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787 a stellar

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News


Netcom Computer House


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Icon Design Store


New and bigger things at ICON Design Store. Click to enter


Grand Raya Package at Peugeot


Grand Raya Package at Peugoet and promotion ends 15th September. Click image to enter website.


Sungkai at Tasek Brasserie


One of the popular places for breaking fast – Tasek Brasserie!!


BIBD Barakah 4


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Pazzion promotion


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Total Ramadhan Charity


Ramadhan brings out the best in muslims, and inspires people to do more good deeds, especially helping those with lesser means. With that very goal in mind, staff from Total E&P Borneo B.V. (TEPB) & Total E&P Deep Offshore Borneo B.V. (TEPDOB) volunteered to hand out donations as part of TOTAL’s Ramadhan Charity 2013 on 27th July 2013.

This is the 4th Total Ramadhan Charity organized by TOTAL which aimed to provide assistance to the underprivileged community living in Kg Lumut 1, where Total Onshore Processing Plant (OPP) operates. The In-Kind Donation (basic food supplies) comes from TEPB & TEPDOB, and as well as personal contributions from TEPB & TEPDOB staff members.

The 9 cheerful volunteers, led by Muhd Rasimoon Adinin, Head of HR and Corp Communications, were assisted by members of Majlis Perundingan Kampung (MPK) Lumut 1, who were led by Yang Berhormat Hj Md Shafiee bin Ahmad, Ketua Kg Lumut 1. The group visited a five (5) households, which were selected from the list from JAPEM and advised further by YB Hj Md Shafiee bin Ahmad. Among the donations were staples such as rice, cooking oil, drinking water, eggs and food hampers which were happily unloaded from the coach which ferried the group around to the different locations that morning.

The group first visited the house of Awg Ibrahim bin Matnor, whose house was partly burnt. He and his family had been living without electricity for some time as the generators that had been providing electricity had broken down. Awg Ibrahim had been relying on his old age pension to support his wife and his two children.

They also visited the home Dyg Aliana bte Mohamad, who is currently living with her mother after her husband passed away. She and her two children were overwhelmed as the volunteers carried in the various donations and were thankful for the assistance for the upcoming Hari Raya season. 

Mr Yves Grosjean, General Manager of TEPB & TEPDOB , handing over the cheque on behalf of Total to Dato Paduka Haji Ali Hashim bin Haji Daud, Acting Managing Director, Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah

Group photo with Total and Yayasan

Jean De-Zilva, Acting Corporate Services Manager of TEPB & TEPDOB, handing over to the residence of Dyg Norhaidah bte Yusof

The volunteers last Saturday

As well as the donations in Kg Lumut, the 4th Total Ramadhan Charity was organized to continue provide a helping hand to the community where Total operates. This year, the project also included the following events :

 (1) Assistance to national orphans fund : where 7K BND was donated to Pengiran Muda Mahkota Al-Muhtadee Billah Fund for Orphans (Dana) on Wed, 24 July 2013. Mr Yves Grosjean, General Manager of TEPB & TEPDOB , handed over the cheque on behalf of Total to Dato Paduka Haji Ali Hashim bin Haji Daud, Acting Managing Director, Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah. 

(2) Assistance to orphans of Total former staff : On Wed, 24 July 2013 at the residence of Dyg Norhaidah bte Yusof, staff from TEPB & TEPDOB, led by Jean De-Zilva, Acting Corporate Services Manager, held a tahlil recital, and the two orphans (aged 14 & 15 respectively) received some cash and hamper donation from the Total representatives.


The Dreamliner Gallery Experience


From my posts on RA and Instagram, you are probably aware that I’m in Seattle, Washington, right now and the purpose of my trip was to experience the operations, the marketing and behind the scenes of the Boeing company that makes, well…. Boeing planes and in this case, I will be focusing on Boeing’s latest product which is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Of course, we also have the privilege to sneak preview Royal Brunei Airline’s Dreamliner at the Everett Factory. All of this experience won’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Royal Brunei who brought along with them the print media as well as the bloggers from Brunei Darussalam.

Also during the trip, RB will be having their own press conference for the media to gather more information on how the Dreamliner ties in with their re-branding strategy and what impact it will have on the RB’s vision and also their customer. I shall touch on that on the next post. But for now, let me focus on the 1st Day itinerary of our RB trip which is located at the Dreamliner Gallery.

We were introduced to Casey Goelzer, Regional Director of Product Marketing, Boeing Commercial Planes, who spent 10-15 minutes on the presentation of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. I actually read some of the features and technology of the 787 online but the explanation by Casey gave me more cool insights about the 787s and I was already amazed by 787 planes.

Ok, since the information I have learnt is overloaded, I will quickly brief what is so freaking amazing about the Boeing 787s. Even listening and engaging on Casey’s presentation, it just made me become more eager to experience the 787 which is just 6-8 weeks away from being delivered to Brunei Darussalam. So here it just a quick recap and I will point out one or two points that is the drawing factor for me as a consumer.

• Full market coverage from 100-500 seats. It’s most likely RB will be taking 220-240 seats which is economically viable for RB’s long term planes.
• Environmentally progressive. It reduces CO2 emissions because of the fuel efficiency improvement and even building the planes have reduced the usage of hazardous chemicals and overall wastage.
• Quieter. In a sense that there’s less noise pollution as this is very common in other Boeing models and yes, we do get accustomed to the noise but imagine that being reduced by a significant amount which will make your flying experience a better one.
• Long-range, fast and reliable. This due to the fact of the new composites used on the planes and plus Brunei capacity load of 200ish passenger loads makes the journey slightly faster and smoother. Did you know they are 7% better in aerodynamics than today’s airplanes?
• Smoother flight experience. This is because of the improvement of the wings and with a more advanced sensor, 787s are able to counter the air level of fluctuations which cause the bumpy rides.
• Low operating cost because of the cost effective maintenance as well as lower fuel consumption by 20% than other airplanes. This can prove vital for RB’s economic growth as a national carrier.
• Better passenger experience. This is one thing that I would like to highlight more as I learnt during the presentation by Casey’s on the 787s and their strengths. Perhaps one of the awesome feature is the electronic dimmable windows which I will explain further. There’s also more humidity inside the plane and of course, more leg room for the comfort of the economy passengers. I shall do a full depth review of the experience once the RB’s Dreamliner is making its way to Brunei in late September tentatively.

Casey was more than happy that Royal Brunei haven taken that extra edge and chose to invest in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner which have been creating many positive waves in Brunei and hopefully outside Brunei Darussalam too.

“My First Day on the Job” experience at the Dreamliner Gallery in Seattle

Casey Goezler, Regional Director, Product Marketing of Boeing, gave us a comprehensive view of 787 Dreamliner features and how Royal Brunei is heading on the right track

The presentation of RB’s 787-8 Overview

The improvements of the 787 Dreamliner

Marul, Haadi and Danial listening to the presentation of the 787 Dreamliner

Royal Brunei’s 787 Dreamliner model standing out from the pack

Next up was Mark Larson, Technical Manager of Boeing Company and he is stationed at Boeing’s Dreamliner Gallery. This is where he deals with Boeing’s clients in terms of choosing specifications for Boeing planes such as the galley, the lavatories, the passengers seats, fabrics and many more. He toured us to different parts of the Boeing Dreamliner Gallery and I was simply amazed how thorough the process was that every component has its own dedicated showroom. He is a private pilot too which gives him an advantage on what’s best for their clients (airlines).

So basically the 787 Dreamliner Gallery streamlines and centralizes the 787 configuration experience. If you want to design your 787 or configure it to your specifications, this is the place. It’s like a one-stop centre as you will be able to experience the quality of the different types of components they have. It is so detailed that you as a client will be able to see a mocked up scenario on how the interior of the plane feels or looks like on different modes of lighting settings.

Even the discussion rooms are quite inviting and comforting. Boeing are serious about giving their clients the best service so even though it’s a private environment for meetings, it still can be done in a more composed, relaxed surrounding.

Thank you Casey and Mark for the briefing of the 787 Dreamliner and the tour of the Dreamliner Gallery respectively. A big thanks to Wilson Chow, Communications and Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, for handling the logistics of the Brunei delegate. You have taken good care of us since Day 1 and I really appreciate your help on that. My next post will be focusing more on the Everett Factory where the Boeings are being assembled (another mind blowing experience).

Wilson introducing Mark Larson to the Brunei delegates

The new windows of the Dreamliner was so awesome that they have a mocked up version of it at the Dreamliner Gallery. The windows are now slightly positioned at head level and it is longer than before. This is to give a better experience of the passengers sitting in the middle of the planes to have a good view outside as well.

Another impressive feature of the window is that you can control the tint level of the window from clear to fully tinted with a press of a button and you can also choose the level of tint you desire. Isn’t that awesome??

Mark showing us the different types of galleys to choose from

Did you know that lighting inside the plane does make a huge difference to customer experience? You might not be aware of it but you will be surprised on how lights do make a much better experience on any flights.

One major difference of the 787 Dreamliner is the size of the cabins.. There are hugeeeee and have more space than other airlines. They also have a good indicator to alert the cabin crew from a distance if the cabin is not properly close.

This room reminds me of Fabrica back in Brunei and it’s a place where the client chooses what kind of fabric or color they want for the interior of the 787. Awesome, aye?

The choices of the interior they can choose from

So what’s your favourite color?

Samples of the lavatories and the food equipments for the planes

One of the innovative part of the 787 is the braking system which moves from hydraulics to electric. This reduces the mechanical complexity which can be easily monitored. This image is the actual brake component used in the 787s.

Haadi in “sakai” mode trying out the Busines Class seats for 787s. They have different types for the clients to configure and choose.

Marul and Azhani trying out the Business Class experience for the 787 Dreamliner and this is the one that Royal Brunei will be using for their Business Class passengers. Thumbs up!!

We were being jobless and trying out the different types of economy seats

I also had the experience on how the cockpit deck feels like in the Dreamliner. I have new found respect for pilots now 😀

Azhani getting some taste of being a pilot




Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Pazzion promotion

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This is an awesome deal happening right now from Standard Chartered Bank who had a great tie up with Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) and why so? Because you can travel to a destination by buying one ticket and getting the other ticket FREEEEEE!!!!!! Awesome, right?? The new destinations will be announced every Wednesday from 31st July 2013 to 14 August 2013. So for this week will be Kuala Lumpur, one of the most popular destinations among Bruneians.

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The travel period for the free ticket ex-Brunei is from 13th October to 28th November 2013 and 3rd January to 23rd January and 8th February to 28th February 2014. For your info, this promotion does not apply to VISA corporate, VISA Business credit cards or e-Cash Card.

So get your Stanchart credit cards prepared for today as the booking period will be only from 11am and it has been extended to 5pm, Wednesday 31st July 2013. For more info, you can click here and here for their Facebook updates 😀 I’m very certain this promotion will sky rocket like crazy. Great collaboration between Stanchart and RB.
Stay tuned for next week’s destination (and a good time to sign up for Stanchart credit card too). 

My first MBL experience


It was my first baseball experience at the Major Baseball League and I was pretty close in catching one of the games when I was in San Francisco in 2008 but that never happened. So yesterday was an awesome experience indeed as Boeing sponsored us to watch the Seattle Mariners vs Minnesota Twins.

Yesterday was a special day as it was a 777 Boeing Day for the Mariners. So the hashtag for the game was #777mariners and there were plenty of tweets and postings on IG with regards to the game. We also toured around the stadium and wow… I’m simply amazed by the facilities as well as the activities they have for the fans and the public to take part. It’s not just a game of baseball but also a culture of bringing people and families together and the feeling was pretty great too.

It was also the first time I saw a few home runners in a baseball game and how we responded to big hits, hoping it will go beyond the border for a home run and that alone was a great feeling of anticipation. I believe there were 3 or 4 moments of home run incidents that brought the crowd to life. In the end, Seattle Mariners won the game 6-4.

Thank you once again Boeing for the invitation and also to Royal Brunei for making this possible and I won’t mind going for another baseball game on my next trip. By the way, after our one and a half day flight to Seattle, we headed for the baseball game 3 hours after landing *lol* Talk about jet lag…. 

My first job on the day at Seattle, driving the Brunei delegates to Safeco Field for the match between Seattle Mariners and Minnesota Twins

Outside the Safeco Field :))

We got the Suite Deck rooms for the big match. Thanks, Boeing, for the tickets!!

The security check at Safeco Building

This guy was looking for tickets but I wasn’t willing to sell my suite deck tickets 😀

The corridor outside the suite deck

The Brunei delegate enjoying the hospitality at the Suite Deck

What an honour to watch my first Major Baseball League 😀

The function of the baseball

The Brunei gang in Seattle sponsored by Royal Brunei

Standing up for one of the national songs

Sim posing at the Safeco Field

Souvenirs and displays at Safeco Field

A lot of souvenir stalls for Seattle Mariners

They have the sauces for the public to use

The wonderful Safeco Field at Seattle

Sim was happy after the home run effort by the Mariners

Chai was still coping with jet lag

The ladies representing the Seattle Mariners

Respecting the players while in play

The Mexican Wave

This mascot was so cool and he even did a jumping headstand

Sheriff on patrol

Our photo managed to get posted on the huge screen though the hashtag #777mariners


Special promo with AirAsia for Linkin Park fans


Catch Linkin Park Live in Malaysia in August

This is an opportunity should not be missed! Linkin Park is exclusively touring Malaysia in this part of the SEA region as Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam are not included in the tour due to limited of time available from the band.

 Linkin Park ‘Living Things’ World Tour Live In Malaysia 2013 is organized by The WonderLand+ will take place at Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on August 19 at 8pm. Ticket prices are categorized into free seating – RM95, RM195, RM295; and free standing – RM350 (Playground Zone), RM450 (Rock Zone), RM550 (The Pit) and RM680 (VIP).

AirAsia travelers flying in to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City can enjoy 10% discount of concert ticket(s) during the promotion and booking period from 19 July 2013 until 18 August 2013.

The ticketing and seating arrangements


Promotions from Netcom Computer


Trendnet products at Netcom Computer Housse

Prolink products at Netcom Computer Housse


Discounts at Ohso


Raya Special discounts on Carter’s, Baby Gap and Gymboree at Ohso, The Mall



I love Seattle

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News


BIBD Barakah 4


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Pazzion promotion


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This is an awesome deal from Standard Chartered Bank who had a great tie up with Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) and why so? Because you can travel to a destination by buying one ticket and getting the other ticket FREEEEEE!!!!!! Awesome, right?? The new destinations will be announced every Wednesday from 31st July 2013 to 14 August 2013. So for this week will be Kuala Lumpur, one of the most popular destinations among Bruneians.

So how does this work? Ok, here’s the deal. You really have to be quick in buying your air ticket via www.flyroyalbrunei.com on a Wednesday as only the first 50 customers who purchased via online will be eligible for the FREE ticket of that particular destination which will be Kuala Lumpur for this week. The successful recipient of the promotion of the FREE ticket will receive an SMS after one working day and an email will be sent to you accordingly.

The travel period for the free ticket ex-Brunei is from 13th October to 28th November 2013 and 3rd January to 23rd January and 8th February to 28th February 2014. For your info, this promotion does not apply to VISA corporate, VISA Business credit cards or e-Cash Card.

So get your Stanchart credit cards prepared for this Wednesday as the booking period will be only from 11am to 2pm, Wednesday 31st July 2013. For more info, you can click here and here for their Facebook updates 😀 I’m very certain this promotion will sky rocket like crazy. Great collaboration between Stanchart and RB. Thumbs up!!

Stay tuned for next week’s destination (and a good time to sign up for Stanchart credit card too).



Seattle bound!!

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Pazzion promotion

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Seattle bound!!


I shall be on hiatus for at least a day. So a word of alert to the readers of RA as I will be spending more time in the air traveling to the States with a bunch of media with Royal Brunei representatives to view the Dreamliner Boeing 787 in Seattle. Right now I’m documenting this post in my 5 hour pitstop room at Park Avenue Changi which is a decent boutique hotel and it’s just like 10-15 minutes away from Changi Airport.

I will spare more details and more write up on our trip pretty soon and I’m hoping there is Wifi on Delta Airlines which provides Wifi access on certain routes. But I doubt our flight will provide such service but if it does, that will be awesome!!! Anyway, stay tune for more updates.. I’m about to check out of the room to catch the 5:30am flight transiting Narita, Japan before heading off to Seattle.

Man, I feel like a zombie now……

The guys from the media heading off to Seattle. Thank you, RB

My companions for the next few days

Thank you, RB, for the drink and dates to break the fast

My meal on board

Finally a group photo of the whole crew that’s heading to Seattle

I like the rooms at Park Avenue Changi. I wonder how is it per night. And we only stayed here for 5 hours before heading off to airport 😮




Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Netcom Computer House


Click image to see more of Netcom Computer House from their Facebook Page


Icon Design Store


New and bigger things at ICON Design Store. Click to enter


Grand Raya Package at Peugeot


Grand Raya Package at Peugoet and promotion ends 15th September. Click image to enter website.


Sungkai at Tasek Brasserie


One of the popular places for breaking fast – Tasek Brasserie!!


BIBD Barakah 4


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Pazzion promotion


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Respect prayer times


His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam last night reminded organisers of public events, especially sports events, to take into account and respect prayer times and stressed that events should not be scheduled at times that make Muslims neglect obligatory prayers that they must fulfil.

His Majesty delivered a titah to mark the National Level Nuzul Al-Quran 1434 Hijrah celebration (Revelation of the Quran) at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Berakas recently.

Also present at the event was HRH Prince Abdul Malik as well as other members of the royal family.

His Majesty also consented to present prizes to winners of various categories of the Final Stage of the National Competition for Memorisation of Al-Quran and its Interpretations, including the Category for MABIMS member countries.

Nine-year-old Ak Mohamad Khairul Hakimin bin Pg Mohammad Aminuddin emerged as the champion of Category ‘A’.

His Majesty presents the trophy to nine-year-old Ak Mohamad Khairul Hakimin. Photo by Dean Kassim of Borneo Bulletin

In the titah, the monarch reminded that reading the Quran and performing the -daily prayers are fundamental towards ensuring the continuity of the nation’s social life. “Without them, our existence will be weak and lifeless,” His Majesty said, adding that neglecting it is not acceptable.

When planning any form of activities, His Majesty said prayers should not be secluded. “Do not overlook this, because if we do so in this respect, it means that we are inviting the curse from Allah the Almighty,” His Majesty added.

His Majesty cited a recent event dubbed “The Run”, which according to the monarch received participants for registration from as early as 4am. ‘At 4.40am participants were asked to assemble for a warm-up session which began at Sam which was followed by running events, including entertainment. Only at 8.30am the guest of honour arrived and followed by other events it finished by 9.30am,” His Majesty said.

“Looking at the schedule, wouldn’t it be strange if someone asked where was Subuh prayer? Because Subuh prayer at that time was at 4.43am, whereas events had already commenced before the prayer and went on throughout the day,” His Majesty added.

With thousands of participants at the event, His Majesty said it is undisputable that the majority are Muslims. “Where were they during the Subuh prayer? Where were their thoughts on during the call for prayers?” His Majesty rhetorically asked.

His Majesty also questioned the roles of the organisers and leaders involved in the event, asking why were they not there to rectify the situation and why didn’t they take the issue seriously.

“Amazingly, people could still laugh, despite the reality that thousands of youths, men and women failed to perform the Subuh prayer, despite knowing the fact that it is priceless performing two ‘raka’at’ of the Sunnat Subuh prayer,” His Majesty added.

His Majesty hoped that it will not be repeated again, reiterating the need for event organisers and leaders to be more vigilant in planning for events that involve their staff and members of the public.

“They need to evaluate and ensure that plans are in line with Islamic teachings, because if they are contradicting, doesn’t this mean that we are insulting ourselves and our religion?” the monarch asked.

Earlier in the titah, the monarch reminded that the Quran is the greatest miracle and also the theme of the Nuzul Al-Quran celebration this year, “Al-Quran as the Source of Strength”, referring to a firman by Allah the Almighty in Surah al-Hasyr, verse 21.

The verse, His Majesty said, highlights the supremacy and vigour of the Quran. “If we embrace it as a constitution for life, its force will undoubtedly emerge to the believers.”

His Majesty said we must unyieldingly hold on to the Quran, embrace its laws and take heed from its reminders. “With this, Insya Allah, we can attain the real aura and vigour. I want to see everyone fluent in Al-Quran reading, so our nation will together attain strength.”

Referring to the Compulsory Religious Education Order 2012 which was enforced recently, His Majesty hoped that in doing so, all our younger generation, particularly our students pursuing higher education overseas would no longer be Al-Quran illiterate nor unable to perform the daily prayers. Image courtesy of Dean Kassim and text courtesy of Hakim Hayat of Borneo Bulletin.

The recent marathon last June “The Run”


WTISD Winners


Sometimes it is great to know institution running educational competition such as essay writing and drawing competition with a particular theme that relates to a growing trend in a country. The issue with road safety is still a huge problem in Brunei and the authorities are doing their best to see how they can go about improving the situation through means of education. So I thought the Essay and Drawing competition organised by AITI for schools is one way of the best way in educating the students on road safety.

Well, it was part of the World Telecommunication and Information Day (WTISD) theme this year which is “ICTs and Improving Road Safety”. The competition was organised by AITI with the support from the Ministry of Communications, the Brunei Darussalam Road Safety Council, Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru), Data Stream Technology Sdn Bhd (DST) and B.Mobile Communications Sdn. Bhd.

The Guest of Honour was Yang Mulia Awang Abdul Mutalib Bin Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Setia Dato Paduka Haji Mohamad Yusof, the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Communications, Chairman of AITI, and Chairman of the Brunei Darussalam Road Safety Council.

Haji Jailani bin Haji Buntar, Acting Chief Executive of AITI, delivered the welcoming remarks. In his welcoming remark, he mentioned, “It may seem strange to talk about how ICT can relate to the improving Road Safety. But, that’s not the case in today’s world where ICT is an enabler in our daily lives including to improve the transportation (such as cars) which we use to commute. A variety of “driver assistance” technologies are appearing on new cars, which will not only take a lot of the stress out of driving in traffic but also prevent or minimize many accidents.

The competition was launched on 11th May 2013 and was opened to four categories:

• Lower Primary Level Category which was opened to students in Year 1 to Year 3. Titled: “Don’t Use Mobile Phones While Driving”.
• Upper Primary Level Category which was opened to students in Year 4 to Year 6. Titled: “How Can ICT Improve Road Essay Writing Competition
• Secondary Level Category which was opened to students in Year 7 to Year 11. Titled: “Technology Can Improve Road Safety. Discuss.” (700 – 800 words).
• Tertiary Level Category which was opened to students in the tertiary level. Titled: “The Future of Technology and its Impact Road Safety. Explain.” (between 1000 – 1200 words).

Group photo with the winners

She couldn’t believe she won a Samsung S4

One of the winners of WTISD

Ashley Kho, a third place winner

A proud young winner

Ain’t this cute?

First place winner of the drawing competition in the lower primary was Siti Nurhaziqah bte Hj Md Ali Hanafiah of Stella’s School who took home an Apple iPad and $300 cash prize. Muhammad Fahmi Waiz bin Hj Junaidi of Tungku Brunei III Primary School and Noor Um’mi Hasana bte Hj Abd Zamri came second and third respectively. Each received $200 and $300 cash respectively.

In the upper primary drawing category, the first place winner was Siti Nursyafiyah bte Jefri from Sultan Abdul Mubin Sg Besar Primary School who took home a Samsung Galaxy Tab and $300 cash prize. Tee Gi En from Seri Mulia Sarjana and Noor Muhd Asa bin Salim from Dato Marsal Primary School bagged the second and third prizes winning cash prize of $200 and $100 respectively.

Meanwhile, the first place winner in the secondary level category essay competition, was Siti Nurizzatul Najibah bte Muslim from Pengiran Anak Puteri Masna Secondary School who won a Samsung Galaxy S4 and $500 in cash. Second place went to Ana Kairunnisa Fernanda Afonso bte Metusin of Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan Raja Isteri with $300 cash followed by Md Amir Putera Razzaqharfan Hakeemuddin bin Hj Yacob from Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College with $200 cash. Contestants were required to write an original essay comprising 700 to 800 words.

In the tertiary level essay competition, Adeline Liew Wei Ying of Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) ranked first followed by Ak Abd Qawi bin Pg Hj Aliudin also from UBD and Ashley Kho Yeun Jeun of Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah College. Prizes were a Dell Inspiron 3421 Laptop and cash prizes of $700, $500 and $300 respectively.

Certificate of participation from schools

Simon Mark Lynch from CfBT Education Service receiving a memento from the guest of honour

Some of the drawings from the competition

One of the winners, Siti Nursyafiyah bte Jefri with her dad

Viewing the gallery

The mascots for WTISD


The new Acer Iconia


Grab the special promotion of the Acer Iconia A1-810 for only $228 and they will also give a 3 year warranty for limited time only until 30th July at Concepts Computer

The latest Acer Iconia A1-810 is the best of the lot so far. Before was the Acer Iconia B1-A71 and that was a big seller from Concepts Computer. Now with the new model, it sports an 8-inch design running on Jelly Bean.

According to General Manager of Concepts Computer Vincent Pao, the Acer Iconia A1-810 is just another step by Acer and Concepts Computer to deliver to the growing demands of the consumers. So far they have brought in 1,000 units of the tablet which 600 units in stock and the remainder coming on the way.

Ok, here’s the great thing if you buy from Concepts Computer. The Acer Iconia A1-180 comes with a 3 year warranty and the price tag of$228 is a special promotional price which ends on 30th July. Concepts Computer is also extending their opening hours from 9am to 9pm until 30th July for the convenience of the customers. So do grab this opportunity before the price of the Acer Iconia A1-180 goes back to the market price and also the warranty will only go back to one year unless you purchase an addtional warranty at $108. So for this 3 day promotional period, you can purchase the Acer Iconia A1-180 for only $228 plus a three year warranty which is a superb deal.

Acer Iconia A1-180 is equipped with a quad-core processor and 1GB RAM and this is also the first tab that has a back camera too.

For more information, customers can visit the nearest Concepts Computer showroom, where Concepts will be having their Month End Specials, with its extended opening hours from 9am to 9pm from today until July 30. Customers can also call 2233551/2233552 or 2448102/2448103. If you want to know more of the specs, you can see here.

The feel of the Acer Iconia A1-180

The back camera of the Acer Iconia A1-180

The warrant that comes with the Acer Iconia A1-180 and for a limited time only, you can get an addtional 2 years warranty for free when you buy the tablet where the proomotion ends by 30th July

600 units in stock with 400 more coming on the way


Guess who brought 14 medals back?


I tell you it’s not easy carry all the plaques and the medals from the winners from Brunei from their recent performance at WCOPA 2013. More them soon. I’m still super amazed by very own local talents.



True but sad

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They are coming home!!


Guess who’s coming home later? The Brunei representatives who won 14 medals from the World Championships of Performing Arts 2013 in Los Angeles recently. They will be landing from Singapore later by 11am today (Thursday). So let’s go tot the airport and give them a good welcoming reception. Click image to read of their acheivements!


Baiduri Bank charity deed at Hua Ho


Here are some of the pictures taken at Hua Ho as part of Baiduri Bank Group Ramadhan Charity Event. It was a shopping spree for the 20 families who are less fortunate and they were given a shopping spree sponsored by Baiduri Bank. Now that’s a very good initiative by our own local bank and it was good to see the smiles from the families. They were then treated for Sungkai at Aneka Rasa. Thumbs up to Baiduri Bank for the wonderful and charitable initiative. Images courtesy of Baiduri Bank unless stated. 

Baiduri personnel with the families during the shopping spree at Hua Ho yesterday

Baiduri personnel with the families during the shopping spree at Hua Ho yesterday

Image courtesy of Fairol of Media Permata

Image courtesy of Fairol of Media Permata

Image courtesy of Fairol of Media Permata

Image courtesy of Fairol of Media Permata


BruLeeds Charity



New arrivals at Pazzion


Guess what ladies? New shoes at Pazzion have arrived at the store outlet at The Mall, Gadong. Apart from the new arrival, Pazzion will also have a special sale up to 60% discount which is a great deal. Furthermore, some of the shoes are retailing below $30.

Pazzion opening hours during Ramadhan is 12pm to 10pm while on Fridays is 2pm to 10pm. For more info, you can check out their Facebook page. Now you can prepare yourself for Hari Raya which is just two weeks away from now.


Great deals from Concepts Computer




Lego craze!!

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Pazzion promotion


Follow @pazzionbrunei on FB and IG. Do click on banner to see more more of the shoes from Pazzion

YMRM donates to orphans


During Ramadhan, everyone is encouraged to do more good deeds to receive more blessings, and even companies and businesses step up their generosity during this time. YMRM, one of the well-known textile merchants in the Sultanate, hosted a sungkai event with the Mukim Sengkurong Consultative Council for senior citizens, orphans and poor families in Mukim Sengkurong yesterday.

The guest of honour at the event was RBAF Deputy Commander Pehin Datu Pekerma Jaya Brigadier General Dato Seri Pahlawan Md Tawih Abdullah, and the event began with the recital of Surah Al-Fatihah followed by a speech from the co-chairperson, Penghulu Mukim Hj Musa Hj Tahir. It was the first of two such sungkai events to accommodate the 203 orphans registered under Mukim Sengkurong.

A representative of the sponsor (YMRM), Abd Hamid Abas said in a speech that the founder of YMRM, Ramesh Jiwatran Bhawnani, saw this gesture as part of the company’s commitment to give back to society, and in recognition of the support the people of Brunei have given to YMRM Enterprise and Galleria YMRM over the last decade.

Breaking off for Sungkai after the presentation of donation to the oprhans

For YMRM, charitable deeds are not just seasonal gestures. The company has participated in many charitable events and has come forward to support both government and private institutions. To YMRM, its year-round charity activities are part of the company’s continuous corporate social responsibility (CSR) vision to help the country and its people.

This year, the charitable contributions from the company are more extensive than ever before. YMRM has committed to providing aid to eight villages in Mukim Sengkurong. Areas covered under the series of programmes on July 22, 29, 30 and 31, include Kg Jerudong, Kg Sengkurong A and B, Kg Kulapis, Kg Lugu, Kg Katimahar, Kg Tanjong Nangka and Kg Mulaut.

On the 30th and 31st July, YMRM will distribute food items to the less fortunate from the eight villages in Mukim Sengkurong, as well as arranging for visits to the homes of some of the recepients, in order to meet and understand their needs better.

YMRM’s Managing Director, Belly Narender JB, was further quoted that he is honoured to be given the opportunity to be able to contribute to such a good cause qand that YMRM will continue to play a stronger role in the community . He also called on members of the public to join the company in the good works, and support such activities.


Have you caught the Lego Bug yet?


Kevin Chua and Han Tien Siew, co-owners of Toy Santa at this afternoon Grand Opening of the store at Times Square

After a year of its existence online, Toy Santa has finally a phyiscal store for the convenience of his customers in selling Lego Sets, Lego minifigs and also toy figurines. It’s located in the heart of Times Square Shopping Complex on the same floor as Times Cineplex. Congratulations Han Tien Siew, a co-owner of Toy Santa, and I have bought a few items from him especially the zombies and Marvel minifigs from Lego.

Also with the support of the active local lego group, BULAT, it has helped boost its sales and further spread the awareness to the community and now it’s safe to say that there are more individuals catching the “Lego” bug and mind you most of them are adults 😀 According to Han, most of his customers are young adults and only a minority make up of children. This was definitely the opposite back in the old days and you should watch the history of Lego on YouTube. Quite interesting.

“We opened the shop due to the workload and the demand and it’s hard to cope because I have a primary job during the day, ” shared Han on why they opened up a store. Sometimes I wonder why all the sudden Lego became so popular worldwide. It could have been the fact that it started from the minifig series and suddenly people caught the “Lego Bug” before Lego start introducing Lego sets from Marvel, DC, Star Wars and so on.

This afternoon Toy Santa had its grand slam and they have discounts up to 15% and you can also become a Toy Santa VIP member if you spend a certain amount on a single receipt. Congratulations once again to Toy Santa on the grand opening. You can also catch them on Facebook here.

Lots of Lego Sets on display

Melvin paid a quick visit to Toy Santa

Good thing I am not a collector of Star Wars for Lego

Jul of BULAT group

Now you can order figurines from Toy Santa. This piece is scheduled for 1st quarter 2014.

A niece masterpiece by Winnie Cheng (Timelessrealm) on the sign paperboard made through paper cutting



Clear my name

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Pazzion promotion

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Monthly Barakah 4 winners


BIBD today held a prize presentation ceremony today for its monthly ‘Barakah 4’ And ‘Top Up Tia’ weekly winners. The ceremony was held in the morning at the Kiulap BIBD branch premises.

Fatimah bte Hj Akhbar, Siti Fairuzhaironie bte Dato Paduka Haji Wahabi, Muhammad Nur Nirwandita bin Awang Takong/ Muhammad Sofee and Maryaniwati Bte Abdullah were all smiles as they were announced as the monthly winners for BIBD’s ‘Barakah 4’ campaign, each receiving a dining voucher at excapade worth $200, at the same time entitling them to become finalists for the grand prize of a Mercedes A-Class.

Pengiran Mohammad Sofian Bin Pg Aspar and Noor Zaimah Binti Suhaili, on the other hand, were in a joyous mood as they were presented as BIBD’s ‘Top Up Tia!’ weekly winners, awarding them with a Samsung S4 4G LTE each, as they won by topping up their DES electricity or DST mobile accounts through either the BIBD Mobile or BIBD Online channels.

On hand to give away the prizes as guest of honour was Mohammad Yusreza Mohd Yussin, Marketing Officer of BIBD. Every month, until the end of the ‘Barakah 4’ promotion on 30th September, five finalists will be picked to enter the final draw for the grand prize. BIBD ‘Barakah 4’ participants will also stand a chance to win an Islamic-themed Beijing tour for four people as the runner up prize, while the third place winner will earn a 100gm Gold bar, with 99.9% purity. 300,000 Royal Skies miles awaits the fourth place winner, to spend to go to any destination of their liking, while a brand new 46” Samsung LED TV and home theatre set awaits the fifth placed winner.

The monthly winners for July for Barakah 4

The Grand prize for Barakah 4

The ‘Barakah 4’ campaign is open to all new and existing BIBD customers who sign up for BIBD’s financing facilities which include BIBD’s Home, Education and Naqad facility. Entries for ‘Barakah 4’ will be in entitlements of one entry for every B$ 10,000, while fifteen entries for every B$ 100,000 financed. New account holders will also stand a chance to win via BIBD’s Wakalah General, tiered and foreign currency accounts (current accounts and savings account). This entitlement will allow account holders one entry for every B$ 5,000 and fifteen entries for every B$ 50,000. In addition, those who assign their salary to BIBD will also get entries and be eligible to enter the Grand Prize draw.

There will be no need for BIBD customers to manually fill in any forms or vouchers to be eligible for entries into ‘Barakah 4’ as they are automatically generated and entered into the system. The entries will be submitted automatically upon approval or activation of the facility or account.

On the other hand, BIBD’s ‘Top Up Tia!’ campaign allows new and existing customers who perform Top Up Transactions via BIBD Online and BIBD Mobile channels, to be instantly be given to one lucky draw entry for each successful transaction, entitling them to a weekly prize of a Samsung S4 4G LTE.

For more information on BIBD’s ‘Barakah 4’ or BIBD’s ‘Top Up Tia!’ campaigns, please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bibdbrunei; get in touch with the BIBD Contact Centre at 2238181 or visit your nearest BIBD branch.

Testing driving the Qs


The Audi Q5 was an excellent ride

Aliya Zin test driving Audi Q models. TCY Motors today held an exclusive test-drive session for members of the local press & media featuring its Q line-up of premium SUVs: the Audi Q3, new Q5 and the Q7.

TCY planned an awesome route for us, with three stops to give us each a chance to drive/ride in each vehicle. The distinctive Q models in the Audi stable are primarily premium built SUVs catering for everyday lifestyle use, so given that Bruneians love a good cruise now and then, it was appropriate that the route took us by scenic Kg Ayer along the Kota Batu road all the way to the Malay Technology Museum and back. The winding road with quite a few hills was also an awesome way to gauge drivability.

My first ride was in the Q5 with Zatty Joanda from BT. My first impression was how spacious it was from the back passenger seats. The Q5 can handle the demands of an urban lifestyle but has lots of room for a family. It’s a popular model, being the top-selling Audi model in Brunei for the last 3 years in a row.

The Q5 recently saw a new facelift, which was introduced earlier this year for Brunei, is powered with a 2.0 TFSI direct fuel injection petrol engine but with a higher output of 165 kW (225hp) and 350 Nm of torque. An equally quick 8-speed tiptronic transmission is featured.

Test driving the Audi Q models

The interior feel

Zatty Jo of The Brunei Times behind the wheel

My first impressions of the Q7 was “OMG! IT’S HUGE!” and “OMG! THERE’S A SUN ROOF!” I love spacious cars, especially since I have long legs. I could lie comfortably in the passenger seats. The drive for the Q7 is pretty epic, smooth transitions of the gears, and the power is available almost instantly for pick up. This is consistent for Audi cars, while engaged in one gear, the next gear is on standby, making for the smooth transition.

The Q7 with the only diesel engine offered for Brunei- a V6 with 180 kW (245hp) and 550 Nm of torque, this powerhouse 7-seater variant also comes with 8-speed tiptronic transmission. Despite its higher price range its still one of the most consistent selling Audis locally averaging one unit per month.

Three distinct sized SUVs with differing progressive design catering to different needs & customers but all three share one same highlight- quattro® permanent all-wheel drive innovation from Audi.

The concept is simple: if wheels on one axle lose grip and threaten to spin, then the drive force is transferred to the other axle- automatically and permanently distributed through the self-locking centre differential with wheel-selective torque distribution. The basic distribution is 40:60- 40% of power to the front 60% to the rear. The benefit is better traction during acceleration and improved safety due to impressive grip. Literally speaking quattro® is all about getting a grip.

For further enquiries about the Audi Q series please visit our showrooms in Kiarong or Lambak or call 2442333 ext31 or 2390725 during office hours. You can check out their Facebook Page too.



Netcom Computer House



BIBD Sungkai Delights Week 2


Check out the great deals on week two!!

It’s not too late to apply for a BIBD Debit Card 😀


Brunei on the map


Now this could be a sensitive issue to begin with. The creative arts industry especially when it comes to local music scene, they have been many restrictions and so what not. It’s pretty obvious that we have limitations on the music scene. Concerts that involved international artistes or singers are prohibited (not sure what’s the right word for this context) and discouraged. The success rate for applying such permit is zilch. The only way to bring more entertainment to our country is using our local talents which I think is such a great avenue for them to showcase their talents. Now the only challenge is that we don’t have a proper avenue or even an organisation that handles the creative arts industry. I’m not pretty sure about if there’s a department in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports that handles this aspect.

Now why did I highlight this? One biggest reason is that we have talented individuals in our country especially in the music and art scene. Just days ago, Fakhrul Razi performed live on the stage in Los Angeles, US, as he was chosen as a finalist in the senior vocal category in the World Championship of Performing Arts 2013. This is by far one of the best achievement for a Bruneian on the world stage. We also have two local talents, Kevin Lo and Maria Grace Koh, who didn’t leave empty handed from the WCOPA 2013. I still remember interviewing them at the airport two weeks ago and I saw their confidence oozing internally when I interviewed all of them. It’s also no surprised that Brunei team also won the Best Team Spirit Award. A small country that only sent 3 representatives as compared to the dozens from other 43 countries, this is a great amazing accomplishment and this shows that we are no pushovers.

Look at the number of medals they received from Brunei alone. Great achievement indeed

A dream come true for Kevin Lo

Eia did her best and won a few medals for herself. Outstanding!!

Fakhrul Razi said this is best experience in his entertainment journey and he would like to thank all the supporters in believing in the Brunei team

The achievements by our local talents:

Fakhrul Razi’s achievement: Gold Medal for vocals in 1) RnB/Jazz 2) Original Works 3) Open 4) Being a finalist and Silver Medal in 1)Broadway 2) Pop

Kevin Lo’s achievement: Gold Medal for Acting in 1) Classical 2) Comical 3) Dramatic 4) Open and he is also an overall winner for classical, comical and open category. Two scholarship offers from New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts and a full scholarship from Janet Alhanti’s acting class in Hollywood. He also received an individual award for performer who was pleasant and easy to work with.

Maria Grace Koh aka Eia: Silver Medal for Instruments with Vocals 1) Broadway 2) Contemporary 3) Original Work 4) Pop 5) RnB/Jazz

By the way, the Brunei team also won the Best Photo for being viral on social media platform. So there are plenty of things to be proud of and I’m definitely proud of their achievements in the States. Let’s hope that more Bruneians will be featured in next year’s edition. I actually caught the WCOPA finals online last Saturday and it was pretty entertaining. I had to purchase the HD version since the free streamline version was pretty small. It was one of the best $5 spent for me just to catch Fakhrul Razi performed live in front of the millions watching online.

Rumour has it that they will be arriving Brunei this Thursday 25th July. I shall update you on the timing of their arrival. We should do a hero’s welcome to our achievers. They have done a massive homework and I hope their success will pave way and open new doors in our country. It’s about time that the relevant authorities see a bigger picture and despite the limitations and restrictions imposed, there could be a way to make it more appropriate and acceptable for our culture. Perhaps an open dialogue between the “decision/policy makers” and our talents would be a great start.

If you want to view more of the photos from social media, you can click here.

Some of the screenshots from the finals while watching it online

One of the judges for the finals

Group vocalists singing an old number

Our very own Fakhrul Razi singing in the Senior Vocal category

He made an impact despite the 1 minute performance

… and he surely had a blast singing on the world stage. Awesome!!

The bigger winners of the WCOPA 2013 – The Philippines as they bagged many awards in the finals and also the star of the WCOPA 2013. Well done!!


Denny designed KFC packets


Mohd Denny Azriman, founder of Ambuyart Animations was the designer for the Limited Editiion KFC Hari Raya Celebration Packet

In conjunction with His Majesty’s 67th birthday and the upcoming Hari Raya, KFC has teamed up with local talent Ambuyart to come up with Limited Edition KFC Hari Raya Celebration Packets.

Customers only need to purchase any combo meal and they will be entitled to purchase the Celebration Packets which comes in a pack of 10 pieces for only B$1.50. There are 4 different designs and each design will be released each week on Monday and the first batch has been released on 15th July.

The KFC Themed Hari Raya Green Packet is a first for KFC. Each week’s Celebration Packets depicts a Hari Raya message and is a story of it’s own and combining it also forms a complete picture. “When we first approached Ambuyart, we shared the same vision of wanting to create a green packet that depicts images that a Bruneian and those staying in Brunei would be familiar with and we really liked what he has created” says Jonathan Bong, Senior Marketing Manager.

KFC together with Ambuyart would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Muslimin and Muslimat a “Selamat Berpuasa”. The Celebration packets are available only at KFC outlets in Brunei while stock last.

Every Monday, a new design will be released

So do collect all four designs and this is ideal for Hari Raya


Finally, a Go-Bald campaign!!!


Thank you to these wonderful lads who sacrificed their hair for a good cause

Rano says yesss, finally there is a “Go Bald” campaign in Brunei Darussalam and I have always wondered if such event will happen in Brunei since it’s a very popular charity event regionally. With the partnership of Sunlit Advertising, IA Salon and Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group, “Be Bold! Go Bald” event will become a reality. All you have to do is get the registration form at Sunlit Advertising Office or you can call them during office hours 245 3666 and fill in the form and you will be given a donation card as well which will have to be returned by 12th August.

I kinda like this initiative and since it’s the first of its kind in Brunei, I’m expecting an overwhelming response in terms of participants volunteering to get their head shaven. Anyway, since it’s for charity, if you don’t feel like shaving it off, you can still donate as there will be a donation box at the event itself during the 12th Consumer Fair (21st to 25th August) at the BRIDEX Hall.

The intention of the “Be Bold! Go Bald” event is to increase awareness on breast cancer among families and friends. Sometimes we take our lives for granted and only when the situation arises, we react to it. Lily Ng, one of the breast cancer survivors, shared her experience and advised the community that we must take care of our health and get more knowledge on breast cancer because prevention is the weapon for cancer. So to all of you, let’s help spread the news on breast cancer and how it can be valuable to our friends and families.

So where will all the proceeds goes to? President of BBCSG, Datin Hjh Sahaidah binti Hj Mohd Taib highlighted that all funds raised will go to the BBCSG, towards helping to provide Brunei breast cancer patients with specially-constructed bras and buying much-needed equipment such as laptops, projector and a model of a breast for educational purposes in raising local awareness on breast cancer.

Last Friday also saw five volunteers from Sunlit Advertising and one from BBCSG allowing their heads to be shaved for a good cause. This is a sneak preview on what to expect on the 25th of August during the final day of the Consumer Fair. Oh by the way, this is open for both male and female. So ladies, don’t discount yourself from the “Be Bold! Go Bald” and that includes you too, Hui Chiet :p *lol*

The press conference last Friday for “Be Bold! Go Bald” event

Representative from IA Salon talking about the benefits about being bald

Lily Ng shared her experience and gave some advice on prevention of cancer

The “Before” pose picture

Their final pose before the hairstylists from IA Salon in action

Check out the t-shirts for the good cause

Thomas Chieng of Sunlit Advertising looked cheerful and nervous

Almost 3/4 through the process

This could have been Mike’s new hairstyle

Mike dropping the monies donated by James Lee of Yellow Pages

Don’t they look younger?

Jackson Ting, Managing Director of Sunlit Advertising, donating for a good cause

Group photo after the shaving ordeal

Guess who registered? Mr. Aziz Idris of Borneo Bulletin

Register yourself and get the donation card from Sunlit Advertising office

Group photo with Sunlit Advertising. Good to see Irene who recovering from a serious ankle injury.

Check out the info.. I do hope they can put forward the time as I think the responses will be huge

This was a Go Bald Charity organised by my friend Jodie Sim in Kuching last year and they raised a million plus (in RM) in just one day. Awesome!!!

I shaved my head a year ago as I was raising funds for HSBC Walk, Run and Cycle. I managed to raise BND 2,000 then. I shall be joining this event for sure (Sorry for the vain pose btw haha)


Donation for Temburong fire victims


BIBD through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative today revisited the residents of the blazen longhouse of Kampung Sumbiling Baru in the Temburong District and handed over more basic necessities items.

The CSR team led by BIBD CSR Administration officer, Dk Vivi Aryati Pg Abd Rahman, made an early start for their journey towards the Temburong District to deliver more donations, food hampers and clothing, all contributions fromgenerous BIBD employees.

The donations were presented by BIBD Temburong Branch Manager, Abd Razak bin Ismail, on behalf of BIBD, to the Penghulu of Mukim Amo, Hj Bahrun bin Hj Talib, who is receiving on behalf of the victims.

“Alhamdulillah, we are able to extend more assistance to the affected families, especially now that the festive month of Syawal is drawing closer.” said Hjh Nurul Akmar binti Haji Mohd Jaafar, Head of BIBD’s Corporate Social Responsibility. She also added, “Through the relentless effort and teamwork of BIBD CSR and personnel, BIBD is able to once again come forward to hand over these donations to assist in reducing their burdens”.

BIBD’s CSR initiative has always been sensitive and concerned regarding the needs of the less fortunate and will do its best to extend their assistance in any form should such an opportunity arise. Furthermore, the internal charity initiative is also in line with the BIBD CSR objective in creating awareness and developing individuals who are socially responsible according to the faith that we embrace. To find out more on BIBD’s CSR initiatives, email the CSR initiative at csr@bibd.com.bn or get in touch with the BIBD Contact Centre at 2238181. Text and images courtesy of BIBD.


Brunei Press Netball Team


A sneak preview for the Brunei Press Sdn Bhd netball team as they will be participating in upcoming tournaments as part of their initiative to stay healthy. The netball team will be captained by Fizah with Enoy as their vice-captain. Image courtesy of Dean Kassim of Borneo Bulletin.


It's a new day

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News


BIBD hosted Tahlil at Royal Mausoleum


Yang Mulia Dato Paduka Awang Haji Bahrin bin Abdullah (Front Row – 3rd right) amongst the BIBD personnel at the Bertahlil event

Personnel from Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Berhad (BIBD) and its Group of Companies held its annual ‘Majlis Bertahlil’ at the Royal Mausoleum in Jalan Tutong, where they went to pay their respects to the late Al-Marhum Sultan Hj Omar Ali Saifuddin Sa’adul Khairi Waddien ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam and Al-Marhumah Duli Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Damit binti Pengiran Bendahara Pengiran Anak Abdul Rahman.

Present at the event was Yang Mulia Dato Paduka Awang Haji Bahrin bin Abdullah, Deputy Minister of Finance cum Chairman of BIBD and its Group of Companies. Also in attendance was Yang Mulia Awang Junaidi bin Haji Masri, Assistant Managing Director of Brunei Investment Agency cum BIBD Board Director, Yang Mulia Javed Ahmad, BIBD’s Managing Director along with senior officers, officers and staffs of BIBD and its group of companies.

The recital of Surah Yassin, tahlil and doa arwah was led by Yang Dimuliakan Begawan Pehin Khatib Dato Paduka Hj Hamidon bin Begawan Pehin Siraja Khatib Dato Paduka Seri Setia Hj Mohd Hamid. Press release from BIBD.

Pazzion promotion


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Sending off interns to Singapore


Four (4) students from the Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB) left for Singapore to undergo the six-month internship program at various ICT companies in Singapore. These students are the recipients of the inaugural INSPIRE program by AITI, which is an internship program that offers the opportunities for students to apply and enhance their knowledge and skills through meaningful work experience and interaction with professional people in a real-life working environment.

The four (4) students are Ak Md Hardine bin Pg Hj Marali, Md Naqiuddin Ihsan bin Awg Mat Japar, Dk Siti Rasyidah bte Pg Abd Azis and Abdul Rasyid bin Hj Osman. They are currently undertaking Higher National Diploma in ICT related courses. The students are expected to be involved in various ICT projects throughout their internship program such as software engineering, programming using Javascript, SQL, C++, biometric software development and social media applications development.

Blessings before sending off the students to Singapore

Adi Shamsul, Acting Chairman of AITI sending off the four students

Present to bid them farewell yesterday at the Brunei International Airport was Awang Adi Shamsul bin Haji Sabli, Acting Chairman of AITI and Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, AITI’s senior management and senior officials from Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB).

The students were awarded the Internship INSPIRE Program on last Tuesday, 16 July 2013 in an event that saw the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between AITI and Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), and between AITI and Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB).  Another two UBD students will depart from Brunei Darussalam next month when they start their internship program in Singapore on 19 August 2013.

The INSPIRE Program is also supported by the Department of Economic, Planning and Development (JPKE) and funded under the 10th National Development Plan for Human Capacity Development Program.

AITI hopes that upon completion of the program, the INSPIRE Award recipients will gain valuable working experience which will better prepare them to join the local workforce when they eventually graduate from their course of study. Image and text courtesy of AITI.



Turbo toys at KFC


Collect all the Turbo toys at KFC

With the premiere of the movie Turbo this week, merchandise from the animated film Turbo will be available at all KFC outlets in Brunei starting this weekend. The different merchandise double as stationery and are Turbo Creature Case, Burn’s Measuring Motor, and Skidmark’s Race Notes.

 The Turbo Toy stationeries are available as KFC Chicky Meal collectibles. Customers can purchase the Chicky Mini meal which comes with a toy of their choice or they can buy the Chicky Mighty meal and top up B$3.00 to get the toy as well.

 The Turbo Stationery is now available at all outlets in Brunei. Get your complete Turbo Stationery set today and don’t miss out!



FR, proud of you man

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

FR made it to the finals


Fakhrul Razi raising the Brunei Flag during the opening of the World Championship of Performing Arts 2013 and now he made it to the finals

Guess who made it to the finals??? Mr. Fakhrul Razi himself and we are talking about the finals of the World Championship of Performing Arts. This is just great news for our fellow Bruneian to be up there among the best around the world and getting Brunei known which is such a great achievement. This is just a great indicator that we do have talents but we just don’t have enough support to make it to the big stage and Fakhrul Razi made it to the finals is just a great testimonial that we are no pushovers.

Fakhrul is in the senior vocal category and he’s ranked Top 5 in that group. During the chat interview, he was over the moon and the whole Brunei team were in tears that there was a representative from Brunei that defy the odds. I can imagine the excitement and the vibe if I were to be there next to them and celebrate the surreal experience.

Kevin Lo also made it to the semi-finals while Maria Grace Koh performed to her best at the WCOPA 2013. I have to say it’s not easy to be away from home and competing on foreign soil against 3,000 competitors. To be the best among the lot says a lot of the talent they have in them and I’m proud that Fakhrul Razi belonged to that elite of talents. He’s not just talents but also a hardworking individual. I wonder what’s next for him….

If you are interested to catch him live on the web, the finals will be shown live online starting 10am tomorrow Saturday 20th July 2013. You can click here for the link and catch the live streaming of the event. Good luck, FR, and no matter what, you have already done us proud by representing Brunei and same goes to Kevin and Maria. Good job on Jeff on taking care of them and motivating them.

I will be watching FR performing live on WCOPA website. Let’s come and support our local talent. FTW.

Fakhrul Razi’s expression after hearing of the exciting news

Fakhrul Razi was over the moon when he found out that he’s going to the finals

Encouragement from a celebrity, Wu Chun

During the opening of the WCOPA 2013




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