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Creativity is intelligence having fun

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Preview: UBD Spectacle 2016 

The amazing 40 students in their final year will be showcasing their creativity in this year’s UBD Spectacle 2016

It’s the time of the year where University Brunei Darussalam students (final year of Art and Creative Technology) will showcase their creativity in arts and designs. I have already witnessed the 2014 and 2015 versions and boy, we really have talents in this field. This year’s UBD Spectacle 2016 will be showcased for 5 weeks starting 13th April to 21st May 2016. It will be located at the Art Gallery, Chancellor Hall, Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

The Spectacle 2016 is the Art and Design Graduation Show and this will be the fourth graduation exhibition to be organized by the Art and Creative Technology (ACT) programme of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UBD. Through cultural sensitivity, inventive imagination and artistic exploration, 40 final year ACT majoring students have applied their art and creativity to create new means of expressing views and concepts involving subjects ranging from personal loss and struggle events to social issues and formal Western and Islamic Art.

The launch of the event will be tomorrow, Wednesday morning and the public viewing will be opened in the afternoon onwards. The gallery hours are from Mon to Thurs: 9am to 7pm and Saturday 9am to 7pm.

As for the Gallery Talks, it will be from 2pm to 4:30pm on certain days – 16th April, 19th April, 23rd April and 26th April. The images are taken from Spectacle 2016 Facebook.


Behind the scenes at the Art Gallery

The badges for the committees

Unloading the boxes for the exhibition

Prepping for the opening ceremony tomorrow

The official t-shirts of Spectacle 2016

Art Installation by Aiman Bahrin – “Is This Home?”




Francophonie Week coming soon

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Financial planning 

BIBD’s Wealth Management Unit (WMU) today, as part of its goal to raise awareness on the benefits of better financial management, delivered a financial planning talk to around forty personnel of the Ministry of Defence. The talk was delivered by BIBD’s own WMU Officer and Islamic Financial Planner, Rozielawati bti Hj Jamil.

One of the motives of these talks was to create awareness among the public on the advantages of current and future wealth management. This is also to support His Majesty’s Titah in conjunction with his birthday on 15th July 2006, “…additional revenue which will be received by the officers and employees of the Government, may be used prudently, while also trying to save through financial planning for future needs.”

Rozielawati started by asking what their financial goals were and commented that one of the basic strategies to achieving it was to manage and plan their finances properly. She continued that every individual will have different financial commitments and concerns throughout different stages of their lives.

She mentions, “When you’re single, you only pay for your personal commitments such as car financing, credit card and personal expenses. However, these commitments change when you get married and have children as you have to consider the expenses of your dependents, takaful/insurance plans, home financing, on top of your own personal commitments.”

Personnel from the Ministry of Defence attending a financial management talk from BIBD’s own Wealth Management Unit officer and Islamic Financial Planner

She also explained that financial commitments shift towards pre-retirement and retirement to include their retirement and medical plans. She also shared how to manage earnings with an ideal financial diet on top of TAP and SCP. An example of an ideal financial diet is to save a minimum of ten percent of basic salary for savings, a maximum of fifteen percent for car financing, a maximum of thirty-five percent for house financing, and a combined fifteen percent for personal financing and credit card.

“It is also recommended to have an additional fund which will only be used in case of any emergencies,” she added. This fund, she advised, should have a provision of at least three to six months of monthly expenses. She shared a few tips on how to maintain the emergency fund such as how to budget and allocate for a consistent monthly saving amount until the emergency fund amount for the account has been reached (the more the better). This includes setting up a standing instruction for periodic transfer of funds and to increase the fund amount to reflect any increments in earnings.

Additionally, she also discussed about their spending requirements during retirement with their old age pension of $250 and a minimum of $150 for SCP. Together they calculated how much they needed to save beforehand in order to live comfortably during their retirement days.

The talk ended with Rozielawati informing the participants on financial planning from an Islamic perspective, which included zakat and the distribution of wealth such as Islamic Will (Wassiyah), gift (Hibah), trust (Amanah) and endowment (Waqaf). To learn more about BIBD’s

To learn more about BIBD’s financial literacy and planning talks, please contact the BIBD Contact Centre at 2238181 or email them directly at wmu@bibd.com.bn.





UBD Spectacle 2015 

It’s the sneaks for the upcoming UBD Spectacle 2015 edition. It has been happening every year organised by the Final Year undergraduates from Art & Design, UBD and they will be showcasing their talents. The opening will be on the 8th April at the Art Gallery, Chancellor Hall, UBD and it will be from Monday to Thursday and Saturday from 9am to 7pm. You can check out their Facebook Page and their instagram @ubdspectacle2015 for updates. Images taken from their Facebook Page.








Baiduri Smart Executive Programme 

The Baiduri Smart Executive Programme (SEP) rewarded its newest members with Smart Executive branded merchandise as well as Empire Hotel and Country Club vouchers at an event at the Smart Executive Centre, Times Square.

The month of February saw a steady influx of new members comprising new sign-ups and upgraded members. On hand to present the prizes were Hjh Maripaz Abdullah, Business Development Manager, Retail Banking and Smart Executive Programme Manager, Baiduri Bank as well as Mr. Evan Wong, Manager of the Times Square branch.

Speaking on the programme, Hjh Maripaz Abdullah said, “The Smart Executive Programme was launched about 2 years ago at this very same location so it only felt right to use this Smart Executive Centre to hold our reward presentation for our newest members. We created this Centre to cater specifically to our members and to hold events such as this.”


Hjh Maripaz Abdullah, Business Development Manager, Retail Banking and Smart Executive Programme Manager, Baiduri Bank as well as Mr. Evan Wong, Manager of the Times Square branch with new members and upgraded members of Baiduri Smart Executive Programme (SEP)

The Smart Executive Helps U Make the Smart Move promotion was launched in December 2014 in conjunction with Baiduri Bank’s 20th Anniversary to show its appreciation to its growing SEP customer base by offering lifestyle prizes such as hire purchase instalments and Empire Hotel and Country Club vouchers.

Baiduri’s Smart Executive Programme is a unique programme offered by Baiduri Bank which offers a multitude of benefits geared towards the busy, working professional. The benefits include smart banking solutions and special rates across a range of banking products. Smart Executive customers stand to receive exclusive Smart Executive Visa Platinum Credit Cards and Smart Executive MasterCard Premium Debit Cards, subject to Terms & Conditions. More information on the Smart Executive Programme is available on www.baiduri.com or from the Baiduri Deals mobile app. Press release and image courtesy of Baiduri Bank.




Good France 

Her Excellency, Madam Loan Forgeron, French Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam talking to the press with regards to Good France and Francophonie

Edna Boqueo, the chef of the French Embassy residence, Philipina chef, Edna Boqueo and Frederic Gardien, A French chef talking to the media

Good France, to be held on 19th March (today), is a celebration of excellence of French cuisine and French style dinner throughout the world. 1000 chefs, 1500 restaurants and all French embassies will be involved in the event.

Her Excellency, Madam Loan Forgeron, French Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam will together with all other French ambassadors globally, invite distinguished guests to a French dinner on the 19 March at their residences. Through a meal savoured together, Mdm Loan Forgeron mentioned that it would foster the values of sharing a French culture that is close to the heart of all French, and of which UNESCO has listed as a World Cultural Heritage.

In  respect to the cultures, tradition & religion, the meals prepared during the evening are halal, and prepared and cooked without any alcohol of course.

The 19 March is also the opening of the week of Francophonie. France shares so many cultures with French-speaking countries, from Africa to Asia through Canada …. and gastronomy represents a pillar of Francophonie.

Guest of honour for the event is Yang Mulia Datin Paduka Hajah Adina binti Haji Othman, Deputy Minister of Culture Youth and Sports.

Two chefs, a French chef, Frederic Gardien, and the chef of the residence, Philipina chef, Edna Boqueo, who was trained in Paris by the executive chef of the Ministry of foreign affairs and trade, will showcase French culinary flair with a six course menu.

Her Excellency, with the collaboration of Voon, consultant for BusinessFrance, has jointly organized this event in the hope that through this, Bruneians will find France a more attractive destination and that this will be a start of a journey of discovering and appreciating French produce and products.

 In conclusion, HE Mdm Loan Forgeron made mention of the famous French cook in 19th century, Auguste Escoffier, who told that “the art of cuisine is the most elaborate way of diplomacy”.





Serunai Singers 

Late post: I always enjoy the sound of music and a few weeks ago, I experienced a room filled with jazz music and soothing vocals. It was also the first time I saw Serunai Singers performing. I wish to see more of this in the future. Kudos to the team behind it in making an avenue to showcase their talents to music lovers like myself. Keep up the great work!! Just one thing though – make it slightly longer 😀 Thank you, Rebecca, for letting me know of the music showcase.


Young kids belting out some numbers

The Serunai Singers

It was a packed crowd that night

Rachel Drew on the saxophone *me likes*

Eia also wooed the audience

Now I’m impressed with Mercedes who sang the Girl from Ipanema

I love their segment

Serunai Singers and friends

Eia and Rebecca Chin





Know Your Role

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


The Road to Anfield 

Click image to register and find out more

Just a reminder. Today is the final day of registration. For the first time ever, Bruneians will have a chance to get a ticket to Anfield (Liverpool’s home ground) and play against the best of the best in the world in the Standard Chartered Trophy 2015. It’s a futsal tournament format and it will be a 5 a-side format.

This is made possible by Standard Chartered Bank (Brunei) and this tournament opened to everyone even if you are not a Liverpool fan. For your info, SCB is the official sponsor for Liverpool FC club. The announcement was made yesterday at SCB’s Priority Banking Centre.

So do check out Brunei’s time line for the event below and the winners of the Brunei contingent will be sent to Kuala Lumpur for the regional competition in late March. If your team managed to beat both Malaysia and Thailand, your team will be given the green light to Anfield. By the way, all these trips will be all expenses paid by SCB.

The qualifiers are open to Brunei citizens and permanent residents (phew, I have a chance). They must be over 18 years old and are neither professional/semi-professional players. SCB Brunei has allocated 14 berths to their key stakeholders and 10 more slots are up for grabs.

Each team shall consist of seven players, and those selected will have to pay a registration fee of $100 – which will go to the Humanitarian Fund of the Malaysian Flood Disaster. So this means that if they are more than 24 slots, SCB Brunei organising team will go through the selection process and based the selection on the short essay on why you want to be part of this event. Once you are selected, the $100 registration will be come into play. So if you are registering online, you won’t be charged $100 straight away. Good luck in registering your team.

You can click here for the registration. The closing date is (today) 10th February 2015 and do it by midnight 😀

This event is made possible by SCB Brunei and they are very grateful with the support by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and endorsed by the National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) in assisting SCB Brunei with the upcoming event.


Ng Yick Wei, Head of Brand and Marketing at SCB Brunei, Marilyn Graeme, Head of Corporate Affairs at SCB, Hj Mohd Noor Hj Hamid, Department of Youth and Sports official, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and also a NFABD committee, Hj Aslan Hj Tengah, Supervisor Sport Organisation, Sports Department, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports during the announcement of Standard Chartered Trophy 2015 at SCB’s Priority Banking recently






Yay, we were given Liverpool goodies from SCB Brunei


Bruneian Art for Charity 

Mr. Pierre Imhof, CEO of Baiduri Bank (left) at “Bruneian Art for Charity” at the JIS Arts Centre, Jerudong last week

Baiduri Bank successfully hosted their very first art auction, “Bruneian Art for Charity” at the JIS Arts Centre, Jerudong. The auction was attended by prominent Bruneians, ambassadors, embassy officials, art enthusiasts, charity supporters and Baiduri customers.

Mr. Pierre Imhof, CEO of Baiduri Bank, in his welcoming address said, “We hope that tonight’s event will help provide much needed exposure to our artists and the arts scene, to raise and grow interest in their market and provide encouragement and motivation for other artists to pursue their passion.”

He further went on to state that all the proceeds raised during the event goes straight to the artist and the charities. “At Baiduri Bank, giving back to our community, whether it is through our own resources or as a collective effort with our friends and loyal customers, is one of the key components of our social responsibility. 100% of the money collected will go to the charities that have been chosen by the bidders after deducting the amount to be paid to the artists for their art pieces.”

With the minimum bid amount ranging from B$500 to B$18,000, the special evening and silent auction of contemporary artwork by local visual artists such as Hj Osman Hj Mohammad, Lizzan Lingat (Ejan), Pg Khamarul Zaman Pg Hj Tajuddin, Suhaili Omar, Sam Siren and Pg Timbang Pg Hj Tuah.

An art piece that was successfully bid upon include Teraja by Pg Khamarul Zaman, a large monochromatic work of organic forms and energetic strokes where silhouettes of pitcher plants, plant stems, leaves, branches and calligraphic shapes can be identified. Another art piece that was sold during the auction was Water Taxi by Lizzan Lingat. A theme central to Lizzan’s work are everyday scenes in Brunei. Water Taxi depicts a scene of faceless men waiting for their water taxis on steps that disappear into the river.








The event began with a contemporary dance by Relentless Entertainment, a local dance troupe, who performed their interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. Throughout the night, guests were entertained with live performances by local singers and songstresses and a live art demo by Wilson Mc Lau.

At the end of the night, the art auction was able to raise more than B$36,000. The charities supported by the art auction were SMARTER Brunei, KACA Brunei, YASKA, Learning Ladders Society and the Child Development Centre.

The art auction will be followed by an art exhibition at Kaleidoscope Studio at Shaikirin Complex, Kiulap. Members of the public can view and purchase pieces still available after the auction at Kaleidoscope Studio starting today until the end of the month. Proceeds from the sales during the exhibition will also go towards the artist and the charities.






SCION turns one 

Wan Zainal Abidin Shazali, founder of SCION (4th from left), Pauline Chan, managing editor of SCION (5th from left) with the team behind SCION at Mutiara Ballroom, Radisson Hotel last week

Pauline Chan, managing editor of SCION, with her welcoming remarks

Ever heard of SCION magazine? It’s a premium luxury lifestyle magazine and you can’t simply find them at any cafe. The magazine has a niche targeted readers and SCION is distributed to Standard Chartered Priority Banking, Perdana Banking at BIBD and it is sold at Best Eastern, Nollybooks as well as newsstands at Malaysia.

For your info, the first magazine was published in July 2013 which was made available to guests at The Empire Hotel & Country Club, nine exquisite partner hotels in Singapore and Malaysia as well as first and business class lounges of Brunei International Airport.

Last week, I missed the celebration of SCION’s first anniversary as I was in Kota Kinalabu to cover Wu Chun’s meet the fan session.

Greeting the invited guests was Pauline Chan, managing editor of SCION. She was pleased how the magazine connects with the readers to the wonderful world of refined living by bringing them on an exploration of luxury possibilities. Just like BIG magazine, SCION is published quarterly and it is successful in reaching its targeted audience.

SCION is founded by Wan Zainal Abidin Shazali (CHMP Media as the publisher). Images courtesy of SCION.























Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News


Acer Liquid Smartphones


Check out Acer Liquid smartphones



HSBC Personal Internet Banking


Click image to read more

BIBD Home Showcase 4


BIBD Home Showcase 4. Click more to find out!!

Icon Design Store



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Royal Brunei Airlines



Click to enter website


Recap: Film Festival 

It was quite a jam packed event during the Film Festival UBD 2014 (19th to 20th April 2014)
It’s not the Cannes or the international film festival but it’s a fresh start, executed by our very own students from Universiti Brunei Darussalam. I’m very proud of their achievements and I’m pretty sure the deans and the Vice Chancellor will be pleased of the efforts of the students in pulling off a great 2-day event two weekends ago at The Core, UBD.

I just hope that this event Film Festival UBD will be a yearly event and this will give more platform for other talented, young film makers to showcase their talent on the screen. The turn out was excellent as the students overachieved their target in terms of audience reception. I believe they had more than 1,000 spectators in a span of two days with 8 times slots.

Thank you guys for the experience and I hope it doesn’t end there. I also hope new sponsors will take this opportunity to help the young students when it comes to another film festival.

The voting system to evaluate the experience the audience had during the event

It was good to see Origin Films promoting their upcoming movie Yasmine and this was my first pose with the crew 😀

The largest Yasmine pose to date?


The responses from the audience on Film Festival UBD 2014


We were being interviewed by UBD FM on the recent Film Festival UBD 2014. Do click on this image to listen to our interviews.

The appreciation dinner with Reggie Sim, the General Manager of Brunei Press (2nd from right)

Siti Kamaluddin of Origin Films praised the efforts of the students and never give up that dream

I’m a big fan of her – Liyana Yus the main star of Yasmine

Thank you Elena for all the help for the updates on the Film Festival UBD 2014. Very much appreciated.

The organizers of Film Festival UBD 2014 enjoying their dinner at Badi’ah Hotel

It was the first time I’ve seen Chris Woo being very, very proud of his students

Students documenting Chris’ speech

Posing for Chris’ camera

The students behind the Film Festival UBD 2014

Chris gets a big lift from students

Chris Woo with the head of departments of the Film Festival UBD 2014


Basketball – Sukan RIA 2014 

Mohd Riza bin Dato Paduka Haji Mohd Yunos, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, tipped off basketball ball to officiate the match between BSP and Yuan Thong

After the hiking event on the Sunday morning, the Inter-Company NBT Basketball Tournament tipped off at the Batu Bersurat Basketball court. The first match-up was in Group A of the four-group tournament. The first game was between BAG Network Sdn Bhd and Jerudong Park Medical Centre Sdn Bhd which JPMC won 92-62.

The opening ceremony was officiated by Mohd Riza bin Dato Paduka Haji Mohd Yunos, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources. The guest of honour watched the game between Brunei Shell Petroleum and Yuan Thong Enterprise. Guests present at the opening ceremony were Haji Rani bin BPSK DSS Haji Mohd Yusof, Commissioner of Labour Department, government officials, members of the Brunei Basketball Association (BBA) and event supporters.

Prior to the BSP-Yuan Thong match, the guest of honour presented basketballs to BBA Deputy Chairman cum team captain, Khoo Eng Cheong, in support of its representation of Brunei Darussalam in the World Chinese Basketball Invitational Tournament in Macau in June.

The NBT basketball tournament will last a month with the grand final game at Chung Hwa Middle School in Bandar Seri Begawan on May 25. For more info, you can browse at sukanriabrunei.com and of course, all are welcome to watch all the matches at Batu Bersurat and support the team and for the love of basketball.

For your info, the Sukan RIA Antara Syarikat (Inter-company) 2014 also features sports such as badminton, bowling, futsal and netball tournaments.

The guest of honour presented basketballs to BBA Deputy Chairman cum team captain, Khoo Eng Cheong, in support of its representation of Brunei Darussalam in the World Chinese Basketball Invitational Tournament in Macau in June

A memento from Jackson Ting, the Managing Director of D’Sunlit

Jati Transport

HSBC Brunei

Seng Hoe Huat Auto Accessories Service Company and SCB Brunei



Bringing smiles to orphans 

Suherdy Suli who is passionate of helping orphans being interviewed by The Brunei Times

Last Sunday, I had a quick pit stop at Silver Jubilee Park as Suherdy Suli organised a Healthy Kid’s Day for 40 orphans as it was part of the “Community Incubation Program” from Universiti Brunei Darussalam. The Healthy Kids’ Day is a social responsibility initiative as well, initiated by the students from the program. Its aim is to advance business ventures and accelerate the success for the 12 students/participants involved.

The Community Incubation Program is also known as community entrepreneurship village and it’s an ongoing program that goes on for five weeks. The participants will undergo mentorship on the road to entrepreneurship. So yesterday was one of the programmes highlighted in terms of social responsibility and they collaborated with Suherdy who searched high and low of orphans in Brunei and bring them more joy to their lives as well as creating new opportunities such as talent in creativity.

It was the first time I saw another art gallery under the flagship of Rainforest Gallery (previous located at Kiulap). There’s a small building area at the Silver Jubilee Park and it opens every day except for Mondays. So some of the kids did their colouring activities within the premise and outside as part of the Healthy Kid’s Day activities.

Suherdy Suli with members of the media

Kids were happy colouring away

It was also under a hot, hot weather

This was taken outside the Silver Jubilee Park

Kids were happy colouring away

Some of the art pieces at Rainforest Gallery at Silver Jubilee Park

Some of the art pieces at Rainforest Gallery at Silver Jubilee Park


DST’s new counter 
at Temburong 

Guest of Honour, Awang Abdul Lattif bin POKSS DP Hj Md Yusuf officiates the opening of the new DST Counter, Temburong Branch in Stoneville Hotel

In the continuous effort to bring the best customer experience, DST Temburong branch relocated to a new improve counter at Unit 1, Ground Floor Stoneville Hotel, Lot 1532, Kampong Sungai Tanam. A ceremony to officiate the opening of the counter was held on Monday 28th April 2014.

Present to officiate the opening of the event was Awang Abdul Lattif bin Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Setia Dato Paduka Hj Md Yusuf, Member of DST Board of Directors. Also in attendance was Awang Haji Suhaimi bin Awang Haji Hussain, Chief Executive Officer of DST, Awang Haji Marsad bin Awang Haji Ismail, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of DST, YB Awang Haji Sulaiman Haji Ahad, member of the state legislative council, Awang Ajmin bin Awang Haji Meludin, Assistant Temburong District Officer, Penghulu and Head of Village representatives from Temburong, DST Management, staff and invited guests.

For Temburong residents, the Temburong branch offers DST Subscribers with Registration and Bill Payment services for DST and Kristal Astro products and services.

In conjunction with the re-opening of the counter and DST’s 19 Year Anniversary, DST hosted its final “Customer Appreciation Day” for Temburong subscribers where subscribers had the opportunity to take advantage of promotions from DST.

The ‘DST Customers Appreciation Day’ in Temburong District marked the end of the Customer Appreciation Day roadshow across all Brunei districts throughout the month of April.

You can also foliow updates on @dstbn instagram. Images courtesy of DST.

One of the invited guests participates in the lucky dip, one of the activities as part of the Customer Appreciation Day

Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Sulaiman Haji Ahad, member of the state legislative council amongst the first customer at the new DST Counter, Temburong Branch

One of the invited guests joins one of the games as part of the Customer Appreciation Day activities

Hj Marsad bin Awang Hj Ismail, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of DST guides one of the invited guests on the new automated Easi prepaid number selection features available at the new branch

The signing of the plaque for DST Counter, Temburong Branch by the Guest of Honour

DST’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Awang Haji Marsad bin Awang Haji Ismail handing over the Blackberry Q10 to one of lucky customers

Another Blackberry winner


KFC Zinger Reloaded 

Check out the flavourful ZING Meal – Zinger Reloaded Burger

All Flavour, All ‘ZING’! KFC Brunei is now offering their valued customers a flavourful ‘ZING’ meal in their outlets.

KFC Brunei is launching the New Zinger Reloaded Burger with their signature juicy zinger fillet for the teens and young working adults. The New Zinger Reloaded Burger includes the new addition of delicious onion rings and tasty special sauce.

The KFC New Zinger Reloaded Burger is available ala-carte at BND$5.50 and in a combo that comes with 4 pieces of potato has rounds and a regular carbonated drink at only BND$6.50. For those who like to have a bigger meal, the hotbox version with addition one piece of chicken is also available at only BND$8.90.

Get the new KFC New Zinger Reloaded Burger now!


Check out the flavourful ZING Meal – Zinger Reloaded Burger

Zinger Reloaded Burger

Zinger Reloaded Burger with 4 pieces of potato

Only available at KFC outlets



Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News

Acer Liquid Smartphones


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HSBC Personal Internet Banking


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BIBD – Let’s Go Mobile!


Let’s go mobile? Click more to find out!!

Icon Design Store



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Royal Brunei Airlines



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The match for the ages 

Stevie G was pretty emotional after the match and truly deserve to lift the trophy if you ask me
Billed as one of the most important matches in Liverpool’s history, Steve Gerrard showed up at his highest as he led his team to a 3-2 victory over title contenders Manchester City. Whoever win this tie, it will be their title to lose. The victory was Liverpool’s 10th consecutive one and it has been 24 years since Liverpool carry the League title. With four matches left, another strong contender is Chelsea who will have to play away to Liverpool in two weeks’ time. That perhaps could be the title decider. With Chelsea playing extra games in the Champions League, this is an advantage to Liverpool who will benefit from extra days rest.

I caught this match last night with Terence Han at Coffee Zone and while my buddy remained calmed, my heart was racing inside as it was anybody’s game judging from the performance from both sides. Despite Liverpool having a 2-0 goal cushion with Man City’s Toure taken off due to injury, the visitors pulled the game back to in level terms and dominated the second half. It was also the first time Terence heard me swearing *lol* as I was cursing on the Liverpool players for being sloppy especially Sakho who looked shaky in defence and giving away possession cheaply.

Vincent Kompany had a torrid time as all the Liverpool goals was his to blame. He was wrong footed by Sterling as the Liverpool ace cheekily scored from the little gap. The second goal was off a corner and Kompany lost his marked man Skrtel who headed home. Liverpool’s third goal was gifted by Kompany who fluffed a simple clearance and Coutinho came out from no where to blast home Liverpool’s winning goal.

There you go. A summary of one of the best matches if not the best of the season. Man City still have six games to play compared to Liverpool’s four. Thank you, Brendan Rodgers in believing in the squad and it’s good to see a few English players too (Johnson, Flanagan, Henderson, Gerrard, Sturridge and Sterling) and not rely too much on foreign talent.

This season will go down to the wire and the title race is still wide open. For now, it’s Liverpool’s title to lose. Let’s make us dream.


The Liverpool fans were at the edge of their seats from start to the end

Terence was my bromance partner for the night. Though he’s a Gunners fan, he wanted Liverpool to lift the trophy.



Chef Ahmad bags Silver 


Royal Brunei Catering representatives at the recent FHA 2014 Culinary Challenge held in Singapore

Chef Ahmad bin Haji Mangsor of Royal Brunei Catering achieved his success in the FHA 2014 Culinary Challenge held in Singapore. He has won silver medal under “Class 3B Pastry Showpiece – Marzipan / Sugar which was held on 10th April 2014.

FHA Culinary Challenge (FCC) competition is the region’s most prestigious international culinary competition dedicated to the promotion of culinary excellence according to their website. It is strongly supported by World Association of Chef Societies (WACS) and the regional chef associations, where this is the fundamental platform for promising culinary talents from around the world to display their gifted skills and be accredited by a panel of internationally acclaimed judges. The competition was held from 8th to 11th April 2014 at the Singapore Expo in Singapore.

This competition has attracted countries all over the world such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Korea, Thailand, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Australia to name a few.


Chef Ahmad bin Haji Mangsor’s master piece for FHA 2014 Culinary Challenge

Chef Mohammad Khairul Anuar and Chef Cathy of Royal Brunei Catering


Sukan Ria 2014 

Company employees and their families can have a fun and rewarding (in many senses of the word) time participating in the hiking activities to be held at the Tasek Lama Recreational Park starting at 6 am on Sunday 27 April as part of this year’s Sukan Ria Antara Syarikat.

Company employees interested to take up the 4.2 km hiking challenge event can sign up to be in the running to win attractive cash prizes for the first three men and three women to cross the finish line.

Happening at the same time will be the aptly-named Fun Hike which will stretch 3 km for men and 2 km for women, and is open to both company employees and their family members.

A lucky draw will be held after the hikes giving all participants the chance to go home with fabulous prizes.


Company employees are invited to participate in the Sukan Ria Antara Syarikat basketball tournament that will tip off on 27 April at the Batu Bersurat Indoor Basketball Court.

The winning team will receive a B$2,000 cash prize, a challenge trophy, medals and trophy. A cash prize of B$1,000 will go to the runner-up team, and third place is rewarded with B$500, with medals and trophies going to both teams.

Teams can import up to three players from another company, allowing teams that would otherwise have insufficient numbers of players to participate in the fun. Being able to bring in talent from another company will also strengthen some teams, which should make for some exciting showdowns.

Registration forms along with the rules and official guidelines can be obtained at D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd in Beribi during office hours or at the official Sukan Ria website at www.sukanriabrunei.com. Completed forms must be received by 5pm on 15 April.

For more information, visit the official website or contact the Marketing Department at D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd via telephone at 2453666 or e-mail event@dsunlit.com



More facelift projects 

Newly-planted tree saplings at Tasek Lama Recreational Park. Image courtesy of Abdul Azim Kassim of The Brunei Times.

Good to know that the government agencies are doing facelift at recreational places. Recently we had the Serasa Beach facelift which has been getting positive comments from the public. So next is the Silver Jubilee Park and Tasek Lama Recreational Park. I haven’t really explore the Silver Jubilee Park but more on Tasek Lama for my morning walks which I have been neglecting too *lol*

According to the article from The Brunei Times, a jetty, a gazebo and surveillance cameras will be budgeted for the Silver Jubilee Park. The Minister of Home Affairs paid a visit to both these locations yesterday and he believes in restoring the recreational parks even if they are minor ones. The purpose of this upgrade is to make the recreational environment more conducive for the comfort and peace of visitors.

At Tasek Lama Recreational Park, resting house improvements were made, specifically the resting house near the waterfall. An ongoing improvement that was being made in the park was the reinforcement of a jungle track. The jungle track was built with concrete underneath, ensuring pathways would not deteriorate quickly. Source: Nadzri Zailani and Abdul Azim Kassim of The Brunei Times.



ISB Art exhibition 

The ISB Art Exhibition last weekend at Kaleidoscope Art Gallery

I love art and enjoy watching installation and art pieces. Maybe today I will head over to see pieces and art installation of at the UBD Spectacle 2014 at the Art Gallery, Chancellor Hall. Today I will briefly shared about ISB’s art exhibition at the Kaleidoscope Art Gallery in Kiulap last weekend. I missed this event actually as it slipped my mind but great job to the students for Year 13 who are graduating from the International Baccalaureate (IB) course.

According to the article in The Brunei Times, The artworks ranged from digital photography, paintings on canvas and sculpture. One of the unique works was by Aneesah Zulfina. Titled ‘Bateman’s Gridlock’, the piece, which took her four hours to complete, was made from 200 rubic cubes that were sponsored by WW Mart.

Art teacher Christopher Hoddinott said that the exhibition was a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their efforts.

ISB student, Nur Fatin Farhana Md Jafaar, told TheBrunei Times that she felt very proud to be able to have her artworks showcased as “an exhibition is a pinnacle for every aspiring artists, new and existing.”

Too bad the art exhibition only lasted a few days. Well done, anyway, to the Year 13 students and good luck in your assessment 🙂 Below are some pictures taken from ISB and Kaleidoscope Facebook.


The Year 13 art students with their art teachers

Janet Jinadasa, ISB Art Director










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