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Archive for 26/12/2012


One Day

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Festive season at Radisson


Icon Design Store


Click image to enter website


Brunei Hotel’s promotion

You can win dining vouchers or even a room voucher at Brunei Hotel. Click image to enter Facebook page



New promotion on RB


Supa Save Re-opens

The redevelopment of Supa Save Seria which started early February this year, will be bringing a whole new shopping experience with the convenience of a bank, cafe and other exciting retail outlets under one roof. With the help of local creative agency Mixmediaworx, this popular supermarket has also been working on a re-branding exercise that will be rolled out progressively, beginning with a logo refresh followed by some exciting campaigns lined up for the coming year.”


The Ugly Truth


RA says bonus, bonus, bonus… This will be the talk of the town this week and of course, jam, jam and more jam… Today’s headliner in BB talks about the bonus buzz and I believe the government officers are getting their bonuses starting tomorrow if I’m not mistaken. That’s one of the perks of being a government servant.

Now touching on that subject, I remember when I was still a kid, when asked what I wanna be when I grow up, I imagined myself being an architect. This was because I was into interior design and I used to buy ID books from Bookers International back then and became “wowed” by the photos of different types of home and how I wished I designed my own home one day. Yea, one day :p However, before uni years, I chose a different path – a more business oriented course. Why? To help my mom’s business initially after I graduated and I don’t know why I didn’t opted for any government posts or even have that thought in my head initially. Perhaps I have already planted in my head that I will work in a private sector. The closest to a semi-government job I applied is Brunei Economic Development Board during the John Perry’s era. And I was rejected on my application as a Business Analyst *lol* I guess it was meant to be. Otherwise I wouldn’t have this opportunity to be a full time social blogger and things might have taken a different path should I be accepted by BEDB then.

Anyway that was slightly off topic and guys, do spend wisely on this festive bonus season. I’ve already seen many advertisements on the newspaper advertising their special promotions in time for the bonus period. I, for one, won’t be enjoying the luxury of that bonus feeling but then again, I already grateful and appreciative of what I have going on for me and that for me is a bonus all year round 😀

Another headliner which I came across on The Brunei Times today is the rise of divorce is higher after 10-15 years of marriage and this data has been increasing the past 5 years. I know of a few whose marriages haven’t lasted more than 3-5 years and they are pulling or have pulled the plug. For me, I have not thought of settling down and age for me is not any concern. But of course, I will have an advantage if I was married earlier in terms of bringing up children. Then again, my priority is not too rush into full time commitment when I feel that I need to take care of my own self first before committing into a life time relationship with another.

When I saw from The Brunei Times’ article that irrecoincible differences is the top reason for divorces, then it pretty much says that it’s either one of them doesn’t accept his/her differences or compromise about new findings or situations that one feels uncomfortable. So here’s my principle… Invest in myself before I take that big step and one day I know I will find the right one and time is not a factor for me. If time is a factor, then it’s very likely mistakes can arise. This is just my 2 cents and there’s no pun intended.

Number of divorce statistics in Brunei


Bossini Salebration Sales


Take advantage of Bossini’s Salebration Sale

If you want affordable range of clothing, then Bossini does deliver. For your info, Bossini has its 2nd outlet at Mabohai Shopping Complex on the 1st floor and its first being at Shakirin Complex in Kiulap. The brand itself is from Hong Kong and it’s quite popular in other regional countries. Bossini only made its debut in Brunei in mid 2011.

This time round Bossini have a special promotion at both outlets. Under the Brunei Salebration Sales, you can get 10% discount and an additional 10% if you are a member of Bossini. And for any 3 items you buy, you get additional 20% off for Best Buy items and also for any 5 items, you will get additional 40% off for Best Buy items.

You can follow updates on Bossini on their Facebook page.

The ladies section at Bossini

T-shirts and jeans at Bossini

The kids’ section at Bossini

Different types of t-shirts at Bossini

Shirt for men

This is the 2nd outlet of Bossini at Mabohai Shopping Complex

Click image to enter Brunei’s Bossini Facebook Page


Planning for dinner on NYE?


NYE’s dinner at iLotus and win prizes such as iPad mini

The menu at iLotus for NYE


An awesome year for Shiiz Candies


There have been many feedback on where Shiiz Candies is. For your info, Shiiz Candies only operate on a weekly basis and last weekend was their final operation for 2012 before they continue again in the new year. Starting back in April 2012, co-owners Hafiiz Ramle and Sajidah, didn’t expect the tremendous responses from the public.

Perhaps the biggest hit among Shiiz Candies’ menu are the Hotlanta Wings which comes in three flavours – Sissy, Honey and Bloody Spicy and the Hotlanta Cheesesteaks which comes in three flavours – Sissy, Bloody Spicy and Mushroom. I’ve tried the Hotlanta wings and my personal favourite is the Sissy flavour and wowww… I tried the Bloody Spicy Cheesesteaks and it was super super spicy… and apparently Devon came up with the Bloody Spicy sauce and the flavour paid off. So if you really want test your spicy taste bud, Blood Spicy might be just the one for you.

So peeps.. If you want to try out Shiiz Candies goodies, then you will have to wait until 2013 for their service to be back in operation. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram @shiizcandies and so far they have 3,300 followers and they will be having a special promotion for followers once they hit the 5,000 followers mark.


Hafiiz was busy preparing for customers last Sunday. It was another big hit too.


This is the Bloody Spicy Cheesesteak I had and this is super yummy and spicy!!


The Hotlanta Wings in Sissy sauce are awesome!!


Thanks Anisah for bringing me there 😀





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