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Archive for 21/07/2013


Clear my name

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Pazzion promotion

Follow @pazzionbrunei on FB and IG. Do click on banner to see more more of the shoes from Pazzion


Monthly Barakah 4 winners


BIBD today held a prize presentation ceremony today for its monthly ‘Barakah 4’ And ‘Top Up Tia’ weekly winners. The ceremony was held in the morning at the Kiulap BIBD branch premises.

Fatimah bte Hj Akhbar, Siti Fairuzhaironie bte Dato Paduka Haji Wahabi, Muhammad Nur Nirwandita bin Awang Takong/ Muhammad Sofee and Maryaniwati Bte Abdullah were all smiles as they were announced as the monthly winners for BIBD’s ‘Barakah 4’ campaign, each receiving a dining voucher at excapade worth $200, at the same time entitling them to become finalists for the grand prize of a Mercedes A-Class.

Pengiran Mohammad Sofian Bin Pg Aspar and Noor Zaimah Binti Suhaili, on the other hand, were in a joyous mood as they were presented as BIBD’s ‘Top Up Tia!’ weekly winners, awarding them with a Samsung S4 4G LTE each, as they won by topping up their DES electricity or DST mobile accounts through either the BIBD Mobile or BIBD Online channels.

On hand to give away the prizes as guest of honour was Mohammad Yusreza Mohd Yussin, Marketing Officer of BIBD. Every month, until the end of the ‘Barakah 4’ promotion on 30th September, five finalists will be picked to enter the final draw for the grand prize. BIBD ‘Barakah 4’ participants will also stand a chance to win an Islamic-themed Beijing tour for four people as the runner up prize, while the third place winner will earn a 100gm Gold bar, with 99.9% purity. 300,000 Royal Skies miles awaits the fourth place winner, to spend to go to any destination of their liking, while a brand new 46” Samsung LED TV and home theatre set awaits the fifth placed winner.

The monthly winners for July for Barakah 4

The Grand prize for Barakah 4

The ‘Barakah 4’ campaign is open to all new and existing BIBD customers who sign up for BIBD’s financing facilities which include BIBD’s Home, Education and Naqad facility. Entries for ‘Barakah 4’ will be in entitlements of one entry for every B$ 10,000, while fifteen entries for every B$ 100,000 financed. New account holders will also stand a chance to win via BIBD’s Wakalah General, tiered and foreign currency accounts (current accounts and savings account). This entitlement will allow account holders one entry for every B$ 5,000 and fifteen entries for every B$ 50,000. In addition, those who assign their salary to BIBD will also get entries and be eligible to enter the Grand Prize draw.

There will be no need for BIBD customers to manually fill in any forms or vouchers to be eligible for entries into ‘Barakah 4’ as they are automatically generated and entered into the system. The entries will be submitted automatically upon approval or activation of the facility or account.

On the other hand, BIBD’s ‘Top Up Tia!’ campaign allows new and existing customers who perform Top Up Transactions via BIBD Online and BIBD Mobile channels, to be instantly be given to one lucky draw entry for each successful transaction, entitling them to a weekly prize of a Samsung S4 4G LTE.

For more information on BIBD’s ‘Barakah 4’ or BIBD’s ‘Top Up Tia!’ campaigns, please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bibdbrunei; get in touch with the BIBD Contact Centre at 2238181 or visit your nearest BIBD branch.

Testing driving the Qs


The Audi Q5 was an excellent ride

Aliya Zin test driving Audi Q models. TCY Motors today held an exclusive test-drive session for members of the local press & media featuring its Q line-up of premium SUVs: the Audi Q3, new Q5 and the Q7.

TCY planned an awesome route for us, with three stops to give us each a chance to drive/ride in each vehicle. The distinctive Q models in the Audi stable are primarily premium built SUVs catering for everyday lifestyle use, so given that Bruneians love a good cruise now and then, it was appropriate that the route took us by scenic Kg Ayer along the Kota Batu road all the way to the Malay Technology Museum and back. The winding road with quite a few hills was also an awesome way to gauge drivability.

My first ride was in the Q5 with Zatty Joanda from BT. My first impression was how spacious it was from the back passenger seats. The Q5 can handle the demands of an urban lifestyle but has lots of room for a family. It’s a popular model, being the top-selling Audi model in Brunei for the last 3 years in a row.

The Q5 recently saw a new facelift, which was introduced earlier this year for Brunei, is powered with a 2.0 TFSI direct fuel injection petrol engine but with a higher output of 165 kW (225hp) and 350 Nm of torque. An equally quick 8-speed tiptronic transmission is featured.

Test driving the Audi Q models

The interior feel

Zatty Jo of The Brunei Times behind the wheel

My first impressions of the Q7 was “OMG! IT’S HUGE!” and “OMG! THERE’S A SUN ROOF!” I love spacious cars, especially since I have long legs. I could lie comfortably in the passenger seats. The drive for the Q7 is pretty epic, smooth transitions of the gears, and the power is available almost instantly for pick up. This is consistent for Audi cars, while engaged in one gear, the next gear is on standby, making for the smooth transition.

The Q7 with the only diesel engine offered for Brunei- a V6 with 180 kW (245hp) and 550 Nm of torque, this powerhouse 7-seater variant also comes with 8-speed tiptronic transmission. Despite its higher price range its still one of the most consistent selling Audis locally averaging one unit per month.

Three distinct sized SUVs with differing progressive design catering to different needs & customers but all three share one same highlight- quattro® permanent all-wheel drive innovation from Audi.

The concept is simple: if wheels on one axle lose grip and threaten to spin, then the drive force is transferred to the other axle- automatically and permanently distributed through the self-locking centre differential with wheel-selective torque distribution. The basic distribution is 40:60- 40% of power to the front 60% to the rear. The benefit is better traction during acceleration and improved safety due to impressive grip. Literally speaking quattro® is all about getting a grip.

For further enquiries about the Audi Q series please visit our showrooms in Kiarong or Lambak or call 2442333 ext31 or 2390725 during office hours. You can check out their Facebook Page too.



Netcom Computer House



BIBD Sungkai Delights Week 2


Check out the great deals on week two!!

It’s not too late to apply for a BIBD Debit Card 😀


Brunei on the map


Now this could be a sensitive issue to begin with. The creative arts industry especially when it comes to local music scene, they have been many restrictions and so what not. It’s pretty obvious that we have limitations on the music scene. Concerts that involved international artistes or singers are prohibited (not sure what’s the right word for this context) and discouraged. The success rate for applying such permit is zilch. The only way to bring more entertainment to our country is using our local talents which I think is such a great avenue for them to showcase their talents. Now the only challenge is that we don’t have a proper avenue or even an organisation that handles the creative arts industry. I’m not pretty sure about if there’s a department in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports that handles this aspect.

Now why did I highlight this? One biggest reason is that we have talented individuals in our country especially in the music and art scene. Just days ago, Fakhrul Razi performed live on the stage in Los Angeles, US, as he was chosen as a finalist in the senior vocal category in the World Championship of Performing Arts 2013. This is by far one of the best achievement for a Bruneian on the world stage. We also have two local talents, Kevin Lo and Maria Grace Koh, who didn’t leave empty handed from the WCOPA 2013. I still remember interviewing them at the airport two weeks ago and I saw their confidence oozing internally when I interviewed all of them. It’s also no surprised that Brunei team also won the Best Team Spirit Award. A small country that only sent 3 representatives as compared to the dozens from other 43 countries, this is a great amazing accomplishment and this shows that we are no pushovers.

Look at the number of medals they received from Brunei alone. Great achievement indeed

A dream come true for Kevin Lo

Eia did her best and won a few medals for herself. Outstanding!!

Fakhrul Razi said this is best experience in his entertainment journey and he would like to thank all the supporters in believing in the Brunei team

The achievements by our local talents:

Fakhrul Razi’s achievement: Gold Medal for vocals in 1) RnB/Jazz 2) Original Works 3) Open 4) Being a finalist and Silver Medal in 1)Broadway 2) Pop

Kevin Lo’s achievement: Gold Medal for Acting in 1) Classical 2) Comical 3) Dramatic 4) Open and he is also an overall winner for classical, comical and open category. Two scholarship offers from New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts and a full scholarship from Janet Alhanti’s acting class in Hollywood. He also received an individual award for performer who was pleasant and easy to work with.

Maria Grace Koh aka Eia: Silver Medal for Instruments with Vocals 1) Broadway 2) Contemporary 3) Original Work 4) Pop 5) RnB/Jazz

By the way, the Brunei team also won the Best Photo for being viral on social media platform. So there are plenty of things to be proud of and I’m definitely proud of their achievements in the States. Let’s hope that more Bruneians will be featured in next year’s edition. I actually caught the WCOPA finals online last Saturday and it was pretty entertaining. I had to purchase the HD version since the free streamline version was pretty small. It was one of the best $5 spent for me just to catch Fakhrul Razi performed live in front of the millions watching online.

Rumour has it that they will be arriving Brunei this Thursday 25th July. I shall update you on the timing of their arrival. We should do a hero’s welcome to our achievers. They have done a massive homework and I hope their success will pave way and open new doors in our country. It’s about time that the relevant authorities see a bigger picture and despite the limitations and restrictions imposed, there could be a way to make it more appropriate and acceptable for our culture. Perhaps an open dialogue between the “decision/policy makers” and our talents would be a great start.

If you want to view more of the photos from social media, you can click here.

Some of the screenshots from the finals while watching it online

One of the judges for the finals

Group vocalists singing an old number

Our very own Fakhrul Razi singing in the Senior Vocal category

He made an impact despite the 1 minute performance

… and he surely had a blast singing on the world stage. Awesome!!

The bigger winners of the WCOPA 2013 – The Philippines as they bagged many awards in the finals and also the star of the WCOPA 2013. Well done!!


Denny designed KFC packets


Mohd Denny Azriman, founder of Ambuyart Animations was the designer for the Limited Editiion KFC Hari Raya Celebration Packet

In conjunction with His Majesty’s 67th birthday and the upcoming Hari Raya, KFC has teamed up with local talent Ambuyart to come up with Limited Edition KFC Hari Raya Celebration Packets.

Customers only need to purchase any combo meal and they will be entitled to purchase the Celebration Packets which comes in a pack of 10 pieces for only B$1.50. There are 4 different designs and each design will be released each week on Monday and the first batch has been released on 15th July.

The KFC Themed Hari Raya Green Packet is a first for KFC. Each week’s Celebration Packets depicts a Hari Raya message and is a story of it’s own and combining it also forms a complete picture. “When we first approached Ambuyart, we shared the same vision of wanting to create a green packet that depicts images that a Bruneian and those staying in Brunei would be familiar with and we really liked what he has created” says Jonathan Bong, Senior Marketing Manager.

KFC together with Ambuyart would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Muslimin and Muslimat a “Selamat Berpuasa”. The Celebration packets are available only at KFC outlets in Brunei while stock last.

Every Monday, a new design will be released

So do collect all four designs and this is ideal for Hari Raya


Finally, a Go-Bald campaign!!!


Thank you to these wonderful lads who sacrificed their hair for a good cause

Rano says yesss, finally there is a “Go Bald” campaign in Brunei Darussalam and I have always wondered if such event will happen in Brunei since it’s a very popular charity event regionally. With the partnership of Sunlit Advertising, IA Salon and Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group, “Be Bold! Go Bald” event will become a reality. All you have to do is get the registration form at Sunlit Advertising Office or you can call them during office hours 245 3666 and fill in the form and you will be given a donation card as well which will have to be returned by 12th August.

I kinda like this initiative and since it’s the first of its kind in Brunei, I’m expecting an overwhelming response in terms of participants volunteering to get their head shaven. Anyway, since it’s for charity, if you don’t feel like shaving it off, you can still donate as there will be a donation box at the event itself during the 12th Consumer Fair (21st to 25th August) at the BRIDEX Hall.

The intention of the “Be Bold! Go Bald” event is to increase awareness on breast cancer among families and friends. Sometimes we take our lives for granted and only when the situation arises, we react to it. Lily Ng, one of the breast cancer survivors, shared her experience and advised the community that we must take care of our health and get more knowledge on breast cancer because prevention is the weapon for cancer. So to all of you, let’s help spread the news on breast cancer and how it can be valuable to our friends and families.

So where will all the proceeds goes to? President of BBCSG, Datin Hjh Sahaidah binti Hj Mohd Taib highlighted that all funds raised will go to the BBCSG, towards helping to provide Brunei breast cancer patients with specially-constructed bras and buying much-needed equipment such as laptops, projector and a model of a breast for educational purposes in raising local awareness on breast cancer.

Last Friday also saw five volunteers from Sunlit Advertising and one from BBCSG allowing their heads to be shaved for a good cause. This is a sneak preview on what to expect on the 25th of August during the final day of the Consumer Fair. Oh by the way, this is open for both male and female. So ladies, don’t discount yourself from the “Be Bold! Go Bald” and that includes you too, Hui Chiet :p *lol*

The press conference last Friday for “Be Bold! Go Bald” event

Representative from IA Salon talking about the benefits about being bald

Lily Ng shared her experience and gave some advice on prevention of cancer

The “Before” pose picture

Their final pose before the hairstylists from IA Salon in action

Check out the t-shirts for the good cause

Thomas Chieng of Sunlit Advertising looked cheerful and nervous

Almost 3/4 through the process

This could have been Mike’s new hairstyle

Mike dropping the monies donated by James Lee of Yellow Pages

Don’t they look younger?

Jackson Ting, Managing Director of Sunlit Advertising, donating for a good cause

Group photo after the shaving ordeal

Guess who registered? Mr. Aziz Idris of Borneo Bulletin

Register yourself and get the donation card from Sunlit Advertising office

Group photo with Sunlit Advertising. Good to see Irene who recovering from a serious ankle injury.

Check out the info.. I do hope they can put forward the time as I think the responses will be huge

This was a Go Bald Charity organised by my friend Jodie Sim in Kuching last year and they raised a million plus (in RM) in just one day. Awesome!!!

I shaved my head a year ago as I was raising funds for HSBC Walk, Run and Cycle. I managed to raise BND 2,000 then. I shall be joining this event for sure (Sorry for the vain pose btw haha)


Donation for Temburong fire victims


BIBD through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative today revisited the residents of the blazen longhouse of Kampung Sumbiling Baru in the Temburong District and handed over more basic necessities items.

The CSR team led by BIBD CSR Administration officer, Dk Vivi Aryati Pg Abd Rahman, made an early start for their journey towards the Temburong District to deliver more donations, food hampers and clothing, all contributions fromgenerous BIBD employees.

The donations were presented by BIBD Temburong Branch Manager, Abd Razak bin Ismail, on behalf of BIBD, to the Penghulu of Mukim Amo, Hj Bahrun bin Hj Talib, who is receiving on behalf of the victims.

“Alhamdulillah, we are able to extend more assistance to the affected families, especially now that the festive month of Syawal is drawing closer.” said Hjh Nurul Akmar binti Haji Mohd Jaafar, Head of BIBD’s Corporate Social Responsibility. She also added, “Through the relentless effort and teamwork of BIBD CSR and personnel, BIBD is able to once again come forward to hand over these donations to assist in reducing their burdens”.

BIBD’s CSR initiative has always been sensitive and concerned regarding the needs of the less fortunate and will do its best to extend their assistance in any form should such an opportunity arise. Furthermore, the internal charity initiative is also in line with the BIBD CSR objective in creating awareness and developing individuals who are socially responsible according to the faith that we embrace. To find out more on BIBD’s CSR initiatives, email the CSR initiative at csr@bibd.com.bn or get in touch with the BIBD Contact Centre at 2238181. Text and images courtesy of BIBD.


Brunei Press Netball Team


A sneak preview for the Brunei Press Sdn Bhd netball team as they will be participating in upcoming tournaments as part of their initiative to stay healthy. The netball team will be captained by Fizah with Enoy as their vice-captain. Image courtesy of Dean Kassim of Borneo Bulletin.



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