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Mind trainer coming to Brunei

Written by Rano Iskandar on . Posted in Social News


Dr. Yuree Vajramunee will be coming to Brunei to conduct a training. Image taken from guruyuree.com

Are you into mind training, meditation, motivational speaking or even art of self-defence? I just came across a global icon known as Dr Yuree Vajramunee. Who is he? According to the press release, he is one of the selected five superhumans on the planet in terms of strength as categorised by the Discovery Channel in 2013.

He is the founder of the Vajrapan and Butthan Movement, a South Asian combat sports and system of personal development with the aim to obtain body-mind balance, will be conducting a two-day Mind Training Course.

He was in Brunei recently to familiarise himself with the country and he will be conducted a workshop in October.

His strength will be the power of the mind as we take for granted using our mind as part of everyday live and not treat “the mind” as our trusted friend.

According to Dr. Yuree in the recent interview in Borneo Bulletin, ““(Sometimes) We do certain things we should not, even while being fully aware and helpless in most cases, fail to access the correct decision, required creativity, connectivity, intelligence and so on but instead we are totally taken away by our blunt thoughts and restless mind, losing control of our physical, mental and emotional balance.”

“In a single line, this life, changing course may help us to transform like a miracle. The course itself is opened to any mentally healthy person,” he continued.


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So what will you benefit as a participant of the course? Participants will learn techniques on visualisation, correct breathing, non-toxic food habits, sound sleep, decision making, heal emotional and physical pain, deal with frustrations, build better family relationships, have better academic results and take advantage of their personal development and unleash the hidden potentials and experience a totally dynamic new life.

There will be free session on 22nd October at 5m at Hotel Badi’ah. Feel free to register but the actual course will be on 29th and 30th October from 10am to 4:30pm and it’s valued at BND 250. If you are interested, do contact 866 5890 or 898 0198 for details. If you are interested to know of him, you can click here to see his profile and list of accolades. Interesting person indeed.


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