller

I was multitasking during my emceeing role last Saturday. Hospitality counts :D

A new bunch of friends who have pledged to help in supporting the newly chartered UBD Toastmasters Club

I handed out the first prize to the @interhouse instagram competition yesterday as part of the Canon Photomarathon 2014 at the Star Lodge

Another successful running event and this was organised by Royal Brunei Airlines. More pictures and updates soon.


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The adrenalin rush

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The Great Race 

Introducing Corporate Team from The Empire Hotel & Country Club

Are you ready for The Great Race to take off? It’s happening tomorrow at Hassanal Bolkiah Indoor Stadium and it’s in conjunction with Royal Brunei Airlines’ (RB) 40th anniversary. But first thing is first; you need to collect your Race Kit Royal Brunei Recreational Club (RBRC) in Berakas and it’s opened today until 10pm.

In order to collect the Race Kit, donation cards are to be returned to RB. Participants are also required to fill out an authorisation form should they wish to have a representative collect the Race Kit on their behalf. All the forms are there for your convenience and even those who didn’t bring any donation card.

The forms are available on the official website for The Great Race, Medals and cash prizes await winners of The Great Race, as well as a lucky draw for all runners who complete the race.

Proceeds from the race will be donated to Brunei Paralympics, as well as Green Brunei, to help its Mangrove Rehabilitation Project along Sungai Damuan at Bengkurong move forward.

By the way, below is a poster for guidelines that you should be aware of especially for all the racers. I’ve included a map and a timeline for your reference.


Click image to enlarge poster

Don’t forget to collect your race pack

The Donation Card collection area

The Race Kit collection

I like the sling bag

Bib numbers

The lucky draw :D

I’ve been training but only for the 3km :D


Malppy Weekend Sales 

Click image to find out more

The ever popular Weekend Sales is Back! Yes, you heard them right! They are bringing back our ever popular Weekend Sales and this weekend, they are introducing you this BEAUTIFUL 3 Way Use Leather Shoulder Handbag. You can use it as a backpack or even a sling bag and guess what! For this 3 days only, we are selling this for only B$49.90 instead of B$69.90. So Hurry and grab one now while stock lasts!

Click image to find out more

Click image to find out more

The Trendy Authentic Mayuki Tokyo Fashion ends this weekend too! Don’t Miss Out!

Good things have to end somewhere and for our Authentic Mayuki Tokyo Fashion promotion, it ends this weekend as well! Hence it’s busy time for all of you out there! You can browse at our ‘NEW’ / ‘SALES’ section to check out the varieties we have for you this weekend! Hurry

Click image to find out more

And lastly, don’t forget that for all the BIBD customers, you can now use BIBD direct bank transfer as well as their popular eTunai to pay for your purchase on now. As a intro special, for the first 50 Customer to pay with either of this services will get a B$10 Free Coffee.


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