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What can I do..

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Amazing fares at RBA

Click image to enter website

Happy Birthday Sophia

Celebrated a mellowed evening with birthday celebrant Sophia with friends at The Empire Hotel

Last night, we had a mini surprise for Sophia Siu @lilmopiko who is one tough girl to be surprised because she always figuring out our master plan. Anyway, we are glad you enjoyed the evening and it was good to see familiar faces especially Melati who drove all the way from Seria *awwww you’re awesome* and a big hand to Malcolm who pulled off a good show on the piano. So peeps, if you want some music entertainment (on the piano), Malcolm is the guy!!!

To the birthday celebrant, may you year be properous and full of abundance (ok, so cliche haha) and I’m very thankful for your friendship and support all these years. All the best in your business and also your thesis :p See you soon. Much love.

Malcolm played a few of Sophia’s favourite playlists

bFIT will be a bigger hit next year

bFIT was officially launched last Sunday

I see a bigger potential in this programme created by b•mobile the following year and the amount of effort put into this project is beyond my expectations. I believe with the right partners, this goal can be achieved and b•mobile might have just struck the right note for this one.

The guest of honour Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health, Hj Awg Saifulbahri bin Hj Awang Mansor, launched the event last Sunday before a group of 50 bFIT participants performed a march parade together with b•mobile motivators and Fitness Zone instructors.

For your info, this programme is a 9 week programme and each contestant will undergo a one-day body assessment, counselling sessions and nutritional talks. There will be weekly challenges and also workout sessions.

It is true what See Wei Kie, Acting CEO of b•mobile said that sports is for everyone and not just for high performers or elites.

This Sunday the outdoor challenge will be at Bukit Shahbandar. So good luck to all those involved and I hope I’m able to cover the event should it not clashed with the BIBD CE ALAF run. Well done to b•mobile on launching the event and yes, you can view the programme on RTB which will be shown on a weekly basis.

See Wei Kie, Acting CEO of b•mobile, in his welcoming remarks

The invited guests in attendance

The official opening

Off, off you go…

Guest of honour talking to one of the participants

Say cheese…..

Getting ready for the Sh’Bam workout

Robin trying to blend in the groove

… while Nana was into the groove

Follow the clown and you will be fine

The b•mobile motivators

The b•mobile motivators

Good luck Emelda

Good luck Aliya

The best performer of the week

The circuit training

The circuit training

The circuit training

The circuit training

The circuit training


Music lover

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Promotion at Tasek Brasserie

Alan Inspiration

Brunei Halal launches website, rebranding

The Brunei Halal logo at their head office at Jerudong

Here’s the thing.. People do get confused about Brunei Halal and their role in Brunei. They are not an agency that deals with certifying food or products or even restaurants. They are more like a government owned company but commercially driven that deals with their own products to be marketed locally and internationally which carries the Brunei Halal name and logo. Well, I shall go into those details next time. But for the now, the focus is on Brunei Halal’s rebranding of their website.

According to Feby Latip, CEO of Brunei Halal on the revamped website, it is a branding exercise for the company which coincides with the developments happening in Brunei Wafirah and Brunei Halal products. Now the www.brunei-halal.com looks more upbeat and vibrant.

Feby said the revamped website not only gives a fresher feel but you are able to see updates on the promotions and events and the nagivation is smoother and dynamic. The creativity of the website was done internally while the PT Iris Sistem Inforindo and Nuke Graphics handled the back-end of the website. She also thanked and appreciated the rest of them in different departments within Brunei Wafirah Holdings and the trading company, Ghanim International Food Corporation.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter @bruneihalal

The young peeps behind the Brunei Halal website project with the creative team

The team behind Brunei Halal

The screen shots of Brunei Halal website

Some interesting FAQs for you to know more about Brunei Halal

For first timers, it may take a while to load because of its flash based

Some of the food items labelled under Brunei Halal. Currently they have around 50 products under the brand.

Brunei victorious after 4 years

Brunei defeated Cambodia 3-2 yesterday

Job well done for Brunei but they are not there yet. They have to beat Laos and Timor Leste in the next few days to qualify for the Suzuki Cup. Brunei beat Cambodia 3-2 in yesterday’s match which is Brunei’s first international victory in four years at the Youth Training Centre in Yangon yesterday.

However, it was not a smooth ride for the visitors as they have to claw back from behind with goals from Md Aminuddin Zakwan Tahir, Muhd Helmi Zambin and Azwan Muhd Salleh. Well done to the Brunei team for the valuable 3 points in the qualifiers.

Brunei coach Kwon Oh-son’s half-time team talk sure woke the national football team up. Down 1-0 at the break, the Wasps scored three goals in the span of 18 minutes to defeat Cambodia 3-2 in the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup qualifiers yesterday a vital win which kept alive their hopes of progressing to next month’s main event.

The pressure was on the team to perform and the national coach knew just how important a win which would be their first in four years would be if they wanted to avoid disappointing the thousands of football fans back home. Click here to read more. Images courtesy of Yee Chun Leong.

The score line at the Youth Training Centre, Yangon

Dinner with the Brunei team and management

Afi celebrated his birthday yesterday too

The Brunei supporters at the match yesterday

Brunei 1st team against Cambodia yesterday

Blood donation at AITI

AITI held a blood donation drive in Dewan Seri Kerna, AITI Building, Anggerek desa. The Guest of honour for the function was Yang Mulia Hj Yahkup Hj Menudin, Chief Executive of AITI. The function was also attended by representatives and blood donors from TelBru, DST, B-Mobile, iCentre and AITI staff.

The function began with a welcoming remark by Hj Yahkup Hj Menudin, it was stated that this is one of the first AITI Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative that involves the TelCos and other stakeholders of AITI. Hj Yahkup indicated that there will be more CSR initiatives that will be coordinated by AITI and is looking forward to future collaborations.

It was then followed by a talk by Dr Nang Nway Nway Lone, on the benefits of blood donation. Images courtesy of AITI.

Hj Yahkup Hj Menudin, Chief Executive of AITI, gave his welcoming remarks

Dr Nang Nway Nway Lone talking on the benefits of blood donation

The registration table


Evode in the making?

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Promotion at Tasek Brasserie

Alan Inspiration

Discounts of Galaxy Note II

Just mention ranoadidas and you will get a $20 discount on the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Ever heard of LARA Corp? Well, they started their business through Facebook (thelaracorp or click here) and they grew from there. They also had a small stall at Times Square previously before they eventually moved to a physical store located at The Airport Mall. The mobile shop is located next to KFC outlet.

I shall highlight the Samsung Galaxy Note II which is selling like hot cakes now. This week, for RA readers, you will get a $20 discount on the Samsung Galaxy Note II at LARA Corp if you mention the word Ranoadidas. The gray ones just sold out and now they have the white ones in stock.

LARA Corp also have the latest iPhone5 and the 64gig is selling at a competitive price compared to other vendors.

The 16gig iPhone 5 is sold out but they have 32 and 64gig available

Race packs collection today

Participants of Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam’s (BIBD) Charity Expedition Advocating Life-long Learning (CE-ALAF) gathered at the Orchid Garden Hotel (OGH) yesterday and last Sunday to collect their race entry packs and today’s (Tuesday) the final day of collection (1:30pm to 8pm)

Hundreds of registered participants were seen at the hotel’s Vanda Restaurant to collect their pack, which contained information about the upcoming race and a t-shirt.

According to a press release from BIBD,about 5,000 participants have registered for the CE-ALAF run. The CE-ALAF programme is a corporate social responsibility initiative that seeks to support underprivileged students by providing them with educational opportunities.

The charity expedition, which involves running and cycling, carries the tagline, “One Step, One Pedal, One Education”. It will be held on October 14 at the Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium, where there will also be a charity bazaar and prize draw.

The expedition will feature five different sporting events: a 2.5km fun run, a 5km run, a 10km run, a 21km half-marathon and a 53km cycling expedition.

As a side activity, the GetFitCrossFit group will conduct a demo clinic for participants at the parking lot of the Orchid Garden Hotel. Text by Anway Rosly of The Brunei Times.

Executive lunch sets at Caliente

Have you tried the cuisine at Caliente? First opening its doors in the month of April of this year, Caliente which is located in Regent Square has satisfied its patrons with its Spanish cuisine.

Spanish cuisine has a rich and cultural history drawn from a mixture of European and North African food and even a slight greek influence.

One popular food item is tapas which was originally used to refer to a piece of bread used as a lid to cover drinks. Today tapas is the most acquired Spanish cuisine owing to the versatility and ease of its preparation, Caliente offers its patrons this versatile experience drawing from the best loved tapas enjoyed all over spain which could either be a perfect appetiser or even a complete meal.

Spanish tortillas, chorizo, prawns mackerel and anchovies along with the simple yet scrumptious patatas bravas are all featured in Caliente’s hot and cold tapas selection.

The owners stated most of the ingredients used in spanish cuisine are olive oil based and uses fresh green vegetables. Some of the ingredients are even specially imported from Spain such as the case for the flour used to make Caliente’s nachos and many more. Soon they will be bringing another European chef.

Caliente now has new promotion such as the Tapas specialty selections and spanish corn dog and they also have the executive lunch set. So a good reason to give Caliente a visit.

It is located on 1st Floor, Regent Square at Kiulap. Call 223 4549 for reservation. Oh yeah, I’m quite surprised that not many know of Regent Square at Kiulap.. Maybe they know of the building but not of the name of the area. You can also visit their Facebook to look for updates.


The deadline

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Promotion at Tasek Brasserie

Alan Inspiration

Sneaks for my posts

Massive crowd on first day of collection for Race Entry Pack for BIBD Charity Expedition ALAF Run. Collection continues today and tomorrow 1:30pm to 8:30pm at Orchid Garden Hotel

Circuit training for participants of bFIT yesterday after the successful launch of bFIT programme

So is this true? *lol* Taken from yesterday’s paper

GetFitCrossFit had a demo session yesterday outside OGH. Ricky and Steph doing their reps.

Team @maurina won a huge prize from Destination Dash competition hosted by Royal Brunei Airlines. Find out what they won later.

The guys from PetroleumBRUNEI at the Oil and Gas Job Fair at BRIDEX. There are plenty of exhibitors at the one week job fair and do drop by for those seeking for a job.

In need of a graphic designer. Email your CV if you are qualified and interested.

B.I.G Series outing during their 1st year Anniversary

My new toy… Dr. Legopus bullying Hulkie #bruneilego

Prize presentation at Hua Ho Mulaut with Baiduri Bank associates and management of Hua Ho. Image courtesy of Azmi of BK Network


Crunch time

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

His Majesty feted DP Sumadi

His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei awarded Dato Paduka Sumadi, one of the recipients, at the Youth Day this morning at the Indoor Stadium

Job Fair starting tomorrow

The Energy Minister was delighted that more than 1,000 have secured jobs at the Oil and Gas sector. Image taken from The Brunei Times’ website.

More than 1,000 new jobs have already been taken up by locals within the oil and gas sector, surpassing the Energy Department at the Prime Minister’s Office’s (EDPMO) target for local employment this year, said the Energy Minister.

Yang Berhormat Pehin Datu Singamanteri Colonel (Rtd) Dato Seri Setia (Dr) Hj Mohd Yasmin Hj Umar confirmed that 1,114 jobseekers had secured posts in the oil and gas industry to date, exceeding the minimum target of 1,000 jobs by the year-end.

“We’ve reached our target, more than we’ve expected,” he told the media.

The minister (pictured), who was very pleased with the achievement, said that the EDPMO’s on-going local business development (LBD) drive contributed to the department reaching their intended target, which hopes to see an increase from the initial 37 per cent of local employment to 45 per cent this year.

Since the initiative started early this year, the EDPMO has been giving “wake-up calls” to oil and gas industry players to create and provide jobs to locals, as well as organising two successful job fairs. These recruits consisted of professional, skilled and semi-skilled workers filling in new jobs in Brunei’s major economy driver.

As envisioned in the draft Energy White Paper, the EDPMO is pushing to produce 5,000 professional and 35,000 skilled and semi-skilled Bruneian workers for the oil and gas industry, both in the upstream and downstream sector, with a target of 80 per cent local employment by the time the country realises its national Vision 2035.

“We have proven that it can be done. We can see now that the industry is employing people, and this (achievement) shows that, between the government and Brunei Shell Joint Venture companies, we have a good channel of communications at all levels,” he added.

“We want to do more for next year. Our KPI (key performance indicators) is maybe too low this year, so we plan to increase our KPI next year,” he added.

YB Pehin Dato Hj Mohd Yasmin was speaking during a dialogue session between the EDPMO and senior officials of Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd (BSP) yesterday.

The dialogue, held at Pusat Insani in Seria, was aimed to discuss issues and new ideas with BSPpersonnel towards enhancing their competency in their respective fields. “Dialogues like this is very important, as it will shape our future industry,” he told the media. Text courtesy of Al-Haadi Abu Bakar of The Brunei Times.

The preparation for tomorrow

Leny working behind the scenes and thanks for updating me on the event 😀

Preparing for the event launch tomorrow

The map for the job fair

The guys from Kwad Advertising preparing for the event

The official t-shirt for the job fair

Special flights to Tokyo & Taiwan

Check out the deals at your preferred travel agents

5,000 for BIBD Run

Almost 5,000 runners have registered for the Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Charity Expedition for ALAF which is slated for next Sunday (Oh man, and I have not jogged yet). Yesterday a briefing was conducted and hosted by BIBD led by Hjh Nurul Akmar Hj Mohd Jaafar, the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of BIBD, and also present were representatives from Royal Brunei Police Force, HEART, RIPAS Hospital, JMPC, Brunei Amateur Athletics Association, Cityneon, CE-ALAF’s official logistics partner and Adxpert, the official event management partner.

The funds raised for the event will helped the under privileged students to continue their studies and stay in any of the educational institutions. The charity drive is branded as Charity Expedition for ALAF or CE-ALAF. The ALAF programme, which is short for Advocating Life Long Learning for an aspiring Future is a BIBD CSR initiative that seeks to support the nation’s aspiration to build a well-educated and highly-skilled human resource pool by providing opportunities of educational progression to underprivileged students.

Remember that the event for the collection of the Race Entry Pack is tomorrow (Sunday) at Orchid Garden Hotel between 1:30pm to 8:30pm (from Sunday 7th October to Tuesday 9th October). There will be a Crossfit demo and fitness clinic conducted by GetFit CrossFit from 2pm to 5pm and it will be held at the parking area outside OGH and near the Anggrek Desa Swimming Pool.

Below are the timings for the categories

50km cycling – 6am flag off
21km runners – 6:15am flag off
10km runners – 6:30am flag off
5km runners – 6:45am flag off
2.5km runners – 7am flag off

Oh yeah, do take note that there will be a finisher medal for 21km and 10km runners. However, there’s a condition that you are to complete the run at a cut off time of 3 hours for 21km and 2 hours for 10km.

Parking will be at Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium and do be alert of leaving your belongings in your car due to increase of break-ins especially during big events. There will be more than four hundred volunteers and officials assisting the event as well.

So mark your date on Sunday 14th October and let’s do this for charity :))


Wear anything pink

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Promotion at Tasek Brasserie

Alan Inspiration

Travelmania 2012

Are you ready to plan your trip?

Travelmania 2012 at BRIDEX

The opening ceremony today of Travelmania 2012 at BRIDEX

Dermot Mannion, Deputy Chairman of Royal Brunei Airlines, joked that this is the time you can find a job (job fair next door), booked your ticket and go for a holiday/honeymoon

Guest of honour at Darusssalam Holdings

Visit their booth for awesome deals and extra benefits

They are four banks at the Travelmania but the official bank is Baiduri Bank

Such a huge crowd for the morning itself

Malaysia Airlines also have great deals and they also recently celebrated their 40th anniversary

Wanna plan your trips?

Selangor Tourism is also making their presence felt and you will be amazed the kinds of place of interests that Selangor can offer

Guest of honour at Tourism Malaysia booth

The guys from Tourism Malaysia

Those who wants to know more about Taiwan, do visit here

Brunei Tourism booth is the biggest of the lot

The delegates of Brunei Tourism

Get your balloons from them as well

Standard Chartered have games of their own

BIBD also showing support for Travelmania 2012

A local SME also participating at Travelmania

Fitness Zone was also there

Coffee Bean are selling their CBTL machines at the fair

The Empire Hotel promoting their packages and food promotion

Royal Plaza on Scotts are having special promotion rates for Brunei passport holders

They were holding goodie bags for the guest of honour

You will come across these too

Human traffic as usual

I parked at the back.. I’m pretty sure it will be more unbearable because of the clash of two events – Job Fair and plus a wedding this Sunday

bFIT going full blast this Sunday

bFIT – A healthier tomorrow

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Wear Pink today and create more awareness of Breast Cancer. If you can’t find anything pink to wear, then put on something in pink like this badge or wear a pink ribbon. Let’s spread the love!!

Opportunities at Oil & Gas

Check it out at BRIDEX from 7th to 13th October

Happy Birthday Wai-Ming

Thanks for all the support, dude!!

4G roll out by early 2013

Idris Vasi, CEO of DST, talked of LTE/4G, network congestions and Nano-SIM cards at today’s luncheon with the local media

It was officially announced that LTE (long term evolution) or 4G will roll out early next year 2013 *Awesome* It was mentioned by Idris Vasi, CEO of DST, in today’s luncheon with the media at Dynasty Restaurant. Another interesting to note is that there will be new “Policy Control” mechanisms as they will help to offload and reduce the congestion currently being experienced by subscribers. This has been a burning issue from the local community as voice calls have become more challenging. More on this later..

The final announcement that was shared by Idris is the availability of the Nano-SIM cards which is only applicable for iPhone 5 users. The nano sim-card will be available hopefully by end of the month (October) from DST. This would mean that you don’t have to cut your already small sim-card into a nano shape and risked it from getting faulty.

I had a good conversation with Idris and asked him about the so called network congestions that the public have been voicing out. Idris and the DST team are very aware of the public’s feedback and yes, they have taken measures to counter these problems.

“Since January this year, DST has recorded a significant increase in Data traffic usage by upwards of 70%. People are accessing the internet using mobile phones in Brunei and these factors are also because there are in an increase of smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Hence this is causing strain on mobile network,” said Idris

He also shared how the Global Mobile Data Traffic has increased by 133% last year and Brunei is no different in terms of usage.

How the Nano-SIM card looks like

TigerLim was also in attendance

Idris addressing to the media during lunch

As for the solutions to counter the congestion, DST have invested in 50 additional capex (base stations) to accommodate the high increase of usage. So don’t expect it to be an overnight solution as the implementation is currently ongoing. Give it a few more months and you will notice a more efficient connectivity on DST network. Another thing that DST have done is creating a dual carrier (voice + data and voice) on the base stations so this will ease the congestion as well.

I believe the introduction of 4G will be the most awaited event. I, for sure, will upgrade my current service to 4G once available. For now, they have been doing trials at certain areas. However, don’t expect that 4G will have an extensive coverage once it rolls out as they will be going by stages. For 3G and 2G users, don’t worry as DST have also invested in these network infrastructure for the benefit of subscribers.

Brunei takes on Myanmar today

Brunei team heading off to Myanmar a few days ago. Image by Jake Ten of Borneo Bulletin.

Can Brunei qualify for the Asean Football Federation Suzuki Cup 2012?

Twenty players and eight officials will be travelling to Myanmar, along with two National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) officials. The 11 Brunei DPMM FC players that were called up to the National Team retained their places in the final 20 players, whilst Majra FC duo Md Maududi Hilmi bin Kasmi and Md Azri bin Zahari also made the trip to Myanmar.

Md Haizul Rani Metusin, Affendy bin Haji Akup, Hamizan Aziz bin Sulaiman, Md Afi bin Aminuddin, Md Azwan bin Ali Rahman, Md Nurikhwan bin Othman and Md Aminuddin Zakwan bin Othman complete the final 20.

Speaking at the Departure Hall of the Brunei Darussalam International Airport, Team Manager Haji Feisal bin Haji Eusoff chose to play down the expectations surrounding his side ahead of a tough round of qualifying matches in Yangon.

“We will do the best that we can, for the sake of the country,” declared Haji Feisal. “I hope that the players are in good condition, and that there are no injuries, especially in the starting 11,” he added.

The list of the final 20 players were only confirmed the day before the team was set to depart, but despite this, Haji Feisal insisted that his team has their eyes set on qualifying for the final round in November.

“We aren’t focussing on which group we want to be in, but just on qualifying for the final round,” explained Haji Feisal.

Brunei’s qualifying campaign kicks off on October 5 against hosts Myanmar, with their four-game campaign coming to an end against Timor Leste on October 13. All games will be played at the Youth Training Centre in Yangon. Text by Jake Ten of Borneo Bulletin.

Exhibition at Times Square

The Times Square Home and Lifestyle Exhibition 2012 has kick-started on Wednesday, 3rd October 2012 and will consist of a wide array of booths and activities throughout until 7th October 2012.

For the 2nd year running, Times Square has organized their Home and Lifestyle Exhibition 2012, offering the perfect one stop for those sourcing for the best home and lifestyle solutions and is the ideal platform to address any of the public’s renovation, refurbishment and decorating needs for those looking to buy their perfect dream house.

With the presence of various exhibitors offering a vast variety of products and services ranging from property and real estate firms, banks, insurance and so much more, as well as several exciting activities and highlights, the Exhibition aims to be a must-go this weekend.

The Exhibition is packed with activities such as the Best Eastern Build your Dream House Contest, where contestants in teams of 2 will be given illustration boards for them to build and decorate their very own 1 foot 3D house and win amazing prizes, such as Best Eastern gift vouchers. Contestants are required to bring their own decorating and building materials. Interested individuals are to submit their registration forms with a receipt of $20.00 and above on Derwent products from Best Eastern outlets at Times Square, The Mall and Mabohai.

Aside from that, there is also the Doughworkz by Pastamania program, a program customized for children from ages 6-12, providing them with the opportunity to have hands-on experience in making pizza and to learn more about the fun facts or pasta and pizzas, as well as getting to know the equipment and its usage. Be it a get-together or a birthday celebration, Doughworks by Pastamania will be a memorable and enjoyable experience. For more information and participation, please call 8992579.

The crowd yesterday at Times Square. Image by Sabrina Mahmud.

Burger competition yesterday at Times Square. Image by Sabrina Mahmud.

Burger competition yesterday at Times Square. Image by Sabrina Mahmud.

Best Eastern Build Your Dream House contest. Image by Sabrina Mahmud.

Burger competition yesterday at Times Square. Image by Sabrina Mahmud.

Meanwhile, Rentokil Initial Brunei (RIB) is offering promotions on their innovative second generation termite solutions called Colony Elimination Profressional Program (CEP²). This innovative termite baiting system, acts as a radar or a security system. Rentokil Initial is also providing a discount up to 35% for their CEP² solution and shoppers of Times Square Shopping Centre will get a chance to win 3 prizes in a lucky draw, which includes 1 Free CEP² Solution worth up to B$5k, and 2 Free General Pest Control.

They are also providing free Personal Hygiene Awareness Talk (PHAT) in order to highlight proper washroom habits, by providing demonstration on proper hand washing steps and hand sanitizer usage to show the importance of good hand hygiene to prevent the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Pest Awareness Talk (PAT) will also be provided on 3rd, 5th and 7th October at 7:00pm, in order to educate home owners on the behaviors of pest which also includes the prevention of pests in order for home owners to have a peace of mind in their own home. The Talks are all open to public. For more information, please call 8220088.

There will also be yoyo performances by Yo! Splinter during the weekends; local yoyo enthusiasts who have made quite a name for themselves by gracing many parts of the country with their impressive yoyo skills.

The public is encouraged to bring along their families to visit the Times Square Home and Lifestyle Exhibition, especially during the school holidays. With everything under one roof, and a cinema in the making, Times Square Shopping Centre is ‘A Place for Everyone’. Press release from The Times Square.

During the opening ceremony

One of the vendors of the exhibition

SQ2 kicked off at Bandar

The Audition for Stardom Quest 2 has started. For your info, Stardom Quest is a singing competition which bring our locals Bruneians together and different group of ethnicity. The shows theme and aims is to bring everyone together which is “One Music, One Family, One Brunei”. The age group is from 12-40 years old and you can choose Chinese, English or Malay song to perform. Contestant can also register online by going to the facebook Page, WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/STARDOMQUEST2 or visit our sponsors and partners to get the registration forms. They are still accepting participants too.

Recently on 29th September 2012, the first audition started and 40 participants showed up for the three hour show. Only 13 contestants made it through the audition. There were contestants who used their own composed songs which wowed the judges.

This Sunday, the team are going to Kuala Belait this Sunday to carry out the next audition at KB Town Bandaran Dewan.

The show would not be a success without the sponsors: Fitness Zone, IA Salon, B-List Media, Jen Studio, Kingston, Hui Huang Enterprise, The Faceshop, Deseo, Aewon, KFC, Aiking Trading Co Sdn Bhd, O3, The Airport Mall, Cantik Beautyline, Sri Lembayung, Radisson Hotel, SONY Music and Imagine Music SG.

One of the contestants

One of the contestants

One of the contestants

One of the contestants

Group photo with Danny and the judges and those involved

The hosts for Stardom Quest 2

Devon carrying one of the drinks from the sponsors

Wanna overcome anxiety?

It’s happening today at JPMC and it’s FREE!!


3 more days!!!

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

My new toy mate – Hulkie

Hulkie demands an answer…. #bruneilego #lego

Entry packs pick-up tomorrow!!

Are you ready for next Sunday?

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) would like to bring to the attention of registrants of Charity Expedition for ALAF that the Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) venue has been moved to the Orchid Garden Hotel.

Participants can collect their Race Entry Packs from 7th until 9th October (Sunday to Tuesday) between 1.30pm and 8.30pm.

Also, this Sunday, October 7, one of CE-ALAF’s supporters, GetFit CrossFit (GFCF) will be conducting a CrossFit Demo and fitness clinic from 2pm until 5pm for members of the public especially registrants of CE-ALAF. It will be held at the parking lot between the Orchid Garden Hotel and the Anggrek Desa Swimming Pool. Interested participants are advised to come in their sports attire.

The aim of the clinic is to demonstrate certain stretches and workouts individuals can do before going for a run or cycle. It is also to showcase that anyone and everyone can do crossfit workouts.

Charity Expedition for ALAF or CE-ALAF is a first of its kind charity drive that gives local runners and cyclists the opportunity to play a major part in helping underprivileged children stay in school.

The ALAF programme, which is short for “Advocating Life-Long Learning for an Aspiring Future”, is a BIBD CSR initiative that seeks to support the nation’s aspiration to build a well-educated and highly skilled human resource pool by providing opportunities of educational progression to underprivileged students.

The Charity Expedition, carrying the tagline “One step, one pedal, one education’, will consist of running, cycling and a charity bazaar, will be held on October 14 at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium. The event will feature five different sporting events – 2.5km Fun Run, 5km Run, 10km Run, 21km Half-Marathon and a 53km Cycling Expedition.

The 10km run and the 21km half-marathon are competitive races in which runners can win marathon packages to Melboune, Hongkong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. First, second and third prize winners will also receive an exclusive winners T-Shirt, together with winning medals.

Ok, it has been months since I started training… Will I be fit for next Sunday?

Join Club 20 at TFS

Join the Club 20 at The FaceShop starting tomorrow onwards

Changi Transit Programme

I bet when you are in Changi Airport (Singapore), you like to do last minute shopping, right? Transiting in Singapore just became more attractive with the launch of the Changi Transit Programme. From now to 31 March 2014, eligible Singapore Airlines and SilkAir customers transiting at Changi Airport will be issued S$20 worth of Changi Dollar Vouchers (CDVs) each.

The CDVs are valid for one-time use at all retail, food and service outlets located at the transit and public areas of Terminals 1, 2 and 3, excluding outlets in the Arrival Baggage Claim Halls. They can also be redeemed for one-time access to the Ambassador Transit Lounge at Terminals 2 and 3 for up to three hours. Lounge usage includes showers with basic toiletries, light refreshments, free flow of non-alcoholic beverages, local and international reading materials, as well as complimentary WiFi.

With more than 280 retail, service and food and beverage outlets in the transit areas as well as amenities such as movie theatres and themed gardens, travellers have much to experience when transiting through the award-winning Changi Airport. A convenient Skytrain transport system allows passengers easy access to all three of Changi’s terminals.

To enjoy the Changi Transit Programme, customers must be travelling from Bangladesh, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the US and Vietnam. In addition, customers’ Singapore-bound flights must be on either Singapore Airlines or SilkAir.

The Changi dollar vouchers. Image courtesy of jemmawei.com

Eligible customers should present both their electronic ticket and boarding pass of their Singapore-bound flight before collecting their CDVs. This can be done at all seven Information Counters in the transit areas of Terminals 2 and 3. Issued while stocks last, the CDVs will expire on 31 March 2014.

Mr Peh Ke-Wei, CAG’s Vice President for Passenger Development, said, “We are pleased to work with Singapore Airlines and SilkAir in offering the Changi Transit Programme. With the exciting line-up of transit experiences on offer at Changi, we would like to encourage passengers to explore our airport and enjoy the Changi Experience during their layover”.

Mr Sheldon Hee, Singapore Airlines’ Senior Manager Marketing Communications and Development, said, “With this promotion, our customers can look forward to a transit experience in Singapore like no other. They will be able to enjoy the great variety of retail, lifestyle and dining options that Changi Airport has to offer before continuing on their journeys”.

In addition, transit customers can enjoy even more privileges and discounts by presenting their Singapore Airlines or SilkAir boarding pass at participating stores, under the Boarding Pass Privileges Programme. The CDVs can be used in conjunction with the Boarding Pass Privileges at participating outlets at Changi Airport.

So if you planning to book your flights at the Travelmania 2012 this weekend, there’s a good reason to fly via Singapore Airlines and grab this opportunity.


Travelmania this Friday

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Resident Evil 6 is out!!!

Click image to find out pricing

Promotion at Tasek Brasserie

Alan Inspiration

Travelmania 2012

Are you ready to plan your trip?

It’s happening soon!!

Are you ready for next Sunday?

A Note from BIBD’s instagram: Dear BIBD Charity Expedition for ALAF registrants, Please be informed that due to unforeseen circumstances, the Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) venue has been moved to the Orchid Garden Hotel. It will no longer be at the Indoor Stadium at previously stated. Your Race Entry Pack can be collected from 7-9 October, 2012 between 1.30pm and 8.30pm. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the event! #bibdcharityexpedition #bibd #bibdce2012 #alaf #brunei

A note from Audi (Brunei)

Awesome, awesome deals at Travelmania

Dato Jack Ting of City Neon (left) said that there will be ample parking for guests at the BRIDEX event and there will be ushers as well to make sure that there’s good traffic flow

It’s time of the year again where Royal Brunei Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, MasWings and Singapore Airlines will give super deals but these amazing deals are only available at Travelmania 2012 which is a travel fair happening at BRIDEX this weekend starting Friday. As you may know that the travel fair was previously headlined by Abacus. Now Abacus Holiday Travel Fair is part of Travelmania 2012 which is a bigger picture. I was slightly confused before but I’m sure Travelmania brand will grow year by year.

There will be more companies participating in Travelmania and there will be international vendors participating such as Royal Plaza on Scotts, Star Cruise and World Resort Manila.

Under Abacus, there will be seven travel agents participating and they also have Brunei Tourism, Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Authority of Thailand and Taiwan Visitor Association on board. Baiduri Bank Berhad will be the official bank and there will be privileges for those who swipe with their Baiduri Bank credit cards.

Evelyn Ang of Royal Brunei Airlines hinted that there will be 36% to 48% discounts on airfare namely to Singapore. The tickets purchased is valid until May 2013. It was tough to get the prices of the airfare though but what I know so far is that the Singapore fare will be less than $300 but only for certain days. This is my target for my December trip and of course, the earlier you come to the travel fair, the better chance of you getting this amazing deal. I won’t be surprised that this price will be gone by Friday but then again, Royal Brunei Airlines have hinted that there’s another low end tier price which is in the low $300 for a return flight to Singapore. So that’s also a great deal nonetheless.

Siaw Ling, Head of Sales, Singapore Airlines, will be promoting leisure of travels ranging from America (NY, Houston, LA and San Francisco), Europe (London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Manchester, Zurich and Munich), SE Asia (Singapore, Bangkok, Ho chi minh, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, Penang, Yangon, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Da Nang, Chiangmai, Langkawi, Phuket, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Bandung), Indian Sub-continent (Banglore, Dhaka, Colombo, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai) and Africa (Cape Town and Joahnnesburg) and SQ will be offering a 30% discount from the normal market fare. On top of that, Singapore Airlines will be giving away a small token for passengers who purchased ticket during Travelmania 2012.

The press conference also revealed the prizes for the grand draws, which include a return air ticket to Melbourne, a return air ticket to Shanghai and a return air ticket to Manila.

Irene of Abacus announced that those who purchased tickets can stand a chance to win an Apple iPhone 5 (16GB), a Samsung N8000 Galaxy Note 10.1 (16GB) or a Samsung i9300 Galaxy SIII (16GB) Blue Edition

Alias Suut of Malaysia Airlines said that Malaysia Airlines just recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. There will be special fares for those traveling beyond KL such as UK and Europe (Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris) with the introduction of their Airbus A380 to London destination on morning flights

Nurul Suzainee of Royal Brunei Airlines announced of a $50 discount on travel packages per adult and $30 for every child. For KK, the packages are already very low that you can get a 2 night package below $200. They also have a package where you can visit Legoland by travelling to KL, then inclusive of transfer to Malacca (one night) then on route to Johor (two nights) for Legoland then fly back to Brunei via Singapore. This deal is packaged below $800 per person. So do find out more at their booth at Travelmania

Evelyn Ang of Royal Brunei Airlines (left) said that there will be super amazing deals from RBA. For instance, travelling to Singapore, you will enjoy discounts from 36% to 48% of current market price. For London fares, you can save up to $500 to $600 per person. Travellers also can enjoy extra 10k baggage allowance for long haul flights such as UK, Dubai and Melbourne.

Adilah Multazimah of Brunei Tourism said that Brunei Tourism presence will be the biggest with 7 partners under them. She also announced that Holiday Lodge will be promoting their $50 weekend rates during Travelmania 2012

Muaz of Royal Brunei Airlines explaining the interesting competition known as Destination Dash. The last day of registration is tomorrow (Thursday)

Wanna win 100,000 Royal Skies Miles? Click image for more information.

Siaw Ling, Head of Sales, Singapore Airlines, will be promoting leisure of travels ranging from America, Europe, SE Asia, Indian Sub-continent and Africa and SQ will be offering a 30% discount from the normal market fare. On top of that, Singapore Airlines will be giving away a small token for passengers who purchased ticket during Travelmania 2012

Darussalam Holdings having a special promotion where you can earn extra Royal Skies Miles when you purchase your tickets from them at Travelmania 2012.. Cool!!!

Wicked Grazie Mauri promotion

It was good to see chef Annuar (2nd from left) back again at Grazie Mauri

This week is another great promotion by Grazie Mauri where you can get some freebies if you order particular main course dishes on the menu. For instance, for any pasta or pizza, you will get one free appetizer or one free dessert or if you order any meat or fish, you will get one free appetizer and one free dessert. Another great thing is that this is also available for delivery but of course, ice-cream won’t be included for dessert.

So do enjoy the week promotion called the Wicked Promotion and the last day is on 7th October. Do call reservations at 244 7471. You will definitely be spoilt for choices on what to order. And don’t forget to say hi to Chef Mauri if you happen to see him too 😀

Chef Mauri in action

Brasato D’Agnello – Lamb Shank slow braised in Juniper and rosemary… Yummm..

Ok, this lingunie marinara was awesome..

The guys were busy instagram-ing *lol*

We had four different toppings on one pizza

Awesome stuff – Risotto was just perfect

Click on the image to enter their facebook page

E&C Fashion new outlet

E&C Fashion officially opened their new outlet at Seri Q-lap Mall. Their business actually grew from means of Facebook and door-to-door selling and E&C Fashion focuses on selling ladies’ wear and accessories. This is their second shop for your info, the first being located at Kg Kilanas.

They also sell soft toys, handbags, gadget accessories and watches to name a few. Chris did hint that she will be catering to formal evening wear and even wedding gowns. So far, E&C Fashion have a huge customer base on Facebook and also made used of instagram and twitter for updates.

Chris also will start her own event management company in 2013. Congratulations once again, Chris.. and keep it up!!

A few toy accessories of your interest

Check out the accessories and lady’s wear at E&C Fashion

Mr. King, Seri Q-Lap Mall Manager did the honour of officiating the new shop

Ms Chris Wong (3rd from left) is the lady behind E&C Fashion which started since 2010



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Get 5KG Extra on RBA

Student Advance check-in get 5KG Extra. Click to enter website

Promotion at Tasek Brasserie

Alan Inspiration

Travelmania 2012

Are you ready to plan your trip?

Yes, Ultraman was a hoax

I can’t believe this made the headlines in today’s paper. Maybe the receivers forgot to receive the following image message from their Whatsapp

The ridiculous fight that never happened and this was the image which supposedly came right after the “joke” message. Perhaps if the text were in the image, it would have saved a lot of trouble

Recap: My final Open House visits

HSBC Open House

b•mobile open house

Royal Brunei Airlines open house

Get your entry packs this Weekend

Collection for your Race Entry Pack Collection is at OGH

A Note from BIBD’s instagram: Dear BIBD Chairity Expedition for ALAF registrants, Please be informed that due to unforseen circumstances, the Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) venue has been moved to the Orchid Garden Hotel. It will no longer be at the Indoor Stadium at previously stated. Your Race Entry Pack can be collected from 7-9 October, 2012 between 1.30pm and 8.30pm. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the event! #bibdcharityexpedition #bibd #bibdce2012 #alaf #brunei

Thai Food Festival at Seasons

Guest of honour YAM Pengiran Hj Hasnan in the tuk-tuk to launch the Thai Food Festival

You guys should try the Thai Food Festival at Seasons Restaurant organised by Royal Brunei Catering and HSBC from 1st October to 14th October. For your info, this is the 8th edition of the Thai Food Festival. Last night the guest honour was Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Ratna Wijaya Brigadier General (Rtd) Pengiran Haji Hasnan bin Pengiran Ahmad, Director of His Majesty the Sultan’s Flight.

Signature Thai appetizers such as Somtam, Thai Beef Salad and Tom Yam Koong and exquisite noodles dishes such as Pad Thai Noodle and Thai Laksa will be featured. Other dishes such as Thai Chicken Green Curry, Deep Fried Fish with Mango Sauce, Thai Red Curry and Pandan Chicken.

Lunch buffet price is $19.90 (adult) $10 (child) while the dinner buffet is $26.90 (adult) $15 (child). There will be exclusive discounts for HSBC cardholders 28% off for HSBC Premier Mastercard Credit Cardholders, 25% off for HSBC Visa Platinum and HSBC Advance Visa Credit Cardholders and 10% off for HSBC Gold Credit Cardholders on your total bill.

Those with RBC Dining Privilege Card wil enjoy 10% discount. Do call Seasons Restaurant at 2422 291/292. For Seasons Restaurant dine in guests, $2 parking ticket can be rebate for every $20 spent on a single receipt.

The VIPs during the Thai Food Festival launch

The noodle section

Grilled Chicken Thai Marinated

Thai Mango Sea Bass

Thai Chicken Green Curry

Massaman Beef

General Manager of RBC, Hj Omar Ali with Ainadin Cader, one of the board of directors for RBC

Try out the mango sticky rice

It was a great crowd on the first night

Fadhil enjoying his dinner last night

Scouting for Graphic Designer


October is here!!

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Get 5KG Extra on RBA

Student Advance check-in get 5KG Extra. Click to enter website

Promotion at Tasek Brasserie

Alan Inspiration

Travelmania 2012

Are you ready to plan your trip?

Congratulations Rachy and Zaki

I knew Rachel back in 2001. Almost 11 years ago. We were acquainted through Nisaa @ Bonita and plus we were mIRC friends back then. The three of us normally hung out at Coffee Bean and Coffee Zone and I remember those days were very care free moments *lol* As time goes by, we all went through stages of work and friendship but our friendship has always maintained and now I bumped into Rach during our jobs.

Congratulations Rachel and Zaki on your wedding. Enjoy the new journey together and may Allah bless both of you. Thumbs also to Celia and the gang for their tiredless effort in making sure everything ran smoothly.

We all had our early meals before the actual event

Zaki the groom getting ready for the occasion

Rach getting her hair done

A few touch up here and there. Looking gorgeous, Rach!!

One of Rach’s closest friend, Leny

The reception table

Rach and Zaki’s close friends – Abu, Mia and Yus

The ambience at the wedding dinner at Rizqun International Hotel

Rachel in white

The lovely couple – Zaki and Rachel

Circle of friends making the entrance

Circle of friends making the entrance

Circle of friends making the entrance

Circle of friends making the entrance

Finally the main event

May the path lead you to more happiness

The wedding cake

The main table for the bride and the groom

Baiduri Finance- Lead campaigner for Road Safety

Guest of honour Dato Paduka Hj Alaihuddin, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Communications with Pierre Imhof, Director of Baiduri Finance and the rest of the signatories for the MoU signing last Friday

Thumbs up to Baiduri Finance for being the lead campaigner together with National Road Safety Council for a one-month long programme. This initiative is to raise the level of road safety awareness in conjunction with the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims which falls on the 18th of November. The grand finale will be a walkabout at the Jerudong Park Playground on the actual day itself.

Last Friday, the partners and supporters of the road safety signed MoUs with the National Road Safety Council, Baiduri Finance, Brunei Automobile Traders Association, General Insurance Association of Brunei (GIAB), Takaful Brunei Am Sdn Bhd, Insurans Islam TAIB Sdn Bhd, the Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society, the Co-Curriculum Department under the Ministry of Education and also the media partners, Brunei Press and ranoadidas.com

Pierre Imhof, Director of Baiduri Finance and CEO of Baiduri Bank Berhad was very excited about the campaign and the National Road Safety Council approached Baiduri Finance and it was an opportunity that Baiduri Finance took and they will be able to contribute to the society by spreading the awareness of road safety to the public.

Datin Hjh Siti Hajar, President of Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society handing over poster to the guest of honour

The invited guests witnessing the MoU

Representatives from the automative industry

Baiduri Finance signing with National Road Safety Council

Pierre Imhof signing a pledge

Teng Chee Keong, Chairman of Brunei Automotible Trade’s Association signed his pledge

Jin Lee of Brunei Automotible Trade’s Association signed his pledge

Helen Yeo, Chairperson for General Insurance Association of Brunei signed her pledge

Hazizah Osman, the Deputy General Manager of Brunei Press Sdn Bhd signed her pledge

Those rare moments where I’m being photographed *lol*

Tablets do come in handy

Top 50 selected for bFIT

Click image to enter official website

A total of 50 shortlisted participants from 80 hopefuls have made it to the B.Fit Challenge after a gruelling three-day selection process. Saturday evening’s final round saw the participants engaged in a 45-minute yoga exercise followed by a light cooling down exercise and during the subsequent break, B-Mobile as the organiser, had a final discussion and deliberation in picking the top 50 contenders.

The three-day preview was conducted to shortlist the top 50 participants. Participants experienced and endured few of the exercise regimes as part of the upcoming nine-week programme to show B-Mobile, the B.Fit organiser, that they deserved to be in the top 50.

Contestants waited anxiously in the hopes of making it to the next stage of the B.Fit challenge. One of the hopefuls was Siti Nur Duratul Hikmah Hj Rosli.

She said that initially she was nervous but the feeling turned into excitement when her name was called out as one of the top 50. She also enjoyed the experience of meeting new friends as well as getting to know instructors and motivators who provided her with encouragement to work harder. From the 50, the contenders were divided into five groups and each group comprises 10 team members.

The qualified contestants with the trainers and bFIT motivators

The qualified contestants with the trainers and bFIT motivators

The qualified contestants with the trainers and bFIT motivators

The qualified contestants with the trainers and bFIT motivators

The 50 contestants were given a starter kit gym bag containing their workout essentials, courtesy of B-Mobile and were also briefed on what they will be experiencing in the nine weeks to come. These contestants were chosen based on the results from their health screening test, video audition and their commitment, attendance and enthusiasm during the three-day workout preview.

Another important component that B.Fit organisers are looking into to determine those who are able to compete in this first-ever national health challenge is the participants’ motivation and drive to achieve that life-changing experience.

Present to congratulate the 50 contestants at the final day of the preview was Head of the B.Fit Challenge Committee, Nurul Haniah Hj Jaafar.

She also delivered words of encouragement and appreciation to the remaining registrants for making the effort and coming this far although they were not enlisted in the Top 50 and advised them to keep on going to pursue a healthier tomorrow.

B.Fit Challenge will commence today and the opening ceremony will take place on October 7. During the nine-week programme, contestants will undergo a one-day body assessment, counselling and nutritional talks, two days of gym workout sessions and a one-day group workout activity. Some of the weekly challenges will be held outdoors and the public are invited to participate in some of the activities. Text and images courtesy of Lyna Mohd of Borneo Bulletin.

Group photo with the 50 contestants

Recap:Cooltones Award

The Cooltones Award hosted by Cooltones a few weeks ago

One of the top 5 voted bands on Cooltones

Juju performing her song and also listed as one of the top 5 voted female artist for Cooltones

Aliff Satar was in town for the Cooltones award

Jazz Hayat won Best Male for Cooltones

5:10am on stage

Special appearance by Andy Suzuki & The Method

5:10am honoured as Best Band/Duo for Cooltones award

Some of the invited guests at the Cooltones event



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