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Never ever ever…

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

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Interviews on 21st and 22nd Feb


Amazing fares at RB


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The Circus Firemen in March

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The Ugly Truth


RA says Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends and families. This is the third day of Chinese New Year, the Year of the Snake. I do wonder if I actually fall under the Year of the Dragon because my birth month is January, before the lunar calendar. Ah, I’m not really familiar with Chinese horoscopes. Anyway from my research, the year of the Snake means you are smart and intelligent.

Today I won’t be doing any house visits unless I do a “Bainian” where I simply visit my friends though they don’t officially host open houses. This is what I practised during Hari Raya festive season as I feel that it’s way better to connect or catch up with friends without much interruption. Well, I have planned to do some but for today I feet I need to recover after a hectic two day of house visiting.

There are a few open house invitations that I’ve missed (sorry Rach, Edward, Anthony & Celia) and yea, I don’t feel nice either whenever I missed invitations. I have new respect for High Commissioners and Ambassadors (to Brunei) and even those in the high ministerial ranks. This is because most of them will make an effort to complete all their CNY invitations within a short span of time. I don’t think I can manage that milestone though I ever did during my Hari Raya days few years back. So to you guys, hats off and pat on the back.

Speaking of CNY, is it true that Lion Dance performances are allowed in the first three days of CNY? I remembered last year a ruling was given where they were only allowed to perform for three days and the same ruling is imposed for this year if I’m not mistaken. Some of the Chinese community did share their views last year that the 3 day was a bit too short. My suggestion would be to increase the number of days perhaps if it’s not conflicting with any religious events or periods.

Today I will be catching Stephen Chow’s Journey to the West and I can’t wait for this comedy flick and I am also a big fan of Stephen Chow. His best movie for me is still Shaolin Soccer and I was kinda disappointed with CJ7 and did you know that he co-produced Dragonball Evolution?? Another terrible movie *lol* Recently Kung Fu Hustle’s being shown in Astro and that’s a good lame-ass comedy flick. Now this one is interesting.. Stephen Chow will be producing a remake of 3 Idiots which is one of the biggest Bollywood hits back in 2009. Interesting…. Let’s hope the remake won’t spoil the original movie because that’s one hell of a good movie..

Before I end, have a great week ahead.. Sorry if my segment today of the Ugly Truth didn’t bring much hype. I’m still in dazed state (lack of sleep). Oh yea, for those who got married last Sunday, congratulations. Only one wedding didn’t materialise on that day. Happy Tuesday peeps.. Now it’s time to shower and get ready 😀

How I spent my Monday


Ok, it’s not a great idea to jog in the morning especially when you start after 7:30am *lol* One reason – it’s too freaking hot and it does make a difference to the distance you are running. Fina and I only managed to run half of the usual distance due to the morning heat.

Yummm.. After our jogs, we had Pop Juice at Countrypatch Times Square. Did you know that this Pop Juice (Orange juice + Pamelo) is one of my favourite drinks? I started the phenomena of ice-blended version and now Countrypatch starts charging 10 cents extra for that request. Hmmmm..

Am I always catching this at the wrong time? My previous visit was two nights ago and it was already deflated *lol* This time I might have come too early. Ok, I’m just kidding about this so you guys won’t force me if you see me next time with the bouncer within my sight :p

Fina and I headed to The Mall, thinking Best Eastern would be open by 10am and only to find out we still have 30 minutes to kill. So here’s a good suggestion if you want kill time. Go to the foyer of the Mall Cineplex and catch the latest trailers. I’ve noticed one of the TVs have been repositioned so people won’t be sitting down on the stairs. You still can but the angle viewing won’t be as great.

I only had an hour’s rest before heading to Michelle house which was our gathering point to surprise birthday celebrant Thomas who lives just minutes away. This is a picture of the Awesome Foursome but we all have moved on and yes, we are all awesome individuals indeed 😀

My buddies outside Thomas’ home for the surprise visit

Happy Birthday Thomas and did you know he loves Doraemon so much?

I told Thomas not to forget to frame this picture up at his new home *lol*

The next pitstop was at Jin Wei/Sabrina/Cecilia’s Open house at Subok. Michelle with the host Jin Wei.

Sabrina the host with Andrew and Kathy *spelling* and Andrew Caie is a former British High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam (2002-2005) and we had a good long chat a few days ago and I’ve learnt so many interesting things along the way.

The next pitstop was at Leonard’s residence and I met two adorable kids

Jackie and Leonard. See you guys pretty soon 😀

Jackie asked me to be in the photo and I told her I can take one for myself and we did *lol*

The 2nd last pitstop was at YC Lee and Pek Ching’s new residence and it was such a lively evening

Sophia asked me if the main reason to YC’s place was the Egg Tarts :p These KFC Egg Tarts have been the talk of the town. I ended up eating one only. Need to control.

Maya (right) just turned 1 yesterday and she was having a good time at YC’s

Hmmmm interesting phone at YC’s.. Don’t even think about sending a text via this phone

Final pitstop – the Sius.. Finally I get to see fireworks from close range.

We had a lan gaming session. It was fun with multiplayer and teaming up against Zombies in Killing Floor.

I was forced to wear this for photo purposes. I have yet to name my alter ego persona *lol*



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