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Refresh everday

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News


Promotion at Deals Restaurant

Icon Design Store


Click image to enter website



Re-opening Soon



Job Vacancy at SilverWings



Gadget Plus at TechXpo 2012


If you haven’t read the updates on Air Ionizer, then you can click here for the write up. I didn’t know my friend Aaron was there exhibiting his product at TechXpo 2012 at the ICC. His booth will be there until tomorrow (Tuesday) and you can drop by to check out the wonders the Air Vita can do even for a smoky room. I already have one in my room and one in my car.

There are some models brought it by Gadget Plus such as Air Vita Neo, S-Air Vita and Carvita and you check them out at Gadget Plus booth at TechXpo 2012.

Gadget Plus is also selling their Smart Pass, a keyless way to open your car door, which is very convenient for those who does a lot of “stop and go” moments while on the road. Best part is your engine can still be running while your car is being locked. So this is ideal when you go kedai runcit for a one minute pitstop.

HRH Princess Masna being briefed by Aaron on his other product – Smart PAss

With the Smart Key, you can unlock your car without the use of your key and activated through a sensor

Aaron introducing the Air Vita products

The results can be seen using this experiment on smoky environment. Thumbs up for Air Vita, a Korean award winning product.

The Air Vita Neo

S-Air Vita


The launch of TechXpo 2012


TechXpo 2012 at ICC

HRH Princess Masna at the E-GNC Pavilion

HRH Princess Masna at the E-GNC Pavilion

Her Royal Highness being briefed on BAG Network’s latest Jawi app

Her Royal Highness group photo with BAG Network associates

SOS Brunei app is useful and it’s a joint venture between Alif Technology and 247 Roadside Assist

Her Royal Highness at The Brunei Times booth

Her Royal Highness at Business Oxford Group

Her Royal Highness being briefed by Zul Rahman of Concepts Computer

Her Royal Highness at the brightest booth of them all, Huawei

Huawei is also selling their dongles

Her Royal Highness at ITS booth

Her Royal Highness being briefed by Azizah Ali on Microsoft’s Windows 8

Her Royal Highness checking out the 3D TV from Sony

Her Royal Highness at Interhouse Company booth

OneTech Global training at TechXpo 2012

Her Royal Highness at NBT booth

Her Royal Highness at Netcom Computer House booth

Starra Company at TechXpo 2012


Mobile payment through QR.. Awesome!!


HRH Princess Masna in a group photo at BIBD pavilion

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) previewed its upcoming electronic mobile payment service at the TechXpo 2012 yesterday, at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Berakas.

A press release issued by BIBD stated that the electronic mobile payment service will soon be offered to BIBD customers. It will be the first cashless mobile payment solution and is one of the added services of the newly launched BIBD mobile application.

QR (Quirk Response code) will be available for visitors of the BIBD booth at the TechXpo to scan, so they can directly download the BIBD Mobile application to their smart phones.

The BIBD Mobile banking platform complements BIBD Online and provides customers with an easier way of accessing their accounts securely through their mobile devices.

Prominent features of BIBD Mobile include enquiry on all types of account balances, viewing account and credit card transaction history, simplifying bill payments to all major billers in Brunei, and ease of paying credit card bills and transferring money to any bank in Brunei or abroad with just a few taps.

Throughout the TechXpo 2012, BIBD will also be offering the public an array of products and services, such as the registration of BIBD Online with instant activation, along with the token. Visitors can also register for BIBD Debit Cards and apply for their BIBD Biometric ATM registration. Text by Nurhamiza Hj Roslan of The Brunei Times.

Hjh Nurul of BIBD explaining the new services offered by BIBD

There’s a phyiscal ATM where you can do your cash transaction at TechXpo 2012

Introducing the new system where you can pay on the spot through your mobile using QR

This is how it will look like

You will get this message once it’s successful

Details will be given as well on your purchase


APICTA 2012 scoring system


In what will be a milestone towards developing solutions catered towards both domestic and global markets of the IT industry Brunei Darussalam looks set to introduce a new and enhanced locally-designed and developed scoring system to be standardised by judges in the assessment of participants’ presentations in the Asia-Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) 2012, which is being hosted by the country and begins today at The Empire Hotel & Country Club.

“This year we have decided to start from scratch to develop a scoring system based on the work flow of APICTA using all these letters, tools and features within the scoring system,” said Dr Yong Chee Tuan, Chief Judge of APICTA 2012, in an interview with the Borneo Bulletin.

The enhancement to the scoring system is driven by a process of work flow, which relates to the affordability of individual judges to make due adjustments in resolutions and feedbacks on the presentation of participants.

“One of the features that you can’t find in previous scoring systems is the function ‘Suspend’, which means if you score halfway or you want to have a break, you (the judges) can press the button so that the other judges would not be able to do anything. The judge can submit a point and at the same time, if they find out they have pressed wrongly, the head judge can overturn that. We have developed the user requirements,” he said.

The additional features of the scoring system also include allowing judges to provide feedbacks directly to the participants without compromising the change of scores from their colleagues. “Some judges may want to provide feedback to participants such as commenting on how nice if they can make the graphics larger in size, make their voice louder or to present clearer. These are things that you don’t want to say in front of the other judges because you may influence people scoring by directly saying it to the participants,” Dr Yong said.

“What we have also introduced is that the head judge can see the bias, can see the fluctuations because in judging, situations in certain spikes of scoring may exist. This information is made transparent to the chief judge and this year we allow the chief judge to have an overview of everything that is happening and provide some interventions. If we see some scores are not moving or not entering, we suspect something is happening,” he added.

Dr Yong Chee Tuan, Chief Judge of APICTA 2012, delivering his speech

Dr Yong Chee Tuan and Hj Abdul Rahim being interviewed by Fadil from Borneo Bulletin

“We had a trial period and we let the international judges try it out. We received comments for improvements and Alhamdulillah we have the final solution,” said Haji Abdul Rahim bin Derus, Director of ICT at the Ministry of Education, also a key figure of the initiative.

Haji Abdul Rahim also said that such an approach will significantly raise the standards in terms of software development, using our own system that will give Brunei an edge as a country to come up with solutions critical for the industry.

Dr Yong believed that Brunei’s advancement in recent years means that they could also be considered on par with other countries that could be considered as the early adopters, despite at one stage, being viewed, in previous models, as a “laggard” in the industry.

“We have a complete real-time judging system when the scoring and entering takes place. We’re making use of the latest technology in Cloud computing and real-time scoring system. From the many perspectives, it is the projection for Brunei to showcase we are among the players and we are in competition and although it is a small market, it is awry young country for IT technology. Advances such as these help garner the confidence of IT players and industry as they will feel that there is recognition, there is an avenue and there is a direction,” added Dr Yong.

It is a very fluctuating and new industry, he said, and with support from the government, it sets forth the direction for the IT players in the country

The 17 categories for the competition comprise e-Government, e-Learning, Secondary Student Project, Tertiary Student Project, Tourism and Hospitality, Media and Entertainment, Communication, Financial Services, Industry Application, Industrial Application, e-Logistic and Supply Chain Management, Security, Tools and Infrastructure Application, Research and Development, e- Health, Start Up Company, e-Inclusion, e-Community and Sustainability and Green IT. Text by Fadil Yunus of Borneo Bulletin.


OMC at TechXpo 2012



Last 2 days for Titan the robot


Titan the Robot will be having a few more shows today and tomorrow and you can catch Titan walking, singing, poking fun delighting the crowd. The Titan was brought all the way from the UK.

The following show is Monday 3pm, 5:30pm and 8pm and Tuesday 3pm, 5:30pm and 8pm.. There’s also a photo session on Monday and Tuesday 1pm to 1:30pm and 4:20 to 4:35pm.





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