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The Audi Q7: Impressive

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Audi Q7: Press launch 

Check out the new Audi Q7 at the Audi Showroom at Kiarong



Rejuvenated and improved- The new generation Audi Q7.

It’s been 10 years since the first generation Q7 was introduced globally, successfully launching Audi’s entry into the SUV segment.

Luxurious comfort, the largest interior in the segment and a weight saving of up to 325 kilograms (716.5 lb) – the new generation Q7 from Audi sets new standards. Its innovative assistance and infotainment systems take the large SUV to the front of the pack. Its new engines consume significantly less fuel (28%) than the previous model. The new generation Q7 has been completely redesigned both inside and out featuring a wider-stance appearance yet is narrower by 32mm and shorter by 37mm than the previous model.

The new Q7 is the lightest car in its class

The 2.0 petrol turbo variant with seven-seats has an unladen weight (without the driver) of merely 2,050 kilograms (4,519 lb) – up to 325 kilograms (716.5 lb) less than the predecessor model, depending on the equipment. With its lightweight, multi-material body and all-new chassis, it provides excellent comfort while at the same time offering the performance of a sporty Audi – and that with top-notch CO2 values.

Dynamics as standard

Powerful engines combined with a dynamic suspension and the lightweight body make the Q7 the dynamic car among large SUVs. Just a few years ago these performance data were still the prerogative of sports cars. The 2.0 TFSI with 185 kW (250 hp) and the 3.0 TFSI V6 with 245 kW (333 hp) bring the new Audi Q7 from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 7.1 seconds and 6.3 seconds respectively, all the while with unusually low fuel consumption. The 2.0 TFSI needs only 7.8 litres per 100 kilometres and emits only 182 grams of CO2 per kilometre (288.1 g/mi). Both 2.0 and 3.0 engines are paired with an 8-speed tiptronic transmission with a new yacht style gear shifter.


Many reasons to love the Audi Q7

The back seat can be automatically folded from a 7-seater to a 5-seater. Quite spacious as well.

Loving the new facelift of the Audi Q7 as compared to the older version

The engine area of the Audi Q7

The media taking shots of the beaut

Innovative operation and display

The new Audi Q7 also sets standards when it comes to operating concept, infotainment and connectivity. The second-generation modular infotainment platform is optionally on board; the new MMI control unit (featuring an 8.3” retractable screen) using a large central operation knob is intuitive and simple. The BOSE® sound system with 3D sound (for the 3.0) is a further added innovation. Audi’s Drive Select can change the vehicle’s driving characteristics at a touch of button; 5 and 6 modes in the 2.0 and 3.0 respectively.

Another highlight is the passenger safety system –Audi pre sense basic initiates measures such as tensioning of the front seat belts, activates the hazard lights and closing of sun-roof (if any) and windows when an imminent impact is detected.

The Audi Q7 has recently been awarded the EURO NCAP ‘5-stars’ safety rating and its American equivalent Top Safety Pick+ Award from IIHS.

A host of premium features

Auto luggage door featuring ‘kick’ motion open/closing, auto-fold up/down on 3rd row seats, ambient interior lighting, parking aid with rear-view camera, power assisted closing for doors and four-zone climate control. Double-arrow daytime running lights give emphasis to the front LED headlights and complimented by unique LED rear lights. 20” ten-spoke design wheels round off the entire package.

All-wheel-steering with additional rear axle steerability for greater driving agility and manoeuvrability will be offered on the 3.0 variant.

What I feel: I had the Audi Q7 for a quick spin and I wished I had more time experiencing it. I’m not used to the big size but I was already enjoying the ride itself. The driver area is very spacious and comfortable. I shall wait for the actual launch and you might come across some Q7 on the road. The Audi Q7 will definitely attract some potential buyers in the country. Do visit their showroom at Kiarong and take it for a test drive.


The group shot with the local media


This is very convenient especially when you put on P

The older Audi Q7 which is 10 years ago

The facelift Audi Q7 (white) with the older model

Aziz enjoying the ride

I was playing it cool too 😀 This monster does pack a punch.



Wrestlemania 32 concludes 

Shane on his leap of faith at Wrestlemania 32

What I feel: I kinda enjoyed this year’s Wrestlemania for some reason. I can’t believe it last almost 5 hours and I’m a subscriber of the WWE Network through Kristal Astro. Yes, there were some disappointments along the way and I was hoping for my favourite wrestler, Seth Rollins, to pop out of nowhere but I guess he hasn’t fully recovered yet. The difference between last year and this year is the ending. Don’t expect any anti-climax stingers in the end. There’s nothing much to expect and the results seemed predictable for the main event.

I was impressed with the Women’s championship match though Charlotte still needs to sharpen her execution on some of the moves. It was still better than her previous PPV matches and time will tell that she developed into one of the consistent stars in WWE roster. The new WWE women’s belt also give more recognition on the rise of women wrestlers. So kudos to WWE.

As for my favourite match, I don’t have any honestly and perhaps the closest one is The Undertaker and Shane O’Mac because of the intensity and the spots. I have so much respect for Shane in the ring and he hasn’t been active for the past 6 years. He definitely stole the hearts of the fans in Dallas. The biggest mismatch was definitely Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose in a street fight match.

Overall, this was an entertaining PPV with a disappointing ending. Regardless Jason Rumpun and I still had a blast. Verdict: 8.5/10


Lita, WWE Hall of Fame inductee, unveiling the new WWE Women’s Championship Belt

Stephanie McMahon introducing Triple H before the main event. She’s still hot 😀




Motoring BN Autoshow 2016 

The team behind Motoring BN with Project Manager Rosli Abdullah and Editorial Coordinator Redzwan Kamarudin during the press conference last week

Motoring BN, the no.1 local motoring lifestyle magazine, is set to launch next week at the upcoming Motoring BN Autoshow 2016, which will take place from April 7 to 10 at the Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah’s open court.

Organised by Brunei’s No 1 Motoring lifestyle magazine publisher, CONFEX, the grand showcase is held to commemorate the magazine’s first year anniversary.

Do expect a new issue during the four day event.

There will be a “Dealer Showcase Days”, something for car enthusiasts if you want to make your dream car into a reality. As for the public, you are more than welcome to visit during the weekend (Public Display Days”.

During the press conference at the CONFEX lounge, Project Manager Rosli Abdullah and Editorial Coordinator Redzwan Kamarudin announced that the event would include participation from local car and bike clubs such as classic car groups and Darussalam Motorcycle Association (PEMODA).

And guess who will be helping them out? The Collective Arts 😀 So do expect vendors to participate during the four day event.

For enquiries on the Motoring BN Autoshow 2016, you may contact Rosli at 8639681 or Redzwan at 8639681 and follow Motoring BN on Facebook and instagram @motoringbn





Wake up call

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Brunei Travel Fair

Mark your dates this weekend and plan your travels 😀



The cracks are showing

[Edited]: Is Brunei going through a recession? It’s still early days to say for that but I know that some of my friends’ businesses are feeling the pinch(es). These are just from my observations as well as business environment shared by my peers. Let’s not forget some of the outside factors as well as policies that can influence the Brunei economy.

Let’s lay down some scenarios here from my knowledge. I know there could be more (factors) but I will just based them on my findings. First is the falling of oil prices. I remember once a top senior official said that such fluctuating prices won’t affect the Brunei economy earlier this year. However, I’m pretty sure it did (affect) in a long run as oil prices hasn’t been encouraging and it has a detrimental effect on the Brunei economy. Furthermore, at some point, Brunei’s export on crude and oil hasn’t been blossoming like the old days. Have the oil prices affected oil production in Brunei? Earlier this year, it was reported that Brunei’s exports went down by 39% (source: Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE).



It’s no big surprise that oil prices is a big factor here (weaker demand, higher supply). Imagine the previous year that the price of oil was at least USD $113 per barrel and now it’s averaging at USD $50 per barrel. It was also reported in Reuters that despite the improvement in prices, worldwide production won’t be producing last much as it’s “uneconomical” if oil prices are at USD $50 or below.

With low demand for export and also lower oil prices, this will mean that money flowing into the Sultanate will be lower than usual. This would also mean less activities or projects coming from Brunei Shell Joint Ventures or any companies relating to Brunei Shell.

Early in March 2015 during the Legislative Council, the Ministry of Finance that Brunei will be in the deficit in terms of spending (BND 1.58 billion) and this is related to the fall in oil prices. Did you know that 90% of the export of Brunei is oil and gas? So this is what we always mean when we say that we are relying too much on oil and gas.


Now I have touched on oil prices. How about other factors? One thing that has affected Brunei is the recent policy introduced by Authoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD) – the total debt service ratio or loan cap (at 60 per cent for those earning a minimum net salary of $1,750). So who will be affected because of this policy? Not the consumers but the car dealers as sales has seen a drop of at least 15% and it keeps dropping every month ever since the introduction of the loan cap in June 2015.

If the car dealers are affected, this would also affect the finance companies such as Baiduri Bank and BIBD At-tamwil who finance the hire purchase of the cars. NBT (Toyota) used to sell an average of 300 units every month but recently the figures have gone below 200 units. Back in 2012, at one stage, cars sold in a month would break the 1,500 mark but recently it has lesser numbers (1,137 cars in July 2015 and 1,005 cars in August 2015). Last weekend, I even bumped into an NBT roadshow at The Mall (which is quite rare) and one of the representatives said that business wasn’t good so they needed to do more roadshow and promotion.

Yes, the business side of the automotive industry is feeling the pinch but the idea of the policy by AMBD is to ensure that the residents of Brunei will have enough savings and finances instead of using their disposable income for loan repayments. With the current situation of oil prices, such move (of the policy) has not benefited the local economy as loans are hard to come by especially those in the lower tier income group. In a long run, the TDSR or loan cap will be good for the country as people will have more disposable income than rather ending up using majority of their salaries to pay off loans. Remember the credit card policy? That really worked well, right? and this shouldn’t be a problem. It will just take time to adjust to the new financial environment. Car dealers will have to come up with better deals or promotions just like how Boustead are currently executing with their promotions with Suzuki and Nissan (tablets and smartphones respectively) to attract customers.


Another theory that cannot be discounted is the fact that the Malaysian ringgit has caught interest of Bruneians. The exchange rate now is BND 1 to RM 3 which is a real steal for us. For many Bruneians, Miri is still considered a shopping paradise. Just imagine this – It was reported that over two million arrivals from Brunei to Miri alone in 2013. I’m pretty sure the statistics will be even more in Year 2015 with the current weak currency of the Ringgit. Shopping will be cheaper and they will even buy their groceries across the border as it’s a cost saving measure.

So who are at the losing end? Of course, our local retailers and the department store owners. I interviewed two sources on how the supermarket business in Kuala Belait and Bandar and both gave similar responses – “people prefer shopping and spending across the border.” One commented that usually after Hari Raya season, their supermarket business is slower but this year, it’s even quieter and slower than last year. Even the extension of the opening hours across the border is not helping the Brunei economy.

Now that I have laid some of my findings based on reports and interviews, it’s not too premature to say that Brunei is undergoing a small recession – budget cuts, deficits, lower car sales and lower revenue in local supermarket as some of the effects.


Need action, less talking: I have attended many lectures, talks, keynote addresses, you name it,  for the past 10 years and the same topic remains – “Diversification” and we all have become accustomed to the over-abused word but it has only become a mere phrase than a means to an end. From the progress of Brunei, we have taken baby steps to diversify by creating new industries – pharmaceutical, the halal brand and also the Mitsubishi Gas Chemicals and Itochu Corporation from Japan for the methanol plant at the Sg Liang Industrial Park (SPARK). These are all good signs to come as it creates more job employment.

Even earlier this year, Brunei Economic Development Board and South Korean company DongYang GangChul, said that the BND 107 million project at the Bukit Panggal Industrial Park in Tutong will be a major boost to Brunei’s economy. The idea is the plant will produce billet and aluminium extrusion and export back to Sout Korea. I’m not really sure what are the status of this project as I have not seen any updates.

My biggest curiousity is the Pulau Muara Besar (PMB) project. There have been many mentions of the PMB project but as far as I know there is very little happening as the big players such as Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd, a petrochemical firm, will only begin their refinery operations by early 2017. Of course, this is no easy project and it requires intensive homework and making sure all the criteria are met. This is perhaps the biggest project for the Brunei economy as the refinery will cost at least BND 4 billion. But now it’s more of a waiting game until early 2017.

From the looks of it, Brunei needs a good number of Foreign Direct Investment, just similarly like Hengyi Industries. It’s never an easy task to bring foreign investors to pump in money into the economy. I believe that Brunei is a very ideal hub for this kind of industries and of course, the foreigners will need our vote of confidence in order to succeed. The PMB project would have been talking point (with action) if nothing was delayed and the refinery plant up and running by now. Maybe I’m just tired listening to the same old phrase and the emphasis of “diversification”.

On a positive spin, what’s trending (and booming now) are the influx of food and beverage outlets such as Rack & Brew, The Library Cafe, Ner|Dee Cafe, Chatime and coming soon (end of the year), Cinnabon. If you are thinking of opening a business, then F&B is a better approach as we still have the culture to dine out or even limteh. And let’s not forget the upcoming travel fair by Royal Brunei and we Bruneians love to travel (so maybe, just maybe, people are saving to spend on traveling).

What’s my outlook on Brunei 2016? It’s hard to say. I just hope that we can help one another and let our egos down that Brunei needs a wake up call. Our voices can be a stimulus and hopefully the Government of Brunei and the private sector can work together to tackle a growing (bad) seed before it can turn to a plant.

This article doesn’t represent the opinions of others apart from my own. I typed this because I feel it’s very relevant to our community and I also want to help to contribute to the betterment of our Brunei economy. If you have any queries or comments, you can drop me an email ranoadidas gmail and I’m more than happy to hear from your end. Sources of facts: The Brunei Times.




All of me

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News


The Popcorn Panel 


Check out the latest podcast review of The Fault with Our Stars with special guest Seng Yee


Final day for Grand Sale 

Drop by today as today’s the final day
I just paid a visit to Honey Carsmart Hari Raya Grand Sale and most of the top items have been bought on the spot yesterday. There are still plenty of cars available at Honey Carsmart at Spg 635 at Jalan Tutong (Bunut) and you can stand a chance to win items sponsored by the company, even for visitors.

For your information, Honey Carsmart have experience being a dealership with several Japanese brands before evolving into a full time dealership of local used cars. or your convenience and also with an affordable price.

So today (Sunday) is the final day of the Honey Casmart Grand Sale and it closes around 4pm. Too bad the Nissan 350Z has been taken already but there are still good quality cars for your perusal. the venue is at Simpang 635, Jalan Tutong at Bunut area before the petrol station at Jalan Hj Halus. You can also call their hotline for more information at 265 4131.


Some of the cars that are being sold

There are still plenty of cars

Every visitor gets a lucky dip

Hui Chiet got herself a sunshade

Some of the lucky prizes up for grabs

Bikes also on sale and it comes with 2 digit numbers

The associates of Honey Carsmart working hard during the Hari Raya Grand Sale

BIBD At-tamwil is there for the car financing

It’s at Simpang 635 Jalan Tutong at Bunut area




Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News


25 • 4 • 2014 

DPMM FC vs Balestier Khalsa FC 

DPMM FC vs Balestier FC this Friday at Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium


Promotion on hard drives 

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer, with associates of Concepts Computer holding the Apacer and Adata external drives this morning

To better serve their loyal customers who have signed up for Concepts membership pendrives, Concepts Computer will do a special promotion on External Storage devices from Apacer and Adata. To qualify for these promotional prices, customer only need to show their Concepts membership pendrives during their purchase.

First on offer is the AData DashDrive HD710, an award-winning external hard disk solution which provides extra protection, and military-grade shockproof and waterproof (IPX7 standard) construction with an ultra-fast USB 3.0 interface. Its lively outlook and dynamic design match the requirements and style of sports and outdoor enthusiasts who needs quick access to their data while in the rough. The 500GB model will be available for $68 (usual price $98) and the 1TB will be available for $98 (usual price $168). All Adata External Storage devices comes with 1 year warranty coverage.

Next on offer will be 3 models from Apacer, all internally the same but will have different styles and looks to fit the type of external storage device that would complement individual users. The first model is the Apacer AC231, black and silver with a sleek design, perfect for those who loves monochrome and is looking to add an external storage device into their everyday usage. The second model is the Apacer AC232, white an blue, with a much more robust and cheerful design. Perfect as the first external storage devices for young teenagers looking to find a storage device for all of their entertainment needs. The last model to be introduced is the Apacer AC233, black all-around, no fuss and frills, a great storage devices for business people on the go. All these three models from Apacer comes in 500Gb priced at $68 (originally available for $118) and in 1TB available for $98 (originally available at $128). All Apacer external storage devices will come with 1 year warranty.

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer added, “We know how important digital data storage is to our customers so we will work harder to provide a much larger range of great digital storage solutions at the best prices for the consumers of Brunei Darussalam which is why we are offering this promotion to our loyal customers who are also Concepts Computer members by giving them the opportunity to purchase this great product at a promotional price, so that our loyal customers do not have to choose between reliability, high performance and affordability.” Zul continued, ”And in terms of peace of mind, consumers will be glad to note that all of our External Storage Devices will be provided with 1 year warranty.”

Also, not to forget, Concepts Computer will be having their Month End promotions from the 27th April until 30th April, from 9am till 9pm. And for more information on the wide-selection and full-range of storage solutions available at Concepts Computer, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2233552.





30 • 4 • 2014 

Launch of Syariah 

Penal Code 

The Syariah Penal Code briefing by the panelists yesterday at Rizqun International Hotel

From the 1st of April to the 22nd of April and now a new date has been set for the official launch of Syariah Penal Code which will fall next week Wednesday 30th April 2014. It was announced on the radio that His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam will launch the Syariah Penal Code at ICC.

Yesterday was the first time I attended the Syariah Penal Code briefing hosted by the Malaysia High Commission to Brunei Darussalam at the Rizqun International Hotel. I have to say that it’s not as bad as many people perceived it. Of course, the bigger focus from the audience was the dress code, judging from the questions being raised but the panelists must have gone through this Q&A over and over again with similar answers and I would understand the level of tolerance they would have to put go through in answering them.

The bigger picture as the panelists were sharing is the “indecent behaviour”. It’s just so happened that indecent clothing can be interpreted as an act of indecent behaviour. This is yet again a subjective matter as different people have different perception on what is deemed appropriate and decent when it comes to clothing as the panelist shared. They advised the audience not to be concerned too much on clothing but more of the indecent behaviour such as kissing in public or getting too cozy in public to name a few.

Watching a movie with the opposite sex is not considered “khalwat” or close proximity when being asked of the question because it’s a public venue. One raised a concern about attires during sports. As we know, many of us wear shorts and leggings when it comes to sport activities. The panelists said that a committee has been set up to look into this matter on clothing during sport activities and they will advise the public once they have the guidelines.

It was shared also that tudong is not compulsory for Muslim women but they encouraged them to wear as an obligation of a Muslim women.

My friends attended the session yesterday and shared that the Syariah law is not as bad as they thought they were and these are non-Muslim friends. They see it as a protective measure for the community. I actually have gained more insight during the briefing but it’s not easy to grasp the briefing as it was cramped into an hour and they only highlighted some areas due to time constraint. Do get a copy of the Syariah Penal Code and also do attend a briefing if you have the opportunity. So peeps, let’s not be quick to judge what Syariah Penal Code provides. Do understand it fully first before commenting on it. Yes, we have been polluted with words from others who only based on their findings without fully understanding the concept. I do agree with one of the Ministers that let’s make a positive spin when it comes to the Syariah law and not focusing on the negative aspects.



Timeout with Liz 

A word from Liz: Hello Everyone! Join host Elizabeth Sim or Liz for episode 6 of Time Out With Liz on the 26 April 2014 at Kaleidoscope (gallery above Saffron) in Kiulap from 7pm – 8.30pm. This months show features the founder of Enya Bijoux, find out what is cooking with Vanilla Kitchen and keep an eye for an upcoming musician from the man who calls himself Zulletastique. Should you choose to be part of this live talk show, submit your names now to timeoutwithliz@gmail.com until 23 April 2014 where entree will only be $10 but names submitted from the 24th onwards and at the door will be $15. For more details please visit www.facebook.com/timeoutwithliz





Audi A3 makes its mark 

Audi A3 is named 2014 World Car of the Year

• Third generation of Audi’s premium compact car is a world beater

• Second overall victory for Audi at World Car of the Year Awards

The Audi A3, the premium compact bestseller from the brand with the four rings, is the 2014 World Car of the Year. This is the second overall title for Audi in the ten year history of the World Car of the Year Awards as the Audi A6 won the inaugural overall title in 2005.

The third generation of the Audi A3 is now officially confirmed as a world beater. It overcame the challenge from 23 other cars to win the prestigious World Car of the Year title in 2014. The A3 was voted as the winner by an international jury panel comprising 69 top‑level automotive journalists from 22 countries around the world.

Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, said: “The Audi A6 was the first ever winner of this award and we are delighted that the Audi A3 has repeated that achievement by being voted 2014 World Car of the Year. The Audi A3 showcases Audi’s technical competence in all aspects of carmaking, not least in the areas of lightweight technology, drivetrain, mobile infotainment and driver assistance systems. This major award win is an achievement that the whole company can celebrate”.

The new Audi A3 is available as a 3 door, Sportback, Cabriolet and Sedan. It is powered by a range of TFSI gasoline and TDI diesel engines. The A3 Sportback can also be ordered as a g‑tron, which can be operated using e‑gas generated by Audi, natural gas, or gasoline – when powered by e‑gas, the A3 Sportback g‑tron travels CO2-neutral.


Audi A3 being named 2014 World Car of the Year

Later this year, the A3 Sportback will also be available as an e‑tron, whose plug‑in hybrid drive enables journeys of up to 50 kilometres in all‑electric mode. Audi is offering customers in Germany green electricity – Audi energy. The cooperating partner is the Hamburg energy provider LichtBlick SE. The power all comes from renewable energy sources and is generated exclusively at hydro-electric power stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With Audi energy, the A3 e‑tron is totally emission-free when operated electrically.

Audi can look back on a 16‑year success story with the A3. In 1996, the first generation of the model series established an entirely new market segment – the premium compact class. With the second generation, which followed in 2003, the brand extended its lead with the addition of a Cabriolet to the familiar 3 door and Sportback body styles. The third A3 generation is available in four body styles following the further addition of the Sedan.

With this win for the Audi A3, Audi has maintained its position as the manufacturer with the most World Car of the Year titles. The brand with the four rings has previously won three World Performance Car titles, two World Car Design of the Year titles and the inaugural World Car of the Year title. In total Audi has won seven titles at the World Car of the Year Awards:

2005 Audi A6 World Car of the Year
2007 Audi RS 4 World Performance Car, Audi TT World Car Design of the Year
2008 Audi R8 World Performance Car, Audi R8 World Car Design of the Year
2010 Audi R8 V10 World Performance Car
2014 Audi A3 World Car of the Year



SteelSeries at Concepts Computer 

TigerLim posing with Vincent Pao and Zul Abdul Rahman of Concepts Computer, showcasing their new products – SteelSeries, now available at their store

I’m not much of a gamer myself. I heard of other peripheral brands for gaming and only recently I heard of SteelSeries and apparently, a lot of gamers in Brunei know of this brand. It seems that they know what’s good for gaming accessories ranging from mouses to keyboard and headphones. It’s also good to know that Concepts Computer have partnered with SteelSeries in providing their peripherals to promote the gaming industry in Brunei Darussalam.

SteelSeries launched an iconic series of SteelSeries Frost Blue and Heat Orange limited edition gaming gears, comprising SteelSeries Sensei RAW gaming mouse, SteelSeries Siberia v2 gaming headset and SteelSeries QCK gaming mousepad.

Perhaps the most significant product of SteelSeries is the SteelSeries Sensei RAW mouse. I don’t know what this means but it said to provide a high performance as high as 5,670 counts per inch in terms of scalable pointer speed and fine-tuning on-the-fly of the speed will be easy as togging high and low. It’s ideal for fast pace gaming such as Counter Strike to name one. The mouse is priced at BND 128.

You also should try out the Siberia v2 gaming headset and it comes in different colours too. It has super bright LED and delivers superior sound to differentiate them from other competitors.

Do check out the posters below for more details.

Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer, said, “Our partnership with SteelSeries is the next step in Concepts Computer’s diversification and expansion into different sectors of the Bruneian IT market. We believe for Gamers, “Winning is Everything”, and that is what we’re trying to deliver with SteelSeries gaming peripherals.”

For more information or to experience the SteelSeries Gaming Experience, visit the nearest Concepts Computer showroom, or call 2233551 or 2233552.

SteelSeries ranging from mouse pad to mouse to headset

Different colours of headsets to choose from

A lot to choose from at Concepts Computer

SteelSeries Siberia v2

Gamers having fun with the SteelSeries

Zul Abdul Rahman said SteelSeries will provide a living gaming experience and Concepts Computer will have a chance to try their products in their showroom

Counter Strike, anyone?

Check out the SteelSeries from Concepts Computer

Check out the SteelSeries from Concepts Computer




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