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Enjoying a slow Sunday

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in RA News

Lamb Spit is back!!


Click image to enter Radisson Facebook page for updates!!


Circus Firemen in March


Click image to enter official website and book tickets online

Amazing fares at RB


Click image to enter flyroyalbrunei.com



Acer Beyond Limits


The impressive Aspire | V5

And guess what?? Keeran Janin won an Acer Aspire | V5 as part of the prizes of the National Day Logo Competition sponsored by Concepts Computer. He also won cash prize BND 2,000 and a Canon EOS M sponsored by Interhouse Company.


Apa Ada Dengan Rina


Catch the movie soon which will be released on 23rd February

I can’t believe it.. Twice I was invited and twice I missed the event. Today was a special premiere for invited guests and a curtain raiser for the much anticipated Brunei made movie Apa Ada Dengan Rina. My “suckmed” buddies @marul69 and @maurina have caught the movie and both gave good praises for the Brunei made movie. You can follow more updates on them their Facebook page.

Apa Ada Dengan Rina is a locally produced movie from Regalblue Productions. It is co-directed by Harlif Hj Mohamad and Farid Azlan Ghani and produced by Nurain Abdullah. The crew have also been invited to join the ASEAN International Film Festival & Awards this coming March in Kuching.

The movie stars Syukri Mahari as Hakim, Dk Moniri Pg Mohiddin as Rina and Tauffek Ilyas as Faisal. There were also appearances by local artistes Hans Anwar, Zul Faden and Lo Ryder.

Well done to Regalblue Productions on making this possible and hopefully it will open new doors for locally produced movies. Another movie in the midst of production is Yasmine by OriginFilms Sdn Bhd. So the future looks bright for movies produced locally.

The press conference held this afternoon at Times Cineplex. Image courtesy of Times Cineplex.

Zul Faden at the Premier of Apa Ada Dengan Rina. Image courtesy of Zul Faden.

Zul Faden and Dk Morini. Image courtesy of Zul Faden.

Behind the scenes of Apa Ada Dengan Rina. Image taken of AADR Facebook Page.

Behind the scenes of Apa Ada Dengan Rina. Image taken of AADR Facebook Page.

Behind the scenes of Apa Ada Dengan Rina. Image taken of AADR Facebook Page.

Good luck, Mr. Jo


Mr. Jo Sung Wook (left) hosted lunch for the local media at Silla Korean Restaurant last week

All the best Mr. Jo, who will be leaving Brunei after his two year tenure as Cousellor and Deputy of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Brunei Darussalam. He hosted the local media lunch at Silla Restaurant, a well known Korean Restaurant located in Jangsak.

Mr. Jo Sung Wook will be posted to Kuala Lumpur and he shared how he will miss Brunei and he preferred his stay in Brunei compared to his previous posting in Vienna, Austria.

He shared on the strong relations between Brunei Darussalam and the Republic of Korea in the oil and gas sector. Did you know that the Republic of Korea has renewed a contract for the importation of gas (one million tonnes)? That also makes Brunei’s 2nd biggest trading partner mounting to BND 2.5 billion.

Korea ICT agencies have also worked with Brunei especially with UBD and it also has helped to increase Brunei’s ranking on Global Information Technology Report. Apart from UBD projects, the Koreans also helped to build the first cyber class in Rimba II Secondary School last year.

Mr. Jo is excited that Brunei will be chairing the ASEAN Summit 2013 and he hoped that Brunei has a strong stance against the recent North Korean’s nuclear test which the South Korean government and other international communities have condemned.

Yay!!! We received some goodies from Mr. Jo

The food was awesome.. Highly recommended though I forgot the names of the dishes. Mr. Jo knew what he was ordering

Patbingsu from Silla Restaurant

Mr. Jo Sung Wook receiving a token of appreciation from James Kon, Deputy Editor and Chief Reporter of Borneo Bulletin

Group photo with the local media

Scholarship program in Korea


Since I’m blogging about Korea, this might be off interest to you. The Korean Government is offering “2013 Korean Government Scholarship Program for International Students Enrolled in Graduate Programs” to Brunei nationals interested in furthering their studies in Korea.

The objectives of the scholarship program is designed to provide higher education in Korea for international students, with the aim of promoting international exchange in education, as well as mutual friendship amongst the participating countries.

Scholarship benefits include exemption of entrance and tuition fees, return air ticket to and from Korea, monthly allowances and medical insurance, settlement allowances, etc.

There are two Degree Courses (with a 1 year or less Korean language course) of scholarships available;
Master’s degree program: 2 years
Doctoral degree program: 3 years

Applicants should meet the following requirements and application forms must be submitted by 23 March, 2013;

– Bruneian national under 40 years of age as of 1 September, 2013
– a bachelor’s degree or equivalent for master’s degree program applicants
– a master’s degree for doctoral degree program applicants
– Grade Point Average (GPA) above ‘B’ level (80% as percentage) from the last educational institution attended (ok, I think I just might miss this out *lol*)

For this year, two students will be selected for the scholarship program. The successful candidates should arrive in Korea for registration between August 26, 2013 and August 28, 2013.

Further information and registration form may be obtained from the Korean Embassy website http://brn.mofat.go.kr or contact the Korean Embassy (Mr. Feroz Andy) at 2330248 or email: brunei@mofat.go.kr


The Elimination Chamber


The Pay Per View which I’m gonna miss :/

Ok, this time I’m gonna miss the WWE Pay Per View – Elimination Chamber which will be playing live Monday morning. Why? Because I have to attend the Networked Readiness Index Study at The Empire Hotel *boohoo* Anyway, here are my predictions for the Elminiation Chamber PPV and sorry if I bore you with this topic *lol*

Antonio Cesaro (US Champion) Vs the Miz. Hmmmm I know the Miz has been losing to him and no surprises here. Miz will have his moments in the near future. For now, the limelight belongs to Cesaro. My prediction: Antonio Cesaro to win.

Kaitlyn (Divas champion) vs Tamina Snuka. I couldn’t care less about this cat fight. My prediction. Kaitlyn to retain the title.

No.1 Contender Elimination Match. So we have Randy Orton, the revamped Jack Swagger, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and Kane. I don’t really follow Smackdown but it’s good to see Mark Henry back in the game after a long absence. Randy Orton is not likely to win since he might be taking time off. Jericho’s there just to entertain (reminds me the comeback of Shawn Micheals). And of course, the tag teams champion Kane and Bryan will have more fued between each other. Hmmmm it might be between Jack Swagger and Mark Henry but this will be a close call. My prediction. Mark Henry to snatch the win.
Alberto Del Rio (Champion) vs The Big Show. I’m kinda tired of their fued. I’m hoping for Del Rio to carry the belt all the way to Wrestlemania. My prediction. Del Rio for the win.

The Shield vs John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback. What the hell…. Some website said it’s the most intriguing match of the night. I beg to differ. The Shield don’t seem to have the techical ring skills as compared to their opponents. I have a feeling something odd will happen here. My prediction. More attacks and interferences perhaps and The Shield for the win. My least interest match.

The Rock (Champion vs CM Punk. Hmmmm this is tough to say. My prediction is if CM Punk wins, then John Cena will face CM Punk. Or John Cena will have another rematch and still the title of The Rock. This match could go either way and let’s not forget the plot of Brock Lesnar. He could be a factor here and he might just interfere the match and have a future fued with CM Punk. My prediction. The Rock to beat CM Punk again.

Where’s Dolph Ziggler? Ok, since His Money in the Bank contract is running out soon, he is likely to cash it one of the championship matches. Most likely he will interfere in Del Rio vs The Big Show.

So peeps.. here are my 2 cents for my prediction. Let’s see how many percent I got them right.



My food log


Congratulations to Tutti Frutti which recently opened at Gadong and you can follow them on instagram @tfgadong and for your info, it is under a different management from the one at Citis Square. Hence promotion may vary.

Dato Hj Daud (right) with invited guests during the opening of the Tutti Frutti Gadong outlet

Seng Yee is a huge yoghurt fan. She had two servings :p

Winnie holding her favourite food at Bistro Chez Fio – Roast Beef Sandwich. This is her second visit compared to my fifth one *lol*

It’s very welcoming especially with the presence of Fiona Chian, restaurant owner of Bistro Chez Fio and she’s a huge fan of the Vancouver Canucks (ice hockey team)

Everytime I go Deals Restaurant, it’s very likely I order a French onion soup 😀

This was Sophia’s rib eye and she loved the mashed pumpkim though she thought her main course was slightly dry but still good.

I love this shot. Taken at Deals.

I had the Beef Stew at Pho Real (food court Times Square) which is the improved version.

…and it’s best when mixed with rice.. *yum* Definitely coming back for this.

One of my favourite pizzas – Pollo Fungi (chicken, mushroom) from Fratini’s. I had it twice in a space of a week.

Now something healthy which is the avacado salad from Excapade Sushi. Taste nice with the salad dressing :))

You may have heard of Kausar Restaurant. Now they have revamped and they are serving Northern Indian Cuisine.

I had the Chicken Masala and it’s pretty good

Sometimes I rather have home made soup for my meal and I recently had one. I should do this more often 😀


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