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Archive for July, 2016


Busy is always good

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


The new Audi A4 

The all-new generation Audi A4 Sedan #A4lotion


Corporate Raya-ing 

This is the time of the season.. The second of Syawal (Hari Raya) where there will tons of invites from corporate companies. Well, not all of them I could attend for sure and of course, I was snubbed from some corporate companies. Below are some of the corporate open houses that I managed to drop by and I’ve been getting many similar comments – “Rano, you seem smaller” or “You’ve lost weight”. Awwww.. thanks for the comments but mmmm, looks can be deceiving, my friends.. Standing is the best way to hide all the fats but sitting down is an easy giveaway *lol* I can already fill the tiny increase of my bulge after not controlling what I ate during Hari Raya.

Enough of that.. Just enjoy the pictures and captions from my recent Raya visits.


At Tourism Malaysia (Brunei) office with Puan Purina Abdul Samad, Director of Tourism Malaysia (Brunei)

Registering ourselves at Tourism Malaysia Brunei Open House

The host mingling with the management from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Caroline Sim, Head of Great Eastern Brunei branch mingling with guests

The Great Eastern Brunei team posing for the camera

My photo pop with Great Eastern team. Thank you, Caroline and the rest for your warm hospitality and the small gift 😀

Their neighbour, the team from Concepts Computer, dropped as well

The day before was the invitation from Concepts Computer

I’ve always admired Vincent Pao’s vision for his company (Concepts Company). All that hard has paid off and he hasn’t stop growing.

The guests at the Brilliance Hall at Concepts Computer

Vincent Pao and Alice Chan with the members of IFB

The team from Brunei Shell Marketing at their open house hosted at Radisson Hotel

If you are not shy, you can sing too. The happening bunch of people 😀

Many of BSM corporate clients, retailers dropped by

My photo opp with the team from BSM

Finally get to meet up with Catherine Muller, Director of Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy to Brunei Darussalam (3rd from left) at the U.S. Embassy reception of welcoming Catherine and also celebrating Hari Raya at Rizqun International Hotel. Hope to meet you again over the course of your stay here and welcome to Brunei Darussalam 😀

Azhani with #POTUS moment :p

My visit to the iCentre where they had organised a potluck Hari Raya. Yea, things have truly changed and perhaps for the better. I actually missed the pioneers (the management then) – Ogy, Rayner, Diwi, Danial and many more. It’s good to pay a visit to iCentre again. Loads of good memories.


Simon and Faezal displaying their upcoming event – Weekend Warriors. It’s actually an app where you can play futsal at your own convenience… well, depending on the court availability too. Let’s put it this way.. if you have a team or even just you alone, you can play and be part of a team. Interesting.. I shall share more of Weekend Warriors pretty soon. Good luck, guys 😀



A new day

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Congratulations HRH  

His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Mateen during the graduation ceremony with his family, His Royal Prince Haji ‘Abdul ‘Azim, Her Royal Highness Princess Azemah Ni’matul Bolkiah, Her Royal Highness Princess Fadzillah Lubabul Bolkiah and Puan Hjh Mariam binti Hj Abdul Aziz at the School of Oriental and African Studies in the UK yesterday. Image by @tmski

His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Mateen graduated in International Studies and Diplomacy. Image courtesy of Farid Abdullah.

His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Mateen browsing through the graduation program book

His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Mateen receiving his certificate



Behind but not out

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


The V-Class 

V-Class prepared for anything – Mercedes-Benz original. Check it out at Jati Transport.




Notice from BSM  

A rumour that circulated last weekend. Do be careful in releasing an information are not true. If you are in doubt of any information in relation to BSM, try and contact their BSM Call Centre 224 4739



Who will you run as? 

Coming to you this August. Registration ends on 27th July 2016 (Two more days). Don’t forget to register [Click image to enter]

Are you ready for an awesome gimmick run? After two months of break, running events are back!! Perhaps this race is something more exciting than previous runs that have been organised. This is because of the items that runners are expected to receive as part of their race pack. The items themselves look very collectible especially the medals and even their running attire where a top and a sock will be given depending on your choice of superhero.

Apart from that, you can also pre-order merchandise of Batman V Superman which are available on their main website such as mugs, watch, t-shirts and many more. Hence, I would say there is a lot of thought being put into this racing event.

The closing date of the registration will be on the 27th July 2016 as well as the payment for the Batman V Superman Brunei Darussalam Run. As for the running event itself, it will take place on 21st August 2016 at the Jerudong Park Amphitheatre. Click here to go to the official website and register there.

The event is organised by Heroes Brunei (under Armtrix Enterprise) and it’s supported by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. All the best and I’m pretty sure there will be a good turn of this event.


The top for Superman

The top for Batman

The top for Wonder Woman

One of the socks (Batman)

There will be medals given to all categories. This is a sample for the 3.8 km run

Certificates to all the registrants



DST Hari Raya  

Among the attendees at DST “Social Media” Raya was the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports (2nd from right).

DST has been quite particular with invitees and all attendees will have to register their names for attendance

Interestingly enough DST hosted a so called “Social Media” Raya theme last week and it was held at the usual spot at JIS Arts Centre at Jerudong International School. I kinda like the venue though and the set up this time has much improvement from last year – more space to wander around and mingle.

As I mentioned the theme is “Social Media” Raya, inspired by the ongoing lifestyle tread of social media tools used for social interaction in a tech savvy society. You will come across familiar names such as WhatsApp, Google, Facebook and so on. Furthermore, the guests were entertained by a 6-piece orchestra (Malcolm and his friends) and I truly enjoyed the occasion.

There were nice range of food vendors, popular on social media and the one that caught my eye.. I mean, my taste, was the delicacy from @piasau.glace (must try). The set up of all the vendors were uniformed and it showed a simple nice touch to the Hari Raya event.

According to Radin Sufri Radin Basiuni, Assistant General Manager of Group Corporate Communications, the team enjoyed setting up the Raya themed event and it was a fun challenge to incorporate social media into the event. It’s also an opportunity combined with the spirt of Hari Raya to meet at one time and provide them with hospitality.

Aside from DST’s annual celebration, the leading telco had organised a series of Hari Raya celebrations including DST Hari Raya with Special Needs Children and also for Corporate associates from the Belait District.

Hosting the event were Awang Abdul Lattif, member of the DST Board of Directors and Suhaimi Hussain, CEO of DST.




Ah, the one I mentioned earlier… from @piasau.glace (instagram)

Great music 😀

Malcolm on the keyboard and I’ve always enjoyed his passion in music





Games galore 

Times Square Shopping Centre has concluded its 3 days Board Games Weekend on the 24th of July 2016. The 3rd edition of the Board Games Weekend highlighted three different competitions which included a Chess Tournament, Tamiya Super Series competition and Hot Wheels Drag Challenge in collaboration with different organizations such as the Brunei Chess Federation and the Department of Co-curriculum Education for the Chess Tournament, and PEMKAR Brunei for the latter two competitions. Moreover, the public were also invited to join in the fun in playing a variety of board games such as Monopoly, Snake and Ladders and Jengga to name a few.

The event ended with a prize presentation for both the Chess Tournament and PEMKAR racing competitions. Present as the guest of honor at the prize giving ceremony yesterday for the Chess Tournament was the Acting Director of Co-curriculum department of Education, Ministry of Education, Awang Haji Aziz Bin Hj Nayan. The Chess tournament consisted of 3 categories; the rapid category with 25 contestants and Blitz category with 78 contestants, whereby for the Interschool category, there were 9 contestants. Meanwhile for the Tamiya Super Series competition and the Hot Wheels Drag Challenge, both competitions were open category which consisted of 3 winners for each competition. Team Sakura was present to give out the medals to the winners for the PEMKAR racing competitions last weekend.


The Chess tournament last weekend at Times Square Shopping Centre

The Rapid Chess competition were divided into 4 categories. The list of winners for each category is as below:-


Open Category:
1st place: Mohammad Aliuddin Haji Azahari
2nd place: Pengiran Sallehin
3rd place: Awangku Hafidzon

Junior Under-14 Category:
Champion: Kamarularrifin Haji Kipli

Student Under-20 Category:
Champion: Mohammad Zekree

Veterans above 50 Categories:
Champion: Japar Timbang

Furthermore, for the Blitz Chess Competition, the winners included:

Open Category inter-school blitz:
1st place: Sekolah Menengah Saidina Hassan
2nd place: ST John
3rd place: Sekolah Menengah Jamalul Alam

Junior Under-10 Category:
Champion: Qadir bin Haji Norman

Junior Under-14 Category:
Champion: Kamarulariffin bin Haji Kipli

Student Under-20 Category:
Champion: Mohammad Zekree

Veterans above 50 Categories:
Champion: Leong Voon Choon


The winners of the Chess tournament

For Tamiya Super Series competition, the winners were:

1st place: Mohammad Asnol
2nd place: Zulfakri
3rd place: Mohammad Juntao

As for the Hot Wheels challenge, these are the list of winners:

Under 35g Category:
1st place: Mohd Johji
2nd place: Hj Boy
3rd place: Hafuza

Under 50g Category:
1st place: Dini
2nd place: Colin
3rd place: Colin

Under 65g Category:
1st place: Hafuza
2nd place: Ang Kal
3rd place: Jamri

Open Category:
1st place: Hafuza
2nd place: Ewan
3rd place: Hasrin

The winners of the Tamiya Super Series

Lastly, Sekolah Menengah Saidina Hassan won Champion for the Best School Award for the Chess Tournament.

The event was a huge success with more than 100 contestants present during the last day of the Chess tournament last weekend.

In the nearest future, Times Square will be having several events in August such as the third Lucky Draw prize presentation on 14th August and Family Time Out on 19th to 21st August. You may also find out about all upcoming events simply by following Times Square Shopping Centre’s pages on Facebook and Instagram. Press release and images courtesy of Times Square Shopping Centre.




It’s Monday :D

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Bersama Rakyat BSB 

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam during the meet-and-greet at the get together celebration with the people of Brunei

The celebration for the Bersama Rakyat in conjunction with His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam’s 70th Birthday ended at the Brunei-Muara District which took place at Taman SOAS yesterday. Normally it’s meant to be the biggest of all celebration among all the districts in Brunei. Last year the celebration coincided with my sister’s wedding in August.

Most of the pictures you will see below are the pictures behind the scenes and they contributed to the celebration at Taman SOAS. I would have to say that the crowd weren’t as much compared to last year. Nonetheless the mood was still high as ever. All the royalties spent quite some time with the public, taking photos and selfies. Well, it’s the best time to do so and come to think of it, I haven’t taken one with His Majesty the Sultan. Perhaps, one day InsyaAllah.

As usual, I caught the boat from Kg Tamoi and dropped at Yayasan as I don’t have to worry too much about road closure and the trouble of finding parking. This allows me a better time management too.

Oh yea, I didn’t apply for the media pass for many years though I’m a collector of passes. One reason being is that I hardly cover the official program but more of behind-the-scene pictures. I should also remind myself not to sport a bag pack while covering a Royalty event as a media. My bad.

I didn’t take much pictures as I would like to but focused on more videos. Here you go.


My boat trip to town while having O3 green tea #yummy

The Guling Tangan band livening up the mood during the celebration

With a United Daily (Miri News) reporter who has only been in Brunei for a few months and she likes working in Brunei so far

The portable steps do come in handy if you want better shots of the Royalties

A sea of people taking opportunity to take greet our ruler and also taking photos

Jackson Ting, Managing Director of D’Sunlit, has been attending the event every year and one of the biggest contributor to the celebration. In other news, he voiced out on the unprofessional behaviour of the umpires during the semifinals of the SpeedSend Cup which happened last Saturday.

Sally Pri and Vincent Hong mingling behind the scenes. These are the usual reporters I bumped into once in a while.

Taking photo with Yang Berhormat Dato Hj Mustappa, the Minister of Communications

The Minister of Communications talking to Pierre Imhof, the CEO of Baiduri Bank. Interestingly enough the Minister called for local ITs to help with the logistics (Uber like concept) to improve the transportation in Brunei. Click image to read more from the interview in The Brunei Times.

Progresif team had a special memento to His Masjety yesterday

Some of the booths that were not taken.

The public waiting for the opportunity to greet His Majesty and other members of the Royal Family

The students singing a birthday to His Majesty

The school band

The performers on the field




Corporate Open Houses

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


BIBD Open House 

Managing Director of BIBD, Mubashar Khokhar, receiving guests in yesterday’s BIBD Open House

Another on the check list of corporate open houses. To be honest, I love the venue of Indera Samudra Grand Hall when it comes to a large scale of open house. More than 2,000 guests showed up yesterday at the BIBD Open House.

The theme was “Majlis Gema Syawal” and among the invitees were ministers, senior government officials, foreign diplomats, SMEs, and many more and of course, not forgetting the media 😀

I’m quite impressed with the Arabian cuisine and I almost had my seconds but I was just too shy. I spent more time mingling with friends and thank you SY for the company too. The most popular section is the Photo Booth area.

Hosting on behalf of BIBD Open House is the Managing Director of BIBD, Mubashar Khokhar. Thank you, BIBD, for the invitation. Till next year again.


All smiles after the delicious Arabian cuisine

Hello SY 😀

Rayner Tan mingling with Ben Lin, Head of Marketing of BIBD

The many among the guests

The long queue at the photo booth

Son and mother enjoying a moment behind the camera

Both of us posing for the camera

Sue Sue, why are you alway camera when it comes to me? #since2001



Kingston Open House 

I didn’t have the chance to talk to Malcolm Lim but he’s always a great guy, feting an internal open house for the management and staff of Kingston Beverage and Creamery Sdn Bhd at their main office.

They also had some mini games to interact with the staff before meals were served. Thank you, Kingston for the Open House invitation.


Malcolm Lim, Managing Director of Kingston Beverage & Creamery, with his family, and also the management and staff of the company at their Open House this morning at their headquarter







Review of the BeoPlay A1

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The story so far: Beoplay A1 

Who would have thought a portable sound device would steal my attention every time as I used my phone as a jukebox.. Thank you BeoPlay A1

JimsReviewRoom on the BeoPlay A1


Two of my friends whom I know owns a piece and they loved it. When Brunei’s Bang & Olufsen launched the BeoPlay A1 speaker, the pre-orders were overwhelming and once the first shipment came, it flew off the shelves in less than a day.

The dome shaped bluetooth speaker is quite unique in its design and it’s something you won’t come across which is out there already. Don’t be fooled by its size as the BeoPlay A1 packs a punch when it comes to sound quality. I’m happy that B&O came up with this model and it’s quite convenient to bring around.

It has two ports – one is an audio input and the other is the USB-C for charging purposes. I like the fact that there is no protuding buttons but yet to try it’s durability test (though it does say this device is robust enough to handle bumps here and there).

I love the bass impact and the vocal range just suits well with the confinement of my room and especially when I drive. Yes, this has been my main source of sound when I drive around. Strange but it gives me the driving pleasure.

I have yet to utilise during my presentations but it has been 100% pleasure mode since day 1. I don’t know why but the “Moss Green” BeoPlay A1 has more takers than the “Natural” colour.

The only thing that I wished Bang & Olufsen would have is to include a pouch or a protective casing for the sound device. Oh and the battery life only last perhaps 5 hours before I need to use my power bank to charge it. Other than that, I love everything about it. If you don’t believe me, you can check out many positive reviews of the A1.

New stocks just arrived at their showroom (Sejalin Living) at Kiarong. You can also follow them on Facebook and IG for updates.


My sound replacement while driving and I’m more than satisfied

The handle to carry the A1 around.

Stuart had a feel of the A1 during the launch two months ago.

How I will be feeling if someone takes this away from me #clingy




Be in the flow

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Bruneians made history 

Javon Leong Weng Wah, Hjh Nurul Yusra Bazilah Hj Yussof and Nurulain Mohammed Idrus reached the peak of Markha Valley Trek at Ladakh, Himalayan region in India last week. Image courtesy of Javon Leong.

Congratulations to the three of you 😀

Any fans of mountain climbing or trekking? Apparently quite a few from Brunei and the common mountain that many would talk about is Mount Kinabalu. Today, I will be mentioning something different and this is a totally different area of trekking. Three Bruneians reached the peak of Markha Valley Trek at Ladakh, Himalayan region in India. First off, let me just say that conquering such feat is never easy. You will need a good mental strength together with physical aspect to make the journey a successful one.

The three Bruneians who recently completed the trek were Javon Leong Weng Wah, 27, Nurulain Mohammed Idrus, 28, and Hjh Nurul Yusra Bazilah Hj Yussof, 26. They were accompanied by two porters, Oregan and Abakarok, a guide Stanton and a photographer, Dorjay Kaya.

The trio wanted something more challenging and adventurous and thanks to Nurul Ain, she sparked the initiative and organised the plans. For Hjh Nurul Yusra Bazilah, it was more of getting out of her comfort zone and she glad that she was part of this milestone. Mind you the peak of Markha Valley Trek at Ladakh is 5,230 above sea level. Now that’s pretty high and based on my experience, the higher you climb as in altitude, the harder it gets to breathe and thus makes breathing more challenging.

Apparently the trio is the first Bruneian to ever reach the peak so congratulations 😀 Furthermore, the trip was self funded and they had prior training before their expedition. The trip lasted 7 days from 5th July to 11th July.

There are many messages that you can derive alone from the trekkers but the obvious was surely that you have increased your comfort zone and take more risks especially for the younger generation. Good job once again to all of you.


Now that’s a scenery worth visiting

No pain, no gain

Hjh Nurul Yusra Bazilah with the Bruneian flag

The trio with their handymen during the trek


Adamson Lodge in Singapore 

Check out the dormitory at Adamson Lodge, located at Little India, Singapore. Click image to book on Agoda.

The type of beds available

Something for you to know that there is a dormitory if you are interested to bunk there in Singapore. The prices are quite affordable too but I’ve never tried staying at Adamson Lodge. Apparently a local Bruneian has some shares at Adamson Lodge so I thought why not give this dormitory some plug on my social media platform. The rooms are even as low as BND 30 according to Agoda.com and of course, it’s a shared room so you will definitely be sharing with others as well.

It will be ideal if you are traveling with friends in a big group and you don’t mind the style of a dormitory. I ever experience it for many years as a school boarder in Australia but I supposed that’s a different matter.

Adams Lodge provides free WiFi and it’s located at the Little India (Perak Road). The closet MRT station will be Rochor MRT.

Despite the concept of sharing like a hostel, it has one of the highly rated places on Agoda with a score of 9.2 with the hostel condition and cleanliness being the top. Who knows one day I will give this a shot.

So do check Adamson Lodge on Agoda.com and you will definitely enjoy the hospitality of the staff also there according to the testimonials of the guests.


Another room at Adamson Lodge

Lockers available depending on the bed number you choose

The shower area

The price based on per bed. Pretty affordable too, being in the most expensive city in ASEAN. Prices are subject to changes.

The closest MRT is at Rochor, 100 metres away from Adamson Lodge





Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


CEAB makes its mark 

Dato Paduka Dr Awang Haji Mohd Amin Liew bin Abdullah, Deputy Minister of Finance and the Chairman of the Brunei Economic Development Board (center) as the guest of honour, with Chen Lian Cai, President of Chinese Enterprises Association in Brunei and CEO of Hengyi Industries and Her Excellency Yang Jian, Chinese Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam cutting the ribbon to officiate the inaugural ceremony of the Chinese Enterprises Association in Brunei which was held at The Empire Hotel & Country Club yesterday

Dato Paduka Dr Awang Haji Mohd Amin Liew delivering his speech on the occasion

I attended an interesting event yesterday at The Empire Hotel. It was the inaugural ceremony of a new association called the Chinese Enterprises Association in Brunei (CEAB). It was interesting in a way that for the first time there is a new registered association where it’s a collaboration between Brunei Darussalam and China for the Chinese-owned businesses or joint venture in Brunei Darussalam. A big example will be Hengyi Industries (part of PMB project) and CCC Third Harbour Engineering Co LTD (for the Telisai-Lumut Highway).

For the record, there are 27 Chinese owned companies being present in our Sultanate and it is helping to spur the local economy and also create employments as well. Hence, it does make sense to create an association to help the business match making side of it and also to create more opportunities (inside and outside) for Brunei Darussalam.

The event was witnessed by several foreign dignitaries and prominent figures in the local Chinese community and the guest of honour was Dato Paduka Dr Awang Haji Mohd Amin Liew bin Abdullah, Deputy Minister of Finance and the Chairman of the Brunei Economic Development Board.

He shared how the the association will have a positive spin to the Brunei economy with a platform to share ideas and businesses and not forgetting to also create opportunities among the local SMEs in Brunei. Their presence also signifies that we don’t have to rely so much on oil and gas as a source of revenue.

Dato Amin highlighted some of the ongoing project and businesses from the China in Brunei such as Hengyi Industries on the Pulau Muara Besar and Hiseaton Fisheries, a project that is worth $300 million of output yearly. As for the technology side of things, we have the presence of HuaWei in Brunei Darussalam.

Currently the President of the Chinese Enterprises Association in Brunei is Chen Lian Cai who is also the CEO of Hengyi Industries. He shared in his remarks that the companies in China were encouraged to expand outside their country and looked for opportunities for a win-win situation. To no surprise, Brunei currently has 27 Chinese owned companies and hence, the CEAB couldn’t have come at a timely manner.

I’m actually quite surprised by the number of Chinese listed companies in Brunei. Now with CEAB on board, it can create more awareness on their existence and I myself would like to learn on how they contribute to the economy and also their purpose/intention.

Thank you, CEAB, for the invitation yesterday and also for the door gift.



Some local Chinese companies 

Her Excellency Yang Jian, Chinese Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam receiving a token of appreciation from Guan ZhongWei, Chief Representative of HuaWei Brunei Office back in April 2015. Image taken from Borneo Bulletin.

The Telisai-Lumut Highway which was a project handled by Xing-An-Ji, a subsidiary of China Communication Construction Company (CCCC) Third Harbour Engineering Co Ltd. The supposedly project was delayed for 3 years and now it’s already opened for road users.

Hengyi Industries ran a scholarship program and this was the first batch of students that graduated in July 2015 from Zhejiang University.

Shanghai Third Harbour Benteng Construction and Engineering Co & Pahaytc Sdn Bhd on behalf of Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd will commence constructing of marine jetties at Ujung Sapuh, Pulau Muara Besar. The project is slated to finish around 2017.

The $85 million Ulu Tutong Dam which is near its completion. This project is handled by Sinohydro Corp. The company is also working together with another Chinese based company Pahaytc Venture Sdn Bhd. Image courtesy of The Brunei Times.

Tsui Fangcai, Deputy General Director of Sinohydro Corp, shared the updates on the Ulu Tutong Dam to The Brunei Times yesterday. You can click image to read more. Image courtesy of Zaim Kasmat of The Brunei Times.

Director of Hiseaton Fisheries Liu Xi Lei (L) exchange documents with Acting Director of Fisheries Halidi Salleh for a joint venture to operate an aquaculture research and development centre in early July . Image courtesy of Wardi Wasil of The Brunei Times.

Another Chinese linked company called Sesame World Technology which involves 3D and animation. Their office is located Design and Technology Building. The image was taken at ICC last year.



The Sibu Experience

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The Sibu Trip 

The gang from Brunei on a road trip to Sibu (8 hours) and staying over at Premier Hotel, Sibu for two nights. Missing here is our photographer, Reuben.

A road trip to Sibu. There’s always a flight that I could catch to Sibu thru Miri (one hour) or simply go on a road trip if you have tons of hours to spare. I’ve always heard of this town from Sarawak but never had the luxury to visit the town until last weekend. The reason (for the trip) being is toastmasters where we get to learn new things in communication and especially in leadership (motivating and managing conflict).

I have to say it was a great trip and I’m glad I was part of it. I had the chance to expand my network of friends and learning different cultures and experiences. One of the best moments is perhaps where some of them from Sibu will be heading to Brunei in October for the Brunei Conference in October 2016. Sometimes it pays to move forward and be involved in the thick of things.

I shall be posting more about the trip soon but for now, I shall post some pictures. Yes, I haven’t been updating my page for a while but not to worry. I’m still active on social media and hopefully more active on my blog posts 😀 Have a great week, readers!!


The reliable Hyundai H1 carrying 8 of us during the journey. This was a short pitstop at KB Sentral, dining at SugarBun before heading to Miri

The conditions on the road along the way weren’t as favourable and I believe the H1 will need a great service at the workshop 😀 Thanks to drivers – Shawn, Reuben, Allen and Amran

A quick pitstop to sing our hearts out. Pranika slowly getting into the groove of things. More to come.

A surprise anniversary moment for Shawn and Ruey 😀 Happy 11th Anniversary you too

The Eric Clapton lover taking the stage as one of the District Leaders for the Division S’ TLI session last weekend

Group photo with the 90 plus in attendance for the educational workshop

Pamela Vong from Kuching was invited to speak for one of the Mandarin sessions on team building

The very much attentive toastmasters from Sibu

I had 5 minutes to share about the upcoming conference in Brunei and I sold a few tickets along the way 😀

Reuben charming the audience and managed to get selfies after the meeting

Allen Ang stole the show for committing to his commitment as a speaker despite many challenges before the session

After the joint meeting, we had a quick pitstop at Hisham and Lydia’s open house in Sibu. Thanks for your hospitality.

The first joint meeting in Sibu with different areas joining as one

It was good to see you again, Pamela.. See you again in Brunei

Pranika still obsessed with filters on her phone *lol*




Zzzzzzz… Stay awake

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The Wednesday Drive 

Riddle me this, Riddle me that. I didn’t have a proper sleep just yet as I finally spent a little bit of time with mom late at night with an early morning assignment the next few hours. I just miss the adrenalin, the old adrenalin that I used to have … a few years ago. Now you can tell how I’ve aged and not getting any younger. Then again, in my field of work, it always keeps me on my toes.

This morning, I had quick breakfast catch up session with Abby whom I envy for traveling more than I do. I hope we can have some time on the courts and burn some fats. I miss watching you hitting balls :p I’m glad that I didn’t have clash of events as two events happened one after another right after breakfast at Jing Chew.

Heroes Brunei had their press conference for the upcoming Batman V Superman Brunei Run and the event was held at McDonald’s Jerudong (the newest branch). Good to know that my buddy Aaron took my tip on the flow of the event even though it’s just a press conference. It was good to see partners of the Batman V Superman Brunei Run getting involved for the benefit of the charitable organisation – “National Welfare Fund”. So, Aaron Goh, good luck to your event and with your experience, this will be another successful charitable event and keep up creating more heroes in our lives. I shall be posting more stories on this event tomorrow.


Aaron Goh, the founder of Heroes Brunei, with the partners during the press conference earlier this morning

Some of the guests and members of the media at McDonald’s gerai

Loving the Wonder Woman cup from @pnut.merchandise and it will be available during the event

Seagate portable hard drives are a great catch for IT lovers like me. I have a few Seagate HD to my collection and now Concepts Computer are having a special promotion for those purchasing Seagate external hard disks for 1TB and above, where you can get a free special coloured Seagate T-shirt. On top of that, if you spend $200 and above on one receipt, you will receive a Kingston voucher for 1 carton of soft drinks. This promotion stands until stocks end.

Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer, have noticed the increased demand for storage solution among consumers. Hence, the company will work hard to provide a much larger range of great digital storage solution at the best price for the consumers in the country. For more info, you can check out the Seagate Hard Disks at Concepts Computer or call 223 3551/223 3552 for details.


Associates of Concepts Computer holding Seagate Hark Disks and their colourful t-shirts

If you are banking in for a bigger space, here you go – 4TB or the 8TB

You can get yourself a free t-shirt from Seagate





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