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Archive for 21/12/2012


Change, change, change

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Festive season at Radisson


Icon Design Store


Click image to enter website



Extra 5KG* on RB


Supa Save Re-opens

The redevelopment of Supa Save Seria which started early February this year, will be bringing a whole new shopping experience with the convenience of a bank, cafe and other exciting retail outlets under one roof. With the help of local creative agency Mixmediaworx, this popular supermarket has also been working on a re-branding exercise that will be rolled out progressively, beginning with a logo refresh followed by some exciting campaigns lined up for the coming year.”

The Ugly Truth


RA says there has been many talks about the Mayan calendar and there have been fears going around about doomsday or the end of the world phenomena. Today is supposed the final day of the Mayan Calendar. Based on this article, the link between the Mayan calendar and the end of the world likely began in the 19060s and 1970s with a misinterpretation of Mayan heiroglyphs.. Ok, I don’t know what that means anyway *lol*

I’ve been reading twitter feeds and on social network and even my friends have been asking me personally if such thing will happen. Of course, I brushed it off.. This is not our belief to start off with. Apart from that, I would like to share a lesson to my readers about an optimist and pessimist. When you give this scenario whether it’s good or bad, an optimist will always see the brighter side of the situation with confidence and deep appreciation. However, a pessimist, thinks otherwise. He or she would tend to stress on the draining energy or unfavourable outcomes especially when a negative thought has been planted in his/her head.

Hence, it’s pretty interesting to see people’s reaction to this prophecy. A friend of mine which I won’t disclose had a pessimistic view and somehow it kinda owned her in a way that she had this unnecessary fear. For your info, today is supposed to be the day but nothing happened. And now others are poking fun at failure of the prophecy. Oh well, fear not my friends.. It’s all just a myth :p

So lately I’ve heard a few changes in the private sector where CEO and GM are being replaced or left vacant. You may have read about BEDB’s take over of SLA too in my previous post. As of yesterday, the leading telco in Brunei, DST, has a new interim CEO Hj Suhaimi Hussain who held the position of CTO of DST. Former CEO of DST Idris Vasi has been released from DST who has served the company for 2 and a half years. I’m not quite sure based on what grounds Idris was released but the Board of Directors know best what’s right for the company. Let’s hope the 3G base stations are in placed by next year to reduce 3G network congestions as stated by the former CEO and of course, the introduction of 4G network to Brunei by the first quarter of 2013.

Another one that has left the building is Desmond Acheson who served as the General Manager of The Empire Hotel & Country Club. He has served in the position since 2009 and he tendered his resignation and served his final months as GM coinciding before the biggest event hosted by The Empire Hotel which was the Royal Trophy. Well, it was a good thing that the Royal Trophy happened in Brunei but I heard it costs millions of dollars to host the prestigious event and I still remember how the organisers were still sourcing for sponsors. I covered the press conference a year ago with regards to the Royal Trophy and I was already shocked by the amount of money needed and even a year of preparation, such amount is a tall order even for Brunei to host (in my opinion).

However, it was good to see the relevant agencies supporting the Royal Trophy during the actual event and too bad I wasn’t there to witness the spectacle where team Asia beat team Europe for this year’s edition of the Royal Trophy. Perhaps the biggest impact The Empire had apart from the Royal Trophy was the Korean Amway group where they stayed at The Empire Hotel for two weeks with at least 2,400 Koreans coming in four waves. That time, The Empire Hotel enjoyed almost full occupancy back in November because of the Amway group.

I wish Desmond and Idris the best in their future and to the Mayan Prophecy, thanks for the “fear” factor you have implanted in others. Today indeed is our best day and tomorrow will be a brand new one. Don’t forget to vote the poll on the top right corner on how your 2012 year has been. Happy weekend peeps!!



A night at Orchard Road with Angel and Melissa


I highly recommended Angel to try out Minang House at Lucky Plaza and she couldn’t stop complementing on how good the food is especially the ayam rendang 😀

I didn’t catch up with friends in Singapore but I caught up with Angel (right) and my new acquaintance Melissa last Saturday

Orchard Road was filled with Xmas decoration

It seems that most of the deco had a lot of heart shapes

There were some minifigurine of Lee Kuan Yew displayed outside Mandarin Gallery

Angel did a quick Gangnam Style pose in the middle of Orchard Road

Both love the ice-cream bread while I preferred it with wafer

They were selling xmas hats for charity

Nice deco outside Mandarin Gallery

The gymnast from China showcasing (& stretching) their talents

This one was pretty cool and a lot of illusions too

The fountain outside Takashimaya

I like this photo somehow

Another huge Xmas tree inside Takashimaya

The Ferroro Rocher not as big as last year’s

Outside Ion

Another Xmas tree outside Ion


CheezBox Xmas 2012



New iMac now available




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