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Archive for 07/12/2012


A stunt blogger?

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News


Zira to burn the track today


Melissa Huang of Singapore and Zira (Siti Zirwatul) of Brunei will be representing the female Red Bull Rookies Racing team today in the Sepang 1,000 endurance race at the Sepang International Circuit

Last year was Ogy. The previous year were Liana and Mel. This year, Zira grabbed the headlines for representing Brunei for the Red Bull Rookies Racing Team. According to her friend, she came across the Red Bull Rookies application through my blog and now her dream came true in racing against the big guns and more importantly, representing a strong brand Red Bull.

Yesterday during the qualifying, Zira clocked 2 minutes 55 seconds which is her personal best and it was also an improvement of three seconds. However, the real deal will be on the race day which is happening as I’m typing this entry. At the moment, Melissa and Zira’s car is in 22nd place among 32 cars.

Perhaps the main aim is to finish the race and not to worry about finishing on the podium. However, there’s a new twist to this as Red Bull has created a new incentive for both male and female drivers of Red Bull Rookies. The winner between the two gender will win a grand prize of RM 10,000 so there’s a lot of stake here within the Red Bull rookies.

I’m quite happy to see Melissa Huang representing the female and she’s also the female anchor driver for the duo. Apparently two other drivers missed the cut due to unforeseen circumstances. Though it’s a numerical advantage for the guys (4 drivers), there is still some pros and cons with having more team members driving the car and mind you, it’s a 1,000km endurance race. So anything can happen.

For me, I just hope Melissa and Zira can finish the race and to win the battle of the sexes will be an added bonus. Good luck to two 😀

The female drivers with Malcolm Lim, Managing Director of Kingston Beverage & Creamery Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Red Bull in Brunei

Melissa Huang getting ready for her drive on the track

Don’t play-play ah.. Zira is also a traffic police officer

Cool sticker 🙂

Zira and other Red Bull crew monitoring Melissa’s progress on the track


 I’m back!!! in Singapore


RA says I’m back in Singapore after a 3 month absence and I’m here for a 10 day break to cap off a fulfilling year for me. And yes, I needed the break as well. I realized that I tend to be a workaholic back at home because I would feel restless if I don’t do anything at all. I would be at different places throughout the day, meeting clients or friends or covering events. I’ve been ignoring my books at home because by the time I have my free time (again my choice), it was time to snooze. So yea, it’s great to be away from Brunei and just take my sweet time and don’t focus too much on work.. And plus it’s December….

Good thing my family is here in Singapore as well so it gives a good chance to spend time with them especially my little siblings. I know they are already in their own world and maybe just think that I’m their elder brother but we hardly connect or carry a conversation. Maybe it’s me judging myself that I can’t be a good communicator as a bigger brother. Well, I’m getting there and I won’t force myself. My siblings really have grown up and I feel like I have to catch for loss time. Hence, being in Singapore will give me that opportunity once again to spend time with my family.

I’m currently at Terminal 1, Changi Airport waiting for my departure to KL for the coverage of the Sepang 1,000km endurance race. Why I’m there is because I will be doing a coverage on our Brunei racer Zira who will be racing under the flagship of Red Bull Rookies. She will be partnering with another racer from Singapore, Melissa. So yea, I’m pretty exhausted because of the early morning flight and I had to leave the hotel by 5am and I’m barely 24 hours in Singapore *lol*

Another thing that I have put myself into is accepting a 12 hour trip to KL before heading back to Singapore, just in time for my other coverage and the most anticipated event in Singapore’s calendar – Zoukout 2012. I was there last year and it was also my first time too. This would mean that I will be heading straight to Sentosa right after my arrival from KL later tonight. I shall be posting later.. Time to catch my flight and have a nice weekend peeps!!

My siblings trying out their new bed for their room last night at Park Mall


Announcement to BIBD customers



Time out

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News


Sketch Club kicks off


The Sketch Club brought to you by Coldbrew Studios

The first session successfully kicked off last night at a studio at Jalan Telanai. It is a drawing workshop organised by Coldbrew Studios and those who have the passion on drawing or such, then this is a good avenue to learn especially those with the same interest.

The drawing sessions will be a weekly thing every Thursday from 7:30pm onwards. For adults, it will be $15 and for children, it will be $8. I was told that the next Thursday’s session will be a live model as the subject for drawing.

For more info, you can call 813-7474 or email sketchclub@coldbrewstudios.com

The participants last night at the Sketch Club

The participants last night at the Sketch Club

Now I know why the bear was rushed from Gadong last night *lol*

SEEDS’ The Wicked Witch


Almost a year ago, I caught the actual musical play of Wicked at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore and I was impressed. Last week, I saw a local drama production under SEEDS Brunei and boy, I really have to salute the whole team involved for putting up an awesome show. One of the characters that caught my eye was Elphaba, the Green witch, and the role was played by Dk Nurazyyati Pg Hj Mulek and she was amazing – the acting, the vocals, a good whole package I must say.

Another main character was Glinda, the Good Witch of the North played by Nuroul Naqibah Nooaradin and both the characters have a good chemistry presence on stage where the audience, I felt, was emotionally invested. Thumbs up to Syaf the director/producer of the show and the people involved are mostly students from the actors to the lightings to backstage and props. Their handwork and teamwork paid off and I see a lot of potential in our local youth. We have the talents and it was the perfect time to showcase it to the audience. You guys deserved a big pat on the shoulders.

The whole production was led by SEEDS students and SEEDS stands for School Extracurricular and Educational Drama Society. You can follow them on twitter @seedsbrunei and Facebook for updates. Keep up the good work, fellas!!

The Musicians for the play

Glinda and Elphaba

Syaf of SEEDS Brunei – the director/producer of The Wicked Witch





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