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The Awakening

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Icon Design Store

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DevFest2012 update

The Google Development Group (GDG) Brunei Darussalam is in collaboration with DST Communications Sdn Bhd (DST) on the DevFest2012 event. This is the first major event held here in Brunei which will be held on Monday 29th to Tuesday 30th October 2012 in DST Headquarters, Tungku Link.

Last Thursday, 12th October 2012, the organizers, namely the GDG Brunei Darussalam opened the registration at http://devfestbrunei.eventbrite.com/ with a target of 200 participants in mind. The registration was filled up before the registration closing date 18th Oct 2012. The organizers met their target of 200 registered participants from schools, colleges, institutions, universities, government and private sector organizations.

The DevFest2012 event is a two days event, which will comprise of conferences, live hangout on Google+, Codelabs, Hack-A-Thon Local Developers Session Showcase by iCentre incubates, DST Future Apps Android Trainees, BAG Networks and QG Technologies Sdn Bhd, Hack-A-Thon prize presentation at the end of the two days.

DST supports for DevFest2012 as Innovation is at the core of its business. DST seeks to promote local ICT technopreneurship through it’s own training program, Future Apps and also The Future Fund, a start-up fund. DST is continuously on the look out to support local innovation, and being a partner in the DevFest2012, DST hopes to achieve continuous growth in innovation and technology development.

The DevFest2012 event will be inviting familiar enterprising Google figures regionally and internationally, like Ben Salzman, Googles Enterprise Country Manager from Malaysia, Mohd Hadi Shafie Awang Othman at Google Singapore, Uttam Tripathi at Google India, Mike Bikesh cofounder of iTrain Malaysia and 1337 Ventures, Azeman Sulaiman and Firdaus Zailani are from GDG Brunei Darussalam, and Alfred Boediman at Samsung.

The GDG Brunei Darussalam Organizers advises all registered participants for the two days event, to bring their along their devices and laptop. Registration on the event day, Monday 29th October will be opened from 7.30am to 8.15am. The Hack-A-Thon registration will be on Tuesday, 30th October is opened at 7.30am till 8.15am. Exciting prizes will be presented to Hack-A-Thon winning participants.

Redefined Journey

Click image to enter Facebook page to find out more

So I guess most of you are wondering as much as I do to what this new buzz on business cards being distributed at strategic places. I’ve seen people posting on instagram and twitter whenever these guys or this squad roam around shopping malls and cafes. How long will these go on for before the next phase? I’m sure something will happen sooner or later. Whatever it is, thumbs up to the guys behind the marketing campaign. It has surely created some buzz 😀

Sugar Glider holding one of the cards. Taken off Redefined Journey Facebook Page

Smile More campaign

They spread the happy-ness at The Mall last Saturday

It was all about teamwork

Photogenic Couple Search deadline soon

Click image to enter Facebook page to find out more

The competiiton is back once more. Last year the winner were Victor and Stephanie Koh for the Most Photogenic Couple Contest. So this time will you and your partner be the one at the Musical Garden Wedding Fair 2012? The winner will win a fantastic package. The deadline of the submission will be on the 30th October 2012. Check out PDCA event page for more details.

For your info, the winner will win a two return air ticket to KK for a pre-Wedding photoshoot by Devin Kho Photography worth BND 980 incluisve of a complete set of photobook.

The Musical Garden Wedding Fair 2012 is brought to you by PDCA Events Co. and it will take place on 29th November to 2nd December 2012 at The Mall.

Create your own website

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It’s pretty common to see that most companies have Facebook accounts but lesser focus so much on having their own websites. I’m not sure if it’s the cost or convenient factor but I personally believe a company should have their own corporate website. Creating a website has already been a set back especially for those with little knowledge on website creation. Now you don’t have to worry as much as Innonline Web Builder is a cost effective website development company.

For only $49 a month, you can have your own website and it also inclusive of website maintenance, development services and online marketing services. This is ideal for SMEs and those who are freelancers. Another great feature is that the website builder allows the integration of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

For the package, you will get unlimited pages, a 10GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and many more. You will be able to view your traffic stats too.

For more info, you can reach on email admin@ innonlinesolution.com and you can also view the tutorial on how you can mange your website once it’s ready.

Click image to view a preview on how innoline solution makes a website through a video presentation

Click image to view a preview on how innoline solution makes a website through a video presentation

Property seminar is back!!

These seminars are always quite popular but it doesn’t happen on a regular basis. So this is the best opportunity to get hold of the coachers which is happening this week, one in KB and one in Bandar. And for your info, registration is FREE too. The previous one in September had a great response and now they are back again!!

I’ve always been keen in property but I’ve never really set my intentions to it. I was reading past archives of Azea Property Investment seminars and there was one quote that will encourage those interested in property – “Property investing is a “zero sum game”.

There will be a seminar on 1st November Thursday at Seaview Hotel, KB and 2nd November Friday at Rizqun International Hotel, 2:30pm and 7:30pm. For reservation, call or sms 718 4963 or email sunil.ramchandani@AzeaPropertyInvestment.com

Check out the schedules for Azea Seminar

Below is a quick interview with the organiser of the seminar.

RA: Can you briefly describe why such courses/seminar is in Brunei?
Azea Property: The founder Tang Yang Po, created Azea 3 years ago in Singapore and has been expanding in Asia including Brunei, recruited 900 members in Singapore and 2,000 members in Malaysia. The main purposes of this courses/seminar in Brunei is to provide the public an opportunity to learn how the rich invest in properties.

RA: Does one must have knowledge background on properties? And what kind of properties are you referring to?
Azea Property: No, people do not need to have much knowledge background on properties as we are a coaching / educational company and provide a workshop of Strategies in Property Investments. People can apply the knowledge learnt to any kind of properties.

RA: How many seminars have they conducted in Brunei? And is it gaining popularity? How many pax normally per session?
Azea Property: We have conducted about 30 seminars since 2011. Yes, In Brunei Azea has recruited almost 100 members. Normally between 10-30 pax per session. Thus seats are limited!

RA: Who are your target customers? Does it has to be those interested in properties only? And normally who are the age group?
Azea Property: Anyone can learn, we are targeting someone who wants to learn and apply these strategies in helping themselves. Probably someone in their 25’s upwards.

RA: Can you share an example on the benefits if one has the knowledge given from this course?
Azea Property: One can create passive income and can enjoy also the benefits of being a member because we will also provide investment opportunities & signals.

RA: Is there any fee involved for this seminar in Brunei?
Azea Property:No, preview seminar is free in Brunei.

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