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Get sporty

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


More pictures from KLIHF 2016 

Malaysia celebrities with YAM Pg Anak Siti Radhiah and friends at KLIHF 2016 event. The final day will be this Sunday (tomorrow)

Sazzy Zalak, one of the main draws for the KLIHF 2016 event, is in town and also having a hi-tea session at Holiday Lodge tomorrow (Sunday)

A fan giving some delicacy to Sazzy yesterday

Sazzy Zalak is going through a rebranding process and having more belief in her name and brand for urban fashion line

Fans of Sazzy listening to her interview on stage

Don Dona booth a big hit



Another popular figure Umie Aida

Another celebrity taking photos with her fans






Sportsvan now available 

Dr Chan Sui Kia, Managing Director of Maju Motors, Bernd Siffling, General Manager of Maju Motors and Shahrain Zulkifli, Sales Manager of Maju Motors during the launch of Volkswagen Sportsvan at Maju Motors Showroom last evening. Image courtesy of Yusri Adanan of The Brunei Times.

Check out the price for the Volkswagen Sportsvan.. Good deal for early birds 😀

A week ago, we had the opportunity to drive the Volkswagen Sportsvan in Singapore before it launches in Brunei. Last evening, it was the official launch for the Sportsvan and it was a great turn out as well, considering the wet evening.

The new car was launched at Maju Motors Showroom at Telanai. Present was the Berrnd Siffling, Maju Motors’ General Manager.

Volkswagen is continuing its product offensive, this time in the segment of compact MPVs. The new Sportsvan is equipped with an interior that is as sophisticated as it is versatile (rear bench seat has 180 mm longitudinal adjustment), it offers a maximum cargo capacity of 1,520 litres and it impresses with its sporty charisma.

Technically, the Sportsvan follows the layout of the modular transverse matrix (MQB) from Volkswagen. And so it inherits significant advantages from this technologically advanced toolkit – the Sportsvan is very dynamic, with a short front overhang and a long wheelbase. Innovative lightweight design has kept vehicle weight extremely low, while the interior packaging also benefits from the MQB, with optimised utility.

The driver and front passenger enjoy an elevated seating position in the Sportsvan, yet the feeling is more of sitting in an elegant and sporty SUV than in an MPV. Special attention has been paid to the cockpit’s ergonomics, with a clean layout and sophisticated look being the result. In this Volkswagen, the worlds of compacts and MPVs meld together into a new type of car that offers more space for active recreation, family and the job.


DJ Daffy the emcee for the night trying out the back seat of the Sportsvan

The cool logo of Volkswagen

The star of the night being covered before the official launch

Styling with extraordinary precision

With a bumper-to-bumper length of 4,338 mm, the Sportsvan is 83 mm longer than the Golf. It is also 126 mm taller, and marginally (8 mm) wider. These dimensions show that the Sportsvan has a clear positioning within the Volkswagen range – it is lower (-56 mm) and shorter (-59 mm) than the Touran, which follows a classic MPV concept with its three rows of seats.

The exterior dimensions of the Sportsvan, together with its completely new and sharply contoured styling, give it an independent and sophisticated look. With its taut body shapes, precisely drawn lines and large 17-inch alloy wheels, the Sportsvan transfers the Volkswagen design DNA to the class of compact MPVs. The Sportsvan also expresses dynamic proportions in its long wheelbase, and its extremely prominent character line unites functionalism and elegance.

Great variability in the cabin
Interior designers of the Sportsvan created a cabin that is as high-end and stylistically sophisticated as it is clean and fresh. While some of the instruments and controls may be familiar to drivers of other Volkswagen models, the design of the dashboard, in which all of these elements are embedded, was redesigned down to the last millimetre specifically for the Sportsvan.

The Sportsvan is a car which focuses on maximum on-board comfort. The vehicle is already very comfortable to enter, thanks to the wide-opening doors and the elevated seats. What is known as the H-point (hip point) of the front seats is 59 to 85 mm above the H-point of the Golf, depending on the seat height setting.

There is also very generous space for rear seat passengers, thanks to the extended wheelbase. Even people measuring 1.90 metres can sit comfortably, one in front of the other. Storage pockets and folding tables integrated in the backs of the front seats give practicality a further boost, and there are also three additional cupholders (two for standard size cups and one for narrower cups) in the rear centre armrest that folds up.

Another key feature is the 60:40 split rear bench seat that features individual adjustment of its sections. The entire three-seat bench can be adjusted up to 180 mm in a fore-aft direction; as an alternative, the seat on the right side of the vehicle (40 per cent) and the double-seat on the left side (60 per cent) can be individually adjusted over a range of 180 mm. In addition, rear passengers can adjust the angle of their backrests. The backrest elements are split 40:20:40, giving even greater loading versatility.

Cargo capacity is a very generous 500 litres with the rear bench seat in its standard position. When the two separately adjustable sections of the rear bench seat are moved to their front-most positions, up to 590 litres of cargo fit into the luggage compartment of the Sportsvan. With the rear folded down, a maximum storage capacity of 1,520 litres is available.


Dionne Lim, Marketing and Communications Volkswagen Group Singapore with Shahrain Zulkifli, Sales Manager of Maju Motors during the media presentation of the Volkswagen Sportsvan

Thanks for the goodie bag

The crowd last night during the launch

Guest during the launch of the Sportsvan

Louis and Gzul in attendance

The General Manager mingling with the guests last night

Opening remarks by the GM before the launch

Technologically advanced features
The Sportsvan comes as standard with features like LED licence plate lights, an electronic parking brake with Auto Hold, cruise control with speed limiter, a touchscreen in-car entertainment system and a variable cargo floor. In addition, the car is of course also equipped with safety features that include seven airbags, ESP electronic stabilisation programme and safety-optimised head restraints in front (protects against whiplash injury).


Some other highlights include:
Proactive occupant protection system. If the system detects a potential accident situation – such as by the initiation of hard braking – the seatbelts of the driver and front passenger are automatically pre-tensioned to ensure the best possible protection by the airbag and belt system. When a highly critical and unstable driving situation is detected – such as severe oversteer or understeer with ESP intervention – the side windows are closed (except for a small gap). The underlying reason: When the windows are nearly closed, the head and side airbags offer optimal energy absorption and thereby achieve their best possible effectiveness.

Driving profile selector. A total of four programmes are available in the driving profile selector. They are: Eco, Sport, Normal and Individual. In the Eco driving mode, engine control, the air conditioning unit and other auxiliary systems are controlled for optimal fuel-efficiency. A coasting function on the DSG can also be used with the Eco mode; when the driver releases the accelerator pedal – such as on route sections with a descent – the transmission decouples, and the engine runs at idle. This optimally utilises the kinetic energy of the car. In the Sport mode, on the other hand, engine response and shifting points of the DSG are configured to be more dynamic.

Dynamic and efficient drivetrain. The Sportsvan is fitted as standard with a stop-start system and a range of BlueMotion Technology efficiency improvement measures that lower fuel consumption. Its new 1.4-litre TSI engine with 125 PS produces an impressive 200 Nm of torque from only 1,400 rpm. It enables a top speed of 200 km/h and a sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 9.9 seconds. At the same time, fuel consumption is extremely low at just 5.4 litres/100km in the combined cycle.


Check out the Volkswagen Sportsvan

Check out the Volkswagen Sportsvan

The advanced airbags inside the Sportsvan

The compartments inside the Sportsvan



Whilst in Singapore recently for the test drive of the Sportsvan




KLIHF 2016 is back

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


KLIHF 2016 is in town 


Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Hjh Siti Radhiah Pengiran Maharaja Lela Pengiran Anak Hj Mohd Yusof with Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Wahidah Widadul Bolqiah with the organisers of KHLIF, VIP guests and supporters of the KLIHF 2016 event

Second time coming, second time better!! The participation might be slightly lesser than last year but the exhibition is more refined and customers will still be spoilt for choices. This is also the best time to shop before the month of Ramadhan kicks off and also prepare for the upcoming Hari Raya season.

So I’m pleased to announce that the Kuala Lumpur International Hijab Fair (KLIHF) 2016 is officially opened and this is also the first time that it opened on a Thursday instead of a Friday.

The event was launched by guest of honour Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Hjh Siti Radhiah Pengiran Maharaja Lela Pengiran Anak Hj Mohd Yusof, daughter of Her Royal Highness Princess Hajah Nor’ain. She was accompanied by her sister Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Wahidah Widadul Bolqiah.


Mona Din, the Managing Director of KLIHF, in her welcoming remarks


The ladies shopping at the fair

El Souq, one of the local vendors, at the KLIHF 2016. Good to see young entrepreneurs being involved. Good luck 🙂


Mona Din, the Managing Director of KLIHF, was in exuberant mood during her welcoming remarks. She truly appreciated every single contribution from the people involved and the media. She was truly appreciative toward the Indonesian delegates and the Indonesian Embassy for their participation in the KLIHF which has made a huge difference in this event. As you can see, the Indonesian Pavilion has a huge presence with more than 15 exhibitors from Indonesia.

Mona’s next mission is to have a similar one in Perth next year and they already have started the ground works. This shows how the demand for Muslimah fashion is on the rise and it’s no surprise that KLIHF is back again in Brunei.


At the Tudung People booth


At Mia Suria


At Faiz Boutique

For the men, don’t be discourage since they have plenty of choices for the men’s. For instance, the famous celebrity from Malaysia Ustaz Don has his own line Don & Dona clothing on men’s Jubah.

Last year’s sales were pretty good with BND 2.08 million sales from hundreds of vendors. Interesting numbers. It will be interesting if they can supersede that figure this weekend.

There are plenty of reasons to visit the KLIHF 2016 as a few of the booths are owned by celebrities such as Umie Aida, Yatt Hamzah, Heliza Helmi, Lisdawati, Betty Banafe, Mia Suria and of course, Sazzy Falak.

Speaking of Sazzy Falak, she will be in town today to debut her latest urban fashion line under the brand, Street Fashion KL (SFKL) by Sazzy Falak in collaboration with Sakura Malaysia, an accessories brand made and based in Malaysia.

The SFKL by Sazzy Falak x Sakura Malaysia duo can be found at Booth 5 at the Celebrity Pavilion of the KLIHF Brunei in ICC from 9am to 9pm. The ‘How Do I Look? Asia’ host will be in the country till Sunday.

For updates, you can follow them on IG at @klihf or their Facebook Page.












Where leaders are made

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


KLIHF 2016 

The KLIHF 2016 is back in Brunei from 2nd June to 5th June. Follow their Facebook Page (click the image)


The new E 300 Edition E Masterpiece 

Jati Transport Sdn Bhd, the authorised distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Brunei has introduced the E 300 EDITION E Masterpiece last weekend at Jati Transport Gadong showroom.

The E 300 EDITION E Masterpiece is powered by a 6-cylinder 3,498cc petrol engine that develops 252hp and 340Nm of Torque.





The special edition features a Special EDITION E badges on both sides of the vehicle. The front is fitted with the Full LED Intelligent Light System. For the best possible visibility on country roads and motorways, when cornering and on bends, the low beam mode of the LED Intelligent Light System automatically adapts to the weather, lighting and driving conditions. The LED Intelligent Light System thus makes a key contribution to safe driving. LED technology impresses with its very low energy consumption, long operating life and pleasant white light that comes close to the spectrum of natural daylight.

The interior of the vehicle has been refined with the high-grade leather upholstery. The harmonious interior is characterised by the centre console without selector lever, as well as a multifunction steering wheel with DIRECT SELECT lever and shift paddles.

Furthermore, the COMAND Online and Rear Entertainment system come as standard in this special edition. Navigation, telephone, audio, video, internet – with the COMAND Online control and display system the driver is able to keep these and many other functions in view and under control.

Information is shown in high resolution and in colour on a 17.8-cm (7-inch) media display. The Rear Seat Entertainment System with DVD player provides passengers in the rear with their very own programme of entertainment. Two 20.3 cm displays and Kleer wireless headphones ensure brilliant picture and sound quality.









The Edition E is also packed with safety features like the COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST, which helps to significantly reduce the risk of a rear-end collision, ATTENTION ASSIST, which is now able to warn of inattentiveness and drowsiness across a wider speed range, and also inform the driver about his level of fatigue and the amount of driving time which has elapsed since the last break.

In addition, the vehicle also offers are a number of assistance systems such as the Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist, Active Parking Assist, etc. Lane

Lane Keeping Assist employs a camera to recognise when the vehicle is unintentionally drifting out of its lane, duly warning the driver by means of pulsed vibrations through the steering wheel.

Blind Spot Assist employs radar sensors to detect vehicles in the blind spot and duly provides the driver with visual and audible warnings.

The Active Parking Assist system makes it easier when searching for a parking space and when entering parallel and end-on parking spaces and leaving parallel spaces. The system automatically steers the vehicle into parking spaces, relieving the driver of the work of steering and braking.

Yesterday, Jati Transport held a viewing session plus test drive for potential customers at their Gadong showroom.




There’s no end, just the beginning

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Tourist SIM cards, I like 😀 

Bob Gill, Chief Sales Officer of Progresif in his opening remarks

Devin Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer of Progresif, Yang Mulia Edzwan Zukri POKJP DSS Hj Adnan, Board of Director of Progresif, Dr Hj Abdul Manaf Hj Metussin, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, Bob Gill, Chief Sales Officer of Progresif and Hjh Nurul Haniah Hj Jaafar, Head of Legal and Regulatory of Progresif cutting the ribbon during the launch of the Progresif flagship store at Brunei International Airport (arrival hall)

Progresif has made it simple for tourist or visitors to sign up for sim cards for their temporary stay. Now they can register themselves at the newly launched flagship store at the Brunei International Airport.

Now for those on the tourist package, you can access the Tourism Development Department’s (TDD) website – www.bruneitourism.travel – without incurring data charges. Isn’t that ultra cool? 😀 So do check out the Visitor Plan SIM Package which is only available at their outlet at Brunei International Airport.

This is a good strategy for both Progresif and Brunei Tourism as this will help to promote places of interest in Brunei and also help the growth of the local economy. Basically, this won’t also stop if you are a local too to get register for this particular sim card.

This is how Progresif is giving back to the community and not just visitors but also the youth and students can benefit from this convenience. I truly love the idea. Good job on Progresif on such initiative.

Progresif said subscribers can sign up for the Visitor Plan for $10 for one-week validity which comes with a bundle of 10 minutes worth of IDD (International Direct Dialling) calls, 10 international SMS, 50 minutes of local calls, 50 local SMS and 1 gigabyte of local data.

Present during the launch were Dr Hj Abdul Manaf Hj Metussin, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, Yang Mulia Edzwan Zukri POKJP DSS Hj Adnan, Board of Director of Progresif, Bob Gill, Chief Sales Officer of Progresif, Devin Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer of Progresif and Hjh Nurul Haniah Hj Jaafar, Head of Legal and Regulatory of Progresif.



Bob Gill holding a Visitor Plan SIM package







KLIHF is back!! 

Mona Din, Managing Director of WOJ Wealth Sdn Bhd,the co-organiser of the KLIHF (left) during the press conference for the upcoming event in early June. Image courtesy of Adib Noor of The Brunei Times.

The Kuala Lumpur International Hijab Fair (KLIHF) is set make a return to Brunei at the International Convention Centre (ICC) from June 2nd to June 5th. After the success of last year’s event, it’s no doubt that they will be back and yes, they are. The organisers just finished their KLIHF 2016 PWTC last weekend in Kuala Lumpur and it was a huge success.

At a press conference at the ICC recently, Mona Din, Managing Director of WOJ Wealth Sdn Bhd,the co-organiser of the KLIHF said that the event was timed to help prepare for the upcoming Hari Raya.

Featuring 200 booths with vendors from Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia, KLIHF will feature showcase the latest collections and trends, and is has a full roster of activities from business forums and hijab styling tutorials and meet and greet sessions with Malaysian artists and designers.

Following feedback from last year’s event, Mona Din also stated that entry to KLIHF would be free. The organisers have collaborated with Stars Media (event coordinator) and D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd (event contractor) for the four day event.

For more details on KLIHF, check out their Facebook page under Kuala Lumpur International Hijab Fair or you can contact the organisers at klihfofficial@gmail.com



Pictures from last year’s KLIHF 2015 

Taken last year at ICC

Taken last year at ICC

Taken last year at ICC

Taken last year at ICC



KLIHF 2015

Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


Celebrate at MoMo Restaurant 

Cheese crusted french onion soup,  balsamic chicken salad with feta cheese and pine nuts or spicy crabmeat linguine with lime

Chef Bob Ibrahim of MoMo Restaurant

Make this mother’s day an extraordinary day to remember by treating the woman in your life to a special lunch or dinner at MoMo Restaurant.

Start the wonderful day with either a set lunch or dinner comprising a selection of mouth watering appetizers, a refreshing in between before moving onto the main course and capping it off with a sweet ending.

For only $28, patrons can choose from either a cheese crusted french onion soup,  balsamic chicken salad with feta cheese and pine nuts or spicy crabmeat linguine with lime to start of the meal.

This is then followed by a watermelon lime sorbet to balance out the palate before patrons adjourn to the main meal which consist either of rustic peri peri spring chicken with tomato salsa and herb couscous,  teriyaki salmon fillet with wasabi mashed potatoes and miso butter or Australian sirloin with crispy taro chips, sauteed garden green and herb butter.

Chef Bob Ibrahim of MoMo Restaurant  said that these dishes are made with love, passion and the freshest as well as finest ingredients.

“The meals prepared are influenced by Chinese, Western and Mediterranean styles of cooking and they come from the many experiences  I had working in other kitchens,” he said.

He also added that MoMo does not skimp on quality as well as portions. He gave an example whereby the rustic peri peri spring chicken is actually half of a whole chicken while the Australian Sirloin weighs around 180 grammes and the Salmon is 160 grammes. To end on a high note, Chef Bob has come with his own version of  the Russian dessert Mamin LuBimiy Tsvetok which literally translates as mom’s favourite flower.

The Chef said that this chocolatey one-of-its-kind dessert is symbolic of every mother’s favourite flower or plant and was founded in a famous Russian restautant. Kids meal for ages 3 to 12 specially created by the Chef are also available at $12 along with Ala Carte meals and every diner will receive an instant souvenir photograph on the special day.

To make reservations, please call Danny at 8999807 or Ayana at 8786003 or head to the restaurant which is located at Starlodge Hotel. So make this an unforgettable celebration by treating your mother to a spectacular meal at MoMo restaurant as there is no better way to thank the woman who loves you unconditionally.


Rustic peri peri spring chicken with tomato salsa and herb couscous

Teriyaki salmon fillet with wasabi mashed potatoes and miso butter

Australian sirloin with crispy taro chips, sauteed garden green and herb butter

Russian dessert Mamin LuBimiy Tsvetok



KLIHF 2015 

The launch of the Kuala Lumpur International Hijab Fair 2015 yesterday at the International Convention Centre. The fair ends tomorrow.

My first ever taste of KLIHF. It is pronounced as “Cliff” and this is the mother of all Muslimah fashion wear in SE Asia. I heard of KLIHF last year but I had no idea really what it was all about. Yesterday was kinda surreal because I didn’t know that this event is such in high demand. This is like a one-stop centre for fashion especially for the women. KLIHF stands for Kuala Lumpur International Hijab Fair and it has become a common name in Brunei now after the likes of Consumer Fair. The fair had around 150 vendors complimenting one another and the winners are the consumers who have aplenty of choices under one roof.

The event was officiated by Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Siti Radhiah binti Pengiran Maharaja Lela Sahibul Kahar Pengiran Anak Hj Mohd Yusof. Also accompanying her was Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Haji Abdul Quddus bin Pengiran Lela Cheteria Sahibun Najabah Pengiran Anak Haji Abdul Aziz and Pengiran Ratna Siti Nooraishah. They were hosted by Puan Mona Din, Managing Director of KLIFH (under WOJ Wealth Sdn Bhd) who believed that Brunei is a very promising market after the studying the demand and spending power in the past year or so. She’s very optimistic that the current event in Brunei will rake in at least BND 3 million of sales transaction. I never thought it would have reached that figure but that’s quite a huge target considering the market size of Brunei alone. Hence this shows how much successful KLIHF is in Brunei. Almost 90% of the vendors are international and to have to bring them over to Brunei is not an easy feat due to freight cost and logistics. Mona was thankful to Royal Brunei and some hotel partners that was willing to offer special all-in packages for the exhibitors.

The event is such a timely manner since Ramadhan is just around the corner. I believe it would have more impact if it’s much closer or during Ramadhan to draw in more crowd and interest. There will be activities and programmes along the way to educate the public and some of it will be led by Ustaz Don Danial (on Hijab styling and business talks). Mona shared that there’s also an increase for the male counterpart muslim fashion wear and the trend is catching up in Malaysia. So far there are about 10 vendors that are catering for the male segment. Mona shared that KLIHF will return some time in June 2016 to Brunei and that will be a much better time as it will be closer to the festive season.

I shall be paying another visit today and understand more about the popular event. It’s still a huge draw despite the $1 fee entrance. This is for the purpose of tabulating the number of visitors visiting KLIHF 2015. For your info, the event takes place at ICC from 10am to 10pm and the final day is on Sunday. You can also follow their live updates on social media @KLIHF

Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Siti Radhiah binti Pengiran Maharaja Lela Sahibul Kahar Pengiran Anak Hj Mohd Yusof (center) with Puan Mona Din, Managing Director of KLIFH (under WOJ Wealth Sdn Bhd) and Datuk Awang Sahak bin Awang Salleh, Malaysian High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam upon arrival of the event

Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Haji Abdul Quddus bin Pengiran Lela Cheteria Sahibun Najabah Pengiran Anak Haji Abdul Aziz, Pengiran Ratna Siti Nooraishah and Farrah Adeeba, Director of KLIHF



One of the local Brunei vendors participating at the KLIHF 2015





Press conference by the organizers



A famous celebrity from Malaysia being the ambassador for this brand





$1 dollar fee is required for entry and registration purposes



Written by Rano Iskandar. Posted in News, RA News


The New Jetta 

Click image to enter website



Download SnapFeed 



Download SnapFeed app on your smartphones and check out the latest deals in Brunei and also get rewarded from respective merchants such as BurgerKing, KFC and Sushi Tei to name a few.


University Cup is back!!! 





Coming soon near you. Recognise the logo?

I have been out of the local news for quite some time and recently I’ve been catching up with what I’ve been missing since my 10 days of hiatus from the Brunei scene. It seems there are many things happening though I claimed that it’s gonna be a slow month. This month of May is swamped with events and more food reviews. BHC Magazine will be turning 3 years now and there will be a huge event known as the KL International Hijab event at ICC starting Friday. I’m also excited about the new car which will be unveiled to the press from Ssyangyong which is a compact SUV Tivoli.



I always like when a corporate company goes to a rebranding process. Past two years, it was been Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) where the national carrier gradually change their overall look and appeal, bring a new level of hospitality as well as replacing some older planes with the Dreamliner 787. The same goes to another local Telco in Brunei formerly known as b•mobile communications. With the new name Progresif Cellular, they have been taking Brunei by storm in recent weeks with their aggressive marketing campaign.

Last weekend, Progresif Cellular opened up their new flagship store at Tanjung Bunut which was unveiled by the Minister of Communications. The Telco revealed their new logo and colour brand to have a refreshing appeal to the eyes of the public. Progresif Cellular have been gaining traction after announcing amazing offers such as FREE annual fee forever (now that’s a first) and now they introduce their handset and credit deals with Vivo and Huawei phones. I have strong believe that Progresif Cellular is heading the right direction and listening to the needs of the customers. Just don’t expect all the miracles at one time. They are indeed progressing step by step rather than not progressing at all.

Thumbs up to the stakeholders and the decision makers on Progresif Cecullar’s direction. You have certainly had me sold. Time to invest in a secondary smart phone.

The new look of Progresif Cellular at the new flagship store at Tanjung Bunut. Image courtesy of Azli Azney of The Brunei Times.

Check out the new deals from Progresif Cellular. Click image to enter their Facebook Page.

Donations pouring


One thing great about our community, we have a sense of contribution especially when there are mishaps locally and internationally. We all are very familiar with the recent earthquake at Nepal which has taken thousands of lives and the country is still in mourning and in shock of the catastrophe. Many NGOs and individuals have taken steps to raise funds and also donating necessary items for the victims of the Nepal earthquake.

Last Monday, Raddison Hotel and Fitness Zone joined forces to donate items and handed over the donations to a representative from Nepal, James Shakya who is the manager of the Gurkha Palace Restaurant and Catering. He was overwhelmed with the kindness from the local community and they have managed to raise more than 10,000 kg of aid. As for now, they are in need more of medical aid and supplies. Those who can assist in this matter, you can donate to Fitness Zone.

Manager of Gurkha Palace Restaurant, James Shakya (left) and Managing Director of Fitness Zone Wu Chun (R) receiving donations from the General Manager of Radisson Hotel, Van Helden at Fitness Zone, Kiulap. Image courtesy of Azli Azney of The Brunei Times.

KLIHF this weekend


KLIHF stands for Kuala Lumpur International Hijab Fair and it’s happening this weekend starting Friday. This will be the second event of its kind and it is being dubbed the biggest Muslimah Fashion Trade Fair and it will make its way at ICC. So what can you expect? It will feature more than a hundred booths from various countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Turkey, will gather local and international designers, brands, retailers and wholesalers, including textile, fabric and accessories suppliers related to Muslimah fashion.

There will be popular Malaysian Muslimah fashion brands such as Mona Din of Hajaba, Farrah Adeeba of Najjah and Madeena by Mizz Nina. I hope to see Nina as I knew her personally from the days of Teh Tarik Crew. I shall be updating more stories on this event pretty soon.







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