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Archive for February, 2015


Appreciating creativity

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Bruhaha update

A milestone for many of us to be part of a potentially big project in Brunei. Do find out more from Bruhaha Facebook page and do watch out for our Open Mic sessions in the near future. Thank you to Zainal Bostaman for the opportunity to further improve and nurture our creativity. This is why most of my Sundays have been packed 😀


CNY promotion 

Click image to find out more

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and Standard Chartered Bank is having a reward points promotion where you can get dining vouchers at a discounted rate! Click on on.sc.com/CNY2015-bn to find out more about this one-month only promotion! It ends 28th February.




Try out BH at Seasons 

Some of the sauces and dishes from Bruneihalal. Highly recommended. Try out the dinner buffet spread of Bruneihalal’s Flavours of Spices every Thursday and Saturday until 28th March 2015

Take a culinary journey to the heartland of authentic Indian cuisine with the Flavours of Spices dinner buffet at Seasons restaurant.

The promotion is the Royal Brunei Catering’s (RBC) latest collaboration with Bruneihalal with its sauces used in the buffet line.

Customers will be blown away by the plethora of dishes such as Roasted Lamb Raan to Lamb Korma, Balti Fish Head Curry with Ladies Fingers, Tandoori Chicken and Aloo Gobi.

An assortment of naan bread, chapatti and pratta are also available from the soup counter while a delicious rack of lamb can be found at the carving station.
For those prefering something sweet, authentic Indian mouthwatering desserts such as Jalabi sweets, Giulap Jamun, Semolina Cake and Green Bean Porridge with Sago will set to thrill the sweet-tooth.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Bruneihalal Feby Latip said that this promotion was a good collaboration between the company and RBC as the sauces used are suitable not only for use at home but for meals at the restaurant.

“Our products have proven to be very convenient for people looking to make quick and easy meals,” she added.

She also said that Bruneihalal has a simple idea of delivering nutritional and quality products to the world. Meanwhile, Sous Chef Rosli Che Aman, who is instrumental to the creation of the exciting Indian dishes, said that there are more than 50 dishes available which have been specifically made with Bruneihalal sauces. “We created these wonderful dishes with the (Bruneihalal) sauces. The spices in the sauces are sourced from India and we have adapted them according to local taste,” he explained.

He added that customers will also be treated to a demonstration at the bread and naan station.

The Flavours of Spices dinner buffet is available every Thursday and Saturday from 7pm to 10pm from now until March 28.

It is priced at $22.90 per adult and $13.90 per child (five to 11 years old), however, RBC privilege cardholders are entitle to a 10 per cent discount during the promotional period. Customers can also surf the Internet for free as WiFi connection is available at the restaurant. For more information or reservation, please call 242 2291 or 891 2470 for Oscar.

So make a date at Seasons Restaurant today to get a taste of incredible and authentic Indian food. Text courtesy of Rebecca Oi of The Brunei Times.


Using Flavour of Spices from Bruneihalal

Using Flavour of Spices from Bruneihalal

Using Flavour of Spices from Bruneihalal

Using Flavour of Spices from Bruneihalal

Try out Bruneihalal’s Flavour of Spices




Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


It’s all about learning 

Pooja (2nd from left) and Rahul (3rd from left) just recently joined as members of Brunei Speakers’ Club and they did their ice breaker speech. They were with their speech evaluators Ong Yin and Chris Woo who both work in the education sector. Click image to read the blog entry.

Chen Ling, one of the guests attempting Table Topics. Click image to read more.

Ever since I rejoined the Brunei Speakers’ Club back in July 2014, it has been an interesting journey and I’m really grateful that I am able to learn and let down my ego that there is still plenty room for growth in me as an individual. One thing I truly learnt is contribution and that has made me very committed in helping the club in any possible means. This is the platform that instills its vision on improving leadership skills and personal growth.

This won’t be possible with the energetic members and friends that have been supporting toastmasters. It has redefined the person I am and also cemented my true core values as an individual. I am here to contribute and I am here to learn.

You can click for our latest toastmasters meeting recap from Brunei Speakers’ Club and nicely written, Supatra, another dedicated toastmaster. It’s good that we have a blog entry weekly to keep up to date with the members and also for the benefit of the public on what we truly learn in toastmasters and it’s not just about public speaking.

Do join our weekly meeting every Tuesday at 7:30pm at Seameo Voctech and I will presenting my fifth speech as part of my toastmasters manual (competent communicator) as I’m rushing for the Toastmasters International Speech competition. I have to complete my sixth speech in order to qualify. Wish me luck 😀



The Concepts Vans 

The management and associates of Concepts Computer with Richard Soo, from Acer Miri, at the launch of the Concepts Computer Supplier vans yesterday

Concepts Computer has been around 14 years and they still continue their branding presence in the Sultanate. Soon they will be celebrating their 15th year anniversary. They have been expanding their services from hardware (introducing top of the line Acer products) to software (tying up with Microsoft Brunei and Mars Enterprise) to after sales service to their newly introduced service – logistics (with their newly launched vehicles, two Nissan vans with Concepts Computer design).

This is just in time before the lunar year and Concepts Computer continue their presence with their brand awareness through advertising with their commercial vehicles. This is to stay ahead of the game and Concepts Computer is definitely the biggest IT retailer in Brunei, a vision by Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer that has become reality.

With the new vehicles, the company can provide better and faster delivery of goods from their stores to their customers. This will create more confidence to the customers that Concepts Computer can provide the best service.

Also present during the launch of the newly purchased vehicles were Alice Chan of Concepts Computer, Richard Soo, Acer Area Manager of Miri, Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer and the associates of Concepts Computer.


Giving blessing to the new transport from Concepts Computer

Giving blessing to the new transport from Concepts Computer

One has the Epson brand

The other Acer brand



Joining forces 

Jerudong Park Medical Centre associates with the Japanese delegates from Kyuushuu-Brunei Club from Japan

The Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) received a group of visitors from the Kyuushuu-Brunei Club from Japan on 5 February 2015.

The Japanese delegates were welcomed by the Management of the Jerudong Park Medical Centre.
The objective of the club’s visit was to enhance and strengthen the relationship between Kyuushuu and Brunei Darussalam.

A total of 9 people were present from the Kyuushuu-Brunei club during the visit headed by Ms. Che Kyungmi.

During the visit, JPMC’s Marketing Officer, Ak Danny Pg Tajuddin gave a brief presentation about Jerudong Park Medical Centre accompanied with a question and answer session.

The delegates also toured around Jerudong Park Medical Centre, including The Brunei Cancer Centre (TBCC), led by JPMC’s Administrative Manager, Muhammad bin Haji Abd Ghani.

Kyuushuu is the third largest island of Japan and most south-westerly of its four main islands.



The Duo

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Joining forces 

Foo Boon Seng, founder of MARS Enterprise, saying a few words to the media of the new collaboration last week. Image courtesy of Concepts Computer.

One is competent in software (MARS Enterprise) and the other is competent in hardware (Concepts Computer). When both combined, then it is a win-win situation. Last Friday, Concepts Computer and MARS Enterprise signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop software products targeting the SMEs.

If you have a problem in your business in terms of finance and stock taking, MARS Enterprise has a successful business software that has been proven successful internationally. MARS Finance System has a unique feature of multi-dimensional chart of account allowing any start-up company, small and medium enterprise to grow using the same system all along with options of upgrade, update, or plug-in of additional modules, whichever is suitable for their business needs.

Now they have partnered with an IT giant in Brunei, Concepts Computer and this will help to attribute to the national IT Development.

Signing the agreement was Foo Boon Seng, founder of MARS Enterprise and Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer.

Recently AITI had a special subsidy for SMEs where they can purchase the software from MARS Enterprise with a subsidy up to 80%. The application for the subsidy has already ended last week and this shows that our local product is quite commendable to SMEs in Brunei.

I believe the synergy between both companies will be fruitful and beneficial to our economy and our end users.


Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer exchanging document with Foo Boon Seng



Forward Thursday

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Acer Aspire


Now available at Concepts Computer



Free labour charge on repairs for Peugeot. Click image to enter website to find out more.



Pizza Hut 

Promotion from Pizza Hut


BIBD latest promotion 

Travel with agoda


CNY sales at ICON 

Click image to enter ICON Design Store

KFC Golden Egg Crunch 

With Chinese New Year less than a month away, KFC is launching the Golden Egg Crunch to mark the auspicious occasion.

Juicy chicken marinated in a rich collection of oriental spices and coated with an indulgent taste of golden yolk sprinkles, The Golden Egg Crunch takes inspiration from salted egg yolk prawn, a popular Chinese New Year banquet table dish.



The Golden Egg Crunch combo comes with two pieces of freshly fried chicken with a choice of Regular fries or chicken rice and a Regular Sjora mango drink for only B$7.60. Burger fans can also opt for the Golden Burger combo which comes with a Golden burger, regular fries and a regular sized Sjora mango drink for only B$7.50.

For a big eat, the Golden Feast comes with 9 pieces of fried chicken, a bottle of 1.5L Pepsi, a large whipped potato and one large coleslaw for only B$28.10. Collector of KFC premiums can also opt for the Golden Bucket meal which comes with 15 pieces of Golden Egg Crunch chicken, one large coleslaw, two large whipped potato, a bottle of 1.5L Pepsi and a free fortune jar.

“Gold is an auspicious Chinese New Year representation, to bring “Ong” or prosperity. We at KFC would like to take the opportunity of the Golden Egg Crunch to wish all our customers and friends a golden and prosperous upcoming Chinese New Year”, says Jonathan Bong, Senior Marketing Manager, KFC B Sdn Bhd.

Golden Egg Crunch is now available at all KFC outlets in Brunei for a limited time only while stock last.


Golden Egg Crunch. Image courtesy of Norliha Din of The Brunei Times.

Golden Egg Crunch. Image courtesy of Norliha Din of The Brunei Times.


Project Almanac 

Review of Project Almanac with co-host Del Goh and special guest Zul



Wu Chun meets fans 

Wu Chun with team RB at Manukan Island yesterday

Beaches, islands and seafood. Those were the things that Wu Chun suggested to his fans if they were to pay Sabah a visit. The celebrity is no stranger to Kota Kinabalu and he frequents the city with his family.

Yesterday though was a different matter. He visited Manukan Island in the capacity for the meet-the-fan session and over two hundred fans showed up yesterday. Wu Chun had the opportunity to address his fans and also interact with some of them.

He also presented prizes to the winners of the sand castle competition. The fans mostly come from parts of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong who bought packages using Royal Brunei Airlines. For the record, Wu Chun is Royal Brunei Airlines Brand Ambassador and he is currently enjoying his journey as the Brand Ambassador and thankful towards Brunei’s national air carrier for their support.

The meet-the-fan session was organised by Sabah Tourism and Royal Brunei Airlines with collaboration with the Sutera Harbour Resort.

Wu Chun hinted that the next scheduled trip could be to Singapore and Hong Kong. I also would like to thank Royal Brunei Airlines for making my coverage of Wu Chun possible. Till next time, KK!


Wu Chun being interviewed by media from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Sabah and Brunei yesterday

The fans building sand castle for the competition

The fans posing for the camera

It was such a hot day yesterday

The crowd was less rowdy than the ones at Burger King

Wu Chun addressing his fans

Wu Chun presenting goodies to a fan

Wu Chun with the winners of the sand castle competition

Fanatics appearing on the stage out of nowhere

Autographed poster for the fans

The Wu Chun poster



The jellyfish at Manukan Island


Malppy showcase 

Happening this Sunday

Have you guys already heard about Malppy’s first ever Fashion Pop Up Festival? It is happening this coming Sunday, 8th February 2015. Mark the calendar down now and bring your families and friends along to iCentre at Anggerek Desa from 9am to 6pm.

It will be a happening day as they will be displaying some of their latest fashion line from Corporate Wear to Date Night and Street Style. They will also be introducing some of their new Muslimah Fashion Collection.

To the last minute shoppers for this upcoming Chinese New Year Celebration, they will also be selling some of the new trendy dresses and shirts as well as the traditional dresses such as cheongsam for the ladies. As for the happy couples, they will also be selling some couple shirts for you to match with each other.

The highlight of that day will be announcing the winners for their IG Video & Slogan contest. There will be 3 winners for this contest. The winners will walk away with B$300, B$200 and B$200 for Best Slogan Award and the Most Liked Video for Men and Women.

Some of the famous food vendors will also join them for this event such as “The Slush Zone”, “AjwaKitchen”, “Pvintagecupcake”, and “Wing It” to please your hunger. So See you there.



Click image to find out more

By the way, let’s not forget the Malppy IG Video & Slogan competition which is still ongoing and the deadline is by 7th February. Best slogan will win BND 300 shopping voucher from Malppy vouchers while the “Most like male” will win BND 200 shopping voucher and the “Most like female” will win BND 200 shopping voucher from Malppy.com

For more of the rules you can click here. Good luck to all Malppy-ers 😀



New US Ambassador  


Meet Craig Allen, U.S. Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam. Looking forward to meet you




Oh happy day…

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


What HAG can do for you? 

Henrik Meltesen, the regional sales manager of Scandinavian Business Seating Asia Pte Ltd from Singapore (left) with the team from Catalyst and Sejalin Enterprises Sdn Bhd during the press conference for HAG brand chairs

Who would have thought that all chairs served a general function and that is only to sit? Well, I just learnt some thing refreshing yesterday at Catalyst office. The way we sit does make a difference to our body posture and it brings a different level of energy and comfort without you realizing it. I have an office chair in the comfort of my work station and I just take for granted that any office chair that has great cushioning with arm rest and wheels is simply good enough for me to do my work on my desk. In comes a Scandinavian who educated me on how sitting can make use more efficient, inspiring and creative without compromising comfort and stability.

Henrik Meltesen, the regional sales manager of Scandinavian Business Seating Asia Pte Ltd from Singapore, is in the Sultanate to brief the local media on their line of office chairs from HAG. The press conference was organised by Inspire Living Magazine and also present was the distributor for HAG brand, Sejalin Enterprises Sdn Bhd.

The chair that caught my eye was the HAG Capisco line. The overall look feels as if there isn’t much material or surface area to support my body or weight but once you sit on it, you won’t feel any form of discomfort and Capisco allows you to sit in an appropriate manner without you having to think too much. It’s like the chair has a mind of its own. This line is actually the best selling product and I was surprised to know that it has existed since 1984. Interesting…

The HAG Capisco line reminds me of sitting on a saddle (on a horse). The idea of this concept is to allow an open hip angle when you sit down in a position as if you are half standing, half sitting if the chair is lifted in a higher position. It’s like sitting on a stool but in a more relaxed, comfortable stance. I tested the chair yesterday and while sitting down, listening to Henrik’s presentation, I didn’t feel anything was lacking even though the chair looked really simplified than a normal office chair. The open hip stance allow the spine to naturally create that S-shape curve and the leg area will have less pressure to support your lower back which is good for blood circulation especially when you are sitting.

You see, even chairs have a lot of talking points and thanks to the presentation by Henrik, I’m beginning to be aware on how I’ve been sitting all these years.

If you wish to purchase or have a look on these chairs, I suggest you drop by Catalyst Office at Jalan Muara (one simpang after Gongcha Serusop) at Simpang 94. You can reach them at 223 3630 and you can have your chairs customized as well to your preference. They have many types of HAG chairs and who know I might get one myself in a long run. You can also go direct to Sejalin Enterprises at Muluat Industrail area or call 279 0376.

Henrik Meltesen explaining the different types of HAG chairs

HAG Capisco line, I kinda like this chair actually

You can have different types of fabrications for your chair


This chair can adjust in motion according to the momentum of your posture

The durable chair from HAG

Henrik try to show how durable this particular chair is

Dean Kassim and Danial Norjidi trying out the HAG chairs

Those happy faces 

Abd Latif bin Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Setia Dato Paduka Hj Md Yusof, a member from Board of Directors of Jerudong Park Medical Centre. Also present were Dato Dr Isham Jaafar, the Executive and Medical Director of JPMC, Vivian Suk Kee Tie, Physiotherapist and Head of Rehabilitation Department of JPMC and Dr. Burc Bassa, Deputy Head and Head Consultant of the Brunei Neuroscience Rehabilitation Centre (BNSRC)

Last year, the Rehabilitation Department of Jerudong Park Medical Centre organised a 5 week programme for stroke and cancer patients in conjunction with Hari Raya last year. The programme allowed them to improve their physical beings and also kept them inspired and motivated that their body movements and coordinations can still function through proper therapy.

Last weekend, the Rehabilitation Department organised another activity for the stroke patients of JPMC where they sang and perform short skits to the delight of the guests who attended the event at JPMC. This is a great way to contribute back to the community and also giving the patients a sense of hope and community among themselves. This time there are more stroke patients that took part in singing and performing and these have given them more joy and fun in their life even after suffering from stroke.

Looking for the video presentation, I have to applaud the wonders of the therapists from the Rehabilitation Department – Hasleezan binti Arifin (physiotherapist), Mohd Asri bin Mohd Shah (Occupational therapist), Prasanna Venkataraman (Speech and language therapist) and Abdul Samadh Shabeer (Speech and language therapist) who is also the therapeutic group activity coordinator.

Vivian Suk Kee Tie, the Head of Rehabilitation Department of JPMC, gave an inspiring account of the stroke patients of JPMC and how such programmes have made a difference in their lives and they will continue to do more programmes to better the lives of their patients physically, mentally and emotionally. It was also nice to see the department also welcomed a patient from JPMC Gleneagles, Mumtazali Muhd Abd Aziz, who is the first left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implant patient in Brunei Darussalam. He was very curious of the development of the program, requested to be part of the program and he has been loving it ever since he joined the program.

The guest of honour of the event was Abd Latif bin Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Setia Dato Paduka Hj Md Yusof, a member from Board of Directors of Jerudong Park Medical Centre. Also present were Dato Dr Isham Jaafar, the Executive and Medical Director of JPMC, Dr. Burc Bassa, Deputy Head and Head Consultant of the Brunei Neuroscience Rehabilitation Centre (BNSRC), JPMC and Vivian Suk Kee Tie, Physiotherapist and Head of Rehabilitation Department of JPMC.

After the event, certificates of participation were given to the stroke patients by the guest of honour. Keep it up, JPMC!! It’s always nice to have a heart warming activity especially from a hospital.


Vivien Suk Kee Tie, Physiotherapist and Head of Rehabilitation Department of JPMC, in her welcoming remarks

Some of the performances from the patients and therapists

A short skit performance

Group singing by the stroke patients


The opening act by the therapists and the rehabilitation assistants

The traditional dance

Certificate presentation

Certificate presentation

Certificate presentation

Certificate presentation

Certificate presentation

Group photo with Mumtazali Muhd Abd Aziz, Brunei’s first left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implant patient

Group photo. Click to enlarge.



Wu Chun still has the pull

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Acer Aspire


Now available at Concepts Computer


BIBD latest promotion 

Travel with agoda


CNY sales at ICON 

Click image to enter ICON Design Store


Wu Chun graced BK in KK 

Wu Chun with some VIPs during the official launch of Centrepoint’s Burger King last night at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Wu Chun will also be Wu Chun. People always say how popular I am just because I’m a social blogger. But if you are an entertainer or a celebrity, it’s a different ball game. I caught a flight through Royal Brunei to Kota Kinabalu and wow, the flight was packed with Wu Chun’s fan. This is no surprise that Wu Chun is the Royal Brunei Airlines Brand Ambassador, able to draw fans from all around the world with his presence. If I was not mistaken, some of the passengers were Wu Chun’s fans. Amazing!!

Anyway, my trip to Kota Kinabalu was by invitation to cover Wu Chun’s event and one of them is the opening of the Burger King outlet at Centrepoint, Kota Kinabalu. He was one of the special guest to officiate the opening of Burger King’s outlet at Centrepoint. To update you, the centrepoint outlet is owned by Brunei shareholders. Congratulations on the milestone and this is such a great opportunity to expand their business outside Brunei and furthermore, it’s in KK market which is bigger than Brunei definitely.

As for Wu Chun’s fans who came over for the opening night, wow, wow and wow… I have never seen such a huge crowd and I remembered the crowd in Brunei for Wu Chun’s movie Saving General Yang and that was already considered hectic. But last night at Burger King’s opening, it was very tricky to handle the crowd. Perhaps there weren’t enough security available and even Burger King’s staff had to help control the young crowd. I was surprised there were also male fans.

Before I end this post, thank you Royal Brunei for making this coverage possible and thank you Burger King for the hospitality.


Wu Chun took out his phone to take a picture of his fans

I was pretending to be a big fan of Wu Chun but actually I was asking for help to get away from the crowd

Wu Chun taking a selfie with me and his fans.. Woohoo #winall

Members of the media preparing for the arrival of the superstar

Deno Goh ushering Wu Chun

I took a selfie but no one noticed *Sad* LOL

Wu Chun posing with a burger on his hand

What a crowd last night at Centrepoint



BK Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill 

Now a permanent menu on Burger King

To celebrate the success of BK Mushroom Swiss Burgers as well as reminding everyone our signature product has grown to become one of Brunei’s favourite burger, Sinofood Express, the franchisee of the BURGER KING ® franchise will officially launch the new BK Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken Burger under its permanent menu.

What makes the Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken Burger? The succulent and tender 100% flame-grilled premium chicken thigh meat patty is enveloped in the full-bodied flavor of melted Swiss cheese; the all-time favourite silky mushroom sauce unique only to BK with fresh lettuce and a generous spread of creamy mayonnaise. Succumb to the seduction of Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken Burger… you will surely come back for more!

The BK Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken Burger is available at only $8.00 for the Meal and $6.50 for the sandwich only.

To complete your meal with a tasty treat, we are also offering a buy 1 free 1 soft serve promo for a limited time only for our guest to share with a loved one.

As for all our guests who are curious about the opening for our upcoming branches, we just opened our fourth branch in Belait Town,

For further updates on Burger King® Brunei, visits our Instagram page @burgerkingbrunei and Facebook at www.facebook.com/bkbrunei.


BK Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken Burger

Had mine during the break of a toastmasters meeting 😀



WCOPA update

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


WCOPA 2015 

The Brunei talents for this year’s WCOPA 2015

Can Brunei top what they did last year in the World Championships of Performing Acts (WCOPA)? Then again, it’s not about reaching or raising the benchmark. Last year, Brunei have proven what it takes to be on top with the rest of the talents worldwide after winning several medals. This year, there will be new fresh faces and this is the third time that Bruneians will be featuring at WCOPA event to be held from July 10th-19th in Long Beach, California.

They will be competing in the Senior Acting category, Senior Vocal category, Senior Dance Group category, Senior Vocal with Instrument (Duo/Group) category, Senior Dance Solo category and Senior Vocal with Instrument (Solo) category.

Now it’s boiled down to training for the Brunei delegates until the actual day. Perhaps the biggest hurdle for the delegates is financial resources as it will take at least BND 10,000 per delegate to part of the WCOPA 2015 edition. The said price will include the registration for WCOPA which is about 2/5 of the budget, the flight and accommodation for the 10 day trip trip. The organizer and the delegates will do what it takes to raise funds for their cause and they will not let this opportunity slip away easily.

All the participants are first timers and this will also be the first time that Brunei will be participating in the Senior Vocal with Instrument (Duo/Group) category, Senior Dance Group category and Senior Dance Solo category.

So who are the representatives? Zainal Bostaman, my friend and the founder of Bruhaha Comedy (Senior Acting category), Nadia Halim aka Yaya (Senior Vocal category), Ak Muhd Yazakka (Senior Vocal Category), Hill Zaini (Senior Vocal category), Amy Cheong, Ainul Marzuki, Sarah Jane Ward and Shannon Osman representatives from Relentless Entertainment (Senior Dance Group category), Erwan Mugit and Michelle Tan the singing duo The Ellewan (Senior Vocal with instrument for duo or group), Mardi Hedus (Senior Dance Solo category) and Kala Karwanamurthi (Senior Vocal with instrument category).

Present during the event were Jeffrey E. Cadayong, National Director of WCOPA Brunei Darussalam, Maria Grace Koh (Eia), the official hostess for this year’s WCOPA 2015 and Joanna Kwan, finalists for last year’s WCOPA 2015.

For the public, who are willing to help and assist the delegates to achieve their dreams, you can contact the organiser at brunei(a)wcopa.tv

Hill Zaini

Mardi Hedus of Relentless Entertainment

Michelle Tan and Erwan Mugit, The Ellewan

Ainul Marzuki, Shannon Osman, Amy Cheong and Sarah Jane Ward of Relentless Entertainment

Kala Karwanamurthi

Ak Muhd Yazakka

Nadia Halim aka Yaya

Zainal Bostaman

Maria Grace Koh (Eia), the official hostess for this year’s WCOPA 2015

Jeffrey E. Cadayong, National Director of WCOPA Brunei Darussalam

The Brunei delegates with Eia, Joanna and Jeffrey during the preview showcase of Brunei delegates of WCOPA 2015




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