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Hotel Jen Orchardgateway

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Hotel Jen experience 

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway in Singapore

Finding a perfect hotel in Singapore is always challenging. It boils down to price or location or preferably both. Those from Brunei who frequent their stay at Orchard area will be familiar with hotels such as Royal Plaza on Scotts, Grand Hyatt or Marina Mandarin are one particular reason – shopping conveniently at Orchard.

Now I can recommend you Hotel Jen Orchardgateway. It’s just one year old and it has been getting rave reviews for such a new establishment. I didn’t know it’s also under the Sharing-La umbrella which means they are under good hands :)

The location of Hotel Jen Orchardgateway is smackdown at Orchard (just between Somerset 313 and Orchard Central) and walking distance to Cineleisure, Takashimaya and Paragon. This is just a perfect spot for me to wonder around and plus I’m a regular user of the MRT which mean logistics is way better as I could make my journey from Somerset stop (MRT).


The iconic gigantic chair at the entrance of Hotel Jen Orchardgateway

The trolley for guests to bring their luggages and bags. Very homey and personal.

There are a few check points at the hotel where you can charge your smartphones. Awesome idea!!

The digital page where you can access and find out what you can do at the hotel and also around the area. Very useful for guests.

The Panaroma Club Room at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway.

The Superior Room with the City View

The rooftop pool on 19th floor

This is such a cozy place to be in right now

Nice view at night

There are basic amenities that you can enjoy such as free wifi, 24-hour gym access with facilities and fitness equipment, 24-hour room service and let’s not forget the pool side on the 19th floor.

What impressed me is the service they provide. The staff treat you with great care and I had little fuss during my check in process. I was even more impressed that they use the Windows Surface Pro as their tools for checking in and I signed my signature using their stylus on the tablet. Cool stuff…

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway will also stretch a little more with their service such as airport transfer, express check-in and check-out, local complimentary calls and if you are in need of computer access, you can surf spot with their iMac workstations.


Baoyi, one of the Club Lounge staff, assisted me to my room. All the staff are dressed casually, sporting a red top and blue jeans.

All the guest service staff will wear a badge. Looks legit and cool 😀

My personal message on my room TV and I even got an inbox message on the TV for my parcel. Nice touch!!

My club room on 20th floor. Spacious and I love the bed so much.

You can even relax by the window too to view the city

The bathroom and toilet area. Bruenians will love the fact that the toilet has an automated built-in sprinkler :p

I was given this. I love the classic snack!

The management had it all thought out. Guests tend to request for ice at the room service. Now you can help yourself to an ice dispenser available on every floor.

There’s even a vendor machine for guests to buy amenities and snacks or drinks.

You can even buy the Hotel Jen toiletry kit

The hotel offers different tiers to customers especially when you check in as a club guest. You have an awesome view of the either Orchard Road or Somerset Road from Level 18 or 20. You will also have access to the Club Lounge access and also checking in and out during your stay.

I could tell that Hotel Jen wants to focus in depth with their service as they kept asking me on how they could better their service even the smallest of things. The hotel itself is a gem due to your warm hospitality. I was a bit “sakai” when a message pop up on my TV console to alert that I have a parcel to be collected at the reception. For me, that alone made the experience more personal.

Even the prices are pretty reasonable considering it is at Orchard area. According to a third-party agency, it can cost as low as BND 250 for a superior room (king size bed). It also hit a high average rating on Tripadvisor where most praised for its location followed by the sleep quality and the rooms provided. Furthermore, many have praised Hotel Jen for their great variety in breakfast for the in-house guests.

I would also applaud Hotel Jen on their cleanliness. This gives a lasting impression that you will visit Hotel Jen on your next visit. Apparently, a few Bruneians have stayed at the hotel and the responses have been encouraging. So I could safely say that Bruneians are aware of the new hotel but not all know more of its existence.

You can browse through their website – – for more details. I like the idea that when you book 30 days in advance, you can enjoy 15% discounts or if 14 days, you can enjoy 10%. That’s quite a good incentive for guests.

Overall, my stay was excellent and I would highly recommend my friends to give Hotel Jen a shot. Do check out my instagram @ranoadidas as I will be running a competition and you will stand a chance to win a one-night stay at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway. Good luck!!!


The 24-hour access gym facilities


Jen Lounge on 10th floor. This is also the home of the Chelsea supporters. The big game will be Liverpool vs Chelsea at the end of October.

Makan @ Jen

The cooking is shown live to the patrons. Unique.

They serve ice-cream during the buffets even for breakfast

The environment at Makan @ Jen. It has become popular among corporate patrons especially during lunch due to the mini buffet package.

I love how they presented their dishes on different section. They have a creative eye.

No surprise there that Hotel Jen has a good rating on

On the Club Lounge, the club guests can utilize their facilities such as usage of computers and printing their documents and also enjoy hi-tea and breakfast on the designated time.

The reception area on Level 10.

For guests who are on the run, they can buy ready-to-go snacks such as crackers or sandwiches or puffs at the On The Go counter on Level 10.


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Halloween Horror Nights 5

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Halloween Horror Nights 5


With Jeremy of, Singapore blogger Tiffany Yong and Dominic at the Media Preview of Halloween Horror Nights 5 at Universal Studios Singapore at Resort World Sentosa

What a “trippy” experience!! I have always hear about the Halloween Horror Nights event in Singapore but I’ve never had the privileged to try it out because of my travel commitments. On the good note, whenever I posted stories contributed by Tiffany Yong’s experience on this particular event, my hits went up so a big thank you to Tiffany for contributing these stories (you can read here) for the past two years. Only recently I had the privilege to attend the exclusive media preview last Monday and thanks to Tiffany as well.

According to the press release, there are 4 haunted houses and 3 scare zones. The latter are all held outdoors so for those people who are afraid of the dark, that might be just some consolation news for you :p I managed to bump into a few friends from Singapore at the event and even popular blogger from The Philippines @itscamilleco was there with her clique.

It was really tough to take photos even with my SLR due to the lack of lighting which makes focuses pretty difficult. The successful attempts were quite minimal but I supposed that’s a good thing so there won’t be too many spoilers (right?).

According to the calendar, the Halloween Horror Nights 5 only available on weekends of October (Friday to Sunday). Tickets are running fast for this weekend and the next weekend. So to the Bruneians out there who are in Singapore or planning to visit Singapore, don’t miss out this spectacular experience of horror 😀



The representatives from the media locally and internationally

We were divided into groups according to the number

The bloggers from The Philippines. I only recognized @itscamilleco (2nd from left)

Tiffany getting ready for the tour

The theme for this year is Blood Moon

It was good to see SuperAdrianMe who is a jet setter

We have a scary visitor to welcome us at the entrance

A few words from Resort World Sentosa

My media pass that night

My personal favourite (haunted house) is the Siloso Gateway Block 50. Why? Because of the simulation from the role players – the police and the zombies. It seems as if I was in a real scenario. The highlights, for me, were the chained zombie by the wall and the over-sized hysterical lady zombie with both hands tied to the bed. Classic!!! Those moments alone warrant another visit if you can bare the long queue.

Now for every haunted house, there is a story behind it to make it more interesting for the “horror” goers. So for the Soliso Gateway Block 50, there was a water contamination with the so called HHN-5 virus that infected the residents, hence they were transformed into zombies. I love how this area was designed and decorated and attention to detail as well. A bit of warning that there will be a slight moment you will be sprayed with water but it was no harm to my camera equipment 😀 Let’s see if you have the same sentiments as me for Siloso Gateway Block 50.


The Siloso Gateway Block 50

Can you trust this person?

The first haunted house we braved was the “Tunnel People”. Now I’m not sure about the story for this one but apparently the Tunnel People have been bidding their time for the rise of the Blood Moon. So as you walk through the tunnel, will you be able to spot them? I really had a hard time taking photos as it was too dark. Even my periscope attempt failed to capture some horrifying scenes. Nonetheless you will be spooked because of the terrifying sound effects and the screams from unexpected spots. Those with the weak hearts will find this slightly more traumatizing because of the dark feel. I was more entertained by Tiffany’s body language as she cupped her ears throughout the tunnel :p


Tiffany Yong covering her ears at the Tunnel section

I kinda enjoyed the “Hell House” and it has an Asian feel to it. Again all the themes of the Halloween Horror Nights 5 relates to the Blood Moon. In this house, the moon has awakened all the “Paper Servants” of the Effigy House. There’s plenty of ingenuity here on how they set up the props. Yes, it may look less elaborated and dark than the other haunted houses but man, this was the first spot that got my nerves tingling especially the narrow corridor that has plentiful arms jutting out of the walls. Nicely done and effective enough to test your fears. I also have to salute one role player in the “Hell House” (do refer to photos below). Cool stuff..


It looks simple but very, very creepy

I salute this particular person for taking this particular spot

Wuusssuupppp….!!! (at the Hell House)

The next one was the MRT spot and it is labeled as True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT. The story depicts a scenario of an underground train station built at a Malay burial site and it was cursed by the Blood Moon. Expect to see the likes of Toyol, Pontianak and Hantu Rayas at the MRT. The scares are plentiful and they managed to trick the audience thinking some are just mannequins. Nice one!! It was probably my least favourite of the lot but doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. All in all, the Haunted Houses were nicely decorated to a specific themes and they all have their own purposes on how to startle their victims. As a first timer, I am totally impressed and I highly recommend my friends to take the courage to be part of the Halloween Horror Nights 5 (#HHN5).


The ghosts at MRT area

This is very trippy



The Scary Zones

Let’s not forget that apart from the Haunted Houses, there are also three scare zones – The Invaders (New York), conTerminated (Sting Alley) and Hungry Ghosts (Lost World). All these are outdoors and I really applaud all the role players as they gave it their all to make our experience worthwhile. I even see the senior citizens taking up this role as a ghost and the oldest scare actor is 70 years old. Impressive.. For your info, there are more than 500 people who auditioned of this year’s HHN5. Another interesting fact is that they used 10 gallons of fake blood for the event.

There are also 10 rides, shows and attractions that will be operational during the event. Do check out their official websitefor more details. The general admission is $68 and they have plenty of different prices for different packages.


At The Invaders

At The Invaders

At The Invaders

At The Invaders

At the Hungry Ghost

At the Hungry Ghost. Ok, this is very creepy indeed.

At the Beast Club

Lots of dancing beasts *lol*

Watch some performances at the Beast Club with some rave music

There are four cities in the world that hosting Halloween Horror Nights this year

Check out the dates on the weekends for Halloween Horror Nights 5. Click image to see more.


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Charmazing now at Best Eastern

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in Uncategorized


Indulge in Charmazing!!

You can connect your bracelets with on the Charmazing app and earn points

The launch of the Charmazing at Times Square

Forget Candy Crush.. (especially for the young female teens).. I just came across a new addictive game for the girls and it’s more on wearing accessories and earning points through sharing or connecting with other owners of the particular accessories. This items that I’m talking about is no other than Charmazing (bracelets with charms).

Now Charmazing has a unique way of interacting with other Charmazing users – through means of the Charmazing App (now available on Apple Store and Google Play). You can now explore into the virtual world where you can wear, share and trade with friends and connect with other designers, simply by playing with the App. Awesome, huh? This trend has been popular outside Brunei and Best Eastern (leading bookstore in Brunei) has brought in one of the STYLE ME UP collection to the Sultanate and I believe this will be a huge hit among teenagers.


The Charmazing starter kit

The Charmazing starter kit

The workshop of Charmazing at Times Square a few weeks ago



Check out Charmazing on Youtube


They have different range of collections to choose from Charmazing. Of course, the best to start off with the starter kit and it costs below BND 10 and you can also download the App and start connecting with other Charmazing owners. There are four sets in total and the biggest set is the Charmazing Deluxe Kit (the complete set with 6 bracelets with 12 assorted charms).

You can follow Best Eastern’s Facebook page or their instagram @besteastern_bookstore

You can also check out for more details on how to play around with it.


Available now at Best Eastern







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Hoping for a miracle

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Haze keeps us closer (indoors) 

Hello peeps!!! I’m currently in Singapore and yes, I’m braving the haze here. It seems that Singapore and Malaysia are really affected and perhaps the worst affected area will be around Sumatra. I’m pretty sure it has a slight detrimental effect on the Singapore economy as people tend to stay indoors. Last week, the PSI reading was over 300 (hazardous), the government declared that all schools in Singapore to shut down for that particular day.

Brunei do get hazy every now and then but it’s not as bad as Singapore or Malaysia. I could smell the haze when I was paying a visit to Vivo City last Monday. The good thing is that the masks are in stock as compared to 2013 where the masks were high in demand but low on supply. So I suggest to Bruneians who are visiting Singapore to put on a mask if possible.

Last night’s match between DPMM FC and Home United for the Singapore Cup was also postponed due to the haze. However, the fans were not pleased as the organisers delayed the match for an hour plus before calling the game off and postponed it to tonight. It’s a tricky situation where organisers have to make a brave decision to proceed with the match or take precaution of the players’ body condition. This has not play quite well with the supporters and the fans have been vetting out their frustrations on the S•League Facebook Page too. Well, from the looks of it, the haze today doesn’t look any better and what will be the fate of the match which supposedly taking place tonight… hmmmm.. We shall wait and see.


This is my view right now while blogging this entry. What a hazy day in Singapore. Taken at the Club Lounge of Hotel Jen Orchardgateway.

My recent visit to Universal Studios for the Halloween Horror Nights 5. More on this soon.

Now why I am in Singapore is for a few reasons – 1) Do my visa for Denmark 2) get a pair of Adidas Barricade shoes for tennis 3) catching up with friends/bloggers (Tiffany, Frances, J.T) 4) catching Black Mass – verdict: 7/10 5) a special invite for the Halloween Horror Night 5 #HHN5 at Universal Studios 6) my stay experience at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway.

From the looks of it, it ain’t a bad itinerary. The only miracle I hope for now is making sure I get on my flight to Copenhagen by Monday latest. It’s gonna slightly tough but I’m glad the Singapore team (from Bang & Olufsen), the Brunei team too and the Denmark Embassy in Singapore are doing the best they can to make sure my visa gets approved as soon as possible.

Apparently I found out that my passport is slightly trickier than the Brunei passport. I’m a permanent resident of Brunei Darussalam and we don’t use passports like Brunei citizens would. We have what we call Certificate of Identification of Brunei Darussalam printed on the brown colour passport look-a-like. Hence the Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore shared that my particular passport will take at least 7 working days and not 5 day or less for others. This is the fact that I’m holding a CI document (the PR passport) and it will take longer to process the visa application.

So what I learnt from this lesson (trip) is that we Brunei PR will spend more money (flying and staying in Singapore just for a 60 euro Visa) and the second most important thing is you have to apply at least 3 weeks before (to be safe) to Schengen countries like Denmark, Sweden and Norway to name a few. I never expected it to be this difficult but all I have to do now is just wait from the Royal Danish Embassy to give me the green light by Friday or latest by Monday.

If you ask me personally if there’s any perks of holding a CI document/passbook, nah, there’s not much improvement as not many countries recognizes this particular travel document. Do we permanent residents deserve a travel document that’s called a Passport? Yes, we do.. I do hope the “Yang Berhormats” take notice of this issue as this motion has not been approved after countless attempts at the Legislative Council. We need the convenience and assurance especially when we travel to certain countries. For me, it’s the costs and inconvenience that I have to experience during my travel journey. Let’s bring this matter urgently in the next LegCo meeting. Some improvements are needed at least.

Oh man, I’ve been ranting here on the 19th floor of Hotel Jen with the view of the haze in front of me. Let’s hope for brighting things to come and I want to get my butt on the plane to Denmark. I’m signing off for now.. Have a wonderful week ahead..



Awareness of FS-ers


Press release from Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam. Have you heard of financial scams? They are scams involving deposits, money transfers and credit card transactions. Although some financial scams are too good to be true, there are many people that still become victims.

These are the common financial scams in Brunei:

1. Get-rich-quick scheme: a plan, which offers high returns or dividends not usually available through traditional investments. The focus of such schemes would be to obtain deposits without a valid product or services which will be used to pay returns or dividends to earlier investors. The scheme may take the following forms:

  Ponzi scheme

  Pyramid scheme

  Gold investment

  Land-banking investment

  Forex trading

2. Credit card scam: Scammers calling victim’s phone pretending to be a bank officer informing that the victim’s credit card is suspected of crime. For verification purpose, the victims will be deceived into providing their credit card details.

3. Job scam: Scammers pretending to offer a job in their organisation. However, in order to secure the job offer, the victim must pay an upfront fee.

4. Lottery and competition scam: Scammers send out an SMS blast to would-be victims informing them of prizes they have won in competitions organised by some big companies and are advised to pay an entrance fee.

5. Inheritance Scams: Scammers assume the role of lawyers or representatives for a recently deceased distant relative or wealthy benefactor leaving a large inheritance usually in cash of which is to be distributed amongst them at an agreed percentage.

6. Internet love scam: (LOL, never been duped by this before) By creating fake profiles, fraudsters have managed to exploit the other users by pretending to develop an intimate and personal relationship with their victims.


The grand prize for the Open Category to top off with the BND 1,200 cash prize

AMBD believe that it is important to educate the public and raise their awareness to protect innocent people from becoming unfortunate victims. Show your support and creativity by creating a short video on financial scams awareness!

Well, there’s a good incentive for you to join!! Because the winners will win awesome prizes. For the Open Category, first place will win BND 1,200 cash prize with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition, second place will win BND 900 cash prize with Sony Handycam while third place will win BND 600 with Sony HDR. There will also be student category with cash prizes for top three winners – BND 1,000, BND 750 and BND 500 respectively.

I won’t spare much details here but you can download the PDF form for eligibility and other information. Good luck and the deadline for submission is 30th October 2015.



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Sponsored banners

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Acer Aspire


Now available at Concepts Computer



Click image to enter website to find out more.


BIBD Barakah 6 

Click image to enter website to find out more.


GLOT Lifestyle 

Check out GLOT. Click banner to enter.


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Lesson learnt

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


The law is the law 


The Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) yesterday announced the introduction of new corruption laws to address abuse of power and misconduct in public office.

The new laws will allow legal action to be taken against civil servants who fail to carry out their duties to a “high ethical standard”, said the AGC in a statement issued yesterday.

Following extensive discussions between the AGC and the Anti-Corruption Bureau, several amendments have been made to the Prevention of Corruption Act.

New offences have been included in the legislation, criminalising the use of public funds for private purposes; giving undue preferential treatment; misuse of information acquired during the course of duty; and allowing private interests to come into conflict with public duties.

The legislation also states that any public officer who seeks to interfere or influence the “appointment, promotion, suspension, demotion or dismissal” of any other public official, can be prosecuted under the new laws.

Similarly, any civil servant who demonstrates “willful misconduct or neglect of duty” to a degree which amounts to abuse of public trust, is considered guilty of an offence.

The punishment for all the new corruption offences is seven years’ jail and a $30,000 fine.

The AGC added that offences can be committed without the receipt of gratification or monetary benefit.

The legal definition of “public body” has also been changed in the legislation, to include government-linked companies and statutory bodies, such as the Brunei Economic Development Board, Brunei Shell Joint Ventures, Royal Brunei airlines, among others.

The new laws came after His Majesty, Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, lambasted police for corrupt practices last March.

“The main purpose of the amendment is to address the concern of His Majesty… during a working visit (paid to the) Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) Headquarters… in respect of corruption in the form of abuse of powers for personal interest,” said the AGC.
During the visit, His Majesty cited several cases of police corruption, including the case of a high-ranking police officer accused of accepting a luxury car from a convicted criminal in exchange for helping him cross the border illegally.

In a fiery address to police officers, the monarch accused RBPF personnel of “elements of lawlessness” such as involvement in gambling, drinking and smuggling banned goods, as well taking bribes to “look the other way”. Text courtesy of Quratul-Ain Bandial of The Brunei Times.



Good luck, scholars 

Pehin Datu Singamanteri Colonel (Rtd) Dato Seri Setia (Dr) Awang Haji Mohammad Yasmin bin Haji Umar with senior management of Brunei Shell Joint Venture and the 42 feted BSJV scholars


Late post: Three weeks ago, the Brunei Shell Joint Venture (BSJV) Companies officially awarded scholarships to 42 students, marking the occasion with a signing ceremony at the Royal Brunei Polo and Riding Club.

The guest of honour was the Minister of Energy at the Prime Minister’s Office, Pehin Datu Singamanteri Colonel (Rtd) Dato Seri Setia (Dr) Awang Haji Mohammad Yasmin bin Haji Umar. Also present was the Managing Director of Brunei Shell Petroleum Co Sdn Bhd (BSP), Andrew Faulkner.

The 42 scholarship students will be embarking on their undergraduate courses, with disciplines ranging from engineering to science. In addition, two BSJV scholars will be continuing their studies and undertaking post graduate programmers in their respective vocations.

Some of the students will be enrolling at Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB), while the rest will be enrolling in courses in Australia and the United Kingdom.

As a BSJV statement reads, “The students have undergone a rigorous assessment process to ensure they meet the company’s criteria and subsequently identified as best in class amongst their peers.”












The event also saw recognition given to 10 BSJV scholars who successfully completed their degree programme with First Class Honours.

In a speech yesterday, the Deputy Managing Director of Brunei Shell Petroleum Co Sdn Bhd, Haji Kamaludin bin Haji Bungsu said the BSJV scholarship programme started decades ago, highlighting that the programme is an important and big investment for the company.

“By investing in youths, we hope to answer the call of His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Sa’adul Khairi Waddien, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam to bolster the economy and give locals the opportunity to become workers and leaders,” he said.

Good luck to all the scholars and I believe they all have started their journey as BSP scholars by now. Text courtesy of Danial Norjidi of Borneo Bulletin.


Sneaks of the new Peugeot

The Peugeot 2008 with the sales team from Peugeot Brunei and members of the press

Recently we had a sneak preview of the latest edition of Peugeot that will enter the Brunei market pretty soon. It was a concept car back in 2009 in one of the the motor show and now it has become a reality. The media was able to get a sneak peak of the Peugeot’s new urban 2008 crossover at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Gadong.

What I love about the Peugeot 2008 is the exterior design and it has both a characteristic of a hatchback and an SUV. The interior is pretty impressive as well. I won’t spare much details as yet but you will be able to ask more information at Peugeot office at Kiarong. I believe this car will be a hit. I’m not quite sure of the price just yet as they are pretty tight lipped about it but I won’t be surprised if it will be affordable.

I will update once the Peugeot 2008 crossover will be available in Brunei market. You can follow their Facebook Page for updates too.


We caught a few videos on what the Peugeot 2008 is capable of and the Peugeot 2008 DKR won a one-two finish at the China Silk Road Rally

The beautifully crafted Peugeot 2008

The interior of the 2008



Markus Dybwad impresses 

Recently we had the chance to taste Markus Dybwad’s cooking on Snofood products (food items that are supplied to Excapade). For your info, Markus Dybwad is a popular culinary consultant and he is Norwegian. So he prepared some great dishes for the invited guests and a big thank you to the Snofood management for the invitation. I was quite impressed with the food presented. Just to let you know that the food you dine at Excapade is mostly from Snofood.

Michael Chong, owner of Snofood (2nd from left) with his invited guests at the standing cocktail session hosted by Snofood management

Markus Dybwad from Norway show his cooking skills and tasted pretty good too







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The Mask is on

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CONCEPTS Group of Companies 


Vincent Pao with the invited guests this morning at the launch of the CONCEPTS group of companies and also the Brilliance Hall

Cutting ribbon ceremony

A new milestone for Concepts Computer. They have really come a long way. If Acer comes to mind, then the first word that will put out is Concepts Computer. this morning they have reach higher points after being in the Brunei market for 15 years. Now Concepts Computer not only hold the Acer brand but a few more other brands to cater to the ever growing demands from the consumers.

Now Concepts Computer holds brands such as Acer, Epson, Brother, Logitech, Steel Series and many more. Furthermore, Concepts Computer has turned into a subsidiary under the flagship of CONCEPTS group. This means that there are other subsidiaries under the CONCEPT group 1) Concepts Computer 2) Concepts Technologies 3) Concepts Sewing Technologies 4) Ontime Services Network.

If you want to talk about growth, then Mr. Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer has laid down a strong seed and this will indeed reflect the strength and value of the company over the past few years.

The launching of the Group of Companies by Mr. Pao came in timely manner and he believes that the “soul cannot think without an image” (a famous quote by Aristotle). With this merger, it will help to boost the excellent track record the company has earning and I believe they are one of the IT retailers that has 90% locally employed. The Group of Companies is a good role model for other companies in terms of utilizing the locals.

Congratulations on the launch and I wish you all the best. Image courtesy of Vincent Hong.


The man of the moment – Vincent Pao




Do you smell what’s cooking? 

Nasiruddin Awang Hamid the winner of the Tefal Healthy Cooking Competition last evening. Image courtesy of Chatterads Advertising.

Second place went to Raymond Yong Shun Xin. Image courtesy of Chatterads Advertising.

Cim King Kong came third in the cooking competition. Image courtesy of Chatterads Advertising.

The month-long Health Awareness Campaign at Hua Ho Manggis Mall ended yesterday with the finals of the Tefal Healthy Cooking Competition.

The campaign was a collaboration between Hua Ho Shopping Centre and the Health Promotion Centre, Ministry of Health.

Nasiruddin Awang Hamid emerged as the winner, taking home a Tefal voucher worth $500, while Raymond Yong Shun Xin placed second and was presented with a $300 Tefal voucher. Coming in in third place was Cim King Kong who won himself a $150 Tefal Voucher.

Not only that, the top three winners of the HPC quiz also received prizes in the form of Air Fryer, electric steamer and a juicer.

The prize presentation marked the end of campaign which began on August 26. Various activities, games and exhibitions were also carried out as part of the campaign which was organised to highlight the importance and benefit of a healthier lifestyle to members of the general public.

Hj Zakaria Hj Kamis, the head of Public Health Nutrition Unit at Health Promotion Centre, stated that the campaign has received a very positive respond from the public.

“The idea of putting together a series of fun and engaging activities is an effective way to get the health messages across, ” he said, as he expressed gratitude towards the cooperation received from various partners and stakeholders. Text by Adib Noor of The Brunei Times.


During the qualifying round last Saturday

He had the best presentation among the lot but perhaps it was the portion that could have affected his scores

I like this presentation

Sometimes less is more 😀

I love his spicy salad

Some of the participants last Saturday

The final batch of participants last Saturday

A young participant trying to woo the judges

Chef Salvo was a busy man

An enthusiastic participant. I like his energy.

Behind the scene at the kitchen area of Hua Ho Manggis



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Spice it up

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Tandoor Restaurant


For the first time, Restaurant is extending its cuisine to Arabian and Italian. Well, they have introduced some of the dishes during the Ramadan period and now they have a more extensive menu. I have tried their Arabian dishes (lamb mandhi) and Italian (the pizzas) and they don’t disappoint at all. Even the Chicken Shawarma is good too. Ever since, the takeover by my friend from Kausar Cafe, he has revamped the management and also improved the quality of the food.

Because of the introduction of the new menu, the owner decided to do a special promotion for the patrons of Tandoor. Now if you spend more than $50 on a single receipt, you are entitled to choose one of the dishes from Tandoor. You have a choice of salad or Hawaiian pizza or half chicken tandoori or the chicken shawarma.. Awesome deal especially when you dine in for three to four pax.

This promotion is valid until mid October 2015. My personal favourite dishes are the Lamb Mandhi ($25, good for 2/3 pax) and the Seafood Marinara Pizza (simply amazing). Of course, I still love the original Indian menus but with a new addition of cuisine, Tandoor Restaurant will definitely bring more patrons to try out their new dishes.

Just refer to the menus that I posted below for your perusal. It’s not the complete menu but I shall include the rest in my next post. For bookings, you can call 245 0182 or 888 6617 or 896 2886.


My favourite pizza – Seafood Marinara “!2 pizza and my toastmasters friends couldn’t believe that it was from Tandoor Restaurant

Another personal favourite of mine – Lamb Mandhi

The chili paste mixed with the garlic sauce is the best combo – I used it for my lamb mandhi and also the pizza. My friends love it as well. A good substitute for Tabasco.





Chef Taj the man behind the new dishes (Arabian and Italian)

We had a good lunch session the other day at Tandoor Restaurant



Like I mentioned before, Tandoor is doing a special promotion for patrons where if you spend more than $50 on a single receipt, you will be entitled for any of the dishes below. My recommendation is the pizza and the chicken shawarma.. So bring your families and friends along and enjoy the delicious dishes made personally by Chef Taj.

For bookings, you can call 245 0182 or 888 6617 or 896 2886. You can also follow them on Instagram @tandoorbrunei








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Be the hero

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Colour me bad

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Brunei Travel Fair

Today Pehin Orang Kaya Hamzah Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Hj Abdullah Begawan Mudim Dato Paduka Hj Bakar Minister of Communications graced the Brunei Travel Fair. This morning was totally packed and I’m beginning to wonder if RBRC was enough to cater the hundreds that throng into the venue today. It was jam packed like a can of sardines.

Today’s the final day of the Brunei Travel Fair and let’s hope there are still special fares up for grabs. I managed to get some good fares today. So peeps. Just bring yourself to the Royal Brunei Recreational Club and make you sure that you come as early as possible.

I won’t saying much because I’ve mentioned it in my previous post. Let the pictures tell you the story.


The Minister with one of the icons from Republic of Indonesia

The Minister at Baiduri Bank booth

Want a massage?

At the Tourism Malaysia booth

Presence of BIBD

Strong crowd here at Darussalam Holdings. They will give you double points on Royal Skies during the Travel Fair

Hello Gek (of Darussalam Holdings)

Long queue at Pan Bright

Chance to win a car from Pan Bright

The Minister with Richard from Tourism Authority of Thailand









The Vento, another big hit

Check out the new Vento

Another colour to look at

You have heard of the Vento before and it’s from Volkswagen. Surprisingly it was the top 10 selling car in Brunei last year. Now the Vento has an upgrade – it has a combination of high performance, low fuel consumption and class-leading safety as well. The difference with the older model is that it looks slightly longer and stronger appeal definitely.

Let’s quickly go with the exterior features. It has redesigned front end with fog lamps and even the tail lamps have a 3D effect. The side mirrors now have a signal indicator. The other new feature is the Park Distance control (using censor) and it sports a 15” alloy wheels.

The interior has a revamped feel with trim materials and colours and new look of the arm rest. It is powered by a 1.6L petrol engine as well.

The Vento also has an anti-lock braking system and four airbags to protect the occupants during side-on impacts along with the three-point seat belts.

What’s not to like about the car? This is another good contender against the Japanese brand that’s also a hot seller but losing a little steam. Maybe because of the introduction of the the affordable Vento last year. The price this time starts at $21,800 and for the early bird bookings, you will get a $1,000 discount. Awesome. So do check the new Vento at the Maju Motors Showroom. Images courtesy of Vincent Hong.


Bernd Siffling, General Manager of Maju Motors Sdn Bhd during the launch of the Vento at Maju Motors showroom

Chan Key Hong, Managing Director of Maju Motors

Unveiling the new Vento

I guess many of you have heard about the recent scandal that rocked Volkswagen worldwide. Despite the major setback, the brand has to rebuilt the trust with the customers and it’s a plus that Volkswagen owners in Brunei needn’t to worry as the Volkswagen cars supplied to Brunei Darussalam are originated from a completely different production line as addressed by Bernd Siffling, General Manager of Maju Motors Sdn Bhd.

Now with the new direction of the CEO of Volkswagen, Matthias Mueller, let’s hope for better things in the world of Volkswagen. As you know that Volkswagen is a world leader in car making and the scandal will cost them billions. It’s good to know that local customers said that their trust in their Volkswagens has not changed, making the launch of new Vento a much-anticipated event.


A great turn out last night






What a colourful event!

The winners with the organizers and judges at the Adult Colouring contest last weekend

Alisa Denis the grand winner last weekend

I did it. I officially entered my first ever colour contest at the Mabohai Shopping Complex last weekend. Well, it was for adults too and it was the first of its kind (in a colouring competition). It was organised by Mabohai Shopping Complex and Best Eastern. I have to say that I really had fun that time though I was one of the 5 men among the 78 contestants as the rest were female participants.

So why did I finally get involved with colouring? It was because of the management of Best Eastern as they showed me one of the colouring books meant for adults and from that moment, I was telling myself that maybe.. just maybe, I should get one for myself. A few days later, I officially bought my first colouring book 😀 I guess it’s true that they say such book can make you feel calm when you get the groove of colouring. And yes, it can be therapeutic. Meaning if you have stressful day at work (or even at home), start colouring away.

So if you are wondering which book I am referring to, it’s either Johanna Bamford or Millie Marotta colouring book. It’s selling for $19.90 now at Best Eastern bookstores.

Anyway, back to the contest I was talking about. It was a pretty long judging session to say the least. It took almost two hours to determine the winners of the contest. I never knew judging can be challenging task and furthermore, the organisers didn’t expect a high entry of contestants. The judging process was based on the participants’ creativity in using the colours, shading, tone and presentation.


Nina Zainal coming strong in 2nd place

Robert John with his 3rd place effort

Beautiful penciled by Alisa Denis

Loving the colours toned by Nina Zainal

The winners with the judges

It was quite a great turn out last Sunday

One of the consolation winners with Yolly



It was good to see my cousin (right) participating




The winner of the contest was Alisa Denis with her beautiful colourful effect and she brought home $200 worth of prizes. Second place went to Nina Zainal who’s no stranger in the art scene. She won $150 worth while Robert John won $100 after coming third. There were five other consolation prizes – Jennie, Hilyati, Hannie, Fen Yee and Irene.

According to Yolly Celeridad, Operations Manager of Best Eastern, that the colouring competition aims at bringing creativity from the adults and the most important thing is that this activity is actually fun, fun, fun. I certainly had fun. She hinted that there will be another Adult colouring competition in October but it has yet to be confirmed.

Don’t forget to get a copy of the colouring books by for adults by Johanna Basford and Millie Marotta – The Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest and Animal Kingdom. The new ones that just arrived are 1) Tropical Wonderful (Millie Marotta) and Mindfulness (Holly McDonald). For enquiries or more information, please call 2337196 or 7137839. You can also check out its Facebook page at ‘Best Eastern’ and Instagram @besteastern_bookstore






Look at me.. At full concentration. Thanks Ridwan for the shot and thanks for the support.

Another supporter who came down surprisingly was SY and yes, she had this sinister look too :p Thanks for coming though it was momentary.



You can buy the adult colouring books at Best Eastern outlets and also the colour pencils

I bought myself the Enchanted Forest two weeks ago

I even invested in the Derwent colour pencils. Pretty good.

Even my toastmaster friends are into colouring

Ok, Iskandar is a good in shading with pencils

The latest book I bought off Best Eastern


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