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The final hours of 2012

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

BIBD imposes strict measures to counter & prevent ATM tampering attempts


[Press release from Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam]: With everyone in a festive mood, a mixture of the recent release of Government payroll plus bonuses and school holidays, there are some in the community taking full advantage of this busy period to infiltrate the already present stringent securities already in place by the respective banks.

Recently Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) has reacted swiftly to evidences of card skimming and tampering activities at one of its BIBD Auto Teller Machines (ATM) locations.

A spokesperson from BIBD commented “BIBD would like to reassure all of its clients to remain calm as the risk is under control. BIBD has been working diligently around the clock to counter such illegal activities. With more technological advancements, BIBD, within its ’2013 Operations and Technology plans’, has already identified more advanced antiskimming technologies. This is to ensure its customers and their respective cards are assured of the security of all their transactions, and the countering of any potential attempts of a more advanced infiltration and retrieval of its sensitive information. The Royal Brunei Police Forces (RBPF) has been informed of the incident and the case is still undergoing investigations. The Brunei Association of Banks have also been informed to ensure that all respective banks are also put on high alert.”

Despite already imposing additional security measures such as anti-skimming equipments at all of its ATMs and CDMs at all locations, an updated adaptation of the latest card skimming activity has emerged. The perpetrator has been identified installing this updated card skimming device on top of an already installed anti-skimming device, making the card slot, with an already installed anti skimming device, looking rather bulky than usual. This new skimming equipment was placed to override the current anti-skimming precautions in place, but rest assured that BIBD has been able to react promptly to counter such attempts. The pictures below can help bring more awareness to public how to be conscious of the device upon using the machines at any of the ATM networks sites.

BIBD ensures good security measurements to deter culprits on tampering their ATMs

Having identified the compromised location, BIBD has promptly checked all of its other ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) networks to ensure any risks of tampering are mitigated and all customers’ transactions are genuine. BIBD is also working closely with the RBPF to prevent from any further potential damage to occur. For security purposes, all cards used at the affected ATM will be blocked, and customers will be informed first to advice on the reissuance of all their cards.

BIBD would like to remind all its clients to be always on alert when using any ATM or CDM machines, albeit BIBD or any other bank, as the nature of these card skimming devices have always been evolving, even to mimic the plastic covers of ATM & CDM card slots, making it almost impossible to be detected by the every day user. Cameras were also installed above the numerical keypad to record sensitive information such as customers’ PIN numbers. This is evident from the recent incident.

In light of this incident, BIBD would like to emphasise that all BIBD Debit and Credit cards are installed with a security chip feature to ensure the complete safety of their accounts are duly protected and any transactions performed will not be compromised. BIBD reminds all its customers who have not changed their ATM cards to Debit cards to do so at the nearest branches. Further security attached to BIBD cards is the ‘SMS Alerts’, whereby an instant notification with transactions details will be sent to the customer selected mobile phone, after every card transaction.

Another security measure would be the recently introduced ‘3D Secure’ that will issue to all customers performing an ‘Online’ transaction an instant ‘One-time-password’ (OTP) sent to their mobile phone, for further authentication of the transaction. This additional security feature, further exemplifies BIBD’s seriousness in ensuring the security of all customers accounts.

To aid in the prevention of any future reoccurrence of such card skimming activities, the public is reminded that they can report any suspicious activity to BIBD by calling BIBD’s Contact Centre, available 24 hours, anytime anywhere at +673-2238181. The customers’ feedback and support is invaluable to BIBD, and would like to thank the general public for the support and cooperation given.


Recap: Adventure Cove Waterpark


I haven’t blogged about this yet while I was in Singapore. I went to Adventure Cove Waterpark at Resort World recently and I thought this is an excellent place to bring your family for water type activities. I had a great time with my siblings then and you can simply spent the whole day having fun practically with water. I think my siblings really enjoyed the waterslides and they different types of waterslides too. Definitely worth another visit here with the family. If you want to know more, you can click here.


Pizza Hut Delivery stores


The newly renovated delivery store at Pizza Hut Sengkurong

Two new delivery stores, well.. to be more precised, Pizza Hut Delivery, celebrated their newly modelled stores in Sengkurong and Mentiri yesterday. According to Johnny Liew, the Chairman of Olive Tree Corporation (Pizza Hut Brunei), the renovations to the said stores will offer a whole new experience in delivery. This shows commitment of OTC to revitalise the brand imagery to their customers.

More delivery outlets means improve service in delivery using cutting edge technology ovens which would mean delivering pizzas in a shorter time than usual. The new ovens reduces the baking time required for pizzas which essentially means hot fresh oven food served quicker to customers. Well, this can be very useful especially on Double Tuesday promotion.

Pictures from Pizza Hut Delivery Sengkurong



Wouldn’t this be cool? 😀



Up to 60% off at C&K


Hi all Shoppers and Charles & Keith Lovers, Do catch the sale up to 60 % at Charles & Keith now onwards and enjoy the further discount  on 1st Jan 2013 , while stock lasts !!! This is indeed a good chance for those who always wanted to add new shoes into their collection. Hurry now and enjoy shopping!!! And Happy new year!!



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