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Brunei Food Awards 2020

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Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Abdul Mun’im of PAR Food & Beverages Sdn Bhd receiving an award from Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Awang Hj Ali bin Apong, Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism. PAR Food & Beverages won award for Ice Blended Mocha (Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Charcoal Ribs and Sous Vibe Prime Rib from Charcoal BBQ & Grill.
Lifetime Achievement Award for Nasi Katok Mabohai
Lifetime Achievement Award for Chop Jing Chew

After many months of food tasting and judging, the award winning dishes were feted during the Brunei Food Awards 2020 ceremony held at Mulia Hotel. The event was also in conjunction with the Brunei December Festival 2020. 

The Brunei Food Awards 2020 or also known as BFA2020 is a new initiative to promote the local food and beverage industry. The award is the first of its kind and do expect local and international dishes. 

The guest of honour was Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Awang Hj Ali bin Apong, the Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism. Also in attendance were Hj Nasir bin Dato Paduka Latif, CEO of Brunei Food Awards, foreign dignitaries, representatives from the participating restaurants, guests and social influencers.

Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Sheikh Ahmed bin Hashil Al-Maskri, dean of the diplomatic corps and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Sultanate of Oman and other foreign diplomats were invited as special judges. 

The highlight of the night was the milestone awarded to two establishments – Chop Jing Chew and Nasi Katok Mabohai – receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Excapade Japanese Cuisine and Kaizen Sushi grabbed the most award winning dishes with six while Seri Damai Restaurant had five dishes being feted. 

Award for Jollibee for its Chicken Joy (Original) dish
Foodies at work
Satay Hj Ibrahim for its Satay
Receiving an award for its Shabu Shabu from Ice Bar Shabu Shabu Restaurant
The award winning dish of Sotong Bakar from Bali Pitstop
An award winning dish for Wajid from Miming Kedayan Stall N0.12 Bangar Temburong
Award winning dishes – Kaizen Maki, Mixed Carpaccio, Sake Spinach Ikura, Hamachi Miso Ceviche, Unagi Kabayaki and Yakitori – from Kaizen Sushi
Award winning dishes – Ayam Penyet and Steam Grouper Fish – from Pondok Sari Wangi Seafood


Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart
Papparich Restaurant
Papparich Restaurant
Secret Recipe
Secret Recipe
Sugar Bun
Excapade Japanese Cuisine
Excapade Japanese Cuisine
Excapade Japanese Cuisine
Excapade Japanese Cuisine
Excapade Japanese Cuisine
Excapade Japanese Cuisine


Original Baked Cheese Tart
Steamed Chicken Rice
Ice 3-Layered Tea
Char Kway Teow
Asam Laksa
Original Chicken Cornish
Red Velvet Cake
Sugar Bun Chicken Wings
Salmon Asparagus
Torikatsu Curry Udon
Harumaki Prawn and Cheese
Horenso Hotate
Three Kind Bluefin
Gindara with Miso

Seri Damai Restaurant
Seri Damai Restaurant
Seri Damai Restaurant
Seri Damai Restaurant
Seri Damai Restaurant
Express Fast Food
Anjung Saujana
Dynasty Restaurant
Buccaneer Restaurant
Buccaneer Restaurant
Buccaneer Restaurant

Little Audrey’s Cafe
Little Audrey’s Cafe
Little Audrey’s Cafe
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Charcoal BBQ & Grill
Charcoal BBQ & Grill
Seaworld Neptune
Seaworld Neptune
Seaworld Neptune
Aminah Arif Restaurant
Aminah Arif Restaurant

Borneo Kopitiam Restaurant
Borneo Kopitiam Restaurant
Pondok Seri Wangi Seafood
Pondok Seri Wangi Seafood
Tien Sing Vegetarian
Tien Sing Vegetarian
Ya-Nur Restaurant
Ya-Nur Restaurant
Aqil Shafiee Restaurant
Bali Pitstop Restaurant
Cendol Hj Saban
Chop Jing Chew

Gwad Basha Restaurant
Ice Bar Shabu-Shabu and Cafe
I Lotus Restaurant
I Luv Café Bistro
Jeruton Lounge
Kitaro Japanese Restaurant
Kitarasa Catering
MeetUALL Restaurant
Miming Kedayan Stall No.12
Bangar Restaurant
Nasi Katok Mabohai

Kaizen Sushi
Kaizen Sushi
Kaizen Sushi
Kaizen Sushi
Kaizen Sushi
Kaizen Sushi
Otto Takeaway
Pho Hoa
Pizza Hut
Satay Hj Ibrabim
Seri Kandi
Syarikat Faisal Fazdil
Tasek Brasserie

Special Naan
Pasha Boti
Chicken Dum Biryani
Afghani Pulao
Chicken Jotrani Handi
Express Fast Food
Nasi Lemak Sri Anjung
Pecking Duck
Buccaneer Beef Burger
Sous Vide Chicken
Garlic Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb

Churros Waffle
Chilli Soft Shell Crab Pasta
Crispy Eggs Benny
Mocha Ice Blended
Charcoal Ribs
Sous Vide Prime Rib
Salted Egg Crab
Lobster Salad
Crispy Shrimp Chix
Ambuyat Set
Nasi Goreng Belacan

Prawn Fritters
Egg Pie
Ayam Penyet
Steam Grouper Fish
Buttermilk Abalone Mushroom
Xiang Chun Homemade
Oxtail Soup
Beef Rendang
Tom Yum Seafood Soup
Sotong Bakar
Roti Kuning

Family Mixed Grill
Udang Galah Masak Merah
Shabu Shabu
Coconut Prawn
Aglio Olio
Soto Gearbox
Chicken Joy (Original)
Sushi Boat
Roasted Whole Salmon
Coconut Bingsu

Nasi Katok

Kaizen Maki
Mixed Carpaccio
Sake Spinach Ikura
Hamachi Miso Ceviche
Unagi Kabayaki
Pulled Beef Sandwich
Vietnamese Beef Noodle
Honey Garlic Chicken
Satay Ayam
Daging Masak Hitam
Soto Super Banjir
Roasted Wagyu Beef

Award winning dishes – Prawn Fritters and Egg Pie – from Borneo Kopitiam Restaurant
Award winning dishes – Buttermilk Abalone Mushroom and Xiang Chun Homemade Tofu – from Then Sing Vegetarian
Three award winning dishes – Churros Waffle, Chilli Soft Shell Crab Pasta and Crispy Eggs Benny – from Little Audrey’s Cafe
Award winning dish – Coconut Prawn – from I-Lotus Restaurant
Five award winning dishes – Salmon Asparagus, Torikatsu Curry Udon, Harumaki Prawn and Cheese, Horenso Hotate, Three Kind Bluefin and Gindara with miso – from Excapade Japanese Cuisine
5 award winning dishes – Special Naan, Pasha Boti, Chicken Dum Biryani, Afghani Pulao and Chicken Jotrani Handi – from Seri Damai Restaurant

My take: This is an interesting initiative by Brunei Food Award with full support from the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism. I am pretty sure a ton of work was involved, organising visits to restaurants and cafes and locking in appointments with foreign envoys, savouring the dishes and judging them accordingly and lastly to compile everything together before the grand finale within a space of a few months. 

Will this be a yearly thing? The event appeared to be a success for sure and many restaurants were featured. 

I do have my opinions on this award and here are some points, in my opinion, in order to raise the status of Brunei Food Awards. 

Firstly, do keep the concept of having foreign envoys as special judges as it has a nice touch to the BFA. What I felt missing was the inclusion of a renown resident chef and perhaps a local foodie blogger (not me) to make the award more sound and justifiable.  The only setback in Brunei is that we don’t really have a real food critic like how other countries do and to be one, it’s never an overnight feat.

Secondly, I believe not all restaurants are accounted for. With Brunei being a food haven, there were many familiar names that were missing. Just imagine that there are at least 400 restaurants/cafes within Brunei-Muara area alone but less than 100 restaurants are being judged . The organisers of the BFA would then need a very resourceful team to execute their tasks should they target more restaurants in their portfolio.

Thirdly, it’s probably more ideal to feature or judge only a few dishes. For instance, have the awards dedicated to dishes that are quite popular within Brunei context. So, in this case, we can have categories such as the Best Nasi Lemak, the Best Ayam Penyet, the Best Kolo Mee etc and also featured the list of nominees (rather than just acknowledging the winner) in that category. 

So if it’s a Kolo Mee category, the list of nominees (Chop Jing Chew, Ricebowl, Lamee Restaurant, 101 Cafe etc) can be featured and recognised on the projector during the awards and the host then reveals the winner in that category. That would give more essence towards the award ceremony and I am pretty sure the other nominees would appreciate the gesture. This was just a random idea that came when I was browsing through the photos I took and saw the Oscar statues on the stage at the Brunei Food Awards *lol* 

I am sure with new measures in place, who knows we might discover newer or unrated restaurants that really serve worthy of an award or least being nominated.

All in all, this is still a great initiative and I do hope the BFA will happen again in 2021. Thank you for the invitation and the food selection was super good, with some of the award winning dishes being served during the event.

By the way, allow me to share my favourite dishes of 2020

  1. Curry Chicken Rice – Teazone 
  2. Hearty Bolognese Spaghetti – Ximply Chris
  3. Double Hamburg – Pepperlunch
  4. Ayam Bakar – Bali Pitstop
  5. Meshwi Chicken Platter – Amsarra Restaurant
  6. Chicken Aubergine – Ricebowl Restaurant
  7. Kolo Mee – 101 Cafe
  8. Ayam Penyet – Pondok Sari Wangi
  9. Beef Keema – Seri Damai Restaurant
  10. Lamb Mandi – Tandoor Restaurant
  11. Curry Chicken – A.Ayam
  12. Chicken Rice – Kedai Kopi D’Harith 
  13. Kimchi Stew – Brukori
  14. Chicken Chop – Flour & Butter
  15. Premium Chicken Rice – Eats.bn
  16. Red Curry Chicken with long beans – KNY Kitchen 
  17. Sambal Petai – Sawwadee Restaurant
  18. Telur Belado – Pondok Sari Wangi
  19. Curry Chicken – Tuckshop Kopitiam
  20. Hotate To Shimeji Mentaiyaki – Kaizen Sushi

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