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Win some, lose some

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Favourites UBD and MD reach finals

I missed the morning session.. It was perhaps one of the best rounds in the University category where University of Brunei Darussalam edged ITB in the semi-finals of the BSP UBD Green Debate. I should also thanked @izamwrites for the constant updates on the morning session of the debate. For your info, UBD is represented by @sengyeeciara and two crews from @UBDFM – @JMaxine @ickydoodles.

The 2011 BSP UBD Green Debate was successfullly organised by the Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sendirian Berhad (BSP) and Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and the preliminaries took place at The Core at UBD. The topics were relating to environmental issues and sustainability.

This is one way to heighten the awareness and importance of Brunei Darussalam’s environmental leadership. The mission of the debate is to provide a premier debate platform for Brunei students on global environmental issues with the vision of nurture and environmentally conscious leaders for the sustainable development of Brunei Darussalam.

This year, there are two categories – University and Pre-university. In total, there are 12 participating teams from three districts. In the finals of the University category, UBD will square off against UNISSA. In the finals of the Pre-University category, Sekolah Menangah Sayyidina Ali (SMSA) will face off against Maktab Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah (MD).

The finals will take place at The Empire Hotel, 20th October 2011. If you want to read the judges’ comments, you can click [click here].

Chairperson and time keeper of the debate

Seng Yee Ciara was superb for UBD against KUPUSB

Frederick of MTSSR was pretty entertaining in his delivery

Hanna of MS was awesome. I love how she brought up her points.

A student preparing for her debate

The topic of climate change was being debated

MD was victorious as they reached the finals of the 2011 BSP UBD Green Debate

The same night UBDFM launched its brand new show called “Date Night with Maxine and Zirah”. The new show will commence every Thursday 8-11pm in which they will invite special guests every week.

At the show premier, UBD FM invited 3 debaters who competed at the BSP UBD Green Debate: “Frederick” from MTSSR, “Jason” from ITB and “Hanna” from Maktab science, in which they discussed about their fun experiences at the green debate as well as their preparations before the date itself. Hanna from Maktab Science did a supercool rap for UBD FM! Images courtesy of UBD FM.

The debaters hanging out at UBD FM

Dj Khalz taking the opportunity to explain the advantages of using the B-Mobile Ideos Google phone and the benefits of subscribing to B-Mobile as a student. B-Mobile is one of UBDFM main sponsors

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Movies I caught lately

Nasi Lemak 2.0 My bad, my bad.. My assumptions were wrong. I thought it was a purely Malay movie just because it was produced in Malaysia by Prodigee Media. I opted to catch this movie because of the rave reviews I’ve been hearing from my peers. AnakBrunei caught the movie twice, SP gave it a thumbs up and recommended me to catch because of the great message it relays to the audience.

I have to agree that there’s such a great message with a sense of unity as well among different races in Malaysia. This also can be said for other regional countries and even Brunei. The movie reminds me of the Stephen Chow era where he produced and acted in ridiculous yet entertaining movies (Shaolin Soccer, Kungfu Hustle). Nasi Lemak can be similarly said of the same genre but not that extent. It does have its flaws but I was still entertained and not too bothered by it. Oh yeah, there are some sexual innuendos if you are sharp enough to notice it. Then again, some of the scenes were pretty obvious. Verdict: 7.5/10

Johnny English Reborn. What can I say about Rowan Atkison? If I were to choose between Rob Schneider and Rowan Atkison, the former gets the thumb from me. This is the sequel to Johnny English (2003) and what can you expect from a Rowan Atkison movie. I’m not a big fan of Mr. Bean movies though so I might just be slightly biased. Then again, I was still entertained by the lameness, the stupidity and the slap-stick humour which some were predictable at most times.

There was once that I was laughing in tears because @delgoh suddenly cracked up laughing at one scene by himself *lol* Don’t expect a brilliant plot or script. Keep your expectations lower and you will surely enjoy this flick. What surprised me was the the clapping ovation it received in the end. I just hope they were clapping for the lameness of the movie. Verdict: 7/10

Contagion. This movie is not for kids or children. Perhaps it’s the mature theme it contained. This is similar to epidemic movies such as Outbreak or 28 Days Later. Well, frankly speaking I love 28 Days Later because it was very edgy and full of suspense. Yes, Contagion did give me some sense of suspense but it was not something I would rate very high.

There are some famous casts in the movie and all of them played brilliantly in their respective roles. I became more aware on how such epidemic can cause a shift in a society or a community. There are some flaws in the movies that I won’t go further into. Catch this movie and you might learn a thing or two. For me, it was pleasant enough and worth the watch. Verdict: 7/10

Friends with benefits. Another Justin Timberlake movie. So what happened to his music career? Well, I’m still pretty impressed with his filmography though. Both his movies Bad Teacher and Friends with Benefits are reaping $$$ and let’s not forget his 2010 success in movies (Shrek Forever After, The Social Network and Yogi Bear).

I’m pretty sure this movie won’t even make it to the local cinemas. The title speaks for itself and the content of the movie is something that the censorship board will have problems dealing with *lol* I kinda enjoyed this movie though this is not a politically moral story that should be followed by example. I won’t go further into details but this is definitely not for kids. Verdict: 7/10

Smurf. Ok, this is one movie that I mentioned that I won’t catch but “someone” persuaded me *lol* I read the reviews on Rottentomatoes.com and I knew what to expect for this animated movie. I grew up watching Smurf mind you but I wasn’t really impressed with the trailers. Smurf will always be smurf and I think majority of the female audience are drawn by the cuteness of the blue creature. For me, it was nothing exciting but definitely a good movie for families. It’s running low on screening now in local cinemas but I’m pretty sure quite a lot have caught this movie. Verdict: 6/10

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