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Pechakucha Vol. 8

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A great strong crowd at The Collective Makers for Pechakucha Volume 8 last weekend. Good job to the team and organizers 😀

The speakers for Volume No.8 and finally I accepted the invitation to speak for Pechakucha

Liyana Sidek owned the floor with her passion on CrossFit


What do we all have in common? We are part of toastmasters 😀 Thank you for the continuous support..

Leading Business in Asia Forum

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Douglas Dean, CEO of Human Capital Group Asia Ltd talking about leadership

David Tay, CEO of Telbru being moderated by Dato Timothy Ong, Chairman of Asia Inc Fourm on Leading Organizational Transformation on TelBru

Currently I’m attending the forum organised by Asia Inc Forum which is hosting the first Leading Business in Asia Forum and I found it quite interesting so far. What caught my interest is the leadership formula presented by Douglas Dean, CEO of Human Capital Group Asia Ltd as he covered the core areas that leaders need to focus on in order to thrive in uncertain markets.

As you know the global business environment is changing rapidly and in unpredictable ways. The rise of digital marketplaces, the appearance of new business models, more demanding customers, an evolving workforce with different expectations – these are some of the factors that contribute to corporations having an increasingly difficult time achieving their objectives and staying ahead of the competition.

So the forum focuses on Adaptable Leadership, Organizational Transformation, Quality Driven Processes and Digital Transformation are addressed.

Here are some of the speakers involved in the two days’ forum.

Douglas Dean, CEO of Human Capital Group Asia Ltd has over 30 years’ of experience as a business leader and corporate consultant.

Rohn Rajen, Principal Consultant & Partner Human Capital Group Asia Limited, focuses on how to transform organizations and corporate culture through employee engagement. Rohn has over 20 years’ experience in leading change and developing organizational capabilities.

Dr. Suresh Kumar Krishnan, Managing Director Strasys Solutions Sdn Bhd, highlights the need for quality systems, including ISO standard certification in order to be competitive in ASEAN markets. He is a recognzied expert in the field of processes and procedures.

Tim Haynes, Chief Digital Officer at Human Capital Group Asia Ltd, provides an overview of the digital transformation that is currently underway in the global market and what corporations need to do to take these changes on board.

The Leading Business in Asia Forum convened by Asia Inc Forum and Human Capital Group Asia Ltd in partnership with the Baiduri Bank and Brunei Press as media partner. The aim of the Forum is to support Brunei SMEs, SOEs and business organizations by providing a learning opportunity for executives engaged in organizational transformation and creating competitive, high performance cultures.






 Dk. Kemariah binti Pg Hj Duraman, owner of Kunyit 7 Lodge is one of the panelists on “How is a High Performance Culture Created?”

 Kemeriah had two round of claps from the audience after sharing her journey for Kunyit 7 Lodge


Get It Done

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6 more days and counting. I paid a visit to a group of young, vibrant entrepreneurs recently and they have an awesome project that will be unveiled pretty soon for Brunei market. I’m always very happy when I know the youth wants to create something or make a difference to make our lives more convenient than before.

Techbru Solutions (b) will be launching an app where it’s able to connect the “Vendors” and the “Customers” as a market place for products and services. The app is called “Get it Done” and guess what, the registration will be FREE.



So the main idea of the “Get It Done” app is to bridge the gap between Purveyors and Customers. For your info, purveyor is a person who sells or deals in particular goods so hence the seller or provider. The great thing is that you can do this at your convenience, where you are.

If you happen to be a Vendor, you can enjoy privileges such as :

• Receive Requests from Customer’s for your Services
• Send Quotations to your Customer’s
• Post Services that you offer
• Post Products that you’re selling
• Post Portfolio of your completed or ongoing job, orders or testimonials
• Get Offers and Orders for your Product and Make Sales!
• Chat with your Customer’s

Now what is it in for the customer end? Well, choices will be so much easier for you for the services you sought for.

• Get to receive Multiple Quotations to different vendors at a time – Here you can compare prices
• Find and Hire the best vendors because you know what’s best!
• Find and Purchase products that you had in mind
• Can’t find it? That’s okay, Send Requests to make a special order with your purveyors.
• Who doesn’t love a good discount? Go ahead bargain with your vendors
• A variety of Business Profiles for you to view

So now you don’t have browse on your IG feed to look for that particular vendors or providers. It’s all provided in one single app and at your convenience. Another way to shop online.

Techbru Solution will be blogging about the feature until the end of countdown, stay tune for more, follow Them on Instagram and Facebook. Visit www.gogetitdone.com for updates! Available soon on Apple Store and Google Play and it’s coming to Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia.





Coming Soon

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Ah, finally.. I’ve changed my hosting and that explains why my blog has been unaccessible. Sorry for the inconvenience and I’ve also been very busy with toastmasters, pechakucha and other stuff. I was also involved with the Pechakucha Volume 8 edition last weekend. So technically I feel burnt out and hoping for some breather.

Thank you to the webmaster for all the hard work and putting up with my complaints. For your info, I have migrated hosting from bluehost to inmotion, a decision that I didn’t take likely. I’m not happy with the services from bluehost and my assumption is that they just have too many clients to handle now.

What went wrong with Bluehost for me? My site occasionally gets some errors and it was attacked once by a virus. Bluehost then recommended I purchased a site doctor from them which costed a fortune. A few weeks later, my site was still having problems and suddenly the root of the website got corrupted which caused my site to be unaccessible. The worst part is the support tech. I was made to wait for quite sometime and this explains the high traffic users of bluehost. This wasn’t the case before. So thank you to a friend from ITPSS for recommending me inmotion and so far, I’ve been enjoying their service. Well, it’s still early days but so far so good.

Do give me a few more days get the ball rolling for RA to be back to normal. Thank you once again for your patience and yes, I do miss blogging.. It has been 3 weeks *lol*

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