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Archive for 18/07/2013


Surreal of events

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Netcom Computer House


Click image to see more of Netcom Computer House from their Facebook Page


Icon Design Store


New and bigger things at ICON Design Store. Click to enter


Grand Raya Package at Peugeot


Grand Raya Package at Peugoet and promotion ends 15th September. Click image to enter website.


Sungkai at Tasek Brasserie


One of the popular places for breaking fast – Tasek Brasserie!!


BIBD Barakah 4


Click image to enter website


Fly KL via RB


Pazzion promotion

Follow @pazzionbrunei on FB and IG. Do click on banner to see more more of the shoes from Pazzion

More value for money at YMRM


Hui Chiet eyeing on this fabric at YMRM Tungku Link and she ended getting one for herself *lol*

Hari Raya is just three weeks away. Time flies very fast indeed. We are already in the second week of Ramadhan and the crowd have been rising at Galleria YMRM. Since Hari Raya is just around the corner, I made my 2nd pitstop to Galleria YMRM (this time to both Batu Satu and Tungku Link).

Galleria YMRM have quite a selection of fabric for “cara melayu” and what impressed me the most is the IMA fabric which is the Japanese cotton material. The price is higher than the normal type but now they have a promotional price where it’s being slashed from $19.90 to $15.90 per meter. What’s great about this material is that it’s of high quality and it’s pretty cooling and soothing to the skin. Last year, they have 20 different colours and this year, they have 60 different colours with the IMA material. This really shows how good the material and the trust it has coming from customers.

They also have good quality ones for the ladies for Baju Kurung and they have different price range from the affordable ones to the high end and of course, the quality is guaranteed. It’s no surprise that most of the tailors in Brunei make their fabrics and textile according to the management. For the ladies, if you want something more elegant as in Kebaya type, then I recommend you go fo the laces and YMRM have tons of those in both branches.

Galleria YMRM are not only popular for selling fabrics for men and women but they are also selling in-house lights and also “cucul” lights for Hari Raya. So if you need some new lightings in your house, they have a wide selection to choose from. YMRM already have tents outside their premise selling deco lights (cucul) and this have been their trademark for a few years already.

Head down to Galleria YMRM where textiles and fabrics are the cheapest in town and of high quality too. With their intention to give value for money, this has created a good loyalty relationship with their customers. Do visit their branches – one in Tungku Link Spg 100 (you can’t miss this spot) and the other is at Batu Satu, near BIBD branch. You can call their number at Batu Satu 222 3343 or Tungku Link 245 2344.

For more pictures of YMRM, you can click here.

Tons of laces for the ladies to choose from at YMRM

Hui Chiet liking the laces here at YMRM

Now you can make your Kebaya with this material

How the interior looks like at YMRM Tungku Link

Different range of songkok available

Made in Brunei Songkok

The lightings ideal for Hari Raya

One of the reasons why people go to YMRM – Liiiiigghhhttts and cuculs 😀

Have you prepared for Hari Raya yet?

You can buy those mini trays ideal for Hari Raya

Galleria YMRM at Tungku Link


Westends Avenue


Westends Avenue is located at Batu Bersurat near Guardian and FA Sports Cafe

Have you heard of Westends Avenue? It has just been around for 6 months or so and I’m quite surprised with the selections they have with the brands that they carry. You will brands such as Polo, Espirit, Nike, EDC, Puma and many more all under one roof.

So how are they able to get these labels? Apparently they have great contacts from Sri Lanka which actually produced all these labels and brands as I have mentioned. So the quality you get is pretty genuiene and at an affordable price. I was actually eyeing for Adidas wear but they have commissioned them to a local retailer *lol*

I believe not many people are aware of Westends Avenue’s location and even existence. It’s located at Batu Bersurat, just opposite Taurean Too Kopitiam. Refer to the poster for details.

Another great point about Westends Avenue is that they carry women’s sportswear which is not common here in Brunei. They also carry a lot of zumba type kind of clothes. So for the ladies out there who are Zumba enthusiasts, this could be an ideal place to shop so they have tons of zumba pants.

They are having a midnight promotion on 19th July, then following on the 24th and 27th July from 9pm to 1am. Check out the poster below.

Information on Westends Avenue

Zumba clothings for the ladies

Zumba pants too

The mens’ column

All these attire available at Westends Avenue

Ladies clothes area

They have evening gown wear, sports attire and smart casual wear for the ladies

The men’s section

Westends Avenue is managed by one big happy family


The Ugly Truth


RA says Let’s talk about relationship for this time round. Have you guys miss my segment on UG? Sorry for that. For the past few weeks, I have these burning thoughts in my head but I never really pour it down until those moments just drifted away and that blew my momentum for it to be posted as part of the UG. Anyway, let’s get back to the topic on relationships.

Now this is one interesting topic which I feel that I wanna share with my readers. Relationship can be in different forms but whenever we say the word relationship, we associate it with a couple being together and/or in love. For the past few years, I’m beginning to have a better understanding on such word. Technically whoever I meet or interact with, this is also a form of relationship (interpersonal) and I believe I have been operating in that manner ever since I was a kid. Perhaps the more active relationships I have is with my close friends but sadly not with my family.

I realised how my relationship with my mother has impacted me on how I have been showing up for the past twenty years (and even longer) around the people that I met and also with my past relationships with my exes. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, what is the purpose of having this relationship being that with a family member, with a friend or with a potential partner (bf/gf) or with your spouse? And if we don’t have that kind of objective or intention, there is a high possibility that the relationship will be a roller coaster in a long run if each of the party had a different intention. Maybe because both parties hardly ever sit down and talk about their goals or intention to have this relationship and simply jump to the point such trusting the person quickly or fall into a relationship quickly or becoming best friends in a short period of time and there are many that I can possibly list down.

This is because our culture are brought up this way. This is how we perceive the notion of friendship/relationship with one another. And that’s why most of us fall into the trap of “first good impressions”. This is what I learned as the first stage of any relationship or friendship. We will portray what he or she sees fit. It’s like going on a first date and you do your best to give a perfect first impression and it will be one flawless experience at that moment of time. If you notice carefully or look deeper into the context, you are actually only showing the good/better side of you. The real test comes when you are in that “uncomfortable” zone where the cracks will start to show here and there and only then we realise how human we are and this is quite true that the more we know, the more cracks we become unfamiliar with and the judgment on each other will appear subconsciously.

This is pretty common in all types of relationship and I have been there a lot of times *lol* Now that I have become aware of the situation especially for my future or potential partners, I’m taking baby steps and I’m more focused on having that relationship with my inner self. Because I have to admit that my biggest flaw in most of my relationships with my exes is the sake for companionship. . Well, that’s part of a relationship but I fail to see the other components that also mattered. This is very common in most relationship that we depend so much on companionship and slowly we begin to lose part of ourselves.

For now, I have established only a handful of wonderful relationships (not romantically) with my close friends and that to me is amazing how it all turned out. There is so much that I wanna share about this but I will just leave it here for now as it might be a lot for many of you to digest. What’s important is to love yourself more and appreciate yourself and don’t change yourself just because you want to please others (very common in courtships).

Of course, I love you readers 😀



Missing Verdana Resort Chiang Mai


Just a quick recap on the hotel that I was staying at Veranda Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand, last week and it was just an amazing stay. I was staying in a deluxe room with my friend Goh Yi Ren and I found out that we both have something in common – we know our movies well *lol*

The room was just nice and I won’t mind staying here again. The only problem is that it is quite a fair ride from the city. They do provide shuttle service twice a day though which is roughly 30 mins ride depending on traffic.

I didn’t get to try much of the facilities though. Food wise it’s not as great as Hua Hun Six Sense Resort Spa but it’s still good. Service is pretty good but I wasn’t impressed with Lebua State of Tower’s (in Bangkok).

The compound of the resort is quite big and lots of greenery which I like. The architecture of the resort was slightly confusing but modern. It took me a while to know my surroundings and there were many possible routes to get around the resort.

Below are some pictures of my room at Veranda Resort Chiang Mai.

The corridor at Veranda Resort

I like this corner area of the room

This is how the bathroom looks like

It uses the slide system to cover the bathroom/toilet

The translucent door that slides from the shower to the toilet

I didn’t get the chance to use the bathtub

You can tell they really take customer service to another level :p

Great brand for our shower needs

Another great idea to pack them back home *lol*

My room mate buddy then 😀

Ok, one minus point about the room is the location of the desk and TV which too close for me

If you can afford to upgrade, try out the villas

Again the infinity pool that I didn’t get to try out

Love the green nature of the resort

At the lobby area

Sabrina trying out the gym but it’s kinda small




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