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Archive for June, 2013


A new hope

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News


 Netcom Computer House


Click image to see more of Netcom Computer House from their Facebook Page


BIBD Barakah 4


Click image to enter website


Fly KL via RB



Nyonya Culture workshop this week


Cecilia Lee, Fun Bee Park’s Activity Consultant announced that Pearly Kee is coming to town to do a Nyonya cooking demo this weekend at Fun Bee Park. Check out details below!!

This should be interesting… What’s great about Cecilia Lee is that she likes to try to new things especially when she travels abroad. This time round she wants to share the Nyonya culture to the residents of Brunei and the activity that will take place this weekend is the Nyonya cooking workshop and the seats are limited (8 pax per session).

Did you know that the Baba Nyonya culture signifies the unity and inter-community of races in Brunei and Malaysia? I did learn some history of the Baba Nyonya culture in my trip to Malacca a few years back. I’ve always enjoyed the nyonya style cuisine and it’s good to know that Fun Bee Park will be hosting this Nyonya cuisine workshop this weekend.

They will be inviting Chef Pearly Kee, a fifth generation in the art of Nyonya cuisine, and she is a descendant of Kee Lai Huat the founder of Sungai Bakap, a small town in Sebarang Perai Selantan, Malaysia.

Want to learn more about Nyonya culture?

Cecilia Lee briefing to the local media for this weekend’s event

5 workshops this weekend on Nyonya cuisine

Friday, 5th July 5pm – 9pm. Maximum of 8 pax. Menu 1) Jiew Hu Char with sambal belacan 2) Dark sauce chicken 3) Stir fried spicy chicken. Dinner included. Go home packed with 3 hands on recipes and 1 bonus recipe. BND 80 only

Saturday, 6th July 8am to 11am. Maximum of 8 pax. Menu 1) Hong Kay 2) Sambal Udang 3) Otak Otak. Lunch included. Go home packed with 3 hands on recipes and 1 bonus recipe. BND 80 only

Saturday, 6th July 7pm to 10pm. Nyonya night. Maximum of 50 pax. 5 course sit down dinner and Nyonya cultural showcase. Menu – 1) Curry Kapitan 2) 5 spice chicken roll with chilli sauce 3) Kerabu Kay 4) Sambal Goreng 5) Bee Koe Moy BND 80 only

Sunday, 7th July 8am to 11am. Demo by Pearly with tasting session. Maximum of 50 pax. Menu – 1) Assam Laksa 2) Nasi Ulam. Tasting portions of demo dishes. Demo recipes and 2 bonus recipes given. Additional nyonya kueh and drinks provided for. BND 40 only.

Sunday, 7th July 2pm to 6pm. Maximum of 8 pax. Menu – 1) Stuffed ladies fingers 2) Assam Prawn 3) Curry Chicken with potatoes. Dinner included. Go home pack with 3 hands on recipes and 1 bonus recipe. BND 80 only.

To register or purchase tickets or for any enquires, call Fun Bee Park at 2457729 or visit the centre at Unit 6&7 Ground Floor, Sempurna Complex, Jalan Batu Bersurat.

These particular Nyonya shoes have an interesting story behind it

Potong shoes doesn’t come cheap

The beads of the shoes are sewn by hand. They are made from small beads.



Brunei crushed Japan


The Brunei U-21 national team

I was waiting for this moment. The moment for Brunei Under 21 team to play against other countries as they were impressive in their build up into the 8th Asian Youth Netball Championship. They caught my attention when played in the Setia Motors Netball Tournament a few weeks ago. Yesterday marked a memorable moment for our netball national team. The result itself caught many by surprise as Brunei crushed Japan 48-26 in the opening match of the 8th Asian Youth Netball Championship and yes, Brunei is the host nation for this tournament.

The first quarter set the pace as Brunei U-21 as they were in scoring form, thanks to the attacking form of Eika and Syu. Farul, the center for Brunei, was instrumental as well while Fizah in goal defence made it difficult for Japan to attack. The first quarter was definitely their best performance as Brunei easily led 17-6.

Japan improved their gameplay but it was their errors and turnovers that cost them dearly. Their poor shooting percentage was also a factor in Japan’s low scoring outing and let’s not forget the great defending by F & F (Fiqah and Fizah). The only worry now is the fitness of Brunei’s star player Mar who started off from the substitute bench after recovering from injury a few weeks ago. She played in the 3rd quarter and it was good to see her in action. The coach Thilaka Jinadasa made a tactical change in the starting line up to save Mar’s energy for the vital game against Hong Kong today.

For your information, Brunei U-21 team is pitted in the same group with India, Japan, defending champion Malaysia and Hong Kong. Only the top two will go through for a semi-final spot. Hong Kong is another favourite apart from Malaysia to go through to the next round. Hence, this is a crucial game for the host nation to beat Hong Kong as the coach is aiming for 2nd place in the group. Hong Kong easily beat India 54-20 yesterday and Brunei must be wary of Hong Kong’s attacking prowess.

Coach Thilaka was still not impressed with her team despite the 48-26 victory over Japan. She said that there is still room for improvement and this is first game for the ladies to play against a different country competitively. “The players were a bit nervous and we cannot do this against Hong Kong (today) and we are like this careless against Hong Kong, it’s going to be very tough.”

Brunei will take on Hong Kong later at 2:30pm later at the Indoor Stadium. Entrance is free so the public is more than welcome to come and support the Brunei team. Yeah, I know it’s during the working hours but if you happen to be free (or you manage to get some MC *lol*), do drop by the Indoor Stadium today.

Regardless whether Brunei U-21 made it to the 2nd round or not, they have shown major improvement as Brunei netball team. I can see a bright future indeed for our Brunei national netball team.

Brunei vs HK 2:30pm today


Indoor Stadium


The Japanese team posing for the camera

Preparing to sing the national anthem for Brunei and Japan

Syu and Eika were in top form against Japan

Farul’s work rate was phenomenal

Datin Paduka Hjh Adina was happy to see Brunei’s performance yesterday. She was the guest of honour as she officiated the 8th Asian Youth Netball Championship

Mar was a substitute as a goal scorer and let’s hope that she’s fully recovered from her injury

Fizah was outstanding in defence as she had many blocks and steals against Japan

Some of the Brunei supporters that came yesterday

Some of the Brunei supporters that came yesterday

Sometimes persistence does pay

The Hong Kong team is one of the dark horses of the tournament

The friendship huddle after every game

Well done Brunei on their first competitive match

The schedules for the netball tournament


Recap: AirAsia Experience


Click image to enter AirAsia website

Aliya Zin at AirAsia HQ. On my recent Mega Fam Colours of 1Malaysia and Visit Malaysia 2014 trip with Tourism Malaysia and AirAsia, I was fortunate enough to have a quick peek with what goes on behind the scenes of Asia’s leading and largest low-cost carrier. But besides the low prices and the awesome air crew in those lovely black and red uniforms, what is the Air Asia story? And how do they keep all those planes in the air? And is it true everyone can fly?

AirAsia’s Head Office is actually located in LCCT itself, who knew? The whole office is decked out in AA’s signature colour, and waiting in the lobby/reception area are the awesome cut outs of Tony Fernandes, Mark Lankester and Kathleen Tan from The Apprentice Asia. And of course, we managed to find a couple of pretty flight attendants to round out the picture! XD

By the way, not just anyone can check out the offices, you need to have a security pass to get around

I think most of you know about Dato’ Tony Fernandes, maybe you heard about his Billionaires Bet with none other than Richard Branson, or you know that he’s the Big Boss on The Apprentice Asia, (which I managed to catch a couple of episodes of when I was in KL. Tony seems scary in the boardroom, but super spot on with his assessments. I can see how he made AA the success story that it is!)

But how it all began is an interesting story, and in the lobby of the Air Asia offices I found an interesting piece of it..

In the picture you see above is the certificate and the symbolic RM1 that Tony Fernandes purchased Air Asia for in December 2001, with the airline heavily in debt. Under his leadership, the airline was flying high in 2002 and launched its new route that year. And that ladies and gentlemen is how you turn a failing airline into one of Asia’s biggest success stories to date. 

The waiting area with the GINORMOUS TV!! Showing episodes of what else.. The Apprentice Asia.

AirAsia merchandise

AirAsia merchandise

Look at the number of accolades that AirAsia has won and earned

I really liked this poster.. AA calls all its staff All-Stars.. and they all take their job seriously.. which is why they can turn the plane around in 25 mins. *applauds*

This is positively my favourite part of the offices! Hahaha! The Chamber of Secrets!

One of their fleet of 118 aircraft. AA has an extensive network with 85 destinations.. They believe in the no-frills, hassle-free, low fare business concept, and being efficient helps to keep costs low. Just think, their efficiency passes on the savings to us, the passengers, so that affordable air travel becomes a reality, which is why their philosophy is “Everyone Can Fly…”

Although they are a low cost airline, you can still fly in comfort. You can select the hot seats (with extra room, perfect for us long legged giraffes!) when you book your seats on AirAsia.com. One of their key strategies is Low Fare, No Frills. It does mean that there are no complimentary drinks or meals offered on board, but you can actually purchase meals for up to 20% off when you pre-purchase while booking your ticket. Yay! And trust me, the food is yummy…

One of their best sellers is the Green Curry Chicken! I could not wait to dig in!

This is their Fried Rice with Chicken Satay… I’m kinda drooling as I write this… (Hi AA.. Mind sending some food over? Hehe!)

And of course.. Must have picture with my fellow travelers! Hi Jan Sun, Nabilah and Imelda! We all look kinda tired because we had a long day.. But here we are posing in the Hot Seats.. haha

Posing in front of the plane like I own it. LOL.

For your convenience, AirAsia has flights twice a day from Brunei International Airport to LCCT. You have the convenience of booking online at AirAsia.com or even on their AirAsia app! (As seen here on my iphone!) and it’s available in the Google Play store as well.

How it looks like booking through a mobile app

You can even book your flight up to 4 hours before scheduled departure time, but of course, the earlier you purchase your ticket, the better deal you get! You can even check in online, and just drop off your luggage at the Baggage Drop when you get to the airport.

Flying with AirAsia was an awesome experience! It’s so affordable, and with flights to many of Bruneians favourite destinations in Asia, like Manila, Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul and Tokyo, it is simply the smartest way to fly.. I want to thank AirAsia and Tourism Malaysia for this awesome unforgettable trip.. I would also like to thank Ivan Ong for looking after us in Johor and Aarti Doshi for the tour of the AA offices and indulging my curiousity! 

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to Fly!



ACER Iconia back in town!!


Aliya Zin at Concepts Computer. After the successful launch of the Acer Iconia B1-A71 in April by Concepts Computer and Acer, demand for the affordable tablet has been high.

The tablet, a budget minded slate running the Android Jelly Bean, is targeted at young and new users or families looking for good quality tablet for their household. It’s also ideal for busy individuals seeking a convenient mobile companion to take with them on the go. With its 7” screen, which is about the size of a paperback, the Iconia B1-A71 has a display that’s comfortable for e-reading, web browsing, playing games and watching videos. The size is perfect to sit in one hand nicely, while you can sip your coffee or take notes with your other hand.

Gaming, web browsing and video are super-fast on the device, thanks to the 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. With the Android Jelly Bean operating system, it improves system wide performance, speeding up Google searches and queries done with Voice Search, are spoken back almost instantly.

You can access tons of free online magazines from hundreds of top publishers from the Google currents app and also download beautiful e-book editions to your tablet. With around 700,000 games and apps available from the Google Play store, you will have plenty to entertain you on the go. Enjoy staying in touch with friends and family via fun video chats with the front facing 0.3 megapixel camera.

Concepts Computer introducing the Iconia B1-A71 with accessories

A great demand for this tablet

You can get the accessories too

The tablets storage is expandable up to 32 GB, with the handy microSD™ card reader so you can take important files with you. It only weighs 320 grams and is small enough to slip into a handbag or a commuting bag, yet big enough to provide a fine view of your favourite media. You can even kit out your tablet with covers and touch pens in a multitude of colours. They have special deals on with purchases with the Iconia B7-A71. m

“ Concepts Computer will always listen to the needs of Bruneian consumers, which is why we are ordering more and bringing in thousands of units to fulfill the needs of local IT-enthusiasts,” said Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer. “This is also in step with our policy of offering highly affordable products and services to our customers without sacrificing quality.”

According to Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive, Concepts Computers, the new tablet has been in high demand since its arrival. “The last two launches, we sold all the units in less than a week, which is why we ordered more units this time around to serve the demands of the public.”

Great promotion from Concepts Computer and The Brunei Times


Bruneians at SEAM2013


Professional fighting game players EG.Justin Wong (L) of America and Tokido of Japan (2nd from R) with Bruneians Amir Noor, Denyze Veronique and Hilmi Shah.

Amir Noor’s report on SEAM 2013. Three Bruneians take on the international arena at the Southeast Asia Majors 2013 (SEAM2013) in Singapore 21-23 June, the region’s biggest fighting game tournament of the year.

The tournament was hosted at the Alienware Arena of Lucky Chinatown where more than 170 players from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Taiwan, Hong Kong as well as Australia and America.

Some of the world’s biggest players attended to compete namely EG.Justin Wong, Tokido, Kazunoko, AVM.Gamerbee, Mike Ross and DM.MCZ.Xian; as many have known them to be top competitors around the world.

Players competed in popular titles such as Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Injustice – Gods Among Us, Street Fighter X Tekken, King of Fighters XIII, Soul Calibur V, Persona 4 Arena and Blaze Blue: Continuum Shift Extend.

Brunei was represented by three players; Shane Goh, Hilmi Shah and Counter Attack’s Amir Noor. Shane competed in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Soul Calibur V and Injustice; Amir joined Injustice and Street Fighter while Hilmi only took part in Street Fighter.

Impressively, Amir and Shane placed Top 10 for Injustice despite the tough competition against Australians and Indonesians but ultimately, the Singaporeans dominated the game all the way through Top 4.

Shane also got Top 10 in Soul Calibur V.

Things didn’t go so well for the other games as Amir and Hilmi barely made it past their early matches for Street Fighter.

Despite our losses, SEAM2013 has been a wake up call for our players in experiencing the level of skill and play of international players. What we were able to take back from the adventure was more friendships and ties with other international players along with the knowledge that Brunei’s Fighting Game Community needs to do more to be better at what they love.

Brunei left its mark at the SEAM2013 as communities from other countries now know of its players and potential to rise up to the challenge of facing their players. The next Southeast Asia Majors has yet to be set but more Bruneians are ready to rally and do their country proud.

SEAM2013 is one of the ‘Road to EVO’ events lined up for players in this region of the world. It allows players who are unable to attend majors in other parts of the world and earn ‘seed points’ for EVO, the world’s biggest tournament for fighting games.

EVO is considered the Olympics of fighting games where hundreds of fighting game players from all over the globe head to America for a chance to be dubbed the World’s Champion. The titles are stretched from all the different fighting games and takes place annually at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, USA.

EVO2013 will take place on July 12-14.

The SEAM2013 tournament in Singapore

The SEAM2013 tournament in Singapore

The audience watching the tournament

Amin Noor of Counter Attack had a good experience at SEAM2013. Image courtesy of Sol Abdo of Australia. You can click the image to view more of pictures of the tournament.

A supporter celebrates while watching the tournament. Image courtesy of Sol Abdo of Australia. You can click the image to view more of pictures of the tournament.


Recap: Dressage, Show-jumping competition


A young rider in action in the annual Dressage and Show-Jumping Competition. Image courtesy of Bahyiah Bakir of Borneo Bulletin.

Brunei Equestrian Centre Sdn Bhd (BEQ) held its annual Dressage and Show-Jumping Competition yesterday at its stables in Jerudong.

The event saw the participation of 82 riders from BEQ, Brunei Shell Recreation Club, and Berakas Saddle Club for both the Dressage and Show-Jumping classes.

In the Introduction Walk & Trot category, Luana Capelao rode into first place with the horse Canablanca. Meanwhile, the Walk the Course Introduction 30/40cm (Junior) category saw Luca Cresta Turner atop Solomon as the winner. Solomon also came in as the winner with riderHamizah Abd Malek in the Introduction 30/40cm (Senior) category.

The crowd of supporters were generous with their cheers and support as they applauded all those in that won their respective categories, displaying a positive air of showmanship.

Another competitor in action. Image courtesy of Bahyiah Bakir of Borneo Bulletin.

The competition’s Walk the Course Preliminary rounds saw a spectacular display of riding from both riders and horses.

In the Preliminary 40/50cm (Junior) category, Willy Wee came in first place atop Taquila, joined by the winner of the Preliminary 40/50cm(Senior) category, Sharon Ong atop Bluetooth.

Representing Berakas Saddle Club, Pg Anak Hj Ahmad Rapae Pg Anak Hanafiah atop Gypsland Girl came in first in the Novice 60/80cm(Senior), while BEQ rider Annabel Stanley atop Bluetooth came in first place for the Novice 60/80cm (Junior).

“I’ve noticed a lot of improvement in the riders this year and I am happy to see a lot of younger riders taking part in the competition. But for me, as long as all the riders are having fun and enjoying the experience, that’s all that matters,” said Brunei Darussalam’s own national rider, Pg Mohd Nasir Pg Anak Hj Ja’afar, who was present at the competition as a judge for the Show Jumping events.

In the Dressage classes, Nisa Khairul and Aarahi Vardhan came in first place for the Introduction I (Junior) and Introduction II (Junior) respectively. However, for the Introduction II (Senior) category, there was a tie in the first place spot, which went to Nur Atiah Hj Rosli and Nurul Shela Hj Jamalat.

Dawn Chai and Hamizah Abd Malek came in first place for the Preliminary Junior and Senior categories respectively. Meanwhile, Annabel Stanley and Annika Murism placed in the Novice junior and Senior categories respectively.

The competition concluded with a prize presentation by BEQ founder Nasrin Ja’afar, Pg Mohd Nasir PgAnak Hj Ja’afar, Brunei Shell Recreation Club Riding Section Chairman Paul Savelli and Berakas Saddle Club Stable Manager Pg Anak Hj Ahmad Rapae Pg Anak Hanafiah. Text courtesy of Zatty Joanda of The Brunei Times and images by Bahyiah Bakir of Borneo Bulletin.

Nasrin Jaafar, founder of BEQ presented prizes to the winners

Pg Mohd Nasir, a national rider with the winners

Pg Mohd Nasir, a national rider with the winners



Those bells

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Aiming for 2nd round


Brunei was drawn in a tough group with the likes of Hong Kong and Japan. I have seen how the Brunei U-21 played and I was totally amazed. They dominated the Setia Motors tournament and they easily beat Ivy League by over 30 points in the finals of the tournament. They are fast, agile, focused and they have that extra edge that most local clubs were missing.

Recently the U-21 team competed in 8 matches in Singapore, all friendlies and they had a tremendous record with 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. It was good to know that our new appointed national netball coach Thilaka Jinadasa (from Sri Lanka) has made a difference in grooming and building the Brunei U-21 team into a more robust, competitive squad.

Today is the big day because Brunei is hosting the 8th Asian Youth Netball Championship and Brunei will be squaring off against Japan later at 10am after the opening ceremony at 9am at the Indoor Stadium. Of course, the public is more than welcome to support our ladies.

Thilaka Jinadasa, the national head coach of Brunei Under 21 netball team has turn the youth team into a more competitive team

The Under 21 team (in green bibs) played in the finals against IVY League in the recent Setia Motors Netball tournament

The U-21 team was outstanding from start to finish

In yesterday’s interview with Jindasa, she said, “We had a good training session against the Maldives and it was a good run that they were playing agianst a foreign team. We just need to some readjustment for tomorrow’s match. I have a good feeling for our first match and the following day we have another match against Hong Kong will be tougher. I have no idea how the Indian team is and I will be looking at their matches and see how we can strategise.

My target is to be 2nd in the group and it won’t be an easy target and the girls must be very focused and confident. So our objective is to be second in the group. In the other group, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka have been playing for many years. No one would believe if I will target for No.1 in the group. Being number two is achievable if we work very hard.

The Brunei team might not be fielding one of their best player in GS after the injury she received in the Setia Motors tournament. She has recovered from the injury but the head coach wants to be caution of her condition and she hopes to field her in the 2nd game against Hong Kong.”

One of the Singapore netball players

The U-21 Singapore team is one of the favourites of the tournament

One of the Hong Kong players during the practice session

They will take on Brunei on the opening match tomorrow at 10am at the Indoor Stadium

The Brunei U-21 heading off after a training session yesterday


Boat & Holiday Expo


Visitors can win night stays in Phuket or Singapore

Yesterday was the official launch of the Boat & Holiday Expo which took place at the Royal Wharf. The event was officiated by Pehin Datu Hj Halbi, the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs. He then presented the prizes to the winners of the photography competition on Kg Ayer and also the boat design competition.

There was also a demonstration by the World Champion Jet Ski rider, Medhy Menad who was being invited to showcase his stunts in Kg Ayer. Do catch his stunts later at 10am and 3pm at the Royal Wharf. There’s also a rowing machine competition for the public to try out.

For all the public visitors, you can also stand a chance to win a 3 night stay at Marriot Mai Khao Beach Resort at Phuket or a two night stay at Royal Plaza on Scotts, Singapore or 1 night stay at Orchid Garden Hotel.

So do come over to the Royal Wharf today and check out the Boat & Holiday Expo and today’s the last day!!

The Deputy Minister officiating the launch of the Boat & Holiday Expo at the Royal Wharf

The exhibitors during the launch of the event

The winner of the photography competition – Hj Kahan bin Haji Nasir

Hj Kahan’s winning picture

2nd place winner of the photography competition – Abidin Hj Lamat

Abidin’s picture that came in 2nd place

The third place winner for the photography competition – Hj Tejuddin Hj Sulaiman

Hj Tejuddin’s photo

Poni Divers is one of the partners for the event

World champion Jet Ski rider Medhy Menad performing his stunts in Kg Ayer in front of the Royal Wharf

Check out his demo later at 10am and 2pm at the Royal Wharf

He showcased his stunts during the launch of the event

Extreme parasailing and this is one of a kind especially at Kg Ayer

Adison Marketing Services is one of the joint organisers of the event

A canoe that has pedals.. Interesting.. At GL Extra booth

The guest of honour trying out Kimchi food

He also visited CBTL booth area

He toured the Marine Department booth

The winners and consolation winners of the photography competition

03 is one of the activity partner for the event

He also greeted the working committee of the event

Yves Grosjean’s boat is on display

Have you entered the lucky draw yet?


Diecast sales at SMR I carnival


Some of the booths at the Sekolah Menengah Rimba and today is the last day

For diecast collectors, they have a booth selling diecast products




The Good, The Better, The Best

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

 Netcom Computer House


Click image to see more of Netcom Computer House from their Facebook Page


BIBD Barakah 4


Click image to enter website


Fly KL via RB


The first Boat Expo


This is the first of its kind being held at the Royal Wharf at Bandar and it’s the first Boat Show in Brunei which is jointly organised by the Municipal Board, Sakam Enterprise and Adison Marketing Services. Perhaps the highlight of the event is the stunt show by Medhy Menad on his Yamaha Superjet Jet Ski. He will be performing on the opening of the event at 10am Saturday 29th June. So you guys are more than welcome to witness his stunt at the Royal Wharf. He will also be performing at 3pm Saturday and 10am and 3pm on Sunday.

There will be rowing competition sponsored by LSL Roofing and it’s open to both male and female. O3 which is the official drink will have a fun fair activity. There will also be colouring contest sponsored by KFC. The winners of the photography competition will be awarded tomorrow morning after the opening ceremony.

Do make sure you make your way to the Royal Wharf this weekend and enjoy the activities provided by the vendors.

An instructor from the Brunei Yacht Club shared some insight on how the youth can take up sailing at the BYC and learn sailing for as long as $20 per month. You will also have to be a member of BYC though and also sign up as a member of the sailing team. For more information, you can check them out at the Boat Expo.

Brunei Yacht Club displayed one of their small sailboats called the Optimist. It is a small, single-handed sailing dinghy which caters to children. According to the instructor, the Optimist costs roughly BND 5,000

One of the judges representing from the Marine Department taking down scores for the boat design competition

Check out the shortlisted photos at the gallery at the Boat & Holiday Expo

Guess who’s in Brunei? The jet ski stuntman himself, Mr. Medhy Menad (second from the left)

Check out his performance on the jet ski at the Royal Wharf. 10am, 3pm Saturday and 10am, 3pm Sunday

Medhy Menad preparing his stunt

There is also parasail activity organised by Poni Divers. It’s interesting to see parasailing in Kg Ayer.


DPMM FC falls at home


It was not meant to be. They had their chances. Not even one of them were converted into a goal. A big salute to the visitors Alberix Niigata for keeping a clean sheet especially in Brunei. They joined Tanjong Pagar and Warriors FC for keeping clean sheets against DPMM FC in Brunei. DPMM FC haven’t been performing well this season and they have already registered their sixth loss of the season and now they are 15 points behind runaway leaders Tampines Rovers FC in the S•League.

Albirex played a patient, possession game and their efforts paid off late in the game. DPMM FC had two new import players but I believe they have yet to gel as a team. Arturas Rimkevicius was hardworking upfront but his partnership with the Portuguese striker Jo hasn’t shown any maturity just yet. Coach Simunic was hoping that the chances they create can turn into goals. DPMM FC need to work on their finishing indeed. They were also missing the presence of Shahrazen Said who was serving suspension for his red card incident. In midfield, new import Rodrigo Tosi still needed time to settle in. Let’s give them a few more games to prove their worth and I believe DPMM FC still have a lot to offer this season.

Albirex Niigata thanked the DPMM FC for their professional play and they gave them a great challenge on the field. They also thanked the wonderful hospitality in Brunei. Now DPMM FC will have to focus on their next match against Woodlands Wellington which will be on the 5th of July in Singapore.

Adi Said challenging for the ball in the air. DPMM FC lost to Alberix Niigata 2-0 last night at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium.

Another brave jump by Adi Said

New signing Arturas Rimkevicius failed to break his duck on his debut. There are still more games to prove his credentials.


Best Original Home Cook Style Korean Food 


Have you tried the newly open Korean food joint in Brunei? It’s pretty good actually. I think I was well fed that day and I was grateful that I had my buddies to help me out too. What’s great about this particular Korean Restaurant is that it uses no MSG so do expect that their food are healthy. All their dishes are home cook style too.

Their most popular dish is the fried chicken. I personally like the red flavour one. They have three flavours for the Korean fried chicken – normal, yang-neom and ganjang. And guess what… they are having a special promotion where you can enjoy 20% off the Korean fried chicken served at YamYam Sarang but the promotion is only from 9pm to 10pm. Awesome, aye?

The Korean restaurant was opened in Batu Bersurat last April 2013 and it’s located at Block J, Unit 6. For reservations, you can call 860 7830. YamYam Sarang is open every day. Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 10pm. On Friday, it’s 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 10pm. So do try out the best original and healthy Korean food in Brunei.

The appetizers at YamYam Sarang Korean Restaurant

Mel holding Pa Jeon (Spring Onion pancake with squid)

Dak Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Chicken) and it can be cooked spicy or non-spicy

Kimchi Soup

Three flavoured Korean Fried Chicken (Original, Yang-neom, Ganjang)

Pek Ching and Ken enjoying the Korean food

Japchae (potato noodles with vegetables)

Sam gye tang (ginseng chicken soup) and it’s healthy too

Tteok bbok gi (popular rice cake dish) and it can be spicy and non-spicy too. The one we tried was pretty spicy 😀

 My favourite drink.. Highly recommended – Sik Hae

Bomi and Mr. Oh of YamYam Sarang Korean Restaurant 😀


Great promotion from Nur Savings


Do you lie awake in bed at night and worry about your loved ones’ future should anything happen to you? As the main breadwinner, do you have savings to ensure that your family will be taken care of? Do you have an insurance plan that provides you the security of savings?

Worry a little less with the help of Takaful Brunei Keluarga (TBK), who have the perfect solution for you. Introducing TBK’s Takaful Nur Savings plan, the plan that insures you and gives you the opportunity to save at the same time!

Takaful Brunei Keluarga (TBK) understand the importance of protection and growing your wealth for you and your loved ones. TBK provides several Takaful products to complement the savings culture initiative while providing attractive investment returns.

According to Hj Md Maszaiwardy Bin Hj Masri, Assistant General Manager, Sales Department, that the products under TBK are designed with Shariah compliant principles and it does not matter if the participant is a non-Muslim, as these products are for all. 

One such product is TBK’s Takaful Nur Savings, which an affordable short-term savings plan that comprises of three components; Protection, Savings and Investment. With a single payment, this plan focusing on protecting the participant with a financial benefit in the event of misfortune, and simultaneously saves and grows their wealth for specific financial goals such as families’ needs, childrens’ education or retirement planning. 

Takaful Nur Savings one-off payment scheme features a two (2) years plan that provides twenty four (24) hours worldwide death and total permanent disablement benefit of B$5,000 and a short-term savings and investment.

With this plan, participants could enjoy an indicative profit return of 1.25% per annum for two (2) years with a minimum one-off payment saving of only B$2,000 or up-to B$5,000 maximum. Not only does Takaful Nur Savings offers financial benefits, as a Shariah compliant product, it also encourages everyone to participate in performing good deeds or Ibadah through sincere donation or Tabarru’.

“Not only does this provide coverage for the participant, but this is a savings plan. There is nothing to lose by participating, as they will receive their savings at the end of the 2 year period and also profits from the investment,” said Hj Md Maszaiwardy.

So get peace of mind for you and your loved ones. And it’s proving so popular that TBK extended the date for Takaful Nur Savings plan.   So what are you waiting for? Take this special opportunity to sign up today as Takaful Nur Savings one-off payment scheme is available for a limited time period till 5th July 2013 or upon full subscription. For more information, visit their headquarters at Unit 1 & 2 Seri Kiulap Complex Kampong Kiulap or call TBK at 2231100 or visit: www.takafulbrunei.com.bn


Redd Boutique




The Getaway

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

 Netcom Computer House


Click image to see more of Netcom Computer House from their Facebook Page


BIBD Barakah 4


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Fly KL via RB



Dell Vostro 5460, thinnest with power


This is the latest Dell notebook from the Vostro Series. It’s the thinnest and the lightest of the 14inch model. It weights at 1.54 kg and despite its ultrathin nature, the Vostro 5460 can deliver more power and portability for value-conscious customers and professionals.

According to Goo Peng Chan, Country Manager for Dell-ROAP and Brunei, “The Vostro line of notebooks has always focused on delivering computing performance in a portable package and today we are proud to bring that promise a step further.”

The latest Dell Vostro 5460 14″ is now available in Netcom branches in Brunei

So what does the Vostro 5460 features?

• 14 inch HD widescreen LED Truelife Display
• integrated stereo speakers, a subwoofer powered by HD audio with Waves Maxxaudio 4.0
• 720HD 1MP camera ideal for conferencing
• full-sized Chiclet keyboard
• 5 hours of battery life
• 802.11 b/g/n Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 and RJ-45 Ethernet port
• Three USB ports including one for Power Share, SD card reader slot and HDMI port
• HD 4000 graphics or upgrade to 2GB DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT630M graphics
• 500 GB HDD, 32 GB SSD
• Comes with In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis, Dell Backup and Recovery Manager
• Intel Anti-Theft Technology and Identity Protection Technology
• Operating system: Windows 8 or Linux Ubuntu

So basically I have listed the major specs of the Vostro 5460 and now you can also choose if you want the standard configuration which is the Intel Core i3 (2.5Ghz) or the Intel Core i5 (2.6Ghz up to 3.2 Ghz). Or do you want the Ultra book configuration?

Price wise, well, it starts at BND 999 and you can Netcom HQ (Dell Authorized Distributor) at 223 1563/4 or you can visit Netcom outlets in Brunei.


Recap: Singapore trip


I’m already missing Singapore (apart from the haze) and I heard it was back again, the haze I meant. I was away for a week in Singapore for the official coverage of the recent CommunicAsia 2013 where Brunei delegates participated under the flagship of AITI. So apart from the coverage on the 4 day event, we managed to explore some areas of interest in Singapore.

Maybe it is about time that the Singapore Tourism Board use my channel (more on a regular basis) to help create the awareness of different places in Singapore. For all I know, the common word I hear from my friends and peers is Orchard, Orchard, Orchard… There are many places to go actually. It’s just that we are so accustomed to Orchard and I have to say it’s a pretty expensive city too.

Anyway, do enjoy the pictures I posted and I have another separate post on Singapore Art Museum and our experience for the Vocapeople performance in the next few days.

The night view of the Singapore flyer and Gardens by the Bay. By the way, did you know that the Singapore Flyer is under receivership after 5 years?

We paid a visit to Gardens by the Bay since we were staying at MBS hotel. It was my first visit here and we were fortunate to visit it before the haze got worse.

Billy and Sophia enjoyed their short visit to Gardens by the Bay

There’s an entrance fee if you want to enter the Flower Dome. You can check the costing by click on the image.

I kinda enjoyed the scenery at the Flower Dome

I found the +5 Degrees presentation quite interesting

I found the +5 Degrees presentation quite interesting

Have you visited the LV building at MBS? It’s three floors high. And do you notice the eye of the sunset?

This is where you roll your coins and hope that they drop through that hole in the center

This was taken on 17th June and it was pretty hazy

This can come in handy after all the walking

Taxis were high in demand at Tower 1 and 3 at MBS especially during CommunicAsia

One of the best satays at Lau Pa Sat. I’m pretty sure there are many others.

We had an awesome dinner at Lau Pa Sat

Zach’s munchies in time for World War Z at Lido Theatres. What an excellent movie!!

Yea, my favourite shop in Singapore

Sightseeing at Tiong Bahru

There’s a Bhutan shop nearby Tiong Bahru

We caught up with Joan who’s working temporarily in Singapore until July

Cathay Cinemas having a competition on Despicable Me 2 on instagram. I’m catching this tonight 😀

Caught up with Gina whom I’ve not seen for 8 years

I hardly come to Clarke Quay but we were on a music adventure spree then

My companions while listening to live band at Little Saigon, Clarke Quay

I love this band.. Perhaps the best band around Clarke Quay. Soothing to the ears and just nice. Keep it up, guys!!!

One entertaining ice cream vendor at Clarke Quay. Never tried it though

The central park of Clarke Quay (me thinks!)

We also tried out the live band music at Chijmes

Have you been to Bugis Village? Lots of great deals

The mole reader.. Most of the predictions are negatives. I guess that’s how they make business out of it.

I met up with Tiffany and Malcolm before I flew back home. Thanks guys for the company 😀


Recap: Teddy Bears’ Tea Party


The ‘Teddy Bears’ Tea Party’ was back for the second time courtesy of Mabohai Shopping Complex and Event Solutions last weekend. Families were seen gathered at the first floor of the Mabohai Shopping Complex where they participated in the many activities that were organised for the event.

It was nothing short of cute as the first floor was transformed to a Gummibear-like space as kids were seen having fun with their parents and siblings.

“The first one was so popular. There were a lot of parents and kids who said that they had fun at the first event so we decided to have another one,” said Director of Event Solutions Aziemah Abdullah of the event.

The event began at 2pm and ended at 6pm during which parents get to have a relaxing afternoon with their kids or even become kids once again and have fun. They were treated to a free flow of coffee and tea, while the children enjoyed hot chocolate with sprinkles, along with assorted sandwiches and cupcakes.

Apart from being surrounded by teddy bears, the children also had activities to do, such as face painting, glass decoration, shirt decoration and event card making. In addition, each child at the tea party received a new teddy bear and a goodie bag.

The event was organised by Event Solutions and supported by Mabohai Shopping Complex. “This was made possible with the support of Mabohai Shopping Complex and Toys ‘R’ Us who have generously loaned us the teddy bears used for decoration,” said Aziemah.

The two-day event aspires to create a unique quality family bonding experience, and establishes the Mabohai Shopping Complex as a family-friendly centre. Text by Zatty Joanda of The Brunei Times.


Dell Vostro 5460 now available at Netcom


For a limited time until 5th July, buy a Vostro 5460 and get extra freebies (movie tickets + tumbler)

Mel trying out the new Dell Vostro 5460

The new look of the Dell Vostro line. This notebook packs a punch or two 😀



Bruneian at heart

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

 Netcom Computer House


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BIBD Barakah 4


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A fresher feel of BIBD


His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Deputy Sultan, in the group photo with the board of directors of BIBD and the senior managers of BIBD at the launch of BIBD new corporate image yesterday at BIBD Kiulap Branch

Yesterday His Royal Highness Prince Hj Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Deputy Sultan graced the launching ceremony which took place at the BIBD Kiulap Branch at Setia Kenangan Complex. Receiving HRH was the Minister of Industry and Primary Resources Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Utama Dato Seri Setia Hj Yahya Begawan Mudim Dato Paduka Hj Bakar, in his capacity as chairman of BIBD’s board of directors.

Hence the area at Setia Kenangan was sealed off for the arrival of HRH and VIPs for another historic event for BIBD. I chose a nice parking spot though around Kiulap Plaza Hotel and it was already packed by 9:30am when I was looking for one.

Anyway, a big congratulations to BIBD on their new corporate image and I kinda love it too. With the new slogan, “Bruneian at Heart”, it’s a sign of new things to come from a newcomer. Well, technically BIBD has only been around for nine years and they have reached big milestones within a decade which says a lot about BIBD’s objectives and vision.

According to Javed Ahmad, managing director of BIBD, that the slogan “Bruneian at heart” brings their customer service to another level where they will feel like home even though they might be abroad. “Because we are Bruneian at heart, you know the service that we provide to everyone not only over here but once we are actually international, is going to be very much the core of our philosophy,” he said.

As you can see that the rebranding of the new corporate image, BIBD has also renovated their BIBD Kiulap branch and it will be a trend setter for the other BIBD branches which will also go under renovation and changes within the year. I’m quite impressed with the new look and feel of BIBD. To me, it doesn’t feel like you are in a bank at all. Awesome stuff!!!

Now with the new corporate image, BIBD has a “stronger sense of Brunei identity” as quoted by Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus. It might be a local bank but they are ready to expand internationally and also offer hospitable customer service locally and internationally.

For such a young bank, BIBD has introduced many campaigns and services to keep up the momentum. I believe their mobile banking (BIBD Mobile) is one of their biggest success in terms of service and the introduction of eTunai (where you can pay merchants using your smartphones) have shown that BIBD is also keeping up with the trends of the community and embracing IT in reaching their customers. The launch of the ALAF programme is also a great initiative by BIBD and now children who are less fortunate can get access to education. That for me is a clear winner on BIBD’s objective on corporate social responsibility.

A day before the launch, BIBD had its annual general meeting and BIBD profits were up by 30% in 2011. By introducing new services and products throughout the year, it has helped BIBD’s growth. It was no surprise that BIBD was voted Best Retail Bank in Brunei 2013 by Asia’s leading bank and finance publication. Keep up the great work and kudos to the management and the team of BIBD for taking new initiatives and trying out new things

His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Deputy Sultan, led by the Chairman of Board of Directors of BIBD to tour the new renovated area of BIBD Kiulap branch

Hjh Nurul Akmar Hj Md Jaafar, Deputy Head of Consumer Banking and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for ALAF, BIBD briefing on BIBD’s objectives

HRH was briefed by Mohd Zainol Amin, BIBD’s e-Banking officer on the latest biometric ATM machine from BIBD

A historic moment to remember in years to come

BIBD’s new information counter

His Royal Highness being greeted by the officers from BIBD

The morning Santap

It was a full house event yesterday

BIBD officers working very hard yesterday and the event went smoothly

Men in black

Thanks for all the updates, bro 😀


Total Summer School


TEPB General Manager Yves Grosjean (center) with Md Paydurrahman and Syazwina Kuan, the ITB students chosen for the Total Summer School happening from 30th June to 5th July in Paris, France

Congratulations to two students from ITB, Syazwina Kuan and Md Paydurrahman Hj Md Najib, who were selected to attend Total Summer School (TSS) on Paris, France for a week starting 30th June 2013 and all these trip is sponsored by Total E&P Borneo B V (TEPB).

The process of the selection isn’t an easy one. A few candidates were given by the institution and the candidates are usually the top academic students. Then they will have to do a minor presentation to Total on issues such as renewable energy and so on. From there, the panelists will choose two students to represent Brunei in Paris.

This is the first time that both are traveling to Paris and I could feel that they are excited and nervous at the same time. Syazwina is a 2nd year student at ITB, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering while Md Paydurrahman is a 3rd year student at ITB, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Communications Engineering.

They will be joining other students around the world from 37 nationalities at the Total Summer school. These will be a good platform for them to learn of different cultures and also exchange knowledge with their new potential friends.

Two days ago, the students met up with the management of Total where TEPB General Manager Yves Grosjean was greeted them. The parents of the students and also one of the deans of ITB attended the breaking ice session.

Do you know that this is the third year running that TEPB has been sending Brunei students for TSS? I remember last year two male students were sent. This will be the first time that a female representative will be sent for TSS. Good luck to the students and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy your trip to Paris and also your mini transit at Terminal 3, Changi Airport :p

Yves Grosjean showing Syazwina on the predicted weather in Paris next week

Group photo with TEPB, the students and the parents


The history of BIBD logo


This logo was used back in 2006 and it was designed by Pg Omarali Pg Hj Mahari

Back in 2006, Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam had their first logo after the merger between Islamic Bank of Brunei and the Islamic Development Bank of Brunei back in 2005. It was an open competition for BIBD’s logo then where Pg Omarali bin Pg Hj Mahari won the logo competition. The logo is golden yellow with BIBD initials written in a jawi-like manner.

Fast forward to 2013, BIBD has rebranded their bank’s corporate identity with a new trendy logo and with a nice slogan “Bruneian at Heart”. This time, it was a collaboration between BIBD and their branding consultant Consulus from Singapore on their new concept and branding. Consulus have previously worked with BIBD on the BIBD’s Wish Campaign which was a huge success.

The new corporate logo for BIBD. Me likes!!!

So what does the logo represents?

Golden Dome – It demonstrates that BIBD’s vision is framed within Islamic principles.
Crescent Moon – The rising crescent moon is another representation of Islam and denotes Brunei’s aspiration to be a leading nation.
Waterways of Brunei – The calm waterways of Brunei reflects the history of Brunei as a nation of peace and tranquility.
Two Hands in Supplication – The two hands in supplication are taken from the national flag. They symbolize the submission to Allah’s will and to gain His blessings for the continued growth of BIBD. They also represent the warm and intuitive relationship that BIBD has with its customers.

The new logo is already printed on the brochures at the outlet

Unveiling the new uniform of BIBD officers



Make that change

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

 Netcom Computer House


Click image to see more of Netcom Computer House from their Facebook Page


BIBD Barakah 4


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Fly KL via RB



Deputy Sultan graced BIBD’s rebrand


His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Deputy Sultan, in the group photo with the board of directors of BIBD and the senior managers of BIBD at this morning’s launching of the rebranding of BIBD and also its new logo

His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah being briefed by Hjh Nurul Akmar Hj Md Jaafar, Deputy Head of Consumer Banking and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for ALAF, BIBD

This is the new logo of BIBD and it’s no more black and gold and they won’t be using the word Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam, just simply BIBD

The new look at BIBD Kiulap branch

More pictures and stories tomorrow



Boat & Holiday Expo


The event is happening this weekend at the Royal Wharf from 8am to 8pm on 28th June until 30th June 2013. The biggest highlight will be the Superjet Jet SKi stunt show by Medhy Menad. There will also be activities conducted by vendors during that event. Poni Divers will have “Extreme Parasail Show”. Other activities such as Rowing Machine Challenge, KFC kids colouring contest and O3 Fun Fair Games. There will also be boat displays at the Royal Wharf.

Do check out the activities poster below. If you want to catch the jet ski stunt by Medhy Menad, it will be at 2pm this Saturday, 29th June at the Royal Wharf. This should be interesting indeed. So if you have nothing to do this weekend, do drop by the Royal Wharf.


The final teaser



Get your Panda now!!


Concepts Computer understands that even with good and safe online practices, your computer’s security might still be in jeopardy.  Even without browsing shady sites, or downloading suspicious files, or ignoring unknown links from people you don’t know; viruses can still infect our computers through new and ingenious ways, this is why Concepts Computer is launching a full range of new computer security softwares from Panda Security.

Important features from Panda Security softwares is that they are easy to manage, it has an install and forget accessibility, where even novice computer users can get the full security experience from Panda Security softwares; another feature is that the softwares are light, in that all process are manged and takes place mostly in the background and in Panda’s cloud; and lastly, Panda Security softwares are able to provide full protection at very affordable prices.

First on offer from Concepts Computer is the most affordable security solution, the Panda Anti-Virus Pro 2013, on promotion for $18 only, down from the usual price of $28. The Panda Anti-Virus 2013 is able to provide advance protection from the latest threats through the use of fast and up-to-date protection against viruses, during web-browsing or during multimedia use.

Next on offer is a security solution that is perfect for the protection of your family and for the protection of your on-line identity; the Panda Internet Security 2013, available for a promotional price of $22, compared to their regular price of $38. Panda Internet Security 2013 is able to protect your credit card and personal data, able to protect your family through Parental Controls, and able to provide back-up for your files locally or online.

Last on offer is Panda Global Protection 2013, available on promo for $28 only, down from the regular price of $48. Panda Global Protection 2013 is able to provide full and maximum protection for consumers without breaking the bank, especially when taking into account Concepts’ promotional launch prices. It is able to provide protection of personal data through total file encryption and password management, while also able to improve your computer’s performances through a built-in PC Optimization tool.

And as a side-note, for these three security softwares, Panda Security is providing 13 months license for usage, which is 1 year plus an extra month, to show thanks for the confidence that their customers have shown in Panda Security products in the past.

Speaking to the media, Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer, said, “Concepts Computer is looking to provide full, top-down services to customers, not only in providing the hardware but also software that can provide a total package.” He continued, “With the assurance of 1st class technical support from not only Concepts Computer, but also Panda Security, we are in step with our policy of offering highly affordable products and services to our customers without sacrificing quality.”

For more information, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2233552/2233553 or 2448102/2448103.

Now Panda software is available at Concepts Computer


Hari Raya promo at IA Salon


Hari Raya Special from IA Salon which starts today until Hari Raya. Rebonding for all length will only be at BND 135. The express digital perm for all length is also BND 135. There will be 40% off on hair products.

IA Salon also have special benefits for any hair service worth BND 200 and above with a single receipt, you will be entitled for a free purchase of Nyonya Cooking Class at Fun Bee Park. For BND 250 and above, you will get a wind spin curl diffuser.

Do check out IA Salon website for more details on the Hari Raya promotion. IA Salon is located #G32 Ground Floor, The Mall Abdul Razak Complex, Gadong BSB. Tel#2423232; 8738232, Business Hours: 10am–9:30pm.


Video Clip Competition


There is an ongoing video clip competition organised by Yayasan and supported by AITI. The deadline for the competition is 5th August 2013 by noon. There are two categories: Open category and students category.

In the open category, there are categories on 1) islamic 2) educational 3) social and economical and the cash prizes are pretty encouraging too where the top prize is BND 5,000. There is also student categories and this is the time to unleash your potential talents.

The competition is open to citizens and permanent residents and you have be 18 to participate. You can visit their website for more details www.yshhb.org.bn or you can call them on working hours 223 2531/32/33 or email them at yshhb.video@yshhb.org.bn


S.E.A Aquarium in RWS, Singapore


It was my first visit to S.E.A. Aquarium located at the Resort World Sentosa. It is said that it’s the world’s largest oceanium. Well, I’m not too sure if this statement covers the Adventure Cove (the waterpark). One of the main highlights is the world’s largest acrylic viewing panel and you will be able to view the different type of species in one area.

I have never know that there were many underwater species in our world and it’s amazing to see most of them under one roof. I began to appreciate more of their existence and how beautiful they can be. If you want to know what can be seen at the S.E.A. Aquarium, do click here for more details.

It opens from 10am to 7pm but I have to tell you that it took us a while to get inside because of the long queue. Not to worry as it is a smooth flowing queue. Ticket price is $33 per adult and $23 per child. If you want priority queue, then just add $10 or $15 so you won’t have to queue up upon entry. This will also allow you entrance for the Typhoon Theatre which is a 4D simulation.

The ticketing queue at S.E.A. Aquarium

A history on sea traders

You need to pay an extra $10/$15 to enter here

Another history section on sea traders

We waited for 5 minutes. The queue might look long but it was smooth after 5 minutes. However, it was totally packed inside.

The underwater tunnel

The acrylic floor where you can see the underwater creatures

We didn’t see much action of the dolphins as they were busy attending their trainers

This looks awesome!!

I love the colours of sea jellies

Fishy, fishy…

Another type of jelly fish

The octopus looks scary

World’s largest acrylic viewing panel

Not sure what type of fish this is

Sophia appreciating the marine life



Experiences on MBS, Ibis

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

 My stay at MBS


So how was my experience staying at Marina Bay Sands for the second time? (Thanks AITI btw) Well, it was a different experience. My previous room was facing Gardens by the Bay last year but this time, I had the Premier Room with the view of the city (me likes). It’s located on Tower 3.. Yes, there are three towers for Marin Bay Sands hotel and for you know, MBS is an iconic hotel in Singapore like how The Empire Hotel is for Brunei.

Now if I were to travel to Singapore on my own, it’s very unlikely I will be staying at MBS because of the price factor. You will have to fork out at least BND 400 for a normal room and not forgetting you have to pay tax some more. I know the rates do hike up during CommunicAsia and it starts at $600ish.. We are fortunated that we have a special rate for the Brunei delegates and the accomodation at MBS was bourned by AITI.

What I love about MBS is the spacious room, free wifi (and it’s fast) and the 42″ interactive TV where you can view information on what Singapore has to offer. As for the mini-bar, they have an advanced technology where you can’t simply take the drinks from the mini-bar because it has a censor. So let’s say you want to drink a can of Pepsi and you replaced it with another Pepsi that you bought somewhere else. It doesn’t work that way now.. As long as you lift any drinks from the mini-bar, you will be charged automatically. So stay away from the mini-bar if possible *lol* That’s what I love about Royal Plaza on Scotts as the mini-bar is complimentary for in-house guests 😀

Ok, what I didn’t enjoy was the service at MBS. Yes, it’s pretty humungous and the check-in and check-out counters are efficient for sure (Duh, it’s about transactions and closing sales so they need to be in full force) but after the after-getting-your-room service is still questionable for an iconic hotel like MBS. The bell boy service was kinda poor. We had to wait for 15 minutes and still he didn’t turn up so we had to carry our luggages and boxes on our own.

Another bad experience I had was being locked out of the room. I had a short swim on the Infinity Pool (ok, I love this about MBS) and as I was heading back to my room, I couldn’t access to my room. Even with the master key from the management, they weren’t able to open the door. The maintenance said the battery went flat (for the mechanism of the door) and he had to get an outside contractor to drill open the door. I was already late for my AITI dinner event and they said it might take an estimated time of 2 hours :(( I was still in my bathing robe and I was fortunate that I temporarily stayed in SS’s room while they opened the door.

After an hour, the door was unlocked and the management changed my room though I was hoping for an upgrade but it was good enough that I had a bigger, spacious room and this time facing the Gardens by the Bay. I was still in an upset mode and there was no formal apology or some kind of compensation from MBS because of this issue.

Anyway, to sum it up, MBS is not for everyone but if you do have the time and budget, do at least try and experience it. I actually won’t mind staying here if the price was in the $200ish range. You can check the reviews on Trip Advisor.

Pros: Iconic hotel, spacious, Infinity Pool, awesome interactive TV, walking distance to MRT (Bay Front) and Gardens by the Bay, awesome view from the room, complimentary water daily, free access to Banyan Tree Fitness Club.
Cons: Expensive, some of service not to my expectations, porter service is chargeable if you want to transfer your luggage to your room from the bus drop-off zone.

We had a special counter for CommunicAsia participants for checking in at the Marina Bay Sands hotel

The MBS view at night

The hazy view from my room taken on 16th June

What’s cool about the room to room calling is that the name of the guest appears on the screen. Darn, that means I can’t do prank calls

I was always watching Channel News Asia for the haze updates

Despite the haze, I went to experience the Infinity Pool for half an hour

Sophia and Billy chit-chatting while enjoying the infinity pool despite the haze

The bad experience I encountered by being locked out. Apparently a few Bruneians experienced a similar thing 🙁

I was moved to a bigger room after that incident

Awesome cars just outside Tower 3

Apparently there is a service charge once you use the porter service but no charge if you are checking out from your room

This is the Marina Suite and it costs at least $1,600 per night *Sweat*

My stay at Ibis


Ibis Hotel was a great experience for me even though it was only a night stay. This budget hotel is located on Bencoolen Street (not far from Sim Lee Square). It’s a pretty affordable hotel and I didn’t know quite a few Bruneians have stayed here. The rooms are pretty small but I guess I didn’t mind that either. Compared to MBS, the walk to the closest MRT takes 10 minutes or so but then again, it’s located next to Bugis and I do shop and dine at Bugis area too.

The TV was smaller of course due to the small size of the room but it didn’t offer a variety of channels. Room was clean and I managed to check in earlier than usual though I was told I could only check in at 2pm initially. We didn’t had any bell boy to help us from the taxi to unload the luggage but I guess they don’t really have that service. Not too sure about that.

Service wise was pretty good. We were able to have an extended late check out at 3pm (Thanks Alison and Terence) and the front desk people were very polite. They even helped me throw away unwanted rubbish for me and they also allowed me to use the lobby toilet (you need a keycard for that) even after I have checked out from the hotel.

I guess the affordability factor reduces some of the services provided by Ibis such as bell boy service and room service. To me, it doesn’t really bother me much. I highly recommend you to visit Ibis Hotel and this might just suit your budget if you happen to stay for a few nights or so.

Pros: Affordable (less than $200 at certain periods), friendly service (even the housekeeping guys greeted me with a smile), clean rooms, free WIFI, helpful front desk stuff
Cons: Small room but it’s not bad for the price we pay, wardrobe is pretty small too, no room service and bell boy, carry your own luggage to your room but they provide trolleys

I had a pleasant stay at Ibis Hotel

The twin bed room at Ibis and it is pretty small

Small wardrobe I must say

TV space in the room

The bathroom, toilet is pretty compact

They provide trolleys for luggage movement. Self-service.

Free internet usage for in-house guests

We ordered some food here



Back in business

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

 Netcom Computer House


Click image to see more of Netcom Computer House from their Facebook Page


BIBD Barakah 4


Click image to enter website

Fly KL via RB



My experience at CommunicAsia 2013


This year’s CommunicAsia 2013 was so-so for me as it didn’t have many things that are of interest to me. But I’m still honoured that I was once again invited to cover AITI’s presence in CommunicAsia 2013. They have four floors of exhibitors and it took me a while to walk around as usual. The only difference that the Brunei delegates notice was the absence of CBOSS from Russia. You can click here to see what I meant *lol*

Nonetheless it was still a great experience for me and also for the participating Brunei vendors. It was a pity that the event was slightly overshadowed by the haze situation and I could feel that the crowd wasn’t as packed as compared to last year. I was having this jobless idea that I could stock up on the N95 masks next year and start selling it at the Brunei Pavilion. Yea, those masks were high in demand and it was totally sold out in Singapore then.

Thank you once again to AITI for this wonderful opportunity 😀


Announcement from Brunei Shell Marketing


So guys, spread the news and stock up before 5pm tomorrow 😀


Another teaser




Back to Life

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 Netcom Computer House


Click image to see more of Netcom Computer House from their Facebook Page


BIBD Barakah 4


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Fly KL via RB


Miami Heat, NBA Champions


Well done to the trio of Miami Heat for winning their 2nd NBA crown

Wooohooo… I’m happy that Miami Heat won the NBA Championship. I missed the final three games on TV because of my coverage of the CommunicAsia 2013 in Singapore. So all I get my updates were through livescore app on my smartphone. I had a belief that the Heat would come back from 3-2 in the final series against the consistent San Antonia Spurs and they had a nerve wrecking performance in the 6th game where Miami Heat won in over-time and forced the game to a final tie-breaker in the best of seven final series.

LeBron James did it again. He’s a two-time NBA Champion and two-time Finals MVP. Spurs did contain him in the earlier games but he was different player in the final two games. Well done to the Miami Heat on their back-to-back championship.


Inspiron 14R


Inspiron 14R (5421) now available at Netcom Computer House


Report card from Brunei delegates


The curtains on this year’s CommunicAsia 2013 finally came to a close yesterday.  The ICT business mission led by the Authority for Info-communications Industry Technology of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) to participate in CommunicAsia 2013 has been a rewarding and fruitful one.

Besides the business matching sessions created for Brunei ICT companies, the Brunei delegation also visited Singapore ICT companies, D.Ink and 2359Media, prior the start of CommunicAsia 2013.  The Brunei delegation were also briefed by Singapore ICT companies under the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) Pavilion and on eGovernment exhibits by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) on the second day (19th June 2013) of CommunicAsia 2013.  The key highlights of this mission were the signing ceremonies held at Brunei Darussalam Pavilion on the opening day (18th June 2013) of CommunicAsia 2013.

Both ministers having a conversation at the Brunei Pavilion at CommunicAsia 2013

The joyous occasion was witnessed by Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Hamzah Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Abdullah bin Begawan Mudim Dato Paduka Haji Bakar, Brunei’s Minister of Communications, and Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Singapore’s Minister for Communications and Information.  These signing ceremonies were:

  i. Project Addendum with the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) for the Cooperation in Human Capacity Building for Broadcasting and Media
ii. Project Agreement with IDA International Pte Ltd (IDA International) for the Cooperation in Human Capacity Building for ICT
iii. Memorandum of Understanding between Brunei’s PHMD Publishing and Singapore’s LDR Pte Ltd on joint development of curriculum-based mobile apps for Brunei schools

Three local Brunei ICT companies also used CommunicAsia 2013 as a launch pad for their products and services.  These are:

1. Bru InnovEdu launched their product Learn thru Play which aims to provide an interactive online platform to address the problem arising from irresponsible spending and excessive debt amongst the youth
2. SilverWings Service launched Mizi, a social media aggregator whereby several social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Google+) are consolidated on one platform
3. MeSixty Sdn Bhd launched their “Top Halal Restaurants (Singapore)” application which  provides a list of top 10 quality dining restaurants in Singapore for Muslim travelers.

Representatives from AITI at the Brunei Pavilion


With the close of this year’s CommunicAsia, the companies from the Brunei delegation gave their assessment on this business mission.

Network Integrity Assurance Technologies (NiAT)
“Participating in CommuincAsia2013 has given us exposure to different ICT players. We were given the chance to meeting existing and potential partners from all over the world. During the business networking session, we were able to gain more knowledge on advanced technology that is being implemented in other countries.”

Aazah from NIAT (TelBru) with the Singapore’s Minister of Communications and Information

Brunei Economic Development Board
“A good platform to showcase BEDB’s new programme, Start-Up Brunei and leverage on the CommunicAsia networking platform to attract foreign startups.”

There has been a lot of feedback from visitors on Start-up Brunei campaign by the Brunei Economic Development Board and their closing date is extended until 28th June

“In their second year running, DST has once again participated under the Brunei Pavilion led by the Authority for Info-Communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) together with nine ICT companies participating in this year’s CommunicAsia 2013.

This year DST’s booth introduced DST to various business leaders, potential vendors, and public viewers to DST products and services offered by DST including mobile services, mobile and home broadband services, multimedia, pay TV, radio and system integration services.  DST also introduced their most recent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative called “Safe Safar”, an android supported mobile application, developed by young Bruneians, that supports road safety and reduce accident rates by allowing the driver to temporarily limit the features of their mobile device to focus more on the road.”

Elixsurian Hj Busu, Manager of Group Corporate Communications, DST (center) with visitors at the DST booth

Folec Telecommunications (B) Sdn Bhd
“First of all thank you again to AITI for the experience and opportunity given to FolecBrunei to participate in Communicasia 21013.
During this year event, FOLECBRUNEI were able to broaden our network through the TELCO market in Asia, we were able to get new leads for the the new product that we were showcasing. During this year event too, we were able to get new distributorship for various telco and IT products from Europe. We will continue to support AITI in its efforts to make Brunei as a HUB for IT and TELCO. We would like to recognize AITI hard works to promote local Brunei TELCO & IT company to venture into the regional and international market.”

Reza Faizal, Deputy CEO of Folec Communications briefing the ministers on their latest product

Visitors at the Folec booth during CommunicAsia 2013

BruGPS Technologies
“This year’s CommunicAsia exhibition has been a positive impact for BruGPS Technologies as we’ve met different companies all over the globe who are engaged in different IT fields providing different software and hardware solutions. It helped us find a better way of getting exposed and acquiring hints on planning to expand the business. Aside from these, we’ve managed to meet and thoroughly discussed with companies which also happens to be hardware suppliers and software system integrators who are very much interested and willing to become our resellers or to partner with us from different regions. Having the chance to join events such as this is an excellent opportunity to evolve, improvise technology, innovation and grow the business.”

Mr. Chua Pheng Chai, CEO of BruGPS Technologies (right) had a courtesy visit by the ministers

MeSixty Sdn Bhd
“CommunicAsia proved to be a fantastic platform to launch our ‘Best of Halal’ app, receiving wide praise from everyone who visited the MeSixty booth. We were very happy to have the Minister of Communications, Pehin Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Abdullah, launch the app with Singapore’s Minister of Communications, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim attending too. We were excited to see the Singapore Minister’s enthusiasm for the app, taking out his Android phone and downloading the app straight away.

From the hundreds of Muslim attendees, the overwhelming response has been that of gratitude since the ‘Best of Halal’ app solves the problem of finding great Halal food. What was most surprising was when people would come, shake our hands and say “Thank you for making this!”  We would like to thank AITI for helping us bring the ‘Best of Halal’  app to iPhone, iPad and Android and we look forward to expanding our coverage to all the major cities around the world in the coming months.”

The team behind Best of Halal created by MeSixty

Gina dropping by MeSixty booth

Bru InnovEdu
“To have the opportunity to launch my product in CommunicAsia is amazing and I feel so honored to have the Minister of Communication from Brunei and Singapore to officiate the launching event. The responses from the visitors have been very encouraging and positive.  We are quite surprised to receive numerous enquiries from potential business partners in the media and educational industry. These businesses are mainly from the Asian Countries, that’s our target customers, we designed our product with Asians in mind and we are thrilled they are interested!

Thank You AITI, for bringing us to the international arena and connect us to such an amazing platform.  We will be back!”

The ministers launching Bru InnovEdu’s product at CommunicAsia 2013

Shavon of Bru InnovEdu hopes to be back next year and she learnt so much from the four day experience at CommunicAsia

PHMD Publishing Company
“As a startup entrepreneur with a vision, it has been invaluable to us to have at our disposal the experience and the knowledge we gain from different entrepreneurs from around the world participated in CommunicAsia 2013. The process we have gone through especially the MOU signing with Singaporean Company has taken us to another level of scaling up the innovation to better use and helped us to refine our business model.

I was struck almost immediately by the high skill levels, innovativeness and commitment demonstrated by the entrepreneurs here. While there is wide diversity in terms of age, background and interests, they all have that passion and drive that says in essence – ‘we have something interesting and important, something of value that we must share.”

Ak Khairi has been a busy man and he’s working very hard with his partner from LDR (Singapore). He recently signed an MOU with LDR in building a mobile app

SocialBuzz Advertising
“CommunicAsia has helped ‘The Gigland’ gain international exposure first hand with interested industry experts, professionals, developers, strategic partners, investment companies coming from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and more.

Professionals from media companies, telecommunications, app development companies have shown immense interest in our technology and the potential of its global reach. We look forward to close ties and further collaborate with these foreign companies in the Gigland’s endeavor.”


Let’s get the buzz going for Gigland

SilverWings Services
“Being here in CommunicAsia2013 for the very first time was a great opportunity. It was definitely an eye opening experience meeting various people from different countries, backgrounds, expertise and mindsets.

This experience has expanded my awareness of both the ICT and business world and I’m  honoured to have this opportunity to be here. CommunicAsia is really a place to meet new people for business matching, exchanging of ideas and collaboration. Hope to have this opportunity again in the near future.

‘Eye opening experience to another level in the business world”

I’m proud of my bestie, Sophia Siu of SilverWings, and she was glad she joined this trip as she learnt of the new possibilities and adventures in the business world. Welcome on board 😀


Announcement from BIBD


Haji Minorhadi Hj Mirhassan, Head of Institutional Banking of BIBD and Hjh Nurul Akmar Hj Md Jaafar, Deputy Head of Consumer Banking of BIBD heading the press conference

BIBD held a briefing for members of the media and local press today. about the upcoming event held at their Kiulap branch. The press briefing was lead by Haji Minorhadi Hj Mirhassan, Head of Institutional Banking and Hjh Nurul Akmar Hj Md Jaafar, Deputy Head of Consumer Banking.

To quash rumours currently spread on social media networks and through mobile messenger Whatsapp, and BIBD confirmed that there was an event being held at their Kiulap branch on Wednesday, 26th June 2013. Incoming traffic to the area around Kompleks Setia Kenangan building and the surrounding building would be blocked, so customers are advised to visit their other bank branches to do any banking activities.

To further accommodate BIBD’s customers, especially for government employees that have assigned their salary with BIBD and wishing to perform their usual branch banking activities on payday, BIBD has decided to distribute their respective salaries earlier ahead of the usual schedule, on Monday, 24th June 2013. This would include those receiving their pensions. Daily paid employees however will receive their salaries at the end of the month as per usual. The earlier paid salaries would only apply to BIBD customers and government employees who assigned their salaries to other banks will not be affected.

The press release from BIBD


Networking dinner hosted by AITI


Hj Yahkup, Chief Executive of AITI (2nd from left) hosted dinner for the Brunei delegates participating in this year’s CommunicAsia 2013. The dinner was held at Straits Kitchen, Hyatt Hotel, Singapore



A hazy affair

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

  Netcom Computer House


Click image to see more of Netcom Computer House from their Facebook Page


BIBD Barakah 4


Click image to enter website

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Man of Steel


Man of Steel performed well in the box office and puts Green Lantern to further shame in the DC adaptation movies

Man of Steel. Hmmmmmmm.. You know what? I just felt something amiss and I’m trying so hard to appreciate Zack Snyder’s latest work of Man of Steel. I’m still his big fan and I love his take on 300 and Watchmen. I felt dissatisfied that I even watched back the trailer “Fate of Your Planet” over and over again because that trailer was freaking good and still gives me the shivers. General Zod had that bad ass impression on the trailer but he was a major disappointment for me in MOS. For every superhero movie, to make it stands out, the villain must have such an impact with his or her on-screen’s presence to bring the best out of the movie. I just felt General Zod was a mediocre adversary at best.

The plot was something different and it was kinda expected coming from Snyder. Well, honestly, the plot was slightly different from the origins of Superman and I thought that was something refreshing. The flashback moments were alright but it could have been tighter in the story telling sense. Now Henry Cavill as the Clark Kent/Superman, he does look compatible but not much emotional chemistry formula was shown from him and perhaps Snyder could have focus more on this area. I know some of my female friends might be biased on their ratings because of Henry Cavill in tights *lol*

Sorry for all the rants but this is how I personally felt about MOS. I do, however, still enjoyed the movie experience especially on 3D IMAX in Singapore. The reviews have very mixed. Keeran and AnakBrunei gave it a thumbs up while most of my peers were disappointed. I am disappointed to an extent and it’s one of those hyped movies that I won’t watch twice in the cinema. I’m hoping for a better sequel 😀 If you haven’t caught it, I suggest you do. Verdict: 7/10 @lilmopiko 6.5/10 Billy Lim 7.5/10 @tiffanyyong 7/10 Rottentomatoes 56%.

Taken from Shaw Singapore Facebook page. This display was at Shaw Theatres at Lido

One of the first items on my shopping list and it was unplanned. I ended up buying one and still searching for a General Zod t-shirt.. Help!!!


KFC promotion


DC Super Friends Lenticular Lunch Box Set at KFC

KFC Korean Burger is town!!!


A hazy affair


The reason for the haze in Singapore and other countries. The hot spots from Riau (forest and plantation) in Indonesia. Image courtesy of AFP.

Woww.. This is such a bad hazy condition. I remember entering Singapore last Sunday and there was some slight haze and I thought it won’t worsen as days went by. I was wrong… The PSI readings were breaking records one after another. Two nights ago, it recorded a Singapore high then of 371 on the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) and yesterday it recorded a new all-time high of 371 by 1pm.

I’m currently staying on the level 37 at Marina Bay Sands and I have to say that my morning views gets worse and worse day by day. This morning was just terrible and once I opened the balcony sliding door, the smell of the haze was just too strong. The Prime Minister of Singapore has urged to remain calm yesterday in his press statement and he has outlined additional measures the government will take to deal with the problem.
In another interesting news, Laksono of Indonesia said Singapore should not be behaving like a child and making all this noise… Whoooaa!!! This has created some tension between the countries as the fires were coming in from Indonesia and with the help of the wind, the haze been spreading to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. I believe Brunei has received the haze effect two days ago. I’m still in Singapore and it has affected my activities outside and I do hope during my Zombie run this October that Singapore will be haze-free 😀

For now, my suggestion is to wear a mask if you are outdoors. Oh yea, the face masks are pretty high in demand now and it’s pretty hard to get at the pharmacies or convenient stores. I have pre-booked my mask at the gift shop at MBS.. Well, you can’t really book but they will call me once the masks arrived at the shop. As of now, the PSI reading is 256 and I can even smell the haze in the corridor outside my room. That’s how bad the haze is…

My view yesterday from my room over looking Gardens by the Bay

The haze condition taken three days ago from MBS

We managed to relax at the Infinity Pool and it was already hazy but not as bad as two days ago

Even picture taking doesn’t look great at the infinity pool

Masks are hard to come by and it’s high on demand now


Mamapah, Zaren Chocolatier


The crunchy flavor from Zaren Chocolatier. Now you can visit them on the 1st floor at The Airport Mall (not far from AV Electronics)

Have you tried their Brunei’s own home made chocolate? and they also sell their popular nasi lemak from their branding name Mamapah. I’ve tried the spicy rendang one and I thought it was pretty good. They have been around for many years and now they have a physical presence located on the 1st floor of the Airport Mall (not far from AV Electronics).

They served different kinds of nasi lemak and the portion is just nice, not too many, not too little. For now, you can take away the nasi lemak and the regulars would know how they taste like. They have a few flavours such as Rendang Hitam, Ayam, Biasa/Pedas and Bakulan. Now Mamapah Cafe have expanded to cater to a newer market and they also hope to create more awareness on their home made Belgium chocolates, Zaren Chocolatier.

You can check out their Facebook on Zaren Chocolatier and they are selling quite well too. So if you haven’t try them out, you can pay a visit to their store at the Airport Mall. They also provide delivery for orders more than $15 but the destination areas are within Brunei Muara district if I’m not mistaken. You can also call 822 7772 or email them at zarenchoclatier @gmail.com

The new outlet which was recently opened at the Airport Mall

More chocolates to choose from

A mixture of everything inside this box

The nasi lemak that I had a few days ago. Thumbs up!!

They are helping out with the operations at the new store


Gong Cha hiring in Brunei


Email your CV to career@ gongcha.com.bn and who knows you will be part of an amazing brand, Gong Cha





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