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Red Devils continue 100% run

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Ogy is set for Sepang 1000KM

The stage is set.. A few more months and the Red Bull Rookies team will be competing in the Sepang 1000KM race this December. I will be there for the coverage and let’s hope her team can complete the endurance race. Last year, the rookies team came 28th out of 56 teams. Impressive.. This year is gonna be tough as well.

One of the racers is no other than Ogy who will represent Brunei for the Red Bull Rookies team. She missed the cut earlier on but re-selected for a second chance and she capitalised on the opportunity given. She joins Siti Shahkirah, Mark Darwin (of Malaysia) and Emmiline Alexis Ang (of Singapore).

I managed to catch up with Ogy for a quick interview two Saturdays ago. All the best, Ogy..

Siti Shahkirah, Ogy, Emmiline and Mark to represent Red Bull Rookies Team. Taken from Red Bull Rookies Facebook Page

The Interview with Ogy

Mr. RA What drives you to take part in Red Bull Female Driver Search / RB21 Search?
Ogy: It was always been my dream, my passion and with the full support from my family and friend it make me more confident to join the Red Bull Female Driver Search.

Mr. RATell us about your personality and how does it fit or influence you to be involved in motorsports?
Ogy: I consider myself strong, responsible, fast learner, independent, and optimistic. I know what I want in life. I am eager to learn and gain new experience which could further more my knowledge and to polish my talent where I believe there are no boundaries or limits for learning and we actually learning almost every minutes or everyday life.

Mr. RA What do you think of the programme (Red Bull Female Driver Search)?
Ogy: This programme is actually open the mind of the women out there where I find it rare. This is the only opportunity for the ladies to pursuit their dream.

Mr. RA How did you find out about the search?
Ogy: When you told me about the search, I straight send my application during the 1st year. I was selected to top 20 but unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances I have to reject it. At the second year search I reapply again.

Mr. RA How do you fit in the team and how is it like being a part of the Red Bull Rookies?
Ogy: I often had mistaken being the youngest because I’m petite despite that I am the eldest among all. Being a rookie not only improve on my driving skill and also my social skill.

This was back in January during the selection

The five selected drivers back during the selection in March

Ogy attending the theory lesson back in March

Ogy practising on the Sepang track in March

Mr. RA Who are the people in your lives who have given you the encouragement and inspiration to push yourselves through this challenge?
Ogy: My family and friends give me the encouragement and Haji Harith Aziz one of the success go-kart driver that insipire me so much and give me the motivation to do well and gives me basic training about driving and also from my Sportbikes friends, Maman.

Mr. RA What do you think are the challenges that you’ll face as a racer?
Ogy: The professional drivers are the challenges that I worry about at the moment. Since them have an advantages they us which still new in this motorsport.

Mr. RA In your own views and opinions, what do you think are the criteria that a person should have to be a successful racer?
Ogy: Optimistic, independence and smart and do not panic.

Mr. RA Do you think that in the upcoming Sepang 1000KM, you are able to perform better than the past years participants?
Ogy: I’ll try my best to be more better or atleast at the same level with the previous rookies. I want to be physically and mentally trained and I hope I wont panic.

Mr. RA Do you think that the ‘Red Bull Rookies’ are able to change the perception that ‘women are bad drivers’? Ogy: Yes, this will show to the man out there that women also can drive fast and safe too. For those with low confidence, don’t be scared. Always fasten your seat belt and drive the correct lane.

Emmiline and Ogy were back for training in August

Emmiline and Ogy can’t wait for December’s race

Co-team manager Wong Chin Toon with Ogy during the interview recently

Mr. RA What do you have to say about racing on normal road?
Ogy: Racing is different the feel is there, I can feel the pressure but it was fun I enjoy it. On normal road you have to be very discipline and put extra care you not driving by your own but might effect others innocent live.

Mr. RA What kind of a driver are you? (Aggressive, patient, etc?)
Ogy: I consider myself as an aggressive driver on the track but I’m quite the opposite on a normal road as I am more displined.

Mr. RA Have you ever felt intimidated during the race or generally driving on the road? Tell us your experience.
Ogy: Yes, when I was about to bump in with Ameerah during the final selection but luckly I managed to control the car and I do not panic.

Mr. RA How has the driving courses by AADA helped you hone your driving skills?
Ogy: The experience during the course helps me upgrade my driving skill.

Mr. RA Do you have any specific driver that you look up to?
Ogy: Leona Chin ex rookies.

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Another clean up at Jerudong Beach

As much as 418.5 kilogrammes of waste materials was successfully collected within 1.5hr by a group of 151 volunteers who participated at the Beach Bunch clean-up at Jerudong Beach yesterday morning. The collected waste, comprising 100kg of plastic, 1.5kg aluminiums and 317kg of general waste were loaded to a recycling company pick-up truck for recycling process.

The clean-up campaign has received encouraging responses from members of the public as well as eco-friendly groups in the country. It was also participated by Poni Divers group who conducted under water cleanup.

The co-founder of Brunei’s Beach Bunch, Mr Alan Tan said, “This is the second time Beach Bunch has organised a clean-up. Today is the third Saturday of September and an International Coastal Cleanup Day is usually held all around the world and it is the second time Brunei have participated in such event.” He said Beach Bunch has been very committed to carry out this mission to clean up beaches because they try to show to the world that they care about the world. Mr Alan said: “We are doing the cleanup in conjunction with the Ocean Conservancy, Project Aware and Cleanup The World, in order to help keep our waterways clean.”

On the third Saturday of September, data will be compiled and send to Ocean Conservancy, which they will put in an international database. He said, “Ocean Conservancy is basically a non-profit organisation in the United States that organises clean-ups and underwater clean-ups. He said Ocean Conservancy had been very supportive of us and when they first heard about what we have been doing, they asked us to join them.

“We conducted an event at Serasa Beach, which was participated by 56 volunteers including divers, jet skiers and individuals. And this year, the respond was very encouraging and we were very happy.

“The last time we held a similar campaign in Serasa Beach, we managed to collect more than 400kg worth of waste within two hours with only 65 volunteers. “It is very sad to see the state of the Jerudong Beach. A load of rubbish is seen washed up on the seashore left by people,” he said.

Lisa helping out with the membership for Beach Bunch

In the end, they managed to collect at least 480 kilo of waste

The ladies from AsiaIncForum also volunteered

They found a huge net that was stuck in the sand

Jan Shim taking a close-up shot of the students

Tiger, I caught you on camera again.. Want to play that game again? LOL

When asked what was his advice to the public, he said they want to show to the younger generation of how to go green and have a better and healthy environment. Another cleanup event will be held in Tutong, Belait and Brunei-Muara Districts next year, and the campaign will be held at the same time as this year.

Alan also said that the Beach Bunch will continue to encourage Bruneians and the general public to help in looking after the beaches and help protect them as much as possible as well as reduce the wastage.

He said at the moment, Beach Bunch is trying to reach towards the younger generation through educating the students and schools by inviting them to join the clean-up events.

He also said that the Poni Divers is also helping them carrying out the underwater clean-up projects. Cikgu Nur Alya who led a group from Tumpuan Telisai Primary School said, “Our group is from the Girl Guide comprising students from Year One and Year Five, aged six to 11 years old.”

The volunteers were groups from STPRI, ISB, JIS, Yayasan SHHB, Girls Guide from Tumpuan Telesai Primary School, Maktab Duli, ITB, UBD, Ahmad Zaki group, Sharul Group as well as other individuals.

At the end of the event, the volunteers received certificates from the Beach Bunch President. [Text by Achong Tanjong, Borneo Bulletin].

Students checking the content of the rubbish

The guys from Beach Bunch are always super active in beach clean-ups

The segregation of waste is important too

Rizan Latif helping out last weekend

Divers getting ready for the coastal clean up

More than 10 divers geared up for the clean up

It was tough for some divers because of the high waves. In the end, not much rubbish was collected from their efforts at the coastal area

The guys from Yayasan also volunteered during the clean up

Dead Island at ETA

Shop at Fashion Cabaret

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Mini draw for Cool Tones

Cool Tones, B-mobile’s exclusive Ring Back Tone Service and Buzz today held its 2nd monthly mini draw in conjunction with its current promo with Ford Premier, Win A Car draw. The mini draw was held at Secret Recipe at The Mall, Gadong.

All Cooltones Unlimited and Buzz subscribers are invited to attend the mini draw event. To be eligible for the mini draw, only those who subscribed to both Buzz and Cooltones unlimited will be entitle to win prizes. The grand prize fro the 2nd Mini draw is a B-Mobile smart phone –Pure.

Also in conjunction with the Festive Hari Raya celebration, all attendees for the event will be served with light refreshments and Hari Raya cakes. For the Win A Car grand draw entitles lucky subscribers of both Buzz and CoolTones Unlimited to stand a chance to win a Ford Fiesta. Other prizes to be won include an Apple iPhone, iMac, LED Plasma TV, Sony PS3 and more. Every month mobile numbers of subscribers who subscribed to both services will be entered into the draw box to be drawn for the grand draw.

Main sponsors participating in this Win A Car promo are B-Mobile Communications, Aewon Brunei, EZY Printing Services, CheezBox Café & Restaurant, KFC Brunei, BruneiPress, Cityneon Brunei, Syarikat Malar Setia, MVision Brunei, Huawei Brunei, TelBru Sdn Bhd, and QQeStore. The Grand Draw will be drawn in March 2012 next year.

For more info on the Win A Car promo, you can visit Cool Tones official website at www.3g.com.bn or via mobile browser at wap.3g.com.bn.

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