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Archive for December, 2012


The final hours of 2012

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

BIBD imposes strict measures to counter & prevent ATM tampering attempts


[Press release from Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam]: With everyone in a festive mood, a mixture of the recent release of Government payroll plus bonuses and school holidays, there are some in the community taking full advantage of this busy period to infiltrate the already present stringent securities already in place by the respective banks.

Recently Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) has reacted swiftly to evidences of card skimming and tampering activities at one of its BIBD Auto Teller Machines (ATM) locations.

A spokesperson from BIBD commented “BIBD would like to reassure all of its clients to remain calm as the risk is under control. BIBD has been working diligently around the clock to counter such illegal activities. With more technological advancements, BIBD, within its ’2013 Operations and Technology plans’, has already identified more advanced antiskimming technologies. This is to ensure its customers and their respective cards are assured of the security of all their transactions, and the countering of any potential attempts of a more advanced infiltration and retrieval of its sensitive information. The Royal Brunei Police Forces (RBPF) has been informed of the incident and the case is still undergoing investigations. The Brunei Association of Banks have also been informed to ensure that all respective banks are also put on high alert.”

Despite already imposing additional security measures such as anti-skimming equipments at all of its ATMs and CDMs at all locations, an updated adaptation of the latest card skimming activity has emerged. The perpetrator has been identified installing this updated card skimming device on top of an already installed anti-skimming device, making the card slot, with an already installed anti skimming device, looking rather bulky than usual. This new skimming equipment was placed to override the current anti-skimming precautions in place, but rest assured that BIBD has been able to react promptly to counter such attempts. The pictures below can help bring more awareness to public how to be conscious of the device upon using the machines at any of the ATM networks sites.

BIBD ensures good security measurements to deter culprits on tampering their ATMs

Having identified the compromised location, BIBD has promptly checked all of its other ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) networks to ensure any risks of tampering are mitigated and all customers’ transactions are genuine. BIBD is also working closely with the RBPF to prevent from any further potential damage to occur. For security purposes, all cards used at the affected ATM will be blocked, and customers will be informed first to advice on the reissuance of all their cards.

BIBD would like to remind all its clients to be always on alert when using any ATM or CDM machines, albeit BIBD or any other bank, as the nature of these card skimming devices have always been evolving, even to mimic the plastic covers of ATM & CDM card slots, making it almost impossible to be detected by the every day user. Cameras were also installed above the numerical keypad to record sensitive information such as customers’ PIN numbers. This is evident from the recent incident.

In light of this incident, BIBD would like to emphasise that all BIBD Debit and Credit cards are installed with a security chip feature to ensure the complete safety of their accounts are duly protected and any transactions performed will not be compromised. BIBD reminds all its customers who have not changed their ATM cards to Debit cards to do so at the nearest branches. Further security attached to BIBD cards is the ‘SMS Alerts’, whereby an instant notification with transactions details will be sent to the customer selected mobile phone, after every card transaction.

Another security measure would be the recently introduced ‘3D Secure’ that will issue to all customers performing an ‘Online’ transaction an instant ‘One-time-password’ (OTP) sent to their mobile phone, for further authentication of the transaction. This additional security feature, further exemplifies BIBD’s seriousness in ensuring the security of all customers accounts.

To aid in the prevention of any future reoccurrence of such card skimming activities, the public is reminded that they can report any suspicious activity to BIBD by calling BIBD’s Contact Centre, available 24 hours, anytime anywhere at +673-2238181. The customers’ feedback and support is invaluable to BIBD, and would like to thank the general public for the support and cooperation given.


Recap: Adventure Cove Waterpark


I haven’t blogged about this yet while I was in Singapore. I went to Adventure Cove Waterpark at Resort World recently and I thought this is an excellent place to bring your family for water type activities. I had a great time with my siblings then and you can simply spent the whole day having fun practically with water. I think my siblings really enjoyed the waterslides and they different types of waterslides too. Definitely worth another visit here with the family. If you want to know more, you can click here.


Pizza Hut Delivery stores


The newly renovated delivery store at Pizza Hut Sengkurong

Two new delivery stores, well.. to be more precised, Pizza Hut Delivery, celebrated their newly modelled stores in Sengkurong and Mentiri yesterday. According to Johnny Liew, the Chairman of Olive Tree Corporation (Pizza Hut Brunei), the renovations to the said stores will offer a whole new experience in delivery. This shows commitment of OTC to revitalise the brand imagery to their customers.

More delivery outlets means improve service in delivery using cutting edge technology ovens which would mean delivering pizzas in a shorter time than usual. The new ovens reduces the baking time required for pizzas which essentially means hot fresh oven food served quicker to customers. Well, this can be very useful especially on Double Tuesday promotion.

Pictures from Pizza Hut Delivery Sengkurong



Wouldn’t this be cool? 😀



Up to 60% off at C&K


Hi all Shoppers and Charles & Keith Lovers, Do catch the sale up to 60 % at Charles & Keith now onwards and enjoy the further discount  on 1st Jan 2013 , while stock lasts !!! This is indeed a good chance for those who always wanted to add new shoes into their collection. Hurry now and enjoy shopping!!! And Happy new year!!




One Day More

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Now, what are their motives??


The headliners in today’s The Brunei Times

So what’s the motive behind the 35 detainees? This is pretty unusual that they have 70 weapons in their possession and there were even children involved judging from the picture taken and published in today’s The Brunei Times. There was also evidence of drug abuse where 5 of them were under the suspicion.

The weapons that were detained by the Royal Brunei Police Force were butterfly knives, knuckle dusters, machetes and even Katana, a sword used by Samurais. It was a four hour operation where 300 officers were involved. Kudos to the relevant agencies especially to the RBPF, the Narcotic Control Bureau, the Internal Security Department, Royal Customs and Excise Department and the Immigration and National Registration Department.

Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) personnel rounding up persons caught with illegal arms in surprise raid at Kampong Ayer yesterday. Picture: Courtesy of RBPF


Press release from RB


Press release from Royal Brunei Airlines (RB): Royal Brunei Airlines flight BI098 from London, via Dubai to Brunei on 27 December 2012 experienced a technical issue prior to the journey to Dubai which required a precautionary return to London Heathrow.  BI098 landed safely back at London Heathrow at 11:39am local time.

Due to current holiday peak period, RB was only able to secure a chartered replacement aircraft to operate the flight out of London Heathrow, operated by Titan Airways on a 767-300ER.

As part of RB’s commitment to ensure the comfort and welfare of the affected passengers in London, Dubai and Brunei, accommodation, transportation and meals were provided during long layover periods.

The chartered replacement flight, BI098D is estimated to depart London Heathrow at 10.45pm local time and estimated to arrive in Dubai at 9:25pm local time. Passengers on the onwards flight will depart Dubai the following day on 29th December 2012 at 11:10am and arrive into Brunei at 10.50pm local time, the same day 29th December 2012.

My friend recently on the Titan Airways. Image from @asaifuls

Anyway, for your info as taken from Royal Brunei Facebook page —> [Delays affecting our #Brunei, #KotaKinabalu, #Singapore and #Shanghai flights on 31 December 2012]

Dear All,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, please note the following flights will be delayed as per follows:

1) Brunei to Singapore flight, # BI 421 / 31 December, is rescheduled to depart at 1010 (GMT+8), arriving at 1210 (GMT+8).

2) Singapore to Brunei flight, # BI 422 / 31 December, is rescheduled to depart at 1250 (GMT+8), arriving at 1500 (GMT+8).

3) Brunei to Shanghai flight, # BI 613 / 31 December, is rescheduled to depart at 1540 (GMT+8), arriving at 1955 (GMT+8).

4) Kota Kinabalu to Brunei flight, # BI 826 / 31 December, is rescheduled to depart at 1950 (GMT+8), arriving at 2030 (GMT+8).

5) Shanghai to Brunei flight, # BI 614 / 31 December, is rescheduled to depart at 2055 (GMT+8), arriving at 0140+1 (GMT+8) / 01 January 2013.

RB appreciates the understanding and patience of our affected passengers and their families during this holiday season.


Bebeland re-opens at Kiulap


Congratulations on the re-opening of Bebeland

With the recent month-long renovation works, Bebeland’s flagship store in kiulap received a new facelift and expanded after 12 years of continuos support from their loyal customers. Yesterday was Bebeland’s grand re-opening inviting their VIP members and offering a one-day special in-store deals, mascot appearances, light brunch, drinks and ice-creams.

Doubling in size, now 4 shop lots catering from mothers-to-be, baby’s basic needs, child to toddlers and adults alike. The ground floor houses some familiar international brand names such as Pumpkin Patch, Adidas Kids, Barbie and many more.

Besides clothing, they also sell hardwares, beddings, furniture and travel system (strollers, car seats, playpen etc). Their first floor comfortably carries over 50 brands ranging from boys and girls toys, arts and cratfs, hardware, educational toys, stationaries and many more. Bebeland, kids specialists also known to be a one-stop shop for all parenting needs as well as a store for those who wishes to get a gift for their friends or families.

In line with supporting the Brunei salebration, Bebeland is offering store-wide discounts up to 50%. On top of that, additional 10% discounts for their VIP card members OR for all BIBD cardholders availing additional 5% off their bill. Bebeland has been constantly update their stocks monthly due to customer’s feedback and demand overall. Bebeland has monthly specials especially for their customers which can also be found on Facebook so keep yourself updated with special deals and promotions on their page Bebeland Trading company.

Bebeland wishes to express their deepest gratitude to their loyal customers and new alike for their support, critique and comments which has brought them to where they are now.’

You willl see this once you ente Bebeland

Pumpkin Patch – good range for children at Bebeland

Back to school uniforms for children

Spend more than $60 on a single receipt and you are entitled to a colour pencil or Adidas lunch box

Some of the items for parents to browse through

….and on the first floor, there are lots of toys to look at and I love this section

Good for those who love to do experiments

Saber for kids

The little kid got himself something to drive

A play area for kids on the 1st floor at Bebeland

Another interesting thing is that they also brought in Lego

More Lego on display

Lego hobbyists would love this

Now I’m wondering how do you play this

A great game to play indeed

All time favourite board games – Battleship and RISK

Megabloks is also available at Bebeland

Bebeland is located in Kiulap





Bonus galore

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

How to spend your bonus (and payday)


*LOL* I know I can be slightly bad, huh? Inticing people to spend, spend, spend on things that are mostly considered luxury. Of course, sometimes we fail to settle our priorities such as debts or loans and it’s pretty common in Brunei. I do have outstanding debts to settle and I’ve been settling them in a moderate pace. But sometimes it’s pretty easy to get carried away and spend on something else and forget about your priorities.

Anyway, let’s cut some slack and yes, it’s the holiday season and it’s time to appreciative and be happy for ourselves. Just spend wisely before you burn a bigger hole in your pocket. Below are some ideas that I suggest to spend your $$$ *huhuhu*

I highly recommend you the Superslim PS3 250g or the 500g $439 and $469 respectively. Now available at ETA Games @ Cineplex. Click image to enter their Facebook page.

Look what I bought myself at ETA Games yesterday. This is one awesome game and the suspense reminds me back of the Resident Evil days. Two thumbs up!!

Have you booked or made arrangements for NYE? Otherwise try out Caliente’s New Year’s Eve promotion

Now this is a cool device and you don’t have to worry about carrying your car keys around when you jog. You can check them out at Gadgetplus Store or visit them at The Fair, Indoor Stadium. A useful gadget indeed!!

I think lots of Bruneians want to see this 2 night concert by K-Pop artistes right? It’s very likely that I will cover this event in January

So for the fans out there, you can spend your bonus by buying their tickets on ticketpro.com.my or you can click image to buy the tickets online

*LOL* Another DVD store being exposed and I’m pretty sure the owner(s) won’t be too happy about it. If you have the money, why not invest in original DVDs or Blu-ray discs?

Lately I’ve been buying my movies through Amazon so it’s good alternative. Maybe I should open up one store here selling original ones!!

Bossini also having great buys at their stores – Kiulap and Mabohai Shopping Complex

Check out the promotions at Bossini

If you’re shopping, then why not swipe with HSBC Credit Card and Debit Card and who knows you will win cash prizes

Bebeland has been re-located and re-opened starting today!! Congratulations

Another new kids store – Ohso – located at The Mall, Gadong

Ohso is located next to AV Electronics, 2nd floor, The Mall

Some of the items at Ohso

So how are you gonna spend your New Year’s Eve? There’s a special promotion at Savy’s Brasserie. Just look at the menu below!!


(4 Courses Set Meal)
Savy’s freshly baked bread and
crisp parmesan bruschetta with dip
Citrus Marinated Wild Butterfly Shrimps
in mushroom and chestnut gratinee with
petite of green salad in honey yoghurt dressing
Cream of Roasted Parsnip and Cheese Chowder
MAIN ENTRÉE (choice of)
Oven Poached Sashimi Grade Salmon Fillet
in thyme-olive oil in fresh New Zealand oyster and
caviar sauce with Panini grilled Auvergne and
zucchini rounds served with pesto angel hair pasta
Volcanic Grilled of Spatchcocked Spring Chicken
in tarragon infused seafood supreme sauce with
balsamic glaze steamed vegetables, sweet pea and potato puree
Macadamia and Rosemary Gremolata Crusted Rack of Lamb
with potato and spinach terrine, mix cube vegetables in
sesame seeds served with mint jelly, fruit chutney in roasted
shallots infused red and green peppercorn sauce on the side
Pan Grilled of Rib Eye Steak 
in caramelized leeks, field mushroom and shiitake stuffing
with savory grilled young potatoes, baby onions, haricots’ vert
and Brussels sprout in Dijon-cream pan sauce or thyme-
capsicum hollandaise sauce on the side.
Vittoria Espresso Soaked Sponge
in double Swiss chocolate mousse cake
2222919 (SAVY’S BANDAR) 2240829 (SAVY’S MABOHAI)

If you prefer a much wider space, then go to Savy’s Brasserie at Mabohai Shopping Complex

Speaking of Savy’s, I’m now craving their home made patty burger 😀

Thinking to spend your $$$ on an iPhone 5? Then visit Lara Corp or click on their image to enter Facebook page

If you are thinking to catch a musical movie, I suggest Les Miserables which I will catching tonight at The Mall Cineplex. I heard lots of rave reviews.

I tried out this Car Vita which is an air ionizer and it works wonders for air circulation in your car especially when you are driving. Those who smokes a lot, this device comes in handy and it won’t stink your car too. Find out more at Gadgetplus Store or visit them at The Fair, Indoor Stadium, for their products as well as demo.

Yahama U1 models are for sale. Contact Michele/Matet at 223 2600 or 233 8081

iLotus is having a New Year’s Eve promotion as well and you can stand a chance to win a Mini iPad too

You can also hang your wishes on the Wishing Tree and there will be live performances brought to you by Expression Music at iLotus

Perhaps you can buy yourself a Mini iPad from AV Electronics

… or you can sponsor me one of my wishlist, this new powerful iMac from AV Electronics 😀

Concepts Computer are open

Special promotion at Concepts Computer

For lego fans out there, you can also pre-order the Series 9 Minifigures through Toy Santa. Click image to enter Facebook page.

You can also spend your $$$ on Laneige new products too

Last day to win prizes from Brunei Hotel. Click image to find out more.

If you are craving for something refreshing, try Belluno’s newest item Banoffee Pie.. Awesome stuff!!! Located at Times Square, 1st floor.




Honour and pride

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Festive season at Radisson


Icon Design Store


Click image to enter website


New promotion on RB


Supa Save Re-opens

The redevelopment of Supa Save Seria which started early February this year, will be bringing a whole new shopping experience with the convenience of a bank, cafe and other exciting retail outlets under one roof. With the help of local creative agency Mixmediaworx, this popular supermarket has also been working on a re-branding exercise that will be rolled out progressively, beginning with a logo refresh followed by some exciting campaigns lined up for the coming year.”

Pianos for sale at EM


Did you know that I used to play the piano back in my high school years? Well, that was just to impress my close friend from Japan whom I had a crush on *lol* So I ended up taking grade classes until Grade 2 and even then I was still struggling to cope with music overall. I tell you it’s not easy being a musician unless you dedicated some time to it.

Anyway, I met up with Lily Chiam of Expression Music to enquire about the pianos at their establishments. For your info, Expression Music will be selling Steinway pianos which are a good quality pianos and I could tell the difference between Steinway ones and EM’s older pianos as Lily tried both of them. The music flow and arrangement were much more precise and quality of the tune was crisp.

Lily mentioned that there will be a special price for those who wants to order Steinway pianos and she has different versions of it – Essex and Boston. The Boston one is quite expensive and Lily finally brought one unit in EM which arrived this morning. I was amazed when she told me of the price of the Boston which is almost BND 30K *gulp* If you want a much more affordable line from Steinway, then Essex is a better choice. For price inquiry, you can call Michele/Matet at 223 2600 or 233 8081. The special price is only valid from today until 1st Jan 2013.

Lily Chiam playing her new Boston piano which just arrived this morning

Buying the Boston piano (designed by Steinway and sons) is like buying a new car 😀

Lily playing on the Essex piano

The Essex piano

The Essex piano is more affordable than the Boston ones

Since Expression Music won’t be using Yamaha pianos anymore, they are having a clearance sale for the remaining units. They almost sold 80% of their Yahama pianos and the deals are pretty good too. What is left are the Yahama U1 models and there are only a few units left for those interested. For price inquiry, you can call Michele/Matet at 223 2600 or 233 8081.

Lily playing on the Yamaha U1

Not much unit left for the Yamaha U1


The CLS 350 Shooting Brake


I saw this model displayed at Scotts Road, Singapore two weeks ago

A first look on the new Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 Shooting Brake may create a puzzled thought amongst Mercedes aficionados and enthusiasts: is it a four-door coupe or an estate?

Unveiled ‘to the general public at the Jati Transport Gadong Showroom three weeks ago, the glistening CLS 350 can be categorised as a defining and eclectic synthesis that blends the pragmatic comfort with a high performance of both motoring genres.

Roomy for five normal-sized adults, the CLS Shooting Brake has an imposing stance of a large sports car, with its long bonnet and roof sloping towards the rear end of the vehicle, this is one high-end car you would love parked in your garage.

One must remember that this is a Mercedes, and the brand is synonymous with luxury and fine performance-the CLS Shooting Brake is no exception.


Are you ready for K-Pop craze?


Woww.. I have been given the opportunity to do a special coverage on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy the 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur in January 2013. Yes, the next edition will be hosted in Malaysia and for your info, Golden Disk is South Korea’s Top Music Awards. Let’s just say it’s equivalent to the Grammys Award but for South Koreans. I only started liking Korean music earlier this year where I had the privilege to cover CN Blue concert back in Thailand this year and I’ve also been listening to Beast, Big Bang, Girls Generation and of course, who would not have known PSY. So let’s hope my schedule is free to make way for this event.

Earlier this December, Mr Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics and Ms Kim Sora, Entertainment Editorial Director, Ilgan Sports today officiated the launch for the Samsung GALAXY The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur (GDA). Confirmed to be held this coming 15th and 16th January 2013 at Sepang International Circuit, the event will be hosted in Malaysia by Mediartncomm Co., Ltd., supported by the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and presented by Samsung Malaysia Electronics as title sponsor.

So this is good news not only for Malaysians but neighbouring countries even Brunei because it’s only nearby and you will get to see over 20 of the Korean’s top artistes performing over two nights in Kuala Lumpur. Mr Kwon believes that the extension of Samsung’s philosophy will enrich the Malaysians and Samsung will continuously strive to inspire and enrich our consumers’ lives.

Super Junior in last year’s Golden Disk Award

BEAST in last year’s Golden Disk Award

Girl’s Generation in last year’s Golden Disk Award

Girl’s Generation

Who will win this year’s Golden Disk Award?

The event will see over 20 top K-POP artists performing and receiving their awards. Currently, the nominee list includes: PSY, BigBang, Super Junior, KARA, T-ara, CNBlue, FT Island, Infinite, B.A.P, EXO, Beast, 4 Minute, SISTAR, Secret, B1A4, Epik High, 2NE1, BUSKER BUSKER, Miss.A, Shinee, K-will, Ailee, MBlaq and Girl’s Generation – TTS. However, I’m still waiting confirmation on PSY’s performance at GDA.

The awards will fall into the two classifications of ‘Album’ and ‘Song’ awards and the award categories include the Grand Prize in Disk Album, Disk Album of The Year, Grand Prize in Song of The Year, Song of The Year, The Most Popular K-POP Star, MSN Southeast Asia Award, MSN International Award, New Rising K-POP Star Award, Best HIP HOP Award, Single Album of The Year.

There will also be a Popularity Voting for fans to support their favourite artistes available through MSN Popularity Vote which commences 17th December 2012 to 7th January 2013.

Click image to buy ticket online via ticketpro.com.my

So where can you purchase the tickets? You can actually buy the tickets online.. Yes, they may look slightly pricey but hey, you are talking about 2 nights of entertainment of over 20 K-pop artistes and that’s a pretty good deal I have to say. To purchase the tickets online, you go to this and get your tickets there.

By the way, for you K-pop fans out there.. Guess what?? I’m giving out a few pair of Rockpit tickets worth BND 600 (for two) and of course, you have to arrange your own accommodation and flight arrangements. This is still a good catch, right? 😀 So want to win some? Just follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ranoadidas and I shall be uploading the competition pretty soon (hopefully by today).


Rewind: Red Bull Rookies report


Our own female Brunei driver Zira (with Melissa) finished 13th position holding the Brunei flag with Mr. Wong. Image courtesy of Nazirul Hakeem of Borneo Bulletin.

It was a tough race and a much improved performance from the ladies Red Bull Rookies Team compared to previous years. They finished a commendable 13th place overall in the Sepang 1,000 km endurance race. They lost the “Battle of the Sexes” as their male counterpart in the Red Bull Rookies team came 11th. The female representatives were our local driver Siti Zirwatul Iradah Adinin aka Zira and Melissa Huang of Singapore.

The race was three weeks ago back in Sepang and according to Zira, she said it was a very tiring race considering that there were only two drivers to take turns instead of the usual four. The night time was perhaps challenging due to the light conditions but she had an amazing experience on the track. She hope her experience will help more female drivers to step up. For the record, she kinda knew the Red Bull rookies application from my site *awwwww…* Good job to Zira and Melissa.

Taken before the race. Apparently most of the cars were using Hankook tyre

Melissa and Zira represented the ladies for Red Bull Rookies team

Interesting concept

The male representatives for Red Bull Rookies

And they bagged the RM10,000 for winning the Battle of the Sexex


Who will be the chosen ones?


Now this is something interesting. There seem to be a lot of interest for the audition judging from the comments on facebook. The upcoming audition will be taking place this Saturday 29th December 2pm onwards at CANDAS Creative Company, located at Serusop. Do refer to the poster above for the complete address.

Sadly there’s an age limit and they are looking for those 30 years and below. What to bring? Well, just your CV and a Shakespeare Sonnet or a memorised monologue.

The production will be directed by Abdul Khabir Zainidi and he made history for Brunei when he entered the 65th Cannes Film Festival with a short film he wrote, directed and produced called “Bread Dream”. In a nutshell, “Bread Dream” is Brunei’s version of Alice in Wonderland as mentioned by the director in The Brunei Times’ interview back in June 2012. The story is about a boy who dreamt so hard that it became his downfall because it was dreaming with no effort.

So what are you waiting for when such opportunities arise? Grab it while it is out there and make a difference to the youth… Hmmm how I wish I was a few years younger.. *lol*

Bruneian Abdul Khabir Zainidi (L) with Norman Abdul Halim, Executive President of KRU Studios. Image courtesy of Abdul Khabir Zainidi


Rewind: KFC Brunei’s 20th Anniversary


The winner of the best costume for KFC Brunei’s 20th Anniversary

The winner of the iPhone 5

The winner of the Mini iPad


Yugo BBQ


Finally I managed to try this out and my cousin Amalina keeps talking how great the BBQ stuff is and she already went there a few times ever since her first visit. Last night I had the opportunity to try out Yugo BBQ located at Gadong Central. Ok, I really have to say that Gadong Central has strategised itself to be an eatery scene because of the number of restaurants located at that specific area itself.

I have to admit that this is the 3rd shabu-shabu dinner I had in a space of 5 days *lol* Well, I’m a fan of Shabu-Shabu actually but I think I better stay away from it for at least a week. The prices for Yugo BBQ is pretty reasonable and the great thing is they also offer BBQ stuff. Yugo BBQ is open from 11am to 10pm daily except for Friday which is from 4:30pm to 10pm and the size is just right (1 unit) and it was a full house last night too. Good thing we did our reservations prior to dinner and thanks Winnie and Devon for the company.

You can follow Yugo BBQ on Facebook as well as instagram @yugobbq for updates. Congratulations Jacky on the opening of Yugo BBQ and I recommend you guys to try it out. I kinda like it overall. Do call 878 5398 or 242 7790 for reservations.

Devon browsing through the menu

It’s ordering time

The economy set which is quite a handful already

You can choose from here

My order last night

Preparing for the BBQ

Interesting that they use actual charcoal for this

All the meat being bbqed 😀

Quite a selection of spices to choose from

It can get smoky yooo

The ambience at Yugo BBQ









Be aware

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Festive season at Radisson


Icon Design Store


Click image to enter website


Brunei Hotel’s promotion


You can win dining vouchers or even a room voucher at Brunei Hotel. Click image to enter Facebook page



New promotion on RB


Supa Save Re-opens

The redevelopment of Supa Save Seria which started early February this year, will be bringing a whole new shopping experience with the convenience of a bank, cafe and other exciting retail outlets under one roof. With the help of local creative agency Mixmediaworx, this popular supermarket has also been working on a re-branding exercise that will be rolled out progressively, beginning with a logo refresh followed by some exciting campaigns lined up for the coming year.”

Get a Smart Pass now


Sometimes you will have to experience something that will opened up eyes and help others along the way. This is what Aaron Sitai, owner of GadgetPlus Store, shared during his bad experience when he was victim of car theft a few years back. This is pretty common in Brunei where you just simply leave your car unattended when you leave your engine on and take for granted that no one will enter your car. Unfortunately things may not be as peaceful as you think it is.

So walaa….. in come the idea of Smart Pass where it kinda solves the issue of security even while leaving your engine running. The Smart Pass and KeyFree Touch are pretty handy and now thanks to Aaron, these Korean made products are made available in Brunei.

So how does it work? Simple actually.. It’s like a RFID tag and just place the Smart Pass on the censor from your screen of the car and your doors will be unlocked or locked for that matter. If you want to know more about the Smart Pass, you can go down to the Indoor Stadium and check out the demo for both the Smart Pass KeyFree and also the KeyFree Touch. The Fair will be ongoing at the Indoor Stadium from 10am to 10pm until 1st January 2013.

The Smart Pass KeyCard

You can also use the Smart Pass on your smartphones too

You can check out the demo at The Fair at Indoor Stadium

Oh by the way, GadgetPlus Store will be running a simple competition at the Fair. You can win a free Smart Pass or Keyfree Touch? They are having a public competition “Guess the PIN Code & Pick and Scan” here at the Indoor Stadium Berakas. With the “Guess the PIN Code”, you need to tap in the correct combination of four digits 1-4. So should you unlock the door, you are the winner!!

With “Pick and Scan”, you need to pick the correct Smart card from a bag full of smart cards. If you picked the card that unlocks the doors your a Winner! Contest runs today till the 1st Jan. Winners receive Apple and Samsung Accessories and go into the final draw to win The Smart Pass and Keyfree Touch modules.

All of these competition happening at the Fair and you can contact Aaron at 710 9929. You can also go to their Facebook page here for updates.

By the way, I have this installed in my car

I had installed near the rear window of my car

It takes at least half an hour to install

Thanks Aaron for the final tweak

Movie reviews


Jack Reacher. Such an untimely movie especially after the Sandy Town shooting and those who have watched Jack Reacher would have known what I’m talking about. Tom Cruise still has what it takes to be an action hero. Though I have to say the opening scene may be a bit disturbing for some due to the graphic violent nature. The plot may be a bit unrealistic but I don’t mind giving this an excuse and enjoy this entertaining popcorn action movie. Perhaps the style of execution was the biggest draw for me in Jack Reacher. I won’t be surprised if there will be a sequel for this. It didn’t open that well in the box office but I still find it as an entertaining thriller. Not all of you will have the same views as I do. The movie also has some good sense of humour to make the thriller in a lesser serious mode. Verdict: 8/10.

Chinese Zodiac 2012. As the Miz of WWE would say, “Really?… Really??” I’ve been catching most of Jackie Chan movies and they have been mediocre as of late. The only that stands out for the past three years was The Karate Kid and if you count his voice as the Monkey in Kungfu Panda movies. CZ 2012 was simply terrible almost 3/4 of the movie. There are so many talking points here that I don’t know where to begin. I think for sure is the unnecessary switching off language from French, Mandarin and English. And who the hell is that French woman who was perhaps the Jar-Jar Binks in the movie – totally annoying.

The plot was far, far thin and normally I would say leave your brains at home for some movies. For this, even if you leave your brains home, you will still find this movie ridiculously absurd. I didn’t even know that the duration of the movie was pretty long (2hr 20 mins). Jackie Chan, your time is up!!! If this was your last movie (Expendables 3 aside), please please make it the last. Your stunts were truly amazing in CZ 2012 but it’s not even good enough to save this movie let alone the short cameos by the other celebrities towards the end of the movie. You have to ask yourself, what’s your intention of making this movie? Verdict: 5/10.


BIBD Delights at QQeStore






One Day

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Festive season at Radisson


Icon Design Store


Click image to enter website


Brunei Hotel’s promotion

You can win dining vouchers or even a room voucher at Brunei Hotel. Click image to enter Facebook page



New promotion on RB


Supa Save Re-opens

The redevelopment of Supa Save Seria which started early February this year, will be bringing a whole new shopping experience with the convenience of a bank, cafe and other exciting retail outlets under one roof. With the help of local creative agency Mixmediaworx, this popular supermarket has also been working on a re-branding exercise that will be rolled out progressively, beginning with a logo refresh followed by some exciting campaigns lined up for the coming year.”


The Ugly Truth


RA says bonus, bonus, bonus… This will be the talk of the town this week and of course, jam, jam and more jam… Today’s headliner in BB talks about the bonus buzz and I believe the government officers are getting their bonuses starting tomorrow if I’m not mistaken. That’s one of the perks of being a government servant.

Now touching on that subject, I remember when I was still a kid, when asked what I wanna be when I grow up, I imagined myself being an architect. This was because I was into interior design and I used to buy ID books from Bookers International back then and became “wowed” by the photos of different types of home and how I wished I designed my own home one day. Yea, one day :p However, before uni years, I chose a different path – a more business oriented course. Why? To help my mom’s business initially after I graduated and I don’t know why I didn’t opted for any government posts or even have that thought in my head initially. Perhaps I have already planted in my head that I will work in a private sector. The closest to a semi-government job I applied is Brunei Economic Development Board during the John Perry’s era. And I was rejected on my application as a Business Analyst *lol* I guess it was meant to be. Otherwise I wouldn’t have this opportunity to be a full time social blogger and things might have taken a different path should I be accepted by BEDB then.

Anyway that was slightly off topic and guys, do spend wisely on this festive bonus season. I’ve already seen many advertisements on the newspaper advertising their special promotions in time for the bonus period. I, for one, won’t be enjoying the luxury of that bonus feeling but then again, I already grateful and appreciative of what I have going on for me and that for me is a bonus all year round 😀

Another headliner which I came across on The Brunei Times today is the rise of divorce is higher after 10-15 years of marriage and this data has been increasing the past 5 years. I know of a few whose marriages haven’t lasted more than 3-5 years and they are pulling or have pulled the plug. For me, I have not thought of settling down and age for me is not any concern. But of course, I will have an advantage if I was married earlier in terms of bringing up children. Then again, my priority is not too rush into full time commitment when I feel that I need to take care of my own self first before committing into a life time relationship with another.

When I saw from The Brunei Times’ article that irrecoincible differences is the top reason for divorces, then it pretty much says that it’s either one of them doesn’t accept his/her differences or compromise about new findings or situations that one feels uncomfortable. So here’s my principle… Invest in myself before I take that big step and one day I know I will find the right one and time is not a factor for me. If time is a factor, then it’s very likely mistakes can arise. This is just my 2 cents and there’s no pun intended.

Number of divorce statistics in Brunei


Bossini Salebration Sales


Take advantage of Bossini’s Salebration Sale

If you want affordable range of clothing, then Bossini does deliver. For your info, Bossini has its 2nd outlet at Mabohai Shopping Complex on the 1st floor and its first being at Shakirin Complex in Kiulap. The brand itself is from Hong Kong and it’s quite popular in other regional countries. Bossini only made its debut in Brunei in mid 2011.

This time round Bossini have a special promotion at both outlets. Under the Brunei Salebration Sales, you can get 10% discount and an additional 10% if you are a member of Bossini. And for any 3 items you buy, you get additional 20% off for Best Buy items and also for any 5 items, you will get additional 40% off for Best Buy items.

You can follow updates on Bossini on their Facebook page.

The ladies section at Bossini

T-shirts and jeans at Bossini

The kids’ section at Bossini

Different types of t-shirts at Bossini

Shirt for men

This is the 2nd outlet of Bossini at Mabohai Shopping Complex

Click image to enter Brunei’s Bossini Facebook Page


Planning for dinner on NYE?


NYE’s dinner at iLotus and win prizes such as iPad mini

The menu at iLotus for NYE


An awesome year for Shiiz Candies


There have been many feedback on where Shiiz Candies is. For your info, Shiiz Candies only operate on a weekly basis and last weekend was their final operation for 2012 before they continue again in the new year. Starting back in April 2012, co-owners Hafiiz Ramle and Sajidah, didn’t expect the tremendous responses from the public.

Perhaps the biggest hit among Shiiz Candies’ menu are the Hotlanta Wings which comes in three flavours – Sissy, Honey and Bloody Spicy and the Hotlanta Cheesesteaks which comes in three flavours – Sissy, Bloody Spicy and Mushroom. I’ve tried the Hotlanta wings and my personal favourite is the Sissy flavour and wowww… I tried the Bloody Spicy Cheesesteaks and it was super super spicy… and apparently Devon came up with the Bloody Spicy sauce and the flavour paid off. So if you really want test your spicy taste bud, Blood Spicy might be just the one for you.

So peeps.. If you want to try out Shiiz Candies goodies, then you will have to wait until 2013 for their service to be back in operation. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram @shiizcandies and so far they have 3,300 followers and they will be having a special promotion for followers once they hit the 5,000 followers mark.


Hafiiz was busy preparing for customers last Sunday. It was another big hit too.


This is the Bloody Spicy Cheesesteak I had and this is super yummy and spicy!!


The Hotlanta Wings in Sissy sauce are awesome!!


Thanks Anisah for bringing me there 😀




PSY does history

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Charles & Keith promotion


Boba Tea 2nd outlet

Boba Tea, a Taiwanese franchise, opened its 2nd outlet in Brunei, located at Gadong

The craze is still here. So far I know of four brands of bubble tea that have a strong presence in Brunei. I have yet to try Boba Tea though I have been viewing some of the pictures on people’s instagram. This morning was the first time that I tried Boba Tea and I kinda like it too. If you ask me, my personal favourite flavour for any bubble tea is always coffee based.

For your info, I visited their second branch located at Gadong, same row with Pizza Hut Gadong. Their first outlet is located at Kiulap which was opened last year. I highly recommend the sweet sour drink at Boba Tea because of its refreshing taste. I also enjoyed their coffee based ones and I won’t mind coming back for more.

They also served new items such as the frozen yoghurt. Boba Tea has quite a lot of flavours to choose from the menu. Congratulations to Becky Li, the owner of Boba Tea, on the opening of your 2nd outlet. All the best!!! By the way, you can follow Boba Tea on instagram @bobateabrunei

Becky Li, the owner of Boba Tea, holding my favourite drink – Coffee ice-blend 😀

The logo of Boba Tea

The sweet sour Boba Tea is super refreshing!!

Becky being interviewed by Syazwani of Borneo Bulletin

There’s seating area at the Gadong branch

Some of the frozen yoghurt at Boba Tea


PSY has done it again


Woww!!! Two months ago he broke the record for the most watched video on YouTube. If anyone do it, then it’s PSY who famously known for his Gangnam Style video. The video has just surpassed the 1 billion mark views on YouTube. Now it will be a tall order for anyone to reach that milestone set by PSY. Now the pressure is what will PSY next video be?

By 21st December, PSY’s Gangnam Style video hit the 1 billion views mark


Belluno’s new flavour


Belluno is located at Times Square

Have you tried Belluno’s gelato mochi?? It’s really good stuff because of its flavour and it feels quite refreshing as well because they (mochi) are chilled. My favourite flavour has always been the mango ones. And yes, they have quite a few flavours including durian. The new flavours that have just been introduced this week are Taro Queen (yam) and Banoffee Pie which are really tasty. I believe the Banoffee Pie will be a popular flavour among the rest and I highly recommend you that too.

Belluno is located on the 1st floor at Times Square, near the food court area. You can also follow them on instagram @bellunogelatomochi

So what flavour are you?

The Taro Queen flavour – Yam taste

I think this will be a popular one – Banoffee Pie flavour

I had both new flavours and I love it!!


iPad Mini at AV Electronics





Change, change, change

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Festive season at Radisson


Icon Design Store


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Extra 5KG* on RB


Supa Save Re-opens

The redevelopment of Supa Save Seria which started early February this year, will be bringing a whole new shopping experience with the convenience of a bank, cafe and other exciting retail outlets under one roof. With the help of local creative agency Mixmediaworx, this popular supermarket has also been working on a re-branding exercise that will be rolled out progressively, beginning with a logo refresh followed by some exciting campaigns lined up for the coming year.”

The Ugly Truth


RA says there has been many talks about the Mayan calendar and there have been fears going around about doomsday or the end of the world phenomena. Today is supposed the final day of the Mayan Calendar. Based on this article, the link between the Mayan calendar and the end of the world likely began in the 19060s and 1970s with a misinterpretation of Mayan heiroglyphs.. Ok, I don’t know what that means anyway *lol*

I’ve been reading twitter feeds and on social network and even my friends have been asking me personally if such thing will happen. Of course, I brushed it off.. This is not our belief to start off with. Apart from that, I would like to share a lesson to my readers about an optimist and pessimist. When you give this scenario whether it’s good or bad, an optimist will always see the brighter side of the situation with confidence and deep appreciation. However, a pessimist, thinks otherwise. He or she would tend to stress on the draining energy or unfavourable outcomes especially when a negative thought has been planted in his/her head.

Hence, it’s pretty interesting to see people’s reaction to this prophecy. A friend of mine which I won’t disclose had a pessimistic view and somehow it kinda owned her in a way that she had this unnecessary fear. For your info, today is supposed to be the day but nothing happened. And now others are poking fun at failure of the prophecy. Oh well, fear not my friends.. It’s all just a myth :p

So lately I’ve heard a few changes in the private sector where CEO and GM are being replaced or left vacant. You may have read about BEDB’s take over of SLA too in my previous post. As of yesterday, the leading telco in Brunei, DST, has a new interim CEO Hj Suhaimi Hussain who held the position of CTO of DST. Former CEO of DST Idris Vasi has been released from DST who has served the company for 2 and a half years. I’m not quite sure based on what grounds Idris was released but the Board of Directors know best what’s right for the company. Let’s hope the 3G base stations are in placed by next year to reduce 3G network congestions as stated by the former CEO and of course, the introduction of 4G network to Brunei by the first quarter of 2013.

Another one that has left the building is Desmond Acheson who served as the General Manager of The Empire Hotel & Country Club. He has served in the position since 2009 and he tendered his resignation and served his final months as GM coinciding before the biggest event hosted by The Empire Hotel which was the Royal Trophy. Well, it was a good thing that the Royal Trophy happened in Brunei but I heard it costs millions of dollars to host the prestigious event and I still remember how the organisers were still sourcing for sponsors. I covered the press conference a year ago with regards to the Royal Trophy and I was already shocked by the amount of money needed and even a year of preparation, such amount is a tall order even for Brunei to host (in my opinion).

However, it was good to see the relevant agencies supporting the Royal Trophy during the actual event and too bad I wasn’t there to witness the spectacle where team Asia beat team Europe for this year’s edition of the Royal Trophy. Perhaps the biggest impact The Empire had apart from the Royal Trophy was the Korean Amway group where they stayed at The Empire Hotel for two weeks with at least 2,400 Koreans coming in four waves. That time, The Empire Hotel enjoyed almost full occupancy back in November because of the Amway group.

I wish Desmond and Idris the best in their future and to the Mayan Prophecy, thanks for the “fear” factor you have implanted in others. Today indeed is our best day and tomorrow will be a brand new one. Don’t forget to vote the poll on the top right corner on how your 2012 year has been. Happy weekend peeps!!



A night at Orchard Road with Angel and Melissa


I highly recommended Angel to try out Minang House at Lucky Plaza and she couldn’t stop complementing on how good the food is especially the ayam rendang 😀

I didn’t catch up with friends in Singapore but I caught up with Angel (right) and my new acquaintance Melissa last Saturday

Orchard Road was filled with Xmas decoration

It seems that most of the deco had a lot of heart shapes

There were some minifigurine of Lee Kuan Yew displayed outside Mandarin Gallery

Angel did a quick Gangnam Style pose in the middle of Orchard Road

Both love the ice-cream bread while I preferred it with wafer

They were selling xmas hats for charity

Nice deco outside Mandarin Gallery

The gymnast from China showcasing (& stretching) their talents

This one was pretty cool and a lot of illusions too

The fountain outside Takashimaya

I like this photo somehow

Another huge Xmas tree inside Takashimaya

The Ferroro Rocher not as big as last year’s

Outside Ion

Another Xmas tree outside Ion


CheezBox Xmas 2012



New iMac now available




Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Festive season at Radisson


Icon Design Store


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Extra 5KG* on RB


Supa Save Re-opens

The redevelopment of Supa Save Seria which started early February this year, will be bringing a whole new shopping experience with the convenience of a bank, cafe and other exciting retail outlets under one roof. With the help of local creative agency Mixmediaworx, this popular supermarket has also been working on a re-branding exercise that will be rolled out progressively, beginning with a logo refresh followed by some exciting campaigns lined up for the coming year.”

Bucida tree being planted


Pehin Yahya with Ivan Ballesteros, nephew of late legendary Spanish golfer Seve Ballesteros, planted a special tree, the Bucida

Too bad that I missed the biggest golf event in Brunei last weekend which was Royal Trophy which team Asia won against team Europe in this year’s edition which took took place at The Empire Hotel & Country Club.

Anyway there was a tree planting ceremony to commemorate the late legendary Spanish golfer Seve Ballesteros and the ceremony was graced by Pehin Dato Seri Setia Hj Yahya and Ivan Ballesteros where they planted a Bucida tree.

It was funny Ivan shared that his uncle Seve spent most of his golfing career hitting the trees and produced amazing recovery shots. Hence there was a lot of love and sentiments that Seve have for trees.

The spot where the tree was planted is also marked by a plaque, bearing the inscription ‘In memory of Seve Ballesteros (1957-2011) great golfing legend and founder of the Royal Trophy’. The plaque was also autographed by Ivan Ballesteros.

Also in attendance were Dato Paduka Awg Hj Ali bin Hj Apong, Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office and Chairman of BEDB, and Datin Paduka Hajah Adina binti Othman, Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports. Images courtesy of Nazirul Hakeem of Borneo Bulletin.

Ivan Ballesteros with officers from Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources

The plaque signed by Ivan Ballesteros


Recap: Licence2Play


A popular gaming event

Now this what I call an awesome gaming event for Licence 2 Play at Marina Bay Sands Expo Hall, Singapore. I have previously staged Brunei Cyber Game and it was just good enough for the Brunei community and I kinda missed organising such events of that scale. Last weekend Brunei also had their version under the flagship of TFF EA CON which was another huge success. Of course, when comparing with neighbouring countries, they can produce more extravagant features.

The interesting bit about Licence 2 Play was that the event was orgnanised by Singapore Press Holding in association with SCOGA which is a non-profit organisation (a link between government and gamers). I only attended the 2nd day as I was in KL on the 1st day. It was a great crowd puller which drew in around 100,000 visitors and yes there was an entrance fee which is $5.

I hope to make another visit again next year. Thumbs up for the great event 😀

Hmmm they need your IC though during the registration as a visitor

The World of Tanks booth was pretty impressive

…. maybe because their booth had hot ladies

… and they also can play

Hello there…

Another creative booth at L2P

The young and the old enjoying their matches

Yay!!! I get to meet the model for Ghost in the Shell

I was sandwiched by Ion Ginga and Martha Asahi *gulp*

Ok, I love this cosplay costume

Hmmmm … Is this suppose to be the Merman from The Cabin in the Woods?

The ladies at the earphone booth

Have a break!!!

FIFA 13 tournament also featured at L2P


A popular gaming event

One of the finalists of the cosplay competition and she said she won’t join next year because of her studies

I would have thought this costume would have got top 3 but didn’t

He was also a finalist but was voted Top 3

The judges presented the third place winner of the Cosplay competition

The winner of the Cosplay award and he promised to the Gangnam dance right after

Mortal Kombat vs DC looks freaking good





SLA now under BEDB

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Festive season at Radisson


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Extra 5KG* on RB


Supa Save Re-opens

The redevelopment of Supa Save Seria which started early February this year, will be bringing a whole new shopping experience with the convenience of a bank, cafe and other exciting retail outlets under one roof. With the help of local creative agency Mixmediaworx, this popular supermarket has also been working on a re-branding exercise that will be rolled out progressively, beginning with a logo refresh followed by some exciting campaigns lined up for the coming year.”

Dato Ali Apong, now chairman of SLA


Now Dato Paduka Hj Ali Apong has three postings – as the Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office, Chairman of Brunei Economic Development Board and now with the consent of His Majesty the Sultan, Dato Paduka Hj Ali Apong is the chairman of the Board of Directors of Sungai Liang Authority (SLA) which will be on an interim basis.

I was a bit shocked reading today’s newspaper because of the reshuffling that is taking place at Sungai Liang Authority (SLA). Now the duties and responsibilities of SLA have been transferred to the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) and this would mean more responsibilities for BEDB and I believe they are the right driver for SLA’s initiative. The transfer was consented by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam through the Prime Minister’s Office.

For your info, the other appointed Board of Directors of SLA are Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Roselan Hj Mohd Daud; Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Finance Hjh Ning-Lela Dato Paduka Hj Mohamad; Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources Hjh Normah Suria Hayati PJDSMDSU Dr HjMohd Jamil Al-Sufri; Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Development Dato Paduka Hj Suhaimi Hj Gafar; Managing Director of PetroBru Dato Paduka Hj Matsatejo Sokiaw and Chief Executive Officer ofBEDB Vincent Cheong.

For those who are not aware, SLA is supposedly to function as a one-stop agency to supervise the progress of projects at the Sungai Liang Industrial Park and foster relations between Mukim Liang communities and SLA. The project started way back in 2007 and it was under the chairmanship of Pengiran Kerma Raja Pengiran Hj Kamarulzaman Pengiran Pekerma Setia Diraja Sahibul Bandar Pengiran Hj Ali from 2007 until 2012.

Let’s see what’s the plan here from BEDB on SLA’s project. Sometimes change is necessary to bring new energy to an organisation. A similar case happened a few years back where BEDB came under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office.


Happy 20th KFC Brunei



20th December 2012 marks the 20th year that KFC has been in Brunei and to celebrate it, KFC wants to do something special for their customers and friends that have helped them achieved this. As a way of saying thanks, on 20th December 2012, at 8:12pm KFC will be launching a 20th Anniversary music video on their facebook and will also be launching a special edition 20th Anniversary woven bags at their outlets. We chose this date and time (20:12,20.12.2012) because it’s quite special and we’ll always remember it as a day we give our customers a BIG thank you,” says Del Goh, General Manager.

KFC’s 20th Anniversary music video, titled “So Good” written and performed by Andy Suzuki & The Method, whose recent visit to Brunei received warm welcome from their fans. Aside from the music video, there will be a full studio version available at radio and a TV commercial of 30s will be available at the cinemas.

For the non-woven bags, customers can get it free at any KFC outlets in Brunei when they spend B$20 and above in a single purchase, while stock last. For the whole month of December, KFC is already giving away different gifts for any purchase worth B$20 and above in a single receipt.


A father son moment on stage where Nelky Goh, Managing Director of KFC, received his long service award his son Del Goh, General Manager of KFC at the 20th Anniversary of KFC Brunei last Monday


Promotion at Caliente


Caliente’s Xmas promotion. Call 2234549 / 7202985 for reservation

Made your plans yet on Christmas lunch? Caliente is having a promotion on 24th and 25th December.. On Monday it will be on dinner while Tuesday will be on lunch and dinner. There is the Santa package which is $45 per person or the Rudolph package which is $38 per person. Oh yea seats are limited as well so better make your bookings earlier – call 2234549 / 7202985 for reservation at Caliente, located at Regent Square.

Do visit their Fanpage for updates on Caliente Spanish Restaurant too.

Breakfast menu at Caliente


Egg’s Benedict – ala carte order

Salmon Alhumado – Ala carte order

Crepes Rellenas De Setas – ala carte order

Pancakes – ala carte order

Breakfast Set for only $5 with tea or coffee

Try Caliente’s Breakfast Set for only $5.00 inclusive of coffee or tea (picture above). Or you can also try ala carte dishes for breakfast – Egg’s Florentine, Egg’s Benedict, Pancakes, Omelette, Crepes Rellanas de Setas and Salmon Alhumado and prices vary.

We serve Breakfast only on Tuesday – Friday at 8:00am till 10:30 am. Visit us at Regent Square, Kiulap or call 2234549 / 7202985 for reservation.

Exotic birds in Brunei


This a white-rumped Shama is “unprotected” and it is reported being sold at Jerudong Beach. Image by Adam Hanif of The Brunei Times.

For your info, there’s a new established government agency on Wildlife Division where they are sourcing on wild and exotic animals and birds in Brunei. Recently some of the exotic birds are being caught and sold in local markets and apparently this is considered illegal. So if you happened to come across exotic animals or birds being sold, do report to the Wildlife Division.

Both Dr Joseph Charles, a biologist and senior lecturer at UBD and Jungle Dave, a wildlife enthusiast, share a similar view that the exotic birds need to be protected or else it will lead to extinction. To read more of the article, do read here.


Andy Suzuki & the Method on “So Good”


Andy Suzuki & The Method were recently in Brunei to write and perform KFC’s 20th Anniversary Music Video titled “So Good”

The song used in KFC’s 20th Anniversary Music Video titled, So Good was written and performed by Andy Suzuki & The Method. “We wrote them a story, about our feelings towards our customers whom have given us 20 years of sogood and they turned it into a wonderful song capturing the main essence of what we want to say,” says Jonathan Bong, Senior Marketing Manager.

For example:
“When you feel the morning light, who would you like to see? and When the stars burn bright, won’t you think of me?”

 KFC looks forward to everyday where their customers are the first on their mind in the morning and last on their mind at the night.

“It’s been 20 years, since we first met. Do you remember that old feeling or did you forget?”

Many of us at KFC remember the expressions of customers when we first open the doors of our first outlet to this very day and we hope that this song can help those that were there to relive those memories too.

“Some things may have changed, we won’t ever be the same. You made us so much better, since that first day”

We may have changed since 20 years ago, but it’s to improve ourselves, to serve you better.

“We will be your shelter when it starts to rain. Everyday like Fry Day, Sundae again.”

We want to pamper you when you are feeling down, we want to make your everyday feels like a holiday. (Fryday and Sundae, a pun on Friday and Sunday).

  Aside from the music video, there will be a full studio version available at radio and a TV commercial of 30s will be available at the cinemas. This is the first time that KFC have produced a TV commercial and music video locally and they would like to credit Shazanas Production House for their help. KFC would like to take the chance to thank all the staff and their families, friends and especially Trinity advertising & event management and UBDFM for their help in casting.






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